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tv   The Reid Out  MSNBC  February 3, 2023 4:00pm-5:00pm PST

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unbelievable. now, we do expect this president like any president to lean into this good news. they have a state of the union, our special coverage on msnbc begins tuesday, 8:00 p.m. eastern. i'll be a part of that with the whole team. you can plan on joining us tuesday night if you like. i have a question for you, beat viewers. you have to go back to '69 for a jobs rate like this. so tell me at ari melber on social media if you can answer the question, what were you doing in 1969? again, do you remember that year? were you alive? did you have a memory? what were you up to in 1969 the last time jobs were this good in the unployment rate? you can hit me up at "the reidout" is up next. tonight on "the reidout" -- >> republicans try to cut social security. it's not going to geby the senate in my view, but i'll stop them. if they try to cut medicare,
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i'll stop them. i have a veto pen. try to pass, i'll stop them, and if they send me a ban on the national right to choose, i will stop them. >> within the past hour, president biden delivering fiery remarks to the dnc, amid fresh new signs of economic recovery in america. also tonight, the trial balloon, the secretary of state postpones his trip to china after a suspected chinese spy balloon is spotted over the u.s. so why not just shoot it down? plus, the fallout from the vote to remove congresswoman ilhan omar from the foreign affairs committee, with one conservative congressman overheard calling it the stupidest vote in the world. >> good evening, everyone. i'm michael steele in for joy reid. and we begin tonight with a track from the jackson 5.
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now, if you are of a certain age, you surely remember the song "never can say good-bye." and if you don't, the lyrics go a little bit like this. i'm not going to sing it so just calm down. never can say good-bye. every time i think i've had enough and start heading for the door, there's a very strange vibration piercing me right through the core. it says turn around, you fool. you know you love him more and more. tell me why is it so, don't want to let you go. okay. that's just about summing up the emotional state of today's republican party. as they just can't say good-bye to the big lie. more than two years after donald trump lost that 2020 presidential election. so much so that it resulted in the january 6th insurrection at the u.s. capitol. and they just can't let it go either. even after their lackluster
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showing in last year's midterm elections. in fact, "the washington post" reported this week that the gop is actually planning to ramp up its focus on so-called election integrity activities in states across the country. and perhaps the craziest thing about it all is that by and large, they know it's all bogus. that there was no election fraud and that no matter how many times donald trump posts something at 3:00 in the morning, the election was not rigged. it was not stolen. and in fact, they knew that just days after the election. the associated press has obtained an audio recording from the head of trump's campaign in wisconsin, who admits as much. >> say what you want, our operation turned out republican or djt supporters. democrats just got 20,000 more than us. >> but that wasn't going to stop them from denying reality.
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>> here's the drill. comms is going to continue to fan the flame and get the word out about democrats trying to steal this election. we'll do whatever they need our help with, just be on standby in case there's any stunts we need to pull. >> in case there are any stunts we need to pull. and of course, we saw all of those stunts play out real time in the press conferences, rallies, and dozens of lawsuits across the country claiming that the election was rigged and stolen. there were more than a half a dozen lawsuits in wisconsin alone that were either dropped or dismissed, and yet, here we are today with republicans not only still living by the big lie but actually lionizing some of its election denying candidates. beyond trump, you have the losing arizona gubernatorial candidate kari lake who today still claims she's the true governor of the state.
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she's been reading from the trump playbook from the very beginning of her failed campaign and being welcomed with open arms by the party and is even heading to iowa later this month, and like trump, she's raised millions of dollars off the big lie since the election. the republicans' embrace of the big lie has gone international as well with their support of the latest florida tourist, brazil's former president jair bolsonaro. who like trump claims his recent election was stolen. and like trump, his radical supporters assaulted brazil's capital buildings last month. but instead of shunning bolsonaro, he's headlining an event for the conservative group turning point usa tonight. in miami. joining me now is tara setmayer, lincoln project senior adviser and former gop communications director. and mark leibovich, staff writer for the atlantic and author of
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"thank you for your servitude, donald trump's washington and the price of submission." mark, welcome. good to have you here with me in person. so we can throw stuff at the screen together. >> let's do it. >> given that the foundations of this big lie are well documented, well established, well known, ever present, why does it still have such a grip, not just on the gop, but seemingly pulling the country further and further into its grips? >> it is sort of astounding to watch this play out. i was just watching this report and i'm like, are we really doing this again, having to listen to this again? i don't see the electoral value of it, the political value of it. the proof is very much in certainly election results. i don't see this becoming a more urgent issue no matter how many times kari lake goes to iowa. it's just not going to come back. i don't know if it's fear of donald trump, which is obviously a very big animating force in
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the republican party. i don't know if it's just assuming or just like this complete petrification of just sort of bowing before the base, like they need to hear this. we need to energize them. it's sort of a reflexive thing at this point. >> i get the grift part of it. i get that part because there's a lot of money to be made, because p.t. barnum said, there's a sucker born every minute. but the reality is at some point it has a price attached to it, a real cost to the country. why is there this obstinant blinding spot to that? >> i think it's just short term thinking. it's also people are blinding themselves to what happened in the last election. the price to be paid is there. it's tangible. election deniers did really badly in november. and i think right now, it's a path of least resistance. it's what people know what to do, where the muscle memory is when you're trying to appeal to
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the 30% in the base that you're going to need. i don't know, i think it's a lack of creative thinking. it's just fear, just cowardice, the same dynamic we have seen the last four or five years here. >> so tara, maybe you can -- you're always asking me the questions so i have the question for you. when did we kick reagan to the curb? why are we seeing so many republicans, more and more infactuated with vladimir putin and victor orbon and any of the fascist we can find in europe. >> i joke and say it often because i'm still telling you, come on, michael, it's warm over here. i didn't leave the republican party. the party left me. once the party started to embrace the tea party and then trumpism and then obviously the malignancy of trumpism after all of the transgressions of donald trump, we have seen the party is unrecognizable now. ronald reagan is spinning in his
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grave and he would never win a primary election in today's republican party. why? because ronald reagan actually stood against fascism and authoritarianism. and today's republican party's fascination with these authoritarians and fascism is consistent with what they're doing now. my good friend wrote the book strong men, i encourage everyone to read it. in there, she talks about how victimhood and grievances is a tool kit for most authoritarians. it's part of the scam, getting people to believe that they are victim, they're being victimized by the system, by whatever. so the idea that republicans are lionizing losers is just another part of the grievances that authoritarians use because it can deflect from their own incompetence. they can blame their own incompetence, blame them being losers and everything else on everyone else but themselves. the republican party is such a personality cult now that they are incapable of course correcting. they have gone down this authoritarian path. there's no turning back.
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every opportunity they have had to turn back, they haven't. they have put the pedal to the metal and gone even further. and embraced it more. and this is a perfect example. who they are lionizing now. it's not reagan anymore. it's the orbans, it's the bolsonaros, it's putin. it's the polar opposite. that's why at the lincoln project we started something called the contract against extremism, because people need to understand these people in the republican party are extremists. the extremists now are the mainstream. for those people, the 18 or so who are in biden districts, those republicans in those swing districts, is this the party they're going to continue to support? are they going to become extremists as well? because that's their agenda. people need to understand that. >> so i want to follow up with you on another aspect of this story by the a.p., the associated press, which did some incredible reporting on trump's wisconsin campaign meeting.
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parts of the november 5th meeting also centered on republican outreach efforts to the state's black community. and at one point, the operatives laugh over needing more black voices for trump. and the gentleman, mr. iverson, also references their efforts to engage with black voters. quote, we never talked to black people before, i don't think so, he said, elicited laughter from others in the room. it goes to the question you and i get. how do we engage the black community as republicans and why won't blacks join the republican party? well, with attitudes like that, you begin to understand. what's your take? >> well, michael, you and i have known each other for over two decades and one of the biggest frustrations i had even when i was still with the party is the level of absolute tokenization of minorities and the frustration of not meeting
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people where they are and just looking at minority voters as a group, a coalition we needed to target a couple weeks before an election with some ridiculous ads they think black people relate to and think that's going to move folks. that is not the way to do it. and if we're talking about spinning in graves, jack kemp is spinning in his grave because he was someone who was very inspirational for me, who understood the importance of bringing conservatism to people where they are, particularly in plaque communities. and showing them how conservatism in principle, the original conservatism, not this toxic stew we see now. it's not real conservatism, but how that could impact people's lives positively. you would see numbers move. this is the joke, the joke is on anyone of color who actually thought that trump or the trump campaign or the current republican party actually gives a damn about minorities, no, they don't. and here when you hear them behind closed doors and they think no one is listening, that's the truth right there. >> so mark, i guess when it
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comes to republicans, by and large, the portrayal of january 6th is really kind of set in motion for them around what the former president is going to do in 2024. how this plays out for him and the potential 2024 presidential candidate like mike pompeo, right? and how he has started to look at this and starting to characterize it as he has in an interview with sky news as a peaceful transition of power. quote, it's terrible when folks commit these kinds of acts of violence and i hope they'll be prosecuted appropriately for doing that. but make no mistake about it. that night america also showed its strength, vice president pence finished the election, we had a peaceful transfer of power. that is like saying, folks, other than that, how was the play, mrs. lincoln? i mean, did i miss something here? do you not understand what happened that day? >> i mean, i would say that secretary pompeo clearly
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understands what happened that day. you know, all of us who were there and lived through it, we all understand it. the thing about what he said there is that he seems to think he's going to win points with either side. that's kind of like a loser with both sides. he thinks he's going to get points by just sort of throwing out a polite aside to well, i hope everyone is prosecuted, but it was a day of like, it was a day where the vice president did his job. mike pence can't go out in public. like, let's see how he does when he goes to iowa. this is not a popular position. and you know, donald trump is not exactly talking about running with mike pence again. so i don't know. i don't think -- i think efforts to split the difference here are futile, but it's also pathetic when you see it play out like pompeo tried. >> that is going to be part of the drama of this whole presidential season when you have guys like pompeo trying to reframe and recast january 6th. tara setmayer, mark leibovich,
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thank you both very much. >> up next on "the reidout," the vice president, the president and vice president take a victory lap in philadelphia as another blockbuster job report bolsters biden's ambitious economic agenda. "the reidout" continues after this. when it comes to reducing sugar in your family's diet, the more choices, the better. that's why america's beverage companies are working together to deliver more great tasting options with less sugar or no sugar at all. in fact, today, nearly 60% of beverages sold contain zero sugar.
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question. are you with me? i ran for president -- [ chanting four more years ] >> president biden in just the last hour at the dnc's winter meeting seemingly teeing up his message for an expected 2024 re-election bid. the president warning about the maga extremism in the republican party while also touting his accomplishment over the past two years including today's job report that shattered expectations. the economy adding 517,000 jobs. let me repeat that. 517,000 people found work in january. the 25th straight month of solid job growth. while the unemployment rate dropped to 3.4%, the lowest it's been since 1969. it's all part of the reason why many think biden is still the
4:21 pm
democrats' best bet for 2024, even as he's yet to formally announce another run. if and when he does, many in the party appear to be behind him. one source telling abc news, i have heard from no one within the dnc or other powerbrokers within the democratic party any reservation about joe biden. joining me now is eugene daniels, white house correspondent for politico and msnbc political contributor, and cornell belcher, democratic pollster and strategist and msnbc political analyst. well, gentlemen, this will be a fun one. eugene, i'll start with you. does that lead-in, is that consistent with the reporting that you have been tracking and following? what you're hearing out there about the president at this moment? >> yes and no. so for a while there were people who really did not want to see joe biden run. but after the midterms and
4:22 pm
seeing what happened, seeing him lead the party over change expectations, trick all of us who thought maybe it wasn't going to go as well, that has changed. there's still people when you look at polls that say they don't want joe biden to run. it doesn't have to do that much with policy. it's more about his age, more about what does the democratic party want to look like moving forward. but then when you talk to folks they will say exactly what you said. they don't see how anyone else can beat folks in the republican party, especially donald trump. because joe biden has proven that he's able at this point to go after the maga republicans, as he calls them, and finally, they have figured out a message on touting their own accomplishments. that's something they struggled with in the first year and a half. >> cornell, the no part of eugene's answer is really the stumbling block for democrats. i mean, even if democrats didn't want to get behind joe biden, where the hell are they going? who are they going to go to?
4:23 pm
you can't switch out the star quarterback because his pass isn't as quick as it used to be or his aim is a little off and not as accurate as it once was because he's still got game left in him. that's how biden sees his situation. how do you take or make the democrats looking at this? >> well, it's interesting because look, i would argue and someone who has been front row seat of this for a couple elections, i would argue that joe biden enters re-election far more better positioned than the last two democratic presidents. he enters re-election far better positioned than bill clinton or barack obama, and i worked for barack obama. and cornell, why do you say that? the legislation. the massive pieces of legislation that are really impactful to the country, and that are wildly popular. and you have seen the polling data on the legislation that
4:24 pm
he's been able to move. it's wildly popular, a lot more popular than anything that bill clinton or bush or barack obama did. and you do have an economy that is coming out of the shadows of the pandemic in a real strong way. i think he's going to take a lot of credit for it, but also look, michael, at what he and the vice president have been doing over the last two weeks and what their schedules have them doing moving forward in the next couple months. right there, they weren't only in philadelphia talking to the dnc. they were in pennsylvania talking about water infrastructure, replacing lead pipes, so a lot of that infrastructure work that we talked about a year or so ago, over the next year going into the election cycle, that stuff is coming online, and real americans are going to be seeing improvements in their community happen because of this legislative work that he has in fact done. and you put that on top of his ability to hold together fingers
4:25 pm
crossed, still be able to hold together the international community in a real strong way up against putin, you know, i love bill clinton and barack obama, but biden enters a re-election far better positioned than either one of them did, except for the age thing. >> well, look, to your point, i think that's a very interesting way to get to what happened today. because you have this really strong jobs report that came out. and here's what the president had to say about that earlier. >> simply, i would argue the biden economic plan is working. for the past two years, we have heard a chorus of critics write off my economic plan. they said it's just not possible to grow the economy from the bottom up and the middle out. they said we can't bring back american manufacturing. they said we can't make things in america anymore. that somehow adding jobs was a bad thing. well, or that the only way to
4:26 pm
slow down inflation was to destroy jobs. well, today's data makes crystal clear what i have always known in my gut. these critics and cynics are wrong. >> eugene, this is his sweet spot. this is what the man has done for his political -- throughout his political career. do you expect to see that joe biden moving once the announcement is made, moving the country along with him with these reports and events that happened and unfold for him and his administration and sort of grandpa, aw schucks, we're working hard, all in this together kind of approach? >> a little grandpa swag. >> yeah. >> i think that's right because when these reports come out, what you have to do is tell people why it matters to them. what it means for them, what it means for them in their homes. i think that is something this white house struggled to do at the beginning, but they have really figured out how to do it and they have got good news to share, but there is also the specter of inflation.
4:27 pm
but when you talk to economic experts about this recession that we have been talking about for a long time, it's looking less and less likely. that doesn't mean something can't change, because who knows what can happen next month, but joe biden and kamala harris and the administration as they move forward, they're already planning what trips they're going to take after the state of the union. she's already headed out, going to georgia next week. he's surely going to hit the road. so them selling that economic message is going to be really important, and also, like cornell was saying, that infrastructure bill, that is something that bipartisan infrastructure bill, that was something that is actually going to matter to a lot of people, and them telling folks about the bridge that they take to work, talking about that pothole that's going to get filled because of that. also you look at the inflation reduction act. that kind of stuff. when you talk to most people, and you know this, you have been around a long time, presidents usually get one good piece of legislation in the first four years. joe biden has a lot more than that. >> he's got a lot. >> a lot more than that. that's going to be what this
4:28 pm
white house says as they move forward, one, talking about the administration, and also what they can do with another four years. >> cornell, we have less than a minute left. real quick, what about the grandpa swag? how does that -- and i'll attribute that to my friend here, give him full credit for that. all eugene. but how does that play in this? the markets responded negatively to the job report initially. economists are still kind of wringing their hands. but joe biden seems to understand exactly how to narrate this for the american people. what's your take? >> well, i do think he needs grandpa swag. we have to turn that into a thing. but that point, look, i'm going to take -- i think you have to pull one from your side, right? it's morning in america. he's got to be cheerleader in chief. that was ronald reagan, millennials. but he's got to sell the cheer lyder in chief and say, look, things are moving in the right
4:29 pm
direction. look, we are getting back on our feet and america is stronger and we're going to continue to grow stronger. i think that optimistic hopeful message along with the data that sort of backs it up makes him very formidable, but again, it is that grandpa swag. it is the number one issue that voters hold is, because of his age, is he up for the job? over the next couple months he's got to show he's got the energy and vitality to get the job done. this isn't about policy. they're with him on policy. look, it's fair for his age. they question if he's up for the job. >> well, hashtag grandpa swag, right? that's what it's all about in 2024. eugene daniels can cornell belcher, thank you both. >> still ahead, what is a chinese spy balloon doing drifting lazily over u.s. military installations in the heartland? and what is the government going to do about it? that's next.
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4:35 pm
aleutian islands, through canada, and into the united states where it's currently moving eastward and was spotted over kansas. almost immediately, secretary of defense lloyd austin who is in the philippines convened a meeting of senior military and defense leaders including chairman of the joint chiefs to assess the threat and consider response options. they advised president biden against shooting it out of the sky because it could cause civilian injuries or deaths or significant damage. however, the pentagon and the white house are still considering a number of options and haven't ruled out anything at all at this point. this is not the first time a chinese spy balloon, by the way, has been observed over the u.s. including during the prior administration. but this one has remained over the country for longer. and this intrusion comes at a particularly tense time between the united states and china. secretary of state antony
4:36 pm
blinken postponed a trip to china that was supposed to start this weekend because of the violation of u.s. sovereignty and international law, caused by the spy balloon. joining me now is courtney kube, nbc news correspondent covering national security and the pentagon. courtney, what's up with the balloon? >> who doesn't love a story about a spy balloon, right? >> right. >> you said it, michael. it's moving eastward across the continental u.s. what's critical to know here for our viewers is that it is still over the u.s. so the pentagon started tracking this thing several days ago. it moved down from canada, into montana. what's new and different here is that this one has been hovering over the u.s. for a matter of days. in the past, there have been other balloons that have come near the u.s. or gone into u.s. air space, but they have generally quickly left that air space. that's why this one has u.s. officials so concerned, and i can tell you, we're literally just learning in the last few seconds the pentagon is confirming there's actually a
4:37 pm
second chinese surveillance balloon. this one is transiting over latin america, pentagon press secretary pat ryder confirming on the record there is a second balloon over latin america. the canadian government was saying earlier today that they may have reports of a second one, but the pentagon wasn't seeing that until late this evening. so now what we're going to be watching for is where does that one move, just as we're watching the one transiting across the u.s., there were reports it may have been over kansas moving eastward. the question is how long could it stay over the u.s.? they assess it could be a few days and then of course, that begs the question, what happens when it gets over the ocean? >> so courtney, help us understand exactly what the surveillance balloons are. kind of give us a sense of what they do and what is china particularly trying to accomplish now having two balloons in this hemisphere? >> it depends on the balloon.
4:38 pm
according to u.s. defense officials the one that we first heard about over montana several days ago, that one has a surveillance capability that's somewhat comparable to a satellite. the difference is most of these chinese spy satellites that exist that are taking pictures of the u.s. pretty much every day, they're in a lower earth orbit. this is hovering around 60,000 feet. so presumably, it may be able to get a clearer picture than some of the satellites. what we don't know is how sophisticated the equipment onboard is. what we have learned late today is the u.s. is using some counterintelligence measures to obscure the view, the pictures that this balloon is able to gather. especially when they're concerned it could be over a sensitive site. so again, back to montana. it was only about 200 miles, may have even gotter closer to that, to some interballistic missile silos in montana. the u.s. has the ability to stop
4:39 pm
it from being able to see critical infrastructure or sites they don't want the chinese to get a good look at it. >> so of course, not letting a good political opportunity go to waste, republicans have spent the day slamming president biden and demanding that he shoot it out of the sky. maga republicans in particular have claimed, you know, that's what trump would do. but in truth, didn't this happen during the trump administration as well? and why is it so risky to just shoot it out of the sky? >> so, i have to say, we heard yesterday from defense officials that this had happened specifically in the previous administration. i actually reached out to a number of former administration officials who are saying they're not aware of this happening. it doesn't mean it didn't but i can't find anyone who is confirming it. secretary of defense mark esper was on tv earlier today and he flat out denied he was aware of it happening during his time at the pentagon. that being said, this has happened in the past. it's definitely not unprecedented for the chinese to put this sort of asset in the
4:40 pm
air to try to gather intelligence. and by the way, a lot of countries do the same thing. it's not unusual. the russians often but aircraft up for surveillance capabilities coming near the u.s. the russians and chinese both have ships that will often come close to the continental united states. that's not different, but again, the thing that makes this stand out is the fact that it's been over the continental u.s. for so long. that's what's a little different here in this circumstance. again, that's what has u.s. officials so concerned. as far as potentially shooting it down, we continue to hear the concern that because it is so big, it's somewhere in the neighborhood of two to three school buses in size, and it's high up. it's 60,000 feet. the concern is if they were to blow it up, and it were -- just to fall in an uncontrolled way to the earth, they wouldn't be able to control the debris field. people on the ground could be hurt or killed. >> courtney kube who has her eye on the balloon. we really appreciate you, courtney. thank you. who won the week is still ahead, but first, after voting
4:41 pm
to remove congresswoman ilhan omar from the foreign affairs committee, one republican is overheard calling it the stupidest vote in the world. we'll be right back. teeth sensitivity is so common. it immediately feels like somebody's poking directly on the nerve. i recommend sensodyne. sensodyne toothpaste goes inside the tooth and calms the nerve down. and my patents say: “you know doc, it really works."
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4:45 pm
hypocrisy is rank in the republican party right now. yesterday, after voting to remove congresswoman ilhan omar from the foreign affairs committee, republican congressman ken buck was
4:46 pm
overheard in an elevator calling it the stupidest vote in the world. according to roll call, his fellow republican mike simpson agreed and added that all it does is make omar a martyr. and being the brave public servants that they are, they urge fellow passengers in the elevator to not let leadership know their thoughts. we won't do that. >> house republicans are actively trying to gaslight the country into thinking that what ilhan omar did was on the same level as the republicans that democrats removed from committees over a year ago. but it's not the same. omar was criticized by both parties for playing into anti-semitic tropes, including when she insinuating israel's allies in america were motivated by money. she did apologize for that tweet. one day later. meanwhile, paul gosar, who accused omar of anti-semitism, actually went to a pro-hitler
4:47 pm
conference and later hung out with white nationalist nick fuentes. with no apology. even after public outcry, he spoke at the conference one year later. he claimed it was a miscommunication and said he was done dealing with nick. but then a few months later, tweeted and deleted a documentary about fuentes. no apology. and marjorie taylor greene, she also went to that conference, again, no apology. and she defended going. i'm joined now by republican strategist and msnbc political analyst susan del percio and dean obeidallah, msnbc daily columnist and host of sirius xm's dean obeidallah show. welcome to you both. susan, are republicans getting away with it? do you think the american public actually conflates paul gosar and marjorie taylor greene with
4:48 pm
ilhan omar, eric swalwell, and adam schiff? >> i mean, those who pay very close attention, yes, but basically, they are going to get away with it, michael. i don't like saying it, but that's the reality because this news is not as big of news as other things, like the classified documents, and more importantly for democrats, like the job numbers that came out today. so they get away with it in the sense of the public probably won't really care about it too much. but when they want to bring it up and do pointed things to the republicans, the democrats will have it in their pocket, which is rightfully so because it is disgraceful that she was removed from this committee. i have very little in common with the congresswoman politically, but this shouldn't be about politics. she is qualified to be there, frankly as were the other two congress members who were removed from committees. to see on the floor, to see
4:49 pm
these republicans actually vote to kick her off, they have no shame. i mean, and of course, we say that all the time, so i don't know. >> we have kind of run through the shame factor in all of this. so, dean, that sort of, i guess in one sense begs the question of this idea of a congresswoman omar as a martyr. what do you make of that assessment by congressman simpson? >> she's not a martyr. she's stronger now than ever. her speech yesterday on the floor was great. she's defiant. you're not going to silence her. this is a woman who lived in a war-torn refugee camp, came to america in her teens and has moved up to be a member of the house of representatives. the gop went after her for one reason, the same reason donald trump targeted her, they chanted send her back in 2019. it's not what she's about or what she says. it's who she is. she's black, a muslim, an
4:50 pm
immigrant, a strong woman. she's all the things so much of the gop base doesn't like rolled into one. that's what this is about. so congressman buck can say this is the dumbest thing they have done, not to kevin mccarthy. it took him 15 ballots to get elected. it took one to demonize and target a black muslim woman and they all got on board, all the republicans. this plays well for the gop base. the last thing, there are over 270 republicans in the house and the senate. of the 270 plus, how many are black women? zero. and there's a reason why. >> well, there is that. there is that. so then back to you on this one, what is all of this to do with governing? is it just more performative politics? or what do you see the endgame being here? >> to me, i'm sorry michael. >> i'm sorry, dean. >> to me, this is about making the base happy, michael. there is a reason why trump
4:51 pm
demonized her. there's a reason why councillor omar said a few weeks ago this is because she's muslim. she is seeing the trajectory of this gop that began in 2000 in the 22,000 2012 election, saying muslims what islamic law. in 2016 trump take it to new heights saying that we have too many muslims coming into this country, islam hates a grams in this country. mccarthy saw all of that, made the base happy. kevin mccarthy is not like way anyone. he's trying to kiss up to the maga base. this is why he did. it to me that's all it was, trying to make the maga base like kevin mccarthy, and they don't like him. that's all this was. kevin mccarthy was the spineless peddler of bigotry and white nationalism. >> so, susan, speaking of kissing up to that maga base, earlier this week donald trump made this appalling statement about russia's invasion of ukraine. >> frankly i don't think putin
4:52 pm
wanted to do it. i think he was forced in by the statements being made by biden. >> is this trump telling us exactly where we would be if he hadn't won in 2020? >> absolutely. it looks like he is still paying that bill. whatever it is that putin have over here has over here with the money he gave him, donald trump is still paying it off. there's no doubt about it, because to get on the air now, after everything, to defend putin in this day in age? it's absurd and actually the only good thing is that he is so ridiculous is that it will be used against him should he push for a hard run. >> so i guess at this point in the game, after a year when he is called putin savvy for the invasion and all the things he is has been doing. where do we go, how do we move
4:53 pm
into this election cycle, dina, coming up? and what kinds of excuses, what more excuses can be made for this president? >> for donald trump, look, again, look at the gop debates. what are they like? i suppose that the base views putin more favorably than most democratic leaders. the base has a preference for authority and layer leaders. he complemented 15 autocrats while he was president, from china to north korea to turkey and egypt. the list goes on and on. the gop base likes it. they like that strongman. donald trump attempted a coup and a terrorist attack in the still with him. >> all right, susan, dean, sticking around to find who won the week, but first a quick heads up on the latest installment of the msnbc documentary series the turning point, airing this weekend,
4:54 pm
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can't argue with the facts. no wonder xfinity mobile is one of the fastest growing mobile services, now with over 5 million customers and counting. save hundreds a year over t-mobile, at&t and verizon. talk to our switch squad at your local xfinity store today. >> we made it to the end of another week, which means it's time to play who won the week?
4:59 pm
back with me are susan del percio and dean obeidallah. all right, susan, who won the week? >> i'm going with manhandle manhattan district attorney alvin bragg who i have nothing to agree with politically, but boy he reconvened or convened a grand jury to investigate the stormy daniels hush money case against donald trump, and that really seems to have irked donald trump, because he was tweeting or true social thing about it. i think it was the right move, and he waited until the time was right, so alvin bragg. >> all right, dean, who is your winner this week? >> i got the winner. it's a chinese spy balloon. everybody is talking about. it >> [laughter] >> it's getting more press than donald trump. don trump might launch his own spy balloon which of course is made in china just like his
5:00 pm
ties and suits. everyone wants to shut it down and save. it spy balloon winner. >> i love, it's by balloon. my winner is the president of united states with an economy that is not just steady but expanding, jobs being created, heading into his state of the union next week. the president is showing the kind of strength that i think the country at the end of the day really want to see a leader possess. so there it is. susan del percio and dean obeidallah thank you guys so much. that's tonight's read out. joy reid returns on monday. all in with chris hayes starts right now. ts right now. >> tonight on all in. >> i have to tell you in illinois they received 5.1 billion at an elementary school there then used it for equity and diversity. >> as the maga congress investigates nonsense and chases balloons up in the clouds.


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