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tv   Countdown With Keith Olbermann  MSNBC  July 6, 2009 10:00pm-11:00pm EDT

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ththat the quitter's way out.. >>nside a decision to ququ t to pursrsueququot a higher calling. all rumors s srlrl aut the construcuconon oher house or embezzlement or r rere eic investigatatnsns obest of all, she's quitting to rurun fo esesent and doesn't want t to make the people of alaskska pa hehesasala why she does so. which isishahat e did while she was s ruining r vice president. cue the baskskbaballoint guard analy.y. >> she knowsws whetotoass the baballo o thteam can win. and that's's whai'i'doing. keing the eye on the ball.l. >> running out of ththe ururt,ut of the g g o outf the parking loananout of town. pausing g lyly to threreaten a blger for insisting gossip p about her was only g gsisip. the ththre f froits target shshann moore. her political l tutureith her anity fair" profiler, , d d if th is the end, the comedicic highlightsts a a a fd farewell. >> a also > kieie, would like to use onone my lifeline.
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>lso, mark sanford hangngs by his fingertipipanand m, al anken, arrives. >> i'm very happy to w wcocomeo ourr cacatol, senator-elect al franken. >> a andororse- nice job on und two of those t.e.a. . parties. tus out calling these guysys racist w waslalatty. anand llllinfor an overthrow of the u.s. governmnment u u y? aided by foreign natioiolsls, isn't that illllegal > iwe had any good luck, hondururasououldend some people here and help usus g o our gogovement back. all that a andorore "countdown." >> no, i d don'thihi so. good e evengng fm new york. perhapaps erere d not been such cocombation of terror, panicic anger and hyperventitilati i ia political speeeech ithth country since the famous, you u won'haha didi n nix to kick around
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drdrs from november 1962.. our fifth story on the countdown,ifif thatat oness stil resonating 47 yearars lar,r,f urse, sarah palin's bibizae e resignation spspchch, e ultimate bad news dump day y wod d stl ececho and one question reverbeberate across the lala, , wh the hell wawas th a aut? mang south carolina goveveoror mark sanford's's raminin admission n ofavavina mistress inin aentina sound shakespearern in its organizatioion d d cance. on fririy,y, gernor palin dropping t theomombsll she would bebe lvivinghe office before the end of thehe mthth. thatat sheouou not be running for re-election. all of this informatatn n cong only aftfter s h h laundry liststedll of her purported acacmpmpliments as governrnor,nd complainededbobout theumumous ethn c comaints that have been dged against her. >> over ththe pa n ne months, i have been accused of a a s sor of f frivoususthics violations such as holding g fifishn a ototraph or wearing a jackcket with a logogonon i and answering reporters quesesonons.
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every one e ofhehesethough, all 15 of f the hihi complaints have be dismissed. we h have n.n. t t itasn't been cheap. todd and i, , wee e loing at re than $500,000 in legagal bills s ju i in der to set the cord straight. >>ececd purportedly ststrahtened, let the dead f fh analogies commence. > ihihink problem in our untry today is a think.. it would be apatattitic kind of nknk down and go with the e flow. wewe're shshmen. we know that o oy y de fish go with the f flo so i c choosfofomy state and for f famy more freedom to ogress, all the way arouound, that alaska may progrere.. i llllot seek re-election asas governoror. >> so she can catctch a lmlm in her teeth. in case you u wereononring, leavavinofoffi before one's term has pipid would not be the same thihings s quting. >> life is toooo sho t t mpromise time and resoururces. and though it mamabebe tpting anmomo comfortable to just kind of keep your head d down d plpl a alo and appease those who
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are dedendndin hey, just sit dodownndnd st up, but that's a rthless easy path out. thatat a a qtter's way out. >> that's right.t. winners nevever itit -i mean ququtetersever -- never -- quitters -- - we jn n vernor lin already in progreses >> m mththout about, well, how ch fun some governors s ha a as lame ducks.. they travel araroundhehe state, travel to o heher ate, maybe take their oversrss,s, ternational trade missssnsns. so many politicians s t tha and then i t thoug, , at's what's wrong. many just accept thahat la d dk atatusnd they hit the road, ththeyraw a paycheck and kininof milk it and i'm nonot ining put asaska through that. i promised efficient s sis a effectivenesess. that's not how i'm'mirired i'm not wirered topepete under the same o old pitits as usual. prpromed that four years agogo and i meant t it.. >> if my fououyeyearago you ant 2 1/2 years ago, w whas s 16 months or so when you'u've bn n sworn to support and d defen
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rhrhaps it's betrr governor palin wasaspoint gua on rr high schchl l baetball team instd d scorekeeper. her r nameadadeen sarah barracuda. >> let me gogoacack a comfortatable alaly for me and ththat sports. basketball, and i ususe itececse you are naive e if y d d't see a fu court press from the e national level pickiki a awa right nonoa a go point guard. he's'shat she does. e e dres through a full court t prpres protecting the ball, , keeping her head u up cacausshe needs s k keeher eye on the sksk. and she e knowexextly when to pass the ball so theheeaeam n wiwi >> the governor who ononce wtete totoe e a ortscaster in bristol, connecticut,t,weweetg over the weekenend abtt now w wanngng t join her mimi in bstol bay, alaska, where e hehuhusbd todd has s lo w wked seasonally as a commercial fisisrmrmen "grateful todd left fishing grounds to join this weekd, but nowe's back slaying salmon an working the kids a the
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ssitkids athe site. anxious to join 'em. she look forward to joining the work crew in picking fish. in a july 4 message thgovern still sounding liksomeone with aspiraons to higher office, to, quote, though it's horle for countls others to leave their sition for a higher calling without finishing a term you recollect we know a different standard applies to the decisions i make. ba in the backyard in walla, governor palin having alluto the reonbehind her decision. >> it hurts to make th choice bui'm dog what's best for alaska and ie explained why. i think of t saying m parents' refrigerar that says, don't expln. your friends don need it and your enemies won't believe you anyway. but i've giveny reasons. >>easons? she gave reasons? to purdum joins us this evening. e claid right there in the
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last clip we played she id why in that speech. did she? did you hear it? >>ell, she kind of gave you an a la ct menuf why. she was tid of the game, you could pick that she s tter for alaska, you could pick she was going to efft change presumably at e national level outside of government. think the thing that confused so manyof her listeneri she didn't give a reason. shthrew all the cards up in the air and said pick yo reason. >> you wroten the article abouthe senior staff in the mccain cpaign. i'll quote the article, "they all know if their candidate had won th presidency, the vice presidency would be in the has of a woman who lacked t knowlee, aptitude an temperament fothe job." this was, of course, one among many searing paragraphin there. are we confident that the release of your artie and the ree of those internal e-mails with nicole walle, were these all coincidences of timing? or is it possible this sequence st week was interrelated and not just sequential? >> oh, i think it'all coincidence.
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i think my article was probably one of the furthest ings from govern palin mind when she made her remks. and she pointed t this has be under consideration by her for quite a while. what did sn people -- people expected she might n run for -electn. i think people were genuinely stunned that she quit. but i think the article poin out how de and enduring the divi is in the republican party over her slls and over her fure. and maybe to a small degree the article reminded everybody tha ese ises are not resolved, th could have played some small part. >> you also wrote the difficulties she had buckling down and studyg for the interview for katie cour among her other prlems with the media. also for her debate with then senator biden. andrew mitchell reportn id that this is it, she is no matter what s's talking about, she's not going to n for political office again. s all this just too complicated for r? oroo something? are we missing some fundamenl part of this equation at she knew she w talki about
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friday and the rest of ust don'se >> i think in some ways -- you know, she liked e ice cream and she didn't like the vegetabl. she didn't like ing the dull grinding work of getting acqunted with issues. people of alaska td me she was very good in the first 15 nutes of any meeting on a policy thashe cared about. aftethat, her mind would drift off. i think for heit wasn't fun anyme. it was very hardor hero governffectively. the legislature totally at her throat. former allieturned against her. i think she was just sick of the game. >>ush liaugh had this stent he issued on vacation. he defded heand said among other thin he does not think th wld preclude her from nning for office down the road and that wou include the presidency in '12. but obviously short-rmffices holders have w or at least sought the presidency, can you reallyalk out in the
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midpoint of a governorship without giving a coelling, easy-to-understand reason why, and then expect to btaken seriously fothe white house? especially if it was queioned, you know, qutionable to the ben with that she was being taken seriouslbefore resignin >> i d'think it precludes hetrying to run. and a person like rush limbaugh or pat buchan wielded great influence er debates in their party withou holding office, i think it raises an aul lot of questions out whether she wod be a good candidate. when people talk abouthe comparative lack of perience that barack obama had in elective office. by the end othat campaign for e presidency, he had done something no onen histy had ever de before. he had presideer, he had run the biggest most expensive presidtial campaign in history and had shown he did a pretty darn good job of it. i think whatarah palin has yet to prove is that she c really n anything, run it effecvely and run it consistently and stick with it until thjob is done. >> having gone into ch deps to profile her in the zine, did you have an sessment of the stagg of this news conference? her own performance in it?
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i n'want to get, you know, body language like, but what struck me listening to this originally and then tching it were these excited -- i don' wanto y excited, but quick deep breaths. she sounded literally like she had just run up that microphone. was i imagining thin? was there somethg wrong with the microphone? >> i heard it a lot e same way. it almost had thsense to me of a decision s had made after serioureflection, obviously wi her family, but once she made h decision, it was almost like she raced to announce it le she change her mind or think it over agn or b peuaded by someone who says no, you can't do that. almost like a kid you' done someg bad and you have to confess rit away. she had to get it off her ches for better or worse, i think. >> toddrd national etor fof "vanity fair" who profiled the soon to be ex-rnor sarah pali
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if friday's speech from richard nixon was not engh a postscript sounds mo like nin in white house bunker as watergate collapsearnd him, threatening anyone and everyon he cou think of. the palin waings that one repoer could be sued for writing about potential investigations about the construcon of her house in wasilla, perhaps by the same pele who built that sports complex in a tiny alaskan to. the one reporter in the crosshrs joins us next. yes, we do. and we can say 7 miles on a sine nk and epa estimad 41 mpg city and all the words stick because they're true. we speak the most fuel-efficient midsize sedan in america. we speak the all-new 2010 ford fusion hybrid. get in... and ive one. "what do you mean homeowowners insurance doesn't t coveflds?"
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the raling of the refrigerator magnet andead fish had not sunk before governor palin gavthe media a warning -- stop investigating allegations or we wi sue. in o fourth story, sarah palin catches her breath long enough to issue thrts. it did not taklong after the stunner at lake lucille for the blame the media to beg. speculation ranged from the construction on her housto her involvement of a wasilla sports facilitate. was worth several mes the city's budget.
10:17 pm
pali attorney warning of possible legal action such rumo arecussed. everal unscpuloeople ha asserted fae and defamatory allegations that there are real reasons r th sports constructn. shannynmoore now claiming that sheis under investigation for emzzlement for criminal wrongdo i wrongdoing, thpaliill not alallow them to prop gate defamary material without responding in a court of law. ms. moore responding that the gornorharges outside pan's office in anchorage pointing out she did not report the rumors as fact. >> sarah pins a coward and a y. what kof politician attacks an ordinary american on the
10:18 pm
fourth of jujuly forpeaking her mi. what's wrong with her? the first amendmdmt t wadesigned to ptect people like me from people like her. our american revolution got ri of kings a a i it t rid of eens as well. am i innnnoy? you betcha. >> the fbi issuing its o own stement on the matter assertining e e gornor is not under investigation. meanwhile, governor r quteter ok to twitter tryg g eep up with getting truth to o you lik proof there's no fbi sndal. joining me nowrom anchorage, huffingtonost contributor, annyn moore who appears to have struck some sor nerve. shanny gd evening. >> gooevening, keith. >> why dyou thk the governor is targetingou and are you surprised to be in the mide of this? i am surprised to be in t middle of it i've been a critic of govern palin since she became goverr. and i've supported on some sues that i thought wereood for alaska but was sort of surprised to be sucked into th. but she's kind of mavericky.
10:19 pm
>> the definition of mavericky as i undstand from at least the 19th century -- ybe i'm just thinkg of james garner in the role -- rtainly did not involve perpetually casting once as victim. this woman hasbeen victimized by her own definition an erage of every 3 1/2 hours since she stepped intohe national spotlight a year and a halago. is tre not some sort of supposition tactic will backfire? >> think it did with the david letterman scario. coming out ausing him of saying -- anthen he did apologize. and then i think he actually took theigh road on that, but i'm just another alaska girl a i wasn't going to apolog i reported that rumors existed. and people we trying to make sense of her word salad t there, resigning. ancarrying on like okay, and i quit, but quitrs reay suck, but i'm going to quit anyway. everybody was just le what? and for months, for mohs and
10:20 pm
nths, we've had, you know, sort of brewing rumors. and as ery state does. and now the rumors started coming up to the surface. pele saying could it be this or this or this? because we cldn't make sense of wt she was saying. when she sd i gave my reasons or i don't have to give reasons, people we making up their own reasons. d not just people who were critics. people w were supporters. >> and the follow- to this, wayne barrett put this story about it was loosely descrid as house gate or suggesting some relationship between e construction of her house and the wasilla sports complex, that was "village vo last fall. if youoogle this will you'll t thousands of hits, and thousands more than you uld haveten, say, last thursday or last satuay when she decided to make such a big dea about is. is there not anotherundamental flaw in th equation here? do the governor and her reprentati not appreciate that the more of a bigeal you
10:21 pm
make abohis the more threats yothrow out there, the more pele are going to want to find out whathe thrt is about? haven'they tactically gone abt this exactly backwards? >> right. like don't think about an elepha. it's the se sort of scenario with tha and yeah, that sry came out october or so of last year. itasn't a story i ever covered. it's a sto i heard rumor of. on my way driving to the studio, i was listening to the radio and it was the 25 top rumors why sarah palin esigne i think the number one was that she's going to dmichael jackson'comeback tour now. i mean, there are my rumors that -- well, i'm rry. my point is that peoe are talking out all these different rumors tryinto explain it andow it's become a jo. to a l of alaskans. i'm sure to the lins it isn't a joke. i'm sure this is a hard time for them and whatever she's going to dofter this, i wish her well, but i'm gladhe's not going to
10:22 pm
be making decisions for my state y longer. >> just any governor under any circumstances who lastless than three years in first rm i mean, you know, you esume it has to be spitzariann its level of importance to require meone to leave office. you can't hang in there for e last 16 months? >> well, she aborteder term basically. i know tt it's been very difficult for her. i know theress has been hard. and i ink she's brought on a huge amount of it herself. but, you know, you don't- there are a lot of people that walk door to door and supported her and rough this last cpaign hung in there and gave her a lot of breaks. and she aandoned them, and you know, her supportersere are frustrated. you know, that was not -- it was the voodoo preacher who made all hpen. it wasn't the ople who helped her. you have to keep your facts in order. thank you kindly and good luck. stay out of the crosshai.
10:23 pm
>> all r, thanks, keith. >> and of course, theris the sarah paliof the alternate universe. what will thcomedy industry do without r? we'lthen turn to that relic from the moment she could ha owned thtina fey impersonation her but did not. and e fourth of july with vernor sanford and the missu oops, ong tape. [ engineneving [ engine powerers down ] gentlemen, you booked yo hotels on orbitz. well, the price went down,n, so you're all getttting a chck thanks. fothdifference. except for you -- you didn't book with orbitz, so you're nogettg a check. well, i think we've all leard a valuable lesson toda goodod, gentlemen. ththanks a lot. thank k y. introducucing hotel price assura whe e if another orbitz c customer books the sameotel for less, we send you a eck for the difference, automatically. ♪ finally lovs know no shame ♪
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>>whwhy you're a congressman n it's better to just leleavthth
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whole e miaeael ckson thing alalon rst, we weren't on on n tuturd so no chance to o tete iwas the rthday of joyce lapinski, , helper for the homomels s an withthin s sll segment of sosociy a recognized actual l saint. as wifefe friendd dd metaphoricl bance beam to the o onendndnly richarard wiwis. happy belated birtrthd j joy and congraralalatis on another year ofofuccessfully keeping yoyour feet andndanandsnside the ride a a times. leles s pl "oddball." naturallllwewe srt in finland where the annunu wife-c-carinincontest was held ovoverhe weekend. 36 couplplesomomted. d d ev a team from the u.s. . although marark d d nny sanford wed out at the last mimitete. thousands turned outut. e e coetitors of all shape and seizes were wewelce.e. the winnining upupleeceives the
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weight of the ladydyn n be. ththesare not going t tmamaimood home movieies. i'll end the drama and let you know, those two did t prevail. and to a tstump in stockton. n't need to tell you who face turned upup in thisree. all ght, it's michael jackckson. they hope it doeoes not beme too muchch of a toist attraction. i te to tell you this, thahas s just a a kt t inhe tree where the used to be a branch. and the family inot sure why the king of p's face appeared on their te, but it helps plain the sparkly white glov on the end of one the branchs. guess who is back from spending the fourth wh his family. it's a man so luckyhe shou go nting for lost wallets. the republan governor who did not resign in a hail of hyper ventilation er theong weekend. and then there's the one w did. medically, sarah we hardly knew ye. these sts ahead.
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t the countdown's three best peons in the world, number three, best confct of intest. on this network, philigingrey slipping $369 million fo fuing of a project into the fense authorization budget bill. the 22 is manufactured by lockheed and boein his latest official financial disclosure shows he owns stock in bing valued between $15,000 and $50,000. congressman, serious? i mean, if we ayer just gave u 0,000, would you stop being corrt? dateline kabulghanistan. best cessation of panic. aziz gul saqib annnced tt two mont of quarantine was deemed enough by hiservous patron whose did notet the whole h1n1 swi flu thing, and he was returning the city's only
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known pig turnedo the zoo. wever, one patron was seen to pull his shirt over s nose and mouth to protect himself. and d best stopping off an unnecessary cliff. rabid righting ngressman peteter king new york complaed about the excessivelyy positive medi coveragee ofofthe lalate micha jackson. he wasn't even wrongbout one of his complats, but thene went on to caall him pedophile, low-life p pvert w did some dadancing. trouble e is, jackn was never convicd of any of that, exceptpt the dancing part.. and jackson's fans d d't car but they carare aboupeter king no one already set u up a fund-raising sitee asking fansof michchael jason to c contributeo e campaign ofof somebody, anybody w wo willun for coress against king next year in some kind of "let mimichael jackson rerest in pee" platform. ♪ please don't talk a aut me when i'm gone e ♪ eak caca sure, but do wee speak hybrid?
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okay. so maybe alaska isis notoioi so well for the r rubublin party ririt now, but certainly a a lal republican could f finsosola in e e lor 48, right? r third story tonight, l loyal republicans might wantnto o destroy their telelevionons r at least the nextxt yea we beginin in nnnnota where al franken is still t tryin----ait. al franken isnsn i in nnesota anymymore. he in washington making g e e rounds on capitol l llll iluding a private meetetinwiwithenate majojorityeaear, sorry senate peper jority leader harry reid. franken swearing in totomoowow, will give the dedemoataticaucus 6060otes, enough if they h hol totogeerer, end the threat of republican f fibibusrs. uth carolina, hello. mark sanford back k fr a a rereday fourth of july vacationon withihifamily and in-laws. wessssumthey brought fireworor orade their own while hihingng. welcoming g hibabacka private meetining oftata republicans trying to figure o o w whato do ababouhim. er to the south fork r ran i in texas s r r thsecond round of tht.t.e. parties. isisthe weekend's largest t t.e.a. organizers hoping g pull 50,000.
10:35 pm
attendanance w far below that until the fireworks showhich waattended by 37,000. the fundraising failing after one bought the bigponsorships. organizers a now hoping to brk even. texaxasenenor john cornyn got an eaearf from his t.e.a.a. bagsteres. he got booed d d d heled asas republican governor rk perry during a aleast e of his four appeances. and finally tennessee where a owd of at least 20 blamed the low turnout on poor rections or t possibility that norman americans just had btethings to do july 4. wow. t's turn now to msnbc political analyst richd fe, author of "renegade -- the making of a president." >> good evening, keith. >> the big republica grassroots movement is either hopin to break even or booing the party leaders in texas. tomorrow they lose their per to filibuster,t least thtically, two presidential hopefuls are out the window and they might lose one of the
10:36 pm
governorships in south colina. w bad is it when i'm actually startingsympathetically worrying about the >> i think they would be happy to have your sympathbut i ink you should keep it on ice a little bonger. let'be clear. this wn't just a flameout of some of the seni figures in the y. this was spontaneousombustion. and ile democrats may think at's a wonderful thing, the truth is that hubris c strike athese moments and democrats should he to think back to 2005 when republicans thought they were in control a erything was going their w and thingsell apart pretty much at that precise moment. so there are dangerst this time. but, younow, you should enjoy thectacle while it lasts because it is entertaining. >> there's one spectacle i reallyon't understand. the old joke abo the enemy of my enemy is friend. why were john cornyn and rick perry booed? esciallyerry who has seemingly thrown tse people at
10:37 pm
the t.e.a.arties all the secessn red meat they could seemingly want? >> well, according to his hometownaper, this is because of toll roads that hwants el pay for dring their big trucks over lge distances of smoo asphalt overexas. they don't like it. he's the problem here, and it's not just about perry or about threpublican party. thesare people who are obviously conserve by nature, who are didillllusned with a brarandhahais very tarnished d d d th are going to fi a aolitical voice for themselves. it is not pryry and i its not anyoyone iththelected party. theyeyilill nd a voice and the question is, who i is atat vce gog to be? >ell who is that voice e gog to be? if y you'vgogothe t.e.a. bag events, are eitherereoeopl coconcned with whether they'y' ing to boo republicansns ololose money on the eventnt ojujust continue t texexis where does isisase move to? >> w wel i i tnk it's a very
10:38 pm
real prospect t th w whayou're looking at here isis s scerio that is ripe f forn n inpendent party, for an indepependtt cacandide,e, someone who combin the sort of rs s rot concerns ababout xexeand federal deficits with frankly don't knono buchanan's nativivist irir. you put ththe e tother, you wowould veve serious threat to any y ndndide in a couple of yeyeartime. and thatat g goto be a concern for people in the whitite ususe, becae e is may be a 1992 sisiation. and thth c cane very unpredictable. >> could that bebe sar p pin? just throwininththin together off the top of the heaea ist t poible she might be -- when she venentus s ouon her own into whatever it i ishshe'going to do, is it posossie e shmay trtrto go there without ththat party behind herer >> well, she m may t, , t i don't ththink atatits the mood what you're seeing hehe.. people disillusiononeditith e papart with elected officialal here's someone whoho w o on e ticket, , ththou she has this grsrsrts support, she has jujust
10:39 pm
wiwiererednder the pressure. and so i donon t thi it's going b bsomeone in politics, i in the rereblblic party. itit'sorore kely to be someone way outside ofof i >> again, just look atathoho we ththe st three losing vice pridential candidates, j j lieberman, john edwardrds d d sarah palin. that q qte a group. richard wowolf, , wee out of meme. author of "r"renadade. always a p pasasur >> thanknkouou, ith. >> also, the r real ctct in the palin resignatation t ta fey. d the alaska legislatotowhwho ran ththe oooopeate investigation. and there's much more toto tho t.e.a. things, like e isis o in jackcksoililleflorida, area. yeahnonout jobs here. worst persononahaheaon "c"cntdown."
10:40 pm
you have questions. who cacan give y the financial advivice you nd? where will youin the stability and reururce to keeeep yoahead of this rapidldly evvivi world?
10:41 pm
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10:42 pm
e comedy iusustrlays off 35% ofof i work force. rush limbaugh replilies w w lik people from othercountries to come here and change our government for us. isn't that treason? access to faririourses chef's meal with poes frites perps a night at t the thter wiwi extra speciasese additional hotel nhthtour treat yor world in perfect rmony: priceless look for worldd on your mastercardrd to t t rds and offers that matter to you.
10:43 pm
a long line of amazingng performance machinines. this is the new e-coupup this is mercedesenz. what do you mean sarah palin's political career is over? she was sh a good sport about all the humor. besides, tina fey can't do a good nancy pelosimpression.
10:44 pm
that's the number two story. tonighs worspersons in the rld. tonight, john ehner of ohio. his quotes aut the stimulus program andll the frastructure dolla left there months ago and there hasn't bn contract, tomy knowledge, and the fact is i dot believe it will create jobs. you needo upgrade your knledge, brother. thlast update was from june 15 by which time the io departmentf ansportation had awarded $83.9 in stimus money contracts for work on ohio's highways, lol roadand bridges. wo on a ramp-widening project in cveland began on june 8th. and on june 15, one oh congressman saide was, quote, plsed that another $57 million had been awarded to oh, quote, for shov-ready projects that will create much-needed jobs. who said that? the sameerson who said that no contracts had been awaed in io. and noobobs ll be created, hnhnoehner. maybe ththere e e o of him. limbaugh over the testining of long-range misissis s la week sasa, , i nder what obama is gog g too. probably call hugo chahavez
10:45 pm
fi o o what to do about it expt hugo is in the hills s marshaling forces s tonvnvad honduras.. if we had any y gooducuc hondurasas wldld sd some people he to help us get your gogornrnme back. send some peoplple here. hehelps get our government b bk. what does that i imply foreign nationonalfrfromonduras totoo o wh? add to thehe policic discourse? some sort of call to ararmed insurrrrtitiongainst the elelecd government of the ununed states? why am i asking thisis qststioof mr. limbmbghgh? instead of somomeonerorohomeland sesecutyty aing him since suggestiting t o orthrow of the gogovement is a federal crimim leley curry and lake ray, , chles mcbernie and mike winestein plus steteveweweis whwhone doned, onsored, paid for this -- presidentnt obama aa
10:46 pm
hitlerern n stm trooper. quote paid b by reblblan party ofuval county. obama with a hitler r usustae, irir c and swastika, and of f coursese sommumu head equating thrather slow-moving oututt t a.c.o.o.n.n. tss. ththe hitler ss,s, the same thang it saysyshehere th same p peoe who ntntedo torture and murder jews.. ey're like a.c.o.r.n.. do you remember whenenananin garofalo called d tht.t.e. babaggs racist? anand t the right wing s sd d te us an apapolog yoyou'reigig. i ululd ke to apologize to cicis. itit the chairman lenny curry making abjecfools out of
10:47 pm
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10:51 pm
as ns as richard nixon was, his instinct told h to go along th the kes, thushe five-second cameo on "laugh-in" before the 1968 eltion. our number one sry on the "countdo" comedy and sarah palin. if you d't have a sense of humor about yoself, fake it. again tonight, we turn to this polical realm. as i said last october, thiss thorinal cue card for the governor'sirst bit when she s on "saturday night live." we don't knoif she chose not to say this or iwas cufor time or if somne changed it, thoriginal discrepancy says i do like her impressionf me. imagine what that uld ha done for the pubc's impression of her, laughing along or at least pretending tas tina fey dopplengered her.
10:52 pm
>> every morning when asns wake up, one of the first ings they do is look outside to see if there are any rusans has arnd. if there a, you've got to go up to them and ask what are you doing here? and if they can giveou a good reason, if y can't, it's our responbility to say, you know, shoo, get ba over there. >> you xrar your road to the white use compared to my road to the white house. i scratched through mud and barb wire d you just glided on a dog sled. >> i would now like to give each of you a cnce to make a closing statent. >>re we not doing the talent portion? >> i would like to eertain everybody with se fancy paget walking.
10:53 pm
♪ all the plumbers in the house pull your pants up ♪ >> my name is palin i'm going to put a nail in the coin of the media ele she likes red meat. >> the final dayof the election are the most essentia th pt wednesday, barack obama purchased aitime on three major neorks. we, however, can oy afford qvc. >>hese campaigns sure are expensive. >> they sure are. >> w not do your holiday shopping with us. okay, listen up, everybody. i'm going rogue righnow. soeep your voices down. availablnow we've got a bunch of these sarah palin t-shirts. just try and wait unl after tuesday to weathem, okay?
10:54 pm
t was noted by her fawning biographer john ziegler th he once showed her a picture of me ansh repliedith a shriek andannouncement, e's evil", which ironic on any level because the depiction of s palin and cacares of sarah palin began with her dream job, espn "sportscenter." i used to do that job. >> keith ihere with other news besis iditerod. >> right there wasood college basketll today. >> i'm gng to show you lights. show you all about tt next. stay right there. >> she exactly who i need. shs exactly who this country needs. >> senator, i honored to be chos ayour running mate. >> who is the heck is she? the 20th-month veteran? the two-termor of wasilla alaska? the governor who formed bridge to nowhereefore she was agait it? >> i told ngress thanks but no than to that bridge to
10:55 pm
nowhere. >> every time she tells lie i will give $1 to charity. >> i d tell congress, thanks but no thanks. >> thanks but no thank >>he check t the alaska special olympics is in the amount of ,700. >> and our next vice predent of the united states, sarah palin! iove those hockey moms, y know. they say the difference beeen a hockey mom and a pit bull? lipstick. >> people who li this sort of thinwill find this the sort of thing they like. >> don't you think wmade the righchce for the next vice president of the unitestates? >> i wt to an anti-palin rally and a hockey game oke out. >> the sah palin interview. >> and iraq, evewhere like -- >> i'm sorry, wrong tape. >> do you agree wi the bush doctri? >> in what respect, arlie? >> the bush -- what do you interpret it to be?
10:56 pm
>> h world view. >> all political gaffes will now haveo be put in historical context. b.p. or a.p.? before palin or ter palin. >> y can play stump the candidate if you want to. >> what other supreme cot decisions do yisagree with? >> well, in the great hiory of america,here have been rulings, but there's never going be absolute con seven yusy every morn. >> governor palin, are y a feminist? >> i'm not going to label myself ything, brian? >> do you consider yourself a feminist? >> i do. >> ourext door neighbors are foreign countrie they're in the sta i'm the executivof. putin comes into the air sce of the uniteates of america, where do they go? it's alaska. it's jusright over the border. >> what newspars and magazines do you regularly reabere you
10:57 pm
were tapped for this to stay infoed and to understand -- >> read most of them again with a great areciation for the press, for the med. >> what specifically, i'm curious. >> allf them. >> i'm going to k you one more me, not belabor the point. spific emples in the 26ears of pushing for more regulation. >> i'm trying to find yome and bring emo ya. >>nd now it belongs to the ages. >> can i cl you joe? palin v. biden. that was not a supreme crt verdict. >> i may not answer the questions the way you e modetor want to hear. say it ain'to, joe. >> drill, baby, ill. nuclear, nucle, nuclear. >> natural gas. >> maverick. verick, maverick. >> what do you expect a team o mavericks. that's what john mccmeant. i'm going to push him on aar today. my dad was in the audience today. hockey moms across theation, how long have i been at this? ve weeks? one of back obama's earliest supporters is bill ayers.
10:58 pm
a domestic terrorist. domestic terrorist. meic terrorist. domestic terrorist. >> in the namef jesus and witchcraft. >> i love the docume made of your lif >> you know, i love you, palin. thank you. >> conventiona wiom rerding vice psidential picks, first, do no harm. governor palin eight weeks after her selectn seemto be continuingo do harm. >> tho clothes are not my property. myavorite shop is a consignmt shop in anchorage, alaska, called out of the closet. >> sarah palin is roe gop elephant. >> i'm glad now that elizabh brought it up because it give mess an opportunit without the filt of the media to to tell you the whole clothes thing. >> she's, quote, a diva. she takes no adve from anyone. hasselck.
10:59 pm
>> my friends, wha come to thend of a long journey. thamerican people have spoken and they have spoken clearly. we all have the same values and convictis and positions and policies. i'm just a greaterppreciation, i think, for what other candidates go rough. you know, 's pretty brutal. and it was a blast. every day was ju a blast out there on t trail. bullet dodged? i think, is and ere is the final irony of palin and tina fey. humor and satire. tinaey was marvelous and the rest of us were sightf and entertainingo various and obously lesser degrees but ultimately we were all uerly unnecessary. governor sarah palas self-caricaturing out of offic will she still be relevant enough to be just funny? that's "countdown" for this, t 2,258th day sie the previous esident declared mission accomplishedn iraq.