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tv   MSNBC News Live  MSNBC  July 6, 2009 2:00pm-3:00pm EDT

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lin has probably srr from time totime. will leaving government get herr away from the naggininueuestns andcriticisis is shehe chasing a aft a big moy tv dedea the united s stetes ll save big money being tbl fly troops throrohh russian air space to afghghisista a hararg in s s anles on ckson's estateust wrapped u up dd ppordly, there i i another wiwill. the e dgdge s agreed t allow the two o meamed in the will to bebe cocoxecutors of the estate. mewhile, tmz is o o with a report that dr. conradad murrays steering clearar o ofdmdmsion o denial regagaining propofol. ed g gafeyey says his clienen d not give j jkskson papanknkilrs
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tte told tmz he had nono qtete or statemenent. meanwhile, some f fa are celeleatatingetting memorial ckets for free. we'r're gettingng word the e ev will cost t city of losos angeles $2.5 million, for things like crowd ntrol, traffic control.l. it's been determinened ereris a second will. theududge has decided thewo men namamed in the first wililwl be the co-execucuto.. tell me abouout esese two wills and thejudge's termination. > rororr: this is where thingsgsetet coconfining. keep in mind, the wilill at has been filed wh the court, that s s e first t tbebe filed,d, but not the firsrs ll to be made. the second that has be mentioned apparentlyas signedd in 19.. we understanand 's's bn lodged
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thth t court, but not oned ye we may not be abab to l lk at that andndeeee the diffffenence attorneys for ththere jackson said that they wereren' concernd ththhis firstt llll wod in any wayy trumpmp th later will. there was somee concernn ov whetetr r th 0202 will wasvalid. the coururt has notuuled yet. michael ckcksos family is not contesting thiss2002 will thatt naname thehewowo m as exututs. we knoww trere's famamyy trust to that. he has nameded his m mheher as guarardio his children. they're not contesting that. they diddave ncerns about these two menen. initially,y,isis mher filed a a position b beempary adadmiststrar. he was grantedthat, but that exred today. o of todada the two executors
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have control overththestate untitil eeext hehearg.g. th's's iortant becauau it's rth an estimated 20 million $500 million. ha a a billion d dolrsrs at sta. we have jacksonon's pmomote of ththe urur that w was sppppedo y younow x possibly startining ototr round of tours, might inlve other performers. how much that cocouladadd is estimated at tensns of milillisf dollars. they wanted to make sure they uld make thoseecisions wiwiin the comingng weeks. >> micichee,e, tnk you for keepining u u in the lo.. wewenonow ere's austody hearingg monday,y,nonoth court hearining t t estateset for early y august. at leastst fow we know who's's in c chge for thehe next fe weeks. whwhatououldappen august 3rdrd, let's go to todd. we're talking about two wiwill
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whwhy the 2002 wlllloming into play here in thherwawas atater will? >> thehe wl l wain 1997 anddtht 2002 will woululd obobly supersrsedththat will.l. it was verery prererly epeped. ey revoke a a prior wills. soif there was a 1997 will, it's's likely the 2002 wiill wil t t this -- put inin probate. it's likelyt t ll be put in pro bait. the 202002 llll. i is it cut a dry about who's's named as executornd do they sasa execututor add aniteem? >> t the 202002 will giveshehe
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the power they neeeed administer t the eststeendnd if isis p intororoteonon august 3,, eyey wl be the executor. th are the adninirator until ththauaugu 3rdeeing based on ththe judge's order this mornin. i would say ththeyavave ll authorory y toct onhe august 3rd haring date. >> did you ge t sense --- that these guys need to goo to workk mediately then becausese chchl jackson's face right nois everywhere. t-shirts, releasing a this music online. surerelyheherere issuess of license infringngemt t th sosoonone should enforcrce. >> the orderer tayay allows t t negotiate on behalf of the tata. itit ao tellss them to keep katherine foform and t the finl decisision is b beade by the dgdge. i assume a a deals they makeke,
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they'l'lgogo back into court fo tempororyy orders. >> all right. we will contitie to fofoll this and agagn,n,august 3rd is thehe next court hearing on this will. r now, t thesasa they're n not necessarily contesting t.t. good t t h hav y y with usus. > coming up, i haveve re big questions on thiss story, for instance, policeare threateningg to arrest peoplple scalping tickets toto michael jackson's fufunel.l. what about t theololks sellili them on ebay and craigslist? will the kii aattd? $25,000 for the casket hehe. celebrities, musical performances, isis al of this o er the top? we're going to getet some e questions answereded lerern the hohour u.s. and r rusa a bo prproming to cutevels of nucleawararhes.s. right now, presiside o oba is in middle o of tlklks with presidi medvedevev. the leader confined a joint understandndgg toovov ororwa on
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arms control. comimingupe'll gett alili rerepo on what this means.s. in about two hours,,hehe u. security c cncncil willold closed-door r nsnsultionsn the ssssilteststin.. e north fired d miililes on saturday d it was sn as an act ofeefice toward the united states. there couldee break in e e ca of a seririal killer in south carolinana police say thisis man killed fi people in lesshhan a week. overnight, they headaded nortrt seseif a man killed byy cops tside charlotottess theheir guy. let's goo ron mott in gaffney, south carolilina tell meababou the hunt forr the killll a andhy thisisayay be thr guy? >> reporter: i think o one the reasons isis thahatt there was cream-colored suvuv, two-door,
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ford explorer, early '90s mode, that's the descriptitionhehewere looking forrerere in connection with the fivee dehs that has t this communityn gg 4040 years ago, they y ha a a a ining happen. somethiningalallethe gaffney strangler. early this rnrng, pice in gaffney county responded toto an abandonene hohou ththerwere three people sitting outside the vehicle. two people p proced id,, t the third apparartltly ve policead information. th g g his id, madede a aheck and d radsds rlized there was a warrant. eyeyent to serve thatat arrest and that's when he opened fire agnst a policice fifir andhehe police o oicicereturned fifir shot fourrtimes, killed man thisis mnining they're upuphehereo see if ts s is the y.y. obviouslsly, lot of ballisticss
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tes will have to bedone. >hahat e they telling you when toexexpe word? r repter: they henen't they haven't'tveven nfirmed or dedeni t tt they're looking at this from a south carololin perspectct pepersctive. we know w fr t t decision-- this is the e ererok county eriff's office.e. >> thaha you. it'sll anken's first day on capipitohhil minnnnesa'a' new democrarati senatotoelelec spoke a srtrt tie ago. >m m gog to work day and nit to m makee sure t tha o ks have a a g gre future a a t tha america's bestst days l lay aha >> he was certifiededss senator elect after a nine-monon fight with norm coleman. he's m metetin today wiwith hry reid, expected to be sworn in
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morrow. rurudewawaning for people in wiwiscsisin. evyone within a mile of f isis plant were forcedoo ecucue becacausofof this huge ffe.e. there werelow aouount of ammonia being leaked out. toto a long time for fifighters to g get control. still ahead, m me e th 1. million peopop registered to atnd m mhaeljackson's memorial service tomorrow, but only a f fraion of thohose wille able t tgogo. we're g gng to h he to los angeleles d d nd out how things e goingin t t handing out ofof thesee ticicke.. punditss still reeling from sararah papalis s cision to qui. up next, w we' look at what t th future holds rr the tililr from wasilla. andnd mkk sanford -- took o
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i coul not belie ihad one ticket to the services. was against all odds. what i thought was -- odds and neverxpected to win. >> about 17,000 peopl very cited that they will be going to michael jacon's memorial servic but.a. police are warning those who want to me money of that if they're caught scping cket they'l fce arrest. aeg handed out about 17,000 ckets and millions wanted to attend. meeople who claim to have
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gotten tickets are trying to sell them on ebay. theuy you just saw -- him? for $15,000? somebody, it's o eba miguel is at dodgers stadium. >>eporter: this is the fir, the last and only placyou can get ticket behind me, fan rs coming inho won. they have e come her dve through thi they have to present a valid id, a confirmation eail, then they'll be given a istband and ticket to the memorial. the chance of winning were 1 in 183. we spoke to one man who few all the way to buffalo, new york here. before he even won, he arrived in cafornia and realized he wo here's dante. >> it cost me 700 to get here.
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my clhes cost me a total of $1500. i paid that mh to come a look nice for the michael jackson memorial. >> reporter: dante, one of the cky winners o got a con fir makes, we should mention, just off screen, once you exit here, lapd are out in fullorce undercover cloes they're lookg for scalpers what could be selng these tickets after they win tm. ry intense police pree here. >> miguel, dante, when he's figung out the cost for attending michael jackson's memorial service,i don't think you're supposed count yr othes. >> reporter:e said he had to buy a special outfit and he's talking abou how much he spent on his pants his shirt, h jacket. >> that coun.
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come on. >> reporr: it's a calculation. >> bless hisheart. miguel, thanks. by t way, we just got some information in from debbie rowe's people. reportedly, she was going to the memorial service. now, h people say no, she had planned to atnd, but she won't be because of the onslaugt of media atntion. it made it clear her atteance would bean unnecessary distracti to an eventhat should foc exclusively on michael's legacy, noithstanding all theans blowing money on special clothes. she's having issues with the media attenon. she let loos on some photogphers. police in nashville, tennessee are cling the death of steve mcnair a homicide, but are no claifying the death of his girlfriend as a suicide.
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they'resaying there are no suspects thgh. th wfound shot to death in his nashville condo saturday. friends of kazemi say she and mcnair had bn dating for several months. has died.r secretary ofefense he had the rutation as being e primary architectf the vietnam war. died this morning at his home in washington, d.c. he had beennailing he. sarah palinays -- well, she doesn't want to be the governor anymore. never mindhat she's had a year and a half left on her term. when the going gets rough, sarah palin apparently quits. why? well, shes shepolled her family with a very specic question. >> do you wante to make a
2:19 pm
positive difference and fight for our children's future om outside the governor's office? it was four yeses. >> todd - do youreally buy that? th s asked, want me to make a positive difference and fight for all our childn's future om outside the vernor's offi? i'm igining little piper there saying yes, my vote's yes, mama. >>ho ows whats on in the palinkitchen. i thk that my coeague, y casey put itbest, nobody quits their job unless they have a gamelan. i thinkhe's t. it's because you got a plan. >> it's hd to find another job if you've just quit a job. good move? what are you heang? >> i think h times was exquiz
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it. look at wh she did it. right before a long weekd. ere was aong weekend when we were on vacation. the president is ouof town. the whiteouse isn't makg as much news as they do when they can control the message here in town. eped right facebk, twitter, controlling that message herself and got corage in theay she wanted. as far as capitol hill where i work most of the time, that's going to be busy next week. there's a week when maybe catol 's not being covered as closely as normal. >> le ask you about something else thahasn't gotten a lot of atttion. here is joe biden making the rounds on the sunday talk shows and was asd about the adminiration's haling of the economy. >> so either you misread or the stimul package is too slow. >> truths, we and everyone
2:21 pm
else misread the onomy. the figures worked off of in january were the figures, most of the blue chip indexes out there. there was a misreang of just how bad an economy w ierited. >>t's yur te on tht? he's basically saying they didn't know how to re the number >> he's one of the favote people to pile on. i read this differently. i think he's been in politics a long, long time and i tend not to second guess the strategy of folks that expericed. the situion is wo than the -- >> do you thk he's just sang what americans are thinking? >> i think he's acknledging no the president id months ago that employment could top out at 9%. >> lot of the americans might have taken monday off to continuehe long holiday
2:22 pm
ekend, but not the south caroli republican arty. th meeting toda to decide what to do with sanford. do nothing? ask him to resign or warn hi they sayimpchment is not practical. it could be close to impossib there. do you think that tre's enough reasono ask himo resign now that the chief law enforcemen officer come out andays no evidence oanymisuse ofpublic funds? >> i think thatdepends on how it's pying in south carolina. certainly thessue of disappring for ve days without lling anybody where he was. whererossing the line is up to e party. inermsis performance as governor anddisappeari for five days, tt might be enough. >> the bogs are havin a field day. one saying i thinkhe fatal flaw of a lot of pople in politics is tha they want to be loved. me mthan others
2:23 pm
>> don't we all? >> he spent the weekend at his laws house in frida. his spokespersosaid didn wanto say where they were coming back to in soh carolina on sunday for privacy reasons, whic what got them into trouble i the first place. you know how eveone is on twitter? gaer is rlly furioush these blic figures on twitter can'tproofread. newt gingrich he. it wasery hrtwarming to see the wounded war owes honored in ington. what autpell check? my gosh, you're a public figure. can't you do it in 140 characterers? >> im not cti any stones in this reco. my tweets are horrible in ter grammer.
2:24 pm
>> i prefe spontaneous,ut i'm trying to edit and spel check my tweets. >> he does this on blackberry. it's easy to make misspelling but you ca let me kow whatyou think. if you think i've misspelled something, forgotten an e athe en of michael steele's na. be right back. loved lips and hips alike. ♪ shake i shake it, h, y♪ jell-o. because every diet needs a little wigg room. ♪ so blessed with inspiration ♪ ♪ i don't know much but i know i love you ♪
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2:28 pm
operaablety so we can better address the threats w w facace. vavaah is in mossw.w. one of the big stickckg g pots was whetheher e e ited states s s gog to move forward. what's the anansw?? >> reporter: w wl,l, they've so of tablbled th issue fo now. mimiilile fense was certainly the issue betweeee t the countries at the b benning ofof this day andtt stilll s. but what wasmmrtant for the u.u.s.s that missile defenseseot be a part of the s sta t taty, the e netrtrea they're trying to reknew. they d didt t nt to set up a siation where russia sayay we're not doing to t trey y less you mamaken n agement about missssil defense. russia didn't get the anansw they were lolookg g fo
2:29 pm
the unitededtatatedidn't either. relylyave tabled this issue.e. but the u.s. is realal t truing some progrgres we don't have e a w w stt treaty totoy,y, b we have a framewowork where both countries cldld reredu their sosols b up to a third. ththother big ise they'y' lklkg a lot about is atat russia will nonow allow t the u. militaryry t use ai space a an la t tertory to m move susulies, arms, weapons, ttt k kindd of thing, into afghanistan. the adminintrtratn's really poraying that as significant.t. >> i'm going t taa w witjack jacobs a abo t tt coming up. i knowhahat's been realalopop sa kl forhe milititar thank k yoveveryuch. a crush mournenexxcted michael jjacon's memorial. >>anana possible break in the arch fofo asuspected serial killer. we'll have t theatest on that man huntnt for a murderer. kikind oconsider myself a ronhnhd of the dictctworld.
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l.a. police are keeping their fingers crossed, hoping torrow goes asmoothly tomorrow officials at dodge stadium are handing ou tick from a drive through in the parking lot. more than a million pe entered the tty for the tiets, but only 17,000 will get them. at the staples cent right now, chris jansin we're getting new infortion abou the possible, private memorialservic what are you learning? >> reporter: well, i'll tell you whate know and that is since e death of michael jackson, there has been a lot of conflicting information. it's been hd to pinhings down. where will he be buried and when? we'vheard it could be today tomorrow orning. i think now for sure tt the mily now knows whattheir plans are. it's possibl that misinformaon is being put out there deliberately or not.
2:34 pm
the family would like thi to be private. ey had like to have their moment alone to s good-bye to michael. so whether or not it ll be day, there are people who say they're close to theamily. maybe the only person who really ows what's going on is katherine and her family. michael jackson's mother. we do have people who are at fore lawn. we have been in touch with the family. the onthing we know for sure is that the bi public celebration will be here tomorrow. >> thas. we know the memorial servic ll happen there. thank you. we'vjust learned debbie rowe will not attend the merial. ju this weeke she rannto some proems wth the media. here's wh she sai to the paparai. >> are you readyo fight for
2:35 pm
your kids? >> do not touch me. >> nobody touche you. >> you just did. don't. are you ready to get your butt kicked? don't toh me. >> let's goto courtney haztt. obviouy, a lot of the people under aot of essure. are you learning anying here about the children? would they go to the ceremony tomorrow? >> reporter: i think really the on person who knows is katherine jackson. i've been speaking toeople who have seen the childrencently who said they' doing ok as okays can be right now. i think katherine jackson is making every effort to keep them attention.d a possible fromhe they haven't en really started to process ts. it'soing to ke years. as they get older, they're only
2:36 pm
going to bece more aware. ey're going toake that judgment basedon what's best forkids. >> and there's custody hearing set for monda again, you heard tpaparazzi asking debbie rowe about r intentions. what a you learning on the custody front? >> reporter: it doesn't stem so much for wantingto be the mother, t more having to do with thesettlement. i hope that's not true, but that's whateople close to th situation are telling me. she was given asettlementin th divorce believe it was $8.5 million. and she's not had contact with the kids. it's a little coounding that she would raise her voice and say e wants custo. and to debbie rowe, shsays the medi isreventinger from going tomoow.
2:37 pm
she could have probably gonend t told anybody. there's way around these situatio a it's ti to do what's best for the family. >> a right. thank you very mh. let's goo houston, texas, whe we're seeing a car cha on a higay. lookg at this now,ookslike we see a white minivanon the run right now. coming up in houston, texas. rather clear for uston. th is on the southwest freeway ading into the houst city limits. northbou northbound. thchase started about 15 minus ago and we're waiting t hear word on who's behind the wheel. whpolice are asing th. but once again, we're seeing this white s hybrid kind of car tang offith poli in hotursuihere. this is again, heading into houston city mits.
2:38 pm
the driver beingided by the fact that the's not a jam pack of cars right now on the eeway, this being a monday following july urth weekend. you n see he's just flying by. kprc, our nbc affilia in housto in a chopr overhead right now. passing by on a multane freewa and high speedsoing far fa than any o the other cars around m and we have yet to see howlose the police ofcers are. sometimethey leave a little lag room because if there's an accident, th need toe ale to mauver around t so f, w're not sing any police cars right on the tail of is driver. in fact, haven't seen poce again, this is a hi speed chase we'r following here on msnbcin houston, or at least
2:39 pm
heading into houston atthis the drir, but we don't kn g why. we don't know if theriver is a man or woman, butwe know they've got a lead foot, going very fashere, taking this white dod caravan and isin the very far left hand lane now and look how empty that freeway is. again, for houst, texas, surprises me. when i've been there, these freeways have been ja packed sometimes, even inhe middle of the day. because there's not a lot of traffic, it lets the drir weave arnd any cars and tgo ally quickly. we're going t take a qick brk here. work ong gting information about why police are chasing this driver. quick eak, be right back. this is msnbc. fr credit repor!
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and garden gres is it lo? or is it fancy feast?
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> all right, b breinin news we'refollowing rightnow. a highgh-sededar chase and thi is the ffas fast chase that we seeining. alalthgh it lksks like police are not f flowing this driver ve cleesly. a white dododge cararav on the ru took the chasese t sugarlanan xaxa which is southwesttf houston. now, l loo lilithey're on the bebelty 8 rtrth, heading bacac towards the city limits off houston. when this drivever passes ototh vehicles, it iss booking itit ththe driver ems to be maintaining his speed d innene twtwofof t left lalane andhen he approacache a c,, he has easy time getting aroroun it. agagai the police not following that closely. okok athat, on the shoulder. the e rsrst errrrric move i've
2:44 pm
seen hi ma.. the cpper the s following thiss chase. 's been on 59 owow hihighyy 59 now if you're falili with t th uston, texas ara.a. is is southwest of thehe ci limits, h hdiding back t tordrd tyty a aiain, a hhigspspd pursuitt that wrere followinin here at msnbc. e e lice are chasing him througugh ututest houston. d lolo at thths. now, i i l lossike he going through the toll lanes. oh, just belel mimissg g th guy front o of h h. right ththrohhhh toll booth. he's trying to get around the crowd of traffff coming out of that toll plaza. we're cntntinng to get information out why this driver iss running.g. with the tintedwindshield, we're having troublble seieing side. we know w th'r'r going ererely
2:45 pm
stst. and you can s see a as ll as h swerving, we j jtt saw him moments s ago, takingngthe shoud d aa, t thepolice in this se, we believe it's's the hototo policehoho a chasining hi it went t in sugarlandndtexas, anand en kind ofofhipped arouun and w,w, it looks like 's's bk proaching the city limits h her on beltway 8 i i tes.s. wewel l ha to keep l loongngt e signs to see if we can s what dirireconon he'sheaded . crossing the line now t tt dedeliatat the left handd l lan omom t s shlder and when h hs coming inin rs, if he's prprching oer carsrs, willingg to t tee that shoulder at a ver high rate of speededaaer than s slo down at all and get
2:46 pm
around these dvevers far, we're shshowg g u a close-upshot, we haven't se ththhohousn police following that closely. haven't seen t theququ carar in th picture at all. seeing now how fast he's passing the trucks and othererararsround him and reallllototriving thattthat err erraticlcly. this is msnbc coveringng the high-speed chase in near uston, texas. weee tryinin to getnformation why the driver's r rning fr polili and who inin f is behind the wheel of ththis vehiclele. ababou quarter till two centntrl meme in texex,, this whihiteodo cacarann onthis mutitila
2:47 pm
freeway therere in houstonon aou can seeee tat the carr now taki upww of those l ltthand lanes,, the driver hereruuassing the setrtrk, big widehhot and baback dwn now t t th dodge caravavan. high rate of speededowow. this startednn the southwest freeway and then looped ararou. last report, t thiisis on beltway rtrthwt of h houon rit t w, being followed by nbc affilia affiliate, kprc, and at wtete doe caravan h haseeee r ruing from policee f at least severerl nunute looked likeet starte a2:30 centrall time, s so about 177 minutesaago no, ten mututes past 2: l l rit. joining menow, kthr r rad host---- ktrh. want to get the cll ltete
2:48 pm
rit. will, , arou withth me? >> i . >hat are you watching right now?w? >> we're keepining ye on itit. itpppes to be like youou mentioned in northweststououst. he's on beltwayy 8,8,indffhe outer r lo a arod the city. he a actlllly hopped on in n e southwest part of f thee metro d is movingg north onhe west l of thatbebeway right now. i i'v mementnene to our viewers here, willll tha thereeways sese oddly eptpty of traffic. you oow, in soome spots, it ttru in somee spots,,it's no rt of that has t to ith the time of y. weee justppppaching 2:2:00n n the afternooooso wre notot in ththeiddle of rush hour. so, too,ththeyeretty goooo alerts traffic ahead as to what's cocongng. in a l lot of ththe cases, as t
2:49 pm
flyndnd an underpass, you'llll see tffffic sitting totohehe se. that is alll designed ralallyo epep pple away. >>o you know at t tisis pot,t, causee haven't seen a any squad cars, are police stillll chasing the dgege cacavavan? >> thehots that iavave seeen, and i s see several different angles, yes. normally, they s st prereyy far back in ce like this,ut yes, they areetitill on h h and alalsothey have the police licopter hoveriri overhead a well. >> can youhare with me if you know, what are thehe gdiding principleses forhouston police about thehese hi-s-spechases. > sure. basicacallnd i don't havave lll thth i ins and o ou of it, b b m at i understand, basiciclyly, the number onene r rle is toto o obviously minimize iiact civilianan bu a at thee me time --- >> this guyyisis bookiking itit. llll, is going s fast.
2:50 pm
hehe ijujustflying by a all t t ototherr hihicl driving at normal,highway speedsds. i don't t owow h anybody tctchi this inlalaw forcement coululd ininthis guguy is fe. just simply bause the speed. nono he's s slong down.n. itit looksike -- pulling off. he's pupullggofoff. flipping a u-turn, goinin ito -- it looks like he's g gogg into coming traffic at this oint. ining wn a highway ra, no,, getting on too another lane. look a at this. ohoh, momostaw a bad accccenet right thther we'r're seeingg this dodge go oo a fferent roadway. got ff of a freeway, not o on a ramp, but sort o of backwards an down and ososd into another roaoad. to t tll y the truth, llll, the chpepe pueded out onon a wi shsh.. i didn't see any v vhihicl from
2:51 pm
law enforcement bebehi him. >>t this ppoi, i'm awaw from a nnit, soaann seeat this pointnt ai'i'on the phone wiwith you. >>ow am i doing the ay-by-play? > snds ffe. > ion't have a backgkgunund ke sports r rad or ananytng. > nelel done tthe very gogo.. >> so dodge caravavan is whahatt we're watchingng. wi, , te me about t tisispart of the city. >> this p prtrt of t citity -- >> here hehe goes --p andnd or a rbrb, 's n nowgettingaround ththistraffic, hs in an inteterstiti now, nonori the lights entirely anand lok at th.. now, there's's other suv going behindnd heeeepi pacece whh isiswhite, d doe caravan. he's pulling io o e -- you know,,t t cod be that 's ununmaed police rightthere, , don't know. it could just be thaha thehe's' sser by who's not hppy aout
2:52 pm
him jumping through the curve. it looks now like hehe's on a local roadad. it m ltltile highway, but notike the freewayy w just saw. u u sa you touout it wawas t nortrt w wesrn part of t t stat. >> he's onhehe feedederroad. ththat the outer roadthat runs paparael to the beltway. >> the f froagagroad. >> exactly. th is whatroro what i i understatandhehe on right now. >> he's taking polilicen n wild gogoos chasese. don't know what he's rrnining orshe. whwhoer is behihind thewhwhee t taking pololicfofo ththis chase. it does noww appear, i'm lookok at the shot as they w win out, looks likeke eremay be twtw vehicles, one on the jojo ghghwanene othat frontage road,hat are in puuiui now of this white, dodge cararava
2:53 pm
ll with me on t phone. thth public informationfficer ouston pd saa okay c conrmrms itit a a whis, dodge caravavan started at bellairend willl crest. began as a routinetrtrafc stoto do youou kww tt area? >> it's not you know,,otot an area i'm in a lot, b butt is an area thhatss kii ofinin t southwesestt area,a, souou,, utt ea of totow th areea, fromthere, he, from what i ununrstand, hopppp on 59 went to o eesouthwest suburbs. came back up andthen got on the beltway and that'swhwher he's been. >>y the way, now, he'sack on thatat moror feway that we were talkining about. i believe it is the beltway 8. he got off of that fder road as you caall it ands nowow back onhat major highway gain. anand again, ju yiyingy the
2:54 pm
othervehicles. we've snn h him rom, or her, gogoinfrom the left hand nene, gegeing on to the shoulder. boy,e went troroh thatoll rara at a pretty good clip and near neararly rear ended t the car i front him. 's's showingwnwn, hihiining me traffic. now he's getting trapped behind some other vehicles.. getting o ohehe f-f-ra. he's trapped by thissuvuv and okoks ke he's t trygg to take e shoulder there a squeezing into between the suvuv anhihit pick-up truck,k,oving forward d still going at a good clii there's a h houononpd rhthtn the trail. it's intererestg,g, i not seeing eieir lights on. >> i've nototten a c chaee to e the liligh. i knowown n so cases, they have
2:55 pm
beenon. in other chases, s sad,, chases do happepen here w wi certain grgr of frequency, butninin this case, i have not n noted myself. > b loop around, s seeeezi between n t cars. again, looks likee he's o ananheher frontage roroad here. >> yeahah e fdede rodsds, basically r pararleleo that, to thehe btwtwayretty mucuc the titi w aund.
2:56 pm
we have a a tremendouous ououn feeder roads here.e. pepelele are hoppingng on those constantly.. no surprise this p pern n whs trying e edede pice is doing the memehing. >> a anderere is now, obously, about to make a movove now because he's's htitinghe intersrstitiongain and look at thth. big, lefeft ndnd tn in front of stped traffic. hehe'sliliing around, now going in the opposite direreioion, pulling into t thidrdreway of a bunenessere. looks s keke aig office tower. 'l'llet the chopper maneuvuver around. an-- p -- there'e's e e lice squad car and e van. you u n n sethe squad has him mewhat boxed in. the's one on the left ananththe right. 's'surning into another driveway right by thisisffffic building and w we' b b watching for -- there he ces o aroundnd the other side again. now he'suust doing a ring around a rosy f forhis o ofcece building. you can see now w the e e several l pocece nrby. there e e e poce in this area. looks likehey're trying to figure out a way box this drerer i they wantt to get this d drieref e e ad because ththeynonow he's
2:57 pm
lling to run, drive f fasttnd dre on the shoulderer. so this is a driver who is definitelyly putting others s a ririsk what's thehe protocalal for high-speed chases? > is very touchhy, but i i ses such as hehe, they wawant to obviouslyinimize impact t t othehersbubu they're v ver hehetant hereo use pit neneuvs and things of that rtrt tstop vehicles. >> doesn'n't look l li weweee s any ststoptrtrs or anything like that. okay, noww watch t thi a a the chopper gets i in and now we're seeiei h him f fl aroundd again 's relylyrryi to avoidhe moment you know is coming. this chase is going toto endndn this driver'sjujust willing too whatever it takes to keephis gogoin there was anotothepopoce officer
2:58 pm
the waititingn n e turnararou area. now he's's getting backonon it looks like this is a o oppite direction. on the sidewalknow, gog ararou t ts affic,ery dangerous and around a treee -- and again, n nowomomg off the dewalk g goi on to aide reet again. it looksike that t the e, isis ian area wherere trerere aill tlot of one-way streets.s. looks like traffic isheheing ondirection. nowe're seiei him onon you know, this is a see stet here seseraral nes, four lanes oro s sidstreet. can't t te i i that'sththe oulder or a l le. but a dododgcacarantt any rate th was on the freeway,y, nowono side streetsts, skipping throug thesese tersections. ll, have you l leaededabout why they tried to pull himimvever?
2:59 pm
>> yeah, the reaeasothth tried toto pl l hiover, he was a spect wanted for burglarizizin a vehicle. d the other thing to k kp p in mind, too, w we' c cing up on 45 nunuteof this and over that t period of time, it's a a dododge caravan, it'ss n known for i its gas mileage. >> we just sa another u-turnr here. he'statayi on these side ststetets and sort of jtoing looptyloops. he's going for a l lilelewhilel flippiping uey and in some cases, when hehihits an intersection, hehe almost hit tt uck doing so.. wh he hits a a intersectionon, not afraid to climimbb up overh siwalk. many timimeshehen wee'r llllow theseechchas, whate notice iss


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