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tv   Hallie Jackson Reports  MSNBC  December 2, 2022 12:00pm-1:00pm PST

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the january 6th select committee may be on the verge of some big decisions this afternoon. weighing the idea of making criminal referrals for reluctant witnesses, lawmakers perhaps even the former president, and what else our team is finding out about the closed door discussion and what could be one of the january 6th committee's last meetings. also this hour, president biden kinds of hitting the georgia campaign trail in boston, you can see him there getting off of air force one. what he is doing this hour from afar, which is four days to go before the senate runoff. and the latest on his quick hello with the prince set to happen any minute, we'll let you know. but some new reporting from nbc news, looking at new data on twitter under elon musk and what it is looking like. it is getting uglier, and elon
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musk denied there was more hate. we will be joined in a bit for that. and a big development from year seas, one of the stars of team usa making the call whether he will take the field in the make or break match against the netherlands. we'll talk about what it means for america's chances later on in the show. happy friday. i'm hallie jackson in washington. with me is rine nobles, correspondent, and lukebroad water. the interviews are done and the report is mostly written. and the committee members are meeting today, i believe probably not in person, probably virtually. it just wrapped up. what do we mow? >> it was a long meeting. we know we met, starting as early as 8:00 this morning. they broke during the voting series that took place here earlier in the day in washington. and then were meeting into the afternoon. what we don't know right now, how much resolution really occurred for the many things that they have to check off their to do list, and have a conversation about what their final report is going to look
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like, what's going to be in it, and what's going to be out of it. they have to talk about how they're going to present that final report in a public setting, they have to have a meeting to do, so but do they also present the information in a kind of easily digestible way, in a public manner, with a public event, to take a look at. and then they also have to deal with this issue of criminal referrals and these outstanding subpoenas that have still yet to have been dealt with, and a number of subpoenas for a wide range of members of congress that just outright denied them and didn't pay attention to them at all. dy catch up with pete aguilar, a member of the committee, every member of the committee we tried to talk to today just did not want to talk about these behind the closed door meetings. >> shocking to be sure. >> and that is what he told me. he says the committee meets all the time. we have always continued to meet. we huddle. we have a text thread. we were always in communication with each other. these are decisions that need to be made and we'll make them when it is appropriate and we'll let everybody know when it's appropriate. so in other words, he's telling me back off, ryan.
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well, we'll get you this information one way or the other. >> luke, other than both you and ryan working to get yourself on that group chat i am sure, talk to the committee online, based on your reporting on the idea of the lawmakers referrals for their colleagues in congress, perhaps even the former president, given how unprecedented this is request. >> yes, i'm told that the referral decision wasn't made today, and thalg' consider it again, consider the idea of referrals again next week. as you know, there has been this sub groon of the committee, the lawyers who have been really digging into the referrals, and they really want if they're going to go ahead with the referral, they want to make sure it is air tight, that it's not some creative legal theory, that it is not something that could be dismissed or seen as partisan, that it is only going to be a just the facts, ma'am, presentation, and it will be the specific charge with the specific person, with the facts below it. >> right. >> so my understanding of this meeting, and i've been getting a
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lot of evasive answers as well, was that they did not make a decision. >> okay. luke broadwater. ryan nobles, thank you very much. a friendlier boston tea party if you will happening as we speak. i think this is live, i will have my control room firm. it is indeed. prince william, president biden at the jfk library in boston as we speak. the president is there to do some, from afar fundraising for the georgia senate runoff race. a quick hello to prince william in town for the earthshot, people and organizations working to fight climate change. what has been so interesting here, this meeting, and we're going to bring in mike memoli in a second who knows about the machinations behind the scenes and it was put together when it was announced that prince william and prince katherine who are here from the u.k., and the trip has been largely
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overshadowed by a racist scandal. >> we'll walk this way. >> we're going to play that back and see what they said. the photographers of course traveling, with the president in boston right now. >> hey, mem, i think you're with us. talk us lieu what we're seeing. >> obviously, this is highly choreographed moment, hallie as is often the case, as i have been talking with representatives from both buckingham palace, coordinating this visit, as well as the white house, this is an encounter, once as it was put to me, diaries aligned here for these two men, that both sides were eager to make happen and prince william in his highly
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scrutinized prince of wales, earthshot prize, tackling climate change and with president biden on political business, about to attend a fundraiser for the democratic senate campaign committee, as well as doing some phone banking, making some calls into georgia, even if the president himself is not traveling to georgia, to help senator raphael warnock. this is an encounter i'm told that president biden was very keen to have himself. we know he obviously travelled to the u.k. a few months ago to attend the funeral for queen elizabeth ii. he also has met and greeted with king charles iii now, and as well as last summer he spent some time with prince william before of course he had succeeded to become the heir to the throne. and it was really interesting as well, as prince william has been in boston here for now, several days, before president biden here arrived at the jfk library, he was given a tour of the library by caroline kennedy, of course, the daughter of the late former president, as well as her two children, and in a poignant moment that really underscores
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the special relationship and how it has transcended generations, as they were looking through some of these items caroline kennedy shows to prince william, a photo that his grandmother sent to his grandfather in 1961. so sort of an intersection of the personal and the political and the geopolitical here, in boston as these two leaders meet. >> intersection of a lot of those things, mem, in addition as you noted here, the political piece of it, too, with the president looking to raise some money here for raphael warnock, keeping his distance quite literally as vaughn hillyard well knows on the ground in georgia. vaughn, how important is it for raphael warnock's campaign that president biden puts his fundraiser muscle behind him and supporting him and perhaps doesn't show up in person here as we're seeing. >> it was a former president, barack obama here, and the current one is yet to make a trip here to the state of georgia, and when you're talking
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about fundraising, you know, i think that any political -- >> we have lost vaughn. can anybody else hear him? i sure can't. mem, let me go back to you here, because vaughn was making a point before his audio cut out that president obama was overnight in georgia, bringing some democratic star power even as herschel walker has been facing over the last 24 hours, on the record, basically violence, domestic a abuse, and walker's campaign, nbc news has reached out et cetera, and we're looking at this footage here and president biden invested in how the shat shakes out. we'll know after tuesday. will it be a 50-50 split? it matters for vice president kamala harris as well. and mem, talk me through a little bit the strategy of the
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folks you're talking to the at the white house and i can hear some cheering behind you. >> the mood of what it is like on the ground there in boston. >> it is interesting, because of course, as the president has arrived here at the jfk library and later will be visiting a union hall to make some phone calls into georgia, there is a presence here, a demonstration from some who are very unhappy with what the president signed into law, that legislation to avert a rail strike by imposing the terms of a compromise that was reached two months ago, on some of those unions which had voted not to ratify the agreement. so they've making their presence known here in boston. but to your point.about the strategy in georgia. it is a repeat of that strategy we saw so much in the midterms, work it was the former president, barack obama, who was in demand, heading to all of the marquee senate races to help the down-ballot candidates with president biden playing more of a step-back roll except in pennsylvania where he spent a ton of time campaigning for john
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fetterman. what the white house, what they're saying repeatedly is they're doing whatever raphael warnock wants them to do in the stretch run here to help and obviously it doesn't appear in person but the president helping out nonetheless, helping with the money, with a $7 million get out the vote effort as well as making some calls, senator warren is joining him here for that. and it is an important point, hallie, you talk about the difference of 50 votes versus 51 votes. i think some of the light, the heat, that might have been surrounding this runoff, if it was to decide control of the senate, now it is less so, and democrats are keen, of course, if they can get this 51st vote, to have it, because the margins are so critical heading into another election in 2024, and a lot of democrats will be in even tougher seats on the ballot in 2024, so that makes the role of not just the joe manchin or a kyrsten sinema, all the more concerning, as they try to do whatever they can to pass an agenda even if the house is in republican hands.
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>> i see vaughn is back with us, i hope with a functioning microphone. vaughn, you understand and people you are talking to in georgia understand what mike laid out very well. >> right, and another benefit of having an extra senate seat is the fact that it will not be an even split on the committees up on capitol hill in the senate, but instead, that the democrats, if they win this seat, they would have a plus one member on every single committee in the u.s. senate. and that's where the democrats, when you see the sort of turnout, the early voter turnout that we are seeing play out right now, it is significant, and it's encouraging for the democrats, because there's the reality that we have seen historically, as well as in this midterm, that the republican voters turn out in greater share when it comes to tuesday election day and that is the kind of turnout at the cobb county voting since sunrise, and it is the last early day of voting in the state of georgia before the candidates go out n-their all out weekend blitz
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before voters can show back up at their polling locations on tuesday. you guys were talking about the money game here. if you go and look at the numbers, which i believe we have a breakdown of, the democrats have actually heavily outspent republicans here by a greater than two to one margin. and pro-warnock forces compared to pro-herschel walker efforts here. and that is why when i was talking to a top gop official here, on the phone, he was telling me it is frustrating when you turn on the tv and you see anti-herschel walker ad after anti-herschel walker ad, it is a tough game to play, especially when you see the likes of barack obama coming out and really making the argument to democratic voters that is worth coming out to vote one more time. and when you're talk together voters here, folks are just as engaged in this democratic process as the general election. >> vaughn hillyard, thank you
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very much. and with prince william and president biden, we could barely hear them talking with the wind, other than the weather. is it very cold there? >> very cold. i can confirm. >> another hot scoop on msnbc. >> thank you, mem. chilly in boston. the dnc as we speak is meeting and looking ready to shake up the presidential primary calendar. we'll take you inside the room with more on how that has gone down and which state is probably going to end up voting first in 2024. asterisk, for now. the new nbc news reporting on q-anon and other far right groups making a comeback on twitter now that elon musk owns the program. and paul whelan's family, and what they're saying about him and the push to get brittney griner home. coming up in 60 seconds. stay with us. we're back in a minute. 60 seco. stay with us we're back in a minute with easy-order platters and lunchboxes perfect for any party. pool parties... tailgates...
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we are learning more today about how paul whelan is, and importantly, where he is, after more than a week of silence, paul whelan of course is wrongly detained, an american, in russia wrongfully and he has made contact with his family finally. according to the state department and his brother david who talked more about that call with my colleague andrea mitchell today. watch. >> it was a great moment for my mom. she was really thrilled to hear from paul, and to make sure that we all knew that he was wealthy and had been moved to the hospital for reasons he didn't know, and typical kremlin fashion, the reciprocity of the cruelty is there as well. so paul whelan will not be coming home for christmas, brittney griner will not be coming home for christmas. >> joining me is aforementioned andrea mitchell. this is a very important story and you have been over it since the beginning. paul whelan's family had been increasingly concerned that they haven't heard from him and finally have today. tell us more about the
12:17 pm
conversation with paul whelan and the prisoner swap and getting him out. >> he missed thanksgiving and they usually call on thursdays and he missed calling his dad often his birthday. and they heard from me, when senator blinken made the point to me when we had the meeting in romania, the nato meeting and they hadn't heard from them, and the embassy didn't know where he was, and some speculation he was in a hospital, and it turns out he was in a hospital and he told his mom and dad that he was well, and he was not complaining about his position. now, david acknowledges that they're very careful what they say on the calls because there could be some retaliation, some punishment and he is back in the hospital, in the prison labor camp. he has been there for four years, hallie and this does not foretell very much hope for brittney griner who has been there for nine months now, last february, eight or nine months, and still no hope of getting
12:18 pm
out. no talks. and the person that people have delegated to be in charge of the negotiations has for some reason not wanted to be more forth coming with the u.s. negotiators. and so they're still waiting. the arms dealer that putin knows and wants back, the deal is on the table, but the russians want one other person and we don't know who that is and we know that things, they had hoped after the midterms, would be some gesture because vladimir putin would no longer be thinking we give some sort of a political win to joe biden but he doesn't think that brittney griner or his brother will be out for christmas. >> thank you andrea mitchell. appreciate it. we want to bring you now to another nbc news exclusive interview with our team, sitting down with the family of 33-year-old rajan david who was
12:19 pm
shot and killed on the front porch of his house. police releasing recordings of the incident from last month and we want to warn you the image is disturbing. body cam footage, while he was looking for an intruder at his house, an officer coming on the scene shouting at him to drop his weapon and a second later started to shoot. the whole thing was captured on a home video camera, that is the angle you're seeing here. and i think his brother calls this footage, and i'm quoting here, an edited version that intentionally removes the interaction that raj had with his neighbor one minute beforehand where he told him there was someone in my house and yelled into his home, i'm calling police, get out of my house. that officer is on administrate ev leave while the department reviews the shooting. i want to bring in nbc's gabe guiterrez, sitting down with the family for an interview. talk us through this. and what you heard from the family and where this investigation goes, and then sort of the extraordinary nature of some of the footage that
12:20 pm
we're seeing. >> hi there, hallie. yes, this family says this is a case in their have you view of a police officer shooting first and then asking questions later. and as you mentioned, this all happened last month, mid november, where raj, who by the way is a tech entrepreneur, he co-founded a restaurant consulting business in austinen and his family said he had been concerned about recent crime in the area, he returned from a trip, he had a gun, went outside his home, and thought there was an intruder inside. he fired two warning shots. according to the video, but just within those next few seconds, police officers came upon the scene, and one of them yells out, drop your gun, but just as he is finishing saying that, the police officer opens fire, shooting and killing him. and his family says that the officer just acted much too quickly. here's what his mother told me. >> yesterday was a hard day for me. because i heard how he died, and
12:21 pm
i just, i just wanted to hold him. i wanted to hold him and say i love you. thank you for this amazing gift that i had. an amazing gift. to all of us. i'm just sad i wasn't there. because that should have never happened to him. >> shortly before the shooting, hallie, there had been another person, a private security guard we're told that was just down the street who had called 911 and alerted police that there was a man with a firearm outside the house, potentially looking for an intruder, but he just saw, and what happened next, it is just devastating to his family. we have also heard from the attorneys of the officer today, they say that he acted within his training, in order to protect lives, and the austin
12:22 pm
police department has placed him on administrative leave, and saying the investigation is ongoing. >> thank you. we will look for more updates, for a full report, on "nbc nightly news," with lester holt, that's at 6:30 eastern, wherever you watch your local nbc station. coming up, some more nbc news exclusive reporting, triggering new calls today for an investigation, after four navy sailors at the same base appeared to have died by suicide just weeks apart from each other. we're live at the pentagon next. eggland's best eggs. classic, cage free, and organic. more delicious, farm-fresh taste. plus, superior nutrition. which is now more important than ever. ♪♪ i'm getting vaccinated with prevnar 20®. a pfizer vaccine! so am i. because i'm at risk for pneumococcal pneumonia. i'm asking about prevnar 20® because there's a chance pneumococcal pneumonia could put me in the hospital. if you're 19 or older, with certain chronic conditions
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this afternoon, one member of congress is calling for an investigation in response to exclusive reporting here at nbc news, talking about congressman, wanting answers from the pentagon after a string of disturbing headlines including some reporting published from our digital team, reporting at least four navy sailors died by suicide in the last few weeks, all assigned to the same facility in norfolk, virginia. the m.i.t. mid atlantic regional maintenance center, responsible for maintaining ships. the sailors there talking with nbc news saying they have been struggling with mental health, and overworked and undervalued by leadership. and those who worked with sailors, saying she was inundated in her words with the amount of hopelessness at that command. courtney kube is here are now and this is part of the larger issue that the pentagon, that the military has had to deal with, with is soldiers, sailors
12:28 pm
et cetera, dying by suicide. talk about the next steps and what is happening there. >> that's right. and you know, you referenced congressman seth moulton there, he has been outspoken, there are some advocates and members of congress that the one thing that they say that the pentagon could be doing to help this suicide crisis, and that is enact can the brandon act. this is something that addresses one of the major issues for service members who are having problems with mental health concerns. they had to report their concerns and their issues to their superiors. if the brandon act was enacted, and it was passed by the national defense authorization act in 2022, if and when that is enacted, it will give them the anonymity and the ability to seek and get mental health help without necessarily reporting it to their superiors. that's one thing that advocates believe could be an inhibitor for some people going an getting help. another issue that is a problem
12:29 pm
at many commands is they have to wait for that mental health, so this idea is they need to expedite it, get the service members the help that they need quickly. as you mentioned, with seth mouthen who you referenced earlier, he is one who has said the brandon act needs to be implemented and calling on work to do that. >> thank you. we should note of course, if you or someone you know is struggling, there is help, and know that there is help, and you can call the suicide crisis lifeline at 988 and text home to the crisis text line at 741-741, you can see that on the screen. take a screen shot if you need it. talk about what is going on with the dow. wall street. the big board. because it is actually up now. in the last 20 or so minutes of trading for the week. you can see it here. investors making up lost ground, basically, after that better than expected jobs report out today. showing the u.s. economy added 263,000 jobs in november. that is good news for folks in the job market. maybe not so good for future interest rates. since the new data kind of flies
12:30 pm
in the face of what we heard this week from fed chair jay pow thal they made progress slowing down the labor market and tamping down inflation. nbc news business and data reporter brian cheung has more to break it down. >> 263,000 jobs, that's how many were added in the month of november. what does that mean? it means that we're still having a lot of jobs, adding a lot of jobs even compared to the pace in october, 284,000. this is well above the estimate that we heard from some economists. they were expecting 200,000 jobs to be added. also pretty good when you consider the unemployment rate remains the same at 3.7%. you're not seeing the recessionary dynamics of unemployment rising despite all of these worries about what is happening with inflation. so ak, what is happening here? where do we see these jobs get added? we saw it in these specific categories. leisure and hospitality. think bars and restaurants. adding about 88,000 in the month and adding 45 thou though in the month in health care. and we have been talking a lot about the tech layoffs.
12:31 pm
some might be bucketed under professional and business services. added only about 6,000. essentially flat over the months, and there were other industries perhaps that made up for any losses that we saw from the likes of amazon, twitter or facebook and all of this folds into what the federal reserve is looking at when you look at what they have been doing since the beginning of this year. looking at the interest rate hikes, this is the borrowing costs earlier in the year and it has risen substantially to south of 4%, and the fed chair as you mentioned, jay powell saying there could be more interest rates on, in the next meeting, although maybe not at the large cremes we've been seeing. and with all of this inflation still remaining high which means the fed may have to get the interest rates even higher to deal with that high inflation. >> brian, thank you very much. good to see you. coming up, new nbc news reporting on how q-anon seems to be making a comeback on twitter after elon musk officially took it over. we're live with an official look at the data coming up. more
12:32 pm
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ten days, ten days is how long ye lasted on twitter, with the account of the rapper formerly know as kanye david as he posted an image of the star of david combined with a swastika. president biden forcefully denouncing the comments, which is incredibly anti-semitic, disturbing, problematic, dangerous, es and the president pushing political leaders to
12:37 pm
denounce anti-semitism in any form, saying in his words, silence is complicity. so now ye might be gone from twitter but new data reviewed by nbc news shows that the platform has welcomed back hundreds of right wing and q-anon conspiracy theorists who had been banned before elon musk took over. nbc found that right wingers are logging back in and left wing accounts are being suspended. and let's bring in a reporter on the by line and following all of this, senior reporter, brandy, elon musk, he has said he wants to make twitter about free speech. the conversation has been lately, it has been about hate speech on the platform. you talk in this piece about how musk's twitter is beginning to take shape. what shape is that? >> yes, we are beginning to see i think the effects of elon musk's policies, for really better yet, we should call them whims on twitter, and twitter is now turning into a place where, according to the data that we looked at, and the data of
12:38 pm
researchers and users themselves who are fleeing the platform, where neo-nazis and white supremacists and conspiracy theorists, where hate speech is allowed, where anti-lbgtq hate speech is allowed and appreciated. and where harassment is part of the price of admission. and now why do people want to be a part of this new twitter, twitter 2.0, really we have to wait and see, but prominent people are leaving, we talk about that in the piece. >> data shows this 500% in the use of the "n" word, 800 plus percent increase in the anti-lbgtq slurs, and musk late this afternoon responding to a report from a different outlet describing exactly this, the rise in hate speech saying it sutterly false. the data is showing one thing. you have musk's insistence there. is this going to be the new normal for twitter? in other words, how does it change under musk? or does it not?
12:39 pm
because advertisers have already pulled out, many of them en masse. >> it is not a publicly traded company anymore, right, so we don't have to get any information. at least we got some before. he's also fired half of the people, a quarter of the ones that are left have left, and the whole trust safety department is gone, the moderation team is gutted and hardly there. the child safety team is gutted to one person. so, you know, i think it tells us that, unless there is a policy against it, that this is what we're going to see and we also know that, you know, musk himself has rolled back really significant policies that used to make hate and harassment and what we're seeing right now against the rules, right? so you know, i saw mr. musk's speech and he doesn't have a pr department and we stand by our reporting, which is based on researchers, multiple different
12:40 pm
researchers, and an analysis, and not just a chart that mr. musk made and tweeted. >> thank you very much. it is always good to see you. appreciate it. still ahead, the new 2024 primary calendar, that democrats quite literally just approved, i think as we've been on the air, in just the last segment, we'll talk about the states, the dates, which places are not happy about it and what it means for political junkies who want to know where they should be looking. and plus, new reporting on potential 2024 gop hopefuling raising millions through dark money group. the reporter behind that scoop joins us next. the reporter behind that scoop joins us next. ♪ ♪ enough was enough. i talked to an asthma specialist and found out my severe asthma is driven by eosinophils, a type of asthma nucala can help control. now, fewer asthma attacks and less oral steroids that's my nunormal with nucala. nucala is a once-monthly add-on injection for severe eosinophilic asthma.
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so every at the dchltd nc, while we have been on the air, we saw democrats voting to approve a new 2024 primary calendar that will potentially pick up the next race for the white house. what is the new plan? we'll take you inside the room. south carolina, starting there, that is where president biden won in 2020, they will go first, february 3rd, followed by new hampshire and nevada, on february 6th. both states on the same day. okay, that's interesting, remember, that we'll come back to that in a second. georgia takes the third primary day. february 13th. so the week after. and then michigan rounds out the first four state slate on february 27th. you know what that mean, iowa is out of the lineup. looking more and more about to lose its prized first in the nation status. and the only no votes on this new plan came from, you'll be shocked to learn, iowa, and also
12:46 pm
new hampshire. let me bring in nbc news senior digital politics reporter, alex, this is a subject, can we just stipulate, we know that this is for politics nerds, i get it, but it is interesting because this sets the tone in many ways where candidates spend money and where they go, and obviously president biden runs in 2024, some of that drama in that front gets taken away because he will be the presumptive nominee, your reporting that south carolina democrats were stunned by this decision from the president to push for them to go first. and also this isn't like a done deal because can't new hampshire, and i heard rumblings about this, they still want to go first anyway, regardless of this vote. talk us through all of it. >> absolutely, hallie. this is a big deal. especially for political insiders, because iowa and new hampshire have had those coveted first two spots for years. and decades. and we know the names of those states, and they play such a big role in electing presidents, that will still be true on the republican side. nothing has changed there. but on the democratic side, big
12:47 pm
changes that no one expected, south carolina going first, they were fourth previously, and the two states, nevada and new hampshire, on the same day, and then the addition of georgia and michigan, which were not in the lineup at all previously, now being added. so they've been in the process of changing the calendar for months, but people expected, you know, maybe iowa to drop out, and a place like michigan, this is a much bigger change than anyone expected but the party is going to go along with it because the president likes it and the big question is whether the states will go along with it. >> so i'm clear the dnc has to approve with a full vote next year. that still hasn't to happen. and could iowa go roig? they could still be saying we'll do it early. talk through what the states can do here. >> they absolutely can and they will, at least threaten to. new hampshire has is it in their law to have the first primary in the country and they will follow the law and iowa can have a
12:48 pm
state party caucus and they don't need the dnc. the challenge ort trick for them is the dnc can penalize states that go over or step out of line by not seating their delegates at the convention and they're considering a new rule that hasn't been done in the past, they can penalize candidates for campaigning in states that go rogue. so not only could iowa and new hampshire lose the delegates but if a candidate goes and campaigns in one of those states, they could be punished, too. you know, those states, a lot of it is about the media attention, it is about fundraising, it is about momentum, not necessarily about the delegates, so some candidates might still want to go there, and even if they get penalized, but it certainly is going to change things up, and everybody in the room i talked to today said we're likely going to be revisiting this and looking at the calendar again in 2028. >> that's so interesting. two quick follow-ups for you. what would penalties for candidates campaigning in those states look like? >> it is still hammered up. one idea is candidates would not be able to participate in the
12:49 pm
dnc sanctioned debate. they could potentially face delegate dings, because in 2008, michigan and florida jumped ahead, they went rogue, so to speak, and they lost half their delegates to the convention, so there are real penalties here and that's the main kind of mechanism that the national party is actually has, to try to get the states to do what they want. >> and just real quick, as we look at the slate of the first four primaries here, as proposed, as voted on by the rules committee here, the key reason why there was a push to make this change happen was to add some diversity into this process, and racial diversity, some geographic diversity, et cetera, that's the hope behind this, right? >> that's exactly right. iowa and new hampshire are both overwhelmingly white. iowa has become increasingly red as a republican. so they wanted to get rid of iowa, and new hampshire was less of a target, but then, you know, once it became clear that these other states who wanted to step up, i think it had a much harder time justifying its existence at
12:50 pm
the top of the calendar for the democratic party, which is, you know, the party of diversity, and they say they're looking towards the future, with the addition of state funding, georgia and michigan, the battleground states that are important in the general election, and one final question, one note here, is will georgia, with the republican governor and with the legislature, will they go along with the dnc rule, and will this be end up being tossed by the wayside? >> still drama to be monitoring. i'm sure you had a blast in the room. thank you. appreciate it. on the republican side of things, some people not thinking donald trump, or beefing up their campaign war chest and "politico" reporting nikki haley, mike pence, tim scott, south carolina, larry mike pomp millions to so-called dark money groups that essentially operate as these kind of campaigns in waiting. let me bring in hailey fuchs, the political reporter with this story. as for former president trump, you're reporting that his sort of pre-campaign, current
12:51 pm
campaign apparatus is reporting revenue of something like $14.2 million. there's obviously also a lot of money in pacs, but how does what donald trump has compare to the rest of those candidates that we just talked about? let me say, potential candidates. likely opponents. i don't want to get ahead of myself, but people speculated to be considering a run. >> yeah, so former president trump has a wide network of groups. he has, you know, a super pac that's, you know, reported tens of millions raised. he has, you know, this group called the white house in waiting that, you know, reported, i think it was like 14 million. that's a 501c 3. he has a number of groups, some of those being these so-called dark money groups that don't report their donors, that are sort of creating this war chest that will fuel his campaign and allies for supporting his campaign. >> they also -- there was a question of when these people acting a lot like presidential candidates, will actually make things official.
12:52 pm
last go-around in 2016, the republican candidates announced from march to june of 2015, i vividly remember that. look ahead to this coming year. in other words, march to june of the year before the presidential, if you compare that to 2023, a new book coming out in february of '23. we might expect to see other candidates announcing again in that march-to-june time frame, even though last cycle that this was competitive, even march was considered early. what are you hearing? what's your sense of timeline for something like this and why that matters? >> i think what makes these groups interesting is that they are serving us the foundation for potential campaigns. they're allowing these potential candidates to build email lists, to develop messaging, to potentially develop what could be grassroots supporters. so whenever they do announce those campaigns, they will have kind of a knowledge set that will fuel potential campaigns that they do run. >> hailey fuchs from politico, good to see you, thank you.
12:53 pm
sticking to new york city now, where closing arguments have just wrapped up in the trump organization criminal tax fraud trial. tom winter is posted outside that courthouse. so what happens now, tom? presumably jury instructions and then the jury begins deliberating, et cetera? >> perfectly put. that's what we expect to happen on monday morning, starting about 9:30. there's a little bit of a back and forth, and this is not uncommon between the prosecution and defense as to the specifics of those jury instructions. we anticipate some late filings on sunday evening and perhaps some arguments in court on monday before the jury is brought in to hear those instructions. and they'll be asked to go through a series of charges. we've been calling this the trump organization trial, because, one, that's accurate. and two, the companies that are specifically charged here, the trump payroll corporation and the trump corporation are all part of that umbrella. there are some specific charges to each of those corporations, but overall, it's about, as you and i have discussed it before, these payments to allen weisselberg for rent, for luxury
12:54 pm
and mercedes vehicles, for his grandkids' tuition, and prosecutors today really trying to get the jury through the elements of the crime. they used an exhibit to be able to show the benefit to the trump corporation and that's really what they've been targeting here. that the trump corporation received some benefit because of weisselberg's admitted actions, and that's what they're hoping the jury finds when they begin their deliberations and come to their verdict, hallie. >> tom winter, great to see you in new york. to some world cup news that may make you smile if you're a u.s. soccer fan. christian policeick has been cleared to play in tomorrow's match against the netherlands. i'm not so much a soccer watch, i'm told he is a bfd, if you will. nbc foreign correspondent raf sanchez is live for us in london. so he's going to play tomorrow. the dutch are good, like really good. this is going to be a tense match. he's the guy that's scored the only couple of goals that the
12:55 pm
u.s. has scored in the world cup anyway. yay, right? >> reporter: yay, hallie, as the president would say, as you just said, this is a bfd. pulisic literally put his body on the line to score that crucial goal against the iranis on tuesday. he collided with the iranian keeper, got the ball over the line and kept america's world cup's hopes alive. he ended up in the hospital with a pelvic contusion, which basically means a bruise to his pelvic bone. that can be unbelievably painful. but just a couple of hours ago, team usa announced that he will be on the field tomorrow against the dutch. our team in qatar saw him training earlier today. they say he seems to be in pretty good shape. there are question marks over striker josh sergeant, who also played a big role in that game against iran. we don't yet know if he's going to be fit. he suffered an ankle injury. hallie, interestingly, the dutch
12:56 pm
are suffering some of their own problems off the pitch. their coach said earlier today that some of his players have come down with what he said are flu-like symptoms. we don't know how many yet, but this is going to be a tough game for both sides. remember, this is the knockout stage. whoever loses tomorrow at 10:00 eastern is going home. and the dutch, as you said, are a good sign. they're ranked eighth in the world compared to sixteenth for the u.s. they've made it to the world cup finals three times in the past, but the dream lives on. pulisic will play, and we'll see what happens tomorrow in qatar, hallie. >> raf sanchez, i know you will be glued to the tv for that one. thank you to all of you for watching this hour of msnbc. you can find us on twitter, and show number two on this friday afternoon over on our nbc streaming channel, nbc news now, tonight and every weeknight at 5:00 eastern. nicolle wallace picks it up with deadline right after the break. deadline right after the break is it possible? ♪♪
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