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tv   The Sunday Show With Jonathan Capehart  MSNBC  November 27, 2022 7:00am-9:00am PST

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boycott voting. >>, guys thank you very. much good to see. you tim o'brien is a senior columnist at bloomberg. a pulitzer prize-winning journalist and founder of d.c. airport dot or, they're both authors of important books about donald trump. that does it for me, thank you for doing velshi this weekend and catch me next saturday and sunday from 18 pm. eastern do not forget that velshi is available as a podcast. you can listen to the entire show on the go. anytime subscribe and listen to for free wherever you get your. podcast state where. you are the sunday show with jonathan kaye part begins right now. capitol drama. the january six committee prepares its final report and congress prepares for a republican majority. all discuss what it all means with three former house impeachment managers. the exit interview. my conversation with doctor fauci. as he gets ready to leave his post after nearly 40 years. and guess who's coming to dinner? donald trump has dinner with
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controversial rapper kanye west and white supremacist nick when days. trump says he didn't know fuentes but yay says -- >> nick fuentes, unlike so many people that he was left without his 2020 campaign, he's actually a loyalist. >> i'm jonathan capehart. this is the sunday show. this sunday, the january six committee has just a few weeks left until its final report is due. but according to the washington post. some january six staffers may be angry at committee vice chair liz cheney. for focusing too much on donald trump. potentially leaving key details on the cutting room floor. such as the intelligence community's failure to assess the looming threats and details
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about the militia groups involved. meanwhile, the new york times reports that the justice department is seeking the question mike pence in its january six investigation. they want to speak to the former vice president as a witness regarding trump's efforts to overturn the election. all of this is happening as congress faces a lame duck session that's jammed with must -- including raising the debt ceiling. house democrats are working furiously against the clock before republicans takeover with their own agenda in january. joining me now, a congresswoman madeleine dean of pennsylvania. congressman david cicilline of rhode island who's also the author of house on fire. fighting democracy in the age of political arson. congressman stacey plaskett of the virgin islands. they were all impeachment managers in donald trump's second impeachment trial. thank you all very much for coming back to the sunday show. congresswoman, gonna start with you. this is something i want all of you to react to.
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new york times reported this week that the doj is seeking to interview former vice president mike pence. the paper also reports that pence would consider that request more legitimate than the one issued by the january six committee. do you think pence will finally come forward in that venue. >> i do. and of course, i have thought all along from the moment the january six happened that anybody who had any information about what happened on january the 6th should come forward. i don't understand the concern of the vice president and for all he's now published a book about happened to him on january the 6th. so i find it puzzling that he was hesitant at all to come before the house committee. it would be the right thing to do. i think it's a late. he should have been willing to volunteer day one to say exactly what he knew. >> congresswoman cicilline, i want to get your thoughts on that as well. as we mentioned, as i mentioned. there is reporting that january six staffers are upset that
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congresswoman cheney's focus too much on trump. is there any merit there or should we think about trump as being responsible for the insurrection. just as much as trump himself. >> i think first of all, madalline is absolutely right. the vice president, former vice president would've always spoken to the january six committee. it appears as if he's prepared to speak to the permit of justice. he really doesn't have a choice it's. an ongoing criminal investigation. i hope he cooperates as he should. i think junior six committee has an extraordinary job. i think they have to responsibilities. one, to make sure everyone who was involved in any way is held fully accountable. that requires a detailing of everyone's participation. two, to make recommendations to be sure it never happens again. need to wait until that report is completed before we jump to conclusions about whether it'll be too narrow or not. i have a lot of confidence in the members that committee. >> congressman plaskett, i would also love your thoughts on former vice president pence. the insurrection was almost two
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years ago now. how worried are you that the american people are growing resigned to the fact that donald trump seems to get away with everything. and it will get away with that. . >> i don't know if the american people lack patients as all of us do in this day in age. but i think that we're seeing a progression of movement in many other cases against donald trump. of course, the january six committee. everyone was just astounded by the information and the evidence that was brought out by republicans. by the committee this summer. i think they're also going to be very confident. and very pleased with a report in its final iteration. of course, we also have the justice department. which is moving towards what i believed to possibly be criminal referrals against donald trump and also other individuals. not just january six but in the mar-a-lago case.
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as well as the so many other cases that are pending around the country. georgia, new york, against the former president. >> congressman cicilline, one way that congress could hold donald trump accountable is by taking action on a piece of legislation that you are pulling together. you sent it -- trying to invoke the section three of the 14th amendment that basically says anybody who is involved in the insurrection if the government should never hold public office again. talk more about that. >> sure, so the 14 amendment specifically prohibits or disqualifies anyone from holding federal office who has incited an insurrection or assisted others and inciting insurrection against the united states. we know there is overwhelming evidence that donald trump did exactly that. section five at the 40 moment specifically authorizes congress to pass legislation to
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enforce the provision. we took an oath to the constitution of the united states. this is disqualifying. that is if you've been cited an insurrection or assisted in such. as a consequence, donald trump is prohibited from holding office again. we have a responsibility, i believe, to execute that requirement. passing a resolution that details in about 30 pages all of the conduct of the former president as evidence that he did in fact do that. we have other disqualifying information. you have to be 35 years old. you have to be -- our framers of that amendment putting the constitution that the simple idea you can actually run for and federal office if you try to undermine or overthrow the government. you're trying to be a part. of it makes good sense. i will introduce the resolution in the coming weeks with support to my colleagues. >> congresswoman dean, preembargo's going to ask. cicilline says he's going to do that resolution in the coming
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weeks. which means while you guys are still in the majority, i'm wondering what happens when the republican majority comes in. do the american people lose any opportunity to hold donald trump accountable when those folks take over? >> it's interesting that you put us together this morning. i am really smiling because i'm here with david and stacey. it was the three of us along with six others who had the solemn honor putting for the impeachment trial. second impeachment trial of donald trump. the very thing that we are trying to do was to put the facts before the american public. and to convict the president in the senate. most of the republican senators did not have the moral courage to convict. because if you had convicted then we could've taken the second step which is what david is now trying to do. wisely which is to disqualify the president. what i think as a result of
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this election cycle. i'm so excited by what happened. the american people have rejected's inquiry in the fashion those who would follow maga trumpism and election denying in 16 denying. so i am not so doomsday that even as we slip into a very small republican majority that we will lose interest and the truth. i think the republican congress is going to have a very hard time pulling themselves together. following some leader. i'm not confident at the mr. mccarthy will ever be its leader. >> congresswoman plaskett. you are all democrats. and so i don't know how much inside you have been to the republican conference. republican -- anyone who watches the show knows i am not convinced that kevin mccarthy will be the next speaker of the house. among your colleagues, from what you hear, am i wrong to think that. does he have the votes?
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>> presently, of, course he does not have the votes. we've seen people not have votes and be able to extract votes after giving a pound of flesh to other individuals for that vote. that's exactly what kevin mccarthy is doing at this time. we're speaking. we're talking to those five individuals who represent a faction of his party who are ready to burn down the entire system. and so we'll see. there are other people waiting in the wings. dark horses that are coming about. discussions of a least a fonda. steve scalise and others, i am sure, jim jordan, god forbid, who think that they should also be the speaker. we will see what happens. going back to what you said with regard to the disqualification. i think that everything -- great -- i'm so grateful that my colleague, dave, is putting
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this forward. it will have -- resonate in the house. remember that when madeleine dean talked about the second vote in the impeachment. which was for disqualification. i talked with a number of republicans. i work for republican members before becoming a member of congress. and spoke with quite a number of republican senators during the trial. and reminded him that listen, if you vote for conviction. we only need a majority of the senate to vote for disqualification. and so you can abstain from the second vote or vote no and having the majority will remove him from ever being run for office. i think what's going to happen in the end is the american people will disqualify him. by once again a resounding ali rejecting him if he is a republican nominee. and if he decides to run for office. in the same way they rejected
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so many of his candidates in these midterm election. >> y'all are so good. i'm gonna keep you around for another block. my panel is staying with us because after the break, we're going to talk about what the lame duck session of congress plans to push through before january and how will it affect you. and later, we'll check in with the sunday show favorite and gloria we. want to hear what she has to say about news making headlines. stay with us. headlines. stay with us stay with us announcer: derek jeter ...or plan? maybe... it's because in dreams, you can do anything. in dreams... you can hold your entire world in the palm of your hand. and turn time inside out... again and again. and you can do it all with your eyes wide open.
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semiautomatic weapons is sick. it's just sick. it has no, no social human values. zero, none. not a single solitary rationale for it except profit to the gun manufacturer. >> can you do anything about gun laws? >> i'm going to try. >> what will you try to do? >> i'm going to try to get rid of assault weapons. >> that was president biden speaking out on thursday after
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a series of horrific mass shootings including attacks that left five dead at an lgbtq club in colorado. six dead at a walmart in virginia. here's the rub. republicans take control of the house in a little more than a month. so there is little time and this land a congress to get anything done. there are some big priorities on the must do list. congresswoman metaline dean, congressman dana cicilline, congressman stacey plaskett. they're all back with me. can you go down the road. congresswoman dean, you heard the president. in the lame duck, he wants to try to get assault weapons banned. how likely is that to happen? >> i don't know how likely it is. we've done an awful lot against conventional wisdom in a limited number. yes i'm with the president. the house already passed the assault weapons ban back in july. it sits with the senate that has a 51% majority at this point we hope it will go to 52. by the way, very proud that we got the senator elect john
7:18 am
fetterman across the line. we have work to do. we should get the assault weapons ban passed in the senate so that the president can sign it. i would add to that must do list. universal background checks. we have now passed twice in the 116th in 117 congresses. senate has set on their hands. i don't understand this lack of leadership. this is a uniquely american scourge and problem. we have a responsibility to do something about. it with the loss of light that schools and clubs and senate -- how can the senate did not pass the assault weapons ban and universal background checks? >> to that point, congresswoman. have a listen to senator chris murthy of connecticut. what he said this morning about funding. in response to president biden's remarks. >> so do you want to withhold money for law enforcement? , >> i think we have to have a conversation or whether we can continue to fund law
7:19 am
enforcement in states where they are refusing to implement these gun laws. all talk to my colleagues about what our approach should be with this problem. 60% of counties in this country are refusing to implement the nation's gun laws. we've got to do something about that. >> i mean, he's not wrong. is he, congressman? congresswoman plaskett? >> he's not wrong in terms of the statistics. i would caution against discussion about not funding our frontline individuals in terms of crime that being the police. speak of course in so many communities of color are the ones that need those individuals so much. we, of course, want to push funding more towards community service, giving police officers the kind of support that they need. the kind of education that they need. as well as having background checks on them. when they go in between
7:20 am
locales. i think it that i agree with madeleine that the house has done this before. we've passed this repeatedly. assault ban weapons. as well as background checks. even if the senate does not pass it, let's put them on record as to where they stand. while continuing to mount pressure from the american people to those senators who don't support this assault on our young people in our country. >> congressman cicilline, you're a member of the judiciary committee. republican congressman jim jordan who is expected to become chairman of the next congress has been quite vocal about the investigations into the biden ministration that he plans to conduct. there is even top of impeaching various people within the administration. listen to what hausman already leader for the moment kevin mccarthy had to say about homeland security secretary mayorkas. listen to this. this was on tuesday. >> if secretary mayorkas does not resign house republicans
7:21 am
will investigate every order, every action, in every failure will determine whether we can begin impeachment inquiry. we will hold our hearings at the border. so the democrats can no longer hide from the crisis they have created. >> we impeaching secretary mayorkas? we >> look, this midterm election, you heard democrats all across the country speak about the work that we have done to bring down the cost of goods and services to deal with a difficult challenge of inflation. to make sure we're building the economy sorcery one. and -- everything from description projects to childcare to health care. republicans talked a lot about inflation. because they thought as a way to get back into power. now we know that they would never really concerned about doing anything about driving down costs. because the voted against every
7:22 am
proposal that came before the congress would actually lower costs for working families. they intend to use their power now not to address the challenges facing the american people but he used it to kind of set the path for the return of republican president bike engaging in a lot of the metrics, lots of hearings, lots of impeachments, lots of stuff about hunter biden and all kinds of other things. stuff it doesn't affect the daily lives of working people. i think you're going to see democrats push back hard on that. continue to focus on delivering what we can to the american people to make their lives better. republicans have simply shown as to the are. we knew that. we knew there worry about inflation was only a ploy to get back into power. kevin mccarthy has confirmed that over and over again. >> congresswoman dean and plus good, i gotta get you on something in the last moment we have a lot of. donald trump -- we learned on a friday had a pre-thanksgiving dinner with ye and the white supremacist nick fuentes and then afterwards trump tried to claim i don't
7:23 am
know him. i didn't know him before he arrived. are we supposed to believe that? >> it's an absurdity. i have to admit to you, i'm fatiguing and maybe you are two of commenting on the lack of moral clarity that is donald trump. we've been doing that for seven and a half years since. he came down that escalator. surprising? no. but his power is waning. that's what he's struggling with. >> congresswoman plaskett, excuse me -- >> judge them by the company they keep. and if we do that, we know exactly who donald trump is. individuals who he won't disown over and over again or claim that he doesn't know. that he now sees the people that are break spread with. that's going to be his campaign. that's where he wants to leave this country. i'm sure the american people and definitely the house democrats are going to push back against it. >> congressman cicilline, i'll give you one crack you got ten
7:24 am
seconds. >> i think donald trump has shown us who he is. i think stacey's right. look at who we hangs out with julio slices with the american people have rejected that they'll continue to reject it. this is a figure that has a very much falling small are so it's good news for the country. -- congress madeleine dean, congress -- thank you very much for coming back to the sunday show. we thanks for having us. >> thank you, same to you. coming, up the mass shooting at club q in colorado springs love five people dead in a lots of questions. state representative leslie heron joins me after the break to discuss stay with us. break to discuss stay with us. to discuss stay with us. jaycee tried gain flings for the first time the other day... and forgot where she was. [buzz] you can always spot a first timer. gain flings with oxi boost and febreze.
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we were always family. we're a family through this horrible circumstance. so thankful, i'm so thankful for rich. for joseph. for that trans woman who stepped on his head. for that trans woman who saved me, for r. kelly who saved me. i'm so thankful. i'm so thankful. for so many things but i'm so thankful to have known him.
7:29 am
and to have been loved by him. >> that was why it can't, a survivor from the club q shooting in colorado springs. his fiancée, daniel aston was one of the five people killed. at least 19 people were injured. the community in colorado springs continues to mourn those loss last weekend. including colorado state representative leslie heron. who went to high school in colorado springs. joining me now is colorado state representative leslie harris -- democratic candidate for mayor of denver. representative, thank you for coming to the sunday show. >> thanks for having me. >> since he went to high school in colorado's flings your reflections on basically your hometown and the violence that's been visited upon that city yet again. >> i grew up in colorado springs it is my hometown.
7:30 am
it is a town that i find to be a very loving space a very open space. very welcoming space for folks like me. the club q community my. a family is still down and colorado springs in the holidays around this exact time. i would be at club q. i would be welcomed i would be embraced by folks there i would find community. so to have this violence really directed at the one queer club in colorado springs it's shocking but it's not because the difference between what i know as the people in the heart in the beauty of colorado springs checks the position of leadership down there that continues to spew anti lgbtq rhetoric that continues to allow people who never should have these assault weapons. these met with a mass destructions to get them. and so as we think about club q and the people down there. it's just so very important that we remember the colorado
7:31 am
springs is not a city of hate. but there are people there who continue to allow this hateful rhetoric to perpetuate throughout the hearts and minds of the people. >> representative the shooting in colorado springs also happened out the evil trench under day of remembrance. a new glaad poll reveals there have been more than 120 attacks in 47 states against drag events and performers also 72% of transgender people in 48% of the lgbtq community overall say the current political environment that you are talking about makes them fear for their personal safety what needs to be done to change this. is it just a changing of the rhetoric or do we have to change rhetoric and laws. >> as much as i wish we could write a law that would take hate out of peoples hearts, we know it's not that easy. we have multiple pieces of legislation that support and embrace lgbtq identity.
7:32 am
we have also stopped and defeated many anti especially transgender bill with, especially transgender youth bills in the general assembly. and yet, this still occurs. and so the fact that we're even having a conversation about how evil a, quote unquote, these drag queen story hours are. it's quite frankly absurd. it's dangerous. we have got to hold elected officials and leaders, religious leaders, and you typically turn our community accountable. when they target when, they target people simply for being who they are. i gotta tell you, if it wasn't for the transgender people in that club that night, there would've been a lot more bloodshed. and as you saw in the clip before, i am thankful, i am thankful for the folks who sit up and stop that shooter. >> let's talk about a fellow colorado lawmaker. you are in the same state -- state representative. but a federal congresswoman lauren boebert in july tweeted back at president biden's
7:33 am
assistant secretary for health and human services rachael -- who is an outrage under cabinet secretary. tweeted out the assert over health is out here trying to quote empower children to become transgender. the word is groom, richard, not empower. your grooming them, not empowering them. she's been called out. congresswoman boebert's been called out for prior entail to bt q rhetoric and legislation. how does that hit you in the community at large? there is someone who people from colorado voted into congress who is speaking that way? >> the stuff that she spews is not representative or if i come to colorado, i wanna be clear about that. what i would say is that quite frankly, the language she's using even now, even posting club q suiting, it's thick. she needs help. she also needs help out a congress. she does not represent
7:34 am
colorado. what i will say is that when it comes to this whole term of grooming. myself and are transient a lawmaker, -- get accused of this quite frequently. but what i want to look at is the fact that there are people who are literally grooming hate in our young people. jonathan, i know that we talk about this for a wild. and folks want to believe that we're just going to hr way out of hate and transphobia and homophobia. it's not true. our youngest votes are being taught to hate people simply for being who they are. simply for loving who they love or expressing themselves the weight of express themselves. that's wrong. for me, that the danger. for me, that the danger that they are putting into the hearts and minds of our youth. we gotta counter that. you've got a counter that would love. we've got to tell a real stories of lgbtq people in our schools. in our history books. we've got to talk about the many different facets of our community. how beautiful it is. but also how it should shape or
7:35 am
country. >> colorado state representative leslie heritage, and have to come back to the sunday show so we can talk about your run for mayor of denver. we'll do that in another conversation. thank you. and later, doctor anthony fauci. my interview with president biden's outgoing chief medical adviser and his message to the american people as he departs. plus donald trump's legal issues took no holiday this weekend. the latest in the multiple investigations surrounding be former president. but first, russia's plummeting of ukraine intensifies. what this means 278 days after putin's invasion. stay with us. on the fluffiest french toast with red currants on top we wish you a happy holiday, only at ihop. new gingersnap apple french toast, part of our new holiday menu. try all three flavors.
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go! only pay for what you need. jingle: liberty. liberty. liberty. liberty. covid-19. some people get it, and some people can get it bad. and for those who do get it bad, it may be because they have a high-risk factor. such as heart disease, diabetes, being overweight, asthma, or smoking. even if symptoms feel mild, these factors can increase your risk of covid-19 turning severe. so, if you're at high risk and test positive, don't wait. ask your healthcare provider right away if an authorized oral treatment is right for you. the white house announced this
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week that it's sending ukraine and additional $400 million in ammunition and generators. this is desperately needed as russian airstrikes pummel ukraine's power grid in addition to civilian areas. as winter approaches. but with an incoming republican house majority. there are concerns that america's future commitment to this conflict could be scaled back. joining me now is admiral james -- former supreme allied commander of nato. he's also an msnbc chief international and diplomacy analyst and author of to risk it all. nine conflicts in the crucible of decision. admiral, as always, thank you
7:40 am
for coming back to the sunday show. >> it's my pleasure. especially beyond -- >> admiral, you recently tweeted ukraine is a tale of two wars. one of the ground, one in the air. the ukrainians are winning on the ground but russians are winning in the er and destroy ukraine's electric rig. we need to increase their air defense to help win the second war. doing that will break the russian war effort. admiral, what exactly does ukraine need to -- what do they need to increase its air defense? >> for some farmers, they need the ability to knockdown both drones and aircraft. we can provide that with a surface to air missiles. some classically, we would send patriot batteries. they're reasonably simple to operate. we could train the ukrainians to do that quickly. another good option, jonathan, is one develop charlie by the
7:41 am
united states in israel called iron dome. a very capable. first and foremost, surface to air missiles. secondly, increase the intelligence were providing them so they know when these targets are coming at them. then thirdly, most controversial, each on a, thin would be to provide them with aircraft. fighter aircraft like the mid 29 that poland has. or the f-16 that the u.s. has. those are two options that i think are worth exploring. bottom line, president zelenskyy often says help us close the skies of ukraine. i think if we did that, it would go a long way towards knocking back the overall russian war effort. >> in terms of providing planes to ukraine, is there any appetite in washington or any of the allied capitals to actually do that? >> there is quite a bit of appetite in allied capitals starting with warsaw. eight months ago, the volunteer to give up their mig-29.
7:42 am
's already flown by the ukrainian air for us. i think in washington, behind closed doors, it's an active discussion. the downside, jonathan, is could it be excessively provocative? could the ukrainians be restrained from using those jets to attack targets inside russia escalating the war. those are legitimate concerns. i think we're at the point now where we ought to bring that idea back to the table. discuss it and potentially executed. >> so house minority leader kevin mccarthy has signaled that the republican-led house majority would likely oppose more eight ukraine. what would be the impact of that if they were to actually go through with that? >> it would be devastating on the war effort if the republicans managed to simply turn off the taps. i think that's highly unrealistic. as i kind of surveyed the house
7:43 am
membership. there is a very strong majority of the republican side to say nothing of the democrats who would continue -- reasonable levels of aid. certainly the support in the senate is even a stronger. this is one of the very few issues on which people disparate as senator mcconnell in speaker pelosi actually agree. i think it's going to be okay here. it requires all of us drawing a line under the courage the determination and what the ukrainians are accomplishing. it would be disastrous to walk away from that now. >> let me give you want something that happened suddenly yesterday. belarus's foreign minister, vladimir -- sorry for mispronouncing's last name. a longtime ally of the authoritarian president, alexander lukashenko, died suddenly at the age of 64. during his tenure, belarus faced criticism from the west for its dubious elections that allowed russian troops to use
7:44 am
deliveries territory to attack ukraine. your thoughts on what this means for the war if anything? >> i don't think this will make any dramatic turn in the war. certainly as you look at the number of members of both putin's inner circle in the oligarch world who fall out of hospital windows. who fall off their mega yachts. you look at an instance like this. of someone like lukashenko's inner circle just suddenly falling over the dead. he may be a heavy smoker and a heavy drinker, who knows. as a look at it, i think it's part of the cracks, inner circles, both in moscow and minsk. let's hope so. >> admiral james -- as always, thank you for coming on the sunday show. >> say hi durian for me. >> i will. after the break, everyone's favorite including animals to -- my aunt gloria. you don't to miss what she has
7:45 am
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to help actively repair acid-weakened enamel. i recommend pronamel repair to my patients. the holiday weekend is a good time to catch up with family. so we thought we check in with one of my relatives who just happens to be a sunday show favorite. joining me now to tell me how she said, gloria -- better known as my and gloria. and gloria, great to see you. what did you have a good thanksgiving? >> yes, i did. i hope you did. >> i did. did you make anything? >> now. [laughter] that's all right. things for coming back. this is the first and we've had a chance to talk since the midterms. so what's your reaction to the results of the midterm
7:50 am
elections? including cheri beasley and your thin arthur a line of losing to ted budd. >> i'm disappointed. but she will be back. she will be back. she has a strong commitment. she had people out there working every day and every night. i was sorry we didn't win everything. but i'm so happy we didn't lose anything. the country is still may be divided but just not that divided. it may be prior to think that yes, we have a long ways to go. but the country is not that divided as it was. >> the country is not as divided as it was. but that hasn't stopped on trump officially announcing another bid for the white house. do you think he'll get the nomination. if he doesn't? should president biden still won. >> i think he's going to run a. but i think he's going to be
7:51 am
beaten by desantis. and that opens up a whole new avenue for president biden. because even if trump runs as a third party, that's for the republicans. i think that gives the president biden more options. i think we all feel he has to run if trump is the elect the republican. if he's not, then there's more options out there for the president. i love him. i like to have him to have the options of deciding whether he wants to run or whether he has to run. i think this is going to -- >> sorry, and gloria, i'm always stepping on you. while you're talking. you have actually talked to the president. when i interviewed him a, he called you. didn't he sat like a man who was running? >> he did. i don't want him to feel pressure to run. i think we all feel he has to run if trump is the nominee. i enjoyed talking to him.
7:52 am
he's a wonderful man. he does not sound like an 81-year-old man. he's very energetic. i think he's waited a lifetime for this opportunity. there's a lot of thing he wants to get done. i want him to be able to decide. not the democrats or anyone else. that's why it's so important that trump loses and desantis winds. i think there's a lot more options but the president can look at. he doesn't have to. i think that's where we like to be. yet he doesn't have to. i think he's a wonderful person. i definitely support him if he runs. >> i just -- i want to let you know you make quite an impression on the president. he told me to -- ask me to send you his best in a follow-up correspondents. i'll just let you know that. the election season is not quite over yet. we still have the georgia senate runoff between senator
7:53 am
raphael warnock and herschel walker. i kind of get the feeling that you want senator warnock to win. i would love to know your thoughts about herschel walker. >> herschel walker is not qualified to run. running a football does not make you -- a political person. even running a tv show does not make you qualified. >> what are you trying to say? >> people need to wake up. just because you're in the movies, you're on tv, does not make you qualified. i'm on tv now, i'm not qualified. let's get a real. i think they will do anything in the power to get herschel walker to win. the sad thing is he's not qualified. if you want to start off running for office, start at the bottom. work your way up.
7:54 am
i don't think he -- what he's supposed to do. he's just going to be ahead. somebody tells him what to do every day. we don't need that. we don't -- know >> i'm gonna finish your thought. we don't need that in the united states senate. one more thing before i let you go. or actually before we run out of time. this is how i guess we gotta talk in the clock runs out. your reaction to the news that donald trump had dinner natchez with kanye west which is already problematic but with a white nationalist. come on. >> it's like the three stooges. so that's all it is. it's crazy. i could go back and what the three stooges. >> -- and [inaudible]
7:55 am
i want to thank everyone for supporting me and being kind and wishing me their best. i wish everyone the best. >> that is a great way to end. and gloria, as always, thank you for coming to the sunday show. i'm going to put this out there right now. you need to come to washington so we can do this live on set. got that? now that i told everybody, everyone's gonna be pushing for you to come to come on live. we're gonna make that happen. >> okay, thank, you jonathan. >> have a good rest of the day, and gloria. and coming up in our next hour, my one-on-one conversation with outgoing chief medical adviser to the president, doctor anthony fauci. plus early voting is now underway in georgia. as incumbent democratic senator raphael warnock and his republican challenger herschel walker make their final push in the u.s. senate runoff race. we'll discuss that and much
7:56 am
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7:59 am
canton file stretch of the georgia senate runoff. election republican to their herschel walker is trying to catch up to incumbent senator
8:00 am
raphael warnock as walker's republican handlers tried to keep an eye on him. damage control at mar-a-lago. donald trump shines with controversial rapper kanye west, and no one white supremacist nick fuentes. and my interview with doctor anthony, fauci who is party from his official position on in the white house after nearly 40 years. >> as a physician, can we are trained to heal people. and when you are put into a situation where you do not have the tools to do anything except comfort people, then it becomes very painful. >> i am jonathan capehart. a brand-new hour of the sunday show starts right now. residents of georgia have been hitting the polls as early voting is underway for the senate runoff election.
8:01 am
incumbent democrat raphael warnock is facing off against republican challenger herschel walker. according to new, polling warnock is leading walker. but is still within the margin of error. the name of the game's turnout. democrats have a win in this caller, as george the courts rejected attempts to make early voting happen yesterday, because of the 2021 voting law that bars voting two days after a holiday. also, former president barack obama is heading to atlanta this thursday to energize georgia's democratic base. listen. just because democrats have control of the sun is, does not mean that this runoff is any less important. warnock winning would allow president biden's traditional judicial nominees to move through these high more. quickly senate committees which are currently split 50/50 would be fully under democratic control. and vice president harris would have to hunker down in washington to cast tie breaking votes. and, last but certainly not
8:02 am
least, reverend warnock clinching the c would meet comments like this will never happen uttered by a duly elected senator. >> a world could delay vampire. do you know that? i never knew that. i don't to be a vampire, new or want to be a. where will they're looking good, and i'm, thinking wow, better get it at that house. get out of that. house >> first, of all this is more than herschel walker. this election is by the people. >> joining me now is téa mitchell. washington correspondent at the atlantic journal-constitution, wherever now sharpton, host of politicsnation. founder and president of the national action network. and author of righteous troublemakers, untold stories of the social justice movement in america. thank you both very much for coming to the sunday, show my apologies for tackling, there. you've got to laugh to keep from crying. what does it tell us that
8:03 am
republicans tried? first, talk about the early voting. what does that mean that they tried so hard to block early voting from happening yesterday? >> i think clearly is means that they are not so confident they can win. if they thought they were in a winning position, they would be saying let's go with early voting, even if you wanted to extend it to an earlier day than saturday. i think it is a real indication that the internal polling is telling them they cannot win this. i also think that the selection of herschel walker is really offensive to american people. because what they are saying is that we will allow donald trump to intimidate us into putting in the backup. because it is an incumbent -- who is, there who is clearly qualified in this closely deliver the. georgia or the, bottom we're not going to interview. them they had no preparation
8:04 am
for the sky. teachers trying to throw him out. there we have to be offended. and herschel ought to be embarrassed. >> téa, a new poll by the aarp shows that the race still remains closed between warnock and walker. at 51 47%, respectively. but it also notes that warnock as a lead with independent voters, bringing in about 54% compared to walker's 39%. why is it is that schiff's been so important? >> that shift is so important because as you have been noting, this election is going to be all about turnout. and this election is going to be close. those independent voters who in georgia can swing election, it is notable that it looks like a majority of them are going towards warnock. that bodes well for his ability to win in a runoff that is expected to be close. because we know both candidates are going to have their. base it is who can speak to those in the middle that are
8:05 am
able to swing the election. >> rev, now this gets to why i was chuckling after that intro. herschel walker has been criticized for seeming to have handlers and all of these interviews, of. late but the outrageous comments keep coming. what do you make of this strategy, if you want to call it that, of flanking herschel walker with ted cruz and lindsey graham and tim scott? you see them all there on the screen. >> you can not fright someone if they are not really worthy of being flanked. it is one thing to have a candidate that made the, average and you need to bolster them. it is another that is totally inapt incompetent, you try to hold up somebody that has no lengths. even with training, we'll see you do need a bicycle. and i think they have training wheels with no bicycle. there is no bans there politically.
8:06 am
herschel is a great athlete. i'm sure he maybe got in other. things but there is no -- when it comes to policy, when it comes to legislation, and when it comes to just basic politics. herschel walker does not have a clue, and it was a just service don't to impose him on the georgia state republican party. i think that many of the people that i relate to in georgia, we have an office in the atlanta. network who are encouraged to support edward warnock. but the at least wanted to have a field fight into a competitive fight. that is not the case. the people who are supporting one are supporting putting a republican in that seat. it has nothing to do with herschel walker. >> t, let me get your reaction to. something show me the reaction of georgia to the story. herschel walker has been a part of multiple scandals with the lady would use documents which
8:07 am
of service to which the depth that herschel walker still -- texas's primary. residents i was going over in georgia, if at all? >> i think, that again, there are voters that we have been talking to you throughout this campaign that say we do not care. we are with herschel walker matter what. the controversies have assuage them. it is important to the republican in that seat and important to try to blunt president biden's ability to carry out his agenda. of, course democrats say it is yet another controversy. the question is are the voters again those who can swing a vote, moderate, voters voters split split their tickets it with warnock in the general election. the question is does this matter enough to them to make them want to vote for senator warnock? that is where controversies like these continue to possibly dragged down herschel walker's ability to win the race. >> i wonder if there is any lack of enthusiasm among or
8:08 am
publicans? yes republicans want the, see not who the republican nominee is, but since this is not going to decide the majority of the senate, any signs that republican enthusiasm writ large has a diminished? >> i'll say. this i'll say that there was always an enthusiasm gap among republicans about their candidates. there were a lot of republicans who said herschel walker is not necessarily my, choice but is the candidate we have. what republicans are trying to do now is make this race about president biden. about giving republicans a seat. it is not about herschel walker. it is when we see governor kemp and other republicans campaigning on herschel walker's behalf, that is the message that they. sand they do not focus on the candidates themselves. himself. they focus on what is at stake with the race. and saying, as republicans, we need you to support him to help us achieve our goals in washington.
8:09 am
>>, rev in the time that we have, left we have to talk to you about this mar-a-lago dinner. that donald trump had with the artist formerly known as kanye west. and nick fuentes, who the justice department has labeled as a white supremacist. one adviser to trump called a bleeping nightmare, while trump tried to claim ignorance. you and i, i interview for a column about the documentary, you called logged. matt one of the interesting conversations you and i had was how you juxtaposed the racism and tots that you endured, while marching through the white neighborhoods of bensonhurst and howard beach, back in the, 80s how that informs how we should look at donald trump today. talk more about that in fold into the nick went to dinner. and that. >> donald trump was born and raised in, queens new york. you can see these documentaries
8:10 am
coming, out and. theaters it shows the actual footage of when we lost in keys was killed killing a black young man for just being in the neighborhood. they would come out and openly talked, you looking at -- call us the annual court and throw -- at. as they showed actual footage of the documentary. that is the queens donald trump grew up on. donald trump grew up in a climate of northern racism. people to blame racism and racial racial bigotry. displaying an exercising in the. south one of the reasons i'm playing john legend, it shows the. for the traditional. actors the actual things that happened. donald trump only took a position on one racial case, but i know of, in all of the years that i've been out of. here he is without. here he is nine years old. and that was in central park,
8:11 am
java. case where he was calling for the death of five black and brown young men accused of raping a white woman. and he called -- and when they were, exonerated he would not take it back. so it is in kindness and he meets with his wife supremacy. he comes of, that his father wasn't sued in the. 80s for racial discrimination. let me tell you what has become nonsensical for jonathan. donald trump is a former president. he still a secret service. the secret service screens the business of the former president. i have been around barack obama since he left the white house. you have to see who you are -- if you say this man is running for president again and does not screen he'll be allowed to come to his dinner table, that is against all political of secret service. if for nothing other than security they know who is coming. he knew he was meeting with. he knew the background.
8:12 am
and now he is trying to, in many ways, do the michael jackson moonwalk. when it does not apply. he has a secret service. saying secret service didn't have a list of who is coming to dinner, i don't believe this. >> reverend al sharpton, téa mitchell, thank you both so much for coming to the sunday show. and coming up, what we play out for the multiple investigations on trump? glenn kirschner, charles coleman will break it all down after the break. s, fingersticks can be a real challenge. that's why i use the freestyle libre 2 system. with a painless, one-second scan, i know my glucose numbers without fingersticks. now, i'm managing my diabetes better, and i've lowered my a1c from 8.2 to 6.7. take the mystery out of managing your diabetes and lower your a1c. now you know. try it for free at (woman vo) sailing a great river
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8:16 am
resume this. week in the oath keepers trial in connection with the january 6th insurrection. the group's leader stewart rhodes and four others are charged with seditious conspiracy. the trial has already lasted eight weeks, with more than 40 witnesses and hundreds of exhibits. meanwhile, there are also new developments in the many investigations. swirling around donald trump. joining me, now glenn kershner, msnbc legal analyst and former federal prosecutor. and host of justice matters podcast. charles coleman junior, msnbc legal, endless civil rights attorney and former brooklyn prosecutor. thank you both very much for coming back to the sunday show. glenn, you have been there for the oath keepers trial. prosecutors presented a strong case. >> they, have jonathan. but let me tell everybody what they should brace for, now. i used to try rico cases.
8:17 am
in that very tortoise. let me use a personal example to tell everybody what we can expect in deliberations now, moving forward. because the jury has the case, and they are deliberating. i tried the case for six months, the week a case against six defendants. this case has five defendants. and once we give it to the jury and they began their deliberations, we waited for a couple of weeks. then the jury came out to deliver the verdict. where they, did jonathan, was delivered verdicts only with respect to one dependent. then they disappeared back into the deliberation room. we did not hear from them for days. they came back out. and deliver their verdict with respect to the second defendant. this went on for weeks. it was a painful thing to endure for the prosecutors. but i say that because i think we should all brace for what could be some very long deliberations. even though the case was strong. even though the prosecutors, i, think presented it well to the jury. it often takes the jury a very long time to foresee the
8:18 am
thousands of exhibits, and the hours an hours of testimony, before they feel prepared to come out and start announcing some vertex. >> oh. right i want to to do it right. that's what i would like the jury to do. charles, let's turn to the newly appointed special counsel jack smith on thursday. he pushed back on the search and made by trump's lawyers in the mar-a-lago probe. walk us through why this is significant. briefly. >> first of, all it is significant because this is the first real action that we have seen from -- as the prosecutor in this case. and the way that he did his reply in terms of being in front of the 11th circuit is actually quite impressive. it was a short and brief him straight to the point. he basically drew several distinctions between the arguments and comparison that donald trump's attorneys were trying to make in terms of analogize-ing this documents case to a previous case involving rudy giuliani. he basically established that,,
8:19 am
look this is not the case, i'm not gonna go through a bunch of different legalese and different examples as to why. and he went straight directly to the three main reasons why these cases were not as analogous as donald trump's attorneys tried to make them. number one most notably being that in the case working following rudy giuliani, that was a special master which was requested by prosecutors. not by rudy giuliani's attorneys. and it was requested because these documents that were recovered from giuliani's were recovered from his attorneys. and they were recovered from attorneys offices. there was much greater concern around attorney-client privilege as was not the case here, when you have literally just dozens and dozens of hundreds of documents that are recovered from donald trump's personal office. and many of them being marked a top secret and confidential. what we saw inject smith was essentially a no nonsense straight to the point to reply. as to how he is not going to get into the shenanigans of
8:20 am
additional delay that trump's attorneys would love to have and engage with. >> gland, on another trump related topic, after years of trump trying to hide his taxes, the supreme court has allowed the house ways committee to obtain tax returns. will this have any bearing on any of the investigations into trump? >> i don't think it is going to have a bearing on any of the credible investigations into donald trump, that it does not mean it is not important, jonathan. what we have learned by donald trump's reign as president is that we need to have better laws in place for presidents who may have financial entanglements overseas with foreign banks or foreign countries. we may need to have some new laws that deal with some transparency. some requirements that the american people be made aware of what these financial entanglements are, to see
8:21 am
whether the president will have conflicts, or will be strictly and it to do what is best for the american people. i think this is important, but not necessarily on the criminal investigation front. more on the need for legislation front. >> and to your, point releasing the tax returns was a custom, not a legal requirement. charles, last question to you. what do you make of an appeals court signaling and possible and to trump's special master review? >> jonathan, i think that it is consistent with what most people would expect if they are looking at this objectively. and under the law. i think when you look at the original decision that was made by the district judge in this case, it left a lot of people scratching their heads. because this judge really comported legal reason and logic to try to come out with a decision that was a favorable to donald trump and his attorneys. when you are talking about examining this more critically and more effectively, it simply
8:22 am
does not hold up. this is something that, regardless of who appointed, you i think we have a unanimous sentiment that is being expressed. not only by two trump appointees, but also one bush appointee. this is not about being -- and losing. respect this is about being fair and objective under the. law the logic in the legal reasoning that was important in the original order simply does not hold. up and that is why we are seeing this strong sense of it. which is likely going to result in the end of a special master in this case. >> one other thing i wanted to point out, charles, after your answer to the jack smith question, he's only been a special counsel role for about a week. so he is moving real. fast charles coleman, junior glenn kirschner, as, always thank you both for coming back to the sunday show. and up, next doctor anthony fauci on his legacy and some parting words for the american, people as he steps down after a decades long career of public service. keep it right here
8:23 am
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8:27 am
anthony fauci is leaving public service. serving under seven presidents dr. fauci has led the national institute of allergy and infectious diseases for 38 years. he toils or everything from the aids epidemic when politicians would utter the word in the low aurora break to the covid pandemic that left him shouldered in his homes and resulted in his loss of more than 1 million americans. early this morning, i spoke with doctor fauci. director of the national institute of allergy and infectious diseases and chief medical adviser to president biden. dr., fauci welcome back to the sunday show. >> thank you very much, jonathan. good to be with. you >> during your last
8:28 am
briefing at the white house who encouraged americans to get their booster shots. we have covid-19 that is still out there. rsv and the flu. they are all searching. health officials are concerned about a triple pandemic, shared common symptoms. what are the main difference is that people should watch out for if they are not feeling well? we should do things that are very important to mitigate against at least two of those. we have a vaccine for influenza. get your vaccine for flu. , covid we know the data is very clear. and the differences you are comparing a vaccinated person with someone who is unvaccinated. and a vaccinated boasted person with someone who is unvaccinated. the severity of the disease leading to hospitalization and death are profoundly different. the curbs you don't need to us to decision to figure it out. he doesn't hospitalizations for the unvaccinated awesome hospitalizations for the vaccinated and boosted. given the fact that we are
8:29 am
having a confluence now of at least three separate diseases that have respiratory components, we can definitely do something about at least two of them we also do something about rsv. if, for example, you are in a situation where somebody is coughing or sneezing or have rsv, washer. hands forget about. we talk about washing hands all the time. respiratory syncytial virus rsv is spread by droplets. so if somebody coughed on their hands and shakes hands with you, and you touch your face and your mouth, that is what you have to be careful of. you have things you can do for all three of those, things and that's what we're encouraging people to do. that's what getting into the colder winds as the late fall and early winter. >> thanks for all the medical advice. shifting gears we have got to get personal. this will, be probably, our last time talking with you as a public servant. you have been a public servant
8:30 am
for more than 50 years. i want to bring up the documentary, victory, on national geographic. you cried at one point during the interview. you are counting a story about a patient with aids who has gone completely binds. the interviewer asked you lie you got so emotional. and you said that it was post-traumatic stress. plain and simple. talk more about how your work has affected you, personally. you opened through wave after wave of lots of diseases and pandemics and epidemic sort of hit this country. >> what i was referring, to jonathan, is it if you look at my career, starting 54 years ago when i first came to the nih, i was involved with, thankfully, it was very fortunate to have been involved, in the development of therapies
8:31 am
for diseases of inflammatory autoimmune nature. we have the immune system reacting against his own tissue. and a group of diseases called vasculitis. back in the late 60s and early 70s, i developed effective. therapies for a brief period as, nine years or so, my professional career was associated with having the disease that most people died, from that i developed for therapies that put them into very high level of permission. everything was going well, i felt. good people came in thinking they were going to die. i would do this therapy, now standard, therapy and they did. well the 1981 came in with the first cases of hiv, anthem the beginning when i started taking care of people, until we had effective therapies, several years later, i am primarily a physician. people who see me on shows like this --
8:32 am
i'm a physician as a scientist. and i take care of. patients back in the early 19 80s, the overwhelming around amount of my time is taking care of a very very sick patients. mostly young again man who would otherwise be healthy. when you are in a situation where every day you go in and take care of people who you get to know when you get to like and they depend upon you and then you see every single one of them dying or going to die soon, you have to suppress that. even though as a physician you take a very detached take to it, you still feel the pain of people suffering and dying. and the story i told on the film for national geographic was we developed a very strong relationship with this patient, who was going blind casually right in front of us, until it
8:33 am
became very very clear that he had gone completely blind. in order to function in the next patient whose room i had to go into, i had to suppress. that when the interview brought it up again, and they just have an emotional response to, it i used to the word post traumatic stress. because i think that is what i and many of my colleagues physicians and nurses who are taking care of persons with hiv back then files. it was a terrible time, as a physician. trained to heal people. when your put into a situation where you do not have the tools to do anything except comfort people, it becomes very painful. >> what do you wish you could have done differently in your more than 50 years of public service? if you could change one thing, what would it be? >> my goodness. there are so many things that
8:34 am
went on. you always say that maybe you should've responded earlier to something, as it was evolving. one of the things going back with hiv and one of the classic principles of infectious diseases is that you do not give prophylactic medicines to prevent things because that could lead to drug resistance. or what have you. the scientific community early on was reluctance to give prophylaxis antivirals or antibacterial's two people who were suffering with hiv, because we felt we might do more harm than good. so it took us a little while to realize, put all the other stuff behind. you give them prophylactic, is assistance again seemed fiendly thing. ellis turns out that saved a lot of lives. if we had to do it over again we would have been more aggressive in the beginning. >> i thought i cut you off. last question real. quick your proudest moment.
8:35 am
>> oh my, goodness there are several. i've had multiple. hats one of the things i really feel very good about has indirectly to do with my science background and accomplishments. and my administrative accomplishments. was to be able to work with president george w. bush. where he honored me to be within the privilege of tasking me with putting together one of the architects of the presidents emergency plan for aids relief. and now, 20 years later, he is clearly saved approximately 20 million lives. that is something that i feel very good about. probably also humbled and privilege for the president of the united states, george w. bush, tasked me with a project that actually save so many lives. >> speaking of humbled and privileged, dr. fauci, it is always humbling in a privilege
8:36 am
to talk with you, whether the washington post or here on msnbc. thank you very much for coming back to the sunday show and more importantly thank you so much for your service. >> thank you very, much it's very good to be with you, as always. >> and after the break i have a super panel of gas ready to sound off to the other sunday shows. you do not want to miss, it's keep it right here. keep it right here ...or plan? maybe... it's because in dreams, you can do anything. in dreams... you can hold your entire world in the palm of your hand. and turn time inside out... again and again. and you can do it all with your eyes wide open.
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visit and shop our big holiday sale. bombas. give the good. ♪ ♪ woah, surprised to see you here. how's your head? all good man. [vacuum cleaner] advil targets pain at the source. when pain comes for you, come back fast with advil liquid gels. oh, i thought it was a sign. i'm sorry. if it is and it is time for sound off. there is a lot to talk about from donald trump's dinner with a white supremacist to republicans plans, wednesday to take control of the house. joining me now is terrace mayer, former gop communications director and looking project senior. advisor when a, graham columnist and associate editor for the boston globe. and basil's michael, junior a democratic strategist and
8:40 am
director of the public policy program at hunter college. my apologies for not actually paying attention. when this block started. so much is happening on the air today on all the shows. i want to play james comer, congressman, comer the man who says he wants to investigate everything hunter biden, anyway here is what he says about gun laws. >> we already have many gun laws on the books and the passing of a bill would simply end gun violence. i think you would have overwhelming support in congress for that and that the number one priority with respect to crime in america for republicans is going to be the fentanyl crisis. >> tara, seriously? not to downplay fentanyl but we just lived through three mass shootings that we know of that have been national news in the last week.
8:41 am
>> do we really take any of these people seriously at this point? this was the same guy as he mentioned who said one of his first priorities since investigating hunter biden laptop in the biden crime family. these are not serious people and it is clear that the record is demonstrated that. i'm a very pro-second amendment. we are gunning family in my house. hold migrant father was a lifelong member of the ira. emory. he was german, not. irish we support the right to bear arms responsibly. what is happening now is not responsible. and republicans are still slaves to the gun lobby. and they hide behind the second amendment when there is clearly a problem here we saw some including a bipartisan trip over the summer. which is the bare minimum. but they are never going to take the necessary steps to try to fix this problem. because we have got a problem. and it goes far beyond just gun
8:42 am
ownership. responsible gun ownership will have to pay the price for a responsible people, but there is a way to try to button up some of these loopholes and these laws. starting with red flag laws and enforcement. republicans are not interested in doing that. this is bread and butter for their base and we can expect more of this type of language coming out of republicans. there are no gonna do anything about this. >> speaking of republicans, wednesday, here is congressman mccaul in texas on ukraine. and what is going to happen with ukraine with the republican control of the house. watch this. >> republicans are not going to rule like that. we have a, voice now. and we are gonna do this in the unaccountable way with transparency to the american people. these are american taxpayer dollars going in. does that diminish our will to help the ukrainian people fights? no, but we are going to do it in a responsible way.
8:43 am
>> rene, the thing i did not hear in congressman mccaul's response was, there will be no diminishment of u.s. help to ukraine. >> i think it is obvious there is going to be. republicans have not really hidden that fact. at all. that is part of what they campaigned on going into the major terms. so the idea that representative mccaul is saying this and making it abundantly clear that we're doing this responsibly and we're not just going to be handed blank checks, we know what that means. look at what has been happening in ukraine, this is a fight about democracy. we already know how republicans feel about democracy. >> there is that. and basil, here is congressman adam schiff of california talking about host minority leader kevin mccarthy would terrorists ed last year is going to be house speaker.
8:44 am
watch what schiff has to say about mccarthy. >> mccarthy's problem is that he cannot get 2 to 18 without marjorie taylor greene and paul gosar and matt gates. so he will do whatever they ask. and right now they are asking for me to be removed for my committees, and he is willing to do. it he's willing to do anything they ask. and that is a problem. kevin mccarthy has an ideology. >> basil, you have been around politics long enough to know that a politician with no ideology is a dangerous thing. >> yeah, that is what used to say about donald trump all the time. he is no ideology except for the last person that was put into his. here and this is what is going to be scary. they will have power in this upcoming congress. you're gonna see the politics, they retaliatory an addictive politics which will run amok in this next congress. and congress membership is correct.
8:45 am
mccarthy needs to get the 2:18. he will do whatever it takes to get the 2:18. but we are going to sink deeper and deeper into some really really despicable politics. in my view. for him to get there. and that is going to be very scary for the rest of the country. that interview also took place as he was talking about the january six committee going forward. and some of the -- some of what will come out of that committee. and it will be really interesting to see what, if at all, republicans do to retaliate against what comes out of that report. >> tara, real quickly in the 45 seconds we have before we have to go to break. if kevin mccarthy does not get 2 to 18 and i am still hard-pressed to see how he gets there, then who does? >> so, last year i did say that i thought it would be jim jordan but he has given jim
8:46 am
jordan the promise to be judiciary chairman. so he can be a cloud over there and make a mockery of the judiciary committee. i firmly believe now that can either be elisa granic or steve scalise, possibly. i've said this before. and i think that mccarthy, the fact that he's willing to just sell his soul like this. whatever little piece of his sole he still has left. that tells you everything you need to know about the republican party. listening to mike mccaul and to the responses to some of these questions that used to be very easily answered by republicans, because they pretended, i guess, at the time, about being pro democracy, this is all to placate the maga wing of the party. michael mccaul is not some guy that believes ukraine should have all the support but he is saying this because he wants to make sure he gets his chairmanship in foreign affairs. he's been waiting for this for years. same thing with what has been going on with others who are unwilling to speak out and say anything about what is going on with donald trump and what is happening with that despicable
8:47 am
dinner that he had with nick fuentes. >> we're getting to that, next. >> all of this is all because they have to placate the maga win and kevin mccarthy is a pathetic crew in the has no courage whatsoever and will do and say anything to get power. which is why he. is undeserving of the speakership. >> tara, rene, and basilar sticking around as we continue this conversation after the break. break. reliable 5g network in america? (vo) when it comes to your business, not all bars are created equal. so switch to verizon business unlimited today. technically when enamel is gone, you cannot get it back. but there are ways you can repair it. i'm excited about pronamel repair because it penetrates deep into the tooth
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we wish you a happy holiday, only at ihop. new gingersnap apple french toast, part of our new holiday menu. try all three flavors. tara name and battle are back with me. you know sort of the last block with congressman comer talking about fentanyl and crime and drugs and stuff like that? here is congressman comer talking about trump and kanye and nick fuentes. >> you certainly need to better judgment in who he dives with. i know he has issued a statement saying he didn't know who those people were. i would not take a meeting with that person,. though i would not take a meeting with kanye west either but that is my opinion. >> holy smokes. that is the responsible thing to say?
8:52 am
is it wrong of me to be surprised, tara, there's a member of the republican party just said what he just said? >> listen, this should be a no-brainer. where are the elected leaders of the republican party marching on the sunday shows, condemning this, saying hell no, this person has no place in the party. donald trump has abdicated any moral responsibility, authority, anything, to be anywhere near the elected office again. they we didn't want this ill cannot. party we are moving on. where is that? you only hear that from, mcconnell mccarthy, from. anyone people like asa hutchinson and some of these non-elected officials come out and say it. but they didn't have to thank the voters anymore. this is who the republican party has become and they have enabled it and they don't care. or they are too cowardly to speak up because they're worried about losing power. this is a problem. >> rene, i would love to get your thoughts. i was about to mention asa
8:53 am
hutchinson was on state of the union, renee. >> who cares? he is not elected anymore. >> we're. they >> folks are trying to make this a judgment issue, somehow this is about lack of judgment. this is what chris christie said a few days ago. this is not about a lack of judgment. this is exactly what donald trump is, it is who he has always been. former boston's related friedman tweeted to trump, you are better than this. no he is, not he is never been better than this. there are many things that donald trump is not. he is not a question. he is not a very stable genius. he is not the greatest president since abraham lincoln. when he is a racist and anti emma semis and he keeps his friends close but he quips his white supremacist pals and supporters closer. this is who he is and this is what the republican party has embraced. and they do not condemn it then they own it. >> basil i see you nodding in agreement. >> two more days, point in the
8:54 am
reporting of this, donald trump turns to connie and says this guy gets me. so we know who you are and we know exactly who you are and we know what you care about and we know the circles that you walk in. you talked about being in public and public service for a while, i worked with a lot of elected officials in officials, and they do not take meetings until they know exactly who is sitting down at the table across from them. that does not happen accidentally. so the fact that people can say or donald trump can say we didn't really know who this guy is but he just sat in front of me we had this meeting, that med calculated and the challenge for the next couple of years is that the entire country, republicans in particular, are going to consistently respond to with donald trump is doing. and they, should with
8:55 am
indignation, but you cannot hear it coming from the folks who have anything to lose. >> basil, go ahead, tara. >> people who worked on his campaign should walk off. there should be mass resignations. enough is. enough if they care about america, the future of this country, the character of this country. and what people have created here they are enabling and emboldening his ilk. the lowest common denominator of this earth here. and they still think there is gas behind the scenes where nobody has the bravery to come forth and say we have had enough for america and democracy in the future of our country. they are still happy to cast those racist and bigoted and white supremacist having checks. >> on that, note terrace at meyer and renee graham and puzzles michael, no need to kill that lily. thank you all very much for coming back to the sunday show. have a great week. >> thank you.
8:56 am
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9:00 am
world and health problems. the guy is a national treasure. i'm sorry to see him go. >> he's not going anywhere. he's still going to be around. >> that's true i'm glad because he can win as needed in his fifth provisional path -- i was really glad for the conversation. thank you for doing it. >> see an ex week, have a good one. good day to all of you from here in new york. welcome everyone to alex reports. we begin with some new aftershocks to the dinner that is shaking up washington. trump's defense of his meal at mar-a-lago and county west. of course they're known as ye. white supremacist nick fuentes. now drawing a reaction from president biden. >> mister president, what do you think of donald trump having dinner with the white nationalist? what


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