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tv   Morning Joe  MSNBC  July 7, 2009 6:00am-9:00am EDT

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to run for re-eleleioion. inew t th everything anged aust 29th in alaska. that's the day ias tapped to run for v vicprpresent of the united statate things changed and it was quite obobouous at nothing would ever be the same foror our miminiration. >> sarah pan. we'r're ininto have mumuch moref at i ierview coming upup
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shshe is. that's why andrea she goes the, gets thestory. >>he's mockingme,because i advertised it as an exclusive e andeeas and a a coupupleff othe organizations gogot her. w we play it f frst here. >>nndr is ththe best. >> w watat ellse would y you wa. what's wrong wthth y two? >> i just wanto see michaelel jackson coverage wall-to-wall. >> today is michael's finalact. is i i really, h final act?t? wh wasththe d dtete line specia called lastnight? okoktt this picture r rig hehe. >> you kn whaha c can we not- nono. >> oh, my.. >> ass w weay g goobyby to mial jacksosototoda
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wiwill, what do you have thther >> there's a a lot o of other t toto talk aaut. > it says it alall. >> i would be sohappyerer i a cicitin n the golden s ste and mytata was gining bankrupt a a i was havingng to m m $2.5 miioio possibly $3 or is it up toto $million now. this is likeke a bii congress. $4 million to p pay for michael jackson'sfuneral. t the way, w waying this were i a a resident of t tensse dd tennessee wasas going bankrut if elvis presleyy died a and th askeked us to dole out $4 milli toto eem. >> aren'tt they ricch, janet jackson? >> thehey e e l rich. > iwant to c connue on to hehethings. m abbou to say something atat will end up o on ee internet a get usnn trouble. >> did you get those e-mails. >>hat real a ariricathing. lili itter, i wnt homeme last
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ght and my eyes were burning, because y you m mad people made with that amicic hihing re is the funny thing, mika i i suchnonob t talngbobout real amicica. i tried to explain, mika is actually from manhattan dd d.c. soso if she werere saying we hao okok athe rest ofof ameeri,, th w wast her bng a snob. thatat w n ntheast a bebera elitist attetemptoto be openen minded. >> thanks. >> n n hereisisika talking ououwhat they are talking about in northeast harbor maine with the news. >>t's so, ,, so difficultt whwhen you speak for me. 's time now for a look at today's top stories. whdodot you eat t tha fatteninig dish. that will help you out. > th m morng president obama continues a fullfofoe e efftt to reshape reetition with ruruia. comes in a a privateeeetg with prime minister vladimir
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putin and a speech aimemed at th entire nation. nbccnews white hohous correspondent savannah guthrie live in moscow. sasavaah, give us the very lalastst. >> reporter: wewel thehe president's s mo i iororta etetg today was ctainly withth prime minister putut.. wewe'r alaladadyhearing somemet abouout t word disagreement. they say t ts s was a valuable meetinin t thathe president did get something o of it.. obviously there aree sues of disagreement, nanatoeiei one, missiles the other. this was an impmporntnt meeting because many pople here regard pun as the alal per in the kremlin. here is president obama lklkg abouout his meetetinwith puuti with nbnbc's chuck todd in a a interview this morningng. >> i think he'd d behehe first admit that as somebodyhoho g gr upupn soviet russssia he's somebody whoknknow e painsnd hardships and difficultltie of
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the rurussn n past, and, you kn, that still informs some of his views. but i will sayaythiis. i think that iound him tbe ryry smarart, and i i foundnd m ha a a practicical nt. >> other aides tllll me th was bubusissssike meeting butt o thth w was productive.e. it went a halfour ngnger thth sceduled. there have been a aououplof slipups. twice the president m mix up tle call prime minister pinin as president puuti and s smemeok at that as a freudian slip. as said, people p pretyty much ththinof putin asas the power here. iwonder. it's nice to hear thehem lklk ababoueaeachother.r. i feel lee i've seen tat before a abo s sen yearsgogo what substantivelyy c can theyem up with, s sothing a ab seeing in ulul
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what substanantilylyan they create that would actually guarantee some seseririty on boh sides so t the relationshipanan acactuly move fwawa beyond nitss descscringng their relalatishsh? >> you r reay y puyour finger on itit. behindndhehe scenes that'shhat aides say. look, we're not lookiki for a persononalelelatnship between putin o o medvedev butut a relationshshipnn substance. th president feels li he h dedelired thatatlike iran, russia is a a traditional ally iran. ththey think it's substantial ty are going to do this t treat assessment.. dvedev went rther t tan hee hadd before in n th news conference yesterdrd acknknowdgdgg the iran nuclelear threat is real. at's one tng. we obvioususlyawframework for nuear reduction treaty, thahat new s sta rey.y. there'e'sorore military cooperation. they are hoping this s ssese of drift, as they like too put it,
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between u.u.s.ndnd russia can cm a a end and mke progress. make noisista, there's real differerceces here, nanatu fefens missiles is a auge one.e. >> thanks so much. i'll be waititingfofo bottle when i s you b ba in the states. yes. ii won't'tooh it. >> i lookeded spoke willie's e just now, saw his soso. . >> that's grgrea >> dark, dark, rk a and brooding. >> no,tually. >hhuc has a aexclusive interviewwiwith obamama >> much more we'll b s sining o thth"today" owow ts ororni. wel l ow it as well. in other newshihis morning, physicians in los s anleles are bracing g fobibig crowds todaya aheaead a p puic memorial service for michaeaeackson. thousands of p poce officers hahaveeen actititeted alongng w the city fofootgg t b bllll for all this.s. w does that happen? nbc's georgege lewissss live
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outside e th jackson family compound in enenco. george, any w thisououlde paid forther than city funds? >> repeporr:r:well, t cy ulul-- coupleff membersf f the city c couil have been asking thatt repepeadldl can th jacksosofafami helpay for it, can private busineneeses pay fo it. actually, , th influx of tourts isis catatin a bit o of ooist boboomnnoownwn l.a. thth a arexpecting it will bring in4 million in touristdollars t t th city is g gng t to turn aroundnd a spend $4 milillionnn popoli protection and otherer services in cononneioionith ththisbecause you've got a alllf these variouous vevens, includi here at the jacackson ho, foress lawn mememoriall cemetery whwhe jackson n expxpecte to be ririd th morning and thenhehe downtown venue, sapaps c cenr an nokia theater wherepepeop are goinintoto gher for the memoalalervice. popoli p proction is part of that bill.
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theyorordod off a whole area. theyon't want anybobody o doesn't hahave a a ticketfor th memorial servivice tgege into thatararearound the staplples ntnter the policecere in aa high state of alert. their maininconcern is crowd control and g gttttin through ts da in anorderly fashion. bubu it's goioi to beexpensive r r th city, whic is $5$5 mimilln in the hole, running a huge budgeget deficit right now facing a prososctct o laying of cicity workeke and postponing raises. a t of grumbling about the cocostf this.s. >> how many eople, d they know? >> t thearare lking about a quarter of a m mlion people wanting to observe at least part ofhis from m the fringes.. but t bobodynows for sure. it could be thatat lot of people will shunn downtown l.a. t tod ju because they d don't want to be caug upinin t trtrfific snar.. and it may a a smallerer than usual crd. nonobodyasas real handle on it. thone thingghe police e
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concerned about are downtownn venueses, stlele nter, n n be reacached b by foot, by 5 millin people that liivendnd workin the area. they are concernededababou crow corol in that area. > a allrightht nbc's geoe e wis repeporngng lilive from ncncin thank yoyo that's actually w whe everything stararts. all right,joe. msmsnbc llllave le coverage of the memeorial. >> i'd serioiously hate to ts that jo >> joee. >> ggraland, would you wantnt t lilike - >> i'm riously doioioo slap yoururhand. would you be quiet. o ahead. 11:00 etete msmsnb alsoaking news thisis morngng in afghanistan, u.s.s. ofcicis s momoayay mks the d ddldlie day fofor amicic troops there in almost a yr.r. sesenn.s. soldldie died in ththreseparate incidents.. three nato trroopsere also kikill. in nororth colola a nn susuected of klilingfifive peope in south cararolaa was s shot t
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dedeatby police invevestatatin bulary. bulletets angugu found matctche those thehe use ofof killingn spspe. ououst military leader nunu zelaya is expected too meetwiwi hillllary ininn. officials aree c cling onn restoring him to ffice. > voters two t to one mgin sayy politicacal ew have become more coervative. hmhmm. something i was trtryi to say yeerery and then got lambasted the internett like i can't even believe. real eoeopl >> lete read this a a see i if you underststanhese are not my viewsbut views of the llup poll. >>ika is moreliberal.. we find she's moror liberal by the day. i can be l leral and sllll be nest. > acrdrdin tthe ll 3939% say eyeyre leaningo o the right. thth's compared to18% who say
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th h he become more liberal. 42% s their views have not changed. t's go to dddd sanchezezor a check on the latest focast. totodd, good mornrng.g. gogo to have you. > v ve good to bebe heher visiting f from atntnta. loloining r pretty goodod conditions i inew york at leaea across a a few s ststs of the i corridor. yeyewe're tataining about shors dd clouds that willlmean aiine delays acroro major cieses, boston, prvivince, hartford, all pototenti there. inew york, low clouds, a little drizzlele. keep in m minsolated showers anoff the firstst halff the day. later, a chce for heavier rain, showerer acacross thei-93 corridor, northweses of boston. to the south..c. lookingggood. philly on the edgeff oowe, drzle the.e. beer chance of thuererorms towawardheherrth north of newarkrk, nejejeey. again,n, ctatain faor that n,, inin around the cicity where temperatures are 64, in
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hartford. cooler numbersrs especially towd the n nor and we with 5 50s toward buffalolo now. again,n, by later tss afafrnrno pretetty good channcefofor show and thunderstorms across northern edge of i-95 coidid. exextes s soh phphil.. lolookg good ateaea untilouou get down south carolina then a betterhance f f showers and thundersrstos s acrosshh rere all right, todd. ank you very much. he does a cece focast, doesn't ?? >> s,s, he does. doesn't have that e ee bill s and wee nuances and lulu lusions to inprpropate behavioror. >> my husband wanted t t beat hm . >> my mamaiaiageas b shattetedd bill kari. . >> you know what tatat was? thth's's a forecast for real america? >>re we going to a bbre? >> yy. . >> coming upup -- >> a l of anea mitchell,yy
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th way. governor palin notfffferg much clarett o onhyhy she left offi. an intereststinanansr. >> rllll i c can wait. >> exclusiventnterew with sasarapalin. >> c comin ,, f forrr national securitytydvdvis dr. brzrzezini igighsn on the obama rip. >> m mhahaelackson. >> w we'reototoing to talk to him about michael jasoson. don't t that. oh, lod,d,t's goingoo b one of those ddays. and thermrms d demem heard around thewold. thee pululitrr prize winner euge rorobion, chuck todd ve from russiaia where hentnterewed prprididenobama and nbnbs maria babartiroo renentl inteteieiewe presesidtt medvedev. that plus a a look a at top lilitil stories todayiith "pololicico. you're watchching ororng joe" brewed b by stbucks. >>re you on medication tododay? >> yes. (announcer) we speak car.
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president obama is i
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russia. we know this, because sarah palin says she can see him from her hoe. >> president oma is taking a historic trip. are you aware of this? president obama isn russia. do you know he's in russia? ye, obama went the, because from russia, you can actually see sarah lin cleaning out her office in alask >> chuck and andrea those first. >> here is the problem. if you're doing a late night show, d you see 12ours earlier th chuck todd has already done the joke, stay the hell away. it's jt not that funny. >> conan doesn't wantur show. that's hard to believe. >> conan o'brien. you would think. >> here with us now chief politicacorrespondentfor "politico," mike allen with a look at the playbk.
6:19 am
>> good morni, willie. xt time yoll listen to mika. you won't wai for the gallup poll. >> mike, did i mak sense or was i completely off with my did you say thwro?? >> you always make sense and you're alwa on. >> well done, mike allen. well done. i want to ask, do you hav a cb in the back >>reaker breaker. hat's your handle? he got a police scanner. >> mad mike, what's your 20? brf breaker one nine. >> let me ask youbout the lead story if i could on, about ma nford, the south carona republican par not asking him to resign but rhercensuring him. >> he may have stormy wars at
6:20 am
home but he's okay. republicandidn't want him to go, they considerhe lieutenant govern to be a clo. democratdon't want him to go because they love having a weak nchingag punch bag governor. neither side wants the next to get a legp in he race. they are happy to have this disgraced governor sit there. it's anembarrassment,ook at what we havein the u.s. sene. >> time," too, willie. >> john d th deal about how he waselling sanford to just ut up. sh up. the michael jackson me, got him off the front page. he goes back andolds a pre conference t next day. all thes things keep happening toark saord to distra from mark sanford. he lays low. >> are surprisede uld hold onto his office after that.
6:21 am
>> he didn' seem likee cared about holdingonto the offi when he keptvingpress conferences. >> i didn't mind wt he was saying. i minded heaving without -- how do you trust that. >> real thequestion, do you kick him out of office o not for me would come down to,id he misuse government money. they did annvestigation. they said he didn't. he said he's going repay -- there's mlions of ethical questions. 've got crack reporting from mike allen at "politico," becae they have thoseolice scanners all overn everydesk, lumbia, south carolina. i think he's exactly right. they don't want the lieutenant governor in. democrats weighed in. >> takes a lot to get kicke out of office these days. mike, let' move onto th next topic, health care. congress back om the july 4th ress ready to dig in. i guess wee got a mon or so to figure out sometng on heg. but the president is in mosco
6:22 am
so who minding t store. >> i'm going to watch myself. i've got my ears on and hear smoky coming up. the oof of what a critical week this is for health care. chief staff, rahm emanuel, always where the aion is, he's not in moscow, lookg at critical changes in alth care. next week or so, wee going to know, arehe dominoes ing to fall the president's wa or not. in the house ey are doing somethinunusual. they are havinghree committee chairman present tir bills, ke questions about ithen the whip, jim clyburn, six listenin sectnsith members these are handling ssions. joe will appreciate thi e idea is to do all the wheeli, dealing, horse trang before you put o the fil bill. so theare sitting within regional grups, hearing what eir gres are, heing what they want and need in the bi. so when they put out a bll
6:23 am
towards the end of this week, it's kind of going to be what it's going to be. >> mike, that's quite a chage from tm printint abi like the stimulus bill or cap and trade and shoving it down every's throat bor they t a chance to read it. why are they decidi to emace everybody, we care wt you need. >>ou saw what a mess the climatbill was, the last-minute negotiations. my favorite was there'smember who was the last minute right fore the vote during the congressnal luau got a ph with the prident, first lady and bo. a guy really othe you know what list wi the spker. he got five of the six things he wantedthen voted against the bill they don't want to have that kindf mayhem. so they are trying to get the ts herdedis weeko they can be cleaner next week. >> i can't believe, willie, the
6:24 am
are transforming the the way washington works with bills members of congress don't even read. either, which i think is a big problem. >> they adopt have time to. the stimul bill was -- i hate to keep going back toit. it was the biggest bill in the history of the united states of erica. >> how many pages? the most expense sgle bill ever. nobody read it. >> some people stil haven't. >> they still han't. ey just move on to the next bill. >> mike,ne of the people ing the fight n, senar al franken, senator elect al franken. eight months after e election day, he was ahe podium with harry reid at ise planning on now that he's in washington. >> he ran no gaffe campaign. theress was hoping he'd stay something stupid. he's going tdo bill radley, lly clinton, both came to the sete as celebrities, kept
6:25 am
their heads down, did the wor warned thenstitution that's what he's going to do. foreseeable future we're not going to see him on "morni joe." 's going to do interviews i minnota only. he'soing to take a "morning e" exception to his man. >> can you make that hape >> mike, we'll depe on you to execute at. >> thanks so much. we'l look at "politico" playbook at >> thaso smart of al frken to do that. it's actually exactly what we said aroundhis table that sarah palin eded to do right afr the nomionor right after the election th went badly for her. we said she needed to go back to alas, keep her he down, focus on alaska. get more - >> multi-million doar deal wagd in front o him a five kids t ise. okay. >> i'm saying, though,if she didn't want to abused by the
6:26 am
press, that was e move to make. me for the other side, al franken. he needso keep his head down. love this idea of doing only minnesota inteiews. i love this idea, yeahwas a comedian iny past life but now -- >> an inteing piece about the death of robert mcnamara. most powerful defense secretary of the th century. ores killedn ethnic riots. "walstreet journal" face antitrust threat. houston chronicle, mcnair's last days. what i that gray stuff around ther what are you trying to do that, make its unappeang as possible. 90% o americans can't see that.
6:27 am
never mind everybody >> pictures no on can rd. >> i'm tryingo gure out. >> small writing at people on the bo tour can' read. >> did he fix the small writing, chris? working it -- how hard is it what you do is higight and put12 font inste of 3. we'v go people on the book tour that can' read this stuff. >> we're fixit. he's ben saying that for weeks. peop on the book tourre -- >>t's all good. >> what's usual? you highlight it d then you click 12 and the letters get bigger >> i'm so glad youhod us that. >> coming up first look at business live from londo also, must-reaopinion pages. we'll b right back with more "morning joe." >> we're working on it. ♪
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6:32 am
excting many more tolood araround the buildlding. the city of cacalifornia, cityf los angegeles loing at gosh a bill o of -- >> maybe$4 million. >> $4 milon, which is a contntroversy ewing surrounding the memorial and the ousands ofof people o would li to remember the lif of michael jajackson. welcomeack to mrngs 6:30 on ththe east coast. timeor a l look a top stories. the white hououse says p presid obama anand russiananrime minisr vladimir putin formedd the b ba of a good relationonship. foowing a letttter outsi hewitt's home inin mosco meanile the obama administration has unveiled final rules o on taxpar funded human embryonic stem c cell research under new chchanges many old stem cl lines wowould be eligible for federarally financ resesearch. police are agnlashing with members of a minority group in wewestern ina this morning.
6:33 am
ateast 156people h have been killed in fierce riots over tht past t days. that's a look athe news. now over to willi >> thank yo mika. anan rly check on busines witit nbc's jeffcucutmore, lve in london. good morng. >> repororter: gd morning, guys. eueuropean eity session t this momorning, whad a five-week l l on t oil priciceut oil stroronger, 6:4a babarrel here. in terms of thehe overa market tol as welose out this tuesdaday. a fe interestingg storiries around. laura tyson talked in asia abot the poibility of a a secon stimulus packe. that is something th markets are trying to feeed into the equatitions athe ment. e other story t that was interesting, a recession proo indury seeeems toe massage and maninicures. apparently in008 we had a 16%
6:34 am
increase inn spa viits. the revevenue as a whole wasasp 18%. even as 9 millionon amerins are losing their jobs, therere's stl plty of people whothink i it's important to bee beauautiful. backck to y guguys. >> it iis. joe,ou've contribubuted here at home that cecertain bath housus threree nigh a week downtown. good foror you.u. >> club rates. >> comg up the dailyly beat, tina brn. she' tell you why srah palin is like lady didi. mika's must-read d opinio pages. you're w watching "morning joe" brewed by starbucks. [ female a announcer ] the bet y to predict the futurure... toreate it. [ female announcer ] discover the power totoate new future foyour skin. only aveeno positively radiant moisturirr
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you knknow, i'mwiwillg to nt run f for re-election. i'm willining to step aside and alallow ee progrgress our state nes with energy indedendnden. i can that b b steppining asid ani'm willing to do that. welcocomeacacko "morning jojoe. >> very fifirered at out, willie? >>o,o, thatat have not figured out. that was sarah palin's inrview with andrea tchell, whwhic we'llhave more on latere ininhehe sw. fascinating. we've been seeing little bits. can't t wait to see more ofit. go t thave you in. >>o happy to be back. >ina h h a newarticle i inhe daily batat e entled sarah pali and princess di. in it she writessthths.s. that precipitouslackey
6:39 am
ovovcacaffnated aria onon t back lawn oferer house the eve of the fourth reininde me of ananotr memorable moment -- >> intnteresngng oh, good, can taalk about that. i i ve a f other storieseswiwit tina. shshou i go right into ttha >> i wan to asksk real quickly what tina wrote. w w always scinating prprince di w wodd say i'm'm t. here she was, she instincncvevey got thebetter of the mosos educuceded pple in thewowod on
6:40 am
heher g g instinct. yoknknow what, sarahah pal got ababsotely hammeredd at the conventiononththenhe wentut and connected witith middle americaii people in aa waway people stillll d don get. > t speech i referred to w we anana g g u up th a heead injur luncononnd suddenly aououed she wantnted more me, she w was quitting charitable fofos, wiwingut of public life, bursrs into tears. came to be known asstitindnd acac speecec i kind off thinkeople a ignoring sarah p palin i i cryi fofor help. shshe wacocoletely unreaea for theame she went into, h her vicc presidentialpick, her "american ol" moment, thrustutut of obscurity, prepared.
6:41 am
chaoararnd her. she's go this family in nsnsnt -- don't know howowhe could popossib de with the so of famiily s has toeal with. i i thk she's spsperely looking g forome kind of stability and d hasnono way to d of say hat, because iss sort of embaasasng in a sense. i k knoweoeopl all say she want toto jt keke money, dump her rereonsibilities. i i inink e's acctual completely d desrate for elp. >> a andmbarrassing to say it,, titina, cacae she's a wan on th front lines, thenational spotghghand youou don'twawant t let women wn. >> i t tnknk sometimes iiececu is disgsguidd as cockinesess. she'e' aayays nceding like diana,a, s doesn't k kno something. i wish s shwould go learnrn mething. > pal i i teified.
6:42 am
herr mo is cloak terror with grdiosit grgranososit let's see e atat oers are sasang. >> huguge split. the pot,t, william crysl,l, whih isiseaeall what hervavae iis, h talks out. i think this is s somhihingalin ba bashers need tooisiste to. >> despitete aough campaignn i 2008, palin hasbebe for w wh it worth atththis stage a co-front-runner in pololls of g primary voters for 2012ith mitt romney y d d mi huckakaby in recent surveyshe's had thth strongest favovoblble numbmbers among likeliliododf republican candidates e has suororte which would lp her primamaeses and caucuseses among the gerara public shehe hs a not greatut notunmanagagblble
6:43 am
45-44avavability rating. it go on tlklkabout the different wysys sheststill generates acrd.d. >> in terer of ienensi, there's no othe politician, her than barack obama, w who generates s the meme kind of tetensy. maybe pele like crystal and companany arloloing through the ong prichchlt why do we have to see her rorougthe prism of a politician. i i kn of many ways toto b a a e national figure. it may be palisn'tut oufuf out for politics. mae she needsto be a a motivational saker, a susupersrr evavangisis for h h n brand,d,ececau that's really what she is, an evangelist fo the palinn rarand not r reall aololitian foror rerepuicican >> maybebe- - remember, s she w govevern of a town of 90,000, and d then sheececam really the rock starf f e gop. talking g --going toilill
6:44 am
crystal'ss ii, i i sit hehe as polititica analystand listen t rarah lin talk. she july beell her woords up, esn't really make a lot sense. why don't you g go back h hee a ep your head down, toucuchdow up theissusu,, talk to policy experts, then come backout. and yet i talalk to oplen the republican basse, my mother.. mother, somebody that t vote foforohn kennedy, , a democrat mo of herlife. my thther who m sarah ppin, wawas a ablutely mesmeriziz.. said it ss oneffher most excitingng dss er wn she got to meet sahah pin in the lala mpmpgn. there e is leveve of excxcitemt she again tetes a amg a lot of americans that weround thisis table d don understand. at the same time duriringhehe campaign, what happenene w everneneas really excitited, th the econony y fled out. alall of a sudden i iwas kind a
6:45 am
collectiti g gas wait t a minut we need someone who knowsws something. >ho did we get? wewe g a guy whoaas been in the senate for ayyear. >> there's real senseobama knowsowow to ndnd himself, a and hahad e team.. how coululyoyou ssibly hope palin in o one twtwononsetive sentntenceknkn what was going o t theorld. >> a starter not a finisishe eugenene robinson. the reasons for steteppg down arare notontrived ormpossible bubut non-sense cal. e can most effectivelyly hel --
6:46 am
certainlyly t collective nunuet nor sarah palin shohoul really be booookn the rks. some of the s soundbybys were amazing.g. don't you ththin we'reeeeein a emendous epidedemic of veerbal diarrhea. mark sanford wtton. nobody knows how to make a statememt.t. >> i would lovove toaa gototte both o tse bebefore and cu their statements dowown tonene minute.. andd another ing about sarah lin -- byhe way,y, iis so rlrlto say sarah p pal i not cut out forr politics.s. you canayay sarah palin not cut o o for p pliliti a couplef yearars afr r ing mayoror of a 9,000 perersotown. >> she can be ready fo politicis in veve yeyears. >> she certrtaiyy k let'snot wre e r off at l.l. i wi s s this abbtt s sah
6:47 am
palin's press s conference. i' remindnd of soththg thomas friedman wrote tete he wtt into i irandnd aftfter ee wmd rere fzlzled out. should geoeorgbubush should haha j jussaid, we l le i a dangerous woworl need a beachh hd in the midet.t. we need a acace t makeke sure teterrism doesn't f flow east to st, afghanistan to inn over to the palestinianan territorie. and s,s, that'swhy we're goingn into iq.q. ininstdd we got too clever. i think sararah lilin perhaps,s because i'm s soy palin susuppters and i'msorry, momo none of that made sense. was i illical what she was, on non sequitutur afr r another > nervous.s. >> if she had justst sa, here is e e deal, thihi has beenn a terribleleidide over the pt nii months a and choose, a as a rerentand todd c coses as a pare,, to shield ourhildren fromom thi you know what, maybee i made a
6:48 am
mistake. mamae i should havesasaid no. >> i don't kkno is the o polilitianan w coululhahaveaid i wanttoto spend more timim with my family. no, s she couldn't do thatat either. t thi i a euphemism fofor i flamed ou she could have saidd it. >> she could veve said thahat i shshwawas ing home to ke care ofer familyly she has a lot ofeals to lo thugugand has to fure how to take carare her family. wh she could havesaid, it's been a heck of aride, i dede mistakes. u guys have beendisgusting. i veveo fururout what to d do with th. i' got decisions totomake. see you later. >rotect myamilyfirst. sheshshoun't have done that. when you didit, it was irritating. bye-bye. july 4t, wenen i undedersto itit w indndenendee day and s s wantededoo declare h h inindendence. we g got at. >> herer family has g ge throug precious noobodyanannderstand.
6:49 am
a go ththroh h prsuresobody can unrsrsta. >> tina bwnwn, the daily beatatomom. >> can i thank you fornonot ttttinmichael jackson as yourr mbmber o o storynn t cheat sheet. >> he's pretty muchh everywhere elel o on e site. we had arereat piececee aouou elizabeth taylor andichael jason, how how she --- elabeth taylor was onene o of jackson'n'grgreananaers inisis entirereorort declinene. it's a very, very y odod piece. t tt's a goangle. >> comingupfreddie b balgagame you're w wchchin"morning joe" brededy starbucks. ♪ well l i was shshping for a new car, ♪ whichnene's m- a cool convertiblele or uv? ♪
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d now here is sports. >> thanks, llie. go morning, folks. five years agoesoxans were shocked when nomar garciarra was traded away. last nighthey had a chance to see m play at fnway for the rst time nce that move now wearing an a'suniform but that didn't stop the crowd for givi him a one-te standing ovation. a four-run inning, shut out boston 6-0. d sox had only two hits in the game. meanwhile weren't having trouble, 20 in all against the reds. philadelphia scored 22 runs.
6:54 am
that's right, 10-0 after the fit inning. they beat theeds 22-1. how about this according reports, tribun company reached a written reement to sell chicago cubs and wrigley field to ricketts for $9 millio nothing, howeverarks been finalized. some sad news r fiphil mickelso six monthsafter announcing his wife had breastancer his mother has the same. expected to have surgery. lance armstrong mod up for a shot at the jers. cavendish n his second straig stage. switzeand remains the overall leader about 40 secon ahead o armstrong. bad economy has definity turned into global issue but certainly hasn't affected soccer ant real madrid. introduced raldo after signing
6:55 am
him to a $30 million ntract. $30 million to manchester united. they snt more than $260 million for one playe what recession? maybe that's whyoccer is the world's most popular sport. backo baseball,tigers and royals runng,aking a ay. lookout. illen collided but mehow made it look bad. fortunately neithewere hurt. incredle, was able to hold onto the ball. that's yourhot of spos on "morning joe." >> nice grab for the royals. news you can't use. that time of year. the running of the bulls. the running of the bulls. was anyone gored?
6:56 am
6:57 am
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6:59 am
news yo c't use cool to animals, dangero for human beings the running of t bls in pamp lonl, a, spain. people taking partin the two ana halfinute run through e streets. here ishe tally. only four hospitalized. >>o one gored. >> no one gored. we just got some minor bumps, bruises and cuts of here is the good news, we stillave seven days left forgood morning. >> good. >>fourteen people haveied since recordkeeping began in
7:00 am
1924, no o since 1995. they made it all the way ere to the ring. it's day one. we'r working out the kinks. we're stilwaiting for something bad to happen. >> it's justwrong. we'll get a good good morning. >> i don really care. what's next, willi >> in othergreat 130er9ing traditions, the 15th annual batub race. >> japan,olks wooden bathtubs racing do the rir. a very slow and boring place, a you can see here. >> this is stupid. i see why it'sshort. >> wife is going to have baby. >> you're like, honey,'m going to go punch the clock. phonin it in. >> honey, ile.
7:01 am
>> you reco it, we'll play it ght here. >> i stay north of the borde you ow as a father wh that means. >> that ishe rule, by the way. thatright. never, ever falter on that. husband tries that and he has scars. >> why scs? >> becse north of the border is where you stay when you have a baby. yes. yes. >> it was. i think he w injured. i think he was the most hur out of the whole experience. >> willie, congratulatns ahe of time. >> no, don'to that. >>ot yet. >> why can't i do that. >> maria mit be a coffee demon like mommy. saw her look at e cup and she was giving him, well, i came in with a dunkin' donuts cup. >> i'm sorry. i didn't know.
7:02 am
>> how dare you. >> maria. >> said, do you want different cup? yeah, give me t "morning joe" p. >> i wasn't aware. >> tt's cool. >> i'm sorry. >> wow. sohe poured- you poured -- >>on't een go there >> let me tas it. hand i over. >> this is an outrage. >> how dare you, sir? >> maria, you actually met t president, prime minister of russiadepending on who barack obama is talking to. >> president medvedev. >> did you call him president or primminister. >> he's president, obviously prime nister but the's this shared power, i guess. >> president obama. >> imbalance of power. >> i would have, too.
7:03 am
>> but it's hard to tell who i really in charge over there, n't it? >> it i i think clearly putin has the influence an power thathe's alys had. but they have aivision of bo presidt medvedev is suppos to be running the country, executing -- >> do you believe he is? i think he has gotten the supportf the peop. but i think putin is al vy muchn control as well. sortf probably leading the shots more so. medvedev, 42 years old, new to the job. he was deputy prime minister and really incharge ofrying to get other revenue away fro oil and build out the country's ecomic landape. i dot know that they hav done a great job in doing so. certainly they were afraidf that when oil was down to 2 in february. >> was he wearing jeans yestday wh he met the presidt? >> what is wrong with that. >> did you see that in a leather jacket the nighte won.
7:04 am
>> i don't think that the's -- they are not going to have oh, the oh, powerful president obama and america kind of thing. you see the vdeo yesterday, i thoht it washilarious. medvedev is walking and this whole ne of people want to shake hands, medvedev a oba's hands. obama is first, so he es to shake, but everybod wnt to shake medvev's hand. so he's like oh -- nobody shook his hand. >> awkward. >> strange scenes yesterday. that slow sort ofoose spping and the president behind there. i don't ke how they set the prident up on some of those. of course younow it was all planned and calculated. but they really do ne a bter producer over there. >> anyw, one final questn before mika go to news. how short the president? he seems to b very ort. >> he's tiny. >> 5'2".
7:05 am
>> was thinking i'd wear the heals. >> butreat advice. they said, maria, wear flats. i did. it was really good aice, beuse he is -- >> i would have worn the heels. are you saying shor >> eye lev with -- >>ackpedal out of it. >> smehow maa has helped bring the converti --i don't understa, must be the dunkin' donuts. time for a look at today's top stors. this morng president obama contues a full force efft to reshape u.s. relations with russia. it comes in a speech from moscow aimed the militiamen people. in a prate meeting with pri ministerladimir putin. >> we think tre's an excellent opportunitto put u.s russian relations on auch stnger footing. we may not end up agreeing on everything, but i think we can
7:06 am
have a mutual respect and constation that will ser the ameran and russian people less. >> could he look any le interested? seously. >> they dot cae. >> they are trying to deliberately send a message that they don't care. the russian leadershi and i'm serious abo this, t are tryi to be as disrespectful to the american president as possible a i don't like it. if i'm psident obama, i'd tl themo straighten up or cme home. ofourse i don't do that. seriously, they are -- lke we said, with the hanhaking. there was a picture of the president going over to shake medvedev's hand and he's still looking straight ahead. >> there's an icy relationip and they are not going to change. >> i kind oflike it. itooks to meke honesty. maybe you could get somewhere.
7:07 am
>> you know, direspect. if theyant to be disrespectful, that'fine. we'll stay the hellut of their country. >> i'm tired of playing games. >> i love playi games, mika. i'm tired of the russianbeing disrespectful to the president maybe you think the american president should b shunnednd disrespected. >> chuck is going to join us live in just a few minutes. >> exclusive interview. officials in los anlesre bracing for g crowds today ahead of a public memorial service for michael jackson. thnds of police oics have been activated with the city fting the bill. a bll of maybe4 milln plus dollars. >> the good th isafornia s money to y. >> exacy. what they can do, they n write an i.u. w they are asking jacon fans to hel with the cost. >>ive outside staples center in downtn.a. lee ann, anyone there yet?
7:08 am
>> reporter: not too men people. it's fairly qui. can you take look aund and see this is the area where yesterday dozens of people, thounds showed up to leave their condolenc on the board. ar is in a lockdown now. thatstarted at midnight local time, which mes nobody can g in anywhere thin a quart of a mile of he staples cent without th proper credentials. still pretty uiet. it suld be aot different a fe hours from now. >> and what kinds of crowds are they expecting? can they get anuer? i know there's only a certain amnt of people allowed inside, but i take it wh's happeni outside might be -- >> about 1.6 mlion people tried toet tickets of that number 18,000 got tickets. buwe were told that a lot of people didn't pick up their
7:09 am
ckets. we really don't know ifhe stadium or arena wil be full or not. weuspect it will be, but we don't know. part of the proem was on sunday when peoe got the e-mailhis ey had been osen, in this random selection process, some of them were out ofstate, out of country. they had to quickly figure out how to get here an pick up their ticts we don't know what tse numbers will be. they are also saying tens of thousands peopleayhow up and try to be part of this collective mourning process and saying good-bye. >> what about thisissu of whether or not fans might b asd to foot the bl. >> there's lot of discussi, as you can imagine right now, abouthe cost reachin possibly t $4 million. latest estimate, close t four times as much as the original estimate. yeah, they a sayingause the tickets areree especially for the people that will attend th, that they should coribute some.
7:10 am
they are asking aeg, the owner of staples center put forth the money, saying the council pson will profit by holding this event. y not put up some of the money. if they don't do that vontarily, they may be forced to te some kind of legal action to get the money. >> nbc's lee anne gregg reporting live. >> theyre donating to pay for president obama ticket back from russia. >> ce on. thanks - >> italy. >> the italians will trea -- >> they will treat hiery well >> very warm. >> take him to asweet 16 birthday party. >> oy. stop. you're bad.
7:11 am
you always have to make it-- you're aut to have ababy. woul you pull it toge. >> he's artist, he misunderstood. >> msnbc, we'll have live corage of the memorial beginning at 11:00 a.m. eastern time. how old isshe? >> like 72angin out with 16-yr-old gls. >> seriously. >> the allegation. those are algations. >>an you believe at? >> he likes to go out and party. >> hdoes. >> get awayith . can you imagine if oba was hanging out at tenager parties. >> i n't -- >> might be a problem. >> cut all theirkes. >> also king news in afghanisn, u.s. officials say monday marked the deadliest day for american troops tre in almost a year.
7:12 am
n u.s. soldiers died in three separate incidents. three nato troops were also lled. in north carina a man suspected of murdering five people in south carolina was shot to death by police investigating a burglary. authorities say bulle and gu fod on the body of pat trick tracy burrisatch those used in a week lo killingpree across the borr. ouedonduran leader manuel zelaya is expected to me with officials. he is calli on leadersto store him to ffice. >> an exple. he got put out of office. siflios still in office. youonder how they g away with that. >> i love thisstory. you know why? >> why do you love this story, mika. >> it wase misunderood yesterday. >> why? >> don'that me?
7:13 am
i was actually trying to -- new gaup poll shows u.s. voters a two to one main say political views have become more consvative according to the pls 39% say they are leaning moreto the right. that compared to 18% who say they have becomeore liberal. 42% say their views have no changed. wh i was just trying to say yesterday -- >> what mika wasrying t say yesterday washere are people middle america that reay connect with sarah palin. >> and her nservative views. and that they a voice we really nd to bring into the mainstream on a less shrill more real level because that is the voicof many pele inamerica. not thes crazies on the fa right making shrill staments that make me not want to like them but al people with real conservative vie. their voicesre not represented. >> in the media, ithe elitist bble in which we l
7:14 am
>> some people d not realize thatresident obama was as left he has actually played out to . so tt' also something. people think, i voted for him but i didt realize hwas as -- >> i s is i think it's ti to have a real conversation with people out the in the far corners, in terms ofpolitics, that you find on the iternet and real people screaming >> you look again at the mainstream media, which we're a rt. you look at e facthat almo everybody we know, all the networks and newspers, d't understand sarah palin, had no idea wt typef life she live and i've said is before,i don't kn aboutou all, i can te you i' been in this busiss for six years.
7:15 am
reporters in washington and new york, outside of fox news, i can't name a handful of people who are pro-life. on social iss they are aggressively liberal. so of course they are gng to hate sarah palin's politics. >> eve more-- >> i also think that the wole media, katie cric interview, she stepped int so many places whe people wrote her offe immediately. that obviousl hurt heruite a t. but i thk th a lot of peo didn rlize give i a chae to hear at shcould have done. but a lot o this stuff really was harmful. >> and mika, she did a terrible job. >> she did a terrible job. >> li the katie couric enter vow. >> that comicated the conversation, made it a tough conversation to have. when she first emerged on the
7:16 am
enon issues like lie, i ought this ia woman on credibility o a numbe of levels and really could bring the coersation to the nt level to represent many ericans out ere, many. some polls would even saymore so than thoseho are o-choi are pro-life. >> it's ltural. we saw that video a few minutes ago with herwith andrea mitchell doing an inteie in waders. a lot of pople don't kn what waders are. it tal foign. >> an apartment in the upp west side. i think all of those thingson the upper west side. >> in our house but that didn't bother me. i'mserious. >> wearing field dress. >> she had a great shot. here she is a woman with four or five ks running t state of
7:17 am
alaska you want that peron to be viorious but she blue it. >> wated. >> somepeople. >> i did. >> all right, maria. >>o you say the psident is going totaly next? >> absolutely. >> we nee to talk about -- >> we're gng to go live to alaska, actually, where bc's andrea mitchell talked to sarah pan plus former national security adviser dr. brzezinski weighs in on president obama's overseas trip andbc's chuck todd with one-oe with the president. you'reatching "morning joe" brewed by starbucks.
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7:22 am
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live bettete callll oclclk today. >> think you'd bethe first todmdm as sosobobody who grew u inin soviet russia, he'ss some who knows the pains an hahardipipsnd d dfificuies of
7:26 am
the russian papast and tt that still informs see off his vws. butt i willll say this. i foundim to bevevery smart, and i foundd him to ve a practicalbent.t. >> al rightht. all right. >> ththatasas a little bibit fr chuck todd's i intview w wi president obama. an exexososive interviviewhuck todd. > he with us no nbc n new ief white house correspondnden and nbc news political d dirtot ucuck dd live i ososw. chuck, inn ur i itetervw with prididt obama earlier today you askedd about vladimir puputi whatatidid y get from him in terms of the b banance of who is in harge, the balance of powere ere? >> well, he ctataly felt the need to walkk back s se e of hi heavier ccricism. i also askedim about that cocommt he made beforere he cam over to ruruss wheree said atat h thoughtuun had one
7:27 am
foot in the cdd war.. i i sa, , you still beeliee he has one ot in theooldar past. he said, y younono he was raised as a cololddwarrior.. that's h soe's gotot bilt in s spicions of the united ststat. heheenen from t the go tohehe idea of cacallgg him a agmatist. the body language, ionon'tant toay cold t stiff, notikik the relatioiohihip the presidid developed wiwi medvedev. >>huhu, we wereaalkg about that before yoyoucaca on thatt seemed ryry clear frorom ee beginnininghahat e russiaia a a trtrng to send a msage tourur esident they don't realllly care for him that mmuc ththe body langngua was almost bizarre, putinin slslumdd over ss chairlilike just didn't t
7:28 am
give a damnhether he was there watchingng a a bad movie. it was kindofof good pp bad psps of the entire reception hehe'setting in russia i isot grgrea he gave thisspspee earlrlie todaday c colge studenen. the white e hoee has built it a third in a sererie of four speeches, the e rsrst o b bei thth p prue speech, whichch thouousasshowed up toee him spspea the cairo speechwewenow was well receceid d by muslimim aro ee world. then thiss e,e, they couldn't even fillalal of f thee c caiait ey had set out for the president's s mmmmenment speech here. soouou don't know how many people even heard it. now, thatoesn't mean the ssagehe wasn'n't t ting to send wa't a fororcell on he went out to say hedisagreed wi georgia. th question is,, did anybybod he it. thereeaeay is -- i don'tanant to say, nono just putin,utut a
7:29 am
nknk a file russians hereare, you know, the united statate isn't n necsasari an enemy but they are kinind a arival. they want to mee thatclear. they would l liksosomeespect back. ththat w wt this isis about whh pun. >> ww. >>hihi i about respect. you know, look, o thing,, obama bringing thehe entirefafami is seen by ruuiaians as aigig of respect of he wantedtoto bringg his whole famamil he.. wasn't't j jt a work stop, thaa he resespeeded the culture ofof scscow we'll seef that thaws thingsgs a bibit. >> mariaia >> chuck kekes a l loof good points of that's wh i found as we when i was on the grorod d in russia a couple e of weeks a agf the russians se theheelelve asa superpower, and t tyy expect be back in superpower on the global stage form. think the fact t th oil h h $32 a barrel in jnunuy and feuary really hbled the
7:30 am
russiaia.. i was told when i i wa o othe ground, , enen o was at 32,hehe gogornrnme was preparing f f $20 a barrel oil. atat'sow bad thhgsgs had tttten they were e lklkin aouout shshp sharp budgdget cuts. w with oi back around $80, maybe humilitits on the sidelines. i n't know what you're f fliling in terms vibrancncy a and ergy therebubu the economy has certainlyy bnn crcrusd. th put some humility oththe blble at l lst for a a ltle while. well, uu do stilill elel ththe--look, thehe economic dodownrn is hit h he just le it's hit everywhere e arndnd t woworl by the way,n my interview with the president, did talk a abo it. joe, you'lll love is. it's all ououtour man joee biden. iasasked the p psident about vie president'siden comommess that they misread ththee enomic situatatiowhwh they came inin. in that yy that president obama has become apt tdo, he vevery ntntlyolled back the comment. take a listen.
7:31 am
>>atathethan say misread,, w w had ncncomete ffortion. we came inananua 20th.. itas onlyfter theiit quarter numberss came in, as you'll rell, thh eererody loed and said t economy shshra 6%. it happenenemumuch moreaapiy at an accelerated paace than t t projections out t the e athe time.. >> earlier in thatbyte, askedd about misreadings, he e sa i don't t ntnt to use thehe word misread. itit w sortff a gentle walkback. that's becomee common practice with the vice presesidt.t. >> it ems, we were talking abt t is yesterday,, t vice president is able sayththin the presesenentan't say, whwhher it's abououtfraud of theiranian elections,s, autut a lot of the different isiseses. i think joe biden serves a very useful purpose. this case, maria, the purpose
7:32 am
he serves isis telling thehetru. joe biden is telling the amicic people the truthth when he s ss theyey misread it. he i is thedanger.r. the danger is allththe assusutition we've been sayingg and evenhehe president is rereei with what we'e've been said in the lala fi months,, we're out of money. the deficits are unsustainable. they are based onnhehe assumptin the economy issgoing to grow at 4%4% ntt year andd over the nex decadede. it's not going too happen. at memes,s,mariria,hose deficitstsarar going to be even highghermomo cshshin even more, using thehepresisintnt's words, unsustainable. thhe b biest crisis ononically. lelet'fafacet. >> i agree with yoyou. saying we had inccometete information. i don't know. earliern the yearwe knew unememplmeme was worse. wenew the re o of e worldd was really c com aprtrt, certainly eupepe we knewhh e ecomimicgrowth was slowing sharply. i think a lot of people,
7:33 am
indedepeenent forecasters werert expepeining owth next year. and yet in the bududge we've go anssssumion of 4% owowth w do you get theree from negativeve ctrtrtion in n th.s. economy. a lot of opople were questionig thatat. i agree.. you're not goingng to get any dn t t defefic fom t t increases. ththe mbers just don't a add up. you actually have to cut spendidi.. so hopopeflyly this ncncomete information or thedeahhat itit'soror than wilill we thoug will cause th t t cut spendndin i i dot know. >o o weave any data thatt wewe'r actually creatingjobs? >> there is some jobb catatn i hdfdf of sectors, w we need a millllionurses, given the de demograph demomoapaphi, we're living longer. e expin to a amecans whyhe obama mimistration would overstatatgrgrow. that allowows emem toctually spend more m mey because ty y
7:34 am
are projectingngmore revenueue being putininhe systemththey can turn aroundndnd spend on a lot of verymbitious programs, righgh >> well,that's right. it allows themo budget more. let's take this revenue issss to aprprtical place erere it is riritt now. that is thiss c cris in the stes. one ofofheheeaeans is that state vernments, when teyey overbudgeted onon spendingg ojojecons, based on money coming in. when the economy i i owowg, thrr tax revenue evenwithout raising g xexes crcrses. ththis is erere e states got caught up. part of their iue, they areinin aa tighter cyclcle because tey l veve these balanceced budget endments where s ste constitutiononfoforc them toto bancnce budgets. then they hahavehihi absolute required spnding. we're seeing ts issue ofwhwhen yoyou mess up yourudgeting process, h how it can just coletely throw anntire spenenngng p pgram orr governrn in crisis. in this casee'reeeeei mimini
7:35 am
crcris allvver t the 50 atates >> why? we knew the totondustry was comingapart, e financiaial servrveses iustry wasoming to itknees. thisiss not m maj ssprise. thisis d n notappen yesterery.y. we've been l leinin up too ts.s. i i dot t unrstand how erybody misbudgeted. well,'ll say this. the administration will argueue this andd this iss were they go caught u up in their ownwn rhetc rlrly on the presidentept sang it's goingto get worse before it gts betete enen ty got caught u u how iningsot a little better. th we heard grn ssots. we heard weit bottom. i think now t th wished they wodd have sck wh that silver skyky, 's goioi to be worse, a long process. they got off ttt rhetoric a little bit. they are back on it. e e prident is absololutyy like ththisss going t tbebe long recovery. 's's gng to take a a while. we're going to be in a recession.n. jobs, by the way, e the stst thing that's going to comeback. > chuck,nthusiastic so much..
7:36 am
chk in moscow, weweoook forward to your reertrtin from italy. >> yeah, n.n. hi so silvioio >> are you mckckg italy and a hahalfno. we love itaaly >> nooffense to ourr r rssian friends here, b but i n'n' wait for some italian iends. this russian food, notso much. thth ned u.s. beef impoport dldly. they need smeme better meat he. > wrere talking about we in this ppsident, our p predent willll g geted much morewawaly by silvv thanan he was by adimir and we look foarard to th meeting. >> all ririt.t. ililahead on "morning joe," andrdrea mitchell lilive from aa erer she interviews sarah h palin. b bthe waway, joeoebibide is gogogg to -- tey were too opoptiststic >> they were ptimistic.
7:37 am
wewe we saying that t the whole time. dr. brzezinski -- >> are e yo nervous? >>s s ythingururin thosos weighs in on thehe omama trip. >> what ththe formerececury adadvir has to say about the e w relalatishshipetween the russia and the u.s. up next right here on n ororni joe."
7:38 am
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7:40 am
one of thehings we're going to need toexplore jointly over the nexteveral months is n we prove a do for iran to walk through where they y that we are not going to develop a nuclear wean. and you know, russia can be a very important per in that
7:41 am
process. >> that was more fromchuck todd's intervi with present obama. in russia this morning wh us nowormer national security adviser dr. brzezinski he's co-auor of the bookn' americand the world, convertions on the future of american for policy." he's also my d. >> als yourdad. dr. brzezinski, thks for being with us today since mika is now nervous, we'll take oveat this point. i'm fine. >> for no reason. let me ask you about the deal we've hrd, preliminardeal, strategic nuclear arsenals beeen russia and the ited states. what's your take on that? >> i tnk it's a veryober realistic deal. but bear in mind as far as the summit i concerned, the deal was reached even beforethe
7:42 am
suit started. andhe president a president medvedev inffec ratifiedit. the heav negotiations wereone before the meeting in mcow. the meeting in moscow was essentially a signa to the affecthat bo countries realize increasinglyhat they have to manage their relationship in a stable, predicble fashion. that's a to the good. but reay the serious discussion was the onehis morning between obama and putin. that was relately short. we don't haveoo much detail on other but i imine it was a each discussion more on the issues where we disagree. on this issue n too much ogreas made butaybe a better undersnding as to why ea side disagree with the other. >> we were watching the by langge between the two, not ly between the ime minister and our president, but also their presidt and ours, and we noced that the russians smed
7:43 am
to be going out of their way to be distant to present obama. w ch does resentiment at this stage in russian history guid their actis, guide their approach not on to america but the rest of theworld. >> that's a very good question. the basic problem in o relationship witrussia today is thatussia lost theold war and doesn't like it. and all of the consequces of that loss are ented. at unrstandable. but history cannot be undone. in the crse of the last century, jt think of the following of the british stopped by an empire. how did they accdate? by latchingnto us and maki themsees our immediate partner d there by having global influence. e freh lost theirglal role. how did ey react? lost the w in vietnam,
7:44 am
algeria, a prolonged zuc japanese lost their role. they beca very pass fist because of the shock aect that the destrtion of the war brought to them. have learned in recent yea being the only superpower doesn't mean we can do anything in the world that we ha to accommodate. the russians los an empire and they don't like it. but they have to accommodate toyota. i think we have to try to manage it in such afashion that it's not rubbed in. itoesn't make them feel worse or mke them overreact. but at the same time they caot try toundo it, becae uning it will proce new conflicts, new tensions, new veryangerous situations. >> can you tell me along those lines what is thecurrent state in i haven't heard this, and rhaps a dealas been struck. obviously were going to be putting some military equipnt
7:45 am
in poland. can you tell us e status of that right now? >> well, e agreement bween the ited states and poland is bad on this missi defense shield the united states and president sh decided to deploy in poland andhe czech republic. thpoles asart of that deal got some commitments fromhe united stes regarding occasional statning of pot missiles ipold. this is an anti-r system defense system and some assistance in the area o security. e question between the u.s. and poland now is the event th missile shield doesn't go forward ishe other part of the deal still relevant. it's initial coerns of the poles,bviously anue with the united states is to some extent obligated because the poles went along with the person plan but nothe central issue in the american-russian relatiship. in the american-russian
7:46 am
relaonship it's the general idea of the ssile fense shield. the runs are afraid in the long run our development of that capability would neutralize their ability to deteus whereas we would have the abilit to deter them. >> but i heard at the time that the reement was made bween the united stes and poland that it causedreat resentment from the russians t you're saying that's not a deal breaker, a ctral issue in these lks and a half no, i didn't say tha what i said was the sort of elements that were compensatory with the pol for going along wit don't rely bother the russians that much. what bothers the russians is the key ise of the deal, mainly the id this miil defense arrangementill be based in polandlose to them. that's what they are objecting to. they are arguing this somehow or the oer is directed agait them. it probablis notdirected against them. infact, i think we know it isn't. there issome legitimac to the
7:47 am
argue that it does enhance our overl capability ventually, maybe, to have a really viable ti-missile defense shield. >> let's bring in carloswatson. carlos. >> dr. brzezinski, i was inrested to ar ident obama a president meedev talk abo cooperation on not ju u.-russia issues but on iran and north korea o is there a reale for rus to play that russia is willing to play in allevting those nuclea owdowns, nuclear situations? >> it'sod to haverussian cooperatn regarding both. though regarding north kore the key country, bar the most important country inhat team effort, which involves the united stes, japan, south korea, china, and russia china. china that been very cautious and ger not to push too hard against the north koreans because it cou produce problems f them.
7:48 am
insofar as russia an iran is concerned russia is impoant because russia is supplyi the iranians wit hugelear plant and nuclr facility. so they are actually helping the iranians right now developheir nuclear pram. the russian attitude here probably somewhat ambivalent. on the one hnd they probabl do not want the iranians toave ear weaps eventually. on the other hand, som degree of tension between us andhe iranians is probably to russia's advantage. they have to be able to factor that into their lculus. so i don't think theare going to go too farn pushing the iranians to accommode. so basically with the iranians the ball is in our crt. were the ones who can either cut a deal wite iranians or we are the ones who can try to fashio a really punishing ostracize them. >> there w a reportin the
7:49 am
"nework times" on sund t an important group of clerics in iran declared ahmadinejad election as illegitimate. how significant is that? >> i think it's a significa crack in the uni of the ayatollah's erics in an. myense is - i think i said you befor about week or so ago, it's the beginning of the end, but it's going to be a ng, prolonged end that is to say the regime not gointo fall vry qckly but it is begning to fracture because there is a fundamenta contradiion between the nature of that regime. it's theocratic, backward, anti-historical in postur and a socie which is incrsingly modern in certain sectors. tehran i a shisticated city which has many characteristics
7:50 am
of a eupean turkey an iran r coarable. i dot think that tis regime going to inoor for a very long time. and the iranian regime stands on factor of its own strength. >> in atregion on afghanistan, thennouncement sterday that u.s. tops an ples will be abl to fly over ruia in order to supply troops in afghanistan, how significant is that? >> i thi it's aositive ep. no dbt about that. it's aositive step. i am not sure whether we will
7:51 am
transi russia with troops, and i thin it's equipment. and that's vy important. logistical support is very impoant. the russians have support in afghanistan and not becoming a liban base, because if it es, not only in al kada a potential problem for em, but central asia which is now composed of several independt republics. and many people overlook the facthat russia, which today has 140 millionple, and anywhere between 25 to 30 milln muslims. muslims o are not rusians. we hav mus inamerica, but they tend to be by and large in most ces americans. and the muslims in russia a no russns.
7:52 am
and they areothers. and the russians are very concerned that islam could become their flag the green flag around which ese people rally. >> iust want to get ur impressions and your thoughts about the death of robert mcnamara. a front piece in the "new york times" called him the moestin beential secretary. what do u think? >> i think that's not fair. he was not the architect of the r. the engineer executi it-- this does not dismiss him. an mcnamara was atechnecrat.
7:53 am
e war was a political decisionand th was madey prest kennedy and his team. mcnamaraas ficient, and maybe ruthles in wagg the war, and then he has a conscience, and he tried to do wh he ould, so to sak. and i may be psychoanalyzing too ch here, but in sense to redeem himself and car himself served as the predent of the wod bank trying tdo is a great deal to eliminate injusticed around the world, and he feltcoresponsible forit. i would not call him an architect. >> dad thank you, and i shld le you know thaty father
7:54 am
drove out to real arica this weekend for my husbans birthday party. and it was real america. >> it was a great party. >> it was, dad. thk you. i will call you up. >> coming up, msnbc's andrea mitcll. she iterviewedarah palin. >> stop pokng the bear. >> and plus euge robinn joins us. has h own take on the palin resignation, ouch. and then the michael memorial service is just hours away. you are wating "morning joe brewed by starbuck
7:55 am
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>>that's good televisionon. lcome bback. one minu past the to of the hour, and we are looking live at the stap center in los a angeles welcome back to "morning joe." am mika brzezinski, a along wih ur host thhisorning and evevery rning, joe scarboborough. >> well, two toto three days week, at least. on a good week. > i was trng to help you. at do you exexpect, i ud to work in congress. we havave the great wiillie gei that wl follow m my habits anand will justt n show up tomorrow. >> y m not see me tomorrow. >> why? where will yoyou be? ving a baby. >> having a baby. >> north othe borderer. >> you promise?
8:03 am
>> always. and we have aan here, and is n not havingg a bby. >> notot tat he knows abo, any way. >> he my children a are wahing. > he has alys called h the mcjagerr of thentertainment world, and that' -- >> can't g no satisfaction. >> thatat was cheesy. >> everythining has alrlready b said. we haavehe ininterview comig up with sarah pal. cacan't waito watch that. yeah, we do. and we willll alsoso have e eug robibinson, o goes after s sara palin.n. and bill crysta and also stanley fish,h, and he wrote s somethingctually sort of zingeded me yeerday, but that'
8:04 am
okokay. i want to reaead parts of it. >> usese the highlighter,r, andi will do o the news. timeme for today's's top stories. and is morning president obabama tries to reshape the relations th russia. >>e think that thhere isan excellent opportunity to p s./russian rerelations on a strong foot. we may not aee with everytything, bu i thinwe can ve a tone of mutual respect d cnsultation thatill serve thamerican peopople and the russian peop well. > now, live pictureses om l anangeles d officis a bracing r big crrowds today ahead of the memorial for michl jackson thousandnds of pice officers have beenen activivated th the cityty foong the billl. and now ththe mayayor asking fs
8:05 am
to c cover the ct. and l let's go live to th cecen. george, , what is the latest?? hahave youeard anything about fans footing theheill for ththe service?e? >> reporter: we aree haring the city will set up a sight for the on rvice pay pal where fanss can hp with thee cost thhis day of moururning. and for jackso ththis is where it all begins at the home in encino. out 7:00his mornining they will go to t the forest lawn metery for a pvate rvice. ththe body of michaeljackson wil be tken to the staps center. th casket will be takeken to th center foror the pubc memorial service. we don know what the l logistic associateded with th are, b but obviously ththat will be a a
8:06 am
ghtmare for police the city is sayingthe tab for protectionon and for thether services going on today is going to top ababout $4 million. so not surpringly, they are looking foror ways to defrey th costs. > thanknk you vy much. msnbc will have live coveragef the m memorial that gins at 11:00 a.m. easastern timime. and despitite a democratic takeer in wasngton, a new gallop show us. voters b 2 toto 1 margin says their politil views have co more conservativeve. 39are morecoconservate, comped to 18% thatt have becomee more liberal and 42% havee not changed.
8:07 am
>> we h have seen that the book tours. >>eah, interesting. >> when we bring it u up on the air there will be bloggers that ask where we get thehe infoformation. and one poll a after another --f you go out to middle americica, becaususe new yo isamerica, to but you lolookin all the pos d allll the pollssugges, 2 to 1 americans call themsves conservative t to liberalal, and americanss are getting more conservatitive and more cooncer abouout deficicits and big government takeoversrs. and ththis happs when republicans are in office. it happens o on bo sides. and it's's h happening now.w. and t impact of thats itt's going to make theresident's job onealth care andnd a lot of other big spendingng its more difficult. at's political realality whether u are on the leftt or rig. itit's justhe reality.
8:08 am
yeah, w with us now from alka, andrea mitchell reports. andn washington,, pulitzer ize winner, eene robinn joins us. but let'start in alaskand the ierview with an sarah palin. >> rorter: we went to try and catch with s sarah palin. she hass not been seen in thre dadays sin her announment -- surpriseannouncement of the signation. wewe wento the rote fishi village whwhere tod pal's mily had a fishingng si to find outut why she resesigns a at she will d donext. threee daysfter her surise announcent, sah palin reemerged at the remote commercial fishingng si todd
8:09 am
family has run for generations. ey spend every jul fouourth weekd here, and after criticicism th she was hidingg out,t, she set aiant photo opopportuny to try and e explai her shoing rez ignition. >> i knew th i wassnot ging to run f for re-election. i knew everhing chged on aust 29th in politics in alaska, , and that was theay that i w t tapped to run for vice presidedent of theunited statates. things chahangedand it was obobvious nothing would be the me for our administration.. and the choice i d to mak is how i going to react? am ioing to plug away and keep myhead down and n not try to effectny more chanange? ery time we do sometng we get hit withh etthics violalati chararge orllawsuit, d that's the game that is being plplayed right now, ev though w we one every single one that has beeen thrown our way. i amm willining torun for not
8:10 am
re-ection. >> repeporter:ven some of your supporters in wasilla sasaidhe signed up forr four years, and e are disappointed t that sh is quititting. >> i thin some of ththe people may nonot be fully aware of a a ththe conditions. weave sa down with manyy reporters anand shown t them w has costs thsands and thouousands of hours in ste time and millions of dollars inin sta sources to contininually fend off e frivolouous -- >> how much debt do yyou hahave? lelegal fees >> about h half a m million dol, and thatat's nothe consideratioion. the consisiderati is howw does this affect the state? >> rorter: half a million dollars of leg fees, and have you a famimily a specia needs child, and t this plac that you loveve. >> that's justst one aspect of e insaty of the pitical game.e. and i thoughght it wasd
8:11 am
distracting,g, but notll of it. and i wanted t to be honest th them, andoliticians play mes sometimes,s, and i dn't want to do that a and i waed to say that im not running. >> b you did not finishh the job. >> yoyou didot listen to me. have true unworthyy cost >> you sawaw the brightlights fr the national campaigngn and it w wasery hard to readju to theitty gritty work -- >> you mea the fish sle and ththe dirt under the fiernails -- >> legislation, and -- >> no, i not.
8:12 am
>> reporter: she said you were voted as a famamily, and tre were no "no" voteses. no doets at all? >>no, none all >> reporr: clearly she at home a and far from theeglamor d the controversy ov the diva behavivioroicedy the campaiaign aff. >> reporter: how doess it make u feel to be back on thee bay? >>yeah, it's's awesomome. it bris back a lot o memories. his family has been doing this forever. >> reporr: are you ying to instilthose values in piper and the kids?? >> yeah, the kids all fish,h, a my niecess and phews, they all fish. iteaches these k kids to w work extremelyy hard a not to be
8:13 am
divas. >> reporter: and she emged at the remote cmmercial fiing site ran b by todd' family. they say mayaybe a talk s show wh about politics.. >> reporter: can y you imagine running for resident? > i don know what th future holds. my fococus is on my ststate, st. it always wilillbe. my mily, and what isest for them. what is best f for them to not run for rere-electio and to avd a lame duck wastefuful session a final year of office.e. >> rorter: are you sor you said yes to john mccain? >> absolutely not. it was a great honor to stand by a trtrue amecan hero. i bebelieve in john main and i appreciatete him a hohonor him, and i woulhave done that again in a heartbeat. >> reporter: it's c clear she ll
8:14 am
remain politicallyly active, ev thoughparty lears say she does not have the option to r r for presesident, and tat will nt work because o of the way she regned. and d that r remains to be seen. fascinating g day. >> yea it was. great work,ndrea. unbelievab ununbelievab. andrea mitchell in aska, we ll talk to y later.. weave eugenene with us, an at is your reaction >> i t think sah pali i will be blun lot ofeorge w. bush's biggerer problemsms over the p past eigh yes on policycy issues, it was a fact thatt at timese couldn'n't explain em effectively to o the american peoplele. i was alwa stunned you have foren leaders comome to america
8:15 am
to make a better case, and tony blair was s a go exexample. and i he sarah palin and i wonder if sheeoesn't havee a compararative narrative. sounds like if she cld have said i cld have stad for another year and a half, but come on, it's not out , and lelet's face it, am taking shots from democrats across the country and republicans are gog after me,, and all of the ethics vestigation, and theyey are notdoing thisis because i a sarah palin, alaska governor, they arere doing it b because i sarah papalin, consvative leader. i am soy, ihave become a didistractn. i am rry that i have becomome a distraction. it's n of my doingng. for e best i interes ofalaska, i will step down. i h have a very able lieutenena
8:16 am
goveor. he can n run the state over the next y year ana half, and i will have too fight the fights on th sidelines. >> eah, i think she could have explaid it more effectively.. and this i is whats od andd this will s sound crazy to peo, still give h her a chance in 12 in the early states. andhe facthat mike huckabee won iowa, and y look ound and u never know what can happenen. >> eugene, your thghts? >> hi. >> your thougughts on how -- >> yeah, my thoughtsre thahat i thinkk joe has a good pnt about her inabity to express itt as well ass joe just did, whicich probably will do. but she migight do wll inin tho early stattes in 012. ththose voters will b be sry, i thinink, becau in the d, i really belelieve sarah pali e is a fascinatingg persnd a
8:17 am
lot of funo go fishing with, d she has a compelling persononality astory, but the way that s she has run out on t citizens of alaska, yoou know, that tls youou sometng. it telells youomething that i i think k weaw a b bit of in the campaigngn. she is not - i just dot thihink that she has t rigigor anthe determination n to actually get thingsgs d done the way somebodo wantto be p president of the ununited stas needs have it. and, y know, sheill le them down. she w will flake out on them, a i think thathey will be sorry. >> that's awfulully tou. flake out ononthem? >> i think that she did sayay, e said several ties, you are not liening to me. this will cost the state more. and that'ss what i a am not abo. ththat's nber one. and number two, i just, you
8:18 am
kn, think if she were a a n it wod be eeasier. i t think she has f five kids t raise and she has a l lot of things thathe cannotot say yet becaus people are n not rey for. ople are not reready for a lot of whatt she has to offefer. people milike mar and me we excited about whhat she brought to the table, butt a lotof people wrorotead things about the kindnd of m mother that she and e over zealouous dsire to work or achieve. i think she is balancing m more an you guysys are getting credit for and i ththink she did a g gt job i in thatintervrview. >> there is 20. >> ye, i think she is witten off fofor 201012,nd i don't thi it wil happen fororer the and that probably okay. and maybe ere is 2016 and beyondor her.r.
8:19 am
mika, at's a fascinating point. i kn we have discussed this before. there is something t there wit sasarah pin. and the is something excitg about her ersona, and t family and t way y that she approaches the balanancingetween family and job.. there is somethingng new thther and there is s somethi ththat ca see that is s really intereresting and exexciting >>ow about ground breaking?? because it's her ability to fa flat on her face an the abity to get up a and dust herself up and keep going. you talk to anyworking mother that has one baby and they act likeke tir world i is coming through the day and they cannot get through the day, and mananyf th quit. te me for this. shee has five. her lalast child is a special needs child, andd somehowowhe gt through the papast year. i have a hard time badgeringng
8:20 am
her. i do! thihis is in sense unfair, but it's the way it iis. if youou are going to be a pioneer, you arere going to taae shots ththat peopople tat come after you don't take.. itit was te for rican-americans and trtrue for women and trrue for a anybody t wantnts to enterr a new space, ble a trail. it requires a kind of toughnene and focus and a kind o of relentlessss deeterminion to ge things de one st at a time, anand i frankly d don't see it sararah pali she has a desire too get things do, but it's more in leaaps. >> i thi we neeed make a bet, youou and , eugene. >> you n't make the leap. huh? >> i b bet you, you are wrg. anshe is exaxactly wha you described. i don'agree with a lo of what
8:21 am
she stands for, but i s support her drive. i have to sayay she has bee a terrib candidate, b but i don't ink that will makeer g go awayay. i think she is doing what s has to d ththere ara lot ofeasons why she is making the choices that she is making, and i dot think she owes you or you an explanation of thatat. >> i am ju sitting here and i am gettingttacked here. >> i think it wll help heher get t out of the way and stop being a ditraction, and rehabilitatate hself on her own time. may end up helping her.r. >> the wayhepulled out was not archected well. i don'n't thinkhat was architecectedwell. shcould have steppeped away and explainened it better and done better anleft the peoeople with the impression,, th she did d nt fininish the game but stillis a
8:22 am
od leader. >> architecteted a word? >> i think it's a stunngly good woword. >> did you ever re snley fish in thenew york times"? >> yyeah, i read that piece >> he says i did n vote forr sasarah pal, and i fin this talks aboutt me and utsds i in not so positive light, anand h says sanford'sctions werere without foolish, but they re alalso rea soso what i ththe bottom line concludes? simplele. sanford isin love, p palin is i pain,, and sometimeswhat it seems toto be is what itit is. i thohought that was nicce, eloqoquent statemement. >> she iss sickf being a
8:23 am
punchingng bbag. shes exhausted and willet ouout of the way. >> mika maybe we c could archect her a vacation? i dot know. > i bet you bottle of vodka, and it better be a goodne since you will los that you are wrong. >>okay. grt to be her guys. and we e going to be talkingith a former fororeign poli adadvisor from the bush administraration. dan senor. you are watchin "morning joe" bred by starbucks.
8:24 am
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this will not be -- it's hard to change habitshat have been grained in our governments and bureaucracies for decad. i believ on the fundamental issues it will reshape the century. americans and russians fm a basis for coopation. welcome backo "morning joe." an with us now, a forme foreign pocy advis in the sh adnistration, dan senor. and then jamesllins, who is now directoror internaonal
8:28 am
peace. they sitdown, d dan, it just seems like obama care more. >> well, -- well, i can see it, yeah. and >> tre it is. >>yeah, it was a big event with medvedev, and breakst for putin was supped to be an hour it wentor two hours. and medved is not from the soviet era to speak. he has experience in the private sector. is the sort of person he should be building up. and i personally would have apped the putin meeting and not did it for thcameras. >> perfecsegue.
8:29 am
how would you descbe the lance in russia, and how president a needs to be approachinthis? it one thing to see into somedy's soul, and it's other thin to get something done that lasts a long time. >> well, personally i don't think anamerican president can go to russia and noteal with the russian government. right nowhe russian gornment a dualleadership. and he would in fact meet mostly with medvedev, who is his counterpart, and also see former president and now prime minister putin. it makes a lot of sen to me. and everybody i ssia believes that both leaders are crical to the decision making in that country. >> maria? >> i believe the rsian people putin still holds aenormo amount of fluence andpower.
8:30 am
and that's important. and the most impornt thing between russia and the united states is for the people of americand the world t believe that there is a rule of law in russia. e of the biggest ises that that country faces right now with the enomy in amables an oil coming down from the highs, we need to believe that the rules will not be changed in the middle of thegame. andtgoes to wheth foreign investment is coming in or we are taing about nlear oliferation, and the belief that we are gngo do somethin people don't believe the rule of law is in place. >> foll-up. howdo you execute that? >> thiis an enormously important point. presidenobama, a couple days before he wt to moscow gave teiew with one ofhe opposition papers, and he was critical of a an oil tycoon that
8:31 am
funded something a was put in prisonan they naonalized his oil mpany, and this is why people are not sure about doing buness in russia. and the fact that he spok out it put pressure on the russian government. >> do you agree? >> i thinkt's clear that president obam made it clear that the united stas believes observing rule of law a democratic principles and so forth isritical if you e going to have a functiing society. they are als human valu. d what went in his speech, he did whhod he would do, he talkedo the next generation.
8:32 am
said we are not intested in a confrontation with you, that's of the past, but we he certain things that we can cooperate . an listed them. controlling nuclear weapons and reducinghem. fighting the challenges of extremis building and protecting. and i thought he was extremely effeive inhat he said. and finally with presiden medvedev, he made very agreements.rogress on tangible we should n minimize these. they are important. >> mr. collins, thank you very much, and dan senor, tha you. >> tha you very much. >> you are so happyight now. that's great. coming up, we will go to the
8:33 am
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new yorkrk cy,y, the big apple.. a beautiful rm summer day.y. sowhere through th haze y will find theereat erin bubuetett. good morning,, erin.. >> hehello everybody. so today ththe e ismemerial rvice for michael jacksks.. >> yeyeah what else do you have. >> that's . thatat's wt t erybody is tlklkg about. >haha elsese do you hae? >> i have two o oerer things. there is a a economic advisory panel for thehite house th includud o oth ceos, andnd she meme o o and said t the 7878 billion stimulus may be,e, quo tooo small. and so she is rightht to make a point, and it's interestining tt ththat conversation i isee m ned more when we only sent %. anthe other thing as you talalk about the elececveve agenda and
8:38 am
the health care refororm, yesterday for ththe rsrst me a couplele iestors said they are starting to investased on the premise that we will n n g g the jojor health care reform out this aadmintrtrion. and ththat s somhing to keep i mimi. may or m mayotot btrue. th may be ong, but esesere thee r rulings here on w wl ststre. and there are a a lot offeoeopl tctchi the michaeae jaackso memorial. and thee stimululusis too smalall? >> yeahkeke in mind wehave onlyly spe 10%f what ss alalcacate >>hahado you thinkbobo bideden teteining e trtru,, saying t administstraonon w t t optitiststic >> i thi i is good t to honest, espealal when we t tlkk about unemployment rates of
8:39 am
5%5% and maybe e next inin toto knknowdge is it's going a a h hk a a l higherhahan aa d do u think he was telliling the truth o spinnining? >> i think he i t tling ththe trtrut >> welwhat? what is eedifference? >> i donon'thihink they were shked. >> when n theyererprojecting a 4% growth next yeyea we around this table haee lahihing ouout at for months. >> there is also auution ouout ether the stimulus has acactuly word.d. hehereou have thee end of the month people saying weeeeed a secondstimulus, and o on 1 10% f the e fitt stimuluss h been put totowork. but the tax c have ben ved. 6.9% sinin right nonow. > tt's great. >> yeahah, that's gat. bubuthat tellllsouou they are n ususing e e imulus money to go buy stuff, theyeyrere saving it. >> that's ba for uss in the sht tete,,but in the lg g n,
8:40 am
wow! >>hank you so mu.. >> coming up next, anderin, thank you. >> you wanano talk russia? take a a look at the next guest. obama overseasas is the presenen resetting the buonon with russia? >> doouou see howshort putin iss also?
8:41 am
kind of coideryself a robinhood of the directing worl buick enclave ee fint luxury crossover ever. i need somzen ime with this model thk u.
8:42 am
8:43 am
we think that theris an excellent opportunity to put u.s. and russian relations on a ronger foot. we may not agree on everything, but we can have a tone of mutua respect that will serve the
8:44 am
americ people and the russian people well. >> welcome back to "morning joe." >> let's bring in the professor. steven oh. he is the author of thenew . and we had fascinating discussion about the terror campaigns in the 1930s. u we saying stall killed -- >> yeah, the soviet union and it's azi that russia has accomplish -- and i spk to republics.t the other former w the first to put the artificial somethg space. and some people bame the revoluon itself.
8:45 am
>> but he kied farmore people than hitler did >> yeah. >>alk about the missed oprtunities that you cite through thbook tat led us to where we are that we have a russia that is gded by, it seems now, resentment. ? >>yeah, only two people that hold this vew in the unid states, and im exaggerating, and it's pat buchanan and myself. and this is like the odd couple. this is a historical view. i observe it and i wasld enough to remember it. president reagan gorbachev came that close tonding the cold w. in your book you write a lot abou reagan. he wte in his die diary. the cold war is or. 20 years late we have -- the
8:46 am
thesis of my book is a new cold war. you have to ask, what happened? why did we lose the opportunity to gorbachev and reagan ha my opinion is clinn lost it. we now took the view that we ended the cold war. >> ias not just bming bill clinton, and i was in the congress in th mid-90s, so you have to blame congress, too. and '89, through '93, '94, 5, there was socialantarchy. >> you are one of the few
8:47 am
amicans that got it right. putin was the result of this. we ask where he came from? by the way, at that time, russiame were living approximately 57 years. an that's fantastic demoaphic gures. i dot knhat throwing more money at it would have helpe i think it's what they decided to do, how tey decided to fix the cotry, on americ advice inpart. they made the wong decision. i don't know what they ught you in school, i amolder. when i went to hool were forced t take economs. and wwere taught if we were in a depression, we thr money at it and get people back to wor and now, wh thed, they shut dow the economy, and that's okay to do so in good mes. but you have to get them back to rk. >> i seems so strange that we
8:48 am
had such fore sight when it came to erny, and we foht the ench, and george senior decided to let them reunite- >> i think at that ment in time the country needed a putin position. they neededhat kind of po and struurput in place, because when ias hanging o with theseovernment officia, and one of them saidto m you know what? we were not ready for paris, and we were t ready for what resultedn thlloming down, because aum ll of a suddet was like t mob running the n runng t country. >> let's start in 1989. and this is not popular to say this at all, and i was against
8:49 am
what happened inen aman's square, and you seehow the chinese maned the capitalism vers russia. >> yeah, that was the decision made. let me say a word f the russia. 1989, they had their first ever free elections, and i s there in '89, andt was fantastithe wayussians responded to the possibility of mocracy. whengorbachev saido them,o out and vote for who you want, and go out in the streets and caaign debate. and it's the russian elite is that not caple odemocracy. r. coins, thank u so much. good to see you again. >> yeah, come back. we hav a lot to talk about. >>leasplease. >> t book is called "soviet
8:50 am
face and lost alternatives." thk you very much for being in the studio today. coming up, cotney hazlett outside the staplecenter in los angele where crowds are lid up for the michael jackson morial that i to take place just hours from now. we wi right back wititmomore "morning joeoe."
8:51 am
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8:54 am
welcome ck to "morning e." you are looking at liveictures of the staples center in los anges and good morning, courtney. >> reporter: good morning, willie. >> walk us through the day if you would. theris a privateeremony before the public ceremony. is michael going to be laid to rest today? yout the day for us. >> reporter: to tell you the truth, everything around he has been asry. we thoug there could be a private funel there last night, even. t it's our uerstanding there will be a private funeral toda between 8:00 and 10:00, and then the sources from the l.a.p.d., they are planning from 10: a.m. to 1:00 p.m. have a publi service ta place. and theyhope at thatpoint, they will be don the faly is ready tove on and finish their own private
8:55 am
grieving process after this. they want get all the public attention aw and bele to move forwarand move michael how they wish o. >> and quickly, courey, the co of taxpayersbout $4 milli milln? >> repter: yh, i was speaking to peopleinside e naacp, and they are saying they will solicit donations for pele to donate. and if you are a fan, you can help out by helping the cty pay for this. and ey are eecting a calm day. i thk that's fanst, and the fa are being respectful >> courtney hazlett , i know yo will be there all dayovering r this. we hope t talk to you soon. comin up, what, if anything, did learn today.
8:56 am
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> mamay i? >> w! >> i was thinking i might study up again.