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tv   The Rachel Maddow Show  MSNBC  July 6, 2009 9:00pm-10:00pm EDT

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who led the troergate information, lads and gentlemen,itting in for rachel maddow, here is alson stewart. rachel is under t weather but she'll be back with tomorrow. there's broem's attempt tdeal with russia, an the one beatle song that michael jackson didn't and formepresident bush's prf that saddam hussein had at let one eapon. but we begin tonight in wala, alaska, theometown of the soon to be form governor of alaska, sarah lin. saying tnks but nhanks to the rest of her term obviousl came as a hugesurprise to politil watchers across the country. toght, we have reaction om nbc's andr mitchell is repoing from wasilla. she's join us from theren just a moment. now, once palin formerlyteps downater thismonth, alaska's
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lieutenant governor sean par nel will oficially take over the state. he's expected be sworn in on ju 26. yesterday, rnell took his best stab at the queson many are asking now, why d she do it? soon to be vernor parnell says he thinks one of the reasons palin decided to step down is because the weight of the mounting legal fees she no faces. palin's legalls are now estimateto be more than $500,000,he result of 16 ethics challens filed agait her. 15 of which veeen dismissed and one that's ongoing. by the way, l of those complaint, except for one, have en filed by alaskans. sincher rignation announcement on friday, soono be not governor palin has been using her twitter account to upda her folwers on her whereabouts anreason for ding to bsilly quit her job. yesterday she tweete grate todd left fishing gunds to jo mehis weekend. but now he's back slaying salmon
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and working the kids at the si. anxious to em. trying to keep up with getting truth to you like proof there's no f scandal. tweets an't going to satisfy thwho still want to know why. why she d it. for those media outlets who would dare sugges that soo to be n governor pan decided to bow outf offe ahead o som bombshell controversy is about to upt, the palin camp has a simple message - see you in cour palin's attorn h thatened to sue any media outlet that airs unchallenged cims abt possible scandals. in an attempt tonswer that ques of why. then he tonbc's andrea mitchell that sarah palin'secision was a form of self-sacrifice for the state of alaska. sunset i at 11:35. local time. >> sarah palin's frnds, her advisers, her lawyerre speaki out f her as she remains in a fiing viage in
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western alaska wither husband todd, commercia fishing village. they say she's picking fish just as a lot political analysts, republics as well as democrat around the coury are still picking overer annncement from friday. somewhat rali, disjointed. she apparently trying to fix th through her advisers. she sentuter best frid, the trustee of her legal defen fu her lawyer and others all saying tt she made the rit decision, that she's coortable with her desion, that there are noinvestigations pending. eyook the step of getting the fb to make an unusal declaration that she's not under federal vestigation. is in response to some blo claims that theyad really discounted. she says she's just -- t friends s, at least that palin is just set up with her life, hecommute to juneau and they deny criticm from even me republicans here in alka ke senat la murkowski that she should hav finished the
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job. even some le here in wasilla y they're disappointed. they like palin and they wanted her to finish the job, take up the figh with lislatu and not back down. bushe's off to greater things, presumably some bigrewards like a book dealalreadynegotiated, lecturfees a possibly even a ta show. allison? >>hanks for your reporting tonight. let's turn now to someone who knows sarah palin well. decratic alaska senator hollis french. senator french, thank you for yourime tonight. >> nice to be here, alison. just a basic question. were there any rumbles on the grown that this was in e pipeli, pardon the pun? >> lutely not. you know, pnerhaps the coention wisdom leading up to last friday was that she would not run for re-ection. st thought she wou decide step down an theened end of h term to prepare r a national race but i don't think u could have would have guessedshe would
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quit midterm >> there appear to be two camps on this event. there's governor palin is crificing her office for the state. she was adistraction, now she can get of the wa and alaska can bon the move, aska politics. and then there's the sarah palin bailed on us camp. wherdoou stand? >> i don't think youan find a single historical precedent there's a sacrice involved. and quting your job halfway through it, she signed a contct with the peoe of the state of action oolaska. she pred to serve a four-year rm. unless somethi prevents grow doing that, some kind of accident or perhaps getting appointed unit states ambassador to cha. unless something lik that happ happens, think you have to tough it out, finish the job you signed up for. >> did somethingi this once before. she resigned in protest from t alaskail and gas coission because e thought there w a brch of ethics t by anothepanel member and she gaed a lot of political momentum after that. do you think she's dng this
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again? and could it work? >> well, you know wat missing from this episode compared to last one is a strong rson. e last episode, she saw our republanarty chairman, not my party airman, but the party chairman of the republican pty conducting party business from a statefice as a chairman of that commission. and s was so, you know, s distraughtver that ethical wrongdoinghat she had to leave the cosion because no one would seem to listen t her complaints. there's just notnexus here between this episode, quitting governor becse- and that's where everyone is hanging up. the justoesn't seem to be a strong answeat the end of at because. anthidea that it's, you know, some personal ise with the bloggers or the people who have filed complaints or sme opportity to go make moneyn e speaking tourr some eparation for higher offi, you know, that's all very weak compared to her fundamenta obgation, her constitutional obligati. a constitutiont she likes t
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ve around and hold up to lecture others with. that gives her a four-ar term. >> iope you won't take offense to thisbout finding aoy in alaska, the odds are good but the goods arodd. >> h now. >> is sheing to belahing in fivyears when she's rich and famous? >> well, you know, timwill always tell but i dot think it's a goo move. i don't think a quitter can reallyxpect to get ah you know, potics is a tough business your skin is supposed to grow icker over time and it's almost as if her skin has grown thinner. frankly, i was looking forward toerhaps working and working we with her and her
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commissioners to try to see tat through. annow suddenly we've got a n governor, hi alignment with the oil indust is not exactly the same as the governor's. and so 's an on question as to how well that's going to go. nose are tough times for o ste. keeping a unified team in place was paramount. we've lost a big opportuty >> let'talk about these tough times. what was she fg for the rest ofer ter the 18 months or so? >> well, you now, she just issued a highly controversial veto of$28.6 million in federa stimulus money for energy lief. energy relief to the coldest e in the nation. she was certnly going to be overridden on that. the third floor of the governor's office ew thewere going toe overrien as soon the legislature go back in office. so she could loo forward to that rebuke from my colleagues d perhs on other fronts as well. >>as there a marked diffen
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in govnor palin's style of governg or cmitment since theresidential election? >> it was very coentious session. many othe stories saw developing didn't make the national press, but there was a over who wou replace one of my colleagues that fight went on for 45 days. ended onthe very lt day of thesion when senator ell and i brokered compromis peace candide with her chief of sta and legislative liaison. therwas also her failed nominee as attorney general. very divive figurewhose nomination was defeate for the first time in the history he state we defeed a cabinet nominee while she was out of town giving a speech athe right to le convention there in the midwest. so shead aough session. i thk she had tough times coming ahead and peaps she just decided that it was ging to be too much struggle. but many otherreat figure have gone through tough times, emerged at the other end better
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foit. and i jt don't think americans embracsomeone who quits in mid ride, in midstream and gives the bate over to somne else. >> democric alaska state setorollis french,hanks for yo te tonight. >> my pleasure, thks for having me on. >> so the leadership of he republican partyow has a palin-sized hole in is the gop better ofwith sarah palin on the sidelis raising money raerhan having her front and center beg sarah palish? but first, one more ing about sarah palin's abrupt resignation. sie governor palinnnounced shwas quitting, shes asserted that washington types and medi just don't understand her desire to leave her post for quote, higher calng the numb of friends she had on fabook skyrocketed. she s gained 30,000 more followers since iday. and ading to her facebook ce she's up to 603,0 supporters now. with friends like tha who needs constitutuents?
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chuck grassleyas some advice fou. senator grassley, the ranking republican on the senate fance commtee, the committee spearheading the attemptt bipaisan compromise on alth care has this morsel of empathy for people lking to get the same medical coverage he h. >> why i your insurance soh cheaper than my insurance and beer than my insurance? how come i c't hve the same thing you have. >> you c. go wk for the federal government. >> so althe federal government hasto do is add another 29 million jobs and another 50 millio j jobs fo every uninred ameran. presto, healthcare pblblem solved. at r remax.c. solved. oorbell l rings) you had me at " "ding-don" where dodo want to be?
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. > sahah palin hasremoved hehersf f frleadership in politics or shehe pulled ththe titima psycyc on t the p polici establishment. she's been political totopi number one sinincehehe resigned and no one has a a hdldle what exacacy y shis doing. >> it is notclear whater strategy is.s. >>oone knowowifif it's going to pay y of >> it's astounding.g. >> i read once and have seen it twice and i still h havnono idea why sheheidid ts. >> appealing t to e cnservative tatahahati t.e.a. party base.
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ththatave a surprise in the e rm of a littttle iepepennce day rebebelln.n. the chaiair of the n ntional republicaneetor yal committee hn cocoyn of texaxasasasnvited toto sakak at t.e.a. partyyinin auininn saturday and his welcome was not warm.. [ booing ] > oh, yeah. heas booed. for apparently supporting g e e wall street bailouout ststear. texasooveor rick perry also spoke at t t..a. party and al g g booed reportedly overer his support ovovoll roads and that's a surprise because a a f months ago, goornrnor perry worked a hoospabab t.e.a. party crowd into a ther after he kind ofuguggeed texas mighgh secede f froththe ion. and t the there's l las weeess republblic f fme dwrout, south carolina gopher nor mamark sanford. asovernoraali up and quit d senator cornyn and governor perry received theeolol ouould, a newspaper in south roroli reports today on a meeting ofsouth carolina's
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republican party execucuveve committee. acaccoininto the party, pararty leaders are trying to decide at to do about governono sanford. ananarareonsidering a range o o opons from doing nothingng to a blic admononisenent to a llll far resignation is what the m o majority of senenatssn the state have alreaea donone. ght now t tsese sying off the front page areppppeang to the p.p. mr. teter governor of idaho and mr.henman governrnorf f nebras nebraska. hehelpg g sorttth ouout, c cis hayes, washington n edoror "e nation" " gagazi. nice to see e yo let's start with sarahpalin. is there anywaway this move coud not take r r ouof the running for 2012? >> wwel yeah. i mean, you knknow, ppeoe'e' popolicacal obituaries h havbeb written prematatelely ite a a b in american popotitics are her c chaeses of bngng theh
9:18 pm
next president of f ee united ststat b betr or worse a afr idid? i think k thanansw is clearly worse. buononthing to keep inn mind, i thought it was a a tolllly bize performamanc i sort of agreeee whhveryone el t tha it makes no ssese and should be the kii of final wordd on whether t ts s is aererus ntntder for national offifice.. all that sad, when you'rere tatalkg g abt who she needs peal to in the upcomiming presidentialprimaries that start kind of tickiking onong,u know in 2010,0, 20201 u'u're dedeing with a veryntnten hard cocoreveve right wing nservative group. anan then she only has to win sortppluliliies of that group within a a grgrup. who kows how that su degraphic t tk her speecec >> did y gleanananying? ababouwhwh she r resned specificalally >> no, i didn'n't. i ininif you read the text o of
9:19 pm
the speech and yououisisteto it a a w titime it takes somemeort of studioous p psisingo get through h it e one thinghahat' clear and one of the reasons ththepeech is strainedss she's's clearly trying to rebut a c chae e at isn't t yepupubl, i think. so everyrythg g ound the speech getting out i i front of upcomiming charges,upcoming accucutition kind of trying t t inoculate herself agagait t something thatatayay bcoming down t the pipe, buwewe he no ideaeahahat is. anan that's part of theeaeaso the e eeeechade no sesese. i veve nidea what it is. erers been a lot of eculation, but thentntir cast of the speech w w sort of pointed towardss pememptively rebuttininwhwhatomeone is goinig to say coming soooon,ererha. >> i'm n n g goi to call i the vaccine eeeech if y you ked me ltt week who uld be in officice longer marar nfnfd or sarah palin,n, i would not hahaveaiaid rk sasanfd. didid c cch a break ere? >> well, he did catctca a brk. i an, welel caught a break. i really do think is completely out in 201212
9:20 pm
m prettyty w wilng to wririte h popotitica obititua s-s-vis the presesenency the thing to k kein mind, hohower much he's knockcked off thcable news networks anand t t 2424-hrrews cycle, he stillll got to answer to the constituents in sosoutcarolina. anthis is still dominatingg coraragerightly so, in south carolina. ththinthat, you know, iit' unclear whetetr r th -- w whavee didistctctiothere is at the national levelel issgogoin dound to --eaea down too him locally.y. >> thehelist of potential 22012 candidideses ithe gop seems to be shrinking. whwho y y think we should be watching? >e taedast week a i thinin---- i said then that i ththout mitt romneney ultimately emergessttroly fromhihi just bydint o oththe fact at he hasn't em peded in spectacular hoifying fashion. i think that remamass the same. th hstory of theeepuican party, they tend toind of gogo with the nextt i line. is that, and he h hastt barrassed himself rerently.
9:21 pm
i ththkk it probably endsds u benefitting hihim. i ianant g go ck to the base fojust a minute. pa o opay lirn's big appeal l is she loves the basesendnd t base loves heher. but as we'e'veeen with john rnyn and rick perry, those boos f fm m pele who were vever mu t the base, that happened ovov the eeke, can you ki ofof g ge us a contextff how significant that w was >> well, y know, thesese anecdotal booing you c c overinterpret, butut io o ink it was s siififict for f f reasons.s. it shows that polititianans the right and the repupublananarty aree v verer cynically trieied manipulatendnd u this t.e.a. pay movement to the etete th's actuall sothing organic c anththe people organizing thahatececnize that. they're not ols and they d don want t tbebe used. second of all, the anger isn't necessarily attacheded tvevery specific p pl l sos ideologies but kindndofof generalally a tho the bums t,t, they're a all screwingng usoso of eling. i ththkk that's a sesens that a t of people inhehe country have. anand third, i think itt sho t a we'r're g goi to see on the rig, what happenedonon the left, yeaa
9:22 pm
in exile, the f fitt to ger was directctedntntnal in the alalitn by the sort of grassroooots activist againin te party leadership anandhehe momomement leadership feeling tt they have let us d dow llectively. whwhate'e' seeing is the exact same thing happeningngn n th right. ththanger is going to be directedntntnally because the are the people they y eded to unseed.. the ladads of the republican party and the consnsvavati movement. >> natural politicalehavior ifif there is such a ththin ththks, chris. >hahankou. cocomi up president obamaminin momoow, negotiating a reduction in the worldld'swo lgest nuclear sckckles by as much as third. yes, that is huguge. momoren n th hugeness coming pup . and inin ts s cotry, fans are gaererg in los angeles for michael jackson's memoalal serve tomorrow. a min fans if the lapd has it righ all the latest on what's loong like an historic event. and theattle over the state and ho it's possibleto go hundreds oflions of dlars into dt while owning the
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still ahead, barack obama and russian leaders talk about gettinrid of nuclear weapons. ke that, korld war. and elizabh blair with s very intesng details about miael jackson ahead. and ter, kent jones pays tribute to soon-to-b u.s. setor al franken.
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all that is coming up. but first, it'sime for a few holy mackerel stories in today's news. the obama administrati's to-do list i long and right up there at the top of the list is health care. the administrion has promised health care reform this ye. enter the lobbyists. wait, lobbyists in washington? onealth care? is that a typo? ook no surprise there but here's your holy macker, or holy something. "the wasngton post" reports today that the health care industry has hirede than 350 former members of congress and coressional staffers as bbyists, people with persona connections to the legislats themlves. quote, the tactic is so widespread that three outof four major health care firms have at least one form insid on their lobbying paol. the hirings are part of a recordreaking influence campaigny the health care industryhich is spending $1.4 million day on lobbng in the current ght.
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with the unemployment re 9.5%it's nice tosee someone is getng work. sort of. anybody? next up, l's review at the start of theyear. more than 200 men remained in prison at the guanto bay prison incuba. of those men 17 were from muim ethnic group connected to western china, the uhygers. after yea of international bargaining and eading, the u.s. was finally able to find hos for these men. four were sent to bermud and a tiny island has agreed take 13. the chine government severely tracked downn uigh ptest. they csider themselves a culture and economically oppressed minority. chinese stat media reports 156 people were killed and mo than 800 injuried in the otests.
9:29 pm
the goveme reportedly sponed by imposing a nighttime curfew, raiding dormitories, closing mosqueand dispating the paramilitary police rce. itter which was us to great effect in iran la month was shut down completely. e nation largest cell phone provider cut off servi in the area and local internet service was for the most part disabled. an tonight, chinese state mea is reporting police arrested more than 1,400 people in connection with the ris. the protecti was first orgazed after a policeman killed two hgur factory workers in china. and finally, when saddam huein was captured in a hole near tikrit, he was nd dirty and bearded with a glok. the delta ur soldis who captured t dictatoreld on to that pistol d eventually presented it to president sh. now, the new york times reports today the millimeter glk 18-c found with saddam hussein was one of mr. bush's priz po
9:30 pm
spepgs so much it may be added to the george w bush librar in dallas, texas. for more than fi years the gun t in a glass case in the oval fice. when mr. buss term was up, he shipped it to a warehouse near his new home in dallas. a final decision onhether or not to splay e gun will be made byhe george w. bush fodation where it would presumably be p pof that saddam had weaponofof se sort of ststructn. grarams owhwhe grain goodness. it'shat makes triscuit woh ery bite. triscuit. avavme wonder. triscuit. have questions. who cacan giveou the financial adadvice youeed? where will youind the stability and reurs toeeeep yoahead of this rapidldly evving world? these are tough questions. tha's why we brought togeer t of the most porf names in the industr introducing morgrgan snlnl smith barney. here to rerethink wealth management. here to o swer.. your questions.
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wewelce e back. i'i'alallin stewart. rarachelddow is fling a little under theeatheronight but she wilill b bac tomorrow. coming upp nenexthehesosome cng can atually identify in jususa minute. and tete senatotorll frank season in washingtoton. itit's long way fr baggagege handler and "trading places" to harry reid's's sidkiki. kent jones hasas aapappriation ininusust few minutes. but first, as eryone with
9:34 pm
cece to mass communication n technology knkns, tomorrrrowss thth p pubc memorial servicefor michael j jckson athe s stles center i in loananles. th r reporngngf every tatail of ee story siee mr. jajason's deh h habeen less thanan perftltlreliable, but it appears almost cerertalyly tomorrow wililbebe aemorial seserve e asega eventnt rumored to be e appeininare some ofof p a and soul music's b bige stars frfr s stie woerer and smokey robinson to mariah carey and jenniferududso it will bebe broadcast aroundnde world dd shown in a at ast 80 theatrtreshrhrouout the united ststates the los angegelepopoli departmeme e expts potentially historic crowds, 1.6 million people registered for fr tickets to the eventntwhwhich alwed 75750 ns and plus onones someone t thon't bebe there is debbieierowe,e, h h formererifed mother to ssirst two children. according g toererattorney, we changed her m minouou of fear o
9:35 pm
becocongng a distractionon. her run-in with reporters a and paparazzi pinged around the bllg s blogosphere. >> are you ready to o fit t fo your childldn?n? >> do not touch meme. >> are you readady fight for your chchdrdren >> are you r reyy to gour butt kikick?? don't touch h me then there's's o ofof t contentious isiseses vrnding his estatate who will run ind how much money y d debdid he llea?? a superior courtrtjujudg ruled s 2002 will is indeed valnd according to his wishes, his musisic diictctor is the tempmp execututorf f th eatat at a news conference, l lawrsrs for jacksoson' mother defendede their request fofor e judge to lalay e decision,, adding to a statement thatat e legal filins
9:36 pm
we to, quote, prevent frfrom grtitinghe unfetteredasasr keys to the k kgdgdom of chael jackcksos s este and legacy. as partt of that kingdodomm tt johnhn ranka h hpeped sececury, nameme h histataken the sony publishing catalog w wchch includeses mee than 200 pe bateles songsgs. amongg the outstandidingtotoes o be to, how m micel jackson acired those musicc rights whhat he did with them and whwhat they're r reay wororth d how much they're woh relative to his enormous debt. elizabeteth,haha you so much for joining us. > tnks for having me. >> ooipt to o >> i want to do a littttleccsi thth. who originallylywned this cacatag?g? >> the beatles. inhehe 19s,hehey started d a company called northerern ngngs. they startededt t wi their nanageand another investor. anit was essentiallyly a a c coy to publish and own beatles songs,s, b t the beatleses
9:37 pm
ememlves did not own very much of this company. ey owned i ihihink a total o of 30% to 40%. an over timethth company wenent upup f s saland the beatles didi't really y ha a aay because th d depdent own enough of thehe companany. and it was soldd v,v, which is british television m micic publisher. anand eventually ththatomomny w ld to anustralian tycoon. and then mpmpo 1985,, goo up foror sale,, d m miaeae jackn whoapparently always w waededto own beatlele songs, youou know,s the highestt bidder. is it really truehh paul cartney suggested t to michael jackson, you should gegeininto this idea of o owngg pupublhing. >>wellll, atat's what paull mccartrty y hasaid in terviews. t the early 1919s, t two of them workedtotothernn few sosos.s. and papaul cartney idid i was advising him on bsisineeaeals and said eaea you shouldet in on music publishing..
9:38 pm
at the time,papa mararey owned d ma, , ma songs and still does. then the story goes tat miiaeael jajackn said somededay i going to buy your r ongs. >> isn't thatt ironic. homumuchid chael jackson b buy theaalog for. >> $47 millilion rroulyly. >> was tt a good deal. back then i think it was s se as a lotff money. but today, obviously it seeeems like the deal ofof c cenry. in fact, i in muusi industry hihisty,y,his is seen as incrediblyly iererting alal becaususnonot ny people athehe meme kw how lucrative mususic publishihi cod be. and not manynyong writiter were buying other people's s ngngs. so i it s s a eat deal. >> that's i iereresng ththngng. a lot of people e dot t ow, that's'shehere the money iss ma. you write the song, , yogeget the publishihi.. >> yeaat makes a lolot people scratatch their heads. the b btles wrote the songs, y don't t th o o all the songs? t music being a huge b buseses theublisher collects t the m moy an50% g go the song
9:39 pm
writers, general ply saking. and the other 50%0% gs s tohe publisisr.r. >owow explain h how sony got involved. k kep saying s snyny atv. >> yeah. atat w a merger that happened in1995 w wen jckson was having some financialdiffffictities, h puput atv u u for s see an sy, thth w was likely ptntner for at merger. and as i understand it,, sonyny bought atv f for$90 millionon, which is tcece the original vevestnt. and it bececam a merger, 50-50. michael j jacononnd sony. >> jackson o oft used this publishing catalogg as collateral, corrrrec >> that's s rit.t. he's borrowed a lotof momone he spt a lot of meyeynd borrowed a lot o o money. anand yeye he hahas used thehe atv catalog as collateral a and also us his own publishing company which is calledmy jack as collateral. >> so hehe ownwn s ownsosos as well. ththat a nenemaking machine, is publishingng h has.
9:40 pm
>> very much . i meaean lot o of people don't rereale that he was a great t businessman. i anan,it's hardrd tbebeeve becaususe o ovepentso much,, but i think veryry elyly on, he understoodod tt entertainment t a business, i am in n a sisiss. and made some realallyooood ves. >> rr elizazabe b bla has enen rorting on this aspect ofof the michael jackson story. thanks for s shang your rerepoining. we really apapececia it. >> thanks for haviningme. >> what a didiffenen an adadninisttion makes. after president buh'h's first meeting withth thehe russian president vladimimir putin, bus said he was ablele t g a sense of his soul.. today,y,reresint obama is at the krememli n not to tke any soul readings, buttoto get ruiaiao really e endhehe cd war. big deals in m mosw w arnext. > but first, one m mor thing ouout e michael j jacon momori event tomorrow. e 1.6 million fs s o registered for memorial ckcks andot rejected dididnxaxact go homeeemempt handed. they got ann in-box sosouvirir
9:41 pm
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two ididtical oms. why does this one st so much less on when four star h hotels have unsold d rooms they use hotwirere to fill them, so youet them at priceces lowe than any o oer tral site, guararanteed o-t-w-i-r-e, his name was soo synononouo thth the vietnam war i iwawas often referred to as mcnamamara war. robert mcnamardied today at his home. he was tapped by jfk to be the secrety defense in 1961. and mcnara heldthe position for seven year, lger than ne ee before or sense. in 62, bng u.s.
9:44 pm
technological prowess wouldd wi the wawa, h began to ra up the nunumber of troopspsn vietnam fm 500 to morore than 5,000. ,000 u.s. troops lost ththeir lives. later r in life emoirs and in a 200 doumentary, he acknowleed how, quote, wrwrong, terrib wrong, he had been about the war. and so deste his mea cull culpl his work for t t wor bank, he's remembered as thth architet in the mosost infaus war in erican history. anwe can say 700 mil on a single tank and epa estimated mpg city and alall the wds stick bbause ty're true. wewepeak t most fuel-e-efficie idsizeedan in amererica. we sak the all-new 202010 forfusion hybrid.
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9:46 pm
>> and there i w was, free, but with a plastic bagag on myand. i wass picking up that which i had bebe dodgi for eight solid yes. >> former presidedent bush spen rt of hisis holiday wekend teing poop jokess abou his dog babaey. president obama a spent rt of his holiday weeken preparing for three-da sumt in russia.. you want a few more ifferees? we havave yourifferees. presidident bu upon m meting t n president vladimirir putinn 2001 said this. >> iooke the man the eye. i found him to straigightforwd and trustworthy. we had a very gd dialogue. i was able to gegea sensof his soul..
9:47 pm
president obama is nowow speaki to vic ministerrpupun. the russiaian policy included cancelling a nucle cooperationon agreement that took two yearto put togegeer. president obama'a's way dealing with russia a on d one offis three-dada vis hee sigigned a poli department agreementith the russian presidentntto reduc nuclear stockpis in both thee u.s. and russia a by up a third.d. greater possie r reducti than anynyrevious agreement. and president obama reached a deal to allowthe u.s. to ansport military personnnnel an equipmpment acss russia to suppt troops in afghanisisn. so it appears presint obama's apapproach is fferent. whether or not the r resultsre betterer is an on question. joininus now,w, the president of the plow share fund,d, a obal security foundndation. thanks for b being witus. hehe's also e author o o "bo scscare -- e history y d future of nuclear weapons." th is the first agreeme of s kind ineven years to reduce stratec warads to
9:48 pm
beeen 1,500 and 1,675 toake even deepercuts in the delivery systems. isishis thright move, sir? >> oh, absolutely. abc ws called this deeal a graekthrough. an eraordinary agreement today. henrykissinger c called obabama chchess masr. obama did sometng that very few esidents have been ablblto do. he turned around u.s.ussian relaons with just 11 months ago were as d as they were dung the cold wareriod after the georgian conflict t betwee georgia anand russia he's turned thosese around. and he's got agagementsn this dato slash arsenalsby much as a third. to get cooperaon to secure all loose nukes a matatials i that countntry witn the next four yrs.
9:49 pm
thereb reducing the c chance of nuclear teteorism. he'sot agreementnt wi the rurussiansn peventing nort korea andd iran's progms including the first ever u.s. russiaiajoint threat assesent d theussians know quite a a bit about t at ogram. d he'sot a cooperations withth the russians for a globalummit nextear nucuclearsecurity. and hehe gave upup f these agrereementsxactly nothing. zip. nada.. no concessions on thehe part of the united sstes. just showi theussian president the russian governmenn respect and undererstanding of their points of view. >>et me divenn a couple o of the points you makakthere. the new rk timesuggesd a rection of this wouldld sen a clea message to northth korea a to irara do you think this dodoes it? >> i thihink it es, but it's only the firir step. neither presidident thks this is the end the reduction press. it's what they couldld aieve withinhe next few months. and th hit the sweet spot onon the numbers.
9:50 pm
big enouou to be significacant rereductionbut realisticenough to win the agreement of their respective parliaiaments. both presidedents see is as a first step inn a ltiste process wards the eentual elimination ofofuclear weapons. on this agreement i is concluded, they will immediately begin negiations on a new treaty that wouldeduce the arsels much more dratically down t perhaps 1,000 weapons each. ththat wou be a reduction from the approximately ,000 weapons we havend t 12,000 weapons russ had. that the kind of vision both thesee presidents share a they made a signifificant do payment realing that vision today.. >> what you think about th sue of missile defense?? will that be a stickinin point? >> it is a stitiing point. it is diffult. presidt obama has been stuckck wiwihis rhed plann thatat president bushshut i place. intentionalllly tryi to lock his successosoin to a deato put in
9:51 pm
interceptors in poland.d. the problelem isthey don't exis and ththe rad appea to havee significant flawsws in it. probably wouldt be abble to see an iranian missil tha were launchched at it, buthe russians see thisis as a seeous strategic thre. both, they think that t u.s. could me day decrse the nuer of interceptors, put hundreds inn and not juststen a is cururntly plananned, or they might be ablele to put nlear war heads onhose missiles anand use them more owoststffensily. amaridged that gap today. he didn't solve it but he put in place a structure t resolv ththese differences,ncluding pausing onon any plan to go a a withhe european defense s system until hehe was able to review i hesa, something he is going to do this summer and fi out ether it even works oror not. m confent such a review will
9:52 pm
concncde thisystem, infact, does not work and there are other systems wean do with h the russns that actually wouldd provide a missilile defse tohe existing iranianan threat. >> tomorrow obama i is meeting with primeme ministe vladimim putitin wh obvious is still quite influential. anything we shoululd watchor there? >> i bieve obama has a balancncing a hee prove very adept at dog. he recogzes t t russianystem shares p power bween prime minier putinnd presidentnt meedev. he issshowing both respect to both these leaders, not choosig sides, not tiilting towards on or the other. i would expect putin wouldcome out with a similar statement endorsing obama approach. and again,taking the u.s.s.-russi relationship which soured so muchch in thehe pa ye two and resetting it at a w more cooooperativeirection. >> thank y you so much for joing usus this evevening. >> my plasure, allison..
9:53 pm
coming upp on "couountdown keith talksto shaharon more, t t alasn blogger sarah pin is threatening to s and next, the arrival of satator franken in washshington, d.c. could someone tosme
9:54 pm
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we trn now to our representational hilarity correspondent kent jones. >> al frank metitharry id on capitol hill day and tomorrow will be swornn as a u.s. senator fro the state of minnesota. this is a rarkable event for many reass, butor me, it's person. whenl franken goes to
9:57 pm
washington, withthimim goes the hopepes and dreaea o of e peopl. my p peoe.e. comedians. >> come the dawn's early life, i'm still the. >> it been a lo time coming, but one of ours finally broke that glass ceiling for century, my people he been spat on, riculed and equently laughed at. r some reason, no one ever took usseriously. the rest of society used code words whenhey weraround us like, "he's hillre yus" or "what a sense of humor." we knew what ant, stayin your pce fnyman. e casional actionero and movie hero is allowed to rise in politician. while there are plenty of amateu comedians out there -- >> wear hat bkwards becausthat's how we roll. >> a professional comedian wou
9:58 pm
considered fit only for smoky clubs and late night tv. apparentlye didn't deser sunshine. then camel ann. he was funny, but itas a proud funny. >> look, im not proud of every joke i ever tod. >> during his sene run in minnesota day by day, speechby speech, al franken didhe painful work of breaking dow cades of prudic and stereotypes. his ssage? we'r're stst ke you only wiith the occccioiona fart joke. when a k asks, daddy, can a medianmake it to thenited states sene? probably not, but franken did it, go knock yourself ut. god bless you, al aen. thankso you, america isn't lahing anymore. >>'m welling up. >> it's a thrilling moment. >> secretary of state kathy griffin? >> anything could haen now.
9:59 pm
>> predent gallagher? the sky is the limit. carrottop, dream th dream. >> kent jos, thank you so much. >> sure. >> tha you f watching tonit. we do promiseachel will be backomorrow. until then, you can ach us by e-ma, rachel at so our podcast, itunes or at "countdown witheith olbermann" stts now. good night which of these stories will you be talking about tomorrow? so breathlesit takes your breath away. why the future ex-governor of alaska, theanic of hyrvrvtilation envelopinger everwowo quits while insultingng quitters. >> it may be temptininanand re comftatae to keep your head down and ploloalalonand appease those who o ardedemaing, hey, just sit down and shutut up. but that's thehe wththle, easy path out..