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tv   Andrea Mitchell Reports  MSNBC  July 10, 2009 1:00pm-2:00pm EDT

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positions on abortio rights and stem cell researc today esident obama had a warm meeting with hisholiness, po benedict, at the vatican. >> thank youo much. very grateful. look forward a grea relationship. >> the president alsintroduced his top aides to the pope. >> robert gibbs. david axelrod. >> the spth nowheading for the first time since his election to sub-saharan africa, where he wille visiting ghana. >> m father traveled to t united states fromkenyao
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sty. at that time, th per capita incomend gross domestic product of kenya was higher than south korea's. today, obvusly, sout korea is a highly developed and relatively wethy country an kenya is stl struggling with deep poverty and much of the country. and the questio i asked in the meeting was, why is at? >> mr. obama's awer to that question, the african nation should stop blaming the legacies of coloniali, solely colonialism, and start iving their own vement, and their own accountabili. 'll go live toghana in this hour. before leaving re, the prident also tried to rebut criticm that momentum for his agenda was slipping away. he says health care overhaulis still his highest legislativ priori. >> we jumpedin with both feet. you know,ur team is working with mbers o congress every
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day on this issue. i never believe anything is do or die. but i rlly nt to get it done by the august recess. and coming uphis hour, judiciy committee member, nator am kbuchar on nday's sotomor hearing house finaiaervices chairman, barney frank, on his consumer protection bl and the aig bonuses and a l more. tim geithner testimony today before his hearing. > then pennsylvania congressman joe sestak, who's been giving the white house artburn over iembrace of w mocrat, arlen specter. plus, the nbc seni analyst, ron insana allhere. good day. i'm andrea mitche live in washington. supreme court nomie sonia sotomayor crammingtoday. last-minute practice sessns before her confirmaon hearings start onmonday. democratic sator amy klobuchar serves on the judiciary committeeand joins us now le from mieapolis. great to s you, senator. thanks so much. >> good to be on.
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>> well, we know w that the witnesses are going to include four klochar -- four klhar -- you're not nominated. for sotomayor, jor league tcher, he'll talk about he help in the judicia rulings endinghe 1995 basell strike. the repuicans are gng to bring out that new haven firefiter, frank risc ree reesh. >> first of all, e's had 17 years as a judge, more an any other minee that's been put forward in00 years. she s someone o has a great background as a osecutor. i'll be focusing al that and some of her judicial decisions that show that pragmatism,hat sh understands wt w enforcement offirs, the decisions theye to make on e front line a how you hav to have tha sense of the real world to be a judge. i also think the're not
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surprised at all by some of the witnessethat the other side will be putting forward. anthere'll be a t of estions about that case. but as w all know, in that case, she was following precedent. she actually acknowledd in an opinion that t supre court was a tgh area andh the supremcourt should look at this. so i don't think it'ssurprising at all that there'll be qutions in this area, but i have t tink that you view this no as her judicial tivism, but fact her record of dicial modes, where tmend time ain, she loo at the law and look at the fact. even if she may find plaintiffs mpathetic, as was said several times wiirefighters in new haven or the victims in the twa crash, where she made a difficult personal decision on how she felt the law should apply,ou see time a time again where she follows precenand looks at the law. >> senator, what about the complaints from e republicans? how ch damage do you think that they can do especially looking at the new haven case
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and somef those other cases. her relationsh with the puerto rican civil rightsgroup. are they going to try to paint her andero in on some of these issueswhich are more potically sensitive? >> you know,hecan try to do whater they want, but i tell you this. what should tter is t record of the judge. she did some other, she wainvolved in all kinds of issues and avocates for clies, private clients, fo victims of crime. that's not a surprise. lookt justice rober when he was before the judiciary committee. he said, the's clear advocate and then bin a judge. you seehat time and time again, whether it wajustice marshall, other supreme court justices who well respected haa historyf being an advocate before that o being involved in activities or their n interts, but the point of it is, shes an ipartial judge. her record shows that. when s's on panel with
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republican-appointedjudges, she uld agree with tse repuican-appointed judges' opinions 95% of th time. you just go thugh her reco. i think many sholars have and she islely a judicial moderate, someo who follows precedent, and someone who also, as the presint so well poind out, has a sens of this uny. coming up om nothing, i hope her mom is gog to be there. her mom is the one who bought her those enpsych lcyopedia britannicas after ty had no money. time and time again, you see this as someone was just beat thedds and succeeded le so many people in th country. >> all right, senator. i ess it's nice to he some company there. you've been representinghe state of minsota for all of these months by yourself. now you've g senator franken. you guys getting along so far? >> thi have said going fi. he's putng together his staff and we're just here to represent minnesota. i'm here today with e secretary of housing, secre donovan, a we've been going around and seeing some ofhe
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workith the recovery money, the jobs it's creed a some of the homes that have been oved in our state. okay. amy klobuchar, thank you very much for joining us. >> thank you very much, andrea. >> s you at the heangs. straight ahead on "andrea mitchell reports," the new debate igni on capitolill. what should ththgovernnt do with the tens of bilons left in that bank bailout fund. barney frank joins us xt. ( crackckf bat, cheering not playing wih the kids? nnot o these legs. poor leg rlation. ctor says it'p.a. peripheral artery disease? hmhmmm. more e doubles your risisk for a a heart attack or strokoke. so i hear. better ask yr doctor about plavix. plix can help prect u from a heart attack or stroke. plavix helps kekeep blood platelets
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> next year's pepennlvlvan sesena primary, the dememoctiti side, isis heaeangngup, againste wishshesf f e state democratic party and the ite house. coreressn joe sestak is planning t to alallee arlen spspteter r the seat. listen to what sestak toto
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"washington times" radadiohihis mornrnin >> i understood for r exdidien reasons why peoplele in washingn anan theolitical establishmentn and democratiti pty may hahave embracaced a arl specter, t,t, franankl i i didisaee. although, forreresint obama, i'm suppororti h his agenda. and you know, a a thennd of the day, as i tell everybody, inin s het t hearts, he wants a a tee democrat. >ere with us now f frothe capipills s coressman joe say sest sestak.. welcome. you u we a aililla clinton democrat, nonot oama democrat.. >>solutely. ddas you know,aa people said, we don't waant barack obaa into the r ra three or fourr years ago. then a allf a sudden, andrea, ople were sasangng,et hillary out of the race. we democrats arare about a good honest fight and coming togegeth at the end.d. and ssond, how d i know inisis hearart o o heartrts he w wntn decrcrat it's not about the momonerer. it's'sllll abutut, what are the
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issues yoyou' fightingoror and at are you oppoposetto? icame to washington t to o opp president bush. arlen spectervovote with him four out of fiive timm. he derailed the clintonn administstraononealth care plan. did nothing 7 millionon americans lost theirirheheal insurance ---- >> but congresessm,, ngressman, arlen specter washe k vote on the stimuluss package foror s white house. at was his loyalty. he stepped up to t. he's b bee with himon health care. d this is what arlen s speerer had to say in a a written atement a couple of days ago about you. he said, congressman sestak is a flflagntnt hypocrite challenging myeein a r rll demomocr w wn he did not register ass democrat untntil 2006, justn time t t run fofo congress. his lame excuse for avoiding partyffiliation because h he s in t theererce is unundcut by his documenteted disinterest in the political proceses i want to gigive you a chance t spsponto that. you were an a airiralyou were in the service, yoou rere in the war. have at . >> and s -- all that timim
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was, i believe, a a maofof inciple. asasararacobama came to washiningt, , i came, not for t netive politics.s. i was arerestered indepenende and proud ofof it. ielell erybody inyy d dtrtric because like lipowell, nenelesesl clark, c chi myers, we all registered as democrat bececau w we lieve the military shoululd nonpartisan. > y mean -- letet me just correct you. you saidid -- you regisisrered independent. inindendndt. evevermimiliry officer is democrat. how do i know that? a all believe i in health care foforr eeryryon so when i went toto an 11-month war, my y wi a and daughter h h h heah care. and that wonderfrf armysaying, come on in a be a a youou c be i i lid d decratic principles the entire time i ias independent and ththee enomic imimus bill. whwhat arlen dididtt tell y andrea, is is. also toto $80 billion o o of
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thatatcoconoc stimulus bill of coconsucucti money th constrtruconon wkers out of 31% employment rate and sttucn th alternative ninimu tax of $80 bibillnnthat goes tthe wewethy and we orgive h himvery yeyearn congress ananay. becacausofof tt, the m meels shw that a arl s scter will have a 900,000 m mo w woiningamily mbmber unplpled by the enend of 2010. itit not whatyoyou' about. not just thatyoyou did onevote, but that are there e eve day. we just have few secondsds leleft but what i i the white hohous ing? what h havyoyou heard from rahm emananue are they trying g toeeeep u out of t tssrace?e? >> they dididn p pla on ii but i think k th'r'reuietly happy y because i'm keeping arenen honest. helipped once, he'e'llrobably flflipagain, but h he' flight risk after this election. at's why i'll prevail at the enend h hava true democrat actually supuppoinin barack o oa in the seate. >> okay.y. joessesk, thanks soommuc >> thanks for hahangng me agn,n andrea.
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>> on the other si of the ll, today treasury sesecrarar timomothgegeiter called for great government cocororol er the cplpl derivative rket. ma bame it for the economic crisis. >> bececau o othe enormous scale and the crcricical role these py inin ourmamarks,s, establishing comprehensivivfrframork of oversighght r r devatives is crcrucl. >>he chairman that heheing, chrman of house fancial servicices b bary fraa,, joins s now. mrmrhairman, thanks uch for joining g us. >> y youeewelclcom >> first of all,l,hehere do you ininthe regulation is ing to medown? what kind of legislalati a a you looking at frrour commititte >> i thinknk is going be a little bit tough foror t administraraonon. i want to make one point, an n d dr drea, i wawashhing th role with colinpepeteonon. sometimemepepeop are legitimately c conrnrned about turf battles and sqbbbbs in congngre.. the derivativeve i isue was s sl up a long time betweenen t
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commodities s furererading commission a a t the securities d exchange commimiioion and t t jurisdictition to splitt bwewee ththe nancialervices committttee and d ee agriricuurur committee. i'm prouou that perer and i h h deded to work very close gether, so h hveve the leead administstraononofficials. we're gngng t repealnnct ththatas done in 2200 senator ililramm took the leaduring the e roroncrisis and legislatin s s adted that shieldedththe derivatives s omom mh legislation.n. that was a caaus of great s strs t theeconomy. exacerbatated s se of the problele.. we are going too restore t to e s.e.c. and ee cftc, a acrding to t tirir jurisdictition powero regulate dederititive weweilill specicifilllly be reirirg that inlmlmost every case, divivates go on an exexanange that they not be t the -- or a clearing house. that theyotot be t the ininvividuized deals. anand peoplere goingtotomake individualized deal,l, t thehav have a lot more capital behind it. anand want t to beyond that
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d ban were what are called nanakecrcrit defaultswaps. you look at a,,hat's whwh caused the failulure o o aig a all ththmomonewe've had t tout in. you'u' g goi to see a very tough set of rgugutionshat will empower thehe.e.e.cand the cftc to stop much of f e e prlem that we've e hatotoy. >> let me takake yo through s of the otherhings that a are o yoyo p pla rightht now at thes hearings a and i in your rolele chchrman. whatat autut t $330 b blion unspent fromtarp? ho d dyou want tosee thahat used? s somof it should be held f for fincial stability. the greaeabubulk of it should .. if it's n not needed, it can n e returned to ththe treasury. but i think we've h interest in dividends that are e ining reid. the tata l leglation was much morere tightlyritten than people realized, and it's been administerededmumuch better byye obama administraraonon. they've clampeped wnwnsome. fact,heylalamp down sufficiently using t theututrity weavave them o o excessive compensationon. but thatat a a l of the banks give theonon back. and d wee glad t to that t to
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have it back. anthere's about $6.5.5 blion that's been paid so o r, over and above the papaent of inincie in interest and dividendnd i want to use thatatnn aumumbe of waways first ofof a,, we nonowavave ppe who araracing rereclure, not cacae they took outubprime mortgages or libout t teieir incomes, but becausese tyy lost thr jobb we have muchch mee prolongng ememplment than we had expected. you've goteoeopl now w h he keken t responsible mortgages, their going to l le theiromomes cacausthey're unplpled, and that's going too exacererba the whole probobleofofhe drop in prpreseshat's too rapid. so i want toto hee a fund d th lends them ---ooest give em -- but lendshehem money fromom t t tp profifits sohhey can continue m moragage paymyme not lose theirir homemes, a and them back later. sendly, we have a newew problem ww where mumul-family bldldgs aree facacingg foreclosureececa of problbls s the with the credit markets. and thhatouou just b b another further disaster in termsf a t t fororecsesed property that's sittiti around, wewe wan
1:19 pm
toto pvide some fnding to keep that frorom happeninin we also ntnt to inincrsese a program thatat wveve had cities inany c cass tend to be t the poorest cities because foreclosures don't happen in the rich sbubus neaearl as muh. theyey h p pperty that used to pay taxes, now it eats taxexe you have to sendnd o e copsps the sasanition, the waarr people cacae these are now places that are vacant a and attractal kinds of prprlems. we w wantotogive the cities the money y to b buy up some e ofhh property, p p ittack on the t tx le, and put somefamilies in thther which is better for the neighborhood andnd bteter r the cityty >> no i alsoso want to kk you about youou o consumer protection ilill, which is goin to try---- not only on mortgag, bubu alsoththe credit card rate. try to precect ople from gougining s se of these companies as we begin -- asas crcrit begins toflow. what's the progressnn that? >> wewe,, we're going to haveve vovo o onhat in mmmmtee before the break for july. i am cononfintnt 's going t to win. look, we have e nknk rulators,
1:20 pm
d d eir job i to otect the banking g initition. we havave historicalal, , also, given them th right to -- the authoritittoto ptect cconmeme, t that's t their pmary role. e e deral reserve, thhey control thee currency,y,he fdic ththey just hve aprimary focus ononroroteing the banknksnd t t baba system. wehihi the timeas come to ha a a separate institutiononhat protects thendndivual customer on credit cards, o bank overdrafaftsononruthin lending. on a allththe things. and the admiminiraraon proposed it. it had b beenn orininal opopo by professor elizabeth w warr at rvrvd law schoolol we're gogoggo put thhat into plplacso that iivividls dealing with financialal inititutns -- it will cocorr papaay loans, a lolot of thinin whereree e haeeen consumer abuse and have anan institution whose fusus wilill on the consumerer pteteion ratathethth doing coonserer protetectnn as ndndf an aaftththout to more
1:21 pm
important, as they ee it, jojob >> spepeakgg of elizabeth waaen and the haharvdd la professor, who's alsoleleing the congressional oversighght nene atat panelel issued a reporort y saying that the t treurury is sellingg its stakesesn banks fo one-third lesshan they're rtrth. which amounts toto blilis of dollllarhe.. does that raiseoncerns for you? >> it t do.. i wowoulhahaveo lookok atthem. do want th banksks thave someme f fding to be aeeo do eieir job, but t theanks have disappoioieded msomeme there was a recenentlery good study ababou the federal reserv bank of boston aboboutaatial issueseshahataid the banks are not doing whathehey ould be in hehelpg us avoi rereosure, in rewriting mortgages. again, we're expecting the banan had got moneyrorothe fededer government undnd t thearp ogogm, as we callll,, to do that. so, yeah,, i i will beooking att atat but the fereralovernment was t the when the bananks needd it very badlynd i haven'tt enen e e rert. i've beeeennnthat hearing a a
1:22 pm
day ththatouou mentionededntil terally five minutes agag but i will be loooongng a that rerepo.. >> and do you u veve any concnc that ken eieierg, the compensation czar,wiwill not be able toonontr the lelel of coenensaon of bonuses for g?g? 's'supposed to havehehe flexibility to veve gg tse boboses. are yoyou ining leave it i i hs lap orr - -- >> i i henen lookededt theigig ise. i'm toldld t the was something theaper ain totod.. i haven't hahad b but i will sy this. t we plan t todopt legislation at deals with not juststarp recipientsts o aig but all puic compananie first of all, , weaant the shareholdersrs tbebe ae to pay. i thinink atatomomnsation is not just -- anandd the shharololrs shshou b be le to protect themselves. but we have ininenentis. in many of t the c cpanies, esespeally but n only the financial companieses i if the cicisimakers take a big risk and papaysoff, t tyy get extra momone b butf they takeke big
1:23 pm
risk and itoose badly, teyey don'n't fffferny penalty. if i t tld you toaake on the risk and th risk paid ,, you would benefit, butut if the ris failed, y youououldt lose anhing, you would take too many risksks. so we w wntnt to havav r res th the securities and eexcnge commissisionhahawill administer th will prevent that k kinof actition >> barney franank a allhings financial. thank you. i know you'vee got voote t tre . thank k ou. >> thanks,s, anandr. > > no for thelatest developments in the moounngng budget crisis inn californiaia. government officess thererere clososedtoday. the first off three monthly furlough days. governor schwarzeneggeger popose the furlouou d dayto help ovcocome $224 billion budget shortfall. >>anand e universrsy y of cacafornia is proposing f flolog tete of thousanandsf f ployees toto oseset nding tsts at t th hohool ten mpmpus. > an c cing up nnex president obobamss totohh love meagagfor african leaders.. you're watchchin"a"area mitchell poport" only on msnbc.
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right now presidedentbabamas en route toghgha where he's exexpeed to be welcomemewiwith open arars. ththiss s th president't'ssirst trip to sub-sahaharaafafca since tataki office.. he c cosose ghana because of th country's hihistyy with good governance. this is an exciting moment f for ghana and for r thprpresent. hehe n not going to kenya, whe his rootsts are. he's going toghana, which hasas this track rererdrdf good vevernce. wh i is e political benefit and the foreign policy b benitit for the prpresenent re? >> welel you know, we expect th t tbe a big hocoming, evev t thoh his mimi, as y you sasa, , ist from ana, his father wasasroro kenya. it is the f fir visityy our first afrfranan-arican president ckcko africa. so we do expect a bigig ututpoig of f fling threre. ghana washehe firstououry in afriricao o deare its
1:28 pm
independence from the conini govevernntnt and had someeocky road along t th way, but 's had a stle democratic government for some ti andnd a government that is tryingng t cck down o couption. anan president obama hadnn inintesting messagag t thoht, this morniningt t s news coconfenencenitaly, wheree he said a afranan nations needd to opop blamingg their historyanan thee aions of oers when t th okok atthehe problemshh're having. they should look t t t problems of bribery and corruption a an theirwnwn failure to take advantageofof opportunititiesfo ececomomicdevelopment. and that is t message t tatatas a person of afafrin n heritage,e y y be especially ablblo lilive >> i was r rlllly ruck by that too, susanan here's's athth part ofhahat he ha to y in hisis press conference today about the agagriltural needs of sub-saharan afririca >> what's cking is theririt seeded t the right irrigation,b alalso the k kissfnsnstitional mechanisms that ensuree tt a farmer is ining to be a alele
1:29 pm
growow crops, g get them too mm, get a faa price and so all esese things havee to be part o a comprehenenveve plan. my fafath traveled to the ititd states a meere0 years a ago and yet now i have faly members who live in vvilges, they themselves are not g gngnghungr, but lilivenn villagege w whe huhung i ireal.. >> and in fft,t, he makes the point that at thatat staa, keny s aheadad, economically, ofof south korea. nonoit isis, obviously, great disparity wiith south korea,ne of theheajajor econonieiesf the rld. and hehe sd d th thereress an isise of governancnce an accountability and transparency by institutions in afafra.a. >> so intereststg g th way the presidentt isis ung hisowow personal hisisto w wn he takes these tripsabroad in effort to connene w wit ooe.
1:30 pm
yoknknow when he gi that big speech inn cairo, hee talkeded t the factcthhat he hadad r reliv o were muslim a andhere, talking about theacac thatat hi ththerame from africa, this s is not sething he talalks a lot abt with americanaudiences, we didn't hear l l about his rican heritage when he wasas running g fopresident, butt it' aa way whenen hss aoaoa to coecect th p peoe and kind of demononrarati in theays in which he'sdifferent kind of ereric president thanwewe'v had in theheasast. >> let me briefly ask u about all t tngngsepublican andthe latest from senanar ensign. what can i s about t the ensign chronicles. does he survivivethis, where h in-lawaws idid $9696,0,, reportedly, toto t f fily ofisis mistress. yoyou ululsay what the mive s,s,ne might suggest it was toto keep them silent. >well, i think thatate e thgt this wasas a s scaal thatad tten ershadowed by som other ents. itit's back now. i think 's definitete ging to veve to answewer these ququeson. d d certainly, we don't --
1:31 pm
people s surveve - c can surviv scananda you and i have covered a lott o polititianans o have survived scandals. t thas for sure. >ut iteeeems to m me this is one that is not adady to go away yet.t. we're going to be e taining re ababt t it. ththerarargoing to be moore inquiries to look at e ectctly what was happepeni rere. >> susan page from "usa today," thank you. thank you,andrea. oming up, supreme court nominee sonia sotomayor gears up r confirmation hearings on capitol hill republicans are preparing for bate. will they make race a centl issuif their stragy? you're watching "andrea mitchell reports" onlon msnbc, the placfor politics. honking, news radio update ) en y're really in pain, relief can't come fast enoh. introducing new b b quick releaseryrystals.
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for details aboutpeople wis access
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welcome back. in this breaking news, congressiol committeesave noweleased their revi othe controversy over who is responsible for th controversy over electronic surveillance, the criticism th the intelligence agencs were improper or illegally coucting electronic rveillance on u.s. citizens, not st oreign taets. joining me now, justice correspondent pete williams. pete, we're just getting this in from the hill. what doe kn so far? what this is, andrea, is the unclsified version of a report prared not by cogress, but b inspectorseneral of the inigence agencies and the justice dertment and defense department about the president's so-callederror surveillce program, the warrantless eavesdropping program begun in the days of 9/11 that was intend, the president said, to allow the intelligence organizations to listen in on suspected terrorists overse, even i they were talkg to americans in the u.s. we've just been able to glance a little of t. a cole points jump out to me,
1:36 pm
andrea. first of all, tre seems to be some confusion a the justice department over precisely who was in charge igning off on the legality of the program. and some peop that were involved init that didn't realize others were doing it. the other thing is, the only thing that saw, uickly, was that the report says that members of congress were befed in 17 sarate sons befe thprogram became ublic, when it w leaked -- its existence was leaked by "the new york mes" in december 200 and during tse briefings, before it becamepublic, the report says, not a single member ofongress object to the repo. after itdilore, after it was made public, of course, many members of congress said they thoughit went too far >> this is only gng to exacerbate the tension betwe continuing -- between membersf congress, especially on the intelligce committee, and the agencies over their ntification and who told what to whom and the most obviou example is losi versus panetta, so stay
1:37 pm
tud on that. re reporting throughouthe day. meanwhile, l'slk about moay, pete. >> sure >> judge sotomayor is up for confirmation to the gh court. you're going to be in charge of our covere. we're going to carrying it live he. chri matthewand others here on msnbc. what do we expect on monday? yore going to have a long series of oping statements, ect? >>right. the questions won't start unti tuesday. we'll hear fromll 19 mmbers ofhe judiciary committee, 12 democrats, seven publicans. republicans outnuered almost two one on that commite. then towd the end of the session, judge sotomayor will be introduced bythe two new york senators and then she ceres will speak. she'll introce her relatives. pretty time-honoretrition there. then the questions will begin on tuesy and wednesday. of course, it's a pretty foregone conclusioshe'll be nfirmed, but replica say there are seris questions to be raiseabout her views on things like race,ffirmative action, and gun control. >> so w look forwarto allf
1:38 pm
your rpoing on at, pe. a busy weekendlooking forwa to judge sotomayor. thanks so much >> you bet. andpeaking of jud sotomayor, right now justice ruth bader ginsburg is the only emily, senior editor at joins us now. and you recently interviewed justice ruthinsburg and this "new york tis" magazine piece is cing out this weeken fascinating intview. let me point out, yoasked her out e sotomayor'somment about a latina woman's richness of expeence. ginsburg's quote to you was, thk of how many times you've sa something you didn't g out quite right d you would edit your statemen if you could. i'm sure she meant no re than that what mean when iay that my wife experiences bri a different light to the table.
1:39 pm
male judges do much more abrasive things all the te and it goes unremarked. ginsburg answered, yes, the notion that sonia is a aggressive quesoner, what else is new? has anybody watchedcalia or breyer u on the ench? verynteresting stuff. whathe attitude about ginsburg abouthaving another won on the court and the likeliod she will be perform ed? >> she is, i feel great about not being t lone woman around th place. and i think she's vry hopeful about judgesotomayor's confirmation, but also wanted to make clear her hopes that thes will be ry civil hearing the kinds of hearings she felt tat shend justice stephen brer had in the 1990 >> another question, when you asked her about beg the only woman on the cot, she said, 's almost like being back in law school in 1956, when there were nine of nus us in a class
1:40 pm
ofr 0. so most sctions had just two women. yofelt every eye was on you. every time you went to answer a question, you were answering for your tire sex. it may not have been tru but itertainly felt that way. you were difrent and the object of curiosity. and my expernce was justi o'conn when she was the onl woman and fighting to get a job out of stanford. these path-breaking, trl-breaking women haad so much of a burden on them being the only one or the one or the cond and to have at least a cond woman on the court means areat deal to justic ginsburg. >> yes, i think th's right. ani think she is hoping that a second woman will not be the last woman. that, fact, there is room for presidenobama or a futur presidt to point more women to the court. she made a prediion at her own confmation hearings that soon enough tre would be three or four women of diffent complexions the supreme cour and when i asked her about that prediction, shsaid, well,o far've been right about canada. at's true about the canadian
1:41 pm
supreme court. >> and in fact, justi o'connor has saidat she was dippnted that she was not replaced by a woman. >> ye i think s made that clear during the alito nomination. and y can imagine that perhaps from the sidelines, s is also rooting for judge sotomar, although i haven't talked to juste o'connor about that. >> we really lk forward t reing your whole piece. it's the sunday "new york times" magazine. great work. veryice to talk to you. >> thanks so much for having me. thank you, ndrea. > stay tuned. monday we will, of course, be bringing you livecoverage of the hearings right here on msnbc. todain italy, meanwhile, prident obama called on world leaders to aggressively combat the global economic recessn. >> wle our markets are proving and we appea toav averted glob collapse, we know that too many people have still struggli. so we agree at full recovery is still a way off, that i would be premature to begin windindown our stimulus plans and that we must sustain our
1:42 pm
support r those plans to lay the foundation for a strong and lasting very. >> cnbc's senior anyst, ron insana joins us now. can yo take what the president said, what tothy geithner said todaynd give us yo analysis of whe standnhe recovery? where does the administration stand as well? i think they're exactly right with respect to a premature widral of stimulus. a few weeks ago was the g-7 finance ministers who expressed the possibility of winng down some of the programs,ndr and th wld be anear-fatal mistake. the type of mistake at japan made in the '90s or the u.s. ma in the '30s. whether or not recovery a long way offr whether or not we get positive growth in the third arte i tnk is difficult to assess. i think we'llave a double-dip recession by t time this is all over. the's some tough slogging ahea although i'm much more optimistic tn was three or four months ago. >> do you thk there's need for a second stimulus?
1:43 pm
>> no, absolutely not. i think that for variet of reass, they haven't spent nearly all the mey that has been allocated for stilus programs sfar. ve been sakg on cnbc that they could move up in theay o a payroll tax holiday to the dollars they've been allocated to stimulus arey and ge that into t hands of consumers to stimule the econy. i don't think anybody's gog to listenn thcore, but we n'need a second stimulus when the first hasn' been spent. >> andid you hear anying from barney frank or timothy geithner today out the derivative regation that y want to commenn or raises concerns for yo >> i'm a little concerne just at the moment. not about the future. i think reregulating or i some cases actually starng to regulate the derivative industry is lg overdue. i'a little concerned a this ture in the market's recoveryin the economic covery, that if regulion comes on too strong, we could aborthe rally in the markets
1:44 pm
and possibly restrainhe economy. derivatives clearlneed to have a consistent set of rules across all asset classes. they need have capital requemts that make some sensso that speculators can't simply, you know, lever up 25, 30 times an cause t tof system distress that we saw over the last couple of years. >> ron insanathanks so much, fo cnbc. up next, liveo the next stop on predent obama's overseas trip. this is "andrea mitchell reports," on on msnbc. introducinone a day women's . the first complete women's muivitamin in a drink mix. with more calcium anvitamin d... to support bone and breast health... while helping you hydrate.
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prerededentbama is on hiis way to ghana,, rightnow, aftfte wrappiping u the g-8 summitt i aly and visisiting the pope. ananans are eagerly
1:48 pm
anciciting t v vis. nbc'ss m mar isn accra, thee capital of ghana, and joinsss w. very exciciting you've hadad a chance to talk o people. what is thettsphere there in ancipation of this first visit of the first africanan-amecaca president t toubub-saran africa? >epeporr: hi, anrerea. make n nmimiste about it, this is d denitely being hailed asas homecomi homecoming, evenen thoh h ama's heririta i is kekeanan, but ananans sa h heafrican and thth's all ththat mattersnd he c cing baback. there'e'a a lo ofxxciment on e street. there are billboardsds d posters, vendororarare lling speciaial afcacacloth with obama'a'faface on itt to s spea hahandaintedportraits. theyey'revevenlayingsongs, it'ss stuckn my hehead. ththeyee anticipating this visi eagerly.y. very excited that he's coming
1:49 pm
here andnd excedede's chosen ghana asththe first stoppe'll ma in sub-saharanan afafcaca. >> what about t the tough love? s saithat sub-saharan africa cacan't stst rely on blaming it colonial legacy.. that it hahas toststar taking reonsibility for self-governanae,e, f better institutions, more aansrency, an dling with s someffhe rereal indemmic problemsms. >> well, itit's really a messag ofof rponsibility when y y l loo at it and ththis inono necessarilily nenew ssage, not comingng frooboba torica. said it bebefo.. anannotomominfrom u.s. presidentsts to riri. manynyf them have made similar statements. bu i thinin what's signinifica here is thatat iss comingfrfrom obobam becacae e pele here truly a admi this man a love himnd respt t him. ey really see himmas a a simple ofof what someone c c accomplis enenhey follow theright lues in life. and so thatatmessage, thohh it y y be tough pill toswswlow cong from him, making it a a lo more manageable and a lotot mor sosomeing that they might b b willing t tlilist to. it also o come with, ass you mentioned,d, g goo contribution
1:50 pm
of d, which is somemeining people h here h he brought u up aiain d again,hich is eyey'rvery happy off aide. they'r're ryry happyhe's coming here and bldldg strong relationshipipwiwithhe u.s. but the question isowow c some of ourreeds be addressed. >>hanks so much. ok forward t to seeing urur rertrt overer the weweekd. > and s seetary of state hillary clinton held a a tnn hal meetg g r agencyy plplees at the stata department totoy. she pised theheir edication. rere'sust one of t te r ratrr raomom questioions she was kek totoda >> my eeion'snonotbbt religious feded. itit'sboboutiking and running to work. anddheheth you wouldldupuppo an iniative to get access to shshows.s. > love that idea.
1:51 pm
hillararclclinn at the s state dertment totoday that courtesys ofurur colleague. what politicalaltoto will be king headlines i in thnene 24 hours? at's next right here on msnb the place for poti. a arart tack at 53. i i had ltltine. but turns s t.t... my cholesterol anand heherisk factors... creased my chance of heart attack. should've done something. now, i ist my heart to lipitor. when dt t and exercise are not enenou,, adng lipitor may help. unlike some other olterol loweri m medations, lipitor isdapproved totoeduce e risk... of heart attack, stroke, and certain kinds of heart surgeries... inatients with several common risk factors... hea disease. lipitor has been tensively studied... with over 16 yrs of research. lipitor is not r everyone, including pelele with liver problemems... and women whwhe nursing, egegnant oray become pregnant. you need sime blood tests to che for liver problems. tell your doctor if you u taking oth m medations, or if you have any muscle pain or weaeaknes.
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1:54 pm
what story will we be talking about in theext 24 hours? chris cillizza, white house reporter for the "washington post" and author of he fi" what are y looking at? >> i'm looking squarely at nevada. just when mark sanford, the situation seemed to die down, the john ensi situation crops back up. this reflation that hisparents paid his mtress $96,000 t same month she left themployee on the campaign. this to mes a reall big story thatisn't getting as much attention as it probabl
1:55 pm
deserves. we're not going to conude wha that m was r,ut it gets into all sorts of legal ramificationthat's going to keep this story inhe nws for days and weeks to come and thaths b news for republicans who want to move away from sanford and ensign and talkore abouthealth care d the economy. >> and it doesn't help the republicans who ve had more than their share of sanford and others. >> i's very curre. th of them are se lashsnd as much youhate toay that's at draws news coverage, that's what draws news coverage. especial sanford disaping fivedays. for a brandhat is already struggle, e republican brand, thesare further hits. en they have to continue to answer questions aboutnsign and sanford, it makes it harder
1:56 pm
for them to make the case. >> read more om chsn his blog. i'm andrea mitchl in washingt. join us monday for complete corage of the sonia sotomay hearing. up next, the new york special edition on msnbc. have a great weekend. to deep cro-clean. olay deep cleas reach thmio-particles of dirt some basicleansers can leave hind for a clean so deep its micro-clea olayp cleansers. where all your t's farite flavors, including real carnation milk, come alive. friskies feline favorites. feed the senses. friskies feline favorites. you ve questions. who can veve the financial advice y you need? where will youind the stability and rereurces
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1:59 pm
> with congress racacing aiait time, ii talked too key figure on isis issue. congressman heyy waxn.n. >> keep awawg enough d lines, then whenouou'r threw, there's no abilili to get a a bill. >> rarah palin, is it a r for e e whe house, talk show?w?