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tv   Morning Joe  MSNBC  July 6, 2009 6:00am-9:00am EDT

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♪ good morning and wlclcom to "morning jo." is 6:00 the eastt coast. as we eaeak, brand-newvideo of president oboba a ju touching do in mcow for theheirst day of the two-day summit t erere. michelle a and h h daughters we onong,too. >> we can alalk, of cose, a abo th trip.
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also talking ouou sarah palin. ococki ewew also a aot of news o ofiran ththatouou be hisisriric. we'll talk a aut hat, oo let's see whoeeave around the tatae. llie geist is bacack and bigger ththanver. bettererhahan er. dodonndedesch is wearing a t ti this momorng. >> h h ts look, t with n no jacket, just came off fromorork. rector said put the jajaeteton. scolded me y youad another look,ththe white e coarar- > i wanted the more casasu lk but the whole ting gotththro off. itasast please puttt on. go put t jacket o or get f my set. >> t.j. talked to donnynyikike th?? >> pat buchanan isn shshinon as llll. i can't wait to talklk to pat about sarah palin. >> i've beenen waiting toeaea what he thinks abtt his girlfrieiend
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>> yes. >> we'llll ghe take o on his girlrlfrndnd. we've been t tkikingbout just momomess o president t amama arriveved moscow for t t first u.s./russian s sumt t seven years. straightht tchchf white house correspondent anan nbc news polilitill didireoror chuck to who is travelining quite the titltl >> we start thedada tatat way? ththat k kd of jolting. a slap in the facece. >> we needed to date pelele. chk, given us the latest.. good m mniningr good afternoon to you. >> reporter: i'm just t joe's ua lvlva,lap in thefaface w wa yoyouup. tell wlie it's hson onhe moscow here right t hihinde on the rivever. >> okay, a right. >> thank you so much. ucucktodd. >> give us last. >> r rororte there you go. thk k u very much. well, i'll tell u,u, the trrip itself is -- if there is
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progress madade atat's siificant, it will happen hehere where you have the esesent meeting with the presidentnt o russia who everyrybo i inot sure isis t l lear of russia. onone my favorite descriptions much of medvedev i is heayay be the most pololicical commemento in russia b becse u ultately he'll give h his inion on ings bubut enen putin the background is who is pulling the strings. we're playing along. president obama is m meeng with the rssian president rere as th're both heads state. they're goingg t announcee s so progress on nuclear arms duduion. they're e go to have some dispututovoverisissi defense and ovover ether it's t tru the russiansns bieievet is a future threat themmndnd we're araring, no,ththiss about protectingng eamamndacactuly russiaheheelves from eheher a ththat torran or north korea. and then the oer partwe won't he whiich i is what didbaba ask the r rusans when itomom to
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iran and n noh h korea? whwh a arehey going to try to sh them behind the scenes to do publicly? the ruruss president is allll about i in -- north korea i iss more of athreat in hisis eyes than iran iis, so that will be interesting what they y lklk aut behind the scenes o that issue,, joe.e. >> and, chucuck,let's g go from ruiaiao amican politics. atatas yourur take on sarahah palin's bombsbshennnnouement on ididay >>epeporr: first of all, i can seee alaska from rsia. ththk k yovery much. >> w wow nilylydone. >> reporter: it wawas easy. itit w eaeas no, ihink we're seeing more 0 evidence today that, you knknw, it depends o o whatouou vw sah palin's futureat. y y think -- if her future wasuupped to be some day becoming presiside o ofhe u unid states, ththenhehe took attep back by quitting h her first te midterm. ifif y believe she going to be some day e e of t t more
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ininflntial conservative inkers or l lears or cocommtatars in the ne 20 arar then perhaps sh took a a step forward. you know,shsh is going to o bei month a v ver -- veve the possibility ofbebecong aerery riri woman. she'sgogoing to g get tv and rd offers. shshs going tbebe able t give paid speechch.. ddenly she'll come fr h havg d dea with all t tese legagal bills s e e wadealing with asas governor o of alasksk because h political e eneeses tre were trying toile ethihi cocompinin, to sdenly not havav to worry abt money a anyre and thquqution is,isis she going too ju jump t tha----ort of become a potical celebrity? she wants to challenge e e e sean hannnnits of the worldor rurush limmbahshs. maybe ththat n't what she wants. >>interesting. nbc's chuck todd reportrtin le omom scscow thanks very mucuch. chuck, w we'e c cheining ck in with you and t talng more about
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sarah palin. les s t pat's take. > whave to ask pat. what's your girirlfenend thinki? > tll us,s, pat. >> i think chkk is ptty close to the mak. if sarah palin wa thinking ouout coming president of the united states, she'sakak a real stete backwardsds. joe and mia,a,henyou take a look a t the reasons s she gave, her k kid all said get o.. please get o o and hells, get t.t. at the same e ti she's got these hihi charges.. it sounds likshe has really hahad ough of the kd of abususe dd bting she's benen getting. anandif that't'shehe casese,ouo really wanan t t get ito that caldron ottresidential campaign? my guess is i d don know atat she's going to do, if shehe's going to pull backck, itite r book. i would doubt radio, tv spchchescampaigning in the year 2010 across the untry for threpublicans and raisinin money. anand enent the endf 2201 take lolo at itit. but t erere'no doubt if s tas s a ok at it a goes for
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the presidency, thehe ideahe dropped out afteter 1/1/22 yrs ll be aeeal drawbackck >> you knkn,, pat, i agree with yo i think tre's also one oerer gle here. is is womanan who since sh got onon mccn'n's ticket starte gettttinthics charges a a her left a and igight they don't't he e lot off mone. th'v'v got$$5000000 i in debt. shshe sees her polititalal star getting chipped a awa at everer day and i tink she pobobly al h hado make a lllation. ththesbibillwill be a aillion dollars. political enemies arr't't going tostst. we'l'lle e a llion dollars by the time i get out. maybe she decided i ed to get out,t, p off those b biss f the ke of my family before it't's too late. again, -- >> maybe shehe'susus a ququitr.. >> nonodonny, i it not that sile, donny.
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ifouou wt toooook at this j jt eoeolocally -- >> y yea let's d do it that wa >> w why d d't you justoook at t from a predicicblble, left-wing ideologigicapopotion. >>ononnyeutsch can fill t tha le. >> it't'veveryvery simplele. >> no, at, let m m fininis she got elected officice. she hass 1 months toererve ou shshe gned a contractith her electorate and whahaveverissues ee has,s,hoseoolls will be waining r her. pert murdoch will b waitingg for her $3$3million to $5 miion a yyea to me she' a quitter andnd there's nothininelelseo say, peririodenend of ststor >> i i don't owow w why we lete ofofththatway. >>'m not lettingerer off.f. this is j jttne -- wyeonon kn wh i i dot think it was -- d don ththinshe felt goododababt what she did because she d it on thfrfrid before a long holidayay weekend, and that's whwheryoyo go -- >> what ifbama quit riighow? how wowoulwewe fl about him?m? > sometimes it's notot bck a whitite. >> it's never r blk k an itite. >> i'll l gi yoyou e exaxalele
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gogot ttof ofoffi.. i had been elected f f my furth rm and in may, five mononss after itarted my fouourthhterm, i had qqui i d did not tell peoeolele for g time why i i qt.t. and of coursee ass a trial attorney told me w wenen i was young lawyer,hehe said if y you giveve t j jy a chancetoto thin e worst about youour client, they'll think t the worst abouot your clilieno gett all ou well, i couldn't getet it all o beususit involved - had a 14-y-yr-r-olson t t time goining rorouga lot of probobl. and his biggest proboble w was dad was gogone00 nights out off the eaear, took him toto counselor. evybody said, all right, here's thehe deal.l. your son eiereroves to washington with you u orouou me home a a l livwith your son. there's no othth option. we werer't't going toipip hihi o s s home. soso had to t utut. i had toto quit. everybody callll m me ququitr.. atat's why when you say s s's a quitter,r,hehe's a quitter, a
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it's thattsimple. yeah, mamaybitit i that ssime.. but my desision w very s sime and i was totold- - >> yours was a aelelfls decision. >> i was told -- i w wasolold u either g gouou of officee or yor 14-year-old son isis gngngto be paying for aveve long time. y y madethe rightdecision. >> and everybody calllled me a ququitr.r. that wasn'tt easy. so all i'm sayiying is let's,a bubuchananlet's itit and see wh t t other shoe where t t otherhoho dropops. >> joe, youou make t good points. onone iss yourr son. keke look at the beatining r r kids have bebeenetetti ever since this womanan wasvice presesenent >> she exacecerbeded it. >> hold oon. let meme tkk here. she got a beatinganand they're filing one cplplai after anotheher,$500,000 is going out toto fht these ethics complalain.. she's knocked d wnwn13 of 1 more arere coming.. her time in t governrnor ofce is there spentororki on
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these e colalats and, ququit ankly, she was ready toeaeave thee alaska governorship t tbeb vice preresintntf the united states. now it's her family and n nowits thth money and a these burdens. look, the ideahe justaalk ouout dduit ihihink is really unjust to hhhen you consiside ththe ndnd ofpopounng she's bee tting by the frrndndsf donny y deutsch. >> i thkk if thisere amaman we wouldn't bealalki about the popoding. shshe'a a puic oicial. apounding? >> actually she d ditake a popodiding >> i think shehe'setetng it because she's aa woman.. nobody elsese's family would ha taken ththatbeating. >> by the way,ff she was concerned about her daughter, shshnever wououldavave createdd times the media c covagag by wat she e did, and shshould not be paradingng aunund "p"peoe" gazine. so woeoe me. they take e atat dghter tt and theyoomaicize being an 18-yeaeaolold mother, she's fighting againinstt,t, i wish had the "peoeopl m magine spread thth m sheseseed her daughghteupup..
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my18-yeaear-dd dghter had a child at 1 18ears old, thee lst inin i'd b doing is parading her around. > s didn't parade her arorod at all. e e dia went after her. "people" magazine.e. shshe posed fofoitit. >> let's bring i in kaka mika, whatat'souour ke on all of ththis >> i'm not surure ererto start actualally i think there'e's definitely sothing that has cacaus thihis. i just tnk -- i'm notot sure e word quitttt a appes to sarah papali it mayay not be the nd of -- o,, no, no, , i ininshe's trying to doomething with this, i'i'nonot sure it's going g tooror but i dodon'ththinshe's a quitter. but if i voted for r he i's ugugh r heher. >> i totally a aeeee she let th teters down. >> i undersrsta w wt you're saying. . >> and i thinkthth may be a bad political moveve b t tn again i ththkk there are so many surises inolitics theseseayays anansoso many angles togetting frfr p poi "a" to pooinb" she may have plpla d d i don'n'teeee her leaving because of theeaeang her
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mily has taken because t the have been taking one since d one. ian't even imagineewhwhat at thisisoiointhey haven't enduredd as aamily togetherer >> mika, lett me askk y otothe-- let's take this from another angle. and i agreeewith yoyo i don't think it's just the bting that e family okok. i think there's someththin else ere. i'm jujustotot sure whatit is. let's talk abbou how she presenente rsrsel we'll l around o o this o one quick by ly cause we have to go to eak. we c canalal about tisisall morning. yoyou andd were two of the onl people, ii thiink a athe bebegiing to talk about how w great she did at thehe rububcan nationonalononveion, how she ju -- and pat,ff course, but it's h h girlfriend soee rllly don'tt c cou that. hehe in love ddhe always will be in love with sarah. but, y, ass ias watching herr on riday, ooug i was- and i'juju talking styliststalally i thought she wass jumbled.. i thougughthehe w rried.
6:14 am
i i thghghshe was fraraicic. that was a prerepa -- i kept thking this is pprerere isis ia prepared tetex i thought-- i ouout she wawas again,, i i don't think wanted to be out ththe.e. i d don t tnk she w wand to gii this speeeeh.h. i dodon'ththk she wanteded to ge it at this time. >> ionon't either. something came to m m mind t ti thght, good lo,, is t the a teiblescandadal? what has prrptpted -- inwo ekeks e's gone. inwo weeks? are youididdi meme there'ss definitely something thth has prompted this and something big, wthth it's atvtv de or a major, m maj -- >> criminall investigation. >> an iestigation or scandal, but itit a -- >> why wouould i have guesseded criminal investigatition >> i have aa response tohat you said about paradidingerer dghter t.t. i'll wait ununti later beuse i'm nott gngng to do ttt in a rurush >> what were y you thinking?g? >> well,,ikik you sa, we have nobebe reflececti palal hate
6:15 am
harsrs. we've tried d d defd her when apapprririe against the wild attacks. i i veve tsay watching that on friday saying that p pern n caot be president based d onhehe delivery, b beded on the conten. itasasn'a coherent statement.. >>ould you a arereeith that, pat? m sorry,mika. >> y'r'r right. if you're talkingng a aut the apapararan on friday, wldld you say that's presidential material? wowoulsay no. but ido a agr something triggegereththis because i iwaw unprepared. it was spontaneoeo.. it just went out t the, , rt of a lelet'geget is over witit attitude, i thoughght,n n he remarks. > donny, pat, stayitith us. obobvisly a lot to t tal about is morning. coming upnbc's andndr mitchelll live f fromm wasilla, alaska w more onn t palalin faout. also, "vanity fair's" todd purdum, whose artrtic on palin revealed moreeriritism from t mccain cacamign, plus senatat chchd lugar will be on the show. he'l'll ere to tkk about oboba'a'overseas trip andnd
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nuclear nonprolifefetitionfforts and "the washshinononost's" jojonaan capehart on ee show today. we'll also head t california for the lest on mhaha jajasoson'memorial tomorrow. >let's no cacawewe jst keep it east. >> the sries politico is wowoing on. >> the beat t isowow (man) i'm thinking everything... including who i trus to look after mon ♪ (woman) thdust might be settling... tt's great, but i'm not. ♪ (second n) i guess i'm just done with doing nothing, u know?
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> an t thi pootitica surdity, the plitics of personal destruructn,n, todd ani we'r're oking at m mrerehan hal a million dllllar in lal bills ju i iorder to s set eeerd straight. 's's ptty insane.. my staff andnd spend stst of or day dealing with tis stuff instead of progrgresngngur state nonow. >>hahat'whatouou said, joe, 00,000 in debt. she's gotoo make smeme moneyey >> and shshe' going too k kee getting hammered, right, so maybe it's a mimiioion by the te
6:20 am
she avaves i'm no s sayg this iss y she'ss doing it but today she c canalk out, s s can makee $60,000 a spspchch, ifogog els dcides to t t he on at0:0:00 in greteta' spot the ean make $4 mimiion, million, shehe can do dio, make another $10 mmlion. evever presidedeiaial candidate the republicanidid willanant her therere. that's p problbly re appealingn to h herhahan getting hammered- i'm not sayayint's rhtht. i'm not saying it's wrong. i'mm not saying it's g gngng t happen but it is importantnt to ink about sarah palin n as media figure.. let's rememeerer iyou're atv executive, the highesest rated aturday night live" " in5 5 years the onearar palin was on. she'll be through theoooo in thmedia. >> rememembe t t convention? e ooutteted she outrated barack obabama amazing speeee in
6:21 am
colorado thahat s s eigighe ted convention, ttt gop convention, , years. other than sararah lilin, it wa the most boring convention i've ever seen inn mlife. >> it wawas. sarah palilinn attracts viewers. i i suect in the end it's about atat debt. an thhat c be selfless. you can look atour childrere okayay, going to be struggling for t the rest ofofhi lives. >> i it' aut offefers >> for her i think is a veryy wonderful moveve >> let's b bng mike alelen into the corrrresndndt, the chief cocorrpondent for politico. . >> he'll know. a look atat t p potiti playayok playbook. join the conversation.n. what was your take whahat pppped on fridaday? >> as always, c chk is rrig. shshe' gogg to be rich and fas. wealked to her advisers lastst night. e e ofrs you all were talkinin about alrereyy pououri in. ininrerestgly enough from left,
6:22 am
right, and centete.. all kinds of mediaiargrganations by day a areakakg fun of her, by nit are coming to her,begging hetoto join their organization. eueuro right about the peeches. shs s ing to startofoff on a paid s saking tour ririgh away. she'll finish up her bkk by ll and then t tss spring s shell be out promotingg t the book. a danger forher, thhghgh, far the more t theaiaitream media go after her, the better it iss for her. shshe n n sh mmed. but ---- >> mike,oo on one second. w we want get some livive pictureses he.e. this is the e wrthth ling cecemony. presesidt t oba's in russia, moscow. esese e live ctctes in ss firstt ent in russia. it's a wreatath laying ceremonyt the rusussi tomb off the ununno soldldr.r. let's pause for moment and take aook here a at isis ceremony takakg g ple.
6:23 am
all l rit.t. we'relolookg att live ptutus out t of moscow. president obamama,hihiis the first trip to russia inn ven yeyearand this isththe first cemonial event ofof this oo-d trip.. president obamat the tomb the unown ldier. wel monitorr is and we'll have ee video as well coming up
6:24 am
throughout oururbroadcast. willieie, t to u and mike alaln. >> aotot more from moscow. mike, , ba t to uon sarah palin. put this intnto meme pspective o.o. dny's point earlier, e's not the first polilitianan to comeeununde attack she is one of the first to quit midstream. atat different ababou her situation? well, it may not b diereren she sasa in herrppch she was going to prove s's not a quteter d she's doing it b ququtiting not clear thatat'soioi to work busoso f this is woing for r. her very nararw,w, intensnse audience. you saw h onacacebk s syiying the reaction was predictable and ironic. whwhene see t offers, wee understata w whashe means byy te ironicicpapar but t th dangerr f her i that shs s gog to tip over from being a victct thehe meded to being a c cacacatu of herself. th clip -- you g gu always plplayhe very belip out the day.y. it's incredible. when she talked abobout ogressing our state fwawa, i
6:25 am
hehearthat voiceand i diidn kn i if thatatasas tinana f or her. that's a a obobm for heher. so far s shss going to b out amamg the topics talking aboutu our sosolers. shee canalk a aouout energy independnden, , rit to lifefe b she's s soso gng to bash th dia and a as you a a know t thas alys a good meall ticket forr id speaker. >> some conservativivhinkers say, bill chrkristol, s saishsh might be crara b butrazy like a fofox. this still may b be plplanor 1212 what do yoyou inink out that? >> or she ulul just be crazy. ii know thatat she will consnsi rurunng in 1212 e e pls to go out a and do thhee heavy slslatofof aearances inn thlolor 48,be asthey calall stuff in alaska and then after she's raised a a buncnch m mon collecteteio, then she'll dedede >> all rigightmimikellen, so much m mortoto tk about. weweppppreate it. >> czyzy like a ox. i i hed that. >> bilill isisl. but 201212, dodon'see that.
6:26 am
i guess b bi kristololsasaidhat and a couple o oth conservative commenentarsrsho said this mht a good move for 2012.. s s's taking greta's pot. >> maybe that's her yy to study up. alririgh lelet'take a look at the papers, llllie >> a look a athe "wall strtrt t journal," ndndur, standoff hes s up. e e exed president trieso flfly ckck into t thecountrtry, rcrclethe airportwice andd they w't't let h him land. wewe'lbe talking more about that story, "the new yoyorkimimes despite crcrisis, licy on an stillengagement. "the w whihingn post" in moscsc obamama f foc on arms ntrol. we talked to dick lugar about that lerer "houststonhrhronle," what a ststory this s.s. stevee mcnair, the e ontitimefl mvp, d dthth red a homicidide. in nashville, tenessee. aisis inalale traffickingng victims seseen sa toy"," mcnair'sththerife to light.
6:27 am
he was killed in a room with -y-yeaold who waspparently hihisgirlfriend but just a terrible, terrible story. >> oh, my gosh. there is a picture off federer. did you see it? > ttt mch -- >> t thawawas unbelievable. >> even though he lost, you ha toto bso proud of andy rododckc. he just playeyed his heart out. we'll haavehat in sports.s. >> unbelievablble. ii m ball for b bal s sve for seserv >> he's a great t d,d, bthe way, also.. >> he is a great g guyutut h never roseseo o thoccasion ever. he did it -- he did it yesterday. h he d. >> a n new trainer, itit's intereststg g hoit paid off. >>e'e'going to be around for a a whe and he's going start winning someme majors. >> ferer is not mama he's a a machine. >>ikik "roock iv." ouour first lookk a a donny deu d mika,hehe mustst-rd d inion pageges s sar palin.
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kind of consider mylf a robinhood of the directing world.d.
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welcome back to o "mnining jojoe. just momentstsgogo president oba laid a a eath at the ssian to of the unknown soldier.
6:32 am
today he'll tt downiith president dmitryededvev for the first summit seven years. e ldede are to focus cutting t the n nlelear arsenal signing an agreement as early as today. th ousted presesenent of hondnds is again vowowin return tothte untry after mitity vehicles prevented his p pla frfr land g y yeerday. instead,d, hheheed for el saadador violent clclhehes ntinued to fle up with at least one peon killed in fifighngngn sunday.. and police in los ananleles e bracing for r maivivcrowds ahead of tomorrow's memomori service r michael jackson. asas many asas 1 1 millioneele cod flood the s strts near t staplelececent althoughonly abt 17,000 tickets werereaade avavaiblbl now someeoeop are caainingn jackson's family toelelp cover th costssf sececitity and saninitaonon. willie?? >> thanks, mika. an early check onn business liv from lonondos you l loo at the rket boards fmm late last weweek cnbc'sefeff ccutrere joins us from loon.
6:33 am
>> reporter: good morning g to you. 're watching this gm story.. obviously a federarajujudge sayg sunday that thheycocoul sell soe of the keyey assets in the businesshere to a gogornrnme-backed vehicle that will help gmm alg the roadadto restructurinin o of urse, and getting themem bk k ou of chaptr 11ankruptcy protection. e e maet story intererestg.g. we are negative o on our europe mamaetets d quite nestly waiting alallyor earnings season to kick off on w wnenesd until we realllly see wh kind f money companies aremaking. a a lo of investors w wl not b confident bying stock at these current leveve.. one story to wrap up wih, red faces in thentelligence mmmmuny here in the uk. i guess they talk about intelligencecenn governmentt circles s beining oxororon they foundnd out, of f urse, the n n head of mi-6, ss we,e, haveve been pting photograrass o ththeiloloon hohome their three
6:34 am
ililen, lots of other psosona details s on f febook page. it took a newspaper to pot t ou to the intelligence mmmmuny this infnfortiti was there. obviously it's beeneeled now but, boy, a lot o o embarrarass people in ththe british government. >> wow. ththat u unftunate. u u ha to see that. >> hate i it when itt happens. >>ouou knw,w,mike willllotot ge on the social networkingngstuff. itit'shehe devil. >> i agree. ey, i agree. >> i'm n n on fafaceok. >> he hahatealal of iit. >> i'mresisting. >> are you on? i'm embarrassed to s s my fofos talked me intoto i but i o ththk we are watoo overcocoececteas a society. >t's timeoouming to the point of ridiculous. >> jonathahancapehartrt,e knono ereryby. >> he's line rigight now. >> up next "the washihingn n post's" jonanath capehart. >> oh, relly? he's'shere. >> andnd ma'a'must-read opinion ges.
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now w mo t thaever,
6:38 am
>>ththe uble standadathey put michaelacacks is a contradiction. st like i went t t g gin for michchaeinin the gina six we co there for chael jackson. there's a doububle standard, bebecaee when you have h h othe entertrtairsrs that hadad quest in their life, you d not dedeadade d deny g gre them before theiruneral likee yove done mimichll jackson.
6:39 am
i'm not a askgg you too cover michael. m saying show the s sa respect for michael andnd michael'ss fai yoshshed for frfrankk sinatra aa elvis presley and eveverodod else. >> this low fe, chchae jackckso allll or r th tetevivisi. that's all w we hear abt. this g g w was rvrvt. he was a a cldld mester. heheasas a pedestriophihile no one wants t to anand and say weweonon'teed michael jackson. ere's nothing good abobouthihis guy. heay have been a good guy, d did some ncing, but the bottom m line is would you l let your chd or grandchildn the same room michael jackson?
6:40 am
t the good congressman from rhode islandnd. >> i remembe the nexext day thee were stories a all over after elsrereey died ababou h how he s s a pillabuser. heivived freakish lifestyle. ananhe died while in his bathroom sober. there was no d deicacati of elvis esley. > hwas not convicted b i don't think anysaneperson does not thinink w was inappropriat d d edatory w wit children.n. rereprentative king goes a little ereme butwe've lost perspectcte.e. man, the guy sang anan h dance. is is insanane. >> wat tv coverage is al sharptonon tctcng? ha y youurned on the tv lalalyly? it's glowing walall w wl. >> the tinkling piano - >> stp.p. >>ichael jackson - -- a a
6:41 am
seririslsly 's like prinince diana ed. > tt's the exact -- >> that was over the t tops s well. >> , it wasn't. that signals rererend jackson t showow up. edidiririal writer for "e e washington posos - -- >> i want that t hatotoo on for a month orr two. oh, my god, jonathan,, gd mornining. >> mika, i i hear soaany vceces. >> yeah. >> you kw,w, you ededto talk o yoyourouounsor about thaha jonathan. so, really quickly b beususwe really don't want tooalk about th, , buwhat's your take on michaell jackson? e e yo moralal shaharpnn or more peter king? >> i think i'm ineieith camp. i know revererdd sharpton veryr well and i i think that -- ihhik the revevendnd iwrong. he's not being denigrated. is is a man who h has faininat the rlrl for as long as hehe's been onn t stage, andnd this isa guy who had fewisissu.. and d lee e asideththe pedophila we'realalng about his
6:42 am
adction to prescririptn n drugs, the cmetic surgrger all sorts of thihiss that he's done that' mamadeim very fascinating. coreressn king goes way ererbod and is beyond obnoxious inin sing oo was this gu he did a ttttle singing, a little dancicingikikhe was a careret t. he dancecea a lile. >> come onon. a a lilele extremem > think th'r're th wrongng i think m mchael j jaconon is gettining stst theind of coverage he shshou be g gtting because e w wasuch an iconn figure f for t the 50 yearsrs t s s ststag >> i'm in jonathan capehart's camp.. >> do you think ththe c covage brbrinng to the s surcece as muh as it shld -- weall them susues this is not pipill popoppg.g. this is ptentially abusing chchilenen iidot.t. i thinknk representative king i little extrememe b t thiis not juju - -- t aside the pepedoilil. i don't t thk k yocan put that aside. >>elel put asasi in the sse itit'shehe00-pound gorilla in
6:43 am
the room. everyone k kno a autut it. right now everyone i is celebratatg g thlife. once we get p pa the funeraral d the crpy presscocoerence by jojoe jackson, then we'lltart talking abouout isis uff. >> j jatatha let me get pat buchananan t takon this. pat,t, pleasese ur analysis. >> i w wou not spend a lotot o me in bedford sti. my view is basically this.s. michael jackson h has ermrmsly vorable covereragand people veve bught these things up because in the last 1515, y yrs you hahavehehe k hanging over e balanceceonny, the trials, th allegations, all the strangeness. ththk it's been comprehehenveve and oorarall very irir and overall l 's's bn extremely
6:44 am
positiveve f michael jjacon. i t thkk he's doing far bebett n dedeatthan he was ininthe latest years of h hislife. >> there you o.o. d, pat, lele's's move ono sarah papan because actually sincece we've been talking,,ctually ckckedn op-eded ttt we d dott have wririenenut on the see for yoyouececau it apies to e conversasaonon. this is the e neww writerfor "t w york times." pan and her enemies -- ltete totoththis. the l lesns of sahah palin. male commentators w wil attack you for parading your children. female c cmementors will atttta you forr n stayingngomomeith them. yollll bsnerpdatat how you tatak and hohoww many colleges y you atatnded. you'u'llndndure jibs about your ututtyooooks and wtete trash -- >> i went aftererher. > t proronenent female acadec dedecles thatp gatatt hypocrisy is the prprense that yoyou e e woman. eight months afterer t theleleis ththoswho pressed you i int the rvice of a gimmicky idea-free
6:45 am
campaign wllll still bee blamin u u r theirdeat. all l this has sometethi to do with ordinary ptisan politics but everything to dodo wh h palin's gendererndnd h social class.s. >> mika, let's takake isis bk to the veery begiginng.g. wesasa an i immiate reflectiv radd hate of f sah h pan from ththfifirssecond she was nonound. >> yeah.h. >> we always tkk about going t o all these mededia eventss behind-the-scenes whenen s w w cong to nnnnealis. thatatasas aeal e-e-ening experirien.. forget all off theailures teteards. forgrgetllll othe bad mistakes she made. foforg the kaatiee couric intervieie >> that's the proboblewiwi it. >> this s -- thisis w a respononse before anybody knew anhihingboutarah palin other than she was froromm alaask she was a woman. she wass pro-life andd she was conservative. >> rrht. anand a motherr of five. jonathan cahaha, hang in ere
6:46 am
one e second. j jst want pas take inerms ofhaha i just re. is t tt t the bottom line, her backgrououndhehe social status and the fact th she was a woman? >> i ihihink- i think it really . i'not sure what she didid t justify the sasavaryry o attacks on her. i can understatandn n th campain t the campaign'ss been over fo seven, eight months. th'r'rafter heronstantly and i think iisis beecaee o her clcls, her backgkgunund,er charisma, , hegogo looks, her nsnsertism and all that. i think it is anti-women i in way. jujust have nevever seen anybybd piled onthat way wh is sisimp the govevern o ofllas and a deated v ve e pridential candidate. soso tre's really mething at rk here. i think it's no normalal natutura or healthy y inhahat s done to o r.r. >> okay. i want to get to jonathanan.. we'll get t toouou as soon as se can but, mika, i it' important s aomanfofor you to draw this out of you.
6:47 am
when w whayoyousaw,w, before ane sasarah palin couldn't d danan interview or ansnswe t the esestis katie couric asked, e e reonse from thehe media,, fr t the top m mia in the world. it was because shewawas pro-life and m mee decisionshat baback t thaand she had a very significanancoconsvative v vie i think there e wemembers of th media,a, the mainstreream me, who couldnonot get their a arm around t thaanand wanted to sho r r fore she even gototutut the. the bottom line isis she was a rrrrif candidate and that, unfortunately, compmpliteteit even momore. from t t get-go, theyee out to g g her. >> after t tha speech americaa fell in love whh her. >> america di the media a donny, america fell in love with h her and f fr the very - when she broroke out, sh was excited a a ieel like i was the evenly m meerer of the mea who was a little b bit
6:48 am
excited by her. i just thoughthihis working motherhoodod bugug to a whhol new lelel l an this is a r re oprtunity here. but, wow, i havav n nev seen ything like what i saw onthe campaign t tra b bind the scenes. e e mea was so exciteted a autu brgigi her dodown ananmamaybe they could ha snt some time in chicago with h th same curiosityty. >> and,d, jonanaanan mikaoesn't sathis by guessing, peoplele ululd cl her from majajor nenetwks a papers saying basically i hopepe ts s la gets takekedodown >> let's not inin of thiss a democrats justst pilinggon saraa palin evven after beein defeate republicanan vice presidential cacaididat a lot of thettacks on sarahah palin in the last t w w mohs and certainlnly e e st few weeks hahaveome from otherer republics and republicansns f fro the mccain/palin mpmpgn.
6:49 am
so i t tnknk this hasoothing more to dothan with t t mediaia itite piling on sarah palin or momocrs piling on erer therere' somemethgg about her tt jujustroveeoeopl azaz >> ye >nd i will say om the moment she wasnnnnnced as vice presidential nominee, i rprpitting in my hotel room and lookikingererp sayining whos this person n beususe i'd never hed of herer before. and i thougug a and i wrote a l column for our p pospapartan blog t tt t sa i'm not so sure ababt this. she's greaea wh the base but if yoyore picking a candidatete w pleases your b be e thday before yourur nioiol conventiti,, sosomeinins wrong. wl, there was a a t wrong wiwith t t campaign anand, dode ststilhave ttata about the sisituion with the kids becacae, pat buchanan, justst twrwr things u up rere, don't think itit'secause she was a woman. i think it's becausese s w was mother o ofifivend she had a ve s sll baby. i i thk k pele had a lot of ason to attack r,r, both menen and women. and she was u utitimaly
6:50 am
incompetent. > ihink one of thehe reasons , look, whehe she was picked, shshwas a phenomenalandidate for r th first twowo weeks befo leleanan bthers coapapd. mcmcca went from nine bend to four or f fiv aheadad d she w w the sole rereon. think thatat w what set offthe bersererbebeases. >> and,d, agagn,n, we wrrap u talking first hour, noodydy is defyi dedeing her here. heher performance onn friday was terrible andrarais a lot morere questions but athe same time the's no doubtndnd that's what was said i i "the times" there are a lot ofpeople out to g get heher omom t begegnining >> jonathan, hang outut we'll be right back.k.
6:51 am
6:52 am
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roge federer and tiger woods perhaps the two greest in their sports inhe history of their spos. fred row begin has highlights from both of them. >> reporter: good morng. it was a wimbledofinal. rogerfederer gunningor his 15th grand sltitle. american andy rodck is the number one player in the world all he could handle.
6:55 am
ed at two sets apiece, fifth set, no easy test for federer. final frame nt to a record 30 mes. ed roddics played the best. federeme out on to winning his 15th grand slam and sixth wimblen tight until a 4:16 marathon. fr one channmpion to another, tiger woods hostinand winning his owevent. i don't know if that's fair but ger has proved over the years he can do just aboutanything. the birdie sealedt for woo. finished 13 under to win the at&t nationa and will donate all tournament winnings tois foundation. >> as host i always wante do this so just bear with me. so, ger, how did you play today? wellit was a tough da go off to a slow start but hunter really put the pressure on us. oh, did he really? bo he shot 62. what didou think about that? welt -- i always nted to do that. thank you. >> well, the guy doe it l.
6:56 am
basketball, rasheed wallace has agreed to a two-year deawith the boston ctics. all-stars pied. the cards' albert poled all vote getrs with 5.3 million. jeter an the yanks gave away a pitriped mustang before their game against th blue jays. only fitting the srtop sign the glove box much of the car. clearly in a giving move jeter pped atwo-run homer. the yanks have won ne of their lastten. throwing out the first pih can be nerve-racki. as mark wahlberg airmailed the toss t the plate. if at first you don't succe, give it another hot. his second atmpt a bit high t over the plate. as for the game, t sox sred five in t seventh inning, mark k kotsay scod. that's it r me. we'll talk to you morrow. >> thanks a lot, fred.
6:57 am
i love the yankees but drivi around town in a pinstripedord mustis a little much. comi up next, news you can't use. politicians asleep at e switch.
6:58 am
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7:00 am
> is it timme? >> it is. time for a quick version. >> hurry,y, willieie. >> remember whenenhehe vice prididt of the united s stetes was sleeping inneting. happens. schedule a meeting during nap time and the guy takes nap. mimi, , it time to show t tat videdeo y youave it. >> thank you, t.j.j >> thehe h he snanappg.g. >> it'ss xcused. the s saker ofththe house of paiaiant the other day w was giving very important speech to that governing bdydy andhere arsoso shots of the captivated lalaakakeror m maeehey'reuust deep in t thghght nsidering the
7:01 am
portance of the legislatioion the table. no o oenenseo you, ma'am, butut the whole place e isslslee >> oh, dedear you memeanorore than o person fell asleep? >> apparentlyly i iwas somethin imimpoant, too. g getlate in the day, it's friday, it's a holidayay weekend -- not fororhehem t for us. maybe they were aware e oft.t. >>. th celebrate fourth of ju. >> s stoit. w wha else? that's it. >> yo need oneore? okay, one more. a traditiononunlike any other. it the athan's hot dogating ampionship fourth of j jyy ekekd. he it is. jojo chestnut.. he's now - -boy, he's's a legen at this ppoi.. hiss trd straight hoho d d eating ttlele. t this, heset a n world record. he beat hisis o world rrecd,d,in fact, eaeati 6868 h dogs and buns in ten minutes. >wow. he beat hihiop challenger, h hi rival, kobayashi. ofourse last yearhehe mpetition washrhroud in controversrsy enen iended in a titie. > ty took to the streets. >> they had to havenn eatofoff. >>t's been a restless y yea f fr
7:02 am
me. >> now wee c c sort oflolose tht loop and there's urur champion, joey cchenut. joey chestnut. >> i have great respect. >>hehe assembly of perts ighs in. >> congratulalatis s mr. chesestn. . >> all right.. to news in one second. reallyquickckly llie, we have donee, we have patat buchanann weighing i in, o ofcourse,e, ona palin, also jojonaanan ce heart ofof "the washington post.t." also want to get to iran.. some fcinating things happening in iranan thisis hr we'll have todd pupuum who wrote the "vananitfafa" piecee that really se i iink, a lototf evenentsinin m moton tt could -- cldld -- have l up too last frday. we're going to b bealalng to todddd purduum, a controversial artiticlonon ththeright. conservatives veryryngng with todd purdumum'seporting and mee of t mccain pelele leaking.. as we talalke about lasas week, start this h had back and forthn ththeepeplican party. >> yep.
7:03 am
and we'll be tkiki too nbc news ododuc as well in terms of t t tutuatn in iran.. we'll get thattdadat as well ming up. let's tkeke a look at today's p stories now. president obama is inoscow this morning for the fst u.s./russian ummit. he's m meinin with russian esesent mdvdved to discuss a plan toededuce bothcountry'y's nuclear stockpiles. just moments ago ee leeerer expressed confidenceceheheir meetetin will produce progress.. china's statate medias reporting ththattt least 140 people have been killed in e eticic unrnres thwestern part of ththe ununtr hundredsdsff homomesnd vehiclel were desestreded as police clasd with a muslimminority grp. upt t er the gogovnment's handling ofecent deadly fight involving itss ollowers. vicece psisint joe biden says the u.. will not interfere witit howw i isrl deals with iran's nuclear ambition. still - >> isn't it t inrerestg, joe bibin n bacally said we're not going to get in israelel'sayay. if they a attkk iranan >> let m me ay that forr you.u.
7:04 am
>>fascinating. >> in a separatatinterervi,, mie mullen warne a mililita strike coululd have seous consequences. take a listen. >> israel can determine e fo itself as a a sorereignation whwh's's itheir interest and at they d decde do relative to iran or anyone else. >hether we aggre or not? >> whether we agree or n.. theyeye e entight told do atat. any y soreren nation is entigh to do that. if the netanyahu governmentnt dedeciss to tatake a courseof actionon, atat i their sovereig right to do that. at is not our choioice >> isrsraewants to l lach a strike to stop iran's nlear capapabityty, ere's nothing the u.s. can do is that ight? >>well, i i he been for some time coconcnened ouout any str on iraran. i rry aboutt being very destabilizing not just inn a of ititlf but unintended consequences of a strike l like that. >> that's fascinating. that's a loo the news. what do you makeke ofththat and thth we'll get bkkto sarah h palin. >> isten, the irians have n
7:05 am
helped t tirir cse obviously a l, killing mem in the streets. babara obama wanted to havavee momorepepen dialogue with them. but right now if you l lkt atatoe bidenaiai pat bu buchan chchan, it looks like the obama administrationfofo nowss wawaining eir hands. there are no lines theanan rr israel. he said in e efefect if ty want to attack iran, thatat theirir bubusissss. >> he did and i ink, joe,, tt is higighl irresponsible o onth pa of joe biden. look, , the israelelis tr to a attack iran, thehey' h he to go ovover- - flover iraq where 've got -- where we've gotot a a the equipmpmenththerand the planes there thatould make u u cocolicit and you'd have a a lo of americans d as a consequence of that attackck a the wider war it would crereatin the middle e eas i cannot believevehahat e government o of e e ited states ululd ll the israelis it's's to yohether y want to widen
7:06 am
ththe r r the middle east. >> could itot be ththe obama administration whihi,, by t te way, has beenn criticall-- has beenriritized for beinggtoo so o o iira c cld it be tha at this point theyey'rtrtrng to sesend memesge? they tried the carroro here's's tstick. we're going toryry to talk to you, hololdsrael back f fmm attacking, and wwfter a month of thhis regime s shong their most thuguggi side,,owow they'r showing the ick. u u wa to p pay that waway,ell, israelels s onts own. >> here's thehe pblem with tt, joe, first biden has id we're going to ststay engagad d wi ir, which i think i is the right thing. secondly if israel starts t tha r, the uniteded stetes going to have toto fish it bececau the israelis can't do t the job whih would take a week offtrikes all over irarann again and agagand again. th c can do it.t. youannot give anonoerer country the power to take y into a
7:07 am
mamar war. imean, t tt's what happenened, quite franknk,, th the britstsin woworlwar ii when t the told the poles to go eaea and fighthehe rmans and we're on your de. >> p p bbucnana author o of "c"crchill, hitler andhehe unnecessary war."" available in bookstotore a a amamonon.c rightht now. 'r're going to have ali l lv in thehe udio in j jtt a meme. firsrst aa l litee sarah palin. shall we? because -- >> bebecae?e? > bauausehis smsms to be the roiling topic of the tabable and norah is statandgg by. >> wilili what was yourr take when you saw saermnn friday? > stylistically thououtt e was terribibletoto bquite honet with you. we've defended sarah papan n on some of thehe ttraoustttas made upon her. we're not papann haters liike lolotff people. i thought stylisticical h h performamae e on friday was nott go.. let's listete t t a little biti
7:08 am
whwhathe said about n not wanti to be a lame duduck governor. >> and so as i thought abobout this a anuncement that i i wouldn't runun f re-electioioand what t thamemes for alaska, i thought about, lll, how much nn some vernors have lame ducks. they maayb travel aroundheheir state, travel arounundtoto othe ates, maybe te their ovovseas, internationalaltrtrad missions. m my politicicia d do that. andhh i thought,ththat whatat's wrong. ny just accepthat lame ducuc ststatnd they hit the road. eyeyraw a paycheck and kinind milk it, and i'm'motot gng to put alasaska t tough that. >> a actlly aotot of themetet a lot of wkk done. >> all kidding aside -- >> all k kidngaside i must s say this was t theoioint of the speh wheree i was struckck byby vert and i fee over in my l livg g room and hitit mhehead no,, seriouslyly, mika, we hav
7:09 am
dended sarah palin here morere than i thkkust aboutut a any her show this s si of fox. the gigic, kaka, i didotot followow togic a aall. m m t going tounun for re-election so i'mm a lame duck. and, listen, thee people ththat defended sarahahalalinsaid, rack obama did the samame t thg in the senate when hean f for prident. fine if f yowawa to say that. he didn't quitisis job. but i dd not follllowthat logi. m m no running foror re-electct soso is the mostfficient thing to doutut to ququit >> well, a a couple ofthings. at we've efended herrrom is theidiculous attatack and thth chdish attacks thatwewe out there, and therere re many,nd enen tre were alsoo many, ma quesesonons out her candidacy and abouther ability to campaign t thawewe raised a as , too. and she did not riri to t the occacasi a as candidate. this news conference, herere' e oboblewith it, fundamentally. you're doing it on aay wherere clearly there's n no news verage
7:10 am
soso u're tryingtoto slide it unundeththe, leaving office in two weeks and ayear before youou term ends? i'i'm sorry, thatat a big one. >> t, tell us really quickly -- >>e have to get to norah. >> one of sarah palilin' strongest defendnds,s, iant to make s suri'i'right here. the logic o of rarapalin, i'm quittiti b becse i'm a lame duuk anan that's goingg twawast alaskan n x x doars. i don'treally getat, do u?u? ,hat was notththe conclusiveve argument. ththat looks like an aererthght. ion't wantnt t to on a ahese jun junkets. ne, don't go on them.. i will say this. m not bothered by, joeoe, e e one microphonene out therebeben in wasisill with one reporter o something. sah palin, as we indicatat today, can get a allhehe attentn
7:11 am
she wants just by y lklkinout in front ofof a crcropne. so the f friy thing -- is whwholtotownas been going wild all weekend overhahat press coerence but, gagain it was not thouough throughndnd that i evidenced as llll has been sayiyi f frothe way itoror of didisjntnt and stream of consciousnsnes >> nonow, for sure. that struck awell. let's bring in ief shington coespondent norah o'donnnnel who has b be coveringg tss story asell. norah, yourr take. reporter: well, i ithink on that same poinint,hyhy milk ,, shshe id? shdidn't have to m mlk it. it wasas s illogical, her statemenent. she could have decideddo o be a lame duck, announce she wawa't' ruruing and then noo on all those junkets. i thinkhe reason we're asaski is s s isararbarracuda. is is a woman whohoasas amazing grit, whichh i why peopleleike her. she e ha amazingg i inr strengt but she alals i think, ckck diipline andththat why she's so great to ver. th rambling, often inhehere
7:12 am
atatemts on friday out at her lake house about why s s w was doing this lefeft us all scratching our adads. yoyou veve jojor republicans around this cntntry saying what the hehecks she dog? and then it leled a a these rurumo.. because her cacaaiaignoesn't offer r up r rsonable exexplatatioabout why she would leave office a year early, then ththerare all these dierent ththeoesesut there a and i tught it wasas extraordinarary atat therers s rurs out there that shs being investigated foror embezzlement. i i ow you talked about t thi ad ththen thiscathing four-page letttterroroher attorney that we got today -- not today, ovoverhe weekend, sayayinesesseially this a a kennard, it's defamatory d the i actuallygoing to ryry extraordinary leleng and saying publicicly we a are not investigigatgg sarah palin. so it was nono according t to te bloggers oututhehere that she w being investigateded rr t rereas she stepped down.n. i thinink 's's more about something you w wre talking abot
7:13 am
this morningng i think she hasas azing ltltimlion-dollar offers outut erernot onlyer book deal but perhaps a tv deeal and radio d l d of course she camake a lot of moneyeyoioi that andnd s's had d it. whenen s talked out affectctgg change fromm outside the governmentnt, that'snene way sh thinks she can do it. >> donny y descsc has beeeen waitining. we're going t let him out bebeuse he's like a wldlddog. >> he is. > we're ging to let hi out f his dog g gege and you goo atta e,e, t, three, o,o, fiddo. >> sarahah pinin is atunning failure as governor. she broke her contract with the electorate that elected herer fr selfish republics,s, whetherer toto make monon, , whher she doesn'n't ntnto face the press. e signed a contract wiwi t the people that vovote w wch is the grtetestmerican privilege we have. and d fo whateverherselfish reasons, why don't w we just sa itshe failed. she is leaving ofoffi whether it's becauau t the's too much pressure on he and that's'st, guys.
7:14 am
that's it. i don't knowhyhy we look a at i y her way. >> and the seniorepepubcan in that state put out a statement crititizizinsarah palin for atat now it shohoulbebe noted, off urse, sarah palin beaterer faththernn terms of for g govn but she did put out a scathinin statement and thererarare number of repubublinsnsandrea mitchell isut there in wasilla, t tkiking to people who arare sesewith heher. she made a commitmtmt t tohe vovote o othat state and she's now leaving early. >> and that's a really g good question. t t y such a rabid response? i i asyoyohonestly because we don't know everything g t.t. we also know this s is w wan who wass l lached onto the national ste. she coululhahavehosen not to do it for urure, but she wasas launched onto the tional stage asas a a v vi presidential cande and she gat her all i every way thathe possibib could. s s e limitited potentially? she was thrown outthere, raake over the ccls and thehen bcame a media joke.. and now ththisss costingngher. >> people on both sidess jt for her and aainst her and talking
7:15 am
out this off amamer no, this is the first wmama in power with sexual apapal. ii nknknowt t sods crazy. memen n't know what to do with it. men n dot t kn what to do with it. we're useded tsesea woman in wewer nonthreatening -- >> does thatxpxpin your rabidndns?s? >> no, just think s's quitting. i think she's benen compelling fifigu.. think the a amecan public -- ii think theemedidi think pplpl inowower on bothidesidn't knkn h howo file that and that's why she causes this s ki o of craziness inin people. an-- >> bececsese of sexual attract? >> whether it's obseservoror i thinink ee is aascinating gure because of that reasoson. >> uh-huh. >> nobody says it. >> do you wantnt tgogo there or should think. > idid read an op-edthis p pt weweend, somebodyalalng about that she was one of the younger national f fures folollongngup n don dodonn what donny said. that's all i'll say. we need t underernene ather popoin t tugh, mika, and atats that a as uu idid, she gothrhrn
7:16 am
ouout there. we remember ee k kat couric interview but etet ttreite story here, t talngng aut her vice presidential l rubebecae a lot ofofeople pass it off as fafaile. pat talks ababou how she hped pupu mccain ahehead a and shehet remember a at e e en of the mpmpai whichh vice presidential candidate was taken o oft the campaign trail and wch one w outhere drawing thousananand thousands ofof people? it was joe biden atatas tangng off on t tampaign traiail. it was sarahah pinin w really hit her stride at t th e end s again, for h failure ahe's d many, let's n n forget. she was extraordinarilil effective asas aicice esidential ndndide. >> joe, i i thk k lot of that s s nonecessarily her policicies or her style t the f fa she s so different as a a cdidida, thth s sheas the f fir republican woman on ththeice presesenenti ticket. i think she was soo fcicinang
7:17 am
that p pplple want change inn this c couryry andhey were s so fascscatatedhat this woman with five children whoo wo different from a stateikik alaska thahasosoew people havav had the e chcece tvisit. ii tnknk she was a fascination with her. i'm notsure it was a ideoeolocaca-- >> no.o. >> thahawawas part of that b bu think peoplele we e fainated with her. yeyes? >> i u undstand your poioint because i i was. pele were comingng to thhos raies because they agagre with her. >rurue. >> look at thehe polls. lo w whe people stata on fefe. lolo w whe realmemecans t thkk and you will find - -- n u will finind t tha in -- god, i a to sayay itt but in the cities where there are a littltlee bit more liberal/elite popupulaonons >> the c cieies live in. >> rpresentative of america dd erere s a lot mmor there wawas fascination. >> the fascicinaononhis was a newiind of wowon. >>t? i think that's t fascination. >> let's do this, pat t an jonathan, go.. a allight, e,e, let me say this.. i think iff they put kay bailey
7:18 am
hutchison n on thetitick orlala dole on theheicicet they would not have electrified the country. think there's someththgg the fafacthehe a ococko and she's yoyoun and she's pro-life a an she's conservative. > thk k u, pat. >>irecracker 500. >> i love how pat and icocome together. > wtt does that even mean? jonathan capehart? >> wait a minute, fiireacacr 500 turnrnedutut to be a du d let's r remember s setethi hehere she is notlameless in ththis a a lo of the d disssssn since he anouncement has been thatat she is poor, pifif sarah lin. the memea a an theepublicans dd liberal etes have been piling onher and s sheasasriven t t of the statehouse in juneau whwh sheisis someone who h herself to b bla f f a l lot of the specuculaonon for why she h opped out of the race, for why she is heldpp to meme certain
7:19 am
deeeeeridicule. the problem with s sahah pin as norah said, shss not disciplinened t t so i d don think k ee has the curiosity or thwillingness to d d the studying necessasaryo o be real leader in the ptyty shhahas e ability. she doesn't have thee disciplin to make ithhpen. all right. erybody stay with us a justst again, f forheheecord -- rah, thanks. > wgrant her no absolutioio here. i agree with jonathahan. we said itt f some imim she neded to go home afterer 0808, ep her head down, stay out of t news. ststud she has done jtt theopposite.e. and ihhin mostf us,eveven pat buananangree, that friday's peperfmance was notgood. i think jonathahass ririg.. i thinink pollicical, just lilically -- >>t t th moment. >he has lackedd discipline over the past sixmomont and it's cost her. >> all right. stillhehead on "morning jojo"" nb news white h hou correspondent t vavann ththe. shisis aveling with th president in oscow. bu first, nbc news tehran
7:20 am
buau chief live in our s sdidio. (announcer) we speak car. we speak rpms soou can zip by otherars. but we also speak mpgs s you can fly by g stations. in fact, wepeak mpgs so flueny, we can say one more thing. thnew ford fusion is the most-fuel-efficient midsize sedan inmerica. and that's sething no one elscan say. we speak the 2010 ford fusion get in... and ive one.
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lcome ck to "morning joe." a li shot of moscow. president obama over there, his first trip to russia, and of cose think we sd earlier the first trip to rusa in seven years by any american. >> and he has his ife, michelleand the two little girls with him as wel we'll be monitoring that story. here with now nbc news tehran buau chief ali arouzi joining us on the set with a t going on to report in iran including the clerics who have gone agnst the ayatollas stance on the election whichs a fairly signifint development n we haven't seen a lot of answers in termsf where this wants to go.t is going or
7:24 am
>> that's righ it's a very significant move that these ve powerful clerics that are sort of unofficial ain trust of iran have come out and said tha is election ould be annulled and it not right. their move is vy, very powerful but it's symboli they have little politic out. these guys don't si in government so there's, as i said, tre's this brai trust and they take their work seouy but they can't make anpolitical moves. but it just shows how deep the spliis within the system right no >> but at the saime you wer having the iranian leaders start forcedconfessio, talk about how e people in the streets re foreign agents, u.s. agents. when you have thes religious leaders, the most revered religious leaders in iran ming out siding with people in the streets,hat does complicate tters for ahmadinejad, does it
7:25 am
not? >> very much so. itort of weakens his position as presiden these the peopl he looks up toor advice. these are the people he goes up to to consultn all matters of state and morality and lion anthey've gone strong against them but let's not forget there's also a lot of people behind them as wel clerics that are behinthem, that have stood frmly behind them. there's where a t of these people are who are firm bind ahmadineja hard-line people there. >> we want talk about joe biden's commentsn just a moment but overal in terms of the directn of the movement in iran, how does it comre histically when you look at th solidarity movement or you lo at what happened in china, is it as focused? is it as strong or is there potentially no good e to what they nt? >> well, it's much more split apart. the untry -- we've never seen the country divided in the 30
7:26 am
ars since the revolution. these rifts haveever beeno deep. there's always been argents within e system bu it's neve like this.t in the plic arena it showshe country is ry much divided. >> talk about the young woman who has become a symbol ch of the resistan. >> ll, she'sone ofany people tt got killed over these past few wes. her, she has become this syml, this rallyin cry amongst the people but there have en a lot of people who suffered t last weeks, alot of violence, and this is why these clerics have comoutnd said, listen, they've aually compared a lot of these people w died over the lasthree weeks to the martyrs in the iran/iraq war which is very significant. they think they'vedied for their country acause which is a huge statement to make whereas the hard-liners are saying these re agents against the country so, again, i highlight this massive rift in the country.
7:27 am
>> i don't know if y say it's ironic t ti"time" magazine, i first read in "time" magazin how -- what a change it that in ameri when we usually hear a muslim shouting god is great, that usually is -- we see it from eit from barack obama we see it from somody else. it's sort of a cry of solidarity against the west. how remarkable that's what's bein shouted fm the rooftops now. in tehran as a cry for openness, for democracy, for freedom. >> the thing that rries this rrent regime is that during the 1979 revolution people wou shout toring the shah down. people are hring the same against them which isaking ted
7:28 am
them feel very uncomfortable and ate tv when i was still in iran, stat tv had said that this is illegal. europe not meant to sht this from rooopsnd report your neighbors if you hear i they'rtelling people not t shougod is grea >> i'that something? >> as an american, am i happy? obviously human rights aside,at the stalemate tre that rafsanjanis in. there's this kindf internal cold war stalematehere and selfishly for as aricans, not s bad. >> it still remains to seen where this igoing to go. a majonewspaper in iran, very close to the supreme leer sa he is esstially an american agent. th're trying all sorts of things to squash this movent. will see how much leg it's got. >> i wnt to play a sound bite and get pat buchanan in onhis as well. joe biden talkingo george
7:29 am
stephanopolous saying whatever israel wants to do her that's thr call. wenot going to g involved. listen to this exchange. >> israel can determine for itse as a sovereig nation what's in their ierests and what they dece to do relat to iranor anyone else. >> whether we agree or not. >> whether wgree or not. they're entitled to do at. any vereign nation is entd to do at. ifhe netanyahu gernment decides to take a cose of tion different than the one beg pursued n, that is thr sovereign righto do that. that is tour choice. >> pat buchanan, are you surprised by those comments? >> i'm astonhed. i just wonder if it's true, i cannot believe admiral mullen stopped the iselis last yer, went over there and said you're not to do a attack. i can'believe that t united states iindifferent oneay or another as to whether israel launches a war on iranthat, ite frankly, the united st of america wou he to finish and a lot of americans would die in. so, i mean, don't know whethe
7:30 am
he was put up toaying something like ts, be but i do think mullen suggested he was trying to ll back -- pul back from iyeerday when he said that would create a lot of problems for america. >> pat, last time looked en the israelistart a war they intend to finish it. is thaan absolute the americans would have to jum in there? ose guys don't usually take anyprisoners. look, the israelis can put 100 planes over an and one or two stris, one strike, but they'rnot going to get everything a lot of those nuclear faciliti arehidden. ones we don't kn ab they can me repeated attacks. ey'd have to ovely american territory. theranians would respond attackinamericans in iran and maybe in afghanistan. soou've t -- we're at war with three countries and we're gog to say the israelis ca make thatcalltheves. that's pro-preposterou >> okay, ali, ur take on wha pat is describg there. >> this is just going to compound what the iranians hav been saying, the foreign agents are trying to overthrow the
7:31 am
country which isn't goingto help mters right now. theiranians have stuck to their guns. listen, everybis against us. there's a grand plan to overthrow the untry d there's your evince. >> yeah. i arzi, we want to thank you for your incredible coverage of that part of the world and tank you forbeing here this morning. great, great work. >> and pat buchanan we want t thank you for your inedible coverage, the firecracker 500. >> i never kne that term. >> actually i can tell y -- >> joe knows what it is. conservatives on the rooftops in mlean, virginia, at nht since friday, they've been going out shouting firecracker 500 and knockout. >> p, we'll talk to y on the radio. we'll ve much more to say. >> okay. >> i'm sure you will. thank you, pat. coming up ext, the president is in moscow. so that's where we findnbc news white house correspondent savannah guthrie.
7:32 am
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7:36 am
official wreathh layingng cerem at the russian tomb of the ununknn s sdier and they expect to get see rk done today pressing thehe reset button bebetwn u.s. and russian relations.s. with us now white housee correspondent s svannah guuthee live i i moscow thihi morningwih more on esesent obobamss meeting this moornggith russian prpresenent dmitry medvedevev. sasavaah, how d dohey -- guess w do they pnn execute pressing t theresetbutton? what is ateest going to h hapen ovoverhehe nextxt two days t ttl bebe concretet will something be signed? wi something beagagre upon, or is it really just the beginning? >> reporter: well, ihhin it's memeere in the middle, letet's put it that way.y. the treatat expires in december. andas you uggest, you have to esess the set buttonn symbolically but this is wheree
7:37 am
the rubber meets ththe adad. we do expectcthehe t leaders to anannocecehat they call a frework for an agreementnto o some basic principiple g goi foforwd. we're not going tsee the treatyty ieleltoday. eyey agree to reduce wwhehead to reduceuclear delivery vevecles but, ofcourse, the devil is in the deails. a lot of th is because tss ally is franknk aififrence betwtweethth way thehe russiann mimitatarys set up butut'll tell u what the keke issue ,, the key stickckg g pot and a real chlenge as towhwhher the obama administration w wll be able to negotiatetendndhat is th i iue of missile defefeee andd whaha two diametrically opposed positions he. thth ruiaiansant this missile densnse at's planned r the czech republic in poland to be rt of thettar eaty. they d don w wt to sign ontoto new treaty wititho resolving thatat issue. the obamama admininisttitions sosomeatatool to missile defense.e. there's an unrtrtakg of a rerevi a aut it but tyy don't wawanto put the two isiseses togethth, , to make it cocondioiona so how wee go f forrdrd on that
7:38 am
ise e iseally going to be key y in terms of progress h her >> absolutely.y. willie geist? savannah, on the issueeof nuclear proliferationon what i the objection n y you could ju lay it o for us.. we're talkingng autut a missile ieieldver europe. wh i ithe prosand ns? what are the objectiononofof esident obama? >>epepter: well, look,hhiss aaush administratatio policycy the obama administrationn h hn't expressedd wd enthusiasm a abo it butut ey're looking att it. the bush administrtratn n an was to put misissi defenen in the republic of p panand and to protecect aiainsthe potential oo a nuclclea iran orr even north kokoreso theu.u.s. position is lolook russia, don't worry abt it so o much. this is a smallisisle defense. c coun't take on the russian nuclclr r terrence. isiss no problem for you. t on the other handhehe russians look attt as a threat tohem and thhey think, ook, if is is going t toe part of your missile defense, w want to put it all o the ble. itithould be partrtf t t nenegoatatns so it's a very thororny issue and nther side is babaing down. as said, it't' not th the
7:39 am
obama administrationon i so prp mimisse e fense that they caan' come in h hee and make that concessiononndnd appear weak. they just t wa to parate these isissu a ando they'll wanto gi s se kind of assurancetoto russssiaaying, lookok we can dl with that. we can talkk aut that butut lets not let be an obsbstaee for whwhate want to do. >>ll right. great reportrtin b by nbc's savannah guthrie livee ososco i'm jujust hoping th y youave ough time to maybe pi mommy up someusussi vodkdka. i hohopeouou c keke tt happen. >> get itn the cornrn d dow hehe, mika. >> reporter: is ththathahat at was? i thought it was water,r, mika. clclr.r. it looked like wwat.. >> you're ririgh wellllbrbrinsome home. llllalk to you later. vannah, thanks very mumu.. up next, the palinin qststn. why is she stepping g do an acacally chris says wre getting undated a abo e e-mlsls something i jusustt set. i got an ananyy e-mamailrom the national director ofof the tional urban leleag policy institute, so mamayb i i'll tryd clear up what i said,, althoughi stand by .. >> s sta b by it. >> i stand b by what i meant,
7:40 am
atat'sor sure. we're going to t try get ananswss as well whh nbc's's andreamimitcll frfromhehe govern governor's hometown n w wasla, alaska, anand anany fair's" todd purd pupuum who details the strtraid relationship w wh h thmccain campaiaignlllltraight ahead. experienence theound of dazazzlinwhe teeth... thisterine® whitening vibrant white ririe. who else coulde you extra ititeng power, kill breath germs, anand even prevent stains? liststerine® whitening® vibrant white. rinse your way tohiter teeth.
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7:47 am
me are going to question the ting of this. t me say thisdesion has been in the works for a while. in fact this decision cmes after much considetion, prayer and nsideration, d, final,
7:48 am
i polled the most important people in my life, my kids, ereby e count w unanimous. well in respoe to asing, do u want me to ma a potive difference and fight f all our children's future from outside the goverr's offi, it was yeses and on hell yeah, and the hell yeahealed it. some day i'll talk out the details of that. >> all right. that is a part of governor sarah palin's -- gernor not for longby the way, less than two weeks and she out of there. shocking announcent about her plans to resign. we've been getti some e-mails, st w. >> bombarded with e-mails. >> just a tad. >> f oe not abo donny deutsch. >> i wear them with pride. >> we know. but some people upset wi somethg you said. >> yes. chris, explain. >> you're getting a lot -- a lot -- and they're angry. one from bob. this iin peachtree city georgia. soundsike a nice enoughplace. mika, what were you thinking in
7:49 am
making the comment aoutarah palin connecting with real americans? who are the real americans? >> yeah, mika. >> well, i think herviews, actually, doand as much as people in the mainstream media may notagree with heriews on some key issues, i think a lot of americans do. and i remember traveling the untry as a cbs correondent and mting these americans, many of them aee with her, and so what the thought they found in t begiing and a lot has happenedince the beginning, was someone who ul really represent their views. >> do you think amicans even know her views? >> i tink the ones who were curious and i thk there are a lot of curio americans out there who wa to know what their potential leader stand for, found her exciting. found her representave of their conseative views. >> i'm not agreeing with them myse. >> let's clarify w because you talked about rl americans. >> well, what i meant was -- >> but you're talking about we're always exposed to people that live in new york or waington. you' talking about people
7:50 am
outside of the areas where everybody in the operate. >> absolutely. and also i think much --if you lookt the polls we have been covering overhe last few months, it not just m point of view, this is refleive of the numbers. and this is the timehere more americans for prolifethan pro-choice. >> andarah lin talks about pro-american a to be clear, you are talking about people like us, people in e press insulatedrom the real world. there are plenty of real americans in new york ity. >> everody, ta aeep breath. you ar talking about a woman who born in manhattan and grew up in washington,d.c., and the county is washinon, d.c., summers in northeast harr
7:51 am
maine. so she is on of you. take aeep brath. and let's bring inight now, and you are -- you are such a rtheast elitists. i thank you for reaching out t us that live on the other side. >> let's go to the chief foreign affas correspondent. andrea mitchell is live in wasilla, alaska. of "vanity fair." recent issue let's start with anea, in wasilla. wh is the response in sarah palis hometown? >> reporr: well, first of all, i can chuckd from here. which is great. pele here, tugh, more
7:52 am
seriouy,eople are shocked and disappointed. you guys have to realize when you talk to people here in wasilla,here are some peop that fee that all along she became too much of celebrity, d did not do m work. an lots of womenre sad because she had a burden to br and she is quiing in the middle of the job. ere are people in alaska that say she dd not do the hard word, coming off the high of the campaign, she became international fire, and certnly an international political celebrity and wil contin to be. i think sheill have a stellar career with the beacs and the
7:53 am
wholecelebry circuit, and she has $500,000 in legal fees, and hassed with at many peoe feel are pedestritty ethics challeng. and 15 were dismissed, and the only one standing is the way she set up the defense lelfund. and she is raising five children under the spotlight of the tabloid media. >> hey, todd, you wrot a piece in "vanity fai" that really caused a divide within the republican par on sah palin and what happed and what went wrong. do you believe an ale may have been the straw the broke the camel's back to get sarah paliout of ffice? >> no, i d think the artie
7:54 am
caused a rift in the republican pay, but it wasalready there. i dot think that sarah palin was thiing about me iner backyard the oth day at all, and i think she was thinking about a lo of burns already on her plate. and a lot of people told mehe wanot having fun any more as govern, and the legisti that ended tis spring ended bad. >> well, the long swords were out, and 15 ethicsomplaints were fed, and 15 smissed. shwas a target, was she not? noonly in alask but nationally? >> she was. and there was not good blood between her andhe republan colleagues in alaska. and what hadappened when she me back from the naonal campaign is that the democrats in t legislature with wom she worked and had agood working
7:55 am
relationship we upset out the toug cop in theampaign la fall, and she piled on her. and they rejected her pick for the state attorney neral, and leaders of the republican party in both houses ted against her. it was aming. >> could this be an example of what the state of the replican pay is, the fact that they destroy their own to an extent. r campaign was destroyed. and it has continued. or is it l her responsibility and fat? >> there is a t of back stabbing going on in e mccain campaign. they did not like sarah palin from the benning. sah palin, it didn't take long for her to quickly distrust the cain camp. by the end they were notveon speaking tms. >> i think the thi fascinating
7:56 am
about sarah lin, and she is noa politician. never been surroundedby consultants by tdional policians do nowadays. she found herself in the middle ofhe campaig it was le people going from aaa ball to the wod series in three weeksand that a staff of 20 peoplwas imposed on her by the mccain campaign. ana lot of people felt she did notknow who she could trust or where to look. >> andrea, ihink todd bings up a great point, an that's that thiss somebody pulledou of alaska, and thrown in the middle of e national stage, and maybe sheas ju not ready for that much exposure that quickly. >> reporter: i thi that's true. joe, i talked to somebody that worked closely with her, and they s she dn't knowhat she doesn't know, and that'
7:57 am
derstaab understandable. and a national campaig is a tough things, and it had eaten up a lot of people. ok at dan ail, and he got kill when the bush 41 people came in and surrounded him and became hisraveling campaig team. thevertrted eachother. and tha was an analogyf what happened to sarah palin, and dd reportedll th mutual resentments back and fourth. and todd just said lot of difficulty back home if alaska. now she can put tha to rest, anshe won't have th daily grind ofeing the governor. she c make a lot of money and be a political celeity. th difference is in talking to a lot of people whom iave talked to in the last couple days who were her bgest
7:58 am
supporters and fund-raisers, ey do not think she is a viab candidate. by quitting ad the way she qu she has shown sething to the political strat gists in th republican partyhat will make it impossible to he fund-rsers for her put together a national campaign. >> paul: i want to apologize. she was not having fun, and now i understand. o, now it makes sense. >> no, she just was not having fun. >> yr conversation, joend andrea, how she was plunked on the stag and i have to write something. that, and -- many women like you pull them out youngnd pretty, and then you sit tm out wen they are y and weather at.
7:59 am
>> i think we have to go, but todd didn't you have t great political analts barack ama telling associates when s was picked that it was hardenough r him to rampver the last couple stage,hat this was coming tooast for her or anybody in her position? absolutely. ablutely. he has a mirable time startg ouas a national candidate in ny ways, anhe didn't tell his national advors, heidn't careow good she was it was really a stretch. >> andrea, tha youo much. todd, thank u as well. >> y have good guts too. >> andrea, thanks. coming up, we will tlk russia and nunuclr r prefratatio you arare watchinin "orning joe
8:00 am
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>> we're back. andd therere is your live look wasilla. >> you u e loing good, wasilla. >> you are l looking ggd. let's gogo to los aeles and of course that'ss usuallyly wre we ststartt the p of thee hour for the east coast.. and d then wgo to las vegas for wiie, and then we go to the whe house. and thenwe rou ouou things here in n new yorkity. joe, ittoesn' look like it's
8:04 am
going to rara. you mumust be leaving. oh, gosh. havyou seen "the hangover." >>ow was ? >> oh, myod, it was funny. >> iave heard itas grt. people love thahat movie. >> i need to see myfirst vie in a dedecade, and it migig hve to be thatone. it's a good one. let's geto the nenews. present obama isn moscow this mning for the u../russia summitit. he is memeing with medvev. an agreement couould come as eay toy. and vicece preside joe biden says the presidedentill not interfere e with how irael deal with iran's nuclr ambitions. and d a separate intervieiew, mike mlen w wned a strike
8:05 am
could have serious cconsequence. >> it could detetermin for emselv what is in there intere and what to decide. >> whether we agree or not? >> yeah, and any soovereig nati isentitl to d dott. if thenetanyahu government decicides to do that, tt's not ouou choice.e. >> pat w was ve pset. >> tre is nothi the u.s. can do, is thatat right? i had b been f sometimim concerd about any strike o on ir. i worry ababt it being verery destabilizing, andnd notust in and ofitself, but unintended conseqequencesf thetrike lke that. >> can ialk nonow? >> yeah, you n. yoyojust got into the questio. what we you ging to say? ve us youranalysis?? >> nono, i am t going to do
8:06 am
that. bua lot of pple like to be upset t out what joe biden said. as somomebody at praised barack obama at showed suddenly when irians were out inn the streets, i liked bididen sendin that message. and it's wor. it's likikeverybody said tat reagan was at some warmonger. , reagan u ud tough wordrds whn wewe needed to. we tried the carrot, and now we e tryingng the stick. >> it the stick, but not my ick. > so if you are in iran, you have seen administration that s seen before you start killing yoyo own peoplele in th streets, we will reac out. we are going reach outut and have an op dialogu and m mke ogress on all of thesese issues, dhen they sttted to shoott deadad peop in the streets and showing the tue natur of the
8:07 am
regigime. and then biden goe outand says, let's send anoer message. hey, i woould love t hel we cannot dodo anytytng. people on the e rightere going to be angry d pple on the leftft are going to be angry. you cannot bee a ideaeagy fool. i think th administtionwere realisis when they wewere sendi a so tou, and then theyare sending the tougher totouch. >> yh, we wi talk aboutut ts as well movingng o with news well, th california ersn a fiscal emergency, the city of s angeles could foot thehe bill for mhael jackson's's memorial service tomorrow.
8:08 am
it could co morehan $2 millioionor policece to secure e area arounddhe staples center,r and that's just t for polic to sesecure the are around the stapaples nter. >>hy are t they havaving it at e staples centerer? >> who cares and asked th same thingg out peoplelehat went tograceland and wept bitter tears ---- >> l like it affectedheir life. >> i am ausic fan,n, d that's great, t my question with californiaia going unde why i i the cityf los s geles havin toto pay $2 million? that's just the beginnnning. >> well, massive ierest in this. let the jackson family pay y for it.
8:09 am
>> how many policece offics can you u hire? > i thinkt's a g geat questi, and ihink it's a great standto take right now. it's a tragedy forthem, b but this i is not a public funding issue. >> yeah, we don't'tave $2 million. i willome up with ways to s spend $2 millionn in los angeles. >> wwill ta about thi on the radio, too. >> it's nototace driveve wh do yousay? >> nody has eve bebe abigger beles fan than me andwhen jojo lennnnon was shot down, i still rememberer it wasas in 19 and i grgrieved but did it at home. i dinot cost the ci of nw york anythin th's clear. moving on, eitheric protes areepread intoto a a wester cit ofof w western ina. 140 p pople have been kled as police c clashedith th muslim
8:10 am
miminorityroup. they arere involve in a deadly fight vofling i i followers.. and mcna and a 20-yeyear-old woman we found shot to death in anashville coo on saturday. although mair's deaea is being ruled a homicide, they havave n determined iff the woman tookokr own lifefe. what a great otball. heame within a yard ofoing to win the ser bo. >> yeah, he was aough quarterbacack. always p payed hurt. grt quarteack. this is s a saending. he was marriednd haha four kids he had a r relationsp wh this womawho he m several months ago, and a frid cameto the
8:11 am
apartment and opene the door and found hh shot four times. and asmika repororted they have not callele it amurder/suicide yet, but thehey are no lookinin for suspects. that tells you everythingou need to kno >>finaltory for here. new york city. in 50 years it w the coolest month. andainfal was o o there. i was out in the hamptons. and jt relaxingng th my children a havavg fun. >>hat's real america. >> yeah, that's nice. >> th people ---- >> y are not in real america. you, sir, , e a clich'
8:12 am
i would never do that. new york, mean stets. >> whatever. > yeah. >> a verynder privileged childhood, donny. i wasin real america. nantucket. >> iad never been on main streetefore the foourth of ly. they hadad pie eating ntests and ce, and absotely loved it. and you were in -- >> real amerera. >> yeah. pesylvania. >> i had a surprprise bibirthda party for myhusband.. and it wasgreat. was acacally a surprise. >> where ireal amica? >> whehe i was. in amamerica. the republicic centefrom indianana, andrankingenter a
8:13 am
senatecommittee. yoyou wereot ithe hampts re you, on july 4, were u? >> nono, i wasas in a wedding f lued staff meer. a beaiful weedding. >> that's loveve. >> senator,r, leteask you, wha shouldarack obama t tryto get from t russis while over in russia? >> well, i i believe that h he going g have good mting with bothedvede and with prime minister putin. but i think the expectationss have bn blt-up very susutantiay, and i am ver hopeful that at least t thereill bebe somennouncement comiming fm the memeing tat intrusive
8:14 am
inspections. an there arevarious nds of launchers ththat mit come into play. it has b bome more a ambitious the rounds of n negotiaons have ntinued, and i thinknk with some success atat t this pot. >> whatat would it take forany pe of agreement t that is signed here, substantivive,and effective? just sething beyond symbolic.. >> i think ctinuation of the start system by december the 5th,, something thatat can pass the senate a and legislativee b ofof russiais the critical elemt. afterr that,hereould be several rounds. a ve important discussision is getting down tohe numbersrs and the e knitty griritty. e whole proem of nuclr weapons of a soorts of neeeed t be sortededout.
8:15 am
i say i hope we will not g get o ambitious.s. and of the meetg of the two esiden i hope thehere is sothing said thatt will accerate progre. >> senator, let's tn to israel ananiran. at is your response t to what vivice predent biden said sterdaabout the factt tt the uned states c couldn do ananything t stop a an attack ainst iran from israel, tt they werere a sereign nationnnd it was up to tm? >> wewell, technically, obvious, he is rrect. at t t same time our consultation in n the israelis would be very iortant for any potential succe, and feel confident that we in the pastst and in the present, we have weighed in with the israelili o the thoughtt that they shld not jeopardize t the entemiddle eaeast whi they are impatatnt. they believe that the tube of
8:16 am
movi along morere apidly, and weaponizatioiois imimminentnd so forth. clearly ourininlligen, both countries neneed to pep upup a . but at t tame ttime, i ree wee ought nono to be involvevein talking ababt strikekes on iran this point, and d we need toet back t negotiating tables s wit the iraans to talk about a situation ere theyy end their prograramoving towas weaponization. thank you, senator. w we will g goive to a askao talk to a an anchch onhat thehe are sayiying about sarah palin r hometn state.e. first, william cohen, just back frorom russia.a. we w will ge his take on the presidident's tr to scow. you are watching "morning joe" on a busy d, brewed by starbus. [ revving ]
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i think the has been a time over the lt several years wherer rusa/a/s. relations wre notts strongasas they ouould b. whwh i s coming ins i w wantt to prerehe rese button o o relations betwtweeththe united atates andrussia. >> welcomemeacacko "mororni joe." wi us n is thee former crcrary of defense,ililam hen, who just rururd from russia wrere he mt t wi ofofficis s u.s. and russian
8:21 am
ficials. fifirs o oall, given y you insit and b bacroundhoho optimistic are you there willll be an rereent reachched a one thth susutance that wiwill gowith syololis in the e twdaday meining? >> i think w w have to g go bac d d rember that our relationonsh witruruia ososciated between corrosion and nicism. h havto be hard hdede about this.. it will be ttgh. wewe hveve been i in a deeeeprrs far as lalaons with the russnsns a are concernened. they are distrustful o of us and have expectations thhat may be too high forusus to meet at th point. ii think the most imrtrtan par that president obama a g goi therere to say that want to have a new lationship, and let's startt emining the areaeasheher we c c grgr, and thohose w whe e have a grereat ontention. anand t's seeif we c can ke progress on the arss the
8:22 am
ve some common interests inin reducing n nucar weapons, andd alalinwith the issue of i ir getttting nuclear weapapss capabilityty, dd helpingss in afghanistatananand on tootothe isissu.. those are threrekeke areashh c cou make real progress on. if that t is t t ccas we need t haveve a a long-rangnge approac russia. whwhat is goingo be ourr role i the new wordd of dirder? wh r re should we wnt the ssssns t ply? andd tseseisissu haveo o be studied cacarefuy y d progress de on allff them. >>ilile gis here.e. and they say we the ununeded states will n stand in ont of rrl. yoeeacon to those comments? >> well, i heard what senatotor lulugesd, and i reree.
8:23 am
ifif iselel feels it under tack it ca take whatever act n nee to to prevent ththat fmm taking place, butut it would ha toeiei thenconsequenences. and d wearare the biggest and o pppporr offisi israel inin tt ta of the wowod.d. and it's certainly a t tru statement.t. secondly, itit leads meack to ssia. ththisasaso be made clclrr t russia, thatat t russians have said, theyavave goneon r recor anand they are supposed to iran getting n nucarar weapons. if theyere to sh they were noin support, then they would ha a chance to solve the problem without ththehrhreaof a ststrieing taken byy t israelis.
8:24 am
and the longer thh goes on and the less supupport we h ha at t ununited securityunsel, the more likik laely a strikike wou. >> donny, t's play the joe bideden ipip and g giv us your theory. >> israel can determine e for itsese wat is in their interest an what they decide to do relative to iranr anywhere else? >> whether we agree ornot? >> tyy c canececid to do ttt. i the netyaya government decides to do s somhing other th what they are doingnow, ey can dohahatndnd that's not ourr chchoe.e. >> anytimee oamam wants to walk over the line in this cass you send biden out, bececsese h delivers the message, a a if it sticks, greatat and ifnot, oh,
8:25 am
llll, 's joe biden. i i wa to ask y a question for ththtrip for obama >> b quickck,, joeididdid at on "meet the press" whehen right afafte e irriaianleleion saying you know wh, , ese mbers don't add while we wewere still herre. andee says i i have esestis here. > yeyea brilliant tool. >> yyeaff you are obama you have two eetings, oneith the president and one wiwith pinin d d it a diffefentnt kind of diplomomicic trtr. >> let's asksecretary cocohe how would you advivisereresint amama handle the two n?n? >> w wl,l, i think atat he has treat them bothth wh h th same amountnt of respect..
8:26 am
frankly it looks a a if there i the uivalent of the co-presidency in rsisi at thihi moment. yeye, we have president w whh putin b bei theprime ministerer. andd putin did s soththinraramac a wkk or two go, and he pulled back for ththe world trade orornization meerersh. and thatat cme as a snning rprpri to the west andoo many, i iluludi his o president inin russia. anan that was a signal tha puuti is stilleery ch in charge, anhehes sending t signal to theussian p pelele and us as ll. and presesidenoboba has t to de president to presidedent ande has to tatakento acaccotthe power putin has. he hasotot to not y to decicid whwhis the firstt among equals. lelethe ruussnn peopleecide that, an treatat t th both wit respecec >> secretary hen, thank you veryry, ve mucuch. >> t tnknk you,r. secretetar >> come backn the showsoon. > still aheaead, what they are
8:27 am
saying about sarah palin in h h home ate. wewe a going to talk to cacal news anchor outfalaska. and firstetet's check on business b bore th bell with cnbc'srin burnett. wel l right back. these days, people are catching on to walmart's bebeatle prices. unbeababrices on gceceries. unbeable prices on thehings your famil needs every day. no wdederd is gettg g around. veve mey. live better. walmart. the great american hiday is here. and here's something to celebrate - the gm72-hour sale. you only have ours to declaryo independence from interest payments for 6 ll years, with% apr financing for 72 months on al2009 sierra 1500snd yukon xl's... 0% apr for 72 months goinon now. during the gmc 72-hour sale. sit!
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joe."elcomeack to "morning lookt that, it's a beautiful day in new york city for once. anlet's weome erinburnett. g moning. and when you talk about the vice president and there are real concerns over the ecomy. and one investor put itell saying maybet's moss that has been coming up, nothing greener than that. and a few stories in the headlines. you are talkin about whatis going on in russia, and t meeting is beten the president and meedev, about to begin any mont. and russia is the third largest holder of american treasury. and they are important for our business enomy and for our country's future, but yet some of the polital issues that y have talked so much about have had signifant impact on the business side of things. for example, russia, right, which i just said is so crucial in trsues.
8:32 am
we do the same amount oftrade with russia every years we do withpoand. which is raising queions about why we are not doing more. when you are in moscow, one of e firsthings you notice, when you see a starbucks, there are one or two in e ity. and american brands are not ae vick wau tuesday there. and the is a lot of portunity there. >> other than "morng joe." >> yeah,that s everywhere. huge, huge. >> you know what theyall me in ruia? uncle joe. >> really. wow. >> s there is goin to be about $1.5 billion in deals tha are gointo be annoued. d there is a trade announcement. john deere is one that will get
8:33 am
a deal. russia jps on anyme someing says nast about the dollar. and chen ina, when you at wat they we saying - >> eri wereu in real america or fake america over the fouh of july. where wereyou? >> what do y mean, real america or f amic >> where were you? >> new jersey. >> that is real america. >> i ha a feeling you ve harassing donny. >> you miss me, don't you? >> yes, i do. stick upor you there. i am coming clean, i am a n york typehat goes to the hampnsn the weekend. >> ateast he is nest. >> yeah, and -- >> i am hanging o with george and will. >> yeah, justrying to get by.
8:34 am
a regular guy. >> i could have guesd she was in the garde state. >> that's real america. >> prablyin some lavish mansion. prably on the shore. >>erin is big-time,baby. >> i was watchi fireworks with my 6-year-old daughter. how more erican is that? >> oh, good. >> i was on a big boa when i was doing that. >> what are alaskans saying about sah palin. we are going to talk to a frie of ours when we continue. naing onon ud r.
8:35 am
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8:38 am
>> getyoyo sarah palinin lendar here! you talk about hot. let'ss mveve to julyfourth. anand weaa her wraraeded in the amereric f flaerere. sheasas a shotgun, d s s i is carrying itnn t cover here. dd mike, willee that up there andd yoyo can hangng thip in your housuse i boston. eople watatchingg that fofo the first time mht thithat pat was m miningunun of her. but no, he adores her.
8:39 am
>> no. no.. >> a y you boy in loveve,, thatt buchananan >> donny iss a pp?? >> yes. matthew fefellinjojos us.. g goodfriend of ours for a long time. saw ururom at a bo signing. e is very proud of you, the way.y. tell us whatat igoing on in alaska? gigive uhe responsnse from her constituenents. >> yeah, little dde knothth lelend wodd gogo deper intnto 20 than governor palin wasas gogointo go. e vibe up herer i is aolole nfusion anand uncertainty. thth rumormimill is going mile a minute. we s she complainints orr e weekend,d, a pele were
8:40 am
throwing outut levi johnston on fridid.. where i i have landed is the guiding principle fofo sarah papalihas been 2012. d think ofwhat you do ofer esess conference on friday? the math doesnsn'torork out in lotff peoeople' heads in rmrms of the wwhy, whenen, who a what. but that's herndnd game a ts s popot?t? >> you are hriring she is still interested in rnning for presenen in 2012? >> wteter she has beenen doing. lelet'game it o o there a bit. what was s s gogoin t to for te restst othth term. shshe has mededia battles ththa gets drawn intoor ppicks and shshe has estlilied that the identity of bing eeigight from asilla, but at the s sa time, she is facing a a ngressional override rere in thststat hhsese. that's not going to l loo good. and what s sort of momemeumum d e bring i at thehe endffhe da am no
8:41 am
surehoho is advdvining talking to her, but s she justtsaw that this washeayayhat she wldld get out w when she codand move forward. though theeople that asksk quesononabout lving officee in the middle e of t t tm will have a lot of merial,iike heheard h huababee sasang. >> yeah,leavingith two weeks' nonoti. and theses a are the questions. and doing it on the e e o o july fothth. >> mika, they said w clear byooking at her nouncement, this was nothought out.. >> yeah,, an the presentation f it as well.l. we could go intoto tha matthew y y have b been i inhe perfrft t ple to cover t popolical storm and thetory of sasarapalin. i ththk k on thing is clcleaone thing weweeaearn about her, and donnnnalled her earlier in the
8:42 am
show a quitter, i think e e m be quitttting e e ate of alaska, but i i don'ththk this woman i a itter. she may be delusionana but i think s may not be.e. you thinkhehe m berunning in 2012? ware in different age of communication and the e way politics andnd potitians cometo be. ananhing goes now. it's n nothehe tditional wayay y mo. >> joe iss right. >> ahah, sheasore toto offer because she generates t oplight just by s steing out in it. >> th's thedifference.e. but there is a difference between generatingng a stlight andd offfferg g something. >> i think s has been a failil cacandatate many levels, i amot counting her o o.. >> mahehew? >> i tnk earerer andreaa mihehellas yiying how governor palin will n not toto hee the d in and da out -- i i foorg the word thathehe eded, ke the
8:43 am
drududgyy of are governor. andoo some exextt, she felt t like the governor posiononas getting i her way. when she talkingbobo g goi to thth higher lel,l, and i think she wants to e exnd herase in th lower 48. we have 700,0,0 people here inin alasaska, dd she needs do more t tkikingo a lot more pelele >> matthew felling, 's's alwa great tlking to you. >> matthew, great job.. please come back. >> we e are talking candidlyly andd th is not big enough s stg and this may not b beight for hehe and she was a a public servant. donny,f you were wkiki fofor r r rit now, a and puttin herselel out the, and wldldt u look at thesepons --
8:44 am
i if u were advisingg heher >> if im a voterr ofalaska, yolet down,, i say we are going to get greta'sosition, d d we are going aftft annders oper, but she failed ass blblic servavant. i understand selfishly w why th word is lflfh. >>aybe it's selflfish. but let mee tell you ssomhihing ththe e arso many politicians ththatuit a jobo go t to hiererjob. and they q qu in coneses toto rn for governor o enenat, which by the waway, i getet pununde quittingng becsese w went hohoe. ii alwss thought t th was soo iran a ironic. d let's sayshsh gets greta'ss positionon at 10:00 on ffes, an shwrwrit books and b becoss a
8:45 am
national mediaia figure as well. shshe is talking, annd ainin, i play t ts out fofox, becauauset ses like would be a perfect fit. and ee is tking to a a republican base everer single night. >>ndnds rushshimimbah is moree influential thananan other figure -- > i snd like miminis, and it's not w what ,, butifif she were aanan wouou w be so freaked o o aboutthis? >> well,we weent afteter dan quail. >> welhhat is making her compelling in the firirst plpla shshis female-- >> ddon, if thisis were a y, u u uld be sayiyi this could a a very strategic mo. >> no, i would s sa thatt pers failed in their jojob.
8:46 am
>> and enen yoyo wld go and ststar taing about the raratec -- >> yeaeah, i i am saying p ptt e appeal is becsese shes a mama but h havng said that, i i d't' ththinthat's fair. on the oneneanand she is compellingng bauausehe is a wowon. ye but that's n nhy i am gogoing h h. > willie,what do the kidids? >> ahah, your take onhis wiwillie we have b bee irndnd been supportiti of her enen others attataeded her,anan -- >> yeah, and th has be tough. >> i if i am rning against her, i i llll showw atat cl. the e s something very erratatic aboutt ven patt b buchann said it? >> eah, it t warambling, and scripted. itit w something that hadeeee itten t,t, and itoesn't seem to make a w whol l l of sesens a lo of peoplerere g gog to watch and thatat stay her a ststilsupport her, teoeopl thatatlrlrea liked he
8:47 am
anththe peopl that dididn' like her will sasa see, the she goes agagn, she is an idiot. yoyo wiwill hve theolar opposites there. >> the pepeop th pported her in the past wiwi still supportrt her. ththis igogog to makeke a presidential runun more d dficu because it's lo moderatesn n the republicaca partrtynd some conservativeve a and it mightht haveve likedhehe way she handle thinings and she wiwi hee p peoe like that mike huckakabee atatill stt pokingg at herbecause they ee fighting overr the same section of thehebe. >> yeah, i am t sure thhis move will be ultimately that b bad f her, if she decides t to make se rerely good,, srt strategic decisions. icich am no se,e,ecause she isot proventhat she i is le too that. we heeroke news a aording tohehe associated p pre that
8:48 am
former dedensnseecretaryobobt mcnamamaraasas died. we will brgg you moo information as itt becomomes avlalabl >> sretary off d defsese for j o nnedy, got him o oof dettro,, and w waart of t theest and the brightestst these young men coming washininonon, c. that were gogg tochchan the country,,and somebody ussed the term ironically, becausee ty fblbled ththr r wa intovietm.m. and mcnara beenenhehrough sosoul arching. > we w wll get morenn t breaking news. we will beight back w wth more "m"morngng j." stay wititusus
8:49 am
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> e doublestandard they put on michael jacon in and of itselfas become an issu i told a radio show this rng, just like went to gina for mchael bell in the gina we com to l.a. for michael jackson. because when you had other entertainers tt had questions their life you did not
8:53 am
degre the before their funeral likeyou did mel jackson. i am asking you tohow the sa respect for michael and michael's family thatou showed for frankan elvis pressly and everybody else. >> we have cney hazlett thhe latest developments in the michael jacks memoal what coverage as the reverend al been wating, because i have not sen many nate things about this guy >> reporte when he said this yesterday, i tught he was not being serious. i thought elvis pressly and
8:54 am
fra frank sanatra did not spend millions on defense against childmolestation. and i think that instances where you have a past like michael jackson had, it's fair to bring those things up and eyere public and in a court of law, and i am standing in a glass house to some ext, but real al sharpton, i think we have not been badgering the family excessively, anwe have been reect full to the children going throu a hard time. and i understand reverend al sharpton might say se media, and but the facts he was ridiculous when the media made al sharpton. >> yeah, t me ask you about
8:55 am
the memorl servicetomorrow. 6 millionpeople, we understand, want to go g in. and no public dollars are going to be used to protect this thing? >> public dollars aregoing to be ed to protect this thing. and i havebeen talking to people within the l.a.p.d and the city government. and tey ha been careful in saying we have budgeted costs for this,ut there areinkrau mental and costs. >> up next, hat, i anything, did learn today? [ female announcer ] t the bet way to predicthe future... to create it femalennouncer ] discov the power to create a new futu for your ski only a aveenpositively raananmoisturizer
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welcome back, kids. it's te to talk abou what we leard today. dylan, we are trying to fish ou show? dude, i don't come over there when your show starts. >> can i come over? >> she can come over anytime. >> w did you learn today? >> firecracker 500. that was pat buanan's description of sah palin. >> what els did he call her? >> a knock