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tv   Hardball With Chris Matthews  MSNBC  July 7, 2009 5:00pm-6:00pm EDT

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come on people. wnt his three childreno know, wasn't nothing strange about your daddy. it was sange what your daddy had to dealwith. dealt with it anyway. he dea with it for us. so sme came today, mrs jackson, to say good-bye to michael. i came to say thank you. thank you because you never stoppe thanks because you never gave . thank you becausyou never gave t. thank you becse youore down our divisions. ank you because you eradicated barriers. thanyou because you gave us hope.
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♪ find ever trace of glness, that's the time♪ ♪ we are the children, we are the ones to make a briger day so let's start givin ♪ ♪here's a choice we're maki ♪ >> good afternoon fro los anles am i'm chris jansing, you're watching msnbc's contui live covere as family and friends and fans say their final goobyes toichael jackson. it was a star-studded memorial. went on for more thanwo hour wrapped just about an hour ago. it was filled with music and memories. i'm joined by two men w were instrumental in seeing it all came off. los angeles police chief willi
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graton and ken ehrlic i don't know if the are two men anywhe within my es dice who arerobly more relieved rht now. chief, everythg seemed to go as smoothly as you possibly could haveimagined. >> it was from our persptive terrific da. great day for the city of los angeles. literally awless. ran ly about10,15 minutes ertime. the partnership beten the peop putting on the even you, the media, it was a great day. >> there was a lot of concer about people ignoring the calls weren't that many ppl whoeally came down downtown los angeles. >> i don't think there were 1500 to 20,000 people. i think w had moreeople inside. ihi a lot of that had to do with your cperation over the last several days. ery event we did with you, we talked auttay home. the perimeter will be so large you will not be able to see anhing or see anybody.
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sit in your living room and watch it infort. i think most people heed that advice. >> what was your goal putting this all together? and you knew t world s watching. >> wl, firstf all, if could, i'd like to compliment the chief andthe lapd. they did rerkable job. when we don't hear aboutthings, that's the best thing that could happen to us, and we heard nothing. we did our show and tir prence madethappen. what was important to us was we haa mandate from the family. they wante -- they said, we don't want to d a tv show. you now, you do good tv shows. we want a service. we want you to help u take michaehome rightfrom the beginning every time we made a decision, whether it was about booking, what the venue look like, what we wanted t do, it was all fram by this needs toave reverence, it needs to have respect, and it nes to have -- the overlay the greatness of the artist who
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i was fortunate enough to work with number of times, michael. >> tl us about the last time u saw michael perform. you saw his rehearsals? >> well, i came down two weeks -- i think it was two weeks om trrow ig, two weeks ag i hadome down, we were talking about doing a project together, a tv special. had worked together. and he asd me if i would stay for the back half of the rehesal which i was thrilled to do because i hadn seen any of it, and it was terrific. all of these stories about him looking tired andrail and the rest of it,e had an energy. he was resing, soe s still learning, and michael d a process that when he wasn the learning stages of something, it was all abouthat process. the meeting that i had with him bere, he was funny, he was glib. as a matter of fact, he was obably in fine micks we wod say. he w just eat. was a shock the nex day.
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>> a we are told that the family is arriving now. they're having a repass asthey call it, a gathering of family and friends dwn at the beverly wilshire and we know some of lapd's fine are down there maki sure thin are going well there as well. u know, let me ask you because he was this sort of consummate performer, and you haveone so many diffent kinds of shows. wais a partila kind of pressure? >> well, yeah. there is always pressure, but with this e, you know, i mean, you know, we would getll of these reports that would start coming in. the most-watched television thing -- >> 1 billion pple. >> 1 blion people and al of that. so, yeah, but at the end -- interestiny enough, the end of the day the pressure washe pressu we pu o oursf. actually, i wated it insi. he was probably thealmest ople in there. a cole of hissistants were starting to get a little unglued
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at a couple points and h ached out, take it asy, it's okay. i was very ming with his calm. >> there's a great grou of people, starti wth the comfort facr of this whole mmunity, los angeles and g anthey're just amazing. oustaff. you know, working together with this whole staples group. 's just -- you kw, we're ly, so the overlay here was knowin that, ain, it need to be l about michael. >>ause you knew michael, because he w more than just a client or you weren' just another person that the family had asked in helput w this, you were somethg who had a relationship with him, were you able to sit back and tch this a a memorial as well as somedy wastrng to make sure? s there a particular moment that surpris you thatouched you in a way you didt expect?
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becausyou knew what was coming. i found myself forgetting i s producing this. when brooke shlds was speaking. en usher was singing "gone too soon," when jo mer had his eyes clod and was doing "human natureand my head i was hearing the lyrics andthinking of micha. when smokey robinson and ber gordy were talng about those early days, there were so my moments. when jennifer hson was ngin mariah s singing "i'll be there." if i looked calm,t was probly because i wasn't paying attention. >> did you knowris was going to speak at the end? not a all. th family -- we had talked to the family aboutcoming up and thanking people at the end, which was only appropriate to do, but, you know, we jus figured it would be the brothers and the sisters that would come up, and when the kidame up,
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it was, you know -- and then whatappened, wat she sd, you know, it was -- i'm speechss. >> if iaid with all due respect to your skill in putting th tether in such a srt period otime that you can produce the greate show that was ever produced and i still would beard to top a little girl saying how much s loved her daddy and saying good-bye to her daddy. let me just ask you for some nathoughts because so much has been said about michael jackson and his impact on popular culture anwhat he h meant to the wold. what do y think michael jackson's lastin legacy will be? >> hief? >> it's the world you live in. >> that he was human. that what we kind of showed today was everything that had happened in the last few years, the la number of years where
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we put h under a microscope and dissected h, maybe we ought to have instead revelled in his brilliance, in the music he gave us, in his lyrics, in his ality to change the way pele performedand he'll always be membered for that and maybe sme of the other stuff. frankly, maybe it will never be forgotn, but maybe it will be put into perspective. >> i did notice,hiefu are the onlyern i have seen that doesn't wear an arm band. everyone else has an arm bd.
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>> i wear this. that opens every dooin the city. >> that's one thing we'd like to send a cama on. these are o men who are breaing a sigh of relief after what was, congratulation a beautiful memoal and very smoo done, and our thanks to all the folks we havdealt with from the lapd o have been so grt and so cooperative. >> interested to see how lonit is before peopleut those wrist bands off. >> not yet, t yet. thank you ve much. we do apprecte it. in that emional moment we talked about, mic jackson's daughter paris did indeed say good-bye to her dad. we're going to show you th. >> eveince i s born, daddy has been the best father you could ev igine, and just wanted to y i le him so . jackson, one of mchael is jackson's the children ase say good-bye to the chief and to ken ehrlich. obvisly, aotay unscripte moment as we justheard, and then the family after the ceremonyid thank kenehrlich,
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he shared with me, and the got in this small motorcade and went just a ltle ways down to -- i guess maybe it's a mile from herto it's beverly lsre, one of the better-known hotels where family and friends are gathering for thr own private me to share after this memorialervice. nah kim is at the beverly wilshire. what can you tell us from there >> just within theast half hour or so th sceneas just exploded. we have helicters, police seizing the streets. they are nowlocking off som of the ros. they didn't plan t do that, but i guess because of the sheer crush of peoe that are now here, youknow, this is a place that's n unused to limos and rollsoyces and bentleys driving up and down the street. we're right at rodeo and wilshire bouleva, the heart of berly hills. within the last half hour or so we saw a huge motorce of limos with tinted windows and rolls
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royc and bentley and we are beintold usher and wesley snesave already arrived. we dhave a producer who is side the hotel right now. she tells us that the sep is prettyorate. they'veot a wle ballroom reserved for this that has 800 people ka pacapacity. this is a very private event. they he security guard posted. no one except guest registed to stay at t hotel and guests registered for th private party, sething called a repass which is an african-american tradition that happe after furals, will be alled inside, but it isappening right now. are having people arrive here now that the concert is over. chris? >> jinah k,nks so much. and there's much more to tk abt here from the staples center i'm going to take look around and seehat much of the owd is fally starting to dissipate. there is still that hugeanner therand they've change it a
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few times where pele have been standing i li toi their name and sign their thoughtso the familyf michael jackson, and many of them who came for e service todayere staying to signnd to share their thoughts. we'll have much more coming up on the life and the influence of michael jackson, hisegacy. he, of course, shatter racial barriers in the muc industry and is still influencinso many pop stars tay. our spial covage continues on msnbc right afterhis. you haveuestions. who can give y t the financial advice youeeeed? where will you find the stability and resosourcs to keep you ahd this rapidly evolvi wor? the are tough questions. that'whwh brought together two o of the most
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micicha was t theoioi o ananlilictrumpets, and h he lll coininueo o the voice, t tt angelic voice, in heaveve >>hahat' marll jackson that yoyou' seeing here.e. heasas the last speaker before we had theheeverend whoho gave final ayay, and so many of the jackson familyly ve bebeen at os throughout this wholeococes but totoda asouou saw,, all of thth sitting thehereogether and th had their matching ylow ties and they hugged ch other as they wouldd c ce oftatage you alsosoawaw that this was familylyndnd a family thatatasas supporting thehese t the childr m mhael jasoson' many of f thmemeetgs and gagaererin that have nene up in the lead-upto this memorial
5:18 pm
since the death of michael ckson have been held at katherinine ckcksos home in encino, califoforn, , an all of us who hahaveeeeen therewho hav seen the pele come ou day afrr day afterer day, theyey'v wanted too leave theirir though they've nted to lave m msages an flowers and gifts f for the jackson fafamy, and atat where we find george lewis. geororgeararwe sining some people gatheriringhehe in encinono? >> reporter: chrisis i think what's happening i is n now that c cerage the memorial has concluded, people arare coming o here tohehe jackson house toay theirrerespts toicicel jacksoson. y you described so astutelyly eaier, this crowdss generally prettyesespeful. there isis a mixture of sororrod alsoelebration he.. ononwowoma a a fewinutes ago s a give it u up for mchael jackson anpepele startedoo cheer.r. so they're bototh celebratiti h fefend also mourning hisss. the crcrow as i say, h grown
5:19 pm
since the televividd ceremonynyh concluded. we've also seen oplebrbrinng balloons and flowers d other remembraraeses, d trucksks, florist trucks fullofof owower ming up to ththeaiain gate o of the jacksksresidence.e. so o obvusus people ouound t rlrld e tryingng to remememb michael jackckso b b sending flowows.s. the crowd here n now i wouldday abtt1100 or soso it's's been steadily growing t teteoon. as thehe jacksons t tmsmsels ar at the beverly wilshire hotel r r e rception that's going on right now. wewe'rtoto that t thell probably rernhehere in t throror four hours, so dodon'know whathehe crowd will be le at that pot,t, b as y you say, there have beeneoeoe everinince the 25th of june,hehe d michael ckcksodied, coming o he.. ththiss the makeshift memeririal they'veererted with the flowers
5:20 pm
d balloonsnd cardsndnd notes d the signs,s,hehe various ways ofof remembererin chael jackso whis a mjor figure inin the liveves a lotff these people. chris?s? >> all right, george.. thanks verery chch weppreciate it,gegege lewewis in encino. joininingee now,w, jeffrossen, w has been reportrtgg from outside the stapleses center and has be loing into the i inststigion in michael jacksoson' deathth d's courtney hazlett who wa i iide thetaples center fofor e m mororiaservice. cotntneywe already talked about the fact itasas such an emotional moment to sesee paris gogoinup to the crcropne. alreadadyy i'm seeinghe "chicag sun times"" columnist isis talk abt even leading up to thehe momentnts t t memororl there wass disagreement among t jacksoso f famy aboutwhwhetr she ouou be allowed to s seaeak. this is a famimily t tat went roroug a lotot t gettoto this inint day, right? > eyeyent through soo much. know the bckck and fthth has
5:21 pm
be taking plalace throughout t t tire process. think it's s poignant that she diddpepeak and n not just becacausitit a little girl who lost h d dd. it was t thequintessential momet that you realizeze tat the jackson familyly w allowiwinguss into theirir life.e. it wasas s deepeplyerersolndnd the e lilieseoulululies were so personalal they're all so real. it was such a al moment t tha was humannd some vevel magical nonow cacauswe're talking about in the c conxtxtficicha jackson,n,utut at the end of th y that faami allowed a stadiuiu full strangers into their lifefor 9 9minutes, and wewe'vbeen speaking about alal the things t tat michael l ckck has s do first. d this to thelist. we truly were a part of that family for a peodod otime today. >> a andhehe are questions that have been raised by the f falyly
5:22 pm
as well l eryone else autut who werere the opop around d michael jackson at t t t tim of hideath. whwh causesedis deh. ththe i invtitition will contin, and iththk prty incentively as we know. i it' hard to bieve it's been nrlrly two weeks,s, 12 day sisincmichael jackson died.. wetill don't have that official cause of deatath t.t. a lott o talk about prpresipipti drugs.s. the coroner'r'ffice has confnfmemed at michael jackson s using prerescptption rurugs courtney, you haveve bn reportininththatven some of s stst fends admit he wasas addicted to painkillers. so nowow wt t haens in the inveveigigatn is the investigigats s and detectives e going after r thee ctctor acaccoingtoto plished reports, there are five offhhem in a all thatat ty'y' specifically focucungng on who wererritg michaeaejajackn prescriptions for whatever he wanted f money, and, in fact, many of ththesexperts say it's exposed sort ofhohoywood's dirty littlee cret, open secret here, thh selects payay g cash and ty gedrugs, and so ey want toto try to trara d dow the d dtors dd ty're having a h hard time
5:23 pm
dodoinititecause inmamany of th cacase s srces say they pulled out these bottles frorom jacksos house.e. theyeyerere t thel l-- bootts s that were isleaded. ee d..s involved, the attorney general,l,ndnd the lap trying t to t thrgh databases toput each prpresipipti bottlee and tie it to a a doctor and d pharmacy. thenen y h he the custody case, the estate cce. and d so y yohave a tt of thin th are goingg to go forward. >> and youeaeaze ass y watch bo of thesehhgs sort gog on simultaneouslyly tt,t, s,s, the w wld lostst a great singer and a great entertainer bubuthther are three ildren who lostst a a da ands there criminal lpability herre, and th's a story that still l ss to bebe td.d. >> this isis fromvever. the'e' debate oveve whethert't' tososoon to begin speaking abobo cecertn n rts of t th or not,
5:24 pm
t at the end of f th day all off this is far from over. u hope the ki are ass prected asosossie because it's p paiully vivis today thatathehey ally had a s speala relationship with their father >> they nene s stalili nowow. >> beautiful kikis.s. >> c cotntn and ff, thanks so much. not t ju f f isis, but r all you'u' d dow throughout. trt me, theseeololks have gottenen sleep. wewe tnknk tm for thaha > upnext, we w wa to tk more autut michael jackson's ltural legacy and there's much to say a abtt his inuence on popular culture.e. you're watching msnbnb accesso favorite courses
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> weomome back. i'm chris jansing lein los anles, and we are keepepinouour eye here at t ee staples center on the cwd thatat is slowly avavg after the memorial rvrvicfor michael jackson, andnd also at t th beverly wshshe
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hotel which isis just about a me from here where a repapasss s going to be hehe.. the family yiyi heo to many ofheir other filily members and friends remembeberi t tir loved on michael jackson, , dd so therererelso people wh are standing byy waiting to see so ofofhe very fafamo faces that re here to memorialize micicha jackson. wel take a break ande back thth me right after this. ♪ 'vbeen singing our ngngs since we first swewed upith our pirate hs on if y're not into fake swd fights pointy slippers anan green wool tights ke a tip from a knknhtht w knows frfreeredit report dot com, les go! vo: offer applies with rollment in triple advange. hi. number t, , plea. wowoyou like that h hurt now or later? uh, what? sir, it't'a simp question.
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this is a momt that i wished that i di't liveo see
5:32 pm
co come, but as much as i can say that and mean it, i do kw that god is good >> that was a ibute from stevie wonder at the publ memorial for michael jackson today. welcome back to our continuing coverage of the michael jon memorial. i'm chris jansing coming to you live from tside the staples center, and, ocourse stevie wonder, just one of so many prominent individualwho came to pay their respects to michael jackson today fore a worlide television ence, and joining me is martin luther king's on, martin lutr king ii. i'm wondering what touched you anmoved you. >> at the end my heart was taken away for his daughter.
5:33 pm
>> paris. because, as you know, w lost r father. i was 5. i think martin was 10. and certainly wcan retete and so it wasvery tching a a my het t go out to them and my ayers are with emem, andnd relyly wanted to be here somewhat just as a testony to the fact that even in spite ofo the death or the lossf a loved one, you cantill continue on and move forward. so we wanted to be moral supuppo because we hadad bn through similar sets of circumstances. we lost our sister suddenly two ars ago and it was very difficult for us. >> i think there is something particularly heart wrenching about a childlosing a parent, and since youdid both go throit, what is your wish for the children of michael jason? one of the this we were taing about before is that he tried so hard to keep them out
5:34 pm
of the puic eye, and yet as your father was in a dferent y such an iconic figure, michael jackson is such an ic iconic figu. do youhope for these children to have a chance to ieve in private,row up in private, and have a ance decide if they want to become public individuals. >> absolutely. the question is how do you create a climate of norlcy. particularly after they've lived in the kind of scerio at ey'veed in, but it's important for them to beble to grow up and truly understand, maybe they already d whoheir father wasecause the world is not always kind. today was kind, think, tremendous kind,but the world -- particularly last te years, i think michael jackson hagone through all kind of scrutiny, and, youknow, some may say as a blic figure, as an enteainer u're open to e public, that's fair game.
5:35 pm
but everyone is a human bng and i t weort ofometimes forget that. my hope is that they have not only -- not additionally a wonderful childhood, but really be able to grow u and d things thatre normal. i don't know that th will the case, but this would be my pe for em. what kinds of ings do you think he you through that period and is there gog to be inevitably preure when you have a father who is so fous so recogzed and who has accomplished such great things to carry on that lega? >> you know, in a real sense somef the rmalcy has to start from within. yoknowour m was oable to makeure we were integrated into the culture. i know i did, rtin didt, but i we to a public school stem. i'm not suggestihat michael ckson's kids do, but i do think that as much as possibl reate some normalcy in their
5:36 pm
life. i'm hoping that the media will allow them grieve because they need to grieve. it's healthy. i know that as i continue to growecause i didn't get to grieve the way i needed to because we had constant death. we had an une a year later. a grandmother who was shot in church when we were 11. itffected meemotionally, and certainly hope that we give th that oppornity and don't shut them down from that process, give th some sense of privacy. >> let me ask you finally, and youmentioned that certainly not ything that has been said is kind and will not always be kind about chael jackson, and there werepeakers who acknowledged that. u know, frankly, talking about, you know, the constituti and innocent uil proven guilty and maybeichael made som bad decisions, but he was this great cultal figure.
5:37 pm
what dyou believe hisegacy will be 20, 30 years down the ro? his children arealking about him, what will be michael jackson's legac my personal view is that, number one, he w -- his music and ought people atill happen forever. if youisten to the music. music will change and go through gyrations, but his music w the music that had aessage to it. and ultimately i think that it willelp our wod to become better. myher dedicated hi life to trying to ke our world a better placeor all god children. i believe michael jacks's music was - he utilized t try make life better for all of d's children. >> and without aoubt it's beg heard by whole new generation of listeners, that is one part of the story that we're still continuing to follow. rnice king, martin luther king
5:38 pm
iii, it was a real pleasure to have you on. we areciate you coming er. >> thank you. york and david and tamron are standingby. su a unique perspective as people who were a part of this memorial but also know whatt's like to be a child and to lose meone, to lose a father who is iconic and so reverednd what it's ke to make that transition. >> absolutely, especially en their fath is so well-known and essentially known arodthe rld and your father dies a a young age. such unique circumstans. >> and today t jacksonfamily, the music indusy, obviously all those fans, vid, celebrated his culturalimpact on ts world. >> joini unow is patricia rose, brown univeity processor of african studie and author of "the hip-hop wars." your thoughts on the ceremony? >> i thought the ceremony was extraordinary. i thought the entire event was the kind of event , you know, yoeally want to have for a figure like miael jackn. it was spirituallyserious.
5:39 pm
it took his fame seriously, but the fameid not oerwhelm who he w and t pow of what he was about. so i thought it was a very moving and appropriate tribute. >> i remember there was a madeor-television movie called "the american dream." it was the jackson family story. even with the many things that haveappen had had in michael jackn's life, does it count as merican dream? >> well, i think s story counts as a quintessential american sry of struggle against theodds and making opportunities both ofyour o but in community. i mean, themerican dream i a bit of a antasy, but it's a werful one that we've constructed. i thk what most important about about chael jackson i thk is to really understand his ality to t a set of traditions, musical, cultural, religious, and tuse them in the service of a common goo not tobandon legacy,to
5:40 pm
remain conneed to it, but to connect that legacy itself to everyo in the world,and so me that's kd ofbal dream i wod imine, not just an american one. >> david and i wereoth struck by -- we would take live shots roughout this ceremony from ndon, harlem, just aound the world whe peopleere gathered ofll different races, genders, does that y cause you what touched on that global impact of , but how does that play out his legacy? >> i think his legacy is absolutely going to be global one forever. what's most importan to remembers that ts is first timewee h in story a figure of his power, grace, and talent tomerge at a moment when the technology wa avlable to disminate and rerd and hold onto so many levels of hisperformance. his ouakes, his rehearsals, his live shows, his nterviews. so we have a cd, sort of
5:41 pm
unpredented access to his performaes around the world, and i think that's going to be very empowering forhe next generaonf young peopl to see what you can do with discipli, talent, grace and a vision. cause, remember, he wasn't just ung his talent simplyfor money and fame. he w consistently engaged with the twin struggles for maintaining a loving dispositi and the politi of justice through music and community, and that's reallwhat great artists always do. >> patricia rose from brown univerty. patricia, anks so much for being on with us. we appreciate it. >> thank you very much. >> so intereing. >> d so many levels you can lk about this ceremony for days tocome, and i'm sure people will talking about it. d we were talking whether or not it's gog to be so on dvd which open anotheran of worm up next, what's next for michael jackson? whatill be his final resting ace? that is still in the r. that isanother mystery surrounding, of course, this mysterious m and his life.
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welcome back to our contininngngovovage of the michael jackcknnemorial service. i'chris jansing h het the staples ceer, and jining me is los angeles timeses reporter andrew blankstein. pretettyucucwent off without t hitch. >> very y muso,ven though they had a shoror t tim to p ppe for this. they squeezeze a lot of plannin into this time, and basically ththroh everything they had at .. it was 3,20000 officers, which abt t third of the foforc asas you can imagagin there were quite aaewsites. they focused on staples ctt but also on e family mpound, fost lawn metery, onhehe west sidee rented home w whe ckson liveved,ndnd relalatilyly
5:46 pm
icicklthey realized that t th dididn have any problems and wewe a ablto release o offerers right away. ofoffirs have bn giving us some guidance on various thinin throughout t tsese lt couple o dadays tt one thing t tha no o seemem t to agree on is whererel michael jackson's fifina restin place ? wh is theamami decision going to be? don't knknow >> we don't knowow this has always beenen the b bi question thahass bn left undedecid d anto this day reremas undecided. >> terers somee whoayay he's alrereadbebe interred. th's not likely. >> we undersrsta n no decision s been mamad wheree's going to burieded r a time fororthat. so we may leaea sething in thee ming da, butut a at isis pnt weweonon't- we have nothing to indicatetehehere that's goingo be. >> andnd tss sty is n going totoo o away.y. there's still l cotasases to be
5:47 pm
done. i ink ththe a. mm" will be veveri this for quitite some me to meme. >he next fourur to six weeks ththe toxicology isueoor e topsy, and that i i going to ayay aey role in all of this because while therers s be aotot ofofpeculation abobo wat drugs were f fou i i his home, thhe'e also --- iss at was in his body t thas s ing to be key to this investigation, andnd o of the e thgsgshat they will b be looking at i i also trying to recreatehihis medical h hststor who werere ee doctctorss tt trtetehim,rerescbed medicinene? who may have furnisheded some o these medications s rr him? it's not ann easy job. ililthey can do sosome of the legwork early, they havav t towt r r me of the information n th the ccononer offfi w wl provide e toththem >> let mee a askyou, finally, abt t th jackskson family, andni know that t the hadeen some didisaeement coming up to daday about exactlho should d be involved in ththe ceremony, wha rm it shouldld takke, even asas ends there was some disagreement about whetherrparis should be
5:48 pm
able to speaea a theend,utut you have t to believehat overall they're vevery pased with the waeverything nt todaynd what was, i thought, credibly respectful owowd. mostst othth dressesed ryry wl. they werere ryry quiet going in. r rlly was as ifititaas member of theieir family. >> as a reporter y you obviousl look at the human n reaction in the auddiee,e, toved o's's frfrndnds,ut also the ppp th c cam inroro the public. nonoonly were the musisica performances very movivingut uu cld see at thehevevery end when the family c ca up, that wawas ally the dedeeptt otional connection, anand u can see people gettingngerery otional from i it. >> arerew blankstein, who w we will be readiding y you wting veryry mh h the days a and w w toto ce as wecocoinue t to cove th story oficicel jackson. 's's gat of you to come up and lk to us. > tnk you so chch >> thanknks much, andrew. we'll have muchh m mor from her at thetataes centnternd locations alal across los
5:49 pm
angeles, includinghehe bevever wilshire, whwherthth fily is nono a aft this break.
5:50 pm
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♪ u a a iuu makeke a a pact ♪ weust bring salalvaonon bk ♪ whehereheheres love i'll be ere ♪ n emotitional mariri c car nging a cover off the jackson 5 at she has, indeed, recorded "i'll be the." one of the many memorabab pepeormances from todayy's mememoal for michael jacksoson. 12 daysftft the k kin ofop
5:53 pm
died. weant to getoome final thoughts on today'smemerial rvrvicfrom many fks w have been with h us rorohout this, back in new yor of course, we have david s scster and cameron ha andlsls stevenen a smith who is a commmmentotor d journanalist steven, let meme s stt with you and get yourr thoughts abouout s memorial todayay >> well, i thought it was handled in a ry, very classful fashion. the fact that, y youknow, the otothe being there, everybybody was going to b be there, but usr singing "g"go too on," mariah cacay y siing "i' be there oh smoky robbinso magic johnson and kobe brytt both eququen in what they had to say. i justst ought they hit all ee right notes. d d en to end itt all with his dadauger, paris, touchinghh with h h emotional od-bye to her fatherand talk about what ndnderl father he was to her i think i i psosofied andd epitomized what evererybodwawas aimimingoror a h hining for and that this was s gog g tond inn veve classful fashion. and thank g gooess they were smart enough to makake sure that joe jjkskson was nowhereo o be
5:54 pm
found ininerermsf being in front theamamer and havingo talk. cameron and davidid, tre were aaumumbeof people whwho said t h di't feel like thehey ululd be there, incncludilizabeth tayloror a d dia ross.s. m wondering what y you thought rerehe memorable moments from this indddditn to whatatee'v tataed about which, cououe,e, was paparishoho came up att the ve end and tal about her daday.y. >> wewe, cacamenn and i w we jut tataing about, soso m man peopl- lo, , e reason that allf f us are c cererinthis, t the r rson th s so ny people around the worlarar iereresd is beeususe of michael ckson's celebrity. but today reaealwasn't so much a cebebtion of a a celebritytys a celebrarati a andonoring his humanity, whether r w was as a frfrie, as somebody whoho cared deeply aboutisfamily, whether it was him b being father. it was so striking t that that meme tough in the midsds o of al ofof this. and i i think it was s so appropriate on s smamany levele. >> you knknowsrrobly the onon panel member w who wteteto marry y miaeael jackson asas a teenage girl, afterr seeing mm
5:55 pm
on ff the wall" a andaving his posters on wall and lelebring him in our homme, i reremeer my parents and watching that 25th anniversasa when he didthe moonwalklkyoyou ow, it was nice tooee his frieiends,isis fafans his famil able too h hor him i in way y would all love to honorurur frnds and have our fends and family hoonorus someday. ii gue a a a kid wh wanted t marryy micelel jackson a w loved the jacksoson5, it't's g toto s him be able be spected in the end by y osose who loved him.m. >> and courtneyhayswood w hahave bn n th us througugho,, letmeme get yourinal impression.. >> just seeing the amily, after parispoke on t stage tothth, that giantnt group h d you heard thhem bore as lilighskskind, they're not ghght-inned, they're caucasian. ththeye white. this is a blendedfamilly, a and they l le e ea other, anand they're going to b b withh each other going forward throrough is emototnanalltough time into t te furere, ising each ther, woining together.r.
5:56 pm
anthth is what america is abou the jajackns were abououtanan ereric family. thth's's wt they meme in 11969 about, and now this is new amicic family coming tothther >> courtney? >> ihihi one of the things that's so stririkingbobo what paparihad to s ss we've beenen heheining so much abououthihi balalancababou tellingichael jackson'ss sryry rht now,w, t pas about being ausused of imes andmomovi forward, didid die? ththe thg g at i lo what pariss said was so emotional. she taalkedbobo how great fatherer he s. ananththatas raw emotition a kid doesn't fafa.. and d wowoul like to think ttt th just pununctuassthe seenenceichael jackson was a fantastic father. and let's not take ththat away omomim in life in death. and i'm gl paris w was a bra litttt g girtoday and reaeally brought that family tether in atatoment. > a we are journalists,s, a will contntueue cover the story as we hahave cvered the story of m mchael jajacon, and there wi be s smeme unplpleasa anand rhrhapuncomfortablblee moments asas we find out w what ususedhe death of michael jackson.
5:57 pm
ththe possibility of a c crimil chgeges this case. t today i thinin for me, toto justst h heangisis music gain, watcngnghose well-chosen c cls agn,n, reminded us all l abou ww michael jackson is t the kg g pop. ththanto my lleagues, david scster, tamaryn hall in newew rkrk. thanks to cocourtn.. wewe leave y you n w wh some highlighghts othth memorial. i'chris jajasen. thananksoror j joingng us. >> in our darststour, you are alalwa in my heart. ♪atathe ♪ help p yo c chiren ♪ g goi t to ke a change ♪oror oe in my life >> michael jackson ntnt i into orbit anand ner r me down. >> this is a clelebrion of his lilife of his legacy. he was indeed a shining light.
5:58 pm
like our fheher,artin. h hey ♪ ♪ mylove is the way ♪ miiaeael why didn't you say ♪ indeedhat you werere my brother ♪ ♪ like a mother ♪ will yobe tre >> mhael jackson. >> mhael jackson. ♪ ♪ do me tt way >> thank you, michl. thank you, micha. thank you, michael. >> looup where is
5:59 pm
undoubtedly perched in a crescent moon. >> ever since i was born, daddy has been the best father you could ever imagine. and i just wted to say ilove him so much. ♪ when there are clouds in the sky ♪ ♪ you'll get by ♪ gontoo soon ♪ we follow each other on the window ♪ ♪ we got nowhere to go ♪ thas why want yo to know ♪ ♪ i'm srting with the man in the mirror ♪ >> in our darkesthour,