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tv   Hardball With Chris Matthews  MSNBC  July 6, 2009 5:00pm-6:00pm EDT

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anotr great show tomorrow. big coverage statarting 11:00 a.m. foror the michael jacksoso morial. wiwith chr jaing live in . up nexex "hardll." sararah palisets off her o n fofoth of july fireworks. let's play "hardballll." goodod evening. m lawrence o'donnell sitting in for chris m matthewin new yoyo. leading off f tonigh what's next r sarah palal? it's been n three days sce the sasarah pan bombshell, that raling speech in which sh announceceshe s leleaving fice later thisis month. so what happens now? is palin quitttting because she decided yoyocan't run for presidenfrom juneau alaskaka? is she leavingng aadf some y yet to be aounced scandal? does she want to make t the g money ow? thespeeches, wring books,nd maybybeosting a tv show, orr wa she just s sk of it all? we have a great lineup of gsts
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on ts storytononight, including nbc's anandreamitchell, who is goininto be joining us li fromm downtown wwilla, texas -- wasilla, a alaska,and from texa republicicantrategist mark mckinnon who work with palin on her vice e esidenal campaigngn. plus,, hundreds off thousan are expected t jam t s seets of los geles tomorrow for michael jackckson's memorial service. thateans crowdd control.. that mans copsps and that mean money, lots of money. how is the state that is so brokoke that iis now payi its workers with iou going to affordll of this? we'lget the latest fro nbc's chs jaansing. and we'l'l look back on the life of robertrtcna nar , prident kennedy's controversial defefense sretary who inhe 10s defended and osecute thee vietnam wawar. he d died toda at the age of 93. bubut we begin wit sararah palin. nbc' andrea mitchell live inn wasilla,alaska,a, and "timim
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magazine's jaja newton small is joining us from anchoragege, alaskaka. andr and jay, ihink we willll never forgrghere we weree wn weirst heard govnor palin announce thahat she wagoing toto leave office. let's listto whashe had to say onriday. > i'm determined to takehe ght path for alaa even though i it is unconventiononal itit's not so comfofortable. with this announcecementthat i' noteekingre-election, i i've determed it's best to t transfer ththauthory of governor to lieutent govern parne and i am willing too this s that this administration w with i positi agenda and its accomplishments s and it successful road t to an incrcrie futu for alaska,a,o that it can ntinue without interrupuption and withreat admiministrati and legislative success. >>andrea, you and y obviously ran fofor the rportsmas soon n you heard thatat too t your r s
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up to alaskaka. it was hard to makak sense of i friday when i was listenining t it. what he you learnedince then that wilillake any more sense of th story? >> i thinkhe was realllly gettingg beaten up here i in alaska. when y talk to people, she wasas losing poshd battles to the statee lislature. shshe coul't even get a c cinet nonominee confirmed,d, whi was unpredented because the democrats who had bebe her allieses befor because she was beating upn repupublicans,ad, of cououe, abandoned herafter the ry tough presidentialal campaign,, thevice presidential mpaign where shwas really the attack dog fo her runng mamate,nd then the rublicans had ng disliked h her because she went up against the s statu o, andyou know, she saw nothing to gaiaifrom this. she had more thahan $500,000 pid up in legal bills. there's alega defense fund. i am persded that there is no, quot scandal shoo drop, at least based on what h her lwyer and wh the fbi is saying,g, that the blogogospherthere has really been a l ltle bit hyperventilating. t the fact is she can make a
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fortune on theectur circuiuit, lawrence, and wiwi her book deal and with a talk shshow let's sa and radioo sws, even from wawasilla, w gohroughhis agonon she is, i think, notot going toe a viable cndidate for natioiona office basased on her own republican fund-raisers and supporters, but shshcan he a very goodd lif >> andrea, thereas talk on the blogosphere about some scandal coming down n the oad, so mu so th palin's lawyer aft this story came outissued a warni the media, don't f fall for any of that stuff, and it was very, v very unusual l statemen sued by ththe fbi in alalka. let's listen to o that. >> for he to idlysit bynd watch state resources bspent frivolously and fofor eththics complalats and in her m md are over the to and ridicululs, for her r to wat those resosoceso be spent w when they uld be used for otr things that the state does need t to focuson, i think for her she's that's just not
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r styl >> there is - -- in termsf a scandal l or anythg she's embarrassesed about, therers absolutetely notng. there'e's no invtigation of any ty. there's nono ethics proems that ve any mer. >> andrea, t tse are the guests yohad earlier today speaeaking about the palilithing dhe fbi ststatemente have, which was verynusual which was put out today, thehey usually do not commenon possible pendingng investigationsns, but ey did say therere wasbsoluty no truth to thosose rumors we're investigagg her or getting ready to dict her. specia agent eric gogonzalez sad in phoneintervw satuay. that's's an unusual statemenentt does s seem toave cleared up th. jayewton small inanchorage, is there any more informatationo be pickeke up there about w this cisionas made and why? >> hey, lawrence. ll, look, she's gone mpletely m.i.a. she's ignoringg al mededia requests a a there been a lolot of memedia thas d dcended inhe anchorage/wasilla areaea. she's going onan anal family
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fishing trtr, they call it fiing karch an she's vising llages in western alaskaka and she's t ararnd, b there's a lot lawmwmers he who hahave been t talking about how just miserablble she's been, asas ana was aying. she'had a really, really ugh session. she's bebeeneally withdwn afteter sincshe's ttenback. i have had lawmakers sasay to m she e used t come downn and han out in our offices, w w u used o talk aboutut policy. i haven't laid eyes on he virtlly this eire sessision for the last eight months. shshe's been almost sort of lik th celebriesque like michael jason kind of decamp d really retreat i io this tiny grou of her closestst fiends and not really talk to many peoeopl that she used d to spe to bere, and that's'shis sort of isolatn she's been in in the last e eight months is where sh ma her decision, andnd the desion was really cloly held, d it really was just amamongst mily members and a couple other people anand sheade a couple calls onriday telli fund-raisers and o othershat she wawas going make this announment, and really i'm told iwas an extension offer
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jujustthinking, okokay, these ae the reasonons i'm not goingo run nextxt year. you kn, i'm not g going to o ru in 2010 for re-electioion, but y not start t that right now? she's allready paid mo than half a million dollars in l leg fees for ethicss cocomplaintsn the laststive mohs or eigight momonths. if you lookokat the next 1 16 months, that means if you kee the samepace , another $1 milln that she'd have to spend out ofer own pket, which is a loof money for someone like e here he i ththink e money was f factor n her persrsal listyle. she was ally miserle commuting to juneau four houou a day. sh really w wn'tappy here.e. >> the announcement w w made whenen the holiday weend was already under way.y. i ththink a lotof "hardball" viewers s probably missed it. let's listen t more ofhat govern palin said on friday. and i rerely don want to disappppnt anye with this annonocement with the dececision have made. all i caask is that you truru me with this decision andd know that it is no momore p politics usual, and some alaaskans, mayb
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they don't mind wastiting publi llars and state te, but i do, ani cannot stand h here as ur governor and allow t the millions of dollalars ad allhat time g g to waste j just s i ca hold the titlelef goveor. >> andrdrea mitche, does her resignatioiostop t ethiics inveigations that have beeen swirling aroround her?r? no, but 1 of the 16 have bebe dismsed. so the onlnly on remaing according to her lawyer is the investigation inin the wayay sh set up her legal defense fd, and ththey aren' taking th one o serious either. defendnding agnst it, but they don't see a real problemem ere. thth don't see theegal jeopardy. they really say thatthis was more abobo lifestyle,, about th kidsds, andbout seeing a future that, frank, wasn't terribly appealing. you know,w, ceainly lot critics here inboth parties s that whe she c cme back, she dididn't lik the nitty-grittttyf going upgainst suddenlyy resistant legislature whichh certaiaiy saw her now as the
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enenemy becae although she was very popur here before, hehe negatives have really risenenn the polls. shs doubled the negatives in r polls. early, she t took the partisan role as the vice preredentia runningmate, a verypartisan le, and that crted a lotf problems f for h back at hohome >> andrea, y y mentitionedthe polls. she e id she polled h her famil and they all kind ofoted for resignation, and at may be because a recentt poll in alask found 5 approval rating f f gornor palin which i is good for most ggoverno, butshe was at 86% a yeaear ago before she was chosen as johmccain's vice presesentialnominee. some migig say jay newton small victimized as ththvice presidential n nomineeecause as it turneout that was a sing slot to gogo into. would she hahaveeen better off if she had respspectfully d dcld john mccainn inteterest? >> wwell, there a ae certnly sosome her in a alaska that y thatat they reallyly wish she h
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dedeclined john n ccain's invivitation. she was so p pular he. she s gting more de in thehe last -- in thehe first two ssions that she was governo here than many say had en done in5 years.. she really totook on oil and gas terests, for example, which hadn't been done in 2525 years. she helped to o erhaul ethics stanrds here. e incrsed oil and gas standards, taxax hehere. so thiss was like one of the mot pructive leslatures she'd hathat had beenen had in a long time a allof a sudden s gets picked to gogo on the natial stage and sheomes back a and in comparon, you know, the last year she's introduced 1 12 bills, only onef them had passed. ev governor murkowskiki who at is point in his erm, he w was the last goveor here in alaska, hehe had had 0% approval ratining by thi point n his teterm,nd he passed 19 of his 39 bilills in t t third session. so s she was incredibly unprproductivehis session.n. she was at war with h her legislature. she spt more time figiging about the appoinintment a a ste
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senanar tryng to get it out of the hands ofof mebody who h had crititized h on natitional tv. it waslmost this litittle vendetta that t shepent nearly siweeks arguining with law memembers er than she actutuly did on any kind gislation. it reallyas this almost d do noing congress here in alaa for thelast eightmonths. well,, keep ddging, andrea ananj. go aheaea >> yeah,, i w just g going to sy ry quickly that i talked to one of her advivisers frfrom t campaign who saiaid herer probl s that she didn know what she didn't ow, and that she never should h have id yes, but yohave toto asksk why john mcca offered it herer becauause he' rely m her. she was ormously polar but e would have a verer d differen lifefe had -- political caareer ahead ifhe'd remained in alaska. > we, keep digging and find out whwh theext move is on ththis sto. thanyou andrea mchell and jay newton small. ming u you bet you we're going to talk more about sarara palin. isis she cocompletely out of t me? you'rere watchin"hardball" only msnbc.
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thank you, thank you very much. you're welcome uh-huh! very much. savings everyone can enjoy -- now, that's progressive. call or click today. >> we have agood, pootitive agenda foror alaska. tahe words o of general mcarththur, s sd we are not retreating, wewe are advancicin another direction. so with that i'mgogog to hanand this over t too our gooood lieut governrn a and again, i i say tk you and god bssss you,, alaskaka >> welcome bacack hahardll." that w wgogornor sah palin on friday declaring that she's n n retreating. it's one thing to not n for a second erer but why quit n now why quit the govevernoripip let's lookk at s sme posbibities "n york times"ololnist rossss dedellhaenenndnd markkinnon who
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a fofoerer cpaign adviser to gegege w. bush and sarah palin. bere we getinto thehe ququesons, i want to let you he one more thing that sah h palin had to sayn fridaday. she gaveaaskball anal si ogy exexpln her decision.. let's liststeno o that. >> let me back ickly to a comforort kb analogy for me and that's sports.. baetetba. and i ususitit bause you are naive if youonon't see a full-court pressssroro the national level picking awaw right now a g goo point gguard here isiswhat she does. she drivess tough a fufullouourt press protottiting the ball, keepepg g hehead up becae e e neededs kp her eyen the basket, and she knows exactly when toass the ball so that the team can win, and that is at i'm doing. keepining r r ey onhe bl.l. mark, you k kno sarah h pali whwhy eses a goodoint guard after making g n nic play like that onhat pass then quit at lftime and go home? >>lawrence, first offall,l, i'm glad to satatishardball" is trinin up on i its talent. yoararsomebody who has written
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some fiction abouout - -- for tevivion about plitics and itit'sard to write s scerios likekethis. 's just fascinating. let m me clarify my role. i pledged too hn mccain when i jojoinedimim in the primary election, which h i volununteedy time for, that i w wou lead the campaign in the generaral eltiti in the imprprobab circumstance at both he and baara o oba wererehehe geral electionon nominees, whiciciid. i wascalled in sptember about fi days out from t the debatete from t t c camign sayingng wou you please c comininand help ru theebateprprepor sarah lilin. i said,d, ,, i can't do it, and th pled with me to come downn and do it. i sasaid i'll come dowownn for first session.n. i will do some bacc datat techchniqu 1 1 but will n participate in discucussnsns abt attack strategieies f obaama so i did that. so my totality and intntsesectn with sarahah pal w w three hours. t it was aasasnating ththre hours s cacausat that point a week out she was t terrlyly vulnererlele, ew she wsnsn prepared, andrrany i thhough it was goingng tbebe a disaster
5:18 pm
bubushe said she snsn't going to let john mccain down and s sh showed her mieie and a competitiveness and fifive dss later when i turned on n the bate that night fromom aausn,n, texas, i was really surprised d she had risen to thehe challeng and she exceeded expectations. gather they wewereowow. ross had a great column today anand raised a couple points. he said s she should hahaveaiain it would have bebeeninteresting to see wherere sheadad have en if s she could have been governorororor o or 2002 terms and evevol naturally bececsese e has great tlsls and instincts and raw talent. the second thing so much about sarah palin is r reay y about class.s. i see peoeople attackikingerer because she e ntnt t five colleges and t tho sort of thgs. there's s a loofofeople out in erica that are disinen from ched that didn't get thrhrghgh college and ththink e'e' a great success storory, a s so i i thh at, you know, maybendndre said i ibebest earlier r inhehe lgier segmgmt.t. she's going toto havaa ve g go life nowowoo matter what s s does, and she's'sgogoin to be a player andtt's going toe fascinatatintoto wch where it goeses.
5:19 pm
>> let's consider r thpopossle reons. there's s a loofof asason floating around about why shehe decided to quithehe governrnshship ross, let's's start withth possibilily y nuer one on why she quit. e e was to run for president full-time, run f prididt in 202012tarting now full titime. what do you makeke o tat one? >> well,, i think you have to gi sarah palin the benenefit of thdodoub to some extent. sheidn't say anything in her somewhat rbling remarksks the other r daababou runninggor presesenent and in f fac the emphasis seemed to be on what your guests w were talking about in the l ltt segment,, t t fact that alaska pooliti has become kind of overwhelming g for her, she can't an effffecti governor w wlele s's baagag by ethics c cplplais and while the national m med i is paying attention toto eveththg she es, and so in asense, y you know, you can see the logic f rr stepping asideeand you can see the logic c certalyly from r persrsalal pnt of view. a a lo of peopl questioned her decisisiono o acpt the role of john mccain's r runngngate whh she has a bababy,heasas a daughtht w wita baby, andsoso o. you kn,, and maybee you c cldld argue that thiisis her sort of
5:20 pm
coming to her sensesndnd realalining is isn't the time for r hetoto bin the spotlight. if s she does ink that this the beststayay trun for president in 20, ihihi she's most certainly mimistak.. i thhinkkhe difficulty foralin right now is that, you know, there wass a pew poll of promomenent republblicss a whil ago andnd it showed pin wa both one of the most disliked and one of the most polalar republicans in the country.. the trick forr pinin is to cocoince some of theeeop who don't like rr right now thatt she's r read to be prerededent d 's'sard to see how she does th if shesn'tooldg some kindnd of e eleeded office at l in thehe nex coupuple years. th obvious way to sort ofofurur yir her credenential was to go back to alaska andd succeed as governor. she didn't goiniisn't goining t it's's n c cle to me what will happen in the next two y yrs to get her over the humpmporor tse people w who think s she t reaea for ththe hiesesoffice in the land.. >> mark, do yoyou owow another
5:21 pm
any presididenalal cpaign ststtetegi who would hav adadvid the g gornor do tis as stepp one of a 2012 presidential campaign? >>no. i don't thininsoso but,ouounow, she's ununnvnvenonal and the fun thing abtt politicss ise'e' constantly surprised. and she's fascinating bececau she is isunconventntiol.l. but i think thh inmany wysys she's gogog g to discover she' a, going to have lot more f but mamaybhahave a lotorore leverage not beingng aanandite. i i me, the diiffertt platforors that are now a aililab forerer to havave impact on t process ee multiple and inrereing and lucrative. she may jtt decide shshcacan have a greaterimimpa on t the 2012 republicaca presidential processplaying fromm outside t curtain ratherer thabebeg on stage. >> let's consider popossililit number o,o, which issimply that ee governororisis sick o at she's bebeen touou since thatat dayhe gotot that p pho call f fm john mccccn.n. she's burntut, she's tired of is, she's done with , she
5:22 pm
wants out, sheants g go civivianan, e wants to m makehe moy. ross, hohododoeshat one sound? >>t sosodsds prpretty plausibleo me. you guys were t tking e earer ouout w there haave been 16 etcscs cplaints filed against t her as gogovern,,5 of them have en dismsese peoplealalke aboutow the clintonsns we e beg hunted in the 199090sby theirr political opopponts. sarah h lilin s become as a popolitianan lightning d for both p peoplinin alaska and p pe ararou the country,ndnd you can imagine her -- again,n, she's g five kids, shehe got a by.y. she's got a dadahthterith a baby.. you can imagine hehebebein burnd out by a all ofthis, tired of te legal bibis,s,and ready to g out andd hee a little morore fu. and ononththin to keep in mind, too, is she's 45 yearars old. if sheanororprpresent at t the me age th hillary clininton just reason forrpresident, she'd beuuing -- i'm n not goingtoto gett the m math rit, butt's eieithn the 2020 2024 prpridential election. there's plenty of timimfofor her to have sosome kd d a polititicafufutu and the one ththg palin really has goingg fr
5:23 pm
heheis a third of the coununy y loves her and ththey'rgogog to ntntin to loveer even t thghgh she'e' resigngned t t goveveoro of alaskaandnd she's m morththa almost a a o oth person in th republblic p par right now can say. you know, if y you wentnt back o that convention i i202008nd you oked at the other poteteiaial nnnng m massoror john mccccai ti pawntnt m mitroromny, they speeheamame day sarar p pal accepted t the nononanati, nd, you knknowsasarapalin has -- she's got electrtrtuff when - -- you u kn,, when sheasas maybe te right pepers w wring a speech fofor r ahe right crowd a and so on n in a w thatat few politicicianinin t republican papartdo. >> let's's listen to aitittl bi more of theleleric stuff shshe came u u with on ffriy.y. >>hey that's >> comom after m muc consideration, prayerand nsnseration, andininal i polled the mostt iortant peoplee in my lif m m kids. whwherthe count was unananims.s. well in r resnse to askinin h hy do you want t me tmama a
5:24 pm
sisiti difference and fifitt for all ourchildren's fure frfromutside the ggovnor's office? it was four yeses a ane hell yeah, , and the hellll yhh fill in a s se day i'l'll talalababou the details s ofhat. >> the p posbility numberr thre is t tttarah palin wantstso go backck t he first love, telelesision she wants toto jum back toto ts game. she usused tbebe a local ne personon ialalas, and there's a t of rumors saying shssgoing to jump into some k kin of t tl show psisiy like iis, hostinin it. hehe is what shsh limbaugh had toto y today about that possibility. >> all i know ishat -- is this, ifif sar p pin has any desire tooo a tv show,o do speeches, to raise momoy,y, t earn moneney, w whavevert's f, ifhe hasnyny dirir for a future be it potitics, in mea,a, whatevever, she's gining
5:25 pm
to have to do itit in ee lower 48. e e caot do it in alaska. itit'sot going to g it done. i i dot think this precludeseser runnnng g fooffice down t ro, , th presidencnc i i 202012t all. i think these people saying that she's an instant tartt b becses she quitsusus - -- that's j jus side the beltway formulaic, d she's not that. > mk,k, dyou think the bibiddinwawais rereadunder way with t the tevevion networks ababouwho is going to landndarah palin? y y can count on it. tv, , books, all kindsds of ofo arpouring .. shjujustent through gshsh she's just been microwaved polititicay,y, wt she went throrough the last nn months and it's clelear e wasn't reae and she gogothrown in t t deep end t early. d i think at th botottom this she just wantnttoto step o and st backnd take some time to really plan out whatt the net ststep a going to be but thee opportununieies e endless. listen, rush limbaugas a great instininctororhat audience, f his dience.
5:26 pm
r ruswassasang eelilier there's 30%% ooref the country, a amajority, a a slim marity of republicans s who think that sasah h pan hunghehe moon, anansoso she's going to he a susubstantiall career ahead of her whatever s she decidestoto >hahankou ross and mark.k. up next ththe atath of pololitic icon abobouthohom erybody had an opininio you're watching g arardbl" only on m msnbc the great american holiday is here. and here's somhing to celebrat- e gmc 72-hour sale. you only he 72 hours to dee your independence fromnterest payments for 6 full years, with 0% apr financing for 72 monthsn all 2009 sierra 500s and yukon xl's...
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welcomome ckck to "hardball" ththisorning we learnedd that w lost one of thth m mo inflflueia anancocontversial figurere in te historory a arican foreieign policy. foform s sectary o o d defse robert mcncnamaa died tayay in his washingtonon, c.c., home. he will go down in the history books as the cefararitect of th etnam war underresidents kennedy and johnson. as defense secretetar he directed a massive buildup of troops in etnamsesettg the stage for t t most divisivearar of the 20thcentury.
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mcnamara later adttttedhat mimiliry action in vietnam was a mistake t telng the associated press in 1995, ququte, we t t kennedy andohohon miminirations actedccrding toto what we ought were ee principles andnd traditions ofou ununtr bute e we wrngng w werterribly wrong. how wrong? 58,17878eaead amamecacans. inin004 mcnamara me on "h"hdball" and chris asske him to compare vietetna t to the wan iraq.. here is what he said. >> military action. therefore, t tod i believethat we m mus recognize the sisire o ee iraraqi peoplele to suorort tionalism, and we m mus help themem dso, which means wee mus turnrnver the gernment to themm as fast ass we anan. i think thatat'shehe u.s. picy today. i hopet is. >>mcnamara f foowed his t terer inhehe defensededepament with 12 years presidentofofhe
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i'm bertha ombs with your bc market wrap. ococ ending the day mixed as last week's dismal job report contntueued nag investors. the dodow nenes gaining 44 poin asas iesesrs atatch up bargains o o a few cnsumer staples ttea.. the s&pp pickedup 2 points. the nasasqqasoff by9. >>a favorable report in the s. service sector helplpedururn things a aunund is afternoon a reining 47 owing that t the sector i iststil slowing but ata
5:35 pm
owowerhan expected pace. theeeice seoror accounts fo about 80% o of e u.s. economy. > oil pricess t tuled more than 3% to $ $64 a a barrel onnoror t isis tconomicecovery could bebeslower than previously ancicited a unemployment rose. and commentssrom vice presiside joe biden alsoso fueledednvnves concerns. deden ys the admmisistrion, otot sread the depths of economic tououbl innriritefrom the previous aininisation, but ooood the $787 billionn economic stimululus acacge. that's's irom cncnbc first i in bubusissss worldwide. noback to "hardball." >> lclce back thahardll." wiwiers of the 17,000 seatstsoo michael jackson's memorial rvice began picking upupheheir tickets today,y, anduundds of ouousas are expecectetoto descend onon downtown los s geg tomorrrrow nbc's s riris jansing is tside
5:36 pm
etaples center and she'll b be anchororinmsnbc'sovovere of michael jackson's morial service b bennnng tomorrow at 11:000 a.. easaste.. chs, thereere some veveloents in the courtroro today onon t eatate. leles s gover those beforeee t t tohat's going to happen tomorrow. what was the ououtmeme today in court?t? >> reporter: yeah, i t thi that significantbebecae we've all seen in ee aftererthth of the death of michael jacaconon jt how v vaable h h etata h become. was $500 million in debt i i estimated, bututlrlrea his record s sal h he gone through e roof. the whole ideaofof mkeketi his image and lilikessss is wowoh millions, probablyly tens of miions of dollarsuust in the ming months aloone sohehe two peelele w were namedd as executors of the estate, bh lo-t-timfriends, one a lalawr,r, one a music executive, w wentoto court to s say this isomometng that needsds tbebe handled riit nonow. in t the interimm katherine jasoson,is mother, h h beenn essentially overseeing allththe desion making. the j jud agreed thaha at least
5:37 pm
in thehe short tererm thohose t, long-time friends ofof michael jackson, oneofof whom negogotie proboblyly h most brilliant dedl which wasfor thearart the sony music catatag,g, ouou, indeed, bebe taking controll o again at least in t the short term. wh the jackson familyy h said is they don't have objections to these peoeopl per sese. theyeyusust want to m mak sureht they sort of preserve t thi legacy. so i think they're going to beb cocoinuing ongoing negotiations from bothth sides abobout how b to do that, but t the judgeidi dedeci t tod to go with t thee two exececororsho will be controrollg g hi estate untilil there's s anhehecourt hearing n early ausus laence? >> chris, thee lapd knows there are 17,000 tickeketolders on their way tohe statapl cenenrr torrrrow how are thth making thrr estimates s abt t wh else is ing to happen owntown? how mamanyththereople whoknknow they can't get inntohe staples centnterrere sll going to show up? >> repepteter:ot only can theye
5:38 pm
not get into thehe stapapleenene they can't e eveet into the peririmer.r. you've been toto plelent of political -- i i's's going to b like hahat. youuanan't get ioo within blocks. i ll tell you already justoo veve y an indicatioion,ehehd me therere's a lnene of people. i gogot rerearly thisoorng, the e acack of ww all dadaylolong there's been a e of p peoeeho want t sign is billboard to michael jackson. they've already taken onee down. there was no more ro gngn. they've put a anoerer o oneup. there does seeeem b b this jst outpouring for michaelel jkskson and peoplelehohoant to benn proximity toh.. how d d they m ma tir guesses? i think part o of it is how man peleleent online, 1.6 millionon who wanted tickets.. they're looking at h many pelelere booking hotels in this area and in t outlying area. they've been tataining to rlines. hohow nyny pple are flying in they're estimating anywhere frm 100,000 upwawass of 750,000 people they think could t t t t
5:39 pm
come t toos angeles even though can't state this enouou, , you're not ing to beble to get withinin blocks of the staps centerer iyou don'thave a ticketet a y y don't have a wristband. i think we're going t to see -- they're going toto hee plenty o secucuri h heo make sure tatat eveverhihingoes smoothly. far thingsgs heeone very, very well, bothh here around t staples center andnd overt dododgss stadiumwhere had they werere hdidingut tickets and isisbands to the opopleho were l lkyky eugh to winin ttt ttery. >hahankou, chris jannsi.. you u wi b be guiding us throug th tomorrow. miael jackson's memomori is expected to costoos geles taxpayayeratat least$2$2.5 mill toontrol the crowds aroundnd the ststleles center, a now l.a. councilman d dninis ein would li t the jkson family to f foo some ofhahat bl. dedeis zzein is j joing us on te phone fromom l a anges nono uncilman, why shouldthe jackson family bee p pangngor poce pteteion on a ceremonyny that iss a mournining and funer ceremomo??
5:40 pm
>> we have a numbeberff funeral, memorial s serceces throughoutue ty of logegele never do w we n ned to briring over2,000olice officers and all of theetail that'ss being t t to this to make ittaafe and secure. ththe jajacknn family and o o sympathies extend to t jackson family and alall ee fns of michael jackson, but more e th the jackson family,y, it's aeg entertaiainmt.t. they are theheroromors. they're ththe eses who a going totoo o th ccece. they'r're e eses who operate staples. ththeye the ones who ndd to tt up t theollars for a city that is over$5$5 million in debt, a state that's ising ious, a tyty tt's giving furloughs to r employeesanand pinkk slilips we d't have thefunds to cover thth massive s secity for the crd control and security foror terrorists and s secitity for pepeop who know this will b b a woworlide broadcast. ifomomne wants to makake a atatemt, look at the audieience m may hhe.e. we need to be safefe a secure. >> councilman zinn ishere anyny legal wayay you could oblige th
5:41 pm
staples cenente orackson family toay for thth? >> i met thth o our city attor inin l angeles who is focusing on this with his aainistration, hihis staff, to look a at e le ramifications. if you were to have an eveventtt staples,s,ayay y were going to veveconcert, yy you're g ging toto he an exhibition, say you're going to o ha aboboxi match wiwith f fams boxoxss and there wasececury necessary, aeg entertainment staples woulu y for that. this is not t wh we would coider a normrm memororia service or nner. this has b bece e worldwide event where a a t of people oo make a l lot of money o off of jackson, god blesssshehe man, h was an incredidiee entertainer and at the same titimeee need t prove e curity, but the coco ththedmomob borne by ththaegg entertainment group.p. they're the ones w who are goin toe m maetingthis particular event. th're the ones who are going toe marketing the rehearsalal. ththeye e taing about making a movie out of i sohyhy suld the taxpayers o o the citytyofof los angeles bebe buened with this e extmemeost
5:42 pm
when w we n'n't havehehe dollar to putut fthth i theheirst plac? i'm callingngoror aeae entertainment and thee jackson family t encourage themto do isis. let me mention o one more thing. we were notififie late e thsdsd that t ty y haelected the venue of staples center. late thrsrsy. ididayas a llid. saturday was the f fothth of ju. sundndayasasholidayay monday everyone is b toork tt over the days wen everyone s on vacation,n, days off, we had peoplple working to pu thi gegeth. clearly, aeg, ththe jckson mimi should hel w witsecurity. >>hank you l.a. cityty ununcian dennis zinin join msnbc t tomrorofor cocovege of the m mhahaelackson memorial starting at 11:00 a.m. eastster up next, gornor sarah palin's sisiationrovided the political fireworkhis is fourth of july, butss she reallylalanng a esesidtial bid? wardineman and pauuchan will p pcece tir bets r rig h he on "hardrdba" " on on msnbc. sevs
5:43 pm
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coming up, wiwi sarah palin's rsignation help hurt her chances of running for president? when "rdball" returns. acss to favorite courseses
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lastpoint. i leave y you gentlemen now and you ll now write, it you ll interpret it, that' your right, ts i leave you, i wnt y y to know just tnkow much you're going to bee ssing. you u n't ha nixon to kick around anore becaus gentlemen, this s is m last pres conference. >> wcome back to "hardball." pat buchanan issoining usnow,
5:47 pm
a young nixonitein those days. t, that was theaddest day of your life,e, nember 7th, 12. iinow it w. yoyour hero just quittiting the ring, walklking away,on'tave him toick around ymore. how d y yu feeln friday? wawas that the secd saddesest d your pololitical life watcng the eat heroine ofalaska, yourur favorite sasarah palin, away from the goveorship? >well, there was an element f sad ngs, no dodoubt abou i it. i think she's beeneneat up very, verybadly, her family s. she els t y you have these aeaethicesharges which are phony. as we just heard 16 o of 17 thrown o but it cost her half a milon bubus, and i think she hadd just had enoug and s she wanted to retreat for while, but i do believeust like tt n nonress conference which h howard k. smh, that friday had alger r hiss out on e ow, the politicalbituary of richchd nixon..
5:48 pm
six years laterr walked intnt the white house.e. i think t this, too,o, wi ps f f sarah palin. i n't think she's giviv up thee idea of nning for president, , and i think if s sheconducts herself ll, thisill be forgototten, and i i certaly won't held agains her by those e folks the country whoo really have a lot oflove and loyayay for her. joinining us now howard fiman, ewsweek"magazine. richardd xon had e evil genses like patat buchanan a aund him maststmind h return to power six years ter and th his incrediblele 49state re-ection cacampaignen yearsfter ying you don't haveve me to kickckard anymore. whoo wre the evil geniuses around sah palin who can guide her om here to thehe presidency? well, i'm'mot sure shehas anyeniuses evil o or oththwise, but she c could do w worse t tn a youn deeply ininformed editorial writer of a newspaper somewhere, whihich is at pat ws at t time who really undersrstands th isss. the oblem with sar palin
5:49 pm
among other ththings, e's being accused of beingng quitter. she's beg accused of not even being able to snd e cold kitchen of alask so how uld she stand thehe national spotlit? but i agr withth pat. i wrote web piecece in which i said i havave covered a lot o presidential c candidas, a lot of people. i know when somebody is runnini for presidede, ad i think sarah lin t thinkshat she's got a shot and she'e's goingg to make some money, tryry to get h hr h on strght, and giveit a shot. she's vevery popularr at e conservative grassroots of f th party, buthe needs a an education. e's gobill crysystal in shingt who is ariend of hers and a fan. bill nnett, mary adelei, she's t some peopople, bushe has to s study a learn the issues and she doesnsn't yet kn them. >> we have t t bets she may be headed f a campaigig for higher fice, but she'ss up against story w, howard a t, because her name comes at the end of the following list, henry cabot lodge, bill miller, edmdm.
5:50 pm
sergea shrir. losing vce presidential candididates. robert dole. walter mondndale. geraldine ferararo. th forgrgtable oyd benson. the forgetble dan quayle. and of ccrse, jack kemp, joe lieberman,n, john edards. whwhdid forget? >> franklinn d. osevelt, 1920 -- no, , here'sy point, pat. in theelevision age caaigning which been i 196060, in the television n age, w we a viciouto losers. we do not w wt to hear f from y again. nonot e person who's h held the vivice predential slot in the campaiai and st, the television age,e, h ever de it higher offifi. go ahead papat. tete me how she's gog to get the. >> richahard nixon lolo as presididential cdidate in 1960. he had bn vice president and
5:51 pm
ran for presesident. loststn '62 and came baack and won the presidency twice in 49 statates. it is a toug road. i will say is, i thihink she uld conceivably -- because look, there's enormous loyalty anlove forer in the party. i n see her blowing out the conservative side in the cauces in iowa and the iowow straw poll. and having one oer candidatee to run againinst. down tthe finals. i c see her conceivivable getting thenomination. it advice hard,d, i agree, seei her getttting the majoty of t modera vote and liberal repuicans and bringing thehe aboard. th's a very, very b big mountain for her to climb. i think k howard's right,t, she
5:52 pm
candididates runng statewide is going to want possibly the republican polititician th the hihiest netive? rah pan has a negativof 44 natitially. why would she e be welme to try to help ople out? >> well, i i thinkn low turnout dterm elections, lawrence, you want tget your basase o. and there wasas pew pollout i ink just e other day showi that among evangelicical christstians, among publican conservatives,s, she has a phphomenalpproval rating. now, don't think she can winin th nomimition, t alone t general l ection but i thinkk in t terms of apaling to that base,e, she is gangbusterers right w and she has the additional statar p pero the fact that the nanaonal medidia, all t wiseuys and gals, totally y dismi her with a
5:53 pm
ceain segment of ththe american public,here's no grereater credenal than that. >> we'll be back with h ward fifineman, p buchanann for more of "the polilitics fix pectacular. women who drink crystatal ligt crystal light. make a delious change. an evesixteenths wrench ovehere here you go. eleven sixteenths... (announcncer) from designing s some of the world's cleanest and most fl-ficient jet gine.. to buildmore wind turnenes tthan anyone in thehe countryry. the people e of gare workingng togetr...
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this guy is a pervert, a a childlelest, a pepeophile. toto g gi h is muchh cerage
5:57 pm
da a a day ut. there'e's ththingood about this y. may have beeeen gogo singer,,idd some ddcicing would d yolele your chd, grananhihilde in t the same room as michael jajasoson? >> we're back with msnbc's howard nenemaand pat buchanan. th was republican congresessm pepetekikingon michael j jkskson pat, w wha do you think?k? should p perer king berying to score some polititalal points michael l ckcksoat this point or ayay ieiet? >> no, don't think you realllly should. mimichl jackson was coroversial at the end of h his li. had some e prlele with his miioionsnd millions of p pelele young peopoplelolove him for hi musisic a andeverything. ani think -- - i ininyou stay qut at a time likethis. u u know, there's a great statement by thomasarard benton, hehe sd d an enemy who was very ill,, wnn god a almhtht puts his hand on a m man t te minene o o. i think k atimimesike this, people, ifif y d don like sosomedy, the best thing to do is be quiet. >> h howd d fineman, do you expt any other piticians to be trying to srere a pointt he or there on michael jackskson >> i don't know, but lawrenence
5:58 pm
that was th sod of the orinin reagan democrats speaking. ose are the people who fleled thth cityy of new york after th '60s and retreated to the surbrbs d didn't likehahat they sawaw in the ty. to put it s sewhat euphemistically. at's the voice petet king was speaking w witwhwhen he gave hi ststatenenthe.e. and that's a typepeofof voter tt a lot o modern cnsnsvative politics wasas but on, q quee anankl >> howarar a al anken, senator-elelt,t, ls th 2 2 hours fromom bngng sworn in, appeared with h har reidid toda made a verery ort tatatent, took no o questions. yoyou' been talking t t him during this transition periodd from campaigngneroo a applant i court. atat dyou expect ashe gets sworn in omomorw? >> i think h he'gogog to be very seseris, very shoulder to tthe wheel, very muchh focused on miesesot leleavg the comomedn n bend. and hehe going to bebe ring as wawahing paint dry as he tries totoet health carere an enngyg legislslatnn passse
5:59 pm
that's hisis strategy. 's'saking it seriously. hehe a very, veve s sma guy. and i ththinhehe goingoo work keepingg h p prolele low juju the way hillary clclinnn did whn she firstt c ce into ththe sena pat, are theepublicans ining let him d do that or taunt him? >> no, d don think they will. i agree w withoward, i think it would be very smart fofor mbmbo just be e a adadly serious y.y. and get the comedian,, t wise acre, the mockery, get t tat behihindimim and become a u uni states senatator and yououanan d th sort of ing pretty rarapiy y now. and i think that would d be m m guss ectly what he's goioi to do. sods like he'sstarted. a ahoward knowse was a math mamajoat harvard, a serioious ududent thther hohowa and i have th seen his serious s si i i personal l situations. wawa, neither one e ofusus i surprised byhahawe're seeieing so far, righgh >> o,o, i'm not sururisised although it isis amazing. i' known him foror 2 20 yeyear member when he wasrunning ouou in iowaaith aaallite lilinkish on his head. ththerg material for "saturday ght live." 's's aamazing worlrld. >> we'veot toto go.