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tv   Katy Tur Reports  MSNBC  November 29, 2022 11:00am-12:00pm PST

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flight attendants, prepare for big savings. drop everything and get to the xfinity black friday sale. click, call or visit a store today. hey, everybody. good to be with you. today across the country, we are watching democracy being tested in the most closely watched
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battleground states of this year's midterm elections. that is right. the midterms are not yet behind us. in georgia, it appears democracy is winning. records are being shattered exactly one week before election day in the runoff between rafael warnock and republican, herschel walker. that is despite recent moves by republicans to limit voting access including efforts to block saturday voting, which failed in court, and an election law that take effect last year that is being called restrictive by voting rights advocates. none of those efforts though have deterred voters from coming out in mass. yesterday alone, more than a quarter million people voted. the most early votes ever counted in one day for that state. another battleground state, you've got democracy still being put to the test. arizona has no more ballots left to count, but that's not stopping one republican leaning county from dragging its feet.
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katie hobbs has filed a lawsuit after board members refused to certify its election results by yesterday's deadline. she's arguing the refusal was certified quote undermines a basic tennent of free and fair elections. it stands alone in that state as the only county to miss the deadline and critical maricopa county, the results were unanimously certified by a five-member board. four of whom were republican. that is what "the washington post" is reporting today, that board members were heckled and called quote, traitors. there's also a clash over election results in luzerne county. but that didn't stop two republican members of the election board from voting against certifying. two democrats voted in favor and one more abstained. leaving certification
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deadlocked. we're going to talk to reporters in all three states but we want to begin in georgia. joining me now from atlanta is tremayne lee and vaughn hillyard. unprecedented turnout. i know you've been on the ground there speaking to voters ahead of the runoff on december 6th. what are they telling you? >> reporter: 300,000 voters in a singing day. it was amazing to see democracy working like that. there are certain policy issues and candidates they appreciate, but there are bigger issues in this race in particular. i'm here in southwest atlanta in a rec center. there are pictures on a sign with barack obama, martin luther king, jon lewis saying vote early. when you actually drill down and talk to folks about what matters
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most to them, it's pretty clear. they see one as decent and moral and a responsible right choice. take a listen to what i heard from these folks. >> our last vote, the people come out early. that's how we get more voters out and those who don't come out, i don't understand it. >> herschel walker, come on. i mean, have you seen his latest commercials? it's a joke. rafael warnock, he might not be all that we want him to be, but he's certainly better than what the alternative is. there's a difference between playing football and helping us with our lives. >> reporter: i'm engaging with mostly black voters today at this polling place and even though it's historic to have two black men running for senate in georgia, they see one, warnock, the better choice and walker, as
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an embarrassment. we weren't targeting these kinds of voters, but this is what folks have said today and yesterday. >> vaughn, i know you spoke with warnock just a couple of minutes ago or so. interestingly enough, when you think about early turnout historically, it trends towards democrats versus republicans. what is warnock's reaction to far to this turnout we've been seeing? >> right, make no mistake about t. in 2020, warnock and john ossoff proved that democrats are willing to turn out for a runoff election. democratic voters and particularly black voters showed up in a greater share than white voters in the 2020 runoff compared to the general election. now the issue here this time around is that the runoff election is on december 6th. in 2020, it was on january 5th. so the number of days for early
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voting has shrunk this time around and that is why yesterday's record number of early voters was a good sign. warnock told me he was heartened by it. at the same time, it's not enough. >> how imperative is the early vote for you right now? >> it's very important that voters turn out during the early voting period and we've got a few more days, through friday. we need folks to keep showing up. i am heartened by the robust turnout that we are seeing, but i don't want us to get too comfortable. these elections tend to be very close. every vote counts. and so for every person who has shown up, they've got three or four people in their circle who have not shown up yet and they need to show up. so we'll be pushing this through early voting and we need people to vote on election day.
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>> tremayne has been out there and warnock is making stops here around the state. we were with him at fort bally state university, which is a historically black university. a place of about 2500 students here about an hour south of atlanta and the message he was making to these young people was number one, i've been out there fighting for you. was able to help steer billions of dollars in funding to historically black colleges and universities. also helped the biden administration, really press them on student loan forgiveness. he said it's imperative that young people go out to vote. young people of color get out to vote. he said you have made a difference in 2020 and yet you are needed now. . a line he likes to say is that yes, i'm asking for the fifth time in two years to get out to vote, but now it's more important than ever. a six-year term is on the line.. thank you both. joining me now is graham resnik.
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also with me is editor in chief nrt pennsylvania capital star, john. graham, let me start with you on this one. let's talk arizona if we can and cocheese county specifically. they're using for this delay of certification? >> it's kind of hard to know. they're using one justification we've heard before, which is that they don't believe their election equipment was properly certified. the secretary of state's office dealt with that a week ago or so and is now having to deal with that issue again. they also want to hear from a man in phoenix who says he has some information about the election in maricopa county that could help him. again, these are two republicans. they've gone rogue before. they've backed off before. that's their justification as far as we know. i just contacted via e-mail one board member and asked him whether he had heard from the
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rnc, republicans in congress, any other top republicans about backing off and his response was this isn't a partisan issue. so hard to know what's on their minds. they have roughly 48 hours to figure this out before a court, a judge is being asked to order them to comply with state law and canvas these results by thursday. so they've got to deal with it really quickly. they have an emergency meeting this afternoon because they have to hire a lawyer to defend them. county won't defend them. >> any information, graham, with your sources that you've been speaking to as to who this individual is who is saying they have information about the election that they would want to know? >> this has been publicized. it's not a secret. a man named paul rice. not somebody we've heard from before, but there are many, many people here like him in arizona who have ideas and theories
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about exactly what happened here in maricopa county and how that should tilt the field toward the republicans. the irony here is this could be one of the biggest self-owns by republicans we've seen in this election if they do not certify this election, the votes of 50,000 voters in the county won't count. this is a republican county that went 60% for republicans. they could hand a congressional seat and office of state school superintendent to democrats if this isn't certified. >> wow. that's astounding. i also want to talk about what we saw in maricopa county, right? were you surprised at the certification so swiftly coming through in maricopa county, which has been the epicenter of at times election misinformation? >> oh, no. most of the time the epicenter of election misinformation. no, i wasn't surprised. the county board has been firm
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throughout this. they believe they've dealt with the problems they had and these were pretty serious problems with ballot printers on election day. they believe they've dealt with them transparently. this board has held together through some incredible storms over the last two years not least of which was the partisan audit. so that wasn't surprising. nor was the reaction or the comments we heard from the audience surprising. fairly extreme. one commenter pointed at each of the five board members and called them traitors. that's kind of what we've been hearing. over the last couple of years here in maricopa county and we'll likely hear for a few years more. >> let's go to pennsylvania if we can. interesting though, went to josh shapiro then to oz. then you have this refusal to certify as well in this pennsylvania county, in luzerne, in an area that is not exactly
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considering the results deep red. >> yesterday, it was the deadline for pennsylvania counties to certify election results and officials up there are splitting 2-2, two democrats, two republicans, to support and oppose certification. a fifth member of the election board, a democrat, he later told the associated press that he had withheld his vote because he wanted to investigate the results and in fact, found out after talking to 125 of 187 election judges that there was no evidence of people being disenfranchised and he plans to certify when the board meets again on wednesday. this is part of sort of the larger trend we're seeing in pennsylvania with supporters of the republican gubernatorial candidate, doug mastriano, filing petitions for recounts in counties across the state. all you've got to do there is
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come up with the paper work and a fee and that, too, has slowed down the process. they say there's no evidence to support a recount, yet the process is now being slowed down. this opens the counties to litigation by the state and candidates if they fail to certify on time. >> can you talk about kind of situation surrounding especially luzerne county, when you talk about this from a democrat, considering the questions when it comes to election integrity overall in that state stemming from of course the 2020 elections and all the lies spread by the former president. >> the department of state ahead of the election seemed like they were saying every other day that the process was safe, it was secure, and they expected nothing to change. here we are better than two or three weeks out and that still seems to be the case and they're still fighting this weird guard
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action against election denial ism, department of state saying yesterday this organized recount effort is no more than an attempt to quote flood election results and is election denialism. so despite all the publication that went in before the vote, the same process we saw after the vote, we find ourselves in the same place. >> still astounding we're talking about the midterm elections. graham, john, thank you as well. i suspect we'll be hearing from the two of you again soon. still ahead, ripple effects. how growing protests over china's zero covid policy could affect us here at home. plus, a looming national railroad strike could cause an economic disaster. what president biden is telling congress to do to make sure that does not happen. plus, the key witness the january 6th committee will hear from today. we'll be right back. ittee will from today we'll be right back. today to set the record
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concerns today about the unrest in china. protests continuing across the country with hundreds of demonstrators filling the streets in opposition to the zero covid policy. here you can see people in wuhan not only defying orders to return to their homes, but breaking down police barriers, blocking access to the street. support is coming from all corners including a former leader of the tiananmen protest in 1989 who spoke from taiwan today where he is exiled calling the protests a beginning of a new era in china. an era characterized by resistance. the demonstrations have wide ranging economic consequences given china's status as the world's biggest manufacturing nation. analysts warn that distribution and production in china will have a ripple affect for household appliances, machine
11:20 am
parts and iphones. raf, good to talk to you. what more can you tell us about the government's response to these protests happening in china? >> we have seen just a massive police presence in cities all across china today. this is the chinese government trying to stop these protests from spreading any further. in shanghai, we saw these really daring protests over the weekend. people calling for the downfall of the chinese communist party, of xi himself. at the street where that protest took place saturday and sunday, there are now enormous police barriers designed to stop people from getting there. in other cities, subway lines have been closed down and we have heard reports of police officers stopping people in the streets making them unlock their phone and going through their pictures and videos looking for any evidence they are going to a protest or were taking part in a protest. so we are not seeing the kind of
11:21 am
large scale gatherings today that we did see over the last couple of days but we are seeing sporadic lashes around the place you mentioned but also guangzhou in the south, a crowd tore up a covid testing center, which gives you a sense of the scale of the anger three years into this policy. we did get an announcement from the chinese government. they said they were going to step up their vaccination program for elderly people, which is key because it's not been high in china and that is part of the reason the government has felt it has no choice but to keep everybody locked down. they fear if they don't stick to the policy, they're going to have the virus ripping through the population and a lot of elderly, a lot of vulnerable people, could end up in hospital. could die as a result of this. so the fact they're making this announcement today does seem to indicate that they are trying to look for a way out of this zero
11:22 am
covid situation which has led to so much anger on the streets. >> the only country left really in the world with a zero tolerance covid policy. raf sanchez, we thank you. want to bring in georgetown professor, victor cha. mr. cha is also an msnbc contributor. thanks for joining us. appreciate it. i want to pick up on where ran left out of and that is getting shots in arms of the elderly. i believe just last month, it was around 40% of those over 80 had that booster shot in arm. now it's around 60%. they want to step it up even more. is there a likelihood they can? do they have the shots? do they have the resources and why is there such a lag? >> well, i certainly think the state has the capability if they want to mass vaccinate people, they certainly can. the problem is that their vaccines are not as effective.
11:23 am
the chinese vaccine is about 70% effective versus the u.s. mrna vaccines, the pfizer and sorry, forgot the name of the other one. they're like 90% effective. they have two problems. one is they have a low base level of immunity because they haven't had any exposure and two, their vaccines just aren't as effective as the western vaccines. and they won't import the western vaccines. they're focused on using a chinese solution. >> can you talk about, victor, the economic fallout from something like this happening? the supply chain issue and how much of that calculation is part of xi's thinking right now in dealing with the fallout from these protests. >> sure. the other is moderna. sorry about that. in terms of the economic impact, there are a few things. the first is that this continued lockdown is going to slow down demand for commodities worldwide. so that means like the demand
11:24 am
for oil in china, for example, is down 5% year on year compared to the previous year. market confidence overall at the end of the year is going to falter because in china, the economy just isn't moving as quickly. when the chinese economy's locked down, that means all those companies that had offshore production aren't going to get their goods and aren't going to have them on the shelves in time for christmas. finally with the economy slowing down, it's going to affect the global recession that everybody's predicting with the war in europe, energy prices and everything else. no denying it's going the affect it. china sneezes, everyone else catches cold. xi is focused on the lockdown and he's willing to pay the price in terms of economic slowdown. >> i'm wondering if they're looking at this in a way that china is moving to become the economic superpower of the world. at one point, it was predicted they were going to be the
11:25 am
economic superpower around 2020. we have since surpassed that time, but they have been growing their economy. if they're saying if we continue to move forward with this lockdown policy, we will be less competitive on the global market. >> yeah, that's a good point and i think it's a core dilemma for xi. he just took over for a third term in the party congress. they did not say they were going to loosen restrictions so he owns this zero covid policy. in the meantime, the economy is slowing. there's no denying that the economy is slowing. this is a huge price they're going to pay. so it's a dilemma for him. is he going to own the policy or admit failure, loosen up, accept foreign vaccines. things that would help to boost the economy and help the people. you have 1 billion people in chinese cities that have been locked down for three years. even if they brought up in liberal societies, they just
11:26 am
can't take it anymore. >> this is a president in his unprecedented third term. what do you think the united states should be doing, if anything, especially as we spoke after the meeting, kind of 24 reset between president biden and xi? >> so i think you know couple of things. the administration has said that you know, everybody around the world has the right to protest. the protesters speak for themselves. president biden isn't going to speak for the protesters. i think that's the right position to take at this point. this is a domestic matter. you know, if foreign countries start to take the side of protesters, that's going to create a nationalist backlash which will help the government. so i think this sort of hands off approach is about the right touch for now, but it's something we have to watch carefully. this can't, this situation can't continue. the government certainly has an ability to control, scrub social media and control protests, but 1 billion people just can't stay locked down like this for three
11:27 am
years and counting. >> we thank you. good to talk to you. coming up, everybody, what really happened during trump's alleged suv meltdown on january 6th. why the former secret service agent at the heart of the story is back before the january 6th panel today. but first, can congress help the crippling national rail strike? the far reaching implications of a shutdown if a deal can't be reached in just ten days time. we'll be right back. reached in . we'll be right back. then be, you make your first sale it is a life changer... small businesses firsts never stop coming and you have a partner that always puts you first. no way! godaddy. tools and support for every small business first.
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my brain. so i choose neuriva plus. unlike some others, neuriva plus is a multitasker supporting 6 key indicators of brain health. to help keep me sharp. neuriva: think bigger. on the grounds of the white house, the last few hours have been hard jabs and tense talkbacks. pelosi, schumer, mccarthy. on the docket, same-sex protections and a critical rail strike that could bring the american economy to its knees in weeks if it happens. the biden administration is warning that if congress does not override these rail union negotiation, gas, food, water supplies could run dangerously low. after this meeting, pelosi and
11:32 am
schumer said they are ready to intervene. >> i don't like going against the ability of unions to strike but weighing the equities, we must avoid a strike. tomorrow morning in the house, we will bring up the legislation, send it over to the senate. >> and leader mcconnell and i will try to get it done asap. >> moments later, kevin mccarthy expressed optimism that the vote in fact would pass. joining me now from the white house is monica alba. also ali and cnbc's senior editor. welcome to you all, guys. thanks for joining us on this. monica, joe biden we know the president notoriously a union guy. even blocking a vote like this in congress when he was a senator in 1992, but now he's urging congress to override what
11:33 am
these unions want. >> the president said clearly this was not his preference but he felt he had no other choice writing in that statement that he was reluctant to override any ratification procedures but given the prospect of such a catastrophic economic impact, he felt that he needed to implore congress to act and that is why in addition to this meeting with congressional leaders on a whole host of topics, he felt there was a lot of urgency to discuss the matter of trying to avoid this strike and as you saw there, speaker pelosi and leader schumer said they think they can get this resolved in the next couple of days and that major deadline is december 9th. just days before the christmas holiday when if this strike goes into place, it would affect freight lines, supply chain issues. so this is something the biden administration desperately wants to avoid and it was the
11:34 am
president himself a couple of months ago who did engage at the 11th hour and spoke to the rail companies and unions to get them to agree to this tentative proposal and now he's saying since that didn't work, i am calling on congress, but there are still a ton of sticking points out there. the reality is this needs to be resolved in some fashion in the next couple of days because the rail companies will alert whether they are going to go on strike by friday. so the white house acting with a lot of urgency on this and i was told they spent a good amount of time discussing that this morning when the president met with the big four as they're called. >> we're going to believe it when we see it. mccarthy's confident, schumer's confident, pelosi's confident. is it a done deal? >> is anything ever a done deal here in congress? on a time crunch like this one, that's a key concern. monica lays out this isn't a problem that has a week and a half in its deadline. it's really a problem that starts to manifest on friday.
11:35 am
look, speaker pelosi just walked behind me as we were standing here in the hall. she's confidence they have the votes on the house side, but the senate is where things get sticky. in part because this is not necessarily an issue where it's clear there are ten republicans who will get on board with democrats and actually work to pass this. you have a rare moment of agreement between schumer and mcconnell though where they say they both want to see movement on this. mcconnell saying they're going to have to act on this. he's speaking right now down the hall with reporters so i'll keep an eye on my phone to see if he says anything new about this. but for the senate to act, it will require arm twisting from republican leadership and it's unclear they'll be able to do that in the fixed amount of time, but the urgency is building here in congress. >> i believe it was three decades ago in which government had to intervene in one of these types of negotiations. when i say that a strike could bring this economy to its knees,
11:36 am
especially during a recovery like this one that we are experiencing and a possible recession in the pipeline if one more thing goes wrong, talk to us about that. how this could look if it happens. >> sure thing. well, actually you're already having the flow of trade altered. starting on december 1st, you're going to have embargoes where certain chemicals like chlorine for drinking water, ammonia for fertilizers, those aren't going to be allowed on the rails because they have to identify and locate those chemicals that are already existing and they have 96 hours to locate them and move them. and i also spoke with the hl. starting last week, we had semiconductor companies moving freight from that was bound for the rail to truck. and so you're already having some economic impact because things are already moving. so while everyone looks at the december 9th date, you really
11:37 am
have to look at the december 1st date because that's when chemicals take priority and everything else is secondary. >> it's interesting, monica, because this is a white house, especially during the midterm elections that campaigned on economic recovery. give us time and all the policy we put into place, everything powell is doing will end up paying off. something like this, if it goes through and it speaks to the calculations biden made, could derail, no pun intended there, everything. >> yeah, they're absolutely political implications here as well as the president makes that final decision about whether he's going to seek re-election in 2024. we know those holiday discussions are coming up with his family. the economy is a huge and major top concern for voters. we saw that heading into the midterm elections and this white house feels like the issues economically that a lot of democrats were able to run on actually helped them defy some
11:38 am
of those expectations and that red wave that never materialized, but this is a president who has talked a lot about knowing the pain that many families are feeling economically and you can bet remember a year ago when we were still in the midst of the worst days at times of the pandemic, this white house was so concerned about supply chain disruptions given what we were seeing out of china that they were very worried and moved a lot of things to try to help the ports ahead of the christmas holiday and in the end, they felt that made a huge difference. they don't want to face that same thing again on the rails. >> we have a vote to protect same-sex marriage. are the votes there for that? >> we think that one is really on a glide path at this point. there was a little bit of a hiccup last night where there was some finagling over a deal over amendments. now it looks like we'll see votes on amendments. it's expected those republican amendments will fail, but then
11:39 am
that will allow the senate to get on to the real meat of the bill, which is codifying protections for same-sex couples and marriages. once they do that, it will then move to the house. the house is expected to pass it then it's expected to go to president biden's desk for signature. that's just one of the items on the to do list for this lame duck session. that looks like they'll be able to put a check mark next to it very soon. >> thank you guys all. appreciate you. happening now, the u.s. is taking on iran at the world cup. the latest on that critical match and the political tension that is surrounding it. plus, former trump aide tony ornato goes before the committee a second time. the bombshell testimony he could confirm or deny. we'll be right back. ony he could confirm or deny. we'll be right back. . this couple was headed to the farmers market... when they got a chip. they drove to safelite for a same-day repair. and with their insurance, it was no cost to them. >> woman: really? >> tech: that's service the way you need it. >> singers: ♪ safelite repair, safelite replace. ♪
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11:44 am
tony ornato, the former secret service agent and trump white house aide expected to appear for a panel interview. it is his second appearance before the committee. one that sources tell us will settle a dispute over competing accounts of former president trump's actions as the riot unfolded. specific over this anecdote about a physical altercation in the former president's suv. >> the president said something to the effect of i'm the effing president, take me up to the capitol now. to which bobby responded, sir, we have to go back to the west wing. the president reached up towards the front of the vehicle to grab at the steering wheel. mr. engel grabbed his arm. said, sir, you need to take your hand off the steering wheel. we're going back to the west wing. we're not going to the capitol. mr. trump then used his free hand to lunge towards bobby
11:45 am
engel and when mr. ornato had recounted the story the me, he motioned towards his clavicles. >> ryan, good to talk to you. so this is kind of in the mix of the january 6th committee wrapping up its final report. bringing in ornato for the second time. do we understand what it is exactly they're going to be pressing him on at this point? >> we know for sure they want to clarify exactly what he knew about that incident that took place in the suv on january 6th. it was such an important part of hutchison's testimony. it is true while she was testifying under oath in a very public setting, she was relaying a story she was told by someone else. and that someone else was tony ornato, then shortly after her testimony, officials from the secret service pushed back on those claims saying her testimony wasn't 100% accurate. that's what the members of the committee want to know. they want to know ornato's
11:46 am
perspective on what happened that day, how it compares to engel, who was the lead secret service agent on that day and they want to press him on his prior testimony. members of the committee have told us they don't necessarily think ornato was completely truthful last time around. of course when you testify in a setting like this, it is not under oath, but you can't let congress so you have to tell the truth. >> this is coming after the testimony from kellyanne conway who i believe appeared before the committee for about five hours. do we know what they learned from conway? she was longer part of the administration at that point on or around january 6th? >> she wasn't, but she was someone that remained close to donald trump. she wrote about her interactions with donald trump around the time of the election and specifically whether or not she believed he won the election or not. so this gets to the main argument that the committee has made for some time, that the
11:47 am
former president knew he lost the election but continued to tell his followers that he won in part because he wanted to fire them up to come here to the capitol to try to prevent the peaceful transfer of power. conway just another example of people close to the former president and in his orbit who the committee wants to get a firsthand account of their experience talking to the former president during that period of time to get his state of mind. >> good to talk to you. up next, an update on the make or break match that could end team usa's world cup run. we'll be right back. usa's worln we'll be right back. try vicks nyquil severe. just one dose starts to relieve 9 of your worst cold and flu symptoms, to help take you from 9 to none. for max-strength nighttime relief, nyquil severe. there's a different way to treat hiv. it's every-other-month, injectable cabenuva. for adults who are undetectable, cabenuva is the only complete, long-acting hiv treatment you can get every other month. cabenuva helps keep me undetectable.
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from verizon. why give your family just ordinary eggs when they can enjoy the best? eggland's best. the only eggs with more fresh and delicious taste. plus, superior nutrition. because the way we care is anything but ordinary. ♪♪ welcome back. breaking news we're following. minority leader mcconnell just opened up his weekly leadership congress by condemning president trump's dinner with nick fuentes. he said this, quote, let me just say that there is no room in the republican party for anti semitism or white supremacy and anyone meeting with people advocating that point of view in my judgment are highly unlikely to ever be elected president of the united states. all right. let's turn to the world cup day. world cup today, i should say.
11:52 am
it is world cup day essentially with everybody watching what's happening right now on their televisions. it is 1-0. usa, 1, iran, 0. today's winning moves on. the loser heads home. excitement sky high and tensions on and off the pitch after the iranian flag was altered. an action that iranian officials say should have disqualified the united states from competing today. megan fitzgerald is in doha, cat qatar with more. >> reporter: the match is underway. this is a critical game for usa because a win means they will advance in the tournament. they will go to the knockout round where they will likely play the netherlands on saturday. if they lose tonight, they'll go home. but there's a lot more happening
11:53 am
off the pitch than on. we know that iran is upset with the united states after the u.s. soccer federation removed the islamic republic emblem from their flag on the social media pages. that has caught team usa in the cross fire of this frustration and anger. we had an opportunity to speak with a georgetown professor so break down this intersection between sports, human rights and politics. take a listen. >> how significant is it that we are seeing politics collide with sport in this world cup? >> i think we should not expect from the 22 players on the pitch to restore the nuclear deal. that's the job of the government. but what the players can do, they can compete with each other, hard and fair, and can send a strong signal for a good understanding between the people of the two countries. >> all eyes are on this all
11:54 am
important game tonight to find out if team usa advances to the next round. back to you. >> thank you. while still much of this is obviously about the politics and geopolitical implications of what's happening at the world cup, it's also about the game. lindsey joining us at a watch party here in new york. you could not be in a better place watching this game right now. while i'm sitting here in the anchor chair just getting updates on my phone. i thought i saw a score come in from the u.s. scoring their second goal. were you able to clarify things there? what happened? how are folks feeling about this game today? >> yeah, so we saw that second goal. it looks like they were offside so the game score we believe is still 0-1 in favor of the u.s. the fans are intense. they are loving it. they are die hard fans here. they are so excited that soccer is becoming more popular in the u.s. they like the looks of this team. they like the u.s.'s chances of
11:55 am
beating iran today and today is do or die, but you can't separate, a lot of people tell us, the game from the politics. some people know what's going on, some say you can't separate it. let's listen. >> geopolitical aspects are huge in the game. you can't separate the soccer game from what's going on in the world at all. >> i think it's very hard for the athletes right now. they're really, really focusing on doing their best at these very important games so keeping the politics out i think is the best thing. >> that's outside of it. just focusing on the game itself. >> i'm just focused on the soccer. i hope the players are just focused on the game. >> so we've got half a game down. halftime now. waiting for the second half. people are so excited. the energy is so intense.
11:56 am
when the u.s. scored their first goal, i definitely thought i was going to have a heart attack. everybody was standing up and screaming. so intense, but super fun. >> i can only imagine being at a watch party. don't have a heart attack. stay healthy. you've got a baby at home you've got to take care of. no heart attacks during the world cup match. all that said though real quick here, because i think what's also interesting, it's about soccer but really kind of drives home how much of a focus kind of human rights abuses becomes and the geopolitics of this whole region for so many watchers that wouldn't have known or understood what is going on. >> yeah and what's so interesting is i didn't have to explain any of the geopolitical attention in the background. most people are very tuned into the news but particularly for this, these are fans. they watch what the teams are doing so the news over the weekend with the social media
11:57 am
post that megan just said, people are very aware and some people want to tune it out. they want the players to focus because they want the win. >> call me if you need some help, got balances on stand by. you're going to be okay. stay healthy, my friend. it's going to be okay. thank you. hallie jackson picks up our coverage next. jackson picks up coverage next. seriously? one up the power of liquid, one up the toughest stains. any further questions? uh uh! one up the power of liquid with tide pods ultra oxi. with fidelity income planning, a dedicated advisor can help you grow and protect your wealth. they'll help you create a flexible strategy designed to balance growth and guaranteed income so you can enjoy the life you've created. that's the planning effect. from fidelity.
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