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tv   The Beat With Ari Melber  MSNBC  November 29, 2022 3:00pm-4:00pm PST

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thank you so much for letting us into your homes during the whirlwind day of
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breaking news from soccer to the oath keepers. we are grateful. our coverage continues with army earl on "the beat." >> justice in the news, a really significant day. good to see you as always. >> have a great show. >> thank you, appreciate it. i am ari melber. this is "the beat." and we begin with the breaking news in what is the most significant january 6th verdict so far. a breaking news day in law and for accountability for the insurrection that tried to overthrow the peaceful transfer of power. i can tell you full stop this is the most significant verdict we've gotten in the series of cases around january 6th, and we'll walk through the news for you now. a federal jury finding the leader of the oath keepers, stewart rode, guilty on the most serious january 6th charge he faced, sedition, or what they call seditious conspiracy because multiple people were involved. the whole plot was to violently prevent the peaceful transfer of
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power prevent the votes that all culminated in the deadly insurrection on january 6th. there was more than one person in the conspiracy case, although he was the leader and most significant, and this is a major blow to the oath keepers' movement and those who looked at january 6th as a test run that might be repeated in the future. kelly meggs also convict of conspiracy as well as other charges against individuals. there were five oath keeper, all five convicted with aiding and abetting. you see convicted criminals on your screen, some of the most prominent leaders of the trump aligned insurrection. these people yesterday were presumed innocent and awaiting a verdict. tonight for the first time i can tell you you are looking at the convicted felons who were trying to overthrow the democracy of the united states of america. i can also tell you that three of these individuals were
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convicted of lesser crimes, for example of obstructing the proceed bug not seditious conspiracy itself. three were cleared of that charge. rhodes is the most prominent pig to stand trial for the insurrection. this is the first time a jury has squared up and looked and been presented directly with the people who did the violent part of the insurrection. there are other parts of the attempted coup, but everyone understands why this was, according to the justice department, the most serious. you have to remember, attorney general garland cleared and approved the decision to pursue this as sedition, which is not automatic from the jump. today indicates that decision with these two convictions. they face decades in prison. decades in prison. now, i want to tell you what we're going to do. we have michael moore here on this. he has discussed many of the issues we're facing. he's here with us.
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michael, i'll see you in a moment. report from the courthouse where ryan riley has been covering the case for msnbc. welcome back, ryan. i went through the charges. walk us through, as someone who observed the case and litigation strategy from the very beginning, what it means when you see the doj win on the biggest charge against the leader of the oath keeper, the number one defendant in their sights, which seemed to be a pretty strong day for them. >> reporter: yeah, i definitely think doj is chalking this up to a win overall. seditious conspiracy charges are rarely brought, and when they have been brought in the past they have trouble securing a conviction. there's a case over a decade ago from now involving that militia in the michigan area that was tossed out by the judge. this is something that is very -- a big win for doj. you can sort of see the logic, having sat through a lot of this trial, that the jurors were sort of following here, the evidence
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of preplanning and really violent rhetoric aimed at members of the congress who were targeted on january 6th. i think the two people who were found guilty of sedition conspiracy, kelly meggs as well as oath keepers founder stewart rhodes, those were some of the ones we saw the most planning actually violent rhetoric towards member of congress, and afterwards, a lot of that violent rhetoric was aimed directly at house speaker nancy pelosi. you had rhodes, for example, talking at how they wish they brought guns on january 6th. just a few days after the attack, he was recorded by someone who later turned the audio over to the fbi when he talked about how they wish they had guns and how he wish they strung up nancy pelosi from a lamp post. he was supportive of the january 6th attack. even though when we went on the
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stand, he said he thought it was stupid for the oath keepers to enter into the capitol that day and made some reference to the idea that it left them exposed to charges and political persecution, and that's exactly what happened, referring of course to the trial that he is sitting through. so we had three defendants overall who chose to take the stand in this case. the only one who was found guilty of seditious conspiracy who tack the stand was stewart rhodes, so that wasn't something that was necessarily beneficial the him. probably the testimony was potentially the right move from those two other individuals who took the stand, because they also -- they avoided those charges, and that was jessica watkin, who's a transgender former member of the military, who talked a lot about her military experience and being outed during her time in the military, as well as thomas caldwell, a former military vet, but he's an older gentleman who talked a lot about his physical
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inabilities that he said would prevent him from being a part a this broader effort to basically overturn election and keep donald trump in office. >> right, and as you're reporting, ryan, the jury ultimately found them all guilty of various aspects of the plot. the obstruction official proceeding is something that does not happen solely with violence, but with other criminal activities that did delay, as we know, what happened that day. ryan riley at the courthouse, thank you. as promised on this big breaking news night, we bring in filmmaker michael moore. his work explored political violence and the political process in america, which we know has broken down at times. welcome back, michael. >> thanks for having me on, ari. >> i'm really interested to hear your reaction to this, not on the legalities which, we've covered throughout the trial, and i've explained to viewers how we got here and what this was on each of these individuals, but really big picture what this means for a
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country that has faced a lot of questions about whether there would be justice, whether they would be held accountable. it was not automatic the doj would pursue this as sedition, ryan mentioned in his reporting that's a fairly rare charge, number one because you don't see it out in public on a regular basis, and number two, sometimes the government doesn't want to deal with it. they want to deal with the trespassing and move on in certain cases, or certain times when our government didn't really look ascant at the individuals who were fomenting this kind of problem. what does it mean, do you think, to america tonight, to say what we couldn't say yesterday, which is some of the people who stormed the capitol to overthrow our democracy are facing decades in prison for sedition? >> well, i think good. you know, the whole -- rhodes saying he wishes they brought weapons.
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well, i think some of the evidence in the trial is they did have weapons in hotel rooms. they did have weapons in d.c. he was lamenting the fact they didn't bring them from the hotel room to the storming of the capitol. not that we should be frightens, but we should be concerned that they now know what he said is we need weapons, and the next time they may bring those weapons. and in a way, if you think about this, as much violence as there was, the police officers who died, et cetera, this could have been far, far worse had they done exactly that. so on that level, something to think about for the future. don't think this is the first time and it's -- it's -- the other part of this, though -- i think people watching you and i right now are perhaps thinking, yes, okay, so you got stewart rhodes, but it seems like this
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particular day of violence was encouraged by, supported by the commander in chief, the person in the white house and some of his top aides, roger stone, michael flynn. >> let's pull on that threat together, because you're raising a important point. the doj convened a special counsel to oversee what they describe as the nontrespassing part. these cases are advanced. these are the people who physically went in. to your point, michael -- and i think you're pulling on something very important this new special counsel has to look at. these oath keepers didn't come up with the plan. they didn't summon the other people who created -- you needed a lot of people to create any chance of getting in. it wasn't only 100 oath keeper. it was all the larger. it was donald trump, it's john eastman who had the legal -- might be legal oriented but
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criminal strategy to seize to day of orientation. i'll throw it back to you, but i'll say it again with the news tonight, you've got people convicted of obstructing a official proceeding. the official proceeding was alerted to them by member of the u.s. government and the trump administration. michael? >> right, and so rhodes and kelly briggs, they're not benedict arnold here. they're larry and curly arnold. >> well, i'd say somewhere in the middle, but i take your point. >> i know, i left moe out, sorry. but it's seriously -- just as you just said about the -- and the lesser charges of obstructing a proceeding -- a government proceeding, congress certifying the election of joe biden. obstructing that from happening. well, they weren't the only ones. and i don't mean just they and the people who charged the
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capitol. i'm talking about that very night after this thing was shut down, after they lost their attempted coup, their overthrow, whatever it was, they -- 147 republicans went back into that chamber -- >> yeah, yeah. >> and voted to say, no, joe biden is not the president. and they would not certify. they voted against certifying what every state said yes, this is real, this happened, he's the president of the united states. and for 147 of them to try and obstruct, to try and stop the legal and fair and everything certified -- mostly by a lot of republican secretary of states, that to me -- and i think to the people watching this -- not only who the real benedict arnold was that was on the podium encouraging everybody, i'm marching with you down to the
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capitol building. but also, the 147 republicans, a number of which have been returned -- i think there's something like 109 are back in the next session of congress -- that was, to me, a seditious act. i don't know if that's the legal term for it, but at least when you try to stop the man who was legitimately elected president of the united states from taking his oath of office and taking a seat in the oval office, that to me -- where do we have a say about that? where does the justice department -- i know they're not going to do anything, but people watching this, yes, stewart rhodes be the proud boys are up next in the docket in court, and all these -- and as you mentioned, being from michigan, i'm very familiar with a lot of these militia groups and white nationalists, white supremacists. and you're right, this kind of
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seditious conspiracy -- see, they didn't -- the crime wasn't successful. the question, and you as a lawyer know, is it still a crime if they didn't succeed in robbing the bank? >> yes. >> but they conspired to rob the bank. >> that's the key point you raise. when we talk about conspiracy, this is a convicted conspiracy. the question is, legally, was there anyone involved in conspireing who may have helped, planned, aided, abetted who didn't happen to physically be there that day. it strengths the case they've got the prongs convicted tonight. that's new. whether they have the evidence on the other people is the biggest question facing america. i think this is a practice run. michael moore, thank you, sir. coming up, we turn to how republicans admit they need an autopsy for the midterms. chai komanduri is here, and by
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they save time by printing discounted stamps and shipping labels right from their computers get a 4-week trial plus postage and a digital scale go to and get started today elections have consequences. we know that. republicans are now clashing over who will lead the party in the house speakership. many of trump's favorite candidates have no vote in that because they lost. that brings us to some news out of the republican national committee tonight which is conducting an autopsy of the midterms where that red wave so
3:20 pm
talked upd not materialize. that alone is a different term from republicans after 2020 when trump lost -- we know that -- republicans lost. they didn't take the house or senate. but the rebuke from voter then was greeted with denial and then insurrection, which is the other story we have been covering with tonight's sedition conviction. here's what's different politically. this time there are more top republicans who have dropped the denialism and in public are saying the party must change if it wants to win. >> i am so pissed off i cannot even see straight. this should have been a fundamental landslide election. >> there's a very high correlation between maga candidates and big losses. >> trump needs to take a good look in the mirror. >> i think that this election was the funeral for the republican party as we know it. the republican party has we have known it is dead, and voters have made that clear. >> that last speaker, senator josh hawley was the most vocal
3:21 pm
supporter of challenging the 2020 results, so it's a long ways from, it didn't happen or overthrow it, to it happened, it's bad, you're angry about it, because even ted cruz is acknowledging the truth of the loss. so, different public stance there. but will the rnc's review tack it will way voters publish these maga candidates who publish the lie or other extremism? we can't predict the future, but i'll show you some of the news tonight at the top rnc tab. trump aides like kellyanne conway, losing candidate blake masters and another trump endorsed candidate katie britt, who won. the panel features of conservative members like tony perkins, monica de la cruz, also trump endorsed but some might see them as able to have a broader conversation. but when you look at the critical mass of who is on the party's panel here, if the party is considering being less
3:22 pm
trumpy, the selections would already seem to limit that debate, unless kellyanne conway is going to suddenly heal thyself as the proverb goes. masters, though, is one of the trump losing aligned candidates. he's personally lived what many republicans actually discovered -- for all the bravado and talk about trump's control over the base, remember the facts we've showed you -- donald trump has never won more votes than an opponent. fewer votes than clinton and biden, and his impact down ballot hurt his party. hurt them in 2019, hurt them in 2020 when they had no control over any branch of government and he dragged down the ticket, and according to so many republicans it hurt them this month, which is why there's an autopsy in the first place. so, what will the autopsy find if it is factual? chai komanduri has the answers when we're back in just 60 seconds. t 60 seconds. is freaking hard.
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running for the rnc chairman against ronna mcdaniel. 100% i'm all in, steve. one of the big donors said to me, he said, mike, everybody wants you to be head of the rnc, some of them just don't know it yet. >> everybody wants the my pillow guy. i'm joined by a strategist, veteran of several democratic campaigns, including obama's, and friend of "the beat," che komanduri. welcome back. >> good to be back, ari. one of the facets of being alive, chai, is that the unthinkable, the impossible, the unbelievable, it actually happens. sometimes in positive ways, and you think, gosh, something amazing happened that you never would have thought could happen in your life, and sometimes in other ways. don't sleep on the my pillow guy. it's not impossible that he or
3:25 pm
others like him could gain more control over this republican party. with that in mind, what do you see in the results, the numbers we walked through, and this autopsy's challenge? >> i feel like i've seen this movie before. ari, a lot of times when i watch marvel movies in particular, not thor ragnarok, starring jeff goldblum, that's great. i saw the same exact movie in 2013. in 2013 after mitt romney lost the barack obama, there was a gop election autopsy that was -- that said the party's going to try to be more inclusive, try to be more diverse, it's going to try to reach out to hispanics to african americans, to gays. this was something the party said in their election autopsy needed to happen. they didn't do that. they went to opposite direction. they went in the white identity direction which by the way, has worked in the sense that they're winning white voters.
3:26 pm
in 2022, the gop won 60% of all white voters. that is an improvement over 2018. the problem is, they're losing everybody else. that's a problem. and i see no sign that the gop is interest in the fixing it. >> it's interesting you mention the data, which shows the hardening core of that party, which may be why i don't know what the autopsy is going to say, but what's the right number of days for a republican leader to wait and then partially condemn meeting with hate mongers, holocaust deniers and anti-semimites? is it five days? is it in the case of mitch mcconnell tonight seven days? because doing those bare minimum things when you talk about midterms voters compelled by extremism would be something a substantive autopsy should deal with, no? >> shouldn't take days to
3:27 pm
condemn the dinner, should take hours, not minutes when you find out about it. they were interested in going in a different non-maga direction, they would have done it immediately. they're not doing it. and the people they've put on this committee caused problems. blake masters? kellyanne conway? it would billion as if i was putting together a committee to address climate change and put oil executives on there. these are the people who created the problem to begin with. they're not going to be the people to solve it. i think the gop is dwighted as to which direction they want to go. do they want to two in the maga direction or maga lite with ron desantis? i suspect at the end of the day they'll try to go in a desantis direction where it's maga without the tweets, without the truth social, without all the circus, but with possible harsher policies and divisive rhetoric. >> you raise the data points. the raise that question, which i
3:28 pm
think the party is definitely -- is it maga lite, diet maga or a maga rebrand, where blackwater says so much negative they've changed the name, but the company, personnel, the policy rts same. that's something we can explore with or without marvel next time. good seeing you, chai. >> good seeing you. >> appreciate it. >> january 6th committee is actually still at work, because democrat have the subpoena power. the secret service agent who's at the heart of the bombshell testimony going under oath. have that story for you next. and later, actor jeff goldblum makes his debut. to hold us over until he joins us later tonight, here's a hebrew prayer he shared i managed to catch on my camera. [ speaking non-english ]
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to the capitol while the insurrection unfolded, that he lunged at security detail when he was resisted. white house aide cassidy hutchison talked about what she heard from this person who's now going under oath, arenado. that was in june. >> i looked at tony, he said, did you eff'ing here what happened in the beast? he proceed toed tell me, the president said something to the effect of, i'm the effing president. take me up to the capitol now. the president reached toward the front of the vehicle to grab at the steering wheel. mr. trump then used his free hand to lunge towards bobby engle and when mr. arenado recounted the story he motioned towards his clavicles. >> you may remember there was record of impugning that. now many arenado going into the committee can add his view, and we can all learn about it.
3:35 pm
if he says under oath something different, we'll report that. indeed, all of this is leading up to what will be a final report by the committee, which could come out, well, in december. it's got to come out before they finish and hand over the congress in january. we will be tracking that, reporting it for you, and i want to let you know i'm whiting a forward to the harper collins edition of the full report. you can preorder that. if you search melber jan 6th. it will be free online for those who want to read the government version free of charge. let me tell you what's coming up. i told you this is a special show. we are going to be joined by one of the most iconic, fun, and weird actors on the planet. jeff goldblum making his debut as part of our maverick series covering lots of ground, including life itself. >> life will not be contained.
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3:41 pm
musician, and something of a film icon. thanks for being here. >> i kid not, the gratitude is all on my side. big fan of yours, i've already told you. >> i'm going keep it real, say we have been talking ten minutes before we got this thing rolling. >> if we say hey, don't be shocked or alarmed. >> what i didn't mention is you've got a nice stubble. >> thank you. >> do i watch you -- should i watch for that? do you have this all the time? do you control it with a twice of some kind. >> >> you may. i'll answer it as long as you answer some of my questions. >> i'll tell you everything. i'm an open faced sandwich. >> i decided if i was going to go into a job where i had to be seen daily on tv if i was clean shaven i was going to have to be every day. so unlike other ones where it was required, i could decide it. i shave twice a week.
3:42 pm
>> you mean you worked other places to be clean shaven and msnbc is a hipster or relaxed place? >> i say we're half hippy half yip by and one third flip by. >> never forget flip by. >> when you inhabit other people and finish that role. >> so called, yeah. >> do you feel a desire to return for fully to some part of yourself. >> >> as per my teacher sanford misenor, if you're really interested -- and i'm a craft obsessive. i trained here right after high school. he's fantastic he was in the group theater. he was the real deal. and he would say, as per your question, that you really -- in contrast to the british approach where you don a mask of some
3:43 pm
kind, right, he would say, you're always you in some way. and yes, you can have an eye patch and you can have a limp and an accent and another way of thinking -- >> but even on stage you're always you. >> well, that's all you got. and more deeply, all of your opinions and feelings, even if you're supposed to play a democrat and you're a republican or vice versa, are made out of your own passions. >> you know what jay-z said -- >> this is why i'm so thrilled to be here. >> might be misenor. he said, you could change, but that's just the top layer. you know who you was when you got here. >> sandy misener couldn't say it better. now that your legs are crossed, just relax. my dad was a doctor. >> you did it. what are you showing us? >> totally unrelated.
3:44 pm
only i noticed your lovely legs crossed like that. it was available and i thought i'd hit it. >> let me read misenor to you. >> please. do you in the audience know what i'm holding? >> tell them. >> as we said, we talked before. i didn't ask you. i don't know how many of these you have. you offered it to me. i'll cherish it forever. it says "the beat" with ari melber, ari naftali melber. >> only news show with a lighter. >> only news show with a lighter? >> only news show with a lighter. >> put that on the brochure. >> to be an interesting human being you must be authentic and you must embrace who you are warts and all. do you have any idea how liberating it is not to care what people think about you?
3:45 pm
that's what we're here to do. >> sandy misenor said that? i never heard that approach. i guess that's my approach. it's not rocket science. acting is pretending and pretending good, and you don't have the stay with anybody, or you could. god actors are doing that. it's not rocket science. so, but yes, he is technologically and crafty and brilliant, and what he's saying there, i do believe is that yes, yes, you have to be a truth seeker. if you're a phoney, you're this the going to be a good actor. even though acting is lying and pretending and you're not who you say you are, you're pretending, but the best actors are truth seekers. >> i love that. so television, which is a field i entered. i didn't get trained in it. you're supposed to do transitions when you get to the next thing, but i'm feeling there will not really be possible transitions speaking with you, so i'm not going the try. i'm just going to show the clip.
3:46 pm
>> no transition of sorts. >> i'm not even going to try. we're going to look now at a longer montage of what some would call an ouvre. >> great. little tad on the androgynous side. >> i forgot my mantra. >> have you ever heard of insect politics? they're very brutal. no compassion. >> this book is awful. ideas are garbage. >> how can you say that about a man like kidnor? >> i'm not saying it about a man like him. i'm saying about about him. >> have are you a show fur? >> no, a journalist. >> life breaks free. life cannot be contained. life finds a way. >> elvis has left the building! >> thank you very much.
3:47 pm
oh. i love you. >> did you just throw my cat out the window? >> yeah. >> so, one thing that people see in common here, and you may see it differently, because it's your performances, but it's a lot of super natural, weird -- >> oh, yeah. >> fan as the fan tachl -- but you being relatable within the absolutely absurdest situation. insect politics and the way you were inhabiting the situation. >> david croninburg, yeah, yeah. >> what about that? >> well, yeah. interesting -- yeah, yeah, maybe that's something i have been able to contribute. i remember in -- well, i worked hard on -- i was lucky to work
3:48 pm
with croninburg. the wonderful gina davis was in that. i worked hard to make it real and credible, even though it's a crazy story about this guy that made this invention, tell pooration, gets mix upped with a fly. it's cooky, but he was brilliant, incredible, and brave. he has a single voice. that's a great movie. fun to be worthy of that. i worked hard. nothing if not consciousness. my case was to try to make it real in this situation. likewise with invasion of the body snatchers. philip kaufman is aman of rare intelligence and sensibility and he helped me do that. so yeah, i have been trying to do it. independence day, another alien invasion. dinosaurs on the loose. those are crazy situations, but you try to fill it up with reality somehow or try to make
3:49 pm
it look like you're making it up as you go along, if you have anything to say. but like that, just try to do a good job. >> and you're managing how a person would really feel in this situation that seems to many people like it would never happen. >> that's true. all good actors are trying to do that, but if you apply yourself to it, you don't do it till way later. i go dinosaurs, what would happen if you and i found yourself in proximity to that. you don't know how your thinking and feeling would transpire, would process. en why, you don't know. you could only imagine if a t-recommendation was like this. you don't know what you would do. but that's the challenge is to say, what would i actually be feeling? all good actors are trying do that but it's an interesting puz toll solve. >> i want to here about your jazz. >> this is real for you. some people may know about it.
3:50 pm
some may not. you have been doing it a long time. >> we have a few albums with decka and verve. we just released a single, a christmassy holiday single with me singing while the band plays holiday waltz. do you know that? >> i don't, but i thought, christmas, perfect if for you. >> thank you. well, yeah, thank you. i like christmas time. we celebrate kind of both. >> you do both. >> my parents -- who was i telling? i was telling somebody else today in pittsburgh, we didn't live in squirrel hill. we lived in west homestead, and my sister and i were the only jewish people in the school, and we liked to look at decorations. but we had a big -- parents did want us to feel left out, so we had a big tree. much decorated. lots of presents. >> you were aware of, oh, i'm the only jewish family in this place, but we're doing christmas too. >> we had train sets, but we
3:51 pm
kept them all in the basement. >> so explain. >> you take what you want from it. >> this is interesting. upstairs, downstairs. was the menorah on the main floor? >> not really for anybody to see. i think we might have lighted a menorah. they were not serious observant -- >> christmas stuff is in the basement. >> yes, sir. >> there is hanukkah stuff? >> yes. >> where is it? >> you know, in the kitchen. >> okay. >> in the kitchen. >> is it better to be in the kitchen or the basement? >> well, neither were displayed for public decoration. >> did this make you feel that your religious experience was somehow not to be shared? >> a very deep question. i would be interested in your experience. well, you know, i had many experiences that started to, you know, wise me up about this what i was or the religion -- >> jewish? >> yes, yes, about being jewish.
3:52 pm
>> interesting, i would say because i want to be judicious with your time. if this were our therapy session, i would say, let's come back to that next time. >> much to say about that, and i would love to talk to you especially about it. that's striking. >> the positive on the musical side is you're sharing something that's obviously important to so many people around the country. that would be a tv transition. that's how we do that. >> yes, yes, and this song, here are the lyrics. frosted window panes, candles gleaming inside. so far, secular and part of the spirit. santa's on his way. he's filled husband sleigh with things, things for you and me. it's that time of year when the world falls in love. every song you hear seems to say merry christmas may your new year dreams come true. this song of mine in three quarter time, it wishes you and yours the same thing too. that's the song. so that's not too relidgeioso,
3:53 pm
but it's quite, i love the jazz of it, i love the musicality of it. >> it's not jesus died for your sins. >> no, it's not. >> also a theme in christianity. >> as we know -- yes, yes, much to speak about. but all of that, yes, yes. how about that little drummer boy song? i feel that all peoples of this earth are made of stardust. that's not just hooey. that's for neil degrasse tayson and we're all very intimately similar and connected at our essence, and all of these what you call -- >> tax onmy. >> they're artificial and superfinancial. >> you would run for office if you wanted. lightning is going to be hard for you. you know why the lightning round is going to be hard for you? >> because i'm loquacious and verbose and i can't answer anything in a pithy moment. >> michael gold or the big chill?
3:54 pm
>> frisky. >> seth brundal in the fly? >> passionate. >> dr. ian malcolm. >> wise. wise and droll. >> david levenson. >> heroic. you can't go up against an almost suicidal, you know, with a suicidal mission to save the planet but you still do it. >> a director you haven't worked with that you would love to? >> p.t. anderson. the coen brothers. those two. >> an actor. >> who i haven't worked with. ooh. ooh, jennifer lawrence, cate blanchett. yeah, i was in a movie with cate blanchett, but we didn't have scenes together. >> success means. >> success means -- this is a good one. it doesn't mean what most people think it means. it means whatever you think it
3:55 pm
means. and better off you'll be if it's something having to do with your human -- with your humanity instead of your checkbook or your notoriety or anything like that. >> being a maverick means. >> being a maverick means -- it's your show. i don't know, you know. going your own way and following your own beat of your own drum, i suppose. and trying to, although i don't know if anybody can really break their arm patting themselves on the back for doing this because i don't know who can really jettison and the influence of the group and the norm and the convention. >> jeff goldblum. >> you're a great, great man. i will now watch everything you do with renewed and enhanced interest and appreciation. >> amazing. thank you. >> thank you. >> love having jeff goldblum here. as you can see, you can go to
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