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tv   Hardball With Chris Matthews  MSNBC  July 6, 2009 7:30pm-7:59pm EDT

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mistake, telling t associated press in 1995, quote, we of e kennedy d johnson administrations acted accordin principles and traditis our country, but we wererong. we were terribly wrong. how wrong? ,178 dd americans. in 2004 mcnamara came "hardball" and chrissked him to compare vietn to thwar in iraq. >> what a the parallelso vietnam? >> well, first points there's certain problems that can't be dealt with by militaryction. efore, today i believe tha we must recognizthe desire of the iraqi people tsupport nationalis and we must help them do so, which means we mus turnr the government to them as fast as we can. i think that's the u.s. licy toy. i hope it is. >> mcnamara folled his tenure in the defense depent with 12 years as president of t world bank where he dedicad
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afaf, rd . get the e piurure. here's what's happeningng president obama tt wiwith russin president dmitrmemeedev in momoow today, the etetin aimed atcountering what prididen obamacalled a recent dririftnn relationon the two leaders talklked about elelimary deal to c nuclearar stockpileses a agreeded to open didialueue on aontroversial missile shield d ov western europe. >>seven u.s. troops haveveeeee llll since the start of mamajooffensive against thehe tababan afghanistan.n. today the talibanonfirmed they ar hololdi an a amecacan soldie who went missing lalast wk.k. the u.s.s. military remains
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tight-lipped about the s solerer status. auauthitits in south rolina are now confirming pann killed in a shootout with police eararlythis mororngng wa e same man suspected of goingng on a killing spree lalasteeee that r restetedn fiveeaeath in the city of gagafey. > t markets ended t theay xexed. e e do jonenes gained 4444 poin. the s&p 500 cked up 2, the sdaq lost 9. nonow ckcko "hardball." weweomome ck to "hardball." winners of the 17,000 0 ses s michael l jasoson'memorial rvice began picking up theheir tickets s toy,y,nd hundreds of thsands are expected to o descend on dowowntn n s angeles torrrrow nbnbs chris jansing is oututsi ththe apaps center, and she'll anchoring msnbc's covovere e of miael jackson's memorial service e bennnng tomorrow at 11:00 a.m. e easrnrn. chris, there were soso
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velopments in the coururtrm m toy on the estate. les s gover those before we get toto wt't'going to happen tomorrowow what was thehe ococomeoday in court? >> reporteter:eaeah, think that is significant b becsesee've all seen in the aftermath h ofhehe death of m mhahaelackson just w w vaable his estate has becocome he was $500 0 llllioin debt it's estimated, butut aeaeadyis record sales have gonene touou the roof. the whole idideaf f maeting his image and likenenesss s rth millllnsns, obably tens of llions of dollars just in n th coming months alalon so the twowo pplplwho were named as executorsrsf f thestate, both long-time frieiend o one lawyer, one a music executivive,enento court t s sayhis is something that needsds tbebe hdled right nonow. in thehentnter katherine jason, his mother, had been n esesntntiay overseeing all the decisisionakakin the judge agreed t thaatateast in the shohortererm ose two men, long-time friends s m micel jackson, one o of omomegotiated probably his most brbrilanant al
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whwhicwas for the part of thth sony music catalog, , ululd, indeed, be taking contntroofof i aiain least in the short termrm. wh the jackson family hahasasaid is they don't hahavebjbjecons to these people per se. they just wantnt tmama sure that they sort of preseservthth legacy. so i think they'rere gngngo be continuing ongoing negototiaonon omom bh sides about how bestst to d do atat, t the judge did dede today to go with those e two executors who willll b corolling his estate until the'e's other court hearing inin early august. lawrence? >> chris, the lapdpd kwswshere are 17,0,000icict holders on their way totohehe sples center totomoowow how are e eyey ming their titimas about what else is going to happen dodownwnwn how many othth p peoe who know they can't getet io o thstaples center are still goioingo o ow up? >> r reptete not only can they not t t t in the staples center, th can't even get into t t pememer. you've b beetotolenty of political conventions.s. it's going to be l le e th. if you don't have the wrist band
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and you don't have a t tict,t, you can't get within b blos.s. i will tell yoyoalalrey just to giveve y a aindication, behind me t the's's line of people. i got here e elyly ts morning, the crack of dawn.n. all daday ngnghere's been a line of peoplplwhwho nt to sign this billboard toto mhahaelackson. theyey'valalrey taken one down. there was s noororroom to sign. they've put anototheonone . there does seeeem b bthis just outpouring for michahaelacacon and people who want to be e in primity to him. how do thehemamakeheir guesses? ththinpart of it is how manyny people went online, , 6 6 miion whwho nted tickets. ththeye e loing at how many people a areooooki hotels in this area and d inhehe olying area. they've been talking t t aiaiines. hohow ny people are flying in. they're e esmamang anywhere from 0,0,00upwards of 750,000 people they think could trtry comeme tloloangeles even though wewe c't state this enough, you're not going t tbebe ae to get withth b blos of the staples ceerer iyou don't have a titick a a you don't have a wristbtbd.d.
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so think we're going to o e e -- they're going toto he e plty of security here to make e su t tha everything g goesmsmooly. so far t this s ve gone very, very well, both h he a aund the staples center andndvever dodgdger sdium where eyey we handing out tickets s d d wrt bands s to the people whoere ckckenough to win n th lottery. t tha you, chris jansing. you will be guidining t thrgh this tomorrow. mimichl jackson's memorial i i expected to cost l losngnges taxpayers at least $ $5 5 miion control the crowds ararou t the ststleles nter, and now l.a. councilman d dens s ne would like the jacksks f famy to foot sosomef f th bill. dennis zine is j joingngs on the phphe e fr los angeles now. councilman z zin w whyhould the jackson family be papangng f popoli p proction on a ceremony that i is momourng and funeral ceremony? >> we have a number r f funals, merial services throughout t the city of los ananges.s. never do we need to brbrg g in overer 20000 pice officers and
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all of the detaiail atat being pupuinintohis to make it safe and secucure e e ckson family, and our r sysyatathi extend to the jackson family and all the fananofof michael jackckn,n, b more than ththe ckcksofamily, it's aeg entertainment. they are the p protete. thth'r're e ones who are going to do o th c conrt. they're the e on w w operate staples. theyeye e thones who need to put up the dololrsrs f a city that isis or $530 million in debtbta ststatththat issuing ious, a city thas s ving furloughs to our employoys s anpink slips. d don have the funds to covov is massive operatioion security. not only security for the e crdd and trtrafc c corol but security for terrorists, security f for people who k knoththisill be a worldwide broadcasast. if s somnene wts to make a statement, look at the a audncnc they may have. need to be safe and s sece.e. >> councilman n zi, , there any gagal y you could oblige the staples center or jackson n faly to pay for thihi >> we arere wrking --i'i' met with our city attotorn, , r new city attorory y inos angeles, o o focusing on thiswiwith his
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administratitionhihis aff. to l lkk at the legegal ramifications.s. if you were to h he e anvent at staples, say you werere ining have a concert, say you'rere gng toto he an exhibition, say you're going to haha a a bing tch with famous boxersrsndnd erere s security necessary, , aeg entertrtaienenstaples would papay r that. ththiss s nowhat we would considerer aororl memorial service or fununer.. this has become a woworlidid event where a lot t ofeoeoe who make a lot of money off f ofr.r. jackson, gododlelesshe man, he waanan iredible entertainer, d at the same time we needed t provide security, bubuththe st nes to be borne by theheegeg entertainment grgrou they're e thonon who are going to be marketining isisarticular event. they're ththe esesho are going to be marketetg g threhearsal. th'r're lking about making a movie out of it. sohyhyhould the taxpayers ofof e e ci of los angeles be burdened with this extrememe ct when we don'n'hahavehe dollars to put forth in ththfifirsplace? so i'm callingng f a aeg entertainment and ththe ckckn familylyo o enurage them to do thth. lelet m mtion one more thing.
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we were notified late e thsdsd at they had selected the v ven ofoftatapl center. late thursday. frfrid was a holiday. satuturd w washe fourth of july. sunday wasas aololay. moayayveryone is back to worork but ovoverheheays when everyone s s onacation, days off, we e had d pelele wking to put this together. clearly, aeg, the jackcksofafaly ould help with security. >> thank youou l. . ci councilman denninis nene joininsnsnbcomorrow for coverage of the micicelel jkson memorial starting at 11:0:0a.a.m.astern. >up next, governor sararah palin's resignatatioprprided the political firererkrks is fourth of july, but is shshe alally plannini a a psidential bid? ward fineman and pat b bucnanan will place t tirir bs right here onhahaball" only on msnbc. what's in a triscuit? simple ingredieients likeke soft white winter whehe gathered together foror 22 grams of whole grain ness. it's what mas s trcuit worth everbibite. trisit.
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last point.. i leave yogelemen now, and you ll now write it, you will interpt it, that's your right, but as i leave, i want you to know w just tnk how much you're goioing to beissing. you don't have nixixon to ck around anymore becauause, gentlemen, this is m my lastress confererence. >> welelme bacto "hardball." pat buchananan is joing us now, a young nixonite i ithose ys. t, thawas the saddest day of
7:47 pm
your lifif novemr 7th, 1962. i knowt was. your ho just quitting the ringng, walkg away, won't have him to k kick arnd anymore. hohow did u feel on friday? was thatat the secd saddest day of your polititical lifeatching the grgreat heroe of alaska, your favorite sararah pali walk awayayrom thgovernorship? >> welell, the was an element of sadness,s,o doubabout it. i thinshe's been beat up verer very badly, her fafamily has she feels it. you have these e ethics arges whwhh are ony. as we st heard, 16 out of 1717 throro out, t it's cost her lf a million bucks, and d i thinshe had just had enougug and d she waed to retreat for a while,e,ut i dbelieve just likehat nixon press confererce which howard k. smith h that friday h h algeriss out on the show, the e politicaobituary of richd nixon. six yearlater we walked into the white house. i think this, toto will ss for sarah palin.
7:48 pm
i don't ththink she'given up the idea of running fofor present, and i ththink ifhe conducts hersf well, this will be forgotten, and it cecertainl wot be held against her r by thosose folkin the country who reallylyave a t of love and loyalty y for her. >> joing us now howard finemaman, "neweek" magazine. msmsnbc potical analyst. richchd nixohad evil geniuses like pat b bhanan ound him to maststermind h return to power six years later and thenen his incredible 4 4state -election campaign ten yeaea afteraying you don't have me toto kick arnd anymore.e. who were the evil l geniuses around sarah palin who c can gui her fr here to the presidencncy? >>ell, i'm not sure she e has any geniuses evil oror otherse, bushe could do worse than n get a a young, dply informed edorial writer off a newspspaper somewhere, which i is what p was at the timime who rely understands the e issues. e problem with sarah palalin amonother things, she's beining accused being a quitter. she's bebeg accud of not even
7:49 pm
being able to stanand the ld tchen of alaska, so hohow could e stanthe national spotlilit? but i agreree with p. as i wrote a web p piece iwhich i said i have covered a a lot of presidentiti candites, a lot of people. i knowow when mebody is running for presidenent, and think sarah lin thinks that she's gogot a sh and she's going to mama some money, trtry to geter head on straiait, andive it a shot. she's ry popular at the conservative grassssroots ofhe party, but she needs a an educion. shshe's gobill crystal in washshgton w is a friend of rs and a fan. ll bentt, mary madeleine, she's got some people,e,ut she hahas to sdy and learn the issues and she doeoe't yetnow them. >>e have two bets she may y be headed foror a camign for higher office or a at lea a campaign for hier office. t she'up against hiory now, howard and papat, because her nana comest the end d the flowing list. nry cabot lodge. billiller. edmund mky. sergeaeant shriv.
7:50 pm
losing vice presidentiti candates. robertrt dole. walter monondale. gegeraldinferaro. the rgettable lloyd benson.. e unforgettable dan ququle. and of coursrse, jack mp, joe lilierman,ohn edwards. who did wewe forge >> frankn d. roosevelt, 1920 --- >> no, here's my poioint, pat. in the televisioioage of campaiing which began in 196960, in the telelevisioage, we are vicious to loserers. we do nonowant thear from you agagain. not one persrson who'seld the vice p presidentl slot in the campaign and lost, in ththe televion age, has ever made e to higher office. go ahead, pat. te me how she's going totoet there. >> richard nixixon lost presidenenal candate in 1960. head been vice presidentnt and ran for president. lost in '62 and cacame back d won the e esiden twice in 49 states.
7:51 pm
it i ia tougroad. i will say this,s, i thinkhe could nceivably -- because look, there's enormousus loyal and lo for her in the party. i can see heher blowinout the conservativeve side the caucucuses in wa and the iowa stw poll. and d havingne other candidate run ainst. dodown to e finals. i can see her cocoeivabl getting the e nominaon. it advdvice hardi agree, seeing her getting ththmajori of the modederate ve and liberal republicans s and brging them aboard. that's a very, verery big untain for her totolimb i think hohoward'sight, she ally needs to study, s s needs young ople with her on the issues every day. and two or three reallllgood writers. d then campaign in thehe year 201010or eve republican, 2009, come on down t to virgin. go throuou the vginia south of fredicksburg. that guy wins there, , think you'rere back d you're in the game. do it mean you win? no, , meansou're in the game. d quitfrankly, she'd be one of the twowor threfavorites.
7:52 pm
>> howard finemaman, who ang candidides runng statewide is going to w want possly the republican politiciaian with t highest negatitive? sasarah palihas a negative of 44 naonally. why y uld shbe welcome to try to help pepeople out >> w wl, i tnk in low turnout midterm electitis, lawnce, you want to get your b base ou and therere was a w poll out i think just the otherer day shong that amongngvangelal christians, among rerepublic conservatives, she h h a phenomenal a aroval ting. now, i don't think shehe can w the nomination, , t alonthe general election. but i think in terms o of appealg to that base, she is gangngbusters ght now and she has the addititial stapower of the fafa that e national media, all the w we guysnd galsls, totalldismiss her with a certain segmenent of t american public, there's no g greater
7:53 pm
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>>this guy is a pervert, a child molester, a a pephphil to give hihiththisuch coverage daininnd day out. whatoes it say about us asas a country? there's nonothg g od about this guguy. may y veve bn a good singer, did some dancing. wod you let your child,
7:57 pm
grandchild be in the s samroroom with michahaelacacks? what are we glororifngng h for? >> we're back wiwithsnsnbc hohowa fineman and pat buchanan. that was r replilicacongressman peter r ki o omichael jackson. pat, w whadodoou think? should peteterininbe trying to score some pololicicaloints on michael jacksoson t thipoint or stst q qui? >> no, i i d't't tnk you really shshou.. mimichl jackson was coroversial at the end of hihis life. d d so problems with his millions and millions ofof pplpl young peopopleloloveim for his mumusiand everything. anand think -- i think you stay quiet at a a te e li this. u u kn, there's a great ststement by thomas hardenen benton, heheaiaid an enemy who waveve ill, when god almighthty puts his hand on a aanan iake mine off.. i inink at times like this, people, if you d don l le somebody, the best t thi t to is be ququt.t. > harard neman, do you expect any other politicians toto b
7:58 pm
trying to scorora a pot here or therere m mhael jackson? > ion't know, but lawrencnc that was the soundnd othth original r rean n decrats speaeangng. those are the pepeop w w fled the e ci o of w york after the '60s and retreated to the e suburbs and didn't't le e wh they sawawn n thcity. to put i it memeat euphememiscacall atat'she voice peter king was speaking with when h he veve h statement t the.e. and that's a type ofofototerhat a t t ofodern conservative politics was buiuiltn,n,uite frfrany.y. >> howard, a al anann, nator-elect, less thanan4 4 hours s fr b bng sworn in, peared with harry reididododay made a very shshorststement, took no questions. you'u'veeeeetalking to him during this trtrantiti period from campaigner to a applalantn cocour wh do you expect as he gets s sworn in tomorrow?w? >> i think he's going g b be ry serious, verery ououer to the wheel, very much focususedn n minnnnotota. leleavg g e comedian behind. d he's going to be bororg g as watching paintnt d a ahe tries get health care and e ergrgy legislation passssed ththat h histrategy. he's t takg g iteriously. he's a very, very smarart y.y. d d i ink he's going to workrk
7:59 pm
ateeping his profile low jusust the way hillary y cltoton d when she e rsrst me into the senate. pat, are the republicican going to let himimo o th or tat t m? >> no, i don't'thihinkhey will. i agrerewiwithoward, i think it wod d beery smart for limb to o just be a a delylyerious guy. and d t t thcomedian, the wise ac, , thmockery, get that hind him and become a a itited states s senoror and d yocacan that sort of thg pretty rapidly now. anand think that would be e guess s extltly at he's going to do.. sounds like he's s staeded. >> as hohordrd kws he was a math major at harvard, a seseris s student there.e. hohowa a a i have both seen his serious sideden n peonal situatatnsns. howard, neither ononofof uis susurpsed by what we're seeiei so farar, ghght? >>o,o, i not surprised although i iisis azing. i'vevenonownim for 20 years, i reremeer when he was running around in iowa with h a tetelle upnknkish on his head. gagaering material for "sasatuay