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tv   Countdown With Keith Olbermann  MSNBC  July 9, 2009 10:00pm-11:00pm EDT

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burt and nie for frenemi seven. "countdown with keith olbermann" stts tonight. . which ofhese stories will you be talking about tomorrow? pelosi ndicated. the ci directoat best admitted the agency didn't keep congress fully infmed over the last eight years. the cia dirtor at worst admi the agency msl congress or the last eight years. >> i know whatyou know. >> hung out to dry, the reblicans are now tg to split the split underinformed misleading hair into underinford misleading lying. >> i do no believe that the liedo congress. i'm still waiting for speaker pelosi t put upthe fas or retract her stement and apologize. i told you, our ccess in driving the republicans to distraction, any excuse will do. >> wh was congrs not
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informed o of, isisled er, lied to about? not terrogation,sosothing new? palin's save ee taxpayers money excuse, leaving offifice mntnt hundndre o of thousands dololls leleftn legall fees alaanan was have to pay defend her against ethnics chaeses not true. a paalin spokesperson admits neararly a t money was ebebudted. it wasasoioing to state lawyers before t thereerer any ethnics investigations a andtt will stil be going tostate lawyers aftft she leaves. e lied again. > n kids onhe blockck a a th p p ies to susinin justste e to sonia sotomamayor. her rulings ow h her surprpringnglyo bemiddle of the ro.. >> packing ee cell phones, rereadin the fananci a acunts of nigeaa lson. whooidid iit?
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not t th bh administration.n. not even a anheher governmnmt.t. >> andnd the new phrasese st add to the u urb dtitiony, pullin a papali we have a a few morere phrases add, like writing an enengngn kiking the o appapalachnn trail. alll t th and more now o on "countdown." >> i i used i itoto oanize a hikiking tp.p. >> od evening from new yyk.k. the samerereblicans whoayay we cannot trustst theovernment insisted t tod there is one agagcycy aovesuspicion, o one governmentagagen which would neneve e evelie, the cia. thisisespite today's aisison fr t the c c while it i i not ca pocy to l,, it w wtsts cdit from the cia director telling cocoress when the cia lieded anyway. revealing thatirector leon opinion eta tdd congress lastst
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momont just, ju as h hse speaker ncy pelosi said the ciaas slsled congress since 200101. after congress mememrsrs reveal letter referring toecret ststony he said, y t tesfied you have determined the topia officicis s coealed significant actions fromllll members of congssssnd misled mbebers for auuer ofyeyear om 2001 t thisweek. babaseonon tt, the democrats askask ed p petta. stood byhihis statement conceaeangng tngs from congress is n not policy b but confirmed central clclai panettaa revealed times it h happedd anyway. "it wasthe cia atat took iniaiaves to tify the oversight cocoititte" this adssssio insufficient tot derail republican n potitics
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he saidododay thee democrats ar revealing nn ta's aisissi to give congress more ctrtr over the briefings itit gets by ciad vivindicee lolosi claim ofof ininaduauate befings. jojoboboehrexexplning govevernme s ses are totally trt worth i. >> i wk closely with ourur intetellenence professionals an they are that, professionals. o tt believe that the c lied t t congress. i'm still wting for spker pelosi to tpp the facts orr retracact he statementand apologize.e. >> spoker peososi, asr. b bhner kns full wewell prohihibitebyby law fromom producing facts abou her 2002 briefing whehenhe sayss she wasnonot totold about contpopory u.s. terboarding. todashshnot only apologogizg g for calling ououcicia deception but hintntgg congress is not ye done dealing with ththsesecr briefing.. >> the fact i therer i is a brfing that isff serious
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concern toembers of thee committee and they have theieir course of actionon to deal with it. > joining night, new jers congressmanuush holt who no only ststs on the h hse ininteigence c cmmmmite but was one of the signatatorssf that june letteer. >> gooddto beitityou. >> do we h hee the psisi correcect ere. isishehe ciatickingoo its sttyy deceiving congressss iot its popocy nor its officicia practices about you neitherrilil the ciaaeny sosometiss it happppeded anyway? is that cocoisiste with pipita's sty y toyou? >> part of the r reasowewe released thehe letter, we g no rerespse from the director, no action on ththe ttte whwh we wereayayin his ststement in may, knowing what he knows dd we knownow, clearlrlwawas false. no we arere n not just trying t cacatchihim in a falsehood orsk fo an a apogy or tryryoo be led in onn a a secret erer the e pott we are ting to mamak is there is a t a earn off
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deni a a depepti, aatatte th ultimately affects thehe secucutyty o americans. unexamined havior, which iss this ptern over,, not just the momont b buthe yeararnd the decades, the unexamined havior caca lead too dangngouous-- > cconessman, we had a glit. the picture and soundd suddenly wewe dead which is an ironon of itself. >good to be b bacwith you. mmnot sure wherere were when you lost me. at we were ying in the letter was thetatatent of mayay 4th was inaccurate.e. he knows it now, wewenn it now.. we are not trying toto catchhim in atatnd ask for an apology or tobe l in on thaha secret. we are trying toto esblish tha there is a pattern off ninialnd dedeceptn.n. ulultitely that p patteurts thth national security,ththe
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safetyty omericans because t pot herere this powerfrf gaganition, if i runs withoho ovsisigh if it is unexamined, you d don knowho is m minngng ththe store, rea damage cann b dodone. damage to peoplele he e an abroad. soso is nottbout an internal bebewaway, insee the beltway tif or catch mr.panetta,a, a a goc. it is to establish the fact cocongss must exertrt ovsight for ththe sa o othe safety of ththe erican people. whether it destroyoygg tapes as we k knoththe cia dd o in completely separatate incident, "t cia denied congress the nfc
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and papartnt of justice aesess t the findings," orr whether it's as m kstra. wewe cannot have a aommunity th operating outside the e w,w, covers up whwhat idodo and lies toonongrs. ththisetter you are refriri to that was released yestererday fers to onlyyone, tt an egegreouous example. a serious m maer thatt went unexinin by congress cacaus it wasas unknown by aone from congress for m man ears. >> and to that pott we are secondarilyy in t the i imptancf the structuralalelationship of cia and the country, secondarily, tere isishihis surprise thatss referred to me what obliquely in h her congngressmamashshew reportedd
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the h huffitoto post, mr. p pant stopped one programam he arned onune 23rdrd, thathehe whole committee e stunned to learn atatad been kept secret. wathth something weidid not know about prevusus? >> we c can talk, i i can't lk, nononef f us can talklkabout th cocoenents of t tha ririefg. u'u' note the toneneofof our letter is n not accuse t tryf fr panetta. it's true. he ce e to voluntarily.aato of papatttta. it's true. came us to voluntarilily. aais esesons why i may after he hadbeen director r for many months he c camtoto real this.. i bebeliev i i just ca his atatteioion. this culture o o concealment, which can bee really dangerous some of uss in our gneneraon rerembmber shamrockk and so of
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these ththin from the '6'6 a '70s0s tha g ge rise tohehe ne ofof t congressional oversighth in the first placece this is sosomeining at is not w.w. > theheeepuican suggestion here thatthe oversightht tere is toto protecthe speakeke to backfillll hlaims about the pass, butt the provisisnsns actually predatete athe speaker said about ci lack of full clclrity. at is the impetuousus rr yiying to changnge ee nature of tt briefings? i i'v been on the intelligence committee a feww yrs no anyone w who s sveved on tha mmmmite for any lenenthth of tie and is straighght rwrwar will ll you, yeye there iss d denl d deception by the intelligence communinity not all the timeme
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many of tsese p peoee are patrioioti conscicientis.s. they'l'll ayay 2questionons. if weedodon'ask the ritt question, theyey w't tell uanan answer. that is so often the c ce.e. not all the tie. not everything i is ke f fm congressss, a anyeans. but these dangerous,aajo tivities would be conducteded with ththoveigig whsosoev, they s sououldt want tha ririsk > cgressman hot,t, greaterer thanks than evev for your timem tonight and bearingithus riringhe technical problems, a a coincidence, no doububt. thank you, si >> thanknkouou. >time to b brgg in as p prod nbnb political analyst howard finenema senior washington correspondent and lilical columnmnisofof "wsweek" mamazizine good eveningng, hordrd.
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has this relatitionipip, the nenea def situauati as panetta says, the s r repsesentives sayy has speakerpepelo been vindndatatedn the process? >>eses ifououars the statemenent carefufuy y asou did at the top ofhe show, kekei, they sayit isis n o our picy or our pracceceo mislead the cocongss. thth i is a full admission. there are many times w we dijuju that. nay pelosi is a politicaca person. she a a panenea have hahad at i politically. th i ia h hiway shshdodown in california betweenenoontey and san francisco. yeyes,hehe'seen vindicated. nonouestion about . >hhatbobouthe second point hehere coressman holt was, i thininkee ss specificical begmpmptic
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thatt'sroroce and structure that concern h mos but bebetwn the panetta ttitiny anan what congressman ldld said and what c coressman eshew said and the i ia of the bkeke ddenly being jammmm on some cret actical, doo that suggest we haveve another s sanl brewing g i it undiscovereded debrisfrom a previousus o coming or whatats s it the big speculative g ge e todaday onheheill when i was calling around.. nobody's'surure. it sounds like s smemethganetta kn a abo or put a halt to. meme neb members of ngngre don't know abobout i o or were y recently inform ofof, t the's that.. he wantsts tprprott himself yiying just learns about therere may be an investigatatiobyby se housusgrgrouor maybe a congressionalllly dede o because haharrreid, the democratic leader i iththe nate is concerned abouout th, , well.
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then there's the matatteofof money. don'fofoet, the cia is in a bureaucratic w w w witother intelligence within ththe administration. thth i is so about money. this is abouout ndndin this is about le panetta,, foererember of the houuse foer chief of aa, b budt dr director, aeery wileyey gguy wanting to fess up befefore 's's too late.. >> the structutureththe litical stctures in this are so unusual here. the white house is thrhreatengng to veto ththisewew lislation that they're spepeakintoto congressman n ltlt aut. are thth e esstially asking ngngre, you kkw, just ce agaiaitrtrusthe president and fill in the blank andnd iitit going to flylyhihis me? >> i donon'thihinkt's going to fly entirely. predatatg g pesi's fights with papatta. it hasas f s seval years now. th're saying you can't havave this las vegas magagicctct wre the e cibrbriers come in and
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y, l me sww you t the cards, we'll show y you f f a few seconds,s, andnlnlshow theop leaders of congresess a a the ranking and chairirss othe hous inintellenen and senate tetellence committees. ose people aren't the e on wnwn ithe nitty-gritty who really know w the ghghquestions to ask t t c ciariefers. so t the i is pretty strong case for expandininththe mber of ople who are briefed byy at let a few.. it's hard to see whyhehe obbam administration o oerer tn their ju s st of blind dsire to prect all the prerogatives of f the presidency,y, why would the objeject t thahat, especially w rack obama ran on a theme of transparency. now, nobody's ststidid. weonon want to spread secretets all arouou t theery porous political, but this inin ty'y're barely movieie- - rember the old tv ge e ow? oncentration" will wititbibill cullen? th'd show you the board w wi
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the c cueue on and in nine seconds turn t thee numbers ove again anandyoyou were supposed guess where the matchess wee and then g guesshehelue? it reaeallisis - >> that's s e e wait seems, thespepele, and i think there e is a point. >hohowa fifinen, beangngwith us also with h the chchcal problelemsn n d. tonight. again, it's cia discusussion just a coincncidcece. thank you, s s. . >>haha you. >> eaking of concentratioio and ththe ititchthe cornerstone the cascade of words exexpend byamame ck governor of alaska a about her reresignioioturns out inin tms of truth to be a deada fish. sarah palin's claiaim byesesning she wiwillayay aska taxpayers millions i in gagal es is actually wildly untrueue. thth lawyers weree ing toet papaid ananyway and the lawyers still going to get paid d anywa. goveor point guard runs into the basketball fulcocourpress of tthth. engine gunk... left by lor-quality gasosoline. it protects engines fom performance-robbingu. trnew nitrogen-enriched shl gasolines.
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how much taxpayers have pay for lawyers did noto up significantly go down significantly because sh quick. e governor's first tangib contribution to societyshe is pa of the urban dictiary. a couple of problems in "worst perss," ki kicked out of a allegedly because theyere too black. ars and poll situations' cell l phones hacked. 
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at the heart of f the onono be former governoror pinin'seef with -- everybybody. her stateded rsoson r resigning from office, the bit abobout sasangng t taxpayers legal fufus. inincluding in our "countdtdow it's's aieie. spite the reason palinin c't't get people t ttatakeer statements at facece vueue bause e e stements have no value andnd she hahas muipip faces. sincfrfray governor palin relentlesslyly reptiti a talking point that shehess quitting i i order to save a alkakan taxpapa e e co of paying f f what she lls frif yus charges a agastst her. noatat o news conference, had d two, deplete with a a coste e change in ththe teterv. still blbldidingbout the mimillio s s will save the state of alaska by resigigngng, cept,
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of couourse,heheovernor office isdmitting that money wawa ready budgeted in advavanc meaning it would have e goneo o state lawyerers ywywayven if they weren't't denendi palin agnst ethics complaints. that uncoverered bgrgr sargent in an interview, notot keengng teteamalin from trying to put t the toothpaste back ininto t tubebe. a a spesperson for the governon telling the "anchohora d dai news" staffersrs fro multiple stateagency, n just s sta lawyers, puttiting aside d dutie against the cocompinintsgainst papan.n. a check we vote e no ststafhours? s.s. gornor palin's parallel l aiaim she hahad be v vtorious in every onof the 15 and countingng ethics complaints s agait t r also notot te.e. ta troopergate. u'll recall with the h hp p of her huhusbantoto accused of usg her politicalffffic to rry out a rsonal vendetta, ecifically she fired alaska'ss publ s sety commissioner beuse he refused to fire the governor's brother-in-lalaw
10:23 pm
troor r chael wooten in ocber three weeks beforerehehe general elelecti, , e council, asaskatate legislature, founun govevernoralal abused the power h herffice according to the alaska executiveve bncnch hnics act.t. turn now to margrgaretararon washiningt e edir and columnist. rgaret, good evening. >> good eveveng,g, kth. >> for the bridge to n nowhe, , ththengagain it. lied to stephehen hmhmt, thmcmcin campaign manager inin the e-mails. deniedederer husbandnd had evere a member of ththe cccceson alaskakandndepdence party. liliedhen she said firing thth public safety commmmissierer hadn't gotot ahihingo do with s s resal to fire her -b-bther-in-law. shld we even be surprised d at is point this stated r rsoson quitting as gogovern a ao proved toto ba a li >> welel i in e statement, in her backyardrd, m m surised you fofoun you know, the art of , , ich was the legal feeses becae e ere was the lame duck.k. shdoesn't want to milk it.t. doesn't wawanto o gon junket. everybody dodo i it.
10:24 pm
remember, countless otothersavav quit. lyly t governors who ever quitit under pressusure eliot spitzer and jim m mceeeeve of new jersey. u u und this one, and thisis o then turns out not to bebe rig itit cocoarareso a general counl a corporation. the geneneral ununl is sitting the waiting for incomingngndnd deals with it.t. it's oututdede cnsel, if outside cocounl l we hire or some such thing, then there woululd be check writteten. in genereral, atat deal with their own lelegaprprobms in-house, just the way corporations do whwh t theturn t the own general counsel.. top of that, i spoke e thth hnhn ce, who started, foundede the legal defense fundndoror sah palin in alaska. and hehe saythth most of her private legal bibillththatrose as a result of the childldren' trtrelel, e per diem, troopergatate,erere id for out of those legalalefefen funds. sosohe really doesn't haveve o
10:25 pm
of pocket legagadedefees. i mean l legalxpxpses. >> t tha y youor the compliment on digging this out, butut it d take six dayays icich lls us mething else. other story. back t tththisthough. this attttptpt tspin the fact now that this lie has s be uncovered. wee now supposed to believeve ththat the other public c servt a alaa, the prison league, road crews, publicic safy y officers andnd tchcherand people whdo research with the fisish were somehow diverertetoto hp in the papan n instigation. i i meani i ked the first lie tter than this one. >> well, i in thdada since that statement, shehe's bn n ying -- with h hel you can tell therere'seeeen me prprofsional help applied. to finind soththg that actually workrks, a s s's backing -- shs s lling in, and on this s e going forward, i thihinkararah palin is n nowoioingot to answer any questions. she'e's ining say, i've swered your questions, a and
10:26 pm
yeststerda t t day before yesterday, in the e drdrea mitchell interervi, , wh she cused andrea of not lilistining toerer answers when she w wast giving an answsw.. sah palin is very good a a reaming words togetherer tt t dodot have a subject, verbrb a o objt. thth'r're st present partitiplps and prepositioions a i i love the people of a alaskanan i'm quittitingo o i n serve them bebett. itakak no sense. > yh. 's a line out of catch 2 22, t guys in italy win n by bngng deatated. should we usus the esessencofof this? governor palin going g sisign at the end o of thmomoh? didn't l lar c cra resign last ye? >> you know,w, iooook ay from thth l lite speech in the backyard that she's jujustadad i with alaska. meme, have you ever had a a jo when yououisish u could just walklk o a ando spend the summer at the beachchlilikeou did -- >> only the last 30 0 yes.s. >> yeah, right.. sten, she got to do it..
10:27 pm
she e ysys, m out of here. and shsh came up with a wholele bunch of reasons.. none of themem rlllly rk, but she's out of here. would be shocked, keitith. i'll give you u i i'lbet you dier at someme extravavagantlala that this s gornrnors gone. >> an all-expepensshshopng spree and d out t t closet, was it in wasilllla ijuneau? couldn't remember where e that place was. >> the secondhand clclhihing store. yeye llll sd you there. that's my bebet. you can n ju r runild at the sesecohand closet. >> i'm sure i've worn n asucuch clclotng from there as she h ha or the other w way aunun > aaiair waders for you, keith. t tnk you very much. mamargar c clson, bloomberg news and fishinintatack magazine. ththank u,u,argaret. > tnknks,eith. good night. g goonight. >from the sarah palin k kinof bull to the more litereral kd,d, here runnini - -- d poltergeist. decides it fair to judge
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> the bush administratioion gure who claims the oboba administstrationledges unrealistic resultlts and later didistanceitself from. >> 40 years ago, fufuture hall famer tom sear, one oututn the nth inningtiring billy wiiams and ernrniebanks, a a
10:32 pm
shouldbe a winnerer and became ceer fielder, at that titi jimmy qualls of f the chico cubs at t tt poinhad 11 career base ts. his 1212th a sine to center field sted up the perfect game. he would get only 19 m more hi in his c career. let's plplay "hardll." al in sports, we begin in n pamplolona, spaiwith the epic struggle between manannd bove. guess who o alwaysomes out on top? day three ofofhe 200running of thbulls. ncerned about lack of f verage from d days onand two? don't worry. you han't missed much. weeep hoping one of the bubulls will get brazen or organanized a take a couplple jerks wn. but they d don't rlly know it's cong. look at the oddbdball scoroard. five runners escape withth minor tramampling. no serious gororings. seseems veryorrect this year. to g germany, e oddball slow speed che of the week in ready in progress. didihed byis girlfriend at the local l er garn.
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after getti plowed on one too many p psners eals a tractor. a x-car chase ensues at t 12 miles an hour. first pepper spray, a fefew nail belts intoto the mixnd then shot out e tractor tires. and our heavy machinerer operating daysys are or an he'd headed to dadas big hoe. didid you kn the puerto rican lel defense fund is an extremist grgroup? so says the republblan par. if anyroup is expert in extremism m it's t republican party. also -- alsosothe so to be -governor makes it into o the dictionary. the stories -- ththfirst me the first person inhe world from pennsylvanania hide andnd seek pler natalie jazmzm age 2id so well in the game of hide-and-s-seek her lks callededhe cop it took anan hour anthe family dog toind her. natalie had fallllen aslp in a drawernderneath the washing g machinine. we'd'd like wish them lots of luck for thehe next 16ears.
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dateline, wawashingtonumber two. st race its. congressn steve king, reican moon. th wted to put up a plaque at the new capitol visitor center to embellh the suite of thecapitobuilding was built by slaves. t ilt by slave, thus whi people suck. not built by slaves and therefore reparations just saying, think about is. thhouse approved the plaque, 399 voto 1. the one -- steve kg. he said itasn't an accurate depiction of history. great. we now have a slaverdeer. he'sn congress. and dateline new york, number one best memory losskarl rove. another one hose ponderous op-eds for "wall reet journal," ro complains about the imulus package and writes -- this fits pattern. pledging unrealistic results that it later distand itself om. oh, inther words, karl, you're saying, mission mplished. taking its rightful place
10:35 pm
in a a long le of amazing peornce machines. thth is thnew e-coupe. this is mercedes-bz.
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extremism and defefense berty is no vice. moderation in ththe puuiuiof justice no virtue. the original mantrtra ofododn coervatives pronounced in n 1964 by barry goldwaterer tththe republicans s o o nonated whose successorsrseem toaaveust repudidieded h and that coconviconon e third story denouncicinghehe defense of l lerertys extremism in t d dperate effort to make e something, anyththg,g, sck against suprpremcocournominee sosoa a somayor. the confirmation heariringetet t bebegin ndnd, the newest senator al franken m mtiting with thehe judge today, threrepuicans tryiyi t to ne their attack. senator jeffff sesonongriping agagaiababousotomayor's former position on the board d of rerects of the puerto rican legal defefee e fu saying the organinizaonon iextreme because filed some, wait for itit, ra discriminationon lsusuit senator sessision m mig notwant
10:39 pm
to acknowledgege it,utut race discriminationons s ilgal, and even i ifessions were right, setor goldwatat w wou have admoninishedimim e legal defense fund h h w wri ton sessions saying neneitr r th bobod d as whole or any individual m mbeber lects tigation to be undertatan n or controls ongoing lititigioion. and 25 latiningrgrou criticizing hifofomischaracterizing suchch civil rightstsorork d trying to createteththnianimosity. anpatrick leahy releasededndnd analysis of jusushohow derate to conservatiti t theudge is on crimalalustice. reversed only 2% of f imimin convnvictis s d in 400 criminal cases agreeded witththrepublican appointed judges 97%7%f f th time. divided ruling and if f sisitis were mainstreamed those others appointededy y democrats and fromom t b brean centererononcles sotomayor is eaeay within the mainstreaeam the second circucu.. her dedecisis s ined by the full cocot t 94of the time. indeed forormer i i rector louis
10:40 pm
freeh endorsed s sotomororill testify on her behalf f onong th formrmer dtrtrt attorney morgan thal, calling to testiti a agast the nominanationa a ew haven frank richie, a new hen fifire fifighr at the center of didiririmition, which many bebeeve sotomayor flowed evevling law and watctcheasas the supreme e ururt anged that law. ththe erican bar association h s now given the judgdge s s hiest ratingng well quaualifi.. it graded clarence t tmamas ly qualified. ananeven republican senatotor lindsey graham has saiaid, " honenest t thi i could vote for her." let's turn now the washingtgton pt"t" eporter, ththorf the litical blog "t"theix." good e enining > gd evening. we musust also note about sesessnsns tt he was rejectedd y ththrerepuican controlllled judicially commimitt becacaushehe h what they pepercved at open hostility tot
10:41 pm
civil rights issueues. even a senatat f frohis home ststate teteagainst him. he is the sessions s stae e on sotomayor, i is a abo his own enda more than it is s som chance of raising g letitima esesons about her or deraiaili her nomination?? >> f fstst, have not talked to the senator a aut this,s,o i i not going t get io o dening his s tetentns. i think republican, , in aouou acace. jeff sessions, mitch m mcconllll leader o oththe rty, and cornyn head of the committee,e, t b bas reasass.s. one hand, the basese oththe rty wants a very strtrong seseo be ma against sotomayor. ey believe some of thehe statements she madadinin t past, about -- froroththe gislating om the bench, the wisese linino remark we'e' m madso much of. these are things that t fundamentally disquauafyfy h. on the other hanand,ohohn rnyn, ununrstands, it does not l loo good for someone whoho h a as you've listeteththe tings, very qualieieratings.
10:42 pm
hispspan w wom for the republican p partyo o out attatackg.g. inhehend, they're very likelely nototo w that argument, excusese mebebeuse you've got 52 senanate seats for democrats, a andt't's goinintoto aenate the hispanic te from the republicanan ptyty. >>veveif they choose to polilish up their ownwno-o-caed ideology in the q queioionsgo for the idea of getting g thbabaseork done is ththat gngngo be more difficult than they'reremamaging hehereegegarng the nominee, beuse of those, the recocos s that we just wenent rorougand also is the riricci seseheir main c crsrse d -- not like she was the judge e whpepersally passed that thing alalong? >> i would sayay the's'swo thrusts they arere goi t tmake. the e ricccaca is one and the wi latino remark in therer what did she t thinkththcity and race i is a ctct. and e e her, ad nauseam on yoyoube, since the day shehe w nominated about t e e ro the
10:43 pm
appelllle e cot plays in making a a w. again, i keep cocongng bk to isis we talk about it and talalk abt it, republicicantatalkbout it, tatalk aututt, at the end of the day you're l lkikingt 58 pretty lili i haven't heard any democrats or the peoplple wh caucus with democrcrs,s, s they might vovotegagain her. d d frberg and ted kennedy we he byrd and t ted knene bothth illndndaybe not voting. the's going to be a few.w. lindsay graham, not t exacy y moderate s senoror. lindsey grahah o outaying i thinink i ululvote for her. the e ymympisnows and john boyneviches fromom oo.o. she'll get thahanunumb. soso of that is a mistake e i think for republicans s to py y isis o too much, because it's s aa desment i inhe hispanic commitit >> might be okay to o lookt t e obouous,ncludes ricci in it, it might include a r reach thanks as alwaways what d ds s puing a palin mean? it hasas noween addddedo o th urban dictctnanary it's the tv editioioofof wd wealth.
10:44 pm
and spyiyingn n poticians ananceceleities. re's the big story notot de e by a governmentnt worst persons nenextyeyes. shshmay have been a victimim. when racacl l jos you at the top of the hour, didid senoror ensign's parartsts p his ststre $96,000 in gifts? her spececiagugues leading vevera of this increasingly relevant mess. ♪ [ tires s rereec] [ fefemale aouncer ] sometis, you can get soso much ouof so little. the sasa is tr with batath tiss too. introducing necharmin ultra soft. its new w ultra so design is sofr than before. and itas so much absorbency,y, you can use 7 sheetsts vs. 2 of thehe leadingalue brand. so your r milyan get momore milge out of less. [ horn honksks ] new chchmin ula soft. americs softest bath tissue.e.
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nature made. fuel yr greatness. pulling a palin makesinto the dictiory appalachian trail?ce and the and how did the newspaper t so many scoops? hackg into voicemail is how. and inner city kids were welcome untithe members realized how black they were. that's next. thiss "countdown." nancl advice ? nancl advice ? ererll you find the stabilility and resourcs keep you ahead of thihis radly evolving world? these are ugugh estions. that's why we brougught together two of the mostst powerful names in t the indtry. introducing rgan stanley smith barney
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hereo think wealth managemt.t. he t tanswer... your questnsns morgan stanley smimith barne a new wealth magement firm wi over 130 years of expernc
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a new enentrinin t urban didiioiona. puinina palin. we'lll hpp you efine andd offer p pitically newhrases lilikeririti an ensign. first, worst p persoininhe world.d. the presesenent the huntington valley, pennsylvania's's ia a charge at day y ca f forostly minority kikis,s, $1,900 bucks let them come and swimimncnce week. whenenhehe vley club members saw em and one woman said,d, "atat arare l these black kids doingn he? i'm scared they might dodo something to my chchil"" the camp kids werere kicd d t of thpopoolnd the club opinion the next day valley swswim cb b president sasayshehe dl was off, neney funded. accoininto a local television n station, c conce a aot of kids ululd ange the complexion anan atatmospreref the club.
10:49 pm
g gs worst. appears to be the sameme d j joh duceler chairmrm o of e board acac actition ililadphia, whicicspsponred martinuther kiki d dayvents and is a leader of t o-popositi blood ivive, rtrt o presidede o oba's prograram. itasast racism. ththeynderestimated the capapaty of the facilities. cocompxion. and the most wididely adad newspaper.r. the news of ththe wod.d. a rival newswspar r rerted its owne n ns corps paid $1.5 million in s settlenen of lawswsui c claing news of the "thehe world" hacked into thth mobile phones of hundndredsf f lebrities and liticians, reade-e-ma, et ceterara. the list of alleged tatargs,s, gwyneth paltltw,w, t head of the brith h otball association, the former deputy primimmiminier and londonon may a a chris mamattwsws lk-alike boris
10:50 pm
johnson and celeleitity ef gella lawson. one correspondenent ntnt to isis several years for hacacki into the cell phpheses othe british h royafafaly. the prprimmiminier said there we new questions about thehe paper's activivityhahat eded anered. popoce indicated they woululdn reopen the case. of the new allegatatn n thnews corps bobosseneniethem and niniedhere had been any cashsh settlements. had that happened d sa r rupt murdoch,h, w wou know about it. t te, why did they go to o al the troublblrarath than get the secr p psonal information fromom the bush administratatn?n? bubut r inter, colter-g-geist with a a column apararg several blogsgs getting hoaxexey being cut and pasted toto the coenentsections of real bsites. the peculiar palin o on thlele, and all l th n nee to happen is foa feminist over here sayaying is i hate to admdmitt,t, pin is kindndf f ho you call that hot? you know we gogoa a sur hotty in debbie wasserman schchul..
10:51 pm
anand eded i remind yoyou again ththe w sexual appepealf f rael maddowow >> women in politicscsgogoodr bad, baseded entelelon how they okok. judging by t t p persive immoralilityndnd hocrisy and sanford and their r k,k, t only ing that might interest t a ma voter ababoua a won is sex. god knows thatat musbebenn coulter's lifefe story and wodd certainly explain n y they nominated sarah palininoror the viviceresidency when she had n t a ngng qualification for thehe job, besides the a alilityo wink. but evenn ding to the pile of nure that is ee right ng media anancocommtary, coulter is memeing worse. putrid evil and worst ofof all considering hehersf f asinds of a a inincaated dorothy parker peatedly ostensively a and irretrievably y t t fuy. onmomo thing. the shshot ararael is not only stupid and givenen vwewer action hihilaouousllong, also
10:52 pm
diururngly revelatory about t n coulter and disturbibing sad. and you starteted th b buty paant thing. these are your ruleseshahat u thinisisair. soou have asked for this.. if i were you, i wouldld n s sta commenting about t the vueuef attractivevenessn n men in politics. ann coulter,r, tayay worst person.
10:53 pm
10:54 pm
10:55 pm
> yodiditca job before you
10:56 pm
finisheded iananif your rational foror dchchinsuch job is bizarre, such impeded f fute hopes of a b betr r b you might p pulng a palin. nunumb one story. governor p pal's's lest approach to not governing finds itsts w intoto t a anns of the urban dictionary. the r rblings of the almost ex-g-govnonor isartofof the geist. pupullg g palin. quititti w whethe going gets ugh, abandoning responsibibili entrusted to y youy y nehbors, bobo a advces and to make money on the l lecrereircuit. twtwo bizarre mves that wllll dn amambionons r higher office. reremi to think ms. palin isishe only republican toto ctrtrute to the e cuurure cabulary. sasalu to the gop, finding itself and alterer i t te with embarrassing political catatch phrases. >> serioio - -- n. >> l louiaianaenator admitted
10:57 pm
in hisis involvementt to the ma matter was a a ririousin. which is nowow dinineds -- havivi s sexith hookers while weweing a diaper. whwhy x? and larry craig's exexplatatn to the popoli a aft being arrested r lewd conduct. i i a fairly wise guy. i tendndo o spad my legs when i lower my pants. . > we stance, now defined d the e po s suck during the solicitatitionf f seal favors in the toilet of a major r metropolitan a apoport >> i am not gagay. >> falling short of the e standards. >> i a aeded y if rumors were ue that you were in anan aaiair. >> t thedmdmsion of former house speaker newt g ginicic >> the h hont t aner is yes. > n d dinition, doggedly tacking president whilil eating on one's own wiwife > wtitingn ensign. last year i had an affairir. >> a new phrase descriribi a a letter written b bprpresential
10:58 pm
hohopel in thirirdrade chicke sctch used to tell yourr miststre y youused her for your own pleasure." >>ikikg the old appalachian n trail. >> i told d r r abt -- my lovely appalachian trail. >> not only a wawa t thrgh the wilderness, , noalalsoouth carolina m mark nfnfd's code for tctchi your duties as governrn without telling ananybod h hping a planane a argtina and getting it on with a ladady whisisot your w wif >> i'v'vseseener three times nce then, during that t whe e spking thing. >> sparking. thbeginning of a sexy timeme withth theadadwho is not your ti, of which there will l consequences at t leasononof which h wi b be ally uncocoorortae news conferences. for the soon to be ex-governor from alalaska quitter. >>'m certainly not a quiuierer i'm a fifighte >> alternateteefefinion, fighteter. >> think of ththe sce e my
10:59 pm
parents' refefrirarato don't explain, friends wonon'teeeedit ananenenems won't believe you yway. >> refrigegeratomamaess. new top campaign advisis, , grt rerepublananope of 2012. > > poscript on senator ensisi turns out as junioior setotocall d mom an dad not to write too sign, just to write a chcheck the letter whwho eaeateon his wiwi. sign's parents gave thth miststressinin hamptons 96,000, 12rara at a time. cash is alwawa n nic afafr r thsenator told his papants about the affair, , hi parents decided d m makthe gift out t of ccece for the we-b-bei of longtime family friends during a dififficu t te. the giftfts c constent with a paern of generosity by thehe ensign family to t theamampts and othehe.. senatotor sisignf nevada himself kindnd of ftftone that keeps on ving. and therere'ananotr new termrm.. pattern of generositit w whi means, pay o offs! that's "countdown"n"oror ts