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tv   Andrea Mitchell Reports  MSNBC  July 7, 2009 1:00pm-2:00pm EDT

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ccessful that we've ever seen. >> david, t thas a part o being exextrelely successful to o th leleve of michael jackson. pele will have strong emotions abt you one way or the other,r t t wh theelevision r rinings come out f thisnd the n numrr of people whwho veve now ught, you u kn,, "u"us ekek," all thee ffffert magazines andwho have tctcd this cable news all l da lolo a andatched b.e.t. to s se the olddvideos, thee pof is in the puddddg.g. atater you think about him, he s a magnetet f our interests,, about our culture. th is pop culture. and it's inttesesti, david, because -- a and rris you brought ththisp p eaier about eing the picturee blblant,t, atat's michael ccks's youngege soso andd h hand bng held by his older brbrotr.r. i think when we g go totohe stapleles ntnternd this ststtsts and when the audience gets a glimpse of eses ilildr, i think k atat may takeththe windt of this, meaning t th it wii really c comtoto home tat this s a human being, this s is a fafa, aason, a a brother a a n not ju
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the icon,ssanet jackson sasaid at theb.e.t. awds, chris. janet jackson sasaidoo t world, he's anicon. to,, he's family. d if wesesee those three chchilenen, day, if w weget a glimpse ofthem, i i ink that wiwi really be tut cck for all of usswho are w wchchin this ecectae, and it is a spectacac right now. >> one of the ththin that the family surely will do is make is all of those things, remembmberg g at a great musician he was. that he was a brother, that h was a ss, that h he ss father. they want toememorlize all theedifferent ptsts of michaelel jajackn.n. courtney hazlett s a ticket, isnsnse the staples centerr a joins us now t the phone. set the scenee f us insidede erer courtneyey. >> hi, chris, they'rere a aing evevybybodto please take their ses s anthat the service is going to begin very, verer ortly. righgh now, everyone i is i i t ats, lots of camera ones out, fed on the staage.. thee lights have meme down.
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everyone's reaeallononhe edge f ththrr seats in antiticitition it's rereal a a sber crowd. w wer sayingefefe w enthusiastic they werere tside. finitely aig shift i mood rere. but as soon as t the get a a glimpse of soththinis some sort of actionrr binning, you hear that cheer agn. so w wnn you were asking eaier, will this aememorl or will it b beoo exuberant, , really do think we'rereoing to go ba and forth anand it's going to bb relyly emotional mimitetes. that's how l lonwewee hearing the program's setto run. of c coue,e,t could go a little bit long, but 90 minutess w wha m m beg told from organizers. chris? and whatat autut the official eueulo?? reverend sssse jackson, revered sharpton?n? definitely hearin a abo revevere a a sharpton f forure doing the officialaleulogy. i s soth of t tem spending tsts of timeat the comompodd yeststdaday. they were in andnd o o othat drdrivayay cntless times.
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they've bebeen with the f filil acactilly daily for all t the ysyshey've been in ls s angeges.s. rememberer, sharpton d head back and do that svivice at the apollo jusust shortly afterer jajasoson'death. so they've beeneaeall involved th the family. think we're going t hear som other videdeo triribuss asas wl the e seicic goes on. een latifah, i was toto by organizers wasas aeeo tape something anand 'l'lhear somemethg g fr her as wwel chchri >> we knowowhahat 1.6ililon ople wentononli,, they wanted titietets. now,w,obviously, notevery single person could claim emem andgo erer dodgersstadium ststery and get eem. someme o them were litereral f m too far around the world toven geget reren time t to get those ckcket is it goinin toe filled, t ststleles nter? >> you owow i was justt lookin around, , chris, such an interesting point. there are definitelylyomome emp seats. nono a t, thugug it l loss like for a as difficu as it was totoget your hands on this ticket, t justn terms t theottery, but just phphically show upnn california within 24 hours, you h to go dodgers s stiuium to get your
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ckcket it wasn't likeke, hey, find a ticket master an go collect it, really a a etraordinary effort de by fafans.. i spoke to somebody today who flew fromm eglgld just s s tt, yoknow, on the offcfchae e would enend gettiti a a ticket. a lot of pelele tk aiisk and hahafaith that they w wou wi or be able to obtbtn n onin some way. but ththerararsome empty seats. i s told thathopefulully they'll grgr p peoee from nonoi whetherhat happens or not now, dodot know. s see like they really aree startingng i a few moments, kek th a are announcing. wel have to see, chris. >> all ghght, urtney. ththan v vy much. courtney is going to be iinse.e. she's goingg to be watchining t entire service and tnn she's going to come oututo usnd shshe' h hav herhohougs about what it was likee to be i iide ththe staples. now, there a aretiti some pepeop ouide. jeff r ros is oututthere. one of the things,, jeff, t tt all ofof uwhwhare up here have en observinin i i howell run
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ththisll seems to o be, how orrlrly erything seems to be.. >> yeah, really, it true, chchs. for alllthe talk a autut t lapd beingworried abobo 750,000 peoplelewewereome of the n numrs bebeinththro out there, showing up to just o outdede the perimeter, i've got to telell u, i'm looking f t to ee sde and we're a abo a block away from m the pepeimimet, but thherarar some crowdwds there. they're statandgg against the rricade, absolutely civilized. everything seemso o under cocontl. certainly nowhehere near the 75750,0 people the lapd was worried about. they were very caful about that too. thererwawas huge local m med campaign here,e, telling opop, ok, if you shohow h her without a a ckcket y'' tt going totoee within eyeyestt of the staples centerer. th they're not putting t theememorl up on any of thehe jumumboonons here. i know i in w w rk times sqsqua, theyeye e dog that. they are not doingng ttt here. ththerare some fans he that vevet gotten into the theaterr
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yet.t. but most o ofhem seemtoto b in, as you see in t the picctus.s. it's impmporntnt t te. th i iinterestingng. you spoke withh c crtney hazlzl by telephone.. the reason f f that is that aeg, thorornizers of isis memorial serviceontrolling everythingg inside. tvtv networks, not allowed too shoot anythining. in fact, st on your cell phone meme, you're not allowed to take any pictures. th want to control thihi from top to bottttom chchr. >> thanks veverymumu, jeff rossen. are hearing from lice officials that they believeve i fafactotot only ist n nhehere nr 0,0,0, they think therere might be about 50,000 at the stapleles center. thchief of police here, william brtoto described d th situation as, sosoarar, good, llllin the crowdsrelatively minimal. one of the thingngs i read th momorng, oure, was thatayaybe the was a little bit of michael jackckso fatigugu had the family m med quickly d the e tually h been a memorial on thursdsdayr r iday ofaast week,, which had b bee
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talkeded ouout, there may have bebe thousands if not hunundrss of thoususdsds o people w who o long h holayay weekendnd would wawant t tmake their w way to l angeles, partly becausese o the ototioof the moment a a partly bebecae e ofhe practicalityff it but nonow, 12 days ter, it may note e asasy and the e emoonon mighghnonot e quite as strong. >> theimiming does haha s som impact, but i t thi a ao people kn w whawe're hear ffor wewe'rhehe to send somemebo away.. a person who has fe ke a a friendndor so long. so you d't't wanto be the one wh causes the problbl.. you knknowyou don't wtto be the raucous p pernn and y you dt feelraucous. don't feel raucousn tss area. i i fe people somber. ey might be c celrating bebecae e ey have a ticcke beususe ey're goingoo get t be a firsthand part it andd tellllheheirids andgrandkids, i wa therett the staples center en they sentmimichl jackson ay, but you d't't waant to be ththprprobm pepeon. >> o one last opportututyty to
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to crtrtne hahaetett. what are youeeng insidehe ststaps center? >> reporter: we'e'retitill waitg for ththgsgs tget started. ththeye e de the announcement, several t teses now, p pase tak your seats, 'r're starting g v quickly. pretty mumuch everybody is in theirseats. wewee all realllly fixed on the stste right now,w,he music's been pumped u up a ttle bit. i hope you cannststil hear me. and thhe e is some activitity. people takingg t the place on stage. the's a band set .. mumucician it looks like, from what i'm sitting i in eeybox behind instruments and tre's a flowererrrangement justst the fronont t t ststa.. it looks like they'retataing righght m may in a a moment he. ththeye flashing some stage lights as wewell but flowers set t .. and i don't knknow if you u ca a thatatigightnow, but they'rere saying, just a w minutes now and they're going totoegeginhe memorial s sercece >> all right,cocoureyazlett, i i owow ty also want folks to turn off their cell phones anan
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blackberriri, , soe will talk to u u wh the ceremony is over. momomess a ay from inside the aples center. chs jansing here with toure outside the staples cecentr. lelet g g a big-picture t tugut fromom ou. the e habeen some criticici of the memedihy are yoyo paying s s much a atttiti to michael jackson, why soo much airir ti yy so m mch copy andewspapers an magazazino him? ititasas oiouslymusic. it was nnce itit w shion. anand way, h he sort of symbmbolededfor many people, the posititivendnd the negative of this sort of popp culture ceceleitity-turated society that he lived by t m med and a a the good things thatentailed d he was hurty the media and all the oppression thatbeing so very fous can bring.
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>> eah, yeah.. this storyry i muicic,ut it's also gossip. it's also legal,t't' also medical.l. there are so manyifferent aspepect whatever aspect y youant to come into, you can. to reduce himoo anntertainer is to miss the story, becausus he's so m more than that. talked ababou h hisivivilights ac but also the mical and lelegall stories.. a person who has be with us for four decades. a person who hasaseaea so much. there's a video screeeeninin f of us, behind theameras showing iagages of mmith didiffenen celebrities. i've seen himwith stevie wonder, slash omom guns n rose, nelson mandelela, oprah, andhat just shows you thehe b badth hiss reach. >> tamamro and i were justt taininabout how the reach
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ouound the world ddou can enen s it h hrere in new york city, , weee g a picture fromm harlemwhwher these sort of imimag are being broadcast and that'sharlem, urse. there e areealso shs from time square. pepelelere just sort off thther ararou.. for a lot ofof peooe,e, the day sentially stopped a a people wah h e motorcade an now as they watch wt't's going on at e s stles center. >> comparing t thito some of the big e evets we've seenen recent there have b bnn numbers out t comparing the viewership, thee text ssaging to this ssssg of micicha j jacon and the inauguration of barack k obama. i believe itit w a at ceceiv more than n xtxt messssag t th michchl l jason has died than whwhen barack k amama s elected president of ththe united ates. we talalk ououpop ltltur it crosses so manyy linines the progogm m rit now is ararti at the staples centerer >> thank y.ere. i'm trying to find closure. want you to know tat even though i am not there at the staples center, i am there in my heart. i've decided to pausend be
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sile. this feels right for me. michael wa a personal lovef ne, a treasured part of my world, part of the fric of my life in a way that i can't sm to find words toxpress. michael ed me to be there for his children and they will be there they ever need me. i hope toy brings closure for all those who loved hm. thank you katherine and joe for sharing youron with the world and with me. sen my love and condolences to the jackson family. diana ro. [ applause ] >> dear jackson family, it is with gat sadness tt w learned of the untimely deat of michael jackson. chael became close to us after he started vising and performing in south africa regularly. werew fond of him and he
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became a close membe ofur ly. we had great admiration for his talent and that he was able to triumph overragedy on so many occasions in his life michael a giant and legend in the music industry and we mourn with the million o fans worldwide. we alsourn with hi family and his friends over the los of our dear friend. he wil be missed and memories about himrished for a very long time. my wife and our family, our friends se you our condolenc during this time mourning. be strong. neon mandela. applause ]
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>>here's been a pause in the memorial service forichael jackson. you can see on the big screen, just a photoof the kingf pop, in lovi memory. smokeyrobinson, who is iconic in his ow right, ben the service wi a trute fom diana ross,who, of course,is e great singer,ut also someone who he singled out in his will, if his mother could not take care of his chilen, heanted h to be their guardian. they became very close when he was very young and he was a performer in the movie "the whiz." and also, a tribute from nelson
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mandela. and there is also a beautil photograph of michael jackson in the program with nelson mandel ashere are with many peop that we don't recnize, just frs of h who are close to him, t also so of the incredible celeities, inuding diana ros including the former president bill clinton. we ao can show you who's happening right w in harlem. we've talkea lot inrent days about the fact that the jackson 5 very ely on won a lent contest at the apollo theater. it was where, spontaneously, people in the new rk citarea came after ty lened of the death of michael jackson. and yoca see them standing outse there, pple jst wanting to be together to share in this moment, to remember michael jackson. so manynfluentialeople in his life who a pictured in the
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prografor this memorial, piure of michael jackson with quin jones the legeary produchoroduced "thriller and together they really did ke pop history. quincy jos haspoken a lot since the death of miael jacksonbout the hundreds of songthey we through trying to find the perfect mix for "thrilr". how very invold he w in every aspectf the production of that. i also se with aother produc, who was simply doing a television interview with him ma years ago, and he said they went to look and set up the shot and michael jacon very caly, not in any w demanding, but ju said, what about if we took th yellow book out and put in a different book. it's a litt istracting. and what if we movedso of thes lights, and instead had a
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little light that was shing in the ckground. that his knowledge techniy, was so great. his eye wa so pofoundly talented that every little detail of ever production that heas involved with was so well thought out. if people are not involved in e music business or the televisi busins, tou, it's really hard to explainomuch goesn to being good, to ing a success. it goes so faeyond the basically talent, which he obviously had. and he one of those pple who really got invold down to the last detail. >> you see a lot of celebriti in the music busins who are just sort of put on a stage and people telthem what to do, what to ar, or w to write with. songs areitten for them. michael had control of his career at a time when no artist had control of his -- bck or
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white had control of his career in that way. so that was astounding to see him take control of the amount of money thahe would get and also the quincy joshing is quite a victory. quincy jones was a jazz man. the label did not want quincy jones to make thi record, they didn't think iwould be right, that it would beappropriate, that it would be right on. but quincy knew how to make thin sell and michael kn quincy would be theight man. two observations -- >> and i just y, at that point, first of all, he was very g andhe went backo the label and said, fine, if you don't want him, we'll makehe record elsewhere to assert himself so much at such a you age shows his business mind as well as his obvious talent. >> two observions from what i've seen,o have smokey robion start out quoting diana ross, is so perfect. that's his motown ly, smey robinson is one of th huge
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stars of motown. diana ross is one of the huge stars of motown that helped shepherd him on the stage. the officialstory, diana ross introduced michael jackson to the world. of cours it'sladys knight thatd barry gordy, yu're going check this kid out, a barry gordy saw him doing temptatis and james brown songs and said, oh, my god. the her thing we talk about, reverend sharpton doing e offici official ul ji. shifting from jacksoto sharpton. and people may have certain feelings, deep feelgs about shpt as a political feature and perhaps some of those are righteous, but as a relious figure, has been there in e preaching all er the country and has somewhat perhaps earned that position. >> and we've seen the rerend
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jack, the rend sharpton. they are beginning to come into the auditorium the at the staples center, so we a seeing so movement. there was some queson about what seemed to be a pause a delay in that progm, but clearly people were getting themselves togetr backste and now w're seeing people coming out. what would you xpect, toure, to hear from al arpton as he delivershe eulo today? something he has said reptedly over the last cole of days, if it were t for michael jackson, oprah ul't bepossible, tir woods, barack obam in their accepnce, being accepted into the wider amerin culte. >> these m blackmerican gures that are accepted internatiolly, across racial lines,nd sharpton has repeatedly, as you said, noted michael as an early figure a
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pre-obama, obamaesque figure, predating tige oprah, all these ople has somebody o's cepted across raciallines. sharon's definitely going to talk about tha he's definitely gog to represent messages that the faly wants. as y said, he spent so much me with them over the last fe days. [ plause ]
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we'reoong inside live at the staples centerin los angele it has already been an extraordinary day in the history of popculte, in the history of the entertainment dustry, and also an event that i think speaks about how we are as a societynd the things we honor. and michael jackn, who with sfamily, with that forest lawncemetery, where they were able to say their private goodyes, at a seic that la lastedess than an hour,ome questions have been asked abou whether his chdren would be. they were. he has three youn children, they are 12, 11, and 7 years old, princmichael, paris, and blanket. viously, his paents, his brothers and sisterss there.
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this is aroup of peop closes to michael jackson and his family. this is this processi, parts of three different freeways in los angeles were blocked off s that theeae could make its way to the staples center. anthere was a smallotorcade th brought the casket bearing miael jackson to the staples center. and then a very brief ening to the servicfrom okey ronson, reading tributes fr diana ross and neln mandela. a number of people close to michael jasowho said they would not bethere, one of them being liz taylor, the great academy-award winni actress that was so cle to michael jackson throhout h life. and i think it's interesng, toure, when you look a the people who havbe constant in michael jackson's life. and i think brooke shields is one that we y see today.
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cenly elizabeth taylor, macaulay culkin. so many those people were al child stars. they knew what it was like to growup, essentially, in e public eye. all the good that that entails and all that they lo, because michael smoke so many times, and i think, eloquently about the childhood heelt he never d. >> also jy fost was a close nd of his. when you're ahild star, it's a life that nobody else can imagine. you know, nobody else can derstand the tings you se, but also the things you gain. i heard michael talk about,ou know, would you trade being the grtest perrmer and all the exciting tngs that that brings to have a normal childhood. and he said, no. you know, there is -- you gain so many tings as well as you se. so itane a bargain, but yu can enjoy so much ofthat. i know that he lovedperforming singin and dancing andhaving
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pele scream h me. and whentalked about not eling the love of his faer, the love of the crowds filled that hole. whicisrobably what led to wanting the lo of the world. th's a lo that canever be ended. nevebe replenished enough. e crowd can never eer enough for a peon >> when you talk to pople who were involved in those rehearsals, that were heldight there in the staples center, for his big sold-o, 50-concert unprecedented run at the 02 arena in london, he tald about wanting to give them the show of a litime. it was going to be a show better than any show he had eve done and if he g his way, better than show that had everbeen ne by any performer. we've read about the facthat he had a bra-new thriller jacket that was lit from with, that they had all sos of bells
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andwhistles. the type of stage show that d never been performed. and he was involved in planning souch of . family members haveow come into the staples center they're slowly making their way to theront rows and tang thei eats. lionel richi jennifer hudson, who tragically lost members her own family to viole earlier in the year, and is about to start her le as a ther. i think e's probably about eight months pregnant w, wo is expectedo perform he and sing for michael jackson. so many peole who recognize his artistry kn him personally, were influenced by him, who rely were clamoring to be a part of this and wanted to tel the rld thatthey respected and understood the plac that michael jackson ld i pop culture history. whatever else wa said about h ov the last 10 or 20years.
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>> and we also know that one o the impetuses for doingthe londonhows was his chiren, his threechildren. they wand him to see him do his thi. and so many peoplenderstand that impetus, that by the time yohave children, you might be out of your prime, whatever it ishat you do, and you kind of want tsee your kids shine at what you o. and much is made of the paternity issuou know, how chre they really his? you know what, he raised those children from dayone. so whether onot his biology is actually there at play,hi paternity is there at play. he is their father. the only parenthat ty ever knew. so talk to an adopted person abt,s that really your parent? of coue it's really their parent. so he is real their parent an they are really grieving the loss of the only parent t knew. and that human aspect definitely makes itsad, you know, for them and for usatching these thre childrening to figure o a life forward whout him. clearly, a unique life where they s the world, perhaps they
1:30 pm
didn't go to sch but they w e world in a way tha few ildren would ever get to see, met people that they would neve get to meet. so a emendous life s is going to happen r them. >> we're also getting a report that stevie wonder will ang the peoe performing. puffy, you neverknow what call m anymore,p. ddy, sean mbs. >> i think goes with diddy now. >> he has arrived someone elseho has had a great influence onason. we haven talked a lot about that, but miael jackson set a tremendous number of fashion ends. and i think, also, reallyet the standa for sort of the costumg of performers in the way that he owned it. he owned th military look. he owned that glove. there have beenplenty of performers, cher hadobackey and sh often shockednd
1:31 pm
surprised people, but he owned hilook. >> the mility look always confed me, because he's so sweet and childlike a love the world,eal the world, look at yourself, see what goodou're doing for the world. >> and thatoft voice. >> and then he would come out in these military jackets like he was a dictator from an imagid country. if i got the chance to interview him, i would to deconstruhat part of his whole iconography. you see him on stage, he's giving you that james brown, but then he's giving you audr hepburn and a femininity sort of thing. the military jacket i have ver quite figured out where it fits inhat he was thinking about. but rhaps he wanted me and others to be confud. that part of th movie where
1:32 pm
you're not supposed to understand ts rt and you're supposed to have a willful misunderstanding of what's going on here. >> we understand the nger, chris brown, who h been the subject some controversy of his own has rived as well. the thing about michael jackson is, it's n as if peopl didn't try to ask him a lot ofhose questions. and i rememb in particularne interview when they asked him about th glove. and the areso many things you uld think that he thoht about the glove andhat he understood about the glove and clearly knew the impact of th glove, but he just said, well, anyby can wear two gloves. i thought the one glove would be a lot more ieresting. and you know it was so much deeper tn that. the ligs are dimng inside the staples nter. let's listen in. this is the memorial service for michael ckson. knott ♪
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♪ ♪
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♪ ♪ ♪ hallelujah, hallelujah ♪
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♪ ♪ ♪ hallelujah, halleja
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>> good morning. and welcome. my name i pastor luciusmith and am proud to cl the jackson family my friends. to millis around t rld, michael jackso was an idol, a hero, even a king. but frst and foremost, this man before usoday was our brother, our son, our father, and ou friend. michael jackson was and alway shalle a beloved part of the jackson family and the family of man. and so toy we gather, those who know and lovechael best and those who came to know and love him through his good works. we come together in this space where only ds agoichael sang andanced and brought his joy
1:38 pm
as oly he cod. we come togethe and we remember the time. we remember this man by celebrating s life and of the love that he brought to our own lives for half a century. our hearts are avy today, because this man, this brother, this son, this father, and this friend is gone far t son. but as long as weremember our time with him,hetruth is, he is never really gne at all. as long as we rember him, h will be there forever to cfort us. in hisery beautiful and very human heart, michl jackson wanted notng more than to give lo to the world. to share of his singular talent and s soul, anderhaps be love back in rurn.
1:39 pm
through his wor, his music, an his countless good deeds, michael did so much to try and heal or world. and so for theackson family and for all who grieve hisoss everywhere in our world, may this moment of remembranc a moment o healing, a moment of music and a moment oflove bring comfort to those who loved our frnd. god bless you. [ applause ] ♪
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♪ou and i will make a pact, must bring salvation back ♪ ♪here there is love, i'll be there ♪ ♪'ll reach out my hand to you, i faith in all you do ♪ ♪ just call my name, and i'll be there ♪ ♪ i'll behere
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♪ your my world and drms around me ♪ ♪ i'm sglad that i found you ♪ i'll be there with a love so strong♪ ♪ i'll be your strgth ♪ you know i'll keep holdi on ♪ ♪ yes i will ♪ let me fill yr heart with joy and laughter ♪ ♪ togetherness,ell is all i'm afr ♪ ♪ just call my name and i'll be there♪ ♪ i'll be there to protect you ♪ with an selfish love that respts you ♪ ♪ just call my name and i'll be
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there♪ ♪ i'llbe there toomfort you, build my world of dreams arnd you ♪ ♪ i'm so, so gd t i found you ♪ ♪ i'll be there with a love so strong ♪ ♪ i'll be your strength, you know i'll keep you hding on ♪ ♪ and iyou should ever find someon new♪ ♪ i kn she better be good for you ♪ ♪ 'caus if she dsn't then ll be there ♪ ♪ don't you kw baby yeah,
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yeah ♪ ♪ i'll be t ♪ ill be the ♪ just call my name ♪ and i'll be there ♪ yeah ♪ i'll bethe, baby ♪ just call my nameand i'll be there ♪ ♪ just look ov your shode ♪ just call my name and i'll be
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there ♪ ♪ we never say good-bye ♪ no, no ♪ through the pain and hearche, we will be right there ♪ ♪yeah, yeah, ah ♪ going to be rht there 'll miss you. [ applause ]
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>> i'm here repsenting millions of fans around the world who grew up listening to lovingmichael fr a distance. all ofou. soho when micha jackson sang and when he danced,e never fe distant, weelt lke he was rig there. you believed in michael and he beeved in you. headeou bieve in himself. i've love him all my life. one ofhe first records my brother and i ever broughtas "dancing machine," and i'll
1:46 pm
never forget the t ofus trying to get the robot going, tryi to be the like jacon 5. thank you. thank you. michael was the biggest star on earth. [ applause ] he let me know that as an african-american you could travel the world and there was a rld outside of erica. othe people, all you people who came here to pay rct to soonwho you felt was one of you, a hum being first. this morning, i spoke with perhaps onef our gatest poets, maya anelou, and i'm s hod that sh asked me to
1:47 pm
share somewords that she wrote for michael. "we had him," r. maya angelou. beloved, now we know that we know nothing. now that our bright and shing fingertips like a puff of summer wind. wioutnotice, our dear love can espe our doting embrace, sing o songs among the stars and walk ourances across the face t moon in the instant we learned that michael isgone, w know nothin no clocks can tl our ti and no oans can rush our de. with the abrupt absence of our treasure, th we are many, eachof us ischingly alone,
1:48 pm
piercingly alone. only when w confes our confusion can we remembe that he was gift to usnd did have him. he came to us frothe creator, trailing creativity in abundance. despite the anguish of life, he s sheathed in mother love and family love d survived and did no more than that, he thrived with passion and compassion, humor and style. we had him. whether we knew w he was or did not know,e was ours we were his. we had him. beautiful, deliging our eyes. he raked his hat, slant over his brow and took a posen his toes for all of us and weughed and
1:49 pm
stomped our feet for him. were enchted with his passion, bause he held nothing, he gave us all h had been given. today, in too, beneaththe eiffel tower, in ghana's blac star square,in johannesburg and pittsburgh, in birmingham, alabama, and birngham, englan we e missing michael jason. but we do know we had him and w are the world. thank you. [ plause ]
1:50 pm
♪ father help your childn ♪ dn't letthem fall ♪ by the sides ♪ of the road ♪h keep tm ♪ to love on another ♪ that hven might find ♪ a placein r hearts
1:51 pm
♪ cause jesus is love ♪ he won't let you down ♪ and i know he's ne forever ♪or in my heart come on w ♪ walk on ♪ walk on thugh temptation ♪ wh lo and with wisd ♪ will be our helping nd ♪ i kno the truth ♪ andis words wi be o foundaon ♪ lift up our hear
1:52 pm
♪ to be than ♪ cause jesus ♪ is love ♪ he w't let u down ♪ and i know yeah ♪ he's mine ♪ he's mine, 's mine rever ♪ for in my heart helpme now ♪ hart ♪ jesus is in my hrt ♪ i know i know i know ♪ i'm going to follow thatstar wherever he lea me ♪ i don't mind lord
1:53 pm
♪ hopeou don'tmind ♪ i'll walk with you ♪ talk with you ♪ ando allthe this you want meo do ♪ will pick you up when you fall ♪ who will stand beside you ♪ oh yeah ♪ osus is love ♪esus loves
1:54 pm
>> he driven by his nger to len, to constantly top himself, to be the best. he w the consummate udent. he stued the greats and becam greater. he raised the bar and then bre the bar. hi talentnd creivity thrust him and entertainment into another stratosphere.
1:55 pm
the motown family mourns the death of our friend and brother michael jackson, who w like a son to me. our deep condolenceso out all his family. his parts, joe andkatherine, s beautiful ildren, his sisters and brothers and his nieces and nephews. michael jackson was 10 year old when he and his brothers jackie, jermaine, tito and marlon auditionedor me in mown. indetroit that july day in 1968, and blew us alaway. the jackson 5 was just azing,
1:56 pm
and little michael's pemance was way beyond his years. is little kid had an incrible knowingness aut him. he sang with sh feeling, inspiration. michael hada qualityt i couldn'tompletely understand, but we all knew he wasspecial. aside from singing and danng like james bro and jackie wilson, he sung a smoky rinson song called "who' loving you". he sang withhe passion of man living theblues with artache his whole lif as great as smoky sg it, i thought michael was better
1:57 pm
ient to smoky and i said, hey, n, i think he got you onhat one. smoky said, me, too. th was motown. motown w built on love and coetition and sometimes the competition got the way the love, b the love always nout. competed on everything. and california, we had a baseba game every week, th jacksons versus t gordys. unfortunately for us, tito and jackie were b home run hitters. they would knock tall out of the rk t then so wouldmy son berry. i'm not ing to tell how won most of the gas, but iwill
1:58 pm
tell you tt the rdys cried a lot. and eve though little michael was the catcher for the jacksons and miss a loof balls, we still cried a lot, but we swam and we joked and we played games. when michael performed his songs, you could feel the happiness in his soul because that's what he loved to do. michael inspired me so much that r days i walked around humming a ight little happy tune with him in mind ♪ o ba dah-dah-dah then i put a gup together and ca up with four hit recor for them, "i want you back," abc," "e loveou save," and "i'll be there."
1:59 pm
the jkson 5 was thenly group in history toaveheir first a four records gtoumber one. in 1983, the brothers reited and returned to do motown's 25th anniveary show. after high-powered dazzli medley of tirsongs, michael took the stagelone and made pop story. from the first beat of "billie jean," andhe toss of that was smerized. but when he did hisiconic moonlk, i was shocked. was magic. michael jkson w