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tv   Hardball With Chris Matthews  MSNBC  July 7, 2009 12:00am-1:00am EDT

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>> eit t nths ago i p propososal tichael jackson. owow m thehe real man but s swwe everythingng, keke nhing oflilimi. he thououttabout it and then he sasa, yes. co to neveanan ♪ do you come out h he on your own?n? >> yeah. >> h how often? all theme. >>ou come oututn your ow >> yes.s. >> and go on aridd >>yep. ll play music. i lovelalayi classical music onon the carousel. what about thor r if is wheel? >> i like t terers wheel. makesouou drm.m. >> can w we go t? s se. let's go on it.
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weweegegan journey together ross cocontents, through his past and raradldlynto the diststbibing reality off his li day. >> michaelel jacksoninin go cart land or neverlanand. u have handd whoopin'coming. i'i'm ing to whoooop youou hand. he he's cheating.g. > ts was michael jackson n you've never seeeenhim befofore. quite simply, his world.
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♪ >ow do you writee a a songng? how dodo uu write asong? how do i wtete a song ll, wh would hhapn? >> i played cos andnd sd i'll w write t t best so i've ever wriitt,,othing hahapps. i remembmber when i w wre b bii jeanan. i was riding i in m mr. alal i saidbeforehand, i w wanto write a songii a g grt base hook, you know? and -- ththeneveral days later, you know -- y y know, t the whole - >> where didhatomome frfrom?
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w do you do it? can you sowow me how youou do i? >> oh, y.y. >> come on. > i'mshy. >>usust ow me. justst s sh me.e. show me what y do. ach me. okay. oh, bboy you'u' p putng me on thepopo now. >>omom on >> now people discscover soththin i'm reallyly shy. i'm eembrassed. >okokay you're shy. jujustet upndndhh me. okay. ♪ >> at's going t touough your mind when you're dancing? >> n ttnknkin thinking i is th biggest ststak a d danr canmake. you havtotoeel
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u become the babas youu coco the ffare. yoyou come the clarinet and the ute and stringngand drums. s so y y're almost a a psical ememboment of theusic? > ye, absololuty.y. >> m mchchae jackson's verland is a 3,000 a aee rancnch,hhe ururs rth of los geles. asas whhmost of his fe, it has b bseen to be lieved. ininired by t children's fairy taleeter pan aut the little boy who n nerer grew up beususef aa multimillilion dollar man ma slice of make believev the inspiration f for vvernd, peter pan, why i i peter p pan a
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figure of s su interest and ininiration to you? >> b becau p per n,n, to me, represenen s somhing that's very speciaial m myheart. you know, hee reesests ututh. childhood, nevererrorowi up, magic, flflng, everything i think childrenenndnd w wondeene andagic was all ababo.. and to me, i just hee never, evergrgrn out o of loving that r thinkikinghh itt's vy spspecia >> do youou identify with hi >> totolllly. >> y you d't'tant to g groupup? >> no i'm peteter. >> no o yorere not, yoyorere mil jajackn. >> i'm'meteter pan in myeart. ♪ >> how haha t theininng and dancing genius arrive i in the surreal l ple e th ishihis life
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daday? itataed to look fofor answswss backt t th giginng. ♪ shee it shake t, baby one, two,o, ththre baby ♪ >> when you would bepracticing, you were very heavily disciplilid d by your father. what was that keke? >>well, i d didttave it that hard. because he used me as ththe example. it was like do it liike michae. you know,ee practiced us withh built in his hannd. and if youou missed a a step, et to be >usustet me go back.
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you juju sd that youu wldld prprtitice t the dance steps an that's what you jusussaid. >> yes.s. >> he woulul t tea you u up if u missed.. and sowewe -- not o on were we practicing, , weerer nerervo rehearsing. heatatn the chair. head this belt inin his ha.. and if yououididn'do it thehe right wway he wod tear you .. he would getyou. i t it aot of times. i think mymy b broer m mrlrlin t thee mot. beuse he had a hard me a at rsrst. he trieie so hard. and it was always d do li michael. do it like mimicel. but, you know, the others were very nervs s an iasas nnvous, o.o. because he was tough. how often would he beat you? >> too mucch. >ould he only use t belt?
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>. more t tha a belt.t. >> whatlslse uld he useoo hit you with? >> i inining cords,s, whatever around. throw you up aainst the wall a ha a a he could. see, it's ononhing to - -- >> but you weree on a child.. >> i know. >> you we a a baby. >> i now. >> youwewere producingng sccccel records.s. >> i know. he wououldosose his temper. just hearing my mother ream, joe, you're going to kill him. jur going to kill him.m. stop it, you're gogogg t kill him. d i was so ft,t, y knkno he ulul't catch me halflf the time. bubut en he would catchche,e, o mygod. wa bad. it wasas r reay bad. ♪
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i l lood up t the screen a codndn'telp wondering what efctct this violence h h on ung ichael. ♪ abab easy as s o,, o,o, three ♪ ♪abc, onone, o,o, three you and me ♪ >> we wereterrified.d. rrified, ianan't tell you. i i dot think he realilized to thth day howcared -- scared i wascared. so scared thatt i would regurgitate. you would vot?t? >> yes.s. >> when w wou y you mit? atatould produce thatreaction in you? his ppsesenc just seeing m.m. and sometimes i'd f fntnt and m bobodyards would havee to ho me
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up. >>hen he was beating you,u, did yoyou te him? >> ah. strong atate. ththat'shyhyo thh day i donon't lay a ficick on m my chirere i don't wanthem to ever feeeel ththatayay out me,, ever. ♪ a a ank you. ♪
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in the summer, michael set up tempora homes inlas vegas. i went to sesee him if hehe fou seons hotel where he took outt no fewer thahan sevenen suitite.
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i wawanted tknow why he would leaveverland to spepend mths on h hiswn in a a hotel room. this our sue. whatat do u like ababout las vegas? >> i li the entertainment.t. >>hat's this?? >> oh, when i board, i rurun in the hallways o of the hohotel o. this i i cruise the hallway lat at night sometimemes. >> you are joking. >>, no i'm seriouous. >> i soon learnedhat las gas wawas full of uneasymemories fo jackn. > i had to share bedrooms an ere was action gogoing on in my room everyry night. i doear it. and my job was to play sleep.
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and i w told by others, no matttter what, n't get up. don't en your eyes. i promise, i won't. d so i woululd hea the girlsls come in. i wowould hearhem say ishat littlemichael? and my brothther was say,, yeah. he's so cute. anand i heard everything. >> what did you hear? >> with the girls >> y you heard them havining se? >>yes. >> inn th same bedroomom asyou? >> l let me see- sotimes. somemes not. yes. >> on somee occasis you're lying down pretending to be asleep and your brotherer is hang sex with soomeone ithe same oom? > -huh. > n we're going shoppg to this spectacular place.
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do youike shopping? >> loveit. >> wt do you love about shopng? >> notot so muchch the buying, i'm not cheapap, but i le seeing how peopople mak things. i love craftsmanshihip whe peop can doo with theirir hand anand imagination. >> i remembe giving $2,000 ecks in the mail wh i wasas 12, years old. used to get these large checks. my father would say what doou wa to do? of course wewe should put it ay. heould give me a certain amnt to buy thinings th i waed to buy. and whatt i would b wasome bububble gumnd canandy and stuf like that. >>okay. let's s go. we heaeaded straight for jacon's farite shopping mall. he tolold me he w wanted to spe
12:17 am
some serious money and he wasn't joking.. >> these ceilingss are amazg. >> yeaeah. it's extraordinary. >> s. incredible. >> it spectacular.. >> isn't ittky? >> tacky? you are silly? >> do you tlik buy jewelry? >> no. my mother elizizabeth taylor,r. elizizabeth ves jejewelry. my m mother lovoves jewelry. >> didid you hea that elizazabe taylylor -- >> thehe girl like at the moment, , i'll buy her jewelry. who is that? >> if there iss one. >> is there on >> athe moment, o, not riight now. i haven't f found one yeyet. > who knows? you're stull a you boy. this is mchael jacon's favorite shop in las vegasas. with the luckiest mnager ithe world. >> i want this e. is ne. this one.
12:18 am
i bought this table. this c chess set. isn't it beauautiful this se >> y your che set i your library? >> no this i is bigger. >> wow. and it sol >> i bout this one,right? >> is this yours? >> yeah. that sold sign means itit's for me >> did we er get this one?e? >> . >> c you put that onon the list >> of f course. get yo pen so can yo mark >> i'i'm gettin the order now >> did we get those? >> i d'telieve so. i like tse. why don'n't we oer those. right.t. i like those. >> do you have enough space for all thi >> yeh, i do. >> you have space? >> atneverland? >> no this for anothther house. >> oh, anonother one. we bought these right? >> uuh-huh. >> and these. >> you like you own, don't you? >> yeah. >> and these we bout. >> ye >> and tse. >>yes. >> this ble.
12:19 am
the. these.e. right? >> yeyes. > the biglue one.e. lookok at how beauautiful these. right?t? these? >> ye >> h have a look atat this one. >> ey're beaiful. >> thas only $275 thou each.h. that isalf a million dolla for thohose two. >> he's going t to gve us a goo deal. >>e n needs to give you a goodo deal. >> thahat's what i'm herere for. >> he liikes bargns, too. >> we're happy to get a new shipme in. >> how much doeoes this attract >> i m mean basesed on the prir things, a coupuple million, no? >> on tha i'm nott l liberty to say. >> these things are e minene, r? >> it's likike you surrrround yoururself wit stuff thhat is le an emperoror'shouse. it's like louiehe 14th. you could probabably retire.
12:20 am
e we goingo head onout? we're going toto go dodown. >> grgreat >> w what abt ppictures, michae? you love your rnishings. what aut pictures?? >> papting? >> i like is one because it's's -- they'rebaby apollo. this looks likike apollo. and the g girls are thing. dodo yousee that m move there? >> and this one. becaususe w have thihis -- i ugt this statu it i is bigger an life sie. that i is the making of apollo, riright? >> he knows his art. >> obvioiously. >> we'e're going to put 80%%f te shop has been bought b b you >> if you wnt to look at it that way. > let g gto the next shop.
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>> i ner look at myself in the mimirror, ever. turn o all the ligh and was just diffifilt t face the blic. one e time we re in an airport. i remember, i think it was
12:24 am
somewhe like virginia or something. d some lady rognized my brotrs and all of us. she goes my god it'ss thehe jan five. ere isittle michael? whe is little michael? she's looking aroround andndwhe little miael. and another person goesesheree is. and she goes ooh. what happen? just like that. and, god, i just could have died right theere. that's's extly what that lady said tome. >> did yourr father and your brothers tease youou about your appearanceces an adoleent? >>y fatherer did. anand some coususs did. >>what did y your father say? >> h he would tease mebout how i look and he woulday well y you didndn get it from my sid of the mily. must haveve bee kate --ouknoow, kate, memeing my mother. yodidn't get thatt fr me. i saidid thanks for makingnge fl
12:25 am
better. i wowouldo out and cry. >> it is true that y yo father used to sayay you had a fat nos? >> yyea >> what did he sasay? what did he actualalsay? >> gogod,our nose i i big. you didn't getet itt from me. >>haha does that do too meone whss going throughadolescence? >> you want to die. you want t t die. on top of it, you've g togo ontage the spotlight in front of hdrdrs of thousands of p peoe anan jusust, god, it rdrd i would bebehahappr wearing a a mask. >> so o ha the adolesesntnt experiences in thepopoight led michael jacksontoto rememakee h case to createte s own fass ining. >> it's bebetiful. >>ly to ask him -- whatdo you sasay people who s sayell michael jason was a bboyhe
12:26 am
was a black kid b nowss an adult,t, hee looks l lik a wtet ma >> we, you can a godthat. th has nothing to doo with me. okay? anand at'signorant. >> whatdodo y mean it h has nothing g tooo with you? >> i i denent ntrol berty. i donon't control the factt tha hahave lot of glory. i don't contntll - -- well how y white people whehen they are little kids, thh look outn n the sunn a day to l loo black.k. anantheuntan lotionususins isis a builtyililli llllar buness. nobody s saynonoing aut that. th do. you noioi, they're trtryi t to heher an what they arare. but that's's oy, i guess. ghgh >> doo you t t t to other than whwhatououre? >> no. >> so en they s s you've had imimpltsts iyour cheeks, y y h d a dimple mde in your hin.
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>>auauorities in sthth carolina havaveeidentified a ma killlledn n a hootout with polie earlrly ndnday morning. they say patrick tracyurris wawaresponsible for shoooongng ve people to d deh in a kikillg g ree lasast week. fellow s soh carolina rerepuicans votedoo foerly reprimand markrksaorord to m me with hisis mtrtrs in argentiti yachlt ten mbers of t the spspiaial gop committee asked f sanford's resisignioio now let's s goack to "living wiwith chael jacksonon."
12:31 am
>> i w w about to et micicha jackson'n's ilildr. they'r'rrarare seen in public. >> are you all set?t? >> that's a reallyrrea pll beining. >> it'ss a a butterfly. lelet see. comeme he.e. whatat'sttade of? >> i don't know. >> wow. >> sorry.y. shshal we ru >> no much he's wearing nice shoes.s. >> patch, do you wawao ru >> okay. >> jacksonon tldld me he'd nver allow hihis cldren out withthou masks to conceal their idenentieses. the childrenenerere e result of jackson's brieie marriaiage toi dermatology nurse,dedeie rowe.e.
12:32 am
paris is nowow4, prince isis mot 6. >hy don't you like star wars part wo? >> i is boborig. >> it't'bebecae it's boring and susus. > rhtht. anand at makes you think you're quified to make such a s sonong judgment?? >> what makes you u thk k yore right t ouout at? are you susureououe right? i i thk k heas a point. >e has a good point. >> did you cry when prprcece w boborn > y. . >> can you j justete me what happenened cayoyoremember how -- >>f course. he came out with this s relyly b head. anasas sn as i saw his head, i i thought of my grandfatatheananmy
12:33 am
other, randy, because e s s he was shaped just likekeheheir d d i id oh, my god. and then t theesest,hey let me pu -- pull him out and i iutut ththe bilical cords with scissors that werere spepelike a storork. anand eyey caned him off and eveverhihi. and d i i ias ready to take him home. ththeyaid, nope, can't take e m home. i go, why? they said, he has s seouous problems. i go, what? weave to take him to intntsisive care. hehe n notreathing properly. said, oh, no, please, , d,d, dodon'leleme have a sick child.. oh, please. i iaited an hour, two houours three hours, four hours, i i w so scared. ter five hours, this n nsese comes in, and shshe esesokay, you can gogo he e w. i was so happy. >> okay, mike. >> paris was bororn onon aer.
12:34 am
>> yes. . >> your daughter. . >> yes. >>ow was that? wewereououhere for her birth? >> of course. c coue. was just magic. she came o outhehe wng way. her face was faced thehe wngng way, and she wasas bngng kd of choked b by e e umlical cord, so i was kind of worrieied,ndnd i totooker longer. and i was so anxnxusus tget her home that i -- aftererututti the co -- i hate to say this -- - i snatched her andnd jt t we home all l t thelacenta all over hehe >> you're kiddinin >> yeah, i i n notidding. got her in a towel a a r ran th said it was fine. everythihi w waskay with that. anani i goher home and washed her all off.f. >> she was j jusbobo. >> i k kw.w. >> why did you w wantotoo that? because i felt that i it s s okokay they told meme iwawas ay. debbbb s saiit was okay. anani i gothe permission from
12:35 am
the doctor. i thinini i waso frightened that eyey wld give me some bad news.. i was so scared. but there e wanonoad news to be gotten. so i started r rivivinand i was afafid. i said, i just don't want t to hehearnynythg bad. i'i'llususgo, go, go, go. >> presumably, debbie e d d to ststayn n thhospital because she had just given birth. >> yeah, of course. . >> was she o okaababt losing the babyby aititere in the first few minutes? >> she tolold t to. >> she t tolyoyoto take the byby? >> yeah, sheheaiaid,o right ahead.d. i know that's s atat y want. m totally fine with thth.. i said, are you finene wh h th? she saididyeyes,f course. >> how long was it befeforshsh s s uned with her baby, how ng? >> o o i i d't know technically. after gettttinouout, just don't knknowxactly. i kind of forget.. >>acacks obviously liked beingng a ther. and hehe h a a sprise for me. prce and paris had recentl been joined d new baby
12:36 am
brhe to t root. twoforms a barrier, preventing new oness for. roundup extended contro
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you rececentlyadadour third chchil >> yes. >> were you presesent r r s bih? >> yes. >> what's hehe lik and what's his namame? >> prince e michl l , but we callll himlalaet. >> you call l hiblblant? >> yes. . why do you call him b blaetet? >> because i is s anxpression i use ththy family, and my ployees. i i y,y, y should blanket me, i mean, you should blanknketerer with somethihi.. meananing,t't'like -- a blanket a blessing. it's w w of showing love and ring. >> who is blanket't'momoth? >> blanketet's mhehe i can't say because she e wi b be mbarded
12:40 am
with, you know -- - weavave agreement that we can'n't a a ntntraual agreement -- talk k about t o o shis and everything. that's how we woworkedhahaout. >> and w was s s seone that you hahad relationship with? > y. ♪ >> t thoanandsf miles away, jackson's bebeviviors a father was about to come undedeseseris scrutiny. fefeweeks later i went to o me him in berlin. anjust as i was arriving, , this happened. michael jackson hahad stst dgled his new baby o out oththwindow of aerern hotel. hifans outside were going g crazy. whenen iotot uto his room, i was worrd.d. ere was a manic qualitity ouout him that i had n nev s see before. d he was loving the atatteioion
12:41 am
of the screaming f fs s ouide the hotel. whatat doethth say? i love you with all l of mhehet, michael l jasoson. that's thehe helel plow? >> yeses >> what wewerehehey nging eaieie >> " t t press, michael is thehe bestst. >> what were t they yiyi? >> " " [ [ bep ] the press, michael, you'r're thbebe. i'i'nonot ing to say the words. > he ririd for a week in a los angeles courtroom. media coverage o of thcocot case saidid h f facwas didisintegrating.
12:42 am
>> going to be a tightht fit >> wasn't thatat slyly? i made the worst facace. w wt do you think of berlrlin >> i love berlin.. >> with jackson headadinbabacko the hotetel, atoto was brewing about t e e blket incident. e e ne morning, he was keen toto show me how he careded f h his children >> i love yoyou. >> here he is. >>ere's the bottle. wait, wait. here's the botottl >> i is s ok.
12:43 am
just takakththisff -- >> plelease n'n'take the blkeket. >> okay. heree e . abo, abobo drink this. drink this. anket, blanket, i loveve y, , blanket. ye y yesyes, i love you. love my children very mumuch. yes. > doeheheike his food? > y. >> have you u beeneaeang about wh p peoe have been saying? >> it's totally ignorarant. i would never dodo tt t toy childrenenr r anyou child, try k kl them. cocomen,n, spid. why would d i t t a arf over the bababy face if i was trying tot throw him off the e baonony? we were wavivi t to ousands of fans down bebelo and they were chantiti t the wanted to o semymy cld, so i was kindnd eugugh let them see. i was doing someththing. and i'm innocecent >> he'e'huhung, isn't he? >> he loves s thmimilk it is good. thank you.u. >> jacksks's's bavior was beginning to alalarm m later ththatayay, took prince d d ris to berlin's zoo.
12:44 am
it was supupposetotoe a family ting, but the press werere out in foror.. sosomebo h had helpfully tipped them off. michael was here t to sethth gorillll, , buhe seemed cocolelete oblivious to the fact that the t trihahad scended into total chaos.s. >> i've got prince. veveot prince. ncerned for the safetyty oththe children, i wawacacaug with them ininhehe mdle of a paparazzi rum. >> got prince. i got prince ititasas nkind of trip for two yog children, and everybodody
12:45 am
could see it but j jkskson himself. it wasasarard believe jackson was the same m man iadadet in verland. the e firsopoprtunity to talk ababouhihis zarre behavior was later thth e eveng at a charity auction. wouldn't i it beasasr for the bobodyarardsnd for your nanny just to takeke t c chiren to the zoo on theheir o, , ther than hahave tgogohrough what they went throughgh tod?? > n because i can't take e at chce. no. i would rather it be m my fat t something g haenens. >> really?y? > y. so you wouldn't allowow tm m to go with your body guguardsnlnls you were with h them >> there w w s secity. ththe e waa lot -- i don't want totoay the words, but it w wou a hard one, like reallyly wawalkg the line, very delicice. >> you had a tough w week isis week, haveven'yoyou? because the e didia ve been accucusingououf being irirreononsie with your chchilen. >> the media's wrongng i love my childrenen. i'm holding mymyonon tht and strong.
12:46 am
whwhy ululd throw a baby over a balcy?y? that's the d dumstst, upidest story i i ev h hea. i love m mchchilen, and they knknow love them. and two minutes before t that, thth s s the baby, prince did the same thihi.. >> i saw t tha >> i i he e do it, you know, but got some strong arms. were you just overexcxceded? > n t thewere chanting they waededee the baby, so i wantnted to show them the b by.y. m not going to let thehem llll. >> but you d dn'n't ally show ththem t b by. bebecae the baby was covered. . >> they got t toeeeel e spirit. odod eugh. and he was responding.g. he started singing.. >> the consummatate rfrforr nce childhood, jacksononasas entitirelynfnfed by the day. t thehow went on. early y t theew year, jackson agreed to whatat would b our final l ing. this te in miami, florida. there were unanswered esti all thcocoverage you need at a g great price. hold on, cowboy.y. cool. i'm not done -- for ss than a doll a m, you also get 24/7 roside assistance. ght on. yeah, vroom-m-m! unds like you ran 500. more like a 900 in exsese me. wewell, you'u' excused.
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early y inhehe n year, jackson agrereed twhwh would be our fifinal etetg. this time in m miamiflflida. there e we u unawered questions, lots of f th. arareaof his life about which h felt he had been less s th hohone.
12:50 am
his face, his denialalababou plastic susurger h h rerelaononsh with blanket's mother, and, of course, , the neverland sleepovevers confronting him wouldn't't be easybubunow it had to happen.. ase prepared for the interview, the atmtmphpherwas ununusuay y nse. this time, jacksonon hadlolo in his owown ghghti expert. mamaybthere was a reason for that. cocosmicic sgery was to be the fos of some difficult questions. when we werere tkikingome time o, you talked about hohow enen you went throuou a adoscence, yoyou haa a rrible time. >> y yea >> and, in facac i i h a look at
12:51 am
so pictures of you durininththat period. ananyou did have a lot of f sps. >> yeah. yeah >> one of the things t tt t yove eaearlused to overcome this isis anging your appearance.. you've kind of -- yoyou kn, , you've phyhysilllly anged, haven't you? the photograraphofof y -- i look at them from - -- > no,t't'called adolescence.. it's called growowing d d changing. > yea b b even the shape of ururace has changed. >> no, it has not.t. i've hadad nplplasc surgery on my f face. jujusty nose. it h hpeped breathe better so i can hit higherer not >> butut areououmichael, hohoststlyaying your only ever had one operation? >> two. >> youou'vhahad o? >> as i i n n rember, yeah. ju two. >> if i look at sosomef e phogogphs of you in your adolescence -- yeah, i changed. people changnge. >>ut even after, when yoyodidid the "thriller"r" alb, , ur lips arare ryry dferent now to what they were then. >o, no. >> t thedodo lk different.
12:52 am
>>o, sorry. but, you know, honeststly respspond. a a sious point, in some waysys i can understand it.t. >> i'm happy with my lipips. >> to, forget the e lips specifically b but - >> everyrydydy ihollywood gets plastic surgery. plpltic surgery wasn't invnvend r r miael jackson. shall gets it. >> no, i'm not suguggeining was invented foror mhahaelackson. bubuwhwhat'm saying is sometimes people go too far. sometimes, if ththeye e goa lot m mey and they have an opportrtunit s setimes they can think, oh, i'l'll t this, especiallyly giv y yr childhood. i mean, while we've e taeded, ve become -- i'veve bunun t understatandowow dficult that wafofor u, how unhappy you we as a child. >> yeah. >s an adolescent, how u unhpy yoyou rere aut your appearance. you told me in nevererlandhaha yoyourather used to insult y y.. you told me in l las vasasour fatherer ud d toalk about your se. >> yeah.h. >> so i can undedetatandhy you wanted t tchchan your appearance.
12:53 am
it makes senen.. >> just t atat. >> i wouldn't t want- - >> j jusththatthough. nonoththe ole face. ju the nose. ey try to say, why do o yokekeep changing it. 's'sot true. it's's jt t thnose, you know. >> even thouough t s spe of the fafaces s dierent? > bause i've changed. >> howow he e yochanged? > ias a little kid. my face e s s sqred off. >> i'm talking about pictures of you in your 20s. >> was changing. i wachanging. i'm telling you e honest truth. i dot dothing to my face. honestly? >> honestly. >> we broke off, but not for long. next up were my worries out the children whwh i wasalking to prince one day,e said to me that he didn't h have a ther. >> he said h he didn'tave a ther? >> i i said,rince, where's your mommy? anand he sd, i haven't got a momma. that's right. shshe did itor me. e did it for me. >> s so justo that i understand
12:54 am
this correctly - -- >> she's a wonderfulul person, toto >> she kw that michael jacksonon loves chilildren. >> yeah. >> a and she kw that michael jacksowanted children. that's why. she said, you need to bebe a daddy. >> right. she said yououeeded be a daddy? >> mm-hm >> me than she needed to b be a mother? > yeah. shshe want to do that for me as a present. >> aa present? yeah. yeah. >> what dodo you mea >> as a a gift. i used to walk arorod holdg ba dolls. > really? >> yeah. becae i wanted children soso bay. >> what you've just sasa is th your we gave you two childrere as a present because s she kne u wanted to be a fathehe >> yeah. itit's a lovy gesture. >> it's s an increble gesture. >> yeah. there are e rrogatmothers who
12:55 am
do that every day. it happens evevery dayn the world. it's's happeng right now. is that how blanket w w born as well? >> i used a surrogate e mother withy own sperm cells. i had my own sperm celells in my othetwo children. th're all my children. but i usused a srogate mother. and e doesn't know me. don't know her. and that's how h he was bo. >> h did you select the momother, ouof interest? >> it dn't matter to me, as long as she was healalthy. i didn't care whwh race. i said, asas long she's healthy and e doesn't have eye -- - r visionon is go and her intellec-- i want to know how w intellent she is. >> wou you have had -- wouldld you have conceived a a childith a blacack woman? of cose. >> aa surrogate mother? >> ocourse. >> but i've seen b blanket a i think k 's safto say his mother is s obablyhite. >> no,o, you're ong. >> i i'm wro? >> yeah. >> oh, really? >> yh. >> so blananket's ther is black? >> yeah. >> but blanketet is so lht. >> blala peoplwere called lored people because w wcome in all colors,s, from ry white, as whi as my hand, to very
12:56 am
dark, , as dark your shirt. my father r has blueyes, you know. and wh they see paris, they y alys think debbie. but that couou easilbe my fathth's gen. >> rlly? >> of course. >> so when do you think k you're going to h have yourext child? >> i w wish i cod have it today. >>eally? >> i w was thiing about adopting two kids from eaea contint around the w wld. >> really? yeah. a boboy and a rl -- >> f fm evercontinent? > everyontinent. that's mdream. >> w wn you' talking about children, what do yoyothink peopleleould s if i said, ll, i' invited some of my ughters' friends arounund or my sonsns' fries around and they're going to sleep in the e d with me tonight?? >> that's fine. >> what do you think t tir parents would sasay? >> if they're wawacky, thewould say you can't. but if you'r'rclose mily like
12:57 am
your f family, y know them well an-- >> but, chael, i wouldn't likeke my children to sleep i in anyby se's bed. >> well, i wouldn'n'mind ii knewhe person well and i -- - like if f -- i'm vy close to barry bb. paris and princece can stawith him any titi. my childreren sleewith other peopop all t time. >> a and youe happy with that? fine with it. theye honest. theye sweet people. they're nonot jackhe ripper. >> i supposese the pblem for many p pple ishat happened in 1993 or what didn't t happen. >> wt didn't happen. >> just t cast yr mind back. whatat was tt like when you first hed the allegations thatat were being made againsnst you? >> it wawashocki. and i'm not allowed d talk abt this by way of law. >> b b how d you feel about what was beingngaid? i'm not askiking you ttalk about what w was said. >> ias shocked because godod knows in my heart t how mu i adore e childr. >>ut isn't that preciselely the oblem,hat when you actually invi children into your bebe you u ver kn what's going to ppen. >> when you sasabed, y're thinkingng sexua
12:58 am
they makthat sual. it's not sexual. we're going g sleep i tuckckhem ini put little -- like music on and lilile story -- i read d a book it's very y sweet. put the fireplple on. give them hot t milk. weave cookies. it's very charming, , ry swe. >>ure. the whole world shoululdo it. >> the reason that's's been ven for whwhy you di't go to jail s because you reached d financial seselementith the mily. >> yeah, yeah. i don't want to do a aong, drawn-out thining on tv ke o.j. ananall th stupid stuff. it wldn't look right. just said, look, get t ts over wiwith, i nt to go on with my life, this is ridiculolo, i've had enough.. go.. >> my ququestionhad upset him deep. >> people don't eveven eat wh their faththers anore, their
12:59 am
mothers. thfamily bond has been b broken. it's an n tcry f attention why kids are going to scschool wit guns. they want love. they want to be toucuched. they want to b bheld. but they're e busy o on their day jojoand th leave them at home on the computut and ty arjust doing all kind of c crazy stuff. and that destroying our world.d. we need to bond again.n. th's very important, mararn. >> why does it meaean so mh to you?u? >> i'm just vevery sensive to their r pain and'm very sensitive e to the fily, the man coition, you know, on that s subject it means a lot t tme. and i want to hehelp do atever i can to h help th, you know. and d it's -like i said before - -- and ll say it a million times ----'m notfraid toay it. if there were no childldren on thisth