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tv   MSNBC News Live  MSNBC  July 9, 2009 4:00pm-5:00pm EDT

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political allenges at h ho are grgring. >> peoeoplwawant their jobs. ey want to see the econonom moving again, d they don't't see anhihihappening. >> ass t t gop ratchetspp the rhororicthe administration is s on the d denensi. >> couounthehe copsps w s slllle their jobsbs. coununt t the teachehe,, thousan this statatehoho will behohowi up in the classrsrooin september. >> plus, t the cia takes a h. directctoreoeon nettaells cocongssss t agency misled lawmakerers signififanant actis r a numberff yeaars has house speakaker n nay y pes beeninindited after accusing e cia of misleading congressss? al,,lawmakers supposedldl studied the cisisan bible. butleleons on ululte were lost on mark sanford a john ensign, andowow bizarretories about th role r reblican tom coburn tried to playay. later mt lauer and bruno. ed we say more?
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no w. anand he other things we t thoht you shouldld kw.w. >> brazil rubs inin scer victory orr the u u. all thh a and more thihis hour nbnbc. > go afternoon, everyone. i'm tamron hall l lve in new york. y, david. hi, taon. mm david shuster leein washingtgton the big picture this afternoon, president obama's g-88 trippisi not quitite the roroma holidid.. with the presidentnt italy trng gain globob coopereratn,n,rouble is brewing foforrhe white houseseack rere. juju t taka look at what ththe presidentt f fac when he c cos back hoho. warren b buftttt has given ececonicicdvice to the presesenent,s crititic of t the $7$787illion stimuluspkakage >> our rsrst stimululusilill seeded tme sort o like t ting a a ha a tablet o viaiagraa andd then having also a a bunch o of
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candnd mixed in.n. itit dsnsn'tave whitethe wallolp that might have e be anticipated.d. >> and republicans have gone on the offensive i i where's t t beef style ads.s. >> bidenenayays ththey got it . >> weend everyryon else ssre the economy. >> obama's response? >> there's notothi w we uld have dodo differently. >> nothing? stimulus money squandered on auauand wasteful spepeining. nonot creating newjobs. >> vicice esesent biden i i fighting babak. barnstormed in ohio today as a neww gallup pollhows support rrhe president diippgg among ininpependt tts. >> if f yonice, all the t tkk about how we'r're going to was all this mononey that's a a dog that ain't barked et, and it's not gogg toaark on m my wch. >> meanwhihi, , e white h hou is threatening g vetoto an ininteigence bill wrrteten byy hohous dococts, as top democrats i in the intelellincn
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committee sasa the prididt's ciairirecr leonon panetttt mitted thhathehe c misled cocoreressnd they dememanthth th eire committee bebe briefed gogoinfofoward. >> in today's intetellenen authorizations bllll a prprinpa pot will be the dgree to whicich ee cia a other intelligence a ageieie must kep congress fullyndnd crerent formed about whatat tey're doing. panetta maintainsns iis not ththe p polyy or actice of the cia to misleadad,ut d did the agency mislead? mousepeaker n ncy pelosi sasayhe and p petta hve not exchchand d wos in six months. > don't know when i last spoke to leon panetta. when he calledto say h he uld beenen nedednd i o offed my enthusiastic suppopo f foris bebeming the director. i think --wawathatprprobly the lalastime i spoke him? >> and inn aititn to alall of this, ththe top huse democrat says obama's's chief oftaff made a hellff a mistakes whehe he said getting the public hltlt planan wasas nenegoabab.
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wi 60 demococtstsin thesenate, president obama nanall has t mocratic votes to pasas major health care rororm but can h he keep r red state dococts in line? what a listst,david, andiith ththe ite house fighting republicans, pelosii f figing papatta, and senate d demrats fiting each otheher, what cann presesenent ama do to survive what some arare calling the susuertime blues? joinininusus is poliliti's's me alalle keke, e president isn a autiful part of the woworl right now with a a of these ugly problems. maybe he can return in t theall dd theyeyee worked themselves out. ho big arare these problems for him? >> he'e'dedefitely going to have aabetter dininne tnight than he did in moscow,, bu you will s a lot of sriri in thee xt couple days out summemer struggles, t the long,g, hot s. but, tamron,, tis team h hs s b throrougdada like thisbefore, and they're very big what in footballoou' call fid presence. e e am is very good a at that. >> mike, these days are nt like
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anan otr in th healthare rerm, that's the big titict. how w eses ts compare to atat this t tmm has been thrououghnn 158 days? >> well,, health care hasas co further in this administration thanan it ever has. eyey'rtalking on b bo the house and senatete sideababou mamayb workining couplele dayso summer vacation n o ord to stay on the psident's schedule of getting a bibill done from thehe housuse, b bil done t thugh the nate so that inin the falal they'd beblbl to mh them togeththerndndave something for him to sign in octotobe next w weeyoyou' going see eeresident out taining a lolo out health c ca. tuesday y 's's gng to be in the dedetrt t ar talkingbout rerecoryry, talking a abo autos taing aboutheheal care, educatatio a als we'llllee the esidenthrhrowg out a a first pihht thee major league l-star meme so we wiwillee testingng hi co under fire therere. dd tn thursday we'll see the prident in newew ykk at the naacp convention. it's a big heaeahh care week. 'll see thth psident out a lo e enging with peoplele of th cocotry, trying to elevatehehe
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bate beyond what wewe see inn waininon, a fight between ththis committee and thth commmmite.e. >> but, y younonow, it's interesting, mikike, those thin y be engaging, butut when you look at spproval numbers, ey are dipping. isiss a criticaltime, a a while it might be e a favorabab audidicecet a baseball ga and maybe even at the naacp, not everybody y h havg a a favorab opinion, a warmmreception of this president withthhese big issues. . what does he need todo? >> it'sropped a couple popoins,, and it's important theyeyeeeep independenents especially on board, people who werere swept in the obama excitement. now they need t t also be sold n th substance of ama. that's why they have to bee vry cacarel l abt the issuesththat they h he e toade into. that's w whyhe cia debate that you were talkingabout is no help to this w whi house. liberal democratsadadeigig stink ababouthth briefefin thinkingngtt st ofinindited the smalalloioi for ththem instead, it tt an isssu on thee spkeker'plateththat she'd athered. shshe dndn'teed to be out talking about ththis president obamama s s do a good job of trying to restotore
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dedemoats national security y brand. heoeoe't want to be in a fight wiwithhe cia. sosohat definitely is anher one of theseumum inhehe rd we gets we hadad out toowa the august vacation. >> it will be i intesting when hereturns. mike, thank you v vermmuc and, david, saavaahah gghrhriewe spoke e wi h h in the last hour from rome and s she sayays thiss the first time soso many natati heheadnenehave beenoming from ththe me front while the president t wa abroad. >> and, tamron, ihihink youitit the nail on the head with ththe polling. ththeyre concerned about thehe polling,g, a m me makes a great popot.t. they have been throroh h toh stuff f bererebut this is a different sort o of political enroroent now, and y you see the republicans tryining t t take advantage of the ctct that o oa isototaround, so is is opportunity y j jumon himim a they're doinin i i tthi, , effective job o on m. >> interesting. >> two months a speaker pelolosiouou herselelinin t m s midst t a a firestorm. according to pelosihehe ciat first t dndn't tell her thatt waterboarding had begun against teterr spects. the cicia directorleon papatta,
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decrat, seemed to hit b bck sayingng t a agey hadot lilied to pelosi,, and rublicans went town o on that hammeringng posi repeatatlyly a accusingngerer o lying about the natioioss intelligence community.y. a fewepublicans even saidid pelosi w was n fit to be speaear.r. but yesterday thee latest uate ciaiictor panetta s made public, anand lawmwmakss nededt patttt acknowledged r rectly the e aa did,n n fact, slead corere. in testimony to ielligence committees,aanea said thehe cia had, in fact, misleledlawmakers on signifificttctions fora,a, quote, number of years. panetta's dramatic turnrnouound tctcted up t the intrigue today fo house speaker pelosi's weekly t talwiwithrerepoers. would d sh hammerththe publicans who had criticicize her? ththanswer was no as you heard frfr mikeallen. e tried to keep thee foos s on health ca.. when pressed repeatated a abo the a,elelosi would o onl say
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oversight committees ulul examinine ee issuef the cia'a's truthfulness. >> obobvisly, they have ncern. the ininlllligce committee has ththoversight responsibility for intelligenceinin thehohous and thth equivalent committee in th senate.. i'm surehey will be pursuing th in their regulul committee press and that's t wayt willo. >> t ts is faascatatin who betterer to ta to you than. joins us live f fm capitol hihi. the effofortoo keeee tention wy fr her spat with the cia. exexain what she's tryii to get aw with here. >> reporter: s sheutut leonon papanea a in popoesessi o of having to defefendheheia when e e ma that bombshell acacsation that the c lii t to r, misled heher, and not onlnly that one time a abo whether waterboaoardg g d actually taken place or siimp been cared to takeplace, b all over t the cosesef a mbmber of things ee says thehe c d doe it all the
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timeme. in your open you played that sound bite of nancy p peli. she saiai she hasn'n't eventata leoeo panetta. thesesarar two democratic politiciananfrfromorthern cacalirnrn. eyey kw och eeach other verery . e e hasn't talklked to h him si it was announced he would be the nominee to heaeadhehe cia. she said, and this is sometethi i have to corrrrt t fr last ur, dadavi that she is bririef byby tirirecr of natatioll tetellence, dennis blair, who is nominallybove l lon panetta inin t chain ofcocommd here in terms ofof t intelligence committee. rereblicans on thee h hoe side, republicans h he in congresess y this is alal a red heing, a ststwmwman democrats are setting this up on the eveff an annual intelligence bill l erere the white hohoushaha threatenened t veto i iovover provision tatat would have panded theniverse ofofemembe of congress w w wld briefed onon ciactctivies such as werboarding and other activivieses tt are carrieied t
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ov overseasas sort of a white housuse versus democratat t thi. republicans s say demococtsts w simply tryining to coverfofor nc pelosi all thrououghtt the coure of this debate a a i int the debate on ththiserery bilil her thth evening in coress, david. > gatat reporting, anan so inigigui on s so nyny lels. mike viqueira on c catotohill. thksks f the reporor david, itss time fofo a maetetlert as weeteteett ememoyment numbers out tay. leles s lo at the big board. thdow clososed upbobout points. s&s&p well up and nasdaq up slightly. the number of americican f filg for unployment befefs fell st week to the l lostst since jajanuy. jojobls s aims drdropd d by 5250 lower ththan forecast. bobor partmentanalysts say antitipapatelayoffs in the automobile industrtr failed to materialize as thehe government exexctcted interesting. and new dtatail today in the ininveigigion into michael ckson's death. thwebsite tmz is r rerting jasoson'personal doccr,r, conrad murray,, s oncece uerer ininveigigatn for a bched surgery. ththis happepeni in 2007.
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one of dr. mmury'y's patients died after h his heart w was punctured during a pprodure. ckckn's family has eressed ncern over d muray. was the onlnly personn with miaeaejackson when he ntnt inin c carac arrest a diedwo weekekaago ststil ahead this hour, the clocock certainly titickg g on health carar >>ss there anyny middle ground? will democrarats snd their ound on a plic opttn?n? that's ahead. pls, a horrific s sto from icago. hundreds ofraves du up to ke room for other bodies.. disturbing, , s sayhe least. we h hava a ve report. th i is nbc. so many ththritis pain relievers - -- i just want t fewer pis and relief t that lastall day. take 2 extra strength lel every 4 to 6 hrsrs?! taking 8 pills a a day... and if i te it for 10 days -- that's 80 pills. just 2 aleve can n last all day. rfect.
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tamron, this e is r rlllly disturbingng a shococngng this sty y t of ccacago >> vvidthe details, hundreds cocorps were d d u at a historic blalackemetery and the bodies apparerelyly tossed a ai orreburied with otrr bies so the plots coululd be rereso. ofcicialcharge the memete's manageger alongwiwithhree grave diggers with this schehe.. >> this wasotot done a veery delicate way, folks. the diggingg ccccred, they would excavava agrave. they'd excavatete ennti site and ththen t they ululd proceed dump the rremnsnsheherer they found a a ple e to do in the ck of the cemetery. >> nbc's kevinibibes joins uss live from chicago.o. kevi obviously, this cemetery very important to o ee peopleof chago, the african-americanan community there.e. w w dithey uncover thisis plot?
4:18 pm
reporter: well, therere has bebeenn investigation g goin o o for some time, andd many peoeol in the area, m ma people oo hahavead family members ried erere for somee time have been complaining not onlylybobout th upkeep, which h hanonot been ve good so they s of the cemetery, but t also tere's bee soso accusations s of people gog in andnd not b bng able tfifind ththe graves. the investigation n habebeenoing on rr some time and what t sheriff's dpapartnt says today anand ststery when this w w first bwnwnide openasas that they havave tutual found an ararea, rtrtf a dumpgg groundn where sosome 100 dififfentnt bo we found in this area, d as you just heard s sriff tom d da say, essentially thehese b bods wewere exhumed fromthe graves d sort of just dumped in a didised or abandoned c corneofofhe cemetery. all of it d de for terrorist, i may a.. it's a alged ththat what was esntially happeningere was that people were bngng removed frfrom gveveand dumped in this corner othe cememetery in order to resellhehe plot f profit,
4:19 pm
and they're sayaygg me $300,000 hahabeen made doingthi >> so if these bieieerere just discarded, what't'bebeindone to mfmft the families? fofor example,,ou've got emmett till, he was buried tre, so he ss young y who was limped in t - - lyhed in the s sthth a blueues legegend dinah washing. yes, and the st goes n. blueuemama willieieixix is asoso buried thehe. the sheriff, to dart,as said emmett t til who is such an i ic of theheivivilights movevementi this couuntry,, obviouousl thats of great ncncn not only to h descendants or famimily members rather, but also tohehe civil rights movement hereren amririca sssseackson has beeeen on t t scscentoday talkingg ouout this. they have said that emmett till's g gveve h not beenen disturbed. ththeyave not come out to say whether or not thehehahaveound ananythi u uoward with r rerds
4:20 pm
toto dinah washingtonon's graver example. buhuhundds of families have pepeed at this cemetery y toyy trying to l loctete the gres o theirr lodd ones an, again, as the sheriff pererhaps most poigigntntlyut it, many of thee families are almlmos having t t rereli their grief, rebury their loved ones because o of thisis. it's atrtrag situation onhe sohwhwesside of chchagago. >> kevin,, thk k u very much. coming up, we veveome brking ne from thehe john ensisignexex sndal. rerertrts that the setor's parentnts pa n neayy $100,000to his mimistre > > plus matt uer's intererewew with bruru. the intntervithat had a lot people uirming around but laughing. >> v vll babackbingngrom my cocommity. i mean,, i r thoughtththe asonaut community gettingg upt about buzz liligheaear. it's's grt thing bebeususe ve
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> there'ss a lot of ings out ere that can be considered ws in ts world. >> tatamr, , the are only a few ories that ke us say -- >> n no waway! > no way! a n new tv ad is quickly becocomi t t newest internet s sensati sensation. features infant wearing onesies performing sating stunts to hip-hop music. watch. ♪ >> yeah 60 seconds of that. 60-second ad was shott a a london's timewoo sos as pa of a mineral water brand evian live young campaign. e video has been watched ov 4 million tim on ytube alone just in the past week. at least a couple times by tamron hall, too.
4:25 pm
>> does it make me mean i don't like that ad. i think theyook like little alie aliens. >> i'll stand with you on that >> little bodies and -- their fas are cute. the lile bodies are creepy. speaking of kind of creepy, sascha baron coheshcha baron co abou promoting h new movie. he'slways in characterike this, so "bru" hits movie screens tomorrow. you probably already know that what can you expect? here is at happened when matt lauer tried interview bruno this morning on the"tay show. >> bruno, we welcome you to "today." it's niceo see you. how aryou? what h thection been in this country as compared to how people in your home of austria tend to react to you? >> you know, they treat gay austrians very well here california they made one gornor. >> the austrian minier to boycott of ur movilled for a
4:26 pm
what? >> he's called for a boycott of your movie. doesn't want people go out and see "bruno." >> he's -- austria is turning on me now? i just heard aut this now. a very private moment. close-up, please. that is just so austan. theyuild you up and then knock you down. first they didit to rnie. then they did it to mozart. he to leave vienna. i don't know where he liv now. it's only a matter of time before they tu on adolf. hug me. i feel so lonely. >> it went to black because he went ove to hug matt. we don't know if matt got his hug or not. this is how want y to greet me. at's up? with a kiss on hand. don'ever wipe those lips ff,
4:27 pm
okay? >>ow. >> thereou have it. david? >> may wde never ceae. >> it ner does. still ahead, the things that never cee to amaze us. the debatehats oning on heth care refor >> and this aot one andt is huge right now. new sns that some democrats may not wa to get it done by next month demoats he house will they matter? we'll also talk about how the other si feels about the public option when w talk to republicanenator judd gre th one is going tbe feisty. you'reating msnbc.
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i'm hamon pearson with your cnbc market wrap. stocks barrelly ending on high note. the dow picked up just over 4 points. the s&p gained 3 points, a the naaq adde5 points. job cim fell last week to their lowest levels since early january. analys expectedthat number to rpass 600,000. new retail numbers show a
4:31 pm
bigg tha expected drop i sales for the month of june. retails in all sectors repoedeak stores but mall-based clothingtores were especially hard hit. the federal reservis taki closer lo at ovdraft protection offered by banks. what started outs a service to autotically pay for a transaction an account holderid not have the moy to cover it, is now a majosource of revenue for banks projected at nearly39 billion this year. that's nearly twice what they direct from credit card penalties. that's it from cnbc, first business world. now back to nb welcome back. i'm david uster live in washington. >> i'm tamron hall live in new york. sodavid, in the big picture today, the window is clong for congss to come up with a plan for reforming health care. the senate tod began combing through the detailsof their version of health care reform, antoday house speaker nancy pelosi made it clear what e
4:32 pm
house plan wilclude. >> affordability, accessibilit quality, and it will have, coming of the house, a blic option. the only debate on that is what itill be alled, the patient option, public option write in yo suggestions. >> well, the senate mewhile expeed to be a much tough sell when it com to the public option. negotiations kopt acontinue and could be another week for the contours of possible bill go to committee for the marp process, the point at which details are fleshed out. >> the ongoing and fierce debat over the plic option that would create competiti bween private surance companies and a goernment-run plan. joining us liverom capitol hill is somewhat of a critic of the publicplan, senator judd gregg, replican of ne hampshire. senator gregg, thanks r joining us. there is a heth plan that's out tre in which people who have health oblems or
4:33 pm
pre-existing contions e not precluded from gettingthe verage that they want. it's the plan that you members of congress have. why isn'the public entied to the same thing? >> well, actually, the proposals we have do exactly that, but they don't do i by nationalizing theystem and putting a bureaucrat when y and your doctor and creating -- >> senator, rig now -- senar, right now there's an insurance adjuster between somebody andtheir doctor if they have insurance. never mind the 42 millionthat don't. right nowou -- tually not you, but me under private insurance, if i wa something done it's an insurance bureaucrat who has to stand betwn me and gettinghat done whereas yon't haveto do that. >> of cose we do. anybody has to do that who haa private pl. i have a blue cross/be shield plan. they mak the decisns on what type of cverage i get. a practical matte what you don't want is a situation wre the governments the single payer ofealth iurance where you d upike england or canada. >> or the u.s. military
4:34 pm
the u.s. military is a sgle payer system. should they t be unde a single payer system? >> there's a massive difference between having the military have their own health care plan and having the whole country heal care plan controlled by the federal government. you don't have to go vy far. you just have to go across our bords places like canada or to england where you see that at least a significant delay goes to rationing andou don't g the rationing we have. >> the cost incanada and the uk is two-thirds as much as it is in the united states for the thirds. procedure, two >>el that's because you don't get theprocedure. in england, f example, they have a 78% survival rate breast cce n this country you have a 92% surval rate. the difference isthat we, because we have a systemwhich encourages screenings an we get people screened early, catch cancer earlier. england because theyave a
4:35 pm
nationalized system, pple don't have the availability of screenin that goes across t board. so if you wish to have a sysm where thgovernment makes decisions as to what doctorou can see and youaveo wait for delays depending on your age as to whether you're going to get a eatment, then i'll be happy to give that you system, but don't want it an i don't think the people i represent wt it. >> righ but, seator, 42 million people in the country who don't even have that option who don't have health insurance. but let's step back for a little bit. there's a lot of people w talk about the contributions -- >> those fks can be cored without nonalizing everybody else, and you ha to remember those folks are not a hogeneous group. they're broken into a lot of different group >> let's talk abt your views. top five contribs and you're not running fore-election, but topive contribors in the 2005 campaign cyle, blue cross/blue sd, 5,000. and then if u look at the top fi industries that you've gotten money from in campaign coributions, pharmaceuticals and health care products, $26,000, lobbyists are next with
4:36 pm
$20,000. why shouldn't the amican public believeou've been unduly influenced from themoney you've g from the health care indury? >> if you wao subscribe that view, u can. i think myecord is clear in trying to call them as i see that. i opposed the par "d" premium expansion which was strongly supported by the pharmaceutica industry. i have oosed a number of iniatives that have been broughtorrd by the medical societies relative funding the doctor fi which had been strongly supported by thos groups so i thin my records pretty balanced, but what i don't want to see is us destroy the ability of the american peopl to choo their docr and to able t obtain health care in a balanced and effective way you don't haveo, as i said, nationalize the syst to accomplish the goal of covering unind. in fact, i p o a proposal that does exactly that as have a number of other republicans. we all want coverage f everybody. we jt don't want too it hang the government take over
4:37 pm
the coverage of erybody. >> well, senator judd gregg, w e appreciate y being willing to come on this show and tak the tough questions. >> thank you for your time. tamr some breaking nuts involving the affr between john ensig and a former campaign stffer. >> dad, the lawyer for senar sign says the senator's parents gave $96,000 to his mistressnd her family in april of 2008 after nator ensign told hisarents of the affair. now, the lawyer says the money s given as gis under tax laws governing gifts to help family through dficult time. ensign acknowledged the affair last month sayingt continued until aust of 2008, which would ma that anteresting time line since e family allegedly ga this money april of 2008. >> absolutely. meantime, the husband of the woman senator sign had an affair with has been speaking out now for the firs time. doug hampton was senator ensign's chief oftaff.
4:38 pm
his wife, cindy, wasurer ofensign' re-electio campaign. he says the nevadrepublican continued to pursue his wife even after intermediaries tried to get him to stop. heays those intermediaries inuded oklahoma senator tom coburn and membe of a christian fellship organization. hampton spoke exclusively to the las vegas ncolumnist john ralston for "face to face." >> cindy really want topursue the right tng. john quitehonestly, you will see through this discovery, th john given the opportunity chose john, ose what was best for john, and kind of ramrodded and ran through people, inuding those very cse toim when he was confronted wit this. he wanted a relationship with cindy. >> joining by phone ishe man who did this interview,oh ralston. john, just so we're clear,he allegation here senato coburn essentiallytepped in and was pressuring the family, pressunghe mistress and the
4:39 pm
mistress' husband to eentially allow ensign to apologize? well, i don't think that's exactly what happened. there was a meeting, doug hampton deribes, in which hers confirmed and to some extent sator coburn has confirmed in th house wher the -called chriian fellowship hse where ensign and coburn and several others were -- in tis housend senator coburn, according what hampton says, was prt rt oa group that told ensignou need to make this right, you nee to make restitutiono this man and his family, and you need to write this letter whh we have now obtained tt ensign's mistress at thatatimime t then continued thee affair anyhow. at is what doug hamptoton sayys. much of th has beenn corroborated althougugh m coburn hahas ww f fliflflopd from wh hehe sdd yesterday and franankl
4:40 pm
quite ludicrously has invokok thee pieie confifintntiaty bebecae he's a doctor not to talk about it. what can you tete us -- a lot of money ere. 9696 - $100,0000rorom ensign's papantnts. the woman allegeged g g a $25,000 sesevencnce here. where ds thenvnvesgation to make sure thissoney wawas appropriately givevenout? >hher are legal estions, the are politicalquestions, anand susuose there are m mol questions. doug hampton san the program in a segment tt't'sow pooeded on the internet a and will air toninighthth his we waspaid wewellver $25,000. he would notii a s spific number. ititow seems thatohn eeigign is trying to t in front of that disclosurere kwiwi that hampton can prove something b by now putting out atatatent through his lawyer that his father pai 6,000 to the family. now, y youavav to understandndh time l lee her this is at the same titimehahat ug hampton and c c
4:41 pm
we sered from their jobs in washington. if it'ssver $25,000,0, i icould cucur iminal ppalalti. they're noww saying it was a git and i it came fromm mike nsnsn d araronssig john ensign's parents.s. it's clear he's trtryi get in front of ths.s. it may n note lelel if he p pai the gift ttes, et cerara, but w w do it look w wn your ther paid off yourur misistrss and yoyo c chi of staffff >> an the gifts were giviven apparentnt i in 1212,0 incremens becacausththat the gift limit. ey were obviously awawaref f th lalathere. very interestingngbibig details big money spread a auund there, too. thk k yovery much,john. >> my plpleare. in ttod's's faceceffff, the summererti ues someeeop are calling for presidede ama. >> t the domestic tubles here at home while h he wrapsp his big ip ovseas. you'u' w wahing msnbc, the place
4:42 pm
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and it'stime for "face-off." today,t's all about the blues at the white house. >> me specifically, the summertime blues. from health care to the stimulusdid, to the cia, it's turning to a long, hot summer forr. obama. while he'seen overseas at the g-8 smit, backome the litical pot isboiling, especially when itomes to the fight in congress overealth careeform, and here to
4:46 pm
face-off is josh goteimer. also with us, cheri jacobus, republican strategist. thk you both forjoining us. josh, i'lltart off with you. we hear the predent could h aroem with the so-called bl dog democrats. a lot ba and fth going on,the sausage making they love to call it on the ll. the president is there. he able to micromage unl he gets back? >> i think he's got a host of advisers thaare working t hill prett hard for him, a i have no doubt that the xt few weeks are going to be full a the next f months for that matter will be full of a lot of debate back anforth. this is a tough challenge h taking on, reforming the nation's health ca system, and every day there's probably going to be sothing that comes up that you hear about. but at the endf the day wt he's ting to do bring choice and get dn costs and get more americansovered is what's important. >>ut the clock is tiing, josh. >> sure, the clock is tickin and it's ticking evy day of
4:47 pm
the presidency, but i think gin what he's done in the short periodf time, theact he's driven health care ouand he's going to have bills coming out pretty soon and the fact he's put forth a very strong economic package and energy package in only a few months wouldn't you say?y, not bad, >> well, i won't say that, but i'll letheri say wh she needs to say about . cheri, the clock is ticking, and i know the president has l hinging on health care refo. he could have a problem with the mocrats, but some are saying he shouldn't waste time with republicans, thathe congress should move along and jt let the dems take this and move with the ball. wh do you say? >> he obviously needs to ha some bipartisan support to hav credibity, but he's going to have problems in his own backyard not just with health care. overall, we see the psint's number dropping. people are ling coidence in him. we expected that when the first wave of the honeymoon was over, but the problem for him this summer is that democrats that he thought he coul rely on w have to go hme and make nice with their own constituents, so
4:48 pm
thehoneymoon with obama is over. they got to go back home and fall back in love with their constituents. thatresents a real chaenge for obama becae he zrunt thdoes have that blind loyalty anymore. these are just normal dropsn numbers. maybe. this excessive spending, whether it's heth care or other thgs he'srying to ram through, if heoe into a free-fall, if unemployment hits 10%, then it's all bets are f. 's every man or woman for themself. >> don't think necessarily 10% unemployment equs a free fall - >> it to trigger it, david. that's what you have to look for. >> shodn't we just talk about the fa that he' got 79% personal approval rating,which is more than clinton or bush ever t. it's hardly a freefall. the prest, i think, everyone after some time gets some blow backnd he's taking on the toughest econo since the great depression. easy. f this is going to b whate'got done is wh's
4:49 pm
portant. >> well, ihink that there's a chance tt he could go into a free-fall if unemployment hits 10%. his mbers are opping. weon't know. it depend how far -- >> what do you mean by free-fall? do you mean like dn to 27%, what george w. bush wt? >> exctly. whatre we talking aut? >> i think the way he'sropped so far is significant but not unexcted. >> his job approval rate something still 61%. >> his psonal apoval rating, yes, but on the issues he's losing a lot of suppor howhat translatesor house democrats in particular is going to be a probl for him. everone is up fo re-election 2010. theyill have less loyalty to the president whose own popularity is lagging and have to have more loyaltyo what fos back home are saying. it's going to be tough for obama. >> let's ta look at the w the rncs trying to take advantage of the rising unemployment numbers in termsof a litical fashion. he is the rnc ad. wah. biden says they got it wro. >> we and everyone else misread
4:50 pm
the econo. >> obama's response? >> there's nothingg that weould have d de differently. >> nothing? stimulus m mey squandered onon fraud and wsteful spspding. not onon creatg new jobs. >> you know, it's an effectctiv ad, but wonderf theeublic which has seeeen nearlyy1 trillion on n a war thahat we dt need to figight ll resonatat to that sort ofof mesge, that soo of wastul spendin and also interms of the economy don't't people stillll have memomories how bad the e onomy s in the last quarter >> well, i i ththink what pople willllore an more start t do is think offthis as the obama ececomy an the longerr he's in fice a because he had such a sense of urgency for passing this maaive spendingng billnd said we ve to do thihi in order toto creatjobs, he can only ge away for s so long with saying, well, i i inheree-- inherited this. whatat they dot want to hear too
4:51 pm
ch of is we couldndn't help it or sort of tap dancing g ound saying it's not reallyly our fault. little accountability y in order. the erican people are goining to start separing from h h andnd that'shere, like i said, he's going to start losi a lot more in particicularouse democrats, hiown party are going to o be the peoplele he has to fight fo and would just he to hohope and pray he e n get somome republicican pport. >> a a rightjosh and chereri, grt to see you both.h. thank you very mucuch. >> thank you. still ahead, some thingswe thououghtou shouldd know.. >> the president's soccer jersey, h dadaughter shirt, and some new words fofor the polical ctionary. and en lawren o''donnell fills in for c chris matews on "h"hdball. never mind, theyey've enen singing our songss since weirst showed up with oupirate hats on! if you're noininto fe sword fights popointy sliliers and green n wo t tigs take a tipip fm m knight who knows free credit rerepo d dotom, let's go! vo: : offer applies with enrollmement in trtrle advantag.
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4:55 pm
therere's a t going on today, and h he ar three thingns we thohought youou shshouldkn. president barack obaba seeme pleased withth the gt he receceived tod from brazil's president at the g- mmitn italy,n autographed yellow brazilian soccccer jeey. thee oy problem is brazil bt e united states teamm june 28th in the cup serieie it was a crushing l oss for t underdogog amecans. the presidident handled a diplomic issue because i think a lot t amerins woul have said why are the brazians ruruing our ce. > faced with eroblem of havingo first la toook after e g-8 leader's spouses,
4:56 pm
eitalia prime minister sylviilv berlconi came up with a solutionon. he has asked a fororr topless model turnedovernment minister, she's s a government minister now,w, to stand in for his etranged sn-to-be exex-we.e. the former m mod i ishe woman o thefar right of th pictur mamara carfagna is shown in vi from her earlieryears. she's taking care of the likes of the first ly, michelle obama, a are raf browara brown, prime minister gordon brown. >>wow. >> did you say wow? >> that's pretty good, tamro a british conservative newspe are reportin on president obama's oldest daughter. they have me photographs of r wearing this t-shirt. keep in mind tha malia, she's 11 years old, but the blogs are leged she's making a politil
4:57 pm
statemt and somehow standing with nuclear disarmament. co on. most 11-year-olds don't follow nuclea weapons polits. how can anybody ascribe any motivation in this case. shame on thoseconservative bls for making an ise out of an 11-year-old's t-srt. good grief. >> a peace t-shirt that a lot of ds ha. when you have noing to do, you ke up stuff. speakingf makg up stf, new words in the dictionary. theye about to add 100ew words and phrases to the latest edition. among them here i a list earmark, carbon footprint, b. >>s frenemy, an staycation. is it a aycation when you stay ho because you can't go on vacati it's a recession.
4:58 pm
tough to gawhere. >> staycaon is something meg going to help us avoidso w can take real vacations. >> fally though, david -- >> all ght. it's my read. from youtube there's this one which entitles you t talk like politician. lessonne. to be his party.s supposed >> you kno i think he mit have pulled a sanford. >> dyou see m girlfriend? >> he man. >> i willreak your teeth with my st. >> a good pot guard, here i what he does. he drives through a full-court press protecting the ball, keeping his head up because he needs to keep his eye on the basketanhe know exactly when to pass the ball so the team can win. that'shat i'm doing. keep my eye on the ball th representsound priorities and remember theyncde energy indendence and smaller govement a national security and freedom, and i know wh
4:59 pm
it's time to pasthe ball for victy. a those are just a few things we thought you suld know. i lo the r-bom. pretty gd. >> as the weekomes to an end. so doeshe g-8 summit. let's bring in mk murray quickl he's got a lot of inrmation to tch us upon. what do u have, mark? >> hey, tamron and david. obviously, tomorw is the final y of the g-8 meting r president obam in aly, but also tomorr the obam family ll be meeting withpope den distri benedict xvi in rome. health care will remain in focus th vicpresident biden holding a round table discuson. >> thank you vy much. i'm sure pple are also going to talk about apparently president obama smbled a little b as he was talking to greet the italian president. here we go - that will be splashed everywh tamron, thks as always. >> where did he stumble? >> who hasn't


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