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tv   The Ed Show  MSNBC  July 6, 2009 6:00pm-6:30pm EDT

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join us tomororw w nit at 7:7:0 eaeastn n fo more "hardbalall. right now w it t tim for "the show" with ed scschuz.z. >> i'm ed schuhult this is "the e ed owow goodevening, americans. live from 30 rock new york, it's "thed show"on msnbc.c. it'suuitng time forovoverr sarah papain. i n't think so. i i kn w wt rarah bracuda's up to. i'llll have to in ththe "op e o the top. > > setor frankenen gesesto washington and a top democrat says no m mor cucuse it's time fo some real progressive aconon on health care. i'm all for itit nators bernie sanders and john vev veasas weighing in tonight. >the health care lobby is spending o ove$1 mililli aayay
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to stop the publblicptptn. and mamanyff these guys, t th ususedo work for democratsts. whwhat g goi on here? llus "psycho tata." 'v'v got a great panenel coming up tonight. first, tonight's"op ed."." all l caca say i conservatatese, get in line.. we now k know whwho the ral maverick was in ththe stst election. it wasn't the old guy, i it ththis flashy rsonality from the north coununtrarah palin. palin totook ba media attentnt wiwith very unconventionalal me which h alally bordrderonon political ststupity. body quits like this. bobodyust bails tt like isis d d eey? i mean,ou know, ople change jo all thtime. but i think there'ss polilitill sisilv lining in all of tthi republicans, g getnnline. yoyou nnnn deny the fact that rarah lin is the rock star o o the e reblblic party. now, teyey don't have a a t of ro stars. th've got plenty of rocks and no stardom. hehe's my take. somebobo t tel me where t wnside is for th rerepuicican
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papay.y. she gets thee meded attentntio she can raise money. ahah, atat'shat it's all about. and base conservatives absolutely love e th lady. now, i think t t republican rtrt wins on t tss deal. nono o o o there's raising any money of any significance right now for the cseseatives. isis ivintage sarah palin. unpredictable. borderline unprofessional. but the key h her isis, she i i definitely notot your quintessentialoolician. it falls rightht i in linene wi radicalslsinin mopinion, who are out therer doing these tea parties s wh are so disgruntlele who rereprenen you know,he disenfranchisesed a ameca who just think that e eveththg is going to fa under oba.a. i i lo t thi story. t t st of all, i really loo this soundnd c.. he it s.s. >> as i thought about ththis anannoceceme that i wouldn'tunun forre-electctn,n, a whhat t tt mes s foalaska, i thought ouout,well, how mucuch fun some governors have as lalameucucks maybybtrtrav ra round t the
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state,e, tvevel e other states, ybe takeheheir overseas ininrnrnatnal trade missions. many politicians dodottt. many just accepep that lame duc status and t th hit the road, eyeyraw a paycheck,, t the kind milk . anani'i' not goingg put alalkakanshrough that.t. i promisisee efficiencies and effectiveness. >> that's the key soundndii in alall hihis. she's beenen widely cticized for a r raminin press conference but i think thatat rlllly is the sod bite of signifificcece because yoyoueee e republicanss are going t b boming after president obama ashis tax and spdd liberal who just t tows momoneatat everyrorobl thahat' outt ere. to distance themseselv f fro th, they've g got to f fin sosobobody because this is aarty that isis in the t toetet when it ceses t ideaea w whe it comes originalitit w whe it comes t polling with t american people. yo s sll have lesess anan 30% of the people in thhis country w w y, i'm a rerepuicic. isis i a breakokoutomomt for her.r. it is a political oppoportitit
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w,w, i yo have t the mitster or the ewtsetr or if half the country knew w w pawlenty wawa mae e sah palin wouldn't be doing this. she hastoto strike whilele the iron's hot. e e caraise money.. put yourself in ththe p posion a republblic i ia d dtrtricthat is tryining to win a house aa wharare u going to bring in for thebibigiinn? is it goinggtotoe mitt romney?? he's old news. is it going to b be sarah lilin? abablutely. shshe'aa ck star. e e n raise moy.y. itit makes p perctctsense forhe totooo this. and as far as,ouou know, osh, shss cutting out bause she'ss governororshshe'really shafting e e ople of alaska. do you really ink theeeeop in the lower 48 care t th muc about alalas pliliti? ththeyever d. ununti stevens h h his probleme. they never did. titishe splashed onththe scene. anand e'e's peeononaly and t the media love personanalies. so, let's sese she's gott
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ssibly a bigig okok dl. she could dodo aelelision talk owow. the mainhihing i she loves the lililigh dd the republican party needs somebody tt trere who willllo o after it. i inink one of the reasoso why base conservatives lee her so much, she's different. she'e'llo do omething. w wt if itt's unnvnvtional. an besides that i iss great for cable newsws. joining g meis steve mcdoldld news directorr thenbc afaffiate ktu. anchorara,, aska, who has kwn sarah palin for alolo time.. eveve, what do you m me of hihi. was thisust tototal goofy o orr did ybyby have any e ev lying as to what was goingon? >>yeah, it pgggg in the rednn eegoofy memer. itit ralally caught everybody b rprise. alasaska a are pretty confused anan s som are even angry overe this anouncement that came friday. >> well,l, bt fs s in her personality. she loves thehe lilimeghgh
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she wants s toeaead. her lili is totolllly en fferent in the last 1818 months. esn't ititit her p pernality to do something l likhis? anand isn't this allababt a hihierer pitical calling? atato you think? >> wl, i think i it is. i think most alaskans ovover t last 1 1 months h havee been a o come to the conclusision tt she definitely wawant t to run f fo presidency 2012. ththe oblem here is,s, thouggh, there's also the s sta t t rrun know people in thehe lerer 4 thk that the folkss l livngng u hehereamount to a couple o moose ana pack of woeses,maybe. but there's a l lot more t to aa th just that. sh juu started plans touild a natural gas pelelin whichh many alaskans looook at ashe future off th state. we're a natural resource e developing state.. th's very i iortant to our economy up he. she go things gogghat were a lolongay from rowing dirt o o that ojojec shshs not even what i ulul say fifift of theay through t particicul ojojec
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and she's lavavin at avery key time. d d the's a few o oerer issues at are on the horizon ththatrere going to affect this s stete in drdramicic wway and a l lotf folks think that she's just bailing o o on that right now.w. >> but what do y y make of rr comment t onririda whenhe said that she can help aska doing other things? and the other thhin thhat struck me quite a bit was s th when she told the kididhey were a all excited, one of them said, hehe, yeyeah we, , it would seem t to me tt a family t tha has been pout there in th limelelig a and go through thee nioiol stage,t't's nonott the kiddasy nature to sasa mo you've t to stop this, yououe e go to get out of this stf.f. cacattwe imagine sararahalalin sang, i'm getting out ofof t th governorship and i i'moioi to run for p predent and this s is what i'm goinin to do, andnd th kids going ts o or ts?s? that's how i enenvionon this. what do you think? > would ininkoto ifif s had said, i i g goi to n for president rightht now, start my r run re very oon, think pepelele mht have been able to grasasp hahat a little
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tter understand. t we were given this s seeses of reasons as t to why she was leaving. for she felt she could do bebett job or feels she can do a better job for the statateyy concentrtrining r enenereses elsewhere, d don know what better andnd atororeffective buy pulpit t terere other than being the governonor the s ste of a alaa.a. in terms ofdrdrumng up s sport fofor asaska isissu.. and as far as comment ouout she didn't't want to be lame duckck governor,o one says that you have to be a lame d duc governor and trarave around t t ste e d make trips verseas d d wae money a a erer. there cld be s so pretty effective decisions m ma by l la duck popolicians, lame duck presidents, lame d du gornors. al bets are off. you can kind of actualallyakaka stand on t t principles o an ise. >> we've se some lame duckerss do some damaagenn the ppas that's's for rere >> we hahave >> good to o ha y you with uus, appreciate your time h he e on "the edd show." joining me is livity tata
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green, fororme republican state senator from wasillala, asas. ta, what do you makeke of ththi is thihis pipicasarah palin? whwhato you think? >> oh, sosoluly. althoughgh t thi ererne was taken by surprise. what you'll findnd he are ththe sets of people.. the e pele who agrgr with sarah and aytythi she doess is grgrea so they approve e r r desion. those p peoe e whdon't agree wiwith much of whh shedodo,, think k he decision was great. and then p peoeehoototed foror hero have her elected assheir four-y-yrr governor are veryry disappointed. >> i have to tell you, i h ha fished at leasasththretimes in alaska and thatt airplane t th just went bebendnd y, it really kekeme want too go f fisng. ththats s real alaskan live sho right there. let me t telll you,folks. all right. now,tt's the taxixi o the north is what it is.s. dada, let me ask u,u, you've hd some run-ins with sarah palin.
6:10 pm
do alaskans f fee like t tt shes ththwing them under the bus? or they u undststand this cocoent about a hher political cainin what aboutut tt?t? >> fufuy you should d ntntio being thrown u und t t bus. have a club caall theunder the e ss club and it's'setetti veve crowdeded uerer thebus. because sarah palin's victims and the people e'e's abandoned. bubu i thinkhat she probably has in mind l li you said rlier, book tour, s saking tour -- oh, yeah. . >> something on n netrkrktv oro whatever. th are not althy people. so, to earn money for either a rsrson war chehest or a political war chest are inhhei interests. bubu i think her time to b in thth spotlightoror runnnng g fo something would be mre like 2016 or 220. ok.. bubudodoes itit her pepeonality,
6:11 pm
inin yr dealings inin the past thth sah palin, to do isis and say, to heck w wit the alaskska to heck w whh this job, t thii alalababou me, th i is l about leading th republican partrt back. m m heing from you thahat this exactly what she's alalababou >> well, i think to a certain exexte, i think you're right. bubut i thihi w wh her biggerr l is, is to advantage sarah palin. and i i'm n suu that if peoplel wowod d lo andeeee what she's's done tohe republican p par in my h homdidirict, and inin the state of alaska,, how the republicanan ptytysfafaly fractured over aceptance o oferr ananababsute, you knowow, disli. so ifshe has t thattffect on republicans acsssshe nation, don't see how she couldhehelp folks getelecteded once people f figee out whahat she's reall about. > lydaa green, goodtotoave th us onight, thanks s so much. th's a flavor of alaska righght there. atat'sxactly how itis. oat planeses g gog eevewhere.
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eparing for tens of thousands michael jackson fans to descend on the city for tomorrow's memorial serce. over 6 milli peole registered to win th coveted fr tickets. only 8,750 actually won the drawing. police are warning everybody who doesn't have a ticket to stay away. meanwhile,ity officials are fang the hard reality of paying for all o this. ports of the event that it's going tooslos angeles .5 million. joining us nowive from the jackson compound of alaska, courtney hazelt of's "the scoop." how is the city going toay for is? is this a big dealith the residentin los angeles?
6:17 pm
>> it's an enormous ill to the residents o here. thers a huge concern about the city having this out of pket expense. i spoke with jan per on the phone and she said, let's be certn about one thing, be very clear, the ci ofos angeles ll not pay for thi out of pocket is what jan perry's saying. she's the aing mayornd current councilwoman. there's a bill coming, someone's got to pay for it. peopleith the naa areaying th might reach out to membershipnd have a larger campaigno t people to donate, saying,hey, couldn't make it to t jacon memoal, please csider helping out the city of los anles. and th jackson famil might be asked to conibute in some way as well. so that's all going to pa o. terally waiting for a phone call from a meeting taking place at the lapdto see whe they stand. they were suppos to have a slightly more updat estimate. justikeverything in this ory that changes mite to minute, so do the cops.
6:18 pm
>> not everybody ia michael jackson n. it was sprisinto a lot of peop that an electedfficial the united states congress, peter king, came out and made this comment aboutichael jackson. here it is. >> this guy i a pervert. he's a child molester. he's a pedophile. and to be giving this mu coverage tthis day in and day out, what es it saybout us? may have been a good singer, did some dancing. bott line is, would u let your child or grand chd be in the same room with michael jason? >> w's thatsound bite beg received out the? there's a t of peoplehat loved michael jason. but then again, you know, congressman king musteel pretty compelledbout his feel tos go on came and say it so ciously the way he did. what's is reonse to that? >> cgressman king is certainly entitled t his own opinionu like evebody here is. however, i would point out to congressman ng for better or rse, michael jackson w acquitted. so to call him those things, you
6:19 pm
can't that because in a court of law hs not tose things. the reverend alharpton made comments address toheedia yestery ring his rmon at thfirst a& church where he said the media was crting a bied picture. spki basically exactly to what congressman kingas ying. and it's not the time for that right now. beespectful to the famil respectful to the artist. two centss we've been fairly even handed in the dia. i don't ink anybody's ignore 2003 to 2005hen michael jackson was in cot facing some of tse charges. do think, howeve right now it's appropriato ve him his due, which is he's populture icon the like of wch i don't think any of us will see again in our lifetime. for the cialarriers he crossed, his impact o music, his impact on vertising even. he did more than any single artist. for congreman king to say that i think it'short sighted. >> courtney, thanksor your time tonight. judge ruled today michael jackson's ng-time attorney and family friend suld ta
6:20 pm
temporary control of the po singer's estate. for more on the legal issues invoing jackson's wil his estate, and children, lt's go to legal analyst and former prosecutor karen de soto. great to have you with u tonit. tell bus this second will. how much of issue is tt ght now, does it hold up? >> it does hold up, in fact. you have to rememr that miael jackson is a coany. and unlike you or me, ed, this company is going to go on in depth. this igoing to be -- generate miions and millions of dollars. it makes senseat micha put in his will that his long time friend and attorney, mr. bianca, and so mr. mcclainto is e cord industry. viously you want professionals. i mean, real, do you want your mom to run yo company if you pass away? obviously you nt profesals. so all of is makesense. mean, i know that katherine jackson tried to stopthe court from going ahead andaying they shouldt be the cexecuts, it should be me
6:21 pm
however, those reiswishes. >> what's your take on the doctor? could there be so kind of charges coming? as thisnvestigation moves forwrd? >> absolutely in fact, ed, thi so like the anna nicole smith case. where the doctors were charged with unlawful prescribing, prescribinto an addict. conspira tfurnish. these are all feonies. unfortunately, the probl is going tobe is that not oly are ose arges,hosefelonies, but alsohat about ioluntary manslaughter? i mean, that is a very dinite possibily. you know, the stdard is not very high for invuntary manslaug. just like vehicular micide. if h gave thehot like they'r saying, any type of shot or escribed medicine,nd he might have died, andhe in fact did, that'sinvoluntary manslaughter. ve low standard. i think thathis poor doctor got himsf in a litt bit too muchotater here, ed. looks likehe may be taking a liility. not just him but the other doctors. because remember,e was living with him for me than a month.
6:22 pm
i don't know about you but my doctor, after five minutes, presibed me at least two o ree antibiotics. this is a person is living with him for two weeks. the liability is going to be pretty strong there. >> karende soto,hanks for being re, good to see you. up next on "the ed show," "psycho talk." senator chuck grassley needs to wo on his bedde manner. you won't believe at he said to a constituent abou health ca at a town hall meeting. le a e flattered when regenerist be
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oh, you know, if yo give a repupuicicanong enough they'll eventually getntnto the "psycho tatalkzoe. i i kn senator chuck grasassl was goingg t toet there f fomom iowa.. grassley is thee ranking republicanan oththfinance mmmmite. they're e ining is health care thing, right? otherwise known n asthth commimt with their head in the sand an they pred that a all last week by talking about how thehey' agaiainsththe blic option. the senator w wen home toowa and he was hosting a town hall meeting in walken, io, during the recess andace someday tough questitionfrfrom constititutsts now, a a m in the audiencece tk the microphohonendnd told thehe sesetor about his crushing health care bills thatat his family was facingng. then heasked the senenat from iowa, you nonow, a mpmpleand fa qstion. why couldn't heetet that same kikindf coverage that he's gott in t the senate? grassley d didt t ke that too chch. here's how i iwewent why is your insurance so much
6:27 pm
cheaper than my insunce and better thamy insurance? i thinini i shld have the same ininrance that you have. >> i c can tell y,, i think 32% -- ofhe cost >> 32% ofhe cos >> if y want better insurance policy, go work for john deere. they don't pay ything. >>o work for john deere? not a very goo and sensitive solution, since hn deere has been laying workers off in the state of iowa. now, the man in theaudience di't take tht. he wast satisfied with that answer. so he ied it one more time. this titime senator assley, he came upiith a dayyf an ananerer. here itis. >> how come ianan have the same thing you have? >> yocaca go work fofor hnhn dre. >> if you wantntooood alth insurance, go wkk fofo the feferal govevernntnt. now hold ririt there. i thought the r rublican party was all autut smaller governrnntnt. i thought that teyeyanted to rirink goverernmt,t, tt they dodot t wa to spend money on anything. ifif sator grassley, this scscal conservative, heheares about
6:28 pm
famimieses struggling t to payti hehethth ce bills,hehe got a funny wayy of showingng don't you think? grassleyeyhas madee it c cryala clcleaththate will not pport a public ptptio even thougugh marity of americans andd a majority of h constituentsts at 53% s spoport such a plan in th ste of ioa. nono telling americans to go work for th federalgogornment a a real flfliplolop. and especially, yoou call me crazy, but that's st not a a great t anan f fixing the hlth caca systetem. senator sley, you are doing ♪ finally lovers kn no shame ♪ ♪ watatchg inlow motion ♪ as u turn to me and say ♪ take my breaeathaway nnouer) ge locomototes. customs love them almost as much as we love making them. ♪ m my (annncer) innovationoday for america'torrow.
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