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tv   Jose Diaz- Balart Reports  MSNBC  December 2, 2022 7:00am-8:00am PST

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good morning. i'm jose diaz-balart. a very busy friday morning. minutes from now, president biden will speak inside a
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critical bill that staves off a major rail strike that would have definite stated the economy after it passed through the senate. the congressman will join us to discuss that and more. and the president could address the job report, which shows the economy added 263,000 jobs in november. the chair of the white house council of economic advisers will join us on that. an appeals court ends the special master review of documents seized from former president trump's mar-a-lago estate. what this means for the investigation and whether the battle is really over. it's the last day of early voting in georgia with just four days left until the senate runoff there. senator warnock is hoping for a boost from a party star before election day. we begin with another sign the job market is still showing resilience. it seems to be doing well. the labor department says
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employers added 263,000 jobs in november. that's higher than the 200,000 economists predicted. the unemployment rate held steady at 3.7, but breaking it down by race, the hispanic unemployment rate fell .3. the black unemployment rate fell. president biden could address the jobs report when he speaks in a couple minutes on a bill to avoid a strike by freight railroad workers. with us now to take a closer look is business and data reporter brian chung. it's good to see you this morning. what do these numbers tell you? >> great to see you. what it tells me is the jobs market is churning at a high rate. things still look healthy when you mention the 263,000 jobs added in the month of november. that was well above what wall street economists expected. they were 200,000. but the unemployment rate staying steady near the 50-year
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lows is still good. if you look at the categories we saw the job gains, hospitality, so think bars and restaurants. also manufacturing kicked it up a notch adding 14,000. take a professional and business services they added 6,000. essentially flat over the month. but it's not substantial thuf to make the top line number fall down. 3.7% unemployment, that's a very healthy labor market. >> where was the weakest part of the employment increase? >> one concern when it comes to this overall market is not necessarily what we saw in this particular report. it's whether or not the picture will change in the future. you have those federal reserve chairman, who is raising interest rates warning that you could expect to see softer job gains in the future. but as of this november report, you're not really seeing that. you're seeing some categories like health care and also education which saw a sharp fall during and after the pandemic recover a lot of jobs in this
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report. pretty good. >> i keep thinking about the impact of inflation on jobs. we have started to see a number of layoffs in the tech industry, but it seems as though that could be somethi seeing in other industry as well. >> not this a scale that would impact the numbers the november numbers show that's really not happening on mass. what's interesting is the inflationary side is we get a glimpse in the form of wage growth. this report showed us that year over year wage gains were 5.1%. that's actually higher than the 4.7% we saw in the month of october. so you wonder as these employers are paying people hr, that's a good thing. do they pass along the costs to the customer. do they raise the pace prices on the menu to accommodate the wage gains. >> also if it's 5.5% increase, it's less than the percentage of innation. it's really affecting every aspect of the american economy. >> 5.1%. inflation is 7.7%. good that your wages are going
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up, but it's not going up an amount that's commensurate with how much prices are rising. they need to get that in balance. maybe that happens next year. we'll have to see. >> what are you looking at going forward entering the month of december. the black friday $9 billion on monday, $11.4 billion just if one day mostly online purchase ps what are you looking at now as we enter december in this really important month of the year. >> the retail sales numbers were interesting. on a dollar amount, it set records. you're seeing a.m. sonson saying they brok records. that's not surprising because everything is more expensive. so the amount of dollars that were spent is going to be a little bit higher because yo might be buying the same things. they just got more expense i have. the question is what people did this weekend. spending all that money is going to crowd out what mite they might have left in their budget. are people going to have to pair back more because they spent to put gifts under the tree this
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year. that's going to be an interesting narrative as we get to next year. >> it's good to see you in person. thank you so much. a big fan of yours. i appreciate your time. president biden is expected to sign a bill that would avert a potentially disastrous rail strike. it adopts an agreement the white house negotiated between labor leaders in september. the senate passed the measure last night, but another piece of legislation that would have guaranteed rail workers seven days of paid suck leave failed. joining us now with more is chief white house correspondent kristen welker. what more can you tell us? >> reporter: it's good to be with you. president biden is going to tout the fact, as you just said, that this legislation that the senate passed earlier this week in the house will avert that rail strike. think you can expect to see him really put the focus on what that's going to mean for the economy. that it will avert a potential disaster that he believed would
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have taken place right before christmas if this strike had moved forward. and so he he will talk about that, but i'm told he's also going to say that he will continue to fight for paid leave. it's worth noting that he's going to be meeting with with union leaders in boston a little later on today. broadly speaking, he will talk about the economy. these new economic figures, the fact that hiring is strong, he's going to try to make the case that overall inflation has been cooling, although you talked a about the nuances and complications around that. but i thus you're going to see a president really spike the football here, jose. >> kristin welker, thank you. with us now to continue our conversation is cecelia rous, i thank you so much for being with us on this friday. what's your read on the latest report? >> what the latest report tells us is that the the labor market remains strong. we learned that the labor
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department estimates the u.s. economy created 263,000 jobs. those job gains were relatively broad based. there were some losses such as retail. but relatively broad based and we saw that unemployment remain ed at 3.7%. so while we understand that inflation remains high, if we look at the totality of the data that we have had recently, we see an economy that is starting to cool. we see inflation that is starting to moderate. all while americans that want to get jobs are able to get them. we have a labor market that continues to be quite resilient, even as the federal reserve tries to address inflation. >> you just mentioned retail transportation and warehousing, what's going on there? what's your read on that? >> we have tried not to read too much into any one month, but we also understand that we see an economy that is transitioning from the tremendous growth that we had had last year to where we
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hope to see stronger, steadier growth. that will involve a transition. we don't read too much into any one month. the job gains have been quite robust, but this maybe part of the cooling that we're starting to see. even while we see the labor market fundamentally remains resilient. >> 45,000 in health care is a really interesting number to look at. it's been so impacted by so many things in our country and around the world. a huge increase in ft government jobs. 42,000. >> we know the president's economic policies have involved making critical investments in this economy in america. some of that is going to involve rebuilding and hiring workers to be building our bridges, building our roads. we also saw gains in public sector education, which we know is so very important for ensuring our children have the
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kind of education they need both to recover from the pandemic, but also to go forward. so this report reflects we're seeing the kinds of gains that we want to see. as we're building back from this pandemic, since the president took office, we have recovered more jobs than were lost when he first took office. so what this represents is an economy that's really powering back as we transition to where we want to be. >> so what are you looking at as far as the not strong points to be focused on and that you're working on? >> so let's face it. we saw that the labor force participation force participation rate ticked down. we'd like to see -- we know many workers pause of the pandemic lost their jobs initially and because of the pandemic have been reluctant to come back, have not been able to come back.
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we'd like to see more stronger labor supply. so that's why the president has had as a priority ensuring that there's child care so workers can balance family responsibilities. it's why he's pro immigration policy. and so that we can have more immigrants here who play a very important role this our economy as part of our labor supply as well. those are some of the areas we're looking at, but fundamentally what this reflects is an economy that powers through. >> and the president president is about to sign legislation averting a rail strike. the head of brotherhood of maintenance of employees division said in a statement, quote, it is shocking and apaling that any member of congress would cast a vote against any sort of provision that raises the standard of living for hard working americans. in fact, such a vote is nothing less than antiamerican, an abdication of their oath of office and you are deemed unworthy of holding office.
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how does the white house respond to that? >> the president is going to speak on this momentarily as he signs the legislation. but what we know is if there had been a rail strike, that would have been devastating to our economy. it would have cost up to $2 billion a day, countless jobs, that rail transportation is a critical component of our supply chain. at same time, the agreement that the president is codifying does reflect some gains for the union workers. the president is very pro union. it represents wage gains and so in addition to additional paid time off, we recognize that they did not get everything they want, but they are a critical part of our economy and the consequences of a strike would have been devastating to our economy at a time that we are recovering from the pandemic, as we make this tansition and vulnerability was just too big of a consequence to allow this to go through.
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>> i thank you so much for being with us. i proesht your time. >> my pleasure. coming up, we'll keep our eyes on the white house to bring you the president's remarks as soon as they begin. but coming up shs the latest setback for former president trump. your watching "jose diaz-balart reports." your watching "jose di reports. you need a better ne. 'tis the season to switch to verizon. they'll give you the new iphone 14 pro. (scrooge) amazing phone! (vo) this holiday season verizon gives you the new iphone 14 pro. plus an apple gift, like apple watch se, ipad and beats fit pro. all on us. that's a value of up to $1900. (scrooge) wow! (vo) and there are unlimited plans for everyone starting at just $35 a line. it's our best deal of the year. get the network you deserve and the savings you want. only on verizon. we all have a purpose in life - a “why.” no matter your purpose, at pnc private bank we will work with you every step of the way to help you achieve it. so let us focus on the how. just tell us - what's your why?
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we turn now to a major legal setback for former president trump. on thursday a federal appeals court ended a special masters
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review of the documents seizd by federal agents for mar-a-lago. the judgment's decision to appoint a special master was incorrect. joining us now with more is justice and intelligence correspondent ken dilanian. also with us is paul butler, professor at georgetown school of law. he's an msnbc legal analyst. so ken, good morning. what does it mean donald trump? >> this appeals court ruling was a total repudiation of donald trump's legal arguments about the mar-a-lago search and an embarrassing reversal for the judge of florida. it's worth noting that two of the three judges who endorsed this opinion were appointed by donald trump. and they absolutely took apart the judge's reasoning for imposing a special master in this case to review the documents the fbi had seized from trump's compound saying that it undermined decades of legal precedent. these judges from the 11th
7:18 am
circuit found there was nothing imp proper about the search of mar-a-lago and the courts had no right to prevent the justice department from using all the documents in its criminal investigation. they concluded by saying we cannot write a rule that allows any subject of a search warrant to block government investigations after the execution of the warrant, north can we write a rule to allow only form presidents to do so. either approach would be a radical reordering of our case law limiting the federal court's involvement in criminal investigation. >> what happens to the special master and where does that go from here? >> this appeals court ruling is set to take effect next thursday. trump can appeal it to the supreme court. he doesn't have a very good track record there. if the high court doesn't grant a stay, the special master would simply go away. the judge would be forced to dismiss trump's lawsuit. that would mean the justice department would immediately get full access to all the documents it seized from mar-a-lago, not just the classified ones it has.
7:19 am
the doj said in court records that this will help speed along the criminal investigation, which as you know is being overseen by special counsel jack smith. and the attorney general reiterated he does not expect that his appointment of the special counsel will slow down this investigation. >> and so if donald trump decides to appeal this to the supreme court, how do you see that playing out? >> the court ruling is a big win for federal prosecutors, but let's be clear, trump with the help of the judge successfully uses litigation to delay the criminal investigation for three months. so if you'dly to appeal to the supreme court for further delay, absolutely. that's his classic strategy. but federal courts are now signaling they are on to this game. so they are deciding these cases quickly and resoundingly in favor of the rule of law, including conservative justices, inen colluding justices that
7:20 am
trump himself has appointed. >> as ken was saying, the panel's opinion, and you want to reread that part. we cannot write a rule that awe lows any subject of a search warrant to block government investigations after the execution of the warrant. i'm just wondering, is this unusual that we're treading on this kind of language and these kinds of issues? >> totally. no ordinary citizen would get a special master in a case like this. the judge specifically said she was giving trump extra protection because he's a former president. the appeals court strongly pushed back against that court. we don't have ones that are ruled for former presidents and another set of rules for everybody else. the judge limited how prosecutors could use the evidence that the fbi found at mar-a-lago. the appeals court read the judge on that too saying she has no business telling the justice
7:21 am
department how to run its investigations. >> so of all of trump's legal problems that are ongoing, which case do you think he should be most concerned about? >> i knew you were going to ask me that. it's easier for prosecutors because there's precedent in these national security cases. january 6th is really unprecedented. the case against trump was strengthened by the verdict in the seditious conspiracy trial. trump wasn't a defendant, but those jurors rejected defenses that each tried out like this notion that january 6th was just a political rally that got a little rowdy. and in con flicking those conspiracy, those jurors also emphasized that the problem and the crime of january 6th wasn't only the blood and violence, but it was also the entry to democracy. so jurors are rejecting trump's
7:22 am
big loi. >> paul butler and ken dilanian, i thank you for being with us. appreciate your time. meanwhile, overnight, twitter suspended the account of kanye west, the move comes after ye posted the image of a swastika on his account shortly after making anteset mettic comments and praising hitler. >> it was a slate of recent anti-semitic comments and west doubling down, going further with the incendiary language, drawing widespread backlash and now this new suspension from twitter and a a warning that some of this language maybe upsetting. take a look. this morning the rapper ye formerly known as kanye west at the center of a fire storm again. now banned from twitter after more anti-semitic comments and posts. his account suspended after he
7:23 am
posted now deleted image of a swastika inside a star of david. elon musk confirming the suspension while replying to another user, i tried my best. despite that, he violated our rule against inciteful to violence, an account will be suspend. his twuter account has been restricted over anti-semitic comments, but he returned in november. musk has said that the account was restored before he took ownership. earlier yesterday during a lengthy interview with alex jones on his show dressed in a full mask, west spread more conspiracy theories and praised nazis. also saying this. >> i see good things about hitler also. >> reporter: west interjected. jewish leaders warned of heightened fears of hate recently. west has been one of the most famous voices sharing anti-semitic comments over the past few months causing him to
7:24 am
lose millions of dollars in lucrative partnerships. now appearing on the program with nick fuentes, both dined with president trump just before thanksgiving. trump said he did not know who nick was and that west expressed no anti-semitism at the dinner. >> remember that this latest ban comes just hours after it was announced that west would no longer be buying that alternative social media platform parlor. the company says the termination of that deal was mutual. obviously, much more to come from this. >> steve patterson, thank you so much. president biden's got big change proposals heading into 2024. how that's playing out among some democrats. and listen to this. daily border crossings are nearing record highs once again. how the end of title 42 this month could impact that. we'll be speaking with congressman jesus garcia next
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before attending a fundraiser. this comes a day after he toasted french president mcron in the first state dinner of his presidency. he also made big news on the domestic front. two party officials tell nbc news he wants south carolina, which you'll remember put him on a path to victory to be the first state it hold its democratic primary in 2024. south carolina would be followed by new hampshire and nevada on the day that georgia and michigan. nbc news white house correspondent mike memoli joins us from boston this morning. why is the president pushing for south carolina? >> reporter: if you're wondering had what the president's thinking is here as the democratic national committee is set to begin considering this new proposal, i think you only need to look back a couple years ago into what happened when i was with joe biden in new hampshire on the day of the primary. president biden had just lost, finished fourth in iowa.
7:30 am
he was going to finish fifth that day in new hampshire. where did he go? he flout before the polls closed in new hampshire to south carolina to make the argument that the true contest in the democratic primary would not be resolved until voters of color really had their say. this is really what's motivating the president here. in a letter he sent to dnc members, he says that the party really should, and the biggest voice in the party should reflect the party. this is why you have some changesing in the order. south carolina moving from fourth to first in the order here. then some new players. you have michigan joining the ranks, georgia joining the ranks of the early states and new hampshire and nevada going on the same day a week after south carolina. so this is a move that is already really prompting a the lot of outcry, especially not far from where i am now in new hampshire. the state law of new hampshire requires the secretary of state to schedule that primary seven days before any similar election. so you already have state officials and democratic officials in the first in the
7:31 am
nation primary states saying they intend to say first in the nation. one orr consideration, if president biden does seek reelection, this is a moot point, we heard the republican committee with the lead off iowa caucuses followed by nevada. if it's different from the republican calendar and how officials in the parties adjust to it. a lot more is still to come. >> when will the democratic pa party decide the calendar one way or another? >> so this proposal that was endorsed by the president is going for the rules and by laws committee. they are sklk scheduled to meet to begin that process. that discussion among the members of that committee will be heated. i know we're going to hear from some of those early states, especially iowa, who is completely left out of the puzzle here making an argument why they should be considered. it requires a vote and ratification by the full
7:32 am
committee. >> mike memoli, thank you so much. with us now to talk about this is illinois congressman jesus garcia. it's a pleasure to see you. >> good morning. glad to join you this morning. >> congressman, what do you make of the proposal to make south carolina the first primary in 2024? >> i think south carolina provides the type of diversity in the country we need for americans to begin the voting process and taking their shot. >> so you support something like this? >> i do. i hope the democratic national convention would come to shug in 2024. >> throw that pitch out there. let me ask about what's going on at the border. sources familiar with customs and border protection data tell nbc news that despite the biden administration using title 42 to turn away people at the porder,
7:33 am
the overall daily total number of crossings and migrants has stayed near record highs. 8,000 people every day. that number could increase by another 2500 a day if title 42 ends up being lifted later this mop pz so this somes as people with the discussions tell the "new york times" they are consideration new limits on a number of migrants who could apply for asylum in the u.s. expanding on restrictions put into place in the trump administration. i'm wondering. these are all trump policies. what is the biden administration's immigration policy. >> i applauded president biden ask his move to end title 42. they will deny due process that are guaranteed.
7:34 am
to make sure there isn't an expansion of detention and massive deportation of people who will then be sent to mexico and be living pretty much at the cartels and dangerous situations at the border. there are ways to do this better and we also have to get at the root of why people are fleeing these dire conditions be it in venezuela, haiti or central america or mexico. we need to protect the asylum system. just as we welcome ukrainian refugees who came here and we suspended title 42. similarly, we should do everything possible to protect the rights and tone sure that people are seeking asylum have the due process to do so and are heard by immigration judges. >> i'm wondering from now to january, do you think there's any possibility, something is very popular across the board in
7:35 am
the united states is daca. do you think there's something that could be done to provide legal status to the hundreds of thousands of daca recipient who is are in danger of losing their protections? >> absolutely. we're running out of time, but there's still sufficient time for the senate to act on legislation that we sent them. they could easily take action on the dream and promise act, legalizing farm workers, people with protective status. these are people that the american people regardless of party asill philuation strongly support a pathway to legalization and citizenship. there are very few days left. all we need is ten reasonable, rational republican senators to say it's time to act on this. this is important because we know with the new congress and a republican majority in the house, the prospect for my immigration reform are nil. that's why it's so important that we act today. we need to show that we can take action. we need bipartisan agreement. it's within reach. i'm hoping that this will be part of what we accomplish in the lame duck session as the
7:36 am
days tick off. >> congressman, it's a pleasure to see you thank you for being with us this morning. >> thank you. new remarks from former president bush on ukraine. why he says the world must stand with zelenskyy. and as unrest continues to unfold in iran, another battle online. we'll explain, next. you're watching "jose diaz-balart reports." t reports. ! how can you see me squinting? i can't! i'm just telling everyone! hey! use your vision benefits before they expire. visionworks. see the difference. 'twas a wintry day, and at ihop quite soon hot cinnamon apples would be coaxed with a spoon on the fluffiest french toast with red currants on top we wish you a happy holiday, only at ihop. new gingersnap apple french toast, part of our new holiday menu. try all three flavors.
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7:41 am
alongside the french president said he was prepared to talk with putin only if putin was looking for a way to end the war. macron appeared on cbs in a previous clip discussing whether putin should be charged with war crimes. >> what we have to do now is, number one, to gather all the evidences of the war crimes. this is what we did, both the u.s. and france and some of our allies from the very beginning of this conflict. pit bisending experts, to gather all the evidence and to have a clear and certain atricks, you have to identify this attack came from this missile and this missile is for sure coming from the russian side. and we have to launch a all the initiatives to have such
7:42 am
resolve. so my answer is yes. >> turning now to iran, it's been nearly three months sibs a young woman died in a want hospital after being taken into custody of iran's morality police. protesters continue to risk everything taking to the streets demanding change and freedom from the islamic republican, but with the iranian government limiting internet access, another battle is being waged on line. they are helping to spread the word of protesters. we spoke with act vitzs leading these efforts. >> they are inspiring us and we are inspiring them. it's just not stopping. >> it means don't be afraid, don't be afraid, we are all together now. i will not rest until you're free. we will not rest until you're free. >> joining us now is activist. it's good to see you. thank you for being with us.
7:43 am
we're seeing the strength of these women talking about the solidarity and the need to keep these voices alive. you have been key in doing that. how vital is it? >> it's very important to know that iranian regime will survive if they see that the world will forget about what's going on in iran. right now that i'm talking to you, the family members of those who got killed, they are using social media and calling for action to go on a hunger streak. these are the family members that they are daughters and sons got killed in it iran. but they want to be heard. they want the countries to hear them. the only way is to take to the street, rusk their lives as you heard them saying. they are calling each other and saying don't be afraid. don't be afraid.
7:44 am
we are together. and we want the world to be with us as well. >> we just saw the iranian team in the world cup. they are back home after they didn't sing during the anthem. many observers saw that as a show of solidarity with the protesters in iran. do they face any different reality going back to iran now? >> look, i have to say that it was an act of showing their solidarity, but it was too little too late because these football players, they were in a meeting with the butcher of tehran. they shook hands with him. many believed because they were under pressure, but they can choose because a lot of young generations in iran, teenagers, they are getting killed, but they are not bowing to the
7:45 am
murders. so they could show that more solidarity right now that one of the well known football player. best football player, but he choose to stand in the right side of the history to support iranian people, to speak up against the killings. these football players when they were playing, the same day teenagers were getting killed. >> why is it that -- i see history and why is it that it is so difficult for people to be able to speak in a regime and you can see throughout history similarities to it. the fact that we're talking about a regime where there's a morality police. but why is it so difficult for people to have an affection wait change? >> to be honest, iran, a lot of people believe that is ready. it's ready to have a secular
7:46 am
country. what is the problem here, sometimes the regime knows how. they know the best. how to use different tools to press people and silence them. one of them is a sport. the other one is cinema. people were being told to cover yourself. but at the same time, they were like, you have amazing actors. >> music and culture. so people were exactly. or we're saying that you are talking to a woman. i'm not allowed to go to stadium. but your football team, they are amazing. it's unbelievable. this is a regime. so the football team is not a national team. and the iranian regime took it away from us. we don't have a national team. this is a team that represents gender apartheid. represent dictatorship. is it difficult to understand
7:47 am
the world cup, you tell me what is that? it's helping by sending drones to kill innocent ukrainians. you see that all of the dictators are united, but the countries, they are not as united as tick ta etters it was a very courageous statement. but we need concrete actions. >> it's a pleasure to see you. thank you for being with us this morning. >> thank you for hosting me. before president obama hits the campaign trail in the final stretch of the georgia runoff, one-on-one with the state's governor brian kemp is coming up next. you're watching "jose diaz-balart reports." watch ing diaz-balart reports. remember this?
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it goes on clear. no mess. just soothing comfort. try vicks vapostick. 50 past the hour. today marks the final day of early voting in the critical georgia senate runoff, now just four days away. and brand-new numbers shows raphael warnock ahead of herschel walker by four points. we should note the margin of error on this poll is about four percentage points. former president obama talked to georgians on thursday. >> it's good to know that folks would prefer normal to "looney tunes." that's a good thing. i'm here to tell you that we can't tune out, we can't be
7:52 am
complacent. we have to run through the tape. >> and joining us now with more is vaughn hillyard in georgia. vaughn, good morning. you spent time with georgia republican governor brian kemp. what did you learn? >> reporter: this is an all-out turnout battle for these two candidates. i sat down with brian kemp because he's making a late play here to help boost the candidacy of herschel walker, somebody he did not campaign with during the general election. but brian kemp beat stacey abrams by eight percentage points and that's where you see the difference between him and herschel walker. and i asked him, though, why he ultimately decided to campaign with him now and why he cut a television ad and he told me he would like to have a republican partner on capitol hill on behalf of the state of georgia. i asked him as a follow-up the new report that came out
7:53 am
yesterday who outlined a serious allegation by a former partner of five years to herschel walker in which she alleges in which she was violently attacked but other episodes in which he threatened her repeatedly according to this woman to spoke on the record. i asked him about this new allegation. take a listen to his response. >> i'm not an avid reader of the "daily beast." i would always take these accusations very seriously. but voters have to ask themselves why is this coming out four days before a runoff election? and that's the decision that voters are going to have to decide. >> this is just the latest allegation against herschel walker. of course his ex-wife as well as his son have detailed what they say were threats made against them. herschel walker's own family. and of course there were the multiple women who have come forward who said herschel walker paid them to have abortions.
7:54 am
this is a campaign, though, as you heard from the governor, we're just four days away. today is the last day of early voting and here in cobb county just outside of metropolitan atlanta, there's about 60 folks waiting on the other side of the glass windows here, waiting in line to vote because the polls won't open back up until tuesday, the runoff day itself. it was just 38,000 votes that separated these two men earlier in november in the general election which led to this runoff. for both candidates, this is a last-minute sprint to get their folks out to the polls. >> and, i want to -- and i'm with you, i want to ask -- let's get a live shot of the white house real quick. i want to see -- we're expecting the president -- there he is. right on queue. >> let me begin by thanking my team. they did a good job in averting
7:55 am
a real disaster and ended up with a good product. we still have more work to do in my view in terms of ultimately getting paid sick leave, not just for rail workers, but for every worker in america. that is a goal i had in the beginning and i'm coming back at it. so good morning. the bill i'm about to sign ends a difficult rail dispute and helps our nation avoid what would have been an economic catastrophe at a very bad time on the calendar. our nation's rail system is literally the backbone of our supply chain as you know and so much of what we rely on is delivered on a rail. from clean water to food and gas and every -- every other good, rail shutdown would have devastated our economy. without freight rail many of the u.s. industries would literally shut down. in the event of a shutdown, my economic adviser's report that as many as 765,000 americans, many of them union members
7:56 am
themselves, would have been put out of work for the first time and -- excuse me, within the first two weeks of the strike alone. communities would have lost access to chemicals necessary to ensure clean drinking water, farms and ranches across the country would have been unable to need their livestock. and thanks to the bill that congress passed, we spared the country of that catastrophe. we assured workers are going to get a 24% wage increase over the next five years, improve working conditions and peace of mind around their health care. and, look, i know this bill doesn't have paid sick leave. these rail workers and frankly every worker in america deserves. but that fight isn't over. i didn't commit we were going to stop this because we couldn't get it in this bill that we were going to stop fighting for it. i supported paid sick leave for a long time. i'm going to continue that fight until we succeed. i want to thank congress, democrats and republicans for
7:57 am
acting so quickly. i know this is a tough vote for members of both parties. it was tough for me. but it was the right thing to do at the moment. to save jobs, to protect millions of working families from harm and disruption and to keep supply chains stable around the holidays and to continue the progress we made and continue to see on the economy. for months you couldn't look anywhere without seeing headlines screaming gas prices at the pump are up, but gas prices are down. and you barely hear anything about it right now. it's continuing to go down. there's a lot more that's going to happen. if they're down more than $1.50 a gallon since the summer and they continue to fall and our economy continues to grow. the economic report, the gdp is up, even more than it was previously thought. we continue to create jobs, lots of jobs. and today, we've learned that the economy added 263,000 jobs in november.
7:58 am
we've now created 10.5 million jobs since i took office. more than any administration in history at this point in the presidency. and 750,000 of them are domestic manufacturing jobs made in america. unemployment rate remains near an all-time 50-year low. 3.7%. and wages for working families, i want to say this again, wages for working families, in fact, over the last couple months have gone up, up. these wage increases are larger than the increase in inflation during that same period of time. and so we're in a position now where things are moving, they're moving in the right direction. as we go into the holiday season, here's what this all means. the americans are working, the economy is growing, wages are rising faster than inflation, and we've avoided a catastrophic rail strike. it means our plan to build the economy from the bottom up and the middle out, it's working.
7:59 am
the wealthy are still doing very well while the middle class and the poor have a shot. i want to thank congress once again for being partners today, for averting this disaster and keeping our economy on a stable footing during the holiday condition. i want to thank you all and i'm sign this bill and make it official. this is the house joint resolution 100. by the way, i really can't emphasize enough how much i appreciate the team behind me working with business and labor to get this done and avoid this -- what otherwise a really good bill lacking only one thing. we're going to get that one thing done before it's all over. thank you, thank you, thank you.
8:00 am
appreciate it. >> why didn't you go to georgia to help senator raphael warnock? >> i'm going to help senator warnock, i'm doing a major fund raiser in boston today for the -- our next and continued senate candidate, senator. thank you. >> refill the strategic reserves? >> as soon as i can convince the republicans to see the light. >> thank you very much, everyone. >> everybody, lindsey reiser here from msnbc world headquarters in new york. we've been listening to the president talk about the new jobs report just released today and talking about that new deal to avoid a rail strike that the president just put pen to. we're going to begin with the breaking news, those higher than expected november jobs numbers. starting us off, brian


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