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tv   Alex Witt Reports  MSNBC  November 26, 2022 9:00am-10:00am PST

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well thank you so much for at home for watching and stay tuned, because alex witt has the. latest hello, alex. >> it is such a pleasure to take this handoff from you. sin clay, it is great to see you. you did a great job of anchor to show their. thank you so much. but let me just say, that interviewed mr. robinson, heartbreaking. it was so hard. he is a dad who tried to do everything right. particularly he was talking about knowing his daughter's friends, and yet he did not know these three with whom he was shot she was traveling to mexico. just so sad. anyway, i will see you again. soon. thank >> you thank you. soon thank >> you thank you
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a very good day to all of you from msnbc world headquarters here in new york. welcome everyone, to alex witt reports. we begin with something millions of us are doing this weekend from coast to coast. holiday shopping, new today. adobe analytics says a record 9.12 billion was spent online for black friday. it is again billion with a b. and that does not include all the people who want to thermal. it comes despite these flynn headlines. inflation looming large on the minds of many shoppers are going to find the deals. >> i did not expect to buy this much but it was definitely worth it getting up this early in waiting this. online >> because of inflation, we are absolutely not able to spend as much as we have in the past. >> it wasn't just about the shopping. dozens demonstrating outside the manhattan home of amazon founder jeff bezos on friday demanding better wages and working conditions for amazon employees around the world. thousands of warehouse workers went on strike incident
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european cities, and a major hurdle awaits million to get away from it all to see their family and friends. the ride home, almost 55 million people are flying, driving, or taking the train. but the weather is already creating headaches. for the, plains as well as the south with more than hundred delays related to reported in dallas and houston today. but tomorrow, that is a big concern for fires up and down the east coast. from the busy roads too crowded stores, nbc news correspondents is covering it for us this hour as i welcome you all. up, first let's go to mars cars at a rest stop in maryland for us. marissa, what is like on the roads where you are? what are you seeing? >> well, really congested. which is about what you would expect. just give you a bit of perspective as an antidote here, it is normally about to take to specifically about an hour together from d.c.. it took me a solid two hours just about. so, one thing to remember is travel is back and we have been talking about that all week. aaa says this is supposed to be
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the third busiest thanksgiving travel season since they started tracking this in the year 2000. so here's a tip for you, if you haven't gone home yet. leave very early or leave very late. because that in between time is when a lot of other drivers are on the roads. you can see a steady stream of them behind me here. our crews are seeing this pretty much since 8:30 this morning. throughout the thanksgiving travel season this year, aaa expects 49 million drivers. just remember, as you're about to hear, you are sharing the road with a whole lot of other people. >> driving still is the number one choice americans. and we are seeing a record of people go. so the wanderlust and the need to get out and see family is greater than the pinching up the budget that we are seeing. people are willing to spend more on travel and, as we are seeing and retailers, stop results this quarter, not spending on material things what spending on travel and
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experiences. >> so, just to give you all a heads up, we want to take you to the weather forecast because that could have an impact on travel. we are seeing heavy rains through the southern plains, and then heavy rain this was moving through the gulf coast and the northeast. of course, that could have an impact on travel both in the air and on the roads. let's take a look at your fuel forecast. the national average right now, just around 3:57. which, yes is higher than last year. however, the good news is, one thing to be thankful for. this has been steadily declining since february. these are the lowest numbers we have had since almost the start of the year. something to be thankful for, back to. you >> are looking for the civil running. well done. thank you for bringing that to experience hey there. well this holiday weekend is key for inflation weary
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consumers looking to stretch their dollar the furthest. online sales expected to exceed $9 million on black friday. we see robust foot traffic as well. lines crisscrossing mulls, like this one. this morning, a resurgence of shoppers filling stores nationwide. with a season of savings in full swing. >> could not fathom being anywhere else but here right now. >> an estimated 156 million shoppers, unable to resist the frenzy of holiday deals this weekend. as seen in the snaking lines and packed cars. shopify merchants, reporting a 30% spike in sales compared to black friday last year. one illinois mall reach maximum capacity. actually turning shoppers away. meantime, tensions growing at amazon. some workers staged walkouts on protests, calling for better wages on the biggest shopping day of the year. yesterday's online sales are expected to exceed nine billion dollars in a black friday
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records. at the top of the family's wish list, deep discounts. with almost gets strained by decades high inflation. prices of 7.7% over last year. >> we are seeing your own family to save a bit more this. year >> two thirds of americans are worried about inflation making shopping more difficult. >> a lot of you look at their savings rate. they've titular savings account and are running up their credit cards, using credit for the debate. and that is racing question of, where would the trade-off skin? >> retailers competing for cautious consumer dollars. with new in-store features, best buy recently remodelled 40 stores, building a new displaced allow customers to try before you buy. >> 84% of shoppers use some digital tools to research prior to coming into by in-store. and so it is not just about where transactions happening, it is about how our customers are using the fulsome sort of resources. >> as the dash for deals kicks off an unpredictable holiday season. >> and there's more to come. small business saturday playing
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out today, cyber monday right around the corner. expected to rake in some 11 billion dollars. you are going to want to keep your eye on beauty products, and tech. think appliances, tvs, laptops, for some of the cepa sales wrestled weekend. back to you. >> good heads up on all. that thank you, emily. right now millions of shoppers are supporting local businesses for small business saturday where deals and discounts are draw for anyone hoping to pick up maybe a unique or somewhat personal gift. giving a boost to interactive businesses that make our hometown special. nbc news business and data reporter brian shunk has the latest on that. brian, welcome. i'm wondering what the hot ticket is where you are. >> hi,. alex welcome from ritual new jersey. even see plenty of people engaging here. they are part of the more than half of americans and holiday shoppers that are planning on spending for this small business saturday. it is the 13th annual one by the way. it is a day of celebrating the nearly 8 million small businesses that make up our communities and make them
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special. >> after nearly three years of relentless pressure is brought on by the pandemic, and supply chain snag and economic uncertainty, small business owners may have a chance to breathe this holiday season. >> people are wanting to be out, wanting to dress up. we are really looking forward to a strong season. >> ability of women's clothing boutique in chicago, owner jim endemic coy waits all year for the party that happens today. small business saturday. >> it has historically been our highest revenue generating day, single day of the year. so the stores packed. people are patient. they come in, there are lines forming out the door. >> in fact, nearly a quarter of annual revenue from small businesses comes from hall holiday sales. a majority of owners are feeling optimistic. 64% believe this year's sales will out pass pace the 2021 season. that said, recovery hasn't been easy. with more than 60% of small businesses struggling to compete with bigger chains in
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today's top economy. >> how pincher small businesses going into this holiday season? >> they're absolutely still feeling the trickle down ripple effects of the pandemic. it is more important than ever that we mobilize as consumers to get out and support them. >> sisters nikki unrwa sean dishonesty are finally feeling that supported their clothing brand, sami. >> it means so much when someone takes the time to shop with you rather than maybe someone else. because we put so much time and attention behind everything that we do. >> the sisters founded the south asian inspired clothing brand in 2019 to bring more representation to the fashion world. sunnies sales have jumped more than five times what they were last year. >> we have really seen strong growth, and again, i think for us what we have identified is that people want to see the stories behind the business. >> and those stories are resonating with gift wrappers as holiday season. almost 90% are likely to shop small, up from the past two
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years. and small business saturday is just the start. >> our community just made sure that we were going to survive. and we have not only survived, but we have thrived. >> a joyful return to a more holiday normal holiday season for the small but mighty among us. >> and alex, one of the great things about shopping small is that the cash usually stays inside the community. this is just a case that on average, about two thirds of any dollars spent in a local community like this one here in which we new jersey, stays in the local economy. something important to remember on the small business saturday. >> yeah,, also i'm writing down notes. what was that company, sami i think? those two sisters? some of that stuff was cute. >> yeah, really cool. stuff >> it looked so fun. i'm like, i'm writing that down attacking them. out >> added to your. list >> i am going to. thanks. well there's no new fallout from donald trump's pre-thanksgiving dinner with e and white supremacist nick -- after days of relentless
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criticism, trump addressed the dinner three times on his personal social media site, that is saying that yield course formally known as kanye west was asking for advice and to lesser extent discussing politics. he told you, he should've we not run for president against am adding quote, anyway we got along. great he expressed no antisemitism. why wouldn't i agreed to meet? also, i don't know nick fuentes. trump once again though, did not denounce racism or antisemitism. early voting is underway in the georgia senate runoff between rafael warnock and herschel walker. the democrats and during the runoff with a huge cap advantage with more than $20 million. and, president biden, scene right here shopping in nantucket with his family is said to be also talking over a final decision of whether he will run for a second term in 2024. one thing he is already decided, to take action after the most recent round of mass shootings. >> the idea we still allow
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semiautomatic weapons to repurchase is sick. it is just. it has no socially redeeming value. zero, none. not a single social solitary ruffin profits. >> can you do anything about gun laws? >> i'm going to try. i'm gonna try to get rid of assault weapons. >> go for, mister president. meantime those comments come as people in checks to peak virginia are spending the holiday weekend mourning the victims of the deadly shooting there at a walmart. let's go to nbc's truly -- whose following the story for us in washington. julie, what have police uncovered this brutal attractively? >> alex, perhaps the biggest clue coming yesterday when police uncovered a note on the governance phone. they say that he actually named the six people that he did kill on tuesday night. i have to tell you, i was on the ground immediately when this happened and over the last couple of days and long forsman to have been absolutely pouring over the scene, going over the
9:13 am
gunman's home, as well. they even cornered of a vehicle of interest on the lot a few hours after this happened. and so far, i should note, still no clear motive. but according to, walmart this gunman had been with the company for 12 years. he has expressed grievances before. other employees of told us of course those who were not injured in this attack that they have reported a. before they described his behavior as quote, off. as well. i did speak to one mourner came on thursday to lay flowers in the hours before thanksgiving. she told me she actually went to this exactly k shunned nearly every day. hear her describe her interactions with the gunman. >> i did not know the shooter but i often would walk by him and say hi to him. he always looked very disturbed and very upset. he would say to high to me, but he kept on going. he was always in a hurry. he had a very soft voice, very shallow voice. and i think many times, something's not right with him. he is not happy.
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>> something is not right with. him that is something that we have heard from multiple people out this hour. there are still people injured in a hospital. including one in critical condition, the other one police have told us is now in better condition. in fair condition. we are of course the thinking of those in the hospital, but families are gonna come together the community in chesapeake monday night artificial digital. >> once again, the kind of story we have to talk about what a tragedy. thank you so much, julie. circuit and by the, way everyone. here's a postscript to julie reporting. the number machines in this country for the year has now reached 611. that is ten more since last weekend. >> we have heard from him. jack smith, the special counsel appointed to oversee the criminal destinations of of the former president. ahead, the three words he wrote about a claim from team trump. and, before we take a break, a word on the passing of oxfordshire winning actress and grammy winning singer irene carat. karen maybe best are timbered for her title track to the hit films flash dance and.
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in that position. if secretary mayorkas does not resign, house republicans will investigate every order, every action and every failure will determine whether we can begin impeachment inquiry meant. >> house republican leader kevin mccarthy there threatening dhs secretary,
9:20 am
alejandro mayorkas with the potential impeachment if he does not resign. the department of homeland security responding, saying in part quote members of congress can do better than point the finger at someone else. they should come to the table and work on solutions for our broken system and outdated laws which have not been overhauled and over 40 years. joining me now is illinois congressman mike quickly, a democratic member of the house appropriations and intelligence committees. a good friend to us, good to see you on this holiday weekend. thanks for joining us, i hope you had a good one on thursday. let's get right to this. your reaction to kevin mccarthy? has threats to investigations, if the secretary does not resign. is this what we can expect if kevin mccarthy become speaker of the house? leadership by bullying? is this inappropriate tone or approach to address issues with immigration? >> you know i think we have heard about this for coming months and it sounds like mccarthy preaching to the faithful. he knows he will be in a tight race for speaker within his own party, to get to that threshold
9:21 am
number. he is attempting to appease them on an early stage. you know we impeach for people, who presidents who incite violent insurrections and attempted coups. but we impeach presidents who attempt to extort our allies like ukraine. we don't impeach for policy disagreements. there is an oversight function which is all together, fitting appropriate. and if you don't like what the secretary is doing, you can talk about that. you can introduce legislation to address it. jumping to impeachment, it goes beyond bullying. it is well beyond constitutional her beal's and i think it is what we should expect. >> that is unfortunate. as we heard the dhs statement there, cannabis parties come together to pass any level of immigration reform in the next congress? >> you know, i have hope maybe by the end of the year, i am hearing from senators german and menendez, they think maybe
9:22 am
we can pass something to help the dreamers. daca was destroyed under the trump administration in 2017. court battles now on the dreamers alone, who fall victim. you are, right in 2013, we actually passed not just for the dreamers but comprehensive immigration reform. it failed in the republican -controlled house at the time, so we had an opportunity's. there were times we can go back far, enough you remember that president reagan was for a path to citizenship, which i like to sing some of my republican colleagues could remember. and that most americans believe that, immigration makes a stronger. even while we do secure the borders. >> well let's take a listen to another threat of kevin mccarthy. he made it last week, again and then targeted some of your colleagues on the intelligence committee. here it is. >> eric swalwell cannot get a security clearance and the
9:23 am
public sector. why would we ever give them a security clearance in the secrets to america? i will not allow him to be on intel. you have adam shift who had lied to the american public time and time again, we will not allow him to be on the intel committee either. look, congresswoman omar, her antisemitic comments that have gone forward. we are not going to allow her to be on foreign affairs. >> i am sorry, i will not allow him? what is your response to this? is there anything democrats can do to stop this from happening or would it take republicans putting pressure on mccarthy to quit with the threats and his only chance that will happen? >> you know, there was a small chance and i think there is a handful of republicans that can see this for what it is. the fact of the matter, i certainly -- congressman schiff and eric swalwell for almost eight years now in this committee. and again, mccarthy is letting policy disagreements get way ahead of the game here. and attack people and knock him
9:24 am
off for false equivalence is. if you are going to knock people off the committee because you disagree with what they said, and you thought what they said was wrong and therefore you thought it was a lie, it would not be many members on any committees. they both serve honorably, they have done absolutely nothing, both of them should secure any sort of, clear any sort of security clearance they might need and the public or private sector. >> okay, let's move to the u.s. announcement of $400 million of new aid for ukraine this week to help defend against russian attacks on the energy and foreshock sean there. these latest attacks as you'd of targeted power, heat, water and all of those supplies as winter is approaching with at sub-zero temperatures. what more can be done to help ukrainians and where do you see this war heading this winter? >> i think the most important thing that we can do, this 400 million as a drawdown existing authorities. as we pass i think out of the house in the senate, and on the
9:25 am
bus, a funding mechanism for the end of the fiscal year, president biden has asked for the 37 billion. that should take us through that fiscal year. it certainly will take ukrainian allies through what we actually described as an extremely cold, tough winter. president putin is on the ropes, the efforts by the ukrainians have turned the tide of the war. the last thing you want to do now is give putin a break. and again, leader mccarthy and others have talked about cutting this funding. they're all the republicans flood. this would be nothing more than a tactical -- an early christmas present for president putin. >> let me ask another question on the house committee as you know, it should soon get its hands on trump's tax records. after the supreme court rejected trump's loss efforts to block the move, i'm curious what your colleagues can learn from them. is there enough time to do so before republicans take control
9:26 am
of the house? >> sure, what is over 1000 they wait. i think what will be absolutely fascinating and concerning here is what if the former president refuses? and he is hoping as he has been doing so far to stall this measure into another congress or at least another sympathetic level. and that supreme court or anyone else wanting to force the issue. look for years we have talked about born entanglements with trump corporations. we know and they could not get u.s. financing, they turn to foreign banks like deutsche bank, who got in a severe trouble for money laundering for wait for it, the russians. so i think we can learn about foreign entanglements, conflicts of interest, whether or not the president and the former president paid his fair share. but even as we lose the house beginning in january, let's remember the senate will still
9:27 am
potentially have access to these documents and the democrats still control their. >> okay, we will see what happens with that and certainly have you back again. congressman mike quickly my friend, good to see you. meantime, he is a new target of conservatives a right-wing media trying to defend donald trump. up next, what they are saying about that new special counsel and the chances their attacks will have any impact on investigating trump? ugh! advil dual action fights pain two ways. advil targets pain at the source, acetaminophen blocks pain signals. advil dual action. ♪♪ gillette presents... the gillettelabs with exfoliating bar. a razor designed to take the hassle out of your routine. with effortless shaving in one efficient stroke. the bar in the handle removes unseen dirt and debris the gets in the way of the blades. so, nothing gets between you and a quick and easy shave. ♪♪
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being overweight, asthma, or smoking. even if symptoms feel mild, these factors can increase your risk of covid-19 turning severe. so, if you're at high risk and test positive, don't wait. ask your healthcare provider right away if an authorized oral treatment is right for you. and there you see, at the headline on your screen, blanking nightmare. that is how the damage control is being described after a bizarre mar-a-lago tuesday. where do even begin? we will get into this with our political strategist a bit later on this hour. meantime, donald trump and his allies have ramped up their attacks against newly appointed special counsel jack smith. according to a new recording axios, trump's allies on capitol hill and into conservative media have already
9:32 am
accused smith of political bias, siding as wipes past donations to democrats. joining me now is david rohde, msnbc contributor executive editor for a news on new yorker .com and writer of this new article, well the new special counsel bring donald trump to justice? david, welcome on the holiday weekend. before we get that detail and you know dive into that deeply, i want to get your reaction to this new report. it is one hour special counsel swats down claimed by donald trump's lawyers, that rudy joining the on the case of powers judge in mar-a-lago probe. tell me, what was the argument there and how significant was smith's response, didn't have anything to do with attorney client privilege since giuliani or at least was a practicing attorney? >> so it's a little bit cocky laid it but essentially trump's lawyers were arguing that the special master that has been granted in his case and mar-a-lago florida, how that was necessary and needed. they say to the example, a
9:33 am
youth of a special master to go through documents that were a part of the investigation of rudy giuliani in new york. and essentially, jack smith responded in writing to this motion and just flatly dismissed it and one paragraph. he basically said it was an analogous and the case in new york involve the search of an attorney's office and it was over a long period where as florida involves classified documents. it's a very different situation legally. the interesting thing that struck me about the letter was that it was very sort of short, to the point and almost you know brusque or getting down to business. so it had a little bit of possible style that we would see from jack smith. >> this guy certainly does not mess around. that is incorrect, as one statement and none of those are true here. gotta love that, he gets the job done. as we dive into him, jack smith's wife was one of the producers of becoming that documentary, about michelle obama and there are reports that she donated money to
9:34 am
president biden's campaign in 2020. some republicans are saying, hey that project smith is not impartial. isn't it this really relevant or are they just looking for any reason to discredit this investigation? by the, way republicans forgetting about the whole ginni thomas situation? i mean that is fair. >>, yes i mean there needs to be consistency under here, so somebody will be judged by the political donations or political activities of their spouse, you are right. clarence thomas should not be hearing cases on the supreme court. jack smith himself as an independent, when he had of the public integrity section at the justice department, he prosecuted both republicans and democrats. as most prominent democrat was john edwards, the former vice presidential nominee for campaign finance violations. he actually lost that case. he also prosecuted the governor, republican governor of virginia several years ago. that case was overturned by the supreme court. there is no in those sense that
9:35 am
smith himself is somehow biased. he is actually a registered independent. according to reports and so i don't think that it is relevant what a spouse has done. i think it depends on what the individual officeholder has done. >> okay so according to the washington post, smith is already on the job. he is preparing to take over the trump probes. how much progress has been made thus far? has even started the review process? >> he cited the review, he was injured in a bike accident and struck by a car and fractured his leg. i'm not sure which part of it but as soon as he recovers, he will be in the u.s.. and in terms of the timing, i think this will go faster than the mueller probe. essentially all of the evidence that has been uncovered already by the january six committee, by the team that's investigating the classified documents at mar-a-lago will be handed over to him. he doesn't have to start from scratch, he does not have to hire his own staff. and then the legal issues are simpler. the issue that really was sort
9:36 am
of maddening for the public and i think what makes the special counsel mueller was that he could recommend that a sitting president be indicted and passed justice department practices at no, a sitting president cannot be indicted. the only way to put a president on trial in office is through impeachment. that is not the case in this situation. donald trump is a private citizen. it is just like any other private citizen you or may have been classified documents or the allegations regarding january 6th, it's a very simple. it is more about the evidence in any sort of legal precedents it will set. >> to further your comments here, and the article you say the task for marriage garland and now jack smith as to ignore political considerations and resolve the investigations speedily and equitably as possible. how long? how long do you think it might take to complete his part of the investigation? >> so some sources have told colleagues of mine that you know, it could be maybe at some
9:37 am
point this spring. i think if i'm individual to make any specific predictions but roughly april or may. the point of that is that there is not a sense that the appointment of smith will really slow down the investigation. sorry, it may be more specific. that would be related to a decision about the classified documents at mar-a-lago. that case has much far along, the evidence is stronger, the legal theory for a prosecution is clearer. january 6th position right take much more time. i said in my piece that he should act to know speedily and equitably. and he should, i mean he should be fair to donald trump. isa treat him like any other defendant and for people who kind of eagerly think you know, donald trump will get convicted and that's the end of donald trump. he has been investigating multiple times and legally speaking, even if donald trump is convicted, he can still run for president. eugene debs, back in world war i was convicted of violating the espionage act and he ran for president from his jail
9:38 am
cell. so this is a really significant decision on smith. people should try to be patient and he should do the right thing according to law. and as i said, the mar-a-lago case of the two as far clearer in terms of the evidence. >> but wouldn't that be extraordinary fuse running for president. i anyway, david rohde, very good to see you. thank you so, much come back anytime. appreciate it. coming up next, one nothing as really something and sightseeing on a stunning cause maturity. deep into fibers, leaving clothes so soft, wrinkles don't want to stick around. make mornings smoother with downy wrinkle guard fabric softener. nicorette knows, quitting smoking is freaking hard. you get advice like: make mornings smoother just stop. go for a run. go for 10 runs! run a marathon. instead, start small.
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top stories. at least a dozen people are missing after heavy rain caused landslides on the italian island of a shia. cars and buses were tossed into the sea, buildings collapsed and more than 100 people are stranded because of those mudslides. so far, though no deaths have been confirmed. protests breaking out in china after a fire killed ten people on a high rise apartment building. came after people flooded social media with comments suggesting that covid restrictions left those people trapped inside without a way out. barriers made it hard for fire trucks to get to the building. people living in that city have been under lockdown for more than 100 days. and some brand-new pictures of the moon surface show this detailed landscape of black and white. artemis 1's orion spacecraft
9:43 am
took these pictures during the closest to approach this week. all right has been taking pictures of the earth and win a different basis to test its navigation camera for future missions. if you meant cruz on board, those pictures are super cool. also cool, the u.s. amen soccer team on top of the world today after holding england to an unexpected 00 draw in a nail-biter 90 seconds of intense battle. the british press today playing down america's unexpected result walk hauling it england's world cup flop. let's go to nbc megan fitzgerald assured me now from doha. >> alex, i can tell you fans are so excited, still buzzing after last night's performance by team usa because keep in mind here, they were not expected to win. they went up against england as you mentioned, they are fifth in the world. and they held them, the entire game to that 00 tie. but look, we have been speaking with team usa and they have been telling us it is all about
9:44 am
mindset as they push forward to trying get the swab cup title. >> team usa breathing a sigh of relief, defeating the odds and holding off anglin and i match that they were not favored to win. it was an incredible show of force on the field. >> what a chance, he knows. it >> standout stars western mckinney and kristen police search. it's coming agonizingly close to scoring in the first half. and england's captain harry kane devastated by ms late in the second half. american fans hoping for a win and taking a 00 draw. >> i don't think that he wants to give up easily so i say let's keep fighting and go usa. >> team usa fans coming out in full force, from here in qatar. >> how far will the usa go? >> england. >> hopefully all the way.
9:45 am
>> to every corner of the u.s., the nation polling for the home team. >> report how good we are as a team, we can play against the best in the world. >> the u.s. isn't a group of england, wales and iran. each team gets three points for a win. one for a tie and none for a loss. that top two teams from each group advance to the next round. >> for the americans, it is all about their next game with iran. a must-win for the team to advance to the knockout round. >> there is a lot more to watch than just game during the tournament. iranian protesters who are showing solidarity with the women in their country were met with security in and outside of the stadium. just the latest controversy the world is watching play out. >> now we have reached out the fifa for a comment about the controversy with the protesters at the iranian game. we are seeing back and forth here. they have asked us to reach out to the qatari government, we did so and they have turned it
9:46 am
back to fifa. so still, no clear answers as to what exactly happened there with those protesters. meanwhile look, all eyes are on team usa as they prepare to take on a run on tuesday. that is a critical game because, again if they don't win on tuesday, they want to advance to the knockout round. alex? >> they have to win. can i just say our directors have been showing the video of people looking at clearly what must be giant screens? i am betting that you can almost hear a pin drop. people are so wrecked with attention, it is just so fun to watch. until somebody scores and then you see all sorts of -- it is really a great time to watch. thank, you megan for bringing that to us. go team usa. well now to our one family has a lot to be thankful for this holiday weekend, it all stems from what could've been and tragedy but turned into a miracle on the high seas. and we see daniel griffin has the story. >> after being lost at sea, this was a moment the coast guard spotted a 28-year-old
9:47 am
male crew ship passenger alive in the gulf of mexico. >> you are suffering from hypothermia, dehydration and shock. >> carnival valor left the port of new orleans wednesday afternoon, around 11 that night the passenger vanished. he was reported missing the next morning, the ship retraced its route but had to continue on to cozumel, mexico. >> considering the vessel i traveled over 200 miles from 11 pm to 10:45 am, our total search area of what i think it could potentially be was over 7000 square nautical miles, which is essential to the size of massachusetts. >> nearly a day after he was last seen on board the ship, a sign of hope. away from the passenger. 20 miles off the coast of louisiana. >> he had no flotation device, no lifejacket, nothing to hang on to. simply treading water. >> he was hoisted the safely on u.s. coast guard lieutenant south gross made the call to his family, still on board the ship. >> a lot of tears, a lot of shouting, a lot of thanksgiving
9:48 am
prayer and hallelujah's. >> many are now wondering how did he end up in the water? >> carnival cruise writing the only way to go overboard is to purposely climb up and over the safety barriers. >> how likely is it for someone to survive almost an entire day in the water without a flotation device? >> it's hard to say with the likely of debate, nothing i've ever experienced in my 17 year career. it truly is a miracle. >> a weird thanksgiving miracle. dana griffin, nbc news. >> wow, that is a story we will not forget for a long time to come nor his family. talk about being happy on this thanksgiving. meantime, there is new trouble for donald trump on the political front. why he may be losing support from the key putting group that gets a lot of the credit for putting him in the white house in the first place. first place or a run. go for 10 runs! run a marathon. instead, start small. with nicorette. which can lead to something big. start stopping with nicorette. psoriasis really messes with you. try. hope. fail.
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9:53 am
midterms shows a growing educational divide between voters and where the republican party made some of their biggest games. among non-college educated voters, up 7% of whites, 8% with black voters, 10% latino voters, 7% man, 8% women. joining me right now, adrian elrod, former senior aide on the biden harris campaign and ashley pratte out, and d.c. think contributor political strategist and former republican. julie noted on all, adrienne and also to you ashley, welcome. adrian, you first hear because first, about what are the dangers for democrats going forward if they are not appealing to working class voters? >> well, certainly something alex that the democratic party will have to get a slightly better grasp on. look, it all comes down to messaging because the bottom line is we are departing that is helping working class voters. we just passed four major economic bills under president biden's leadership and less than two years in office. and those bills are going to
9:54 am
help middle class voters. but more money in their pockets, help working class families. so we have to do a better job of communicating but alex, i also want to make it clear that when it comes to some of these demographic groups, latinas where there is a narrative out there that democrats are losing latinos and in some places, the country like southern florida they are. for the most part, we are holding consistently with latino voters. latino voters broke 2 to 1 for democrats. and when you look at again the education lines that are breaking down, college educated voters are overwhelmingly supportive of democrats. we have to do a better job of communicating to working class voters. we are the party that is actually getting things done for them. so we are delivering on their goods, we need to communicate a little bit more effectively. >> we have the college educated swing towards democrats, really overwhelmingly was remarkable washington post article that i read as well. ashley, the shift towards republicans was less significant referred to the voters with the college degrees. except for the college educated women. who shifted in fact seven points towards republicans.
9:55 am
what do you think is happening here? is there a message from democrats that is turning these voters away, again to adrienne spite other democrats not doing a great job with messaging. or is there a republican message that is resonating across the board? >> so one thing i think i want to point out alex is that among those earning 52,000 or less, there was 50%, 52% of those folks who voted for democrats. while there is a conversation among the different demographics and the working class categories, there is a large majority there that are still voting democrats right? i think moving forward, those need to still be the focus of the messaging of the democratic party. the republicans are going to try to start siphoning that off. we are going to start seeing a lot of that now, especially with many of the republican megadonor's trying one favored with ron desantis over trump because they realize that trump lost them obviously some major races and the 2022 midterms.
9:56 am
so they know that he is a bad messenger on all of this, and a year that republicans really should have won, many more you know races than they did. so one thing i think they really do need to look at moving forward here is the biden playbook which was to really focus on the voters that you just listed out alex, which are the suburban women and those independent voters. and the working class. biden has an amazing success with those folks and the 2020 election. i think again, you take a page out of the biden playbook and he is still on the ticket, you are definitely going to see some trends in the right direction among working class voters for democrats. >> okay, let's move on to this because this did not help too much adrian. the new polling that donald trump got no boost from his low energy, 2024 campaign announcement. morning consult shows him falling flat, even losing ground with his basic republicans and the gop leading the independents. the pollsters say that this is one of his worst showing since the january 6th attack. so is this significant or is it
9:57 am
just too early to tell? >> yes alex, i have certainly learned to never take donald trump for granted. that is for sure but i think what we have seen indisputably over the past few weeks since he made his to know halfhearted announcement is that a lot of republican voters who voted for him, the maga base who voted for him in 2016 and -- are in 2020 are looking for someone new. they want a new start, they want somebody different, that is one of the reasons why ron desantis is gaining ground. i think a lot of these voters don't necessarily want somebody who is more moderate or more mainstream. they want somebody, they're looking for a new face. and i know i would like to think optimistically that perhaps they are tired of all of the divisive, racist, sexist rhetoric that he has been saying for a long time. maybe they want somebody who represents their values but as not quite as over the top and their comments and some of the viewpoints as donald trump.
9:58 am
so you know, who knows what will happen? again i think of real looking at like a large 16 way primary, donald trump will do well. i think we're looking at three or four person primary. donald trump will have some real problems on his hands. >> really quick ashley, evangelical seem to be turning away from donald trump. they essentially put him into office in 2016. what happens if that deed proves to be true? >> i think that will be a huge loss for trump moving forward. especially because again, he is losing all among those megadonor's white not too are trying to get the santa sorry man glenn youngkin to run. he is not going to lose that base of support and that is really going to i think to adrienne spoil, shows that if there is kind of a three-way primary, not a 16 person primary, that they are going to go in another direction. they just don't represent his values i think, he does not represent their values any longer. i think many of them feel a bit hoodwinked by donald trump to say the least. >> yes, to say the least. adrian and ashley, thank you so
9:59 am
much for joining me on a holiday weekend. appreciate it. new reporting on alex jones moving his mega millions around. what is that about when he owes over a billion to sandy hook families? we will have that plus traffic will be happy this weekend but is today or tomorrow the better day to hit the road? some answers in the next hour, remember eric can always be worse. >> during holiday travel, some people get delirious. some get -- billy and some get dale griffin. >> american light fixture, director of sales -- ctor of sales -- g! search, shop, and save at wayfair! ♪ wayfair, you've got just what i need ♪ ever wonder why they call it the american dream... and not the american goal? announcer: derek jeter ...or plan? maybe... it's because in dreams, you can do anything.
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