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tv   MSNBC News Live  MSNBC  July 13, 2009 3:00pm-4:00pm EDT

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in my next leg job, i focused on commercial instead of criminal matters. i litigated issu on behalf of national and inteational business and advised them on matters from contracts to tremarks. mycareer as an advocate ended and my career as dge began en i was ppoint. as a trial judge, i had 450 cases and dozens of trials, with rhaps my most famous case being the major league seball strike in 1995. after six extraordinary years on the districtourt, i was appoind by presidenclinton to the unid states court of appeals for the second circuit. on that cou, i have enjoyed the benefit of sharing ideas and pepectives with wonderful
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colleagues. we he work togethero relve the isu before us. appellate judge for over a decade throughout my 17 years o t nch, i have wtnessed the human consequences of my desions. those decisions have not en made tove the ierest of any one litigant, but alwaysto serve the larger intert impartial justice. in the past month, mny sators ha asked me about my judicial philosophy. simple. fidelity tthe law. the task of the judge is not to make law. it is to apply the law. and is clear, i bieve, that my record in two courts reflects
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my rigorous commitment to interpreting the constition accoing too its turns, interpreting statutes according to their terms a going by the ciuit court. in eachcase, i have apied the law to the facts at hand. the processf each ce is -- when parties are acknowledged. that was why i structure my inions by sting out what the law requires a then explaining why a contrary position is accepted or rejected. that i how i see to strengthe both the rule of l and faith in the impartiality of the judicial system. my personal and professnal
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experiencehelp me to listen and underand withthe law always commanding the resu i every case. sincepresident obama announced by nomination in m, i have received letters from people all over this count. many tell a unique story of hope spite of struggles. each letter hasdeeply touch me. each reflts a dream, a belief in the dream tha led my parents to come to new york all those year ago. it is ouconstitution that makes at dream possible. and i now seek the honor of upholding the constitutions the justice on t supreme court. senars, i lookforward in the next few days to answing your question to having the american people learn more abou me a toeing part of a
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process that reflects t greatnesof our constitution and of our nation. thank you all. >> thank you, jud. i thank all senatorsor their openin statementsis morning. i especially tha senator schumer and senator llibrand for theiintroduction of you, butespecially, judge tomayor, i thank you for yourstatement. looking at the faces of your faly, they appreciate it. we all do. we will standn recess until 9:30 tomorrow morning. thank u vy, very much. >> i sawanheard a picture of a family studying and sating at night, mother getting ready for her rn. >> the face of her moth and
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her brother an her step-father, the mother's pride and emotion during her statemen the thank you to her mom. is hard-working family, fst generation family,he father with a third grade education who died and the most comment politically i think was ma senators have asked me about my judici flphilosophy, it is simple. >> i'm getting one of those thrills i get about amica. i'm soy, when she talked about sitting at that tabl andot being a genious like barack obama, not one that n walk into a college scholarship, hato sweat f it. richard? >> she had a compelling story, but i also want to pick up something she said. she said as a da, i felt the sufferg of victim's families. >>victims.
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was this a white house choreogrhed atement? ming out of smart people over there to talk to the repubcan waiverer not to the hard right, buto those who might want, lindsey graham -- >> in a way, yes. but this is for a bigger audience. 's not just about the etic groups, it's about regular, workin folks, victims of cri. so it's for people who he invested in america. not just for people who make claims on it. >> when you talk about appealing to the publi it wast a critical moment in the clarence omas hearing a a ctical momentthey pulled. when the american people voted
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in the polli on tha crital weekend, that'when the opposition folded. >> to make a point for our late iend, timrussert, he sa that the genious of that was t have clarence thas speak at night and hill in theaytime because shs get the prime time audience. >> now, everything is prime time. >> daytime expernce here with what loo to be a well-worked fort. w what the republican members have to take shots at tomorw is a person th ces from that mi sitting behind her. >> right, and if they want to talk abouthe case, they're gog to have to talk about baseball. theye going to go after hard working, remember americans. >> we've got a big show coming . david schuster and tamro hall are coming up. tomorrow of cour i the big y when t fight goes between thtwo of them. let'so righnow to david schust
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schuster, live iwaington. >> thank you very much. i'm david schuster. live in washington. >> i'm mron ll,ive in new york. a big day to say the least. judge sonia sotomayor's first day of confirmation hearings on capitol hill and her first opportunity toel her story her ay. it was also thfirst chance for her get a taste of the questions likely to come as the big day tomoow. senator jeff ssions of alabama, the rankg republican on t judiciary committee wasted no time airing his concerns abouter record. >> an abortion where organitionrgued that the constitution ruired taxpayer money tound abortion a gu control wheryounoted that the cond amendment does not prent a city or staterom barring gun rship. private property where y ruled
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that the government could ta property from oneeveloper and give it to ather. >> and we nt to take you to arlen specter. he is speaking. >> warrantless wiretaps, that's about as dirt a cnflict as you can have off separation of power. the sueme court of the united states refed to dide the case. d had they picked up the case, th wld have dealtith the, could have dealt wh the issue, about the president having a
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secretrogram and that issue points us to today, with the recent disclosuresbout secret progra where the president has put into effect sueillan methods or who kws what because th're still secret. had two weeks ago, the decision of the supre court not to take up t case brought by t families of 9/11 victims for damages. st horrendous case, perhaps the most, in the history of the world, wh 3,000 people being killed by terrorists. the congress has sd that foreign -- >> senator arlen specter speakingbout recent supreme court ca involving 9/11 milies svivors. we're going to listen to ore, but let's bringin kly o'donnell. you and i both know th a lot is being mde about the tone, how republicans would choose to go after jue otomayor. off top, you've got senator sessions clearly letting the american peopleknow where he stands. >> well, it really was an opportunity for him to plan the flag, if you wil for the consvative per spesspectivepers.
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apart from that, if we put ts in the ctext of political theatre, it had an opening nice quality. everyone was there in their fi finest, looking od many pictures and certainly, many nods to the family of judge sotomayor, especlly her moer. that will not happen when there's a real clasherhaps from time to time or even just a thoughtful exchange of ideas between the senators and the judge who is thenominee. also, justhe notion of the new faces. al fraen who made it very clear t this w thefirst oppounity for him to do a newly minted senatorrtanc as arlen specteras been one the top officials on this committee until he changed parties and lost all that niority. today s day really to give people the opportuni to praise her, toighlig the
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background. in addition to the indisputable qualificatns and great american story she has, but that's going to allow them t ask her mor pointed questions anit gves her a certain sense of comfort that she is among a group of people o arerying to lay out an atmosphere of respt. critical for everyone invoed. the politicsor the is at rights e future for th nominee. >> kelly o'donnell, thank you very much. >> inhe bigger picture today, theone of today's hearing certainly appeared to be cordial, but under the surface, itas easy to sense the ep divisions among party lines nator hatch pointed out views with regard to federal judges.
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watch. >> senator called it quote offensive and cynical end quo to suggest anominee can give her past for abuse he poved it by voting twice to filibuster the nomation and then by voting again her confirmation. toy, we urge to ignore judge sotomayor's speeches all together and foc on herju additional decisions. >> meanwhile, feingoldpointed out -- >> fm a 201 speech takenut of contest haverompted some to charge she's aracist. i lieve at no one who reads the whole speech could come to that colusion. >> former dean of harvard law scol, first of all, welco. did y get a sens today as far as where the battle lines will be tomorrow in terms o
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titutional issues? which particular areas of t law does it look like there will be something to watch tomorrow? >> wre going to see that we're pitting three decades of sonia experience as a lawyer, a prosecutor, a trial judge and circuit judge. her unargule experience on the bench a fighng for victims of crime androsecuting crimes. 're goeng to see that against the replican's constitutional mantras, pperty right race, guns and artion. we'rgoing to hear over and over and over again about tse issues. now the supreme court decides very fewcases iolving those sues. most of what the sreme court decides is what can get into court, wha affects a business climate in america, and we won't
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hear a lot about those cases. 'll hear aot about race, guns, a lot about abortionand operty rights. >> there was a fascinatg moment whejudge sotomayor talked abouthe human coequences of how she decis cases. >> throughout my 17 years on the bench, iave witnessed the human consequences of my decisis. those decisionsave not been made serve the inre of any one litigant, but always to serve the larger interest of impartial justi >> whetheitas because of that part of her opening statement that sator sessions just told the cameras he gives r an aor her opening remarks, but everybody w talking generities. at whatnt moow is there a particular issue where she will get pinned down and has to respond resisly d what wil the issue be?
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>>he big focus tomorrow is going to be race. judge sotomayo sided with th city of new haven saying at you would to have a test for firefighter omotion that didn't screen out the black and latino firefighters. she ruled not on against the white firefighters,but against tw latino irefighters, showing she vos with the law. you'll also see a focus tomorr on certa cases involvi property rights. if you look at therecord, she voted once for the gornment and once for the property wner. there will be a focus on guns and theight to bear arms and you'ee when she ruled in the second circuit on that ca, she ruled the same as a conservative panel in chicagon whethere states should beree to regulate guns and other weapo under the send amendnt. so we'll probay see a cus on issues and her record alys will show moderation and carefu
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adherence to the law and as we fos on her record, wre not going to see any kind bias and yet, the attempt will be to sttch sound bites about things she said inisolated speech. i think we'll see she's a moderate, careful junl follows the w. >> and tomorrow is when these senators, most al mal and all white, walknto a ld mi, depending on how they bring uphe remarks about a wise lata, or hazardou things ey say about men, knowing th is only the third woman who has beenn this potion. >> youe right. we're goingto seehe potential for all kinds of gaffes and missteps tomorrow if people focus on these statements rather an her record. her record doesn't show that she sidewith plntiffs in civil rits cases based on race.
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she rule againstost of the claims of ration discrimination d ruledhe same as other who weppointed by republicans. we'll see a lot of fancy footwork torrow defending -- nominated to court. >> thank you so much for coming in. a reminder, coming up later this hour, we will speak live wit senator chk schumer a that tamron, you kno i think you t your finger on it. the political mind field tomorrow, 's not just for dge somayor. it's also for the senats questioning her. >> it coulbe ver interesting. this time tomorrow, we could be talking about the gaffe made by one of thosesenators. >> fainating. a story deloping now out of washinon. a fema u.s. sailor has be
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found dead in the barics. we're told the cau of deat under inveigation, but a senior official is sayin there is foul play. sh worked at t pentagon and was und dead in her room this morning. s one of only a handful of women living in the barics. next, outrage over the a's counrterror program. >> what was the secr program? >> and why a conserti blog was allowing attacks aainst the first daughter, malia obama we'll be r rig back with the ils on msnbc. ♪ on th endless ocean
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david, there arare new revevetions out the secret ciaa program former vii presint dick cheheney rertedly concealed foeight years. > officials saythe p programw meant to pture or kill al-q-qda leers at close range.e. leon panetta stopped itit a soo as h hearned off itit, but thats not stopping t the outrage. democrats susuggest e bush adadministraon broke the laand some repepublica admit the failur tonform congress was aa mistake. >'m ways concernedd if anybody y our government s say you don't have to follow the lalaw. >> to haveve a masse program concead from the leaders in congress is not only inappropriate, i it could b illegal. >> if somebody told the cia,
3:24 pm
that's wron >> with usle, jajack rice. as far a aan effort b the vice president and cia no to inform congre, that would suggest therers more to thihis tan just ananffort to klal-qaeda leaders, r rht? you art getti inting into the poibility of the sovereigntnty of other nations. >> if we lookok back, t national secuties act is v vy clear. if thehere'sn operation, whethtr it's compleled on dwn the process, and has been, wh re thaa millioion dllars beg spent. if that's the cce, we have an obliligation f the ciato brf coress. if itt was david or dick k eney then they haveve committed a ime. i talked to janan cha cow ski o
3:25 pm
friday. we'lgo dn that prrocess a seehathappens. >> dad is a lawyer that useded to workk for diccheney, thhe's alreadady this percrctionhat the bush admdmistratn did tngs on theirwn. how mumuoes thisis fit into the overall picture and is there a vestigation that canolate strictly the program? >> sadly, it'ss a greatat int. sadly, ts is absolututy consistentntith wh we havee seen from himim o ornd ovver d ovover againnd nowhat he comes out saying he wants transpararcy, it llaughab. and can youarrowlyook at th? yes, a the p potentl crimes committed,d, but this also realy highlights the broroader effofo that thehe wte house and particularly, dickck chene has gone thrgh. so you d do he to look b broade thanan this and tt's why this
3:26 pm
recentnt ig repor thatt me out, that's thehe reas eric holder has to look at this. by the way, i'm not looking at th from left to right. this is an outrage and it has o be adddressed >> jackk rice, former cia specil agagent. thanks so muchch foromin on. there are stilll lots of detais to be learne about this program,m, but jac makes a grer poinin the fact they wouldd have any sort of prram and n tell congrere, that normally agaiainst the w. >> this s not leftrrit, this is about whwhat is th viation of thehe national securities act. he hit itit on the head. >> we'll be rig bk with more
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rht now, thee do is tring up about144 points. the s&p 5000 istrading up7 points and thehe nasdaq i up or 28 points. woies over theconomy a are taking their toll on oil prices. oil above $60 a babarrel todod. the key financialalfficerlan anford is headed to cou today. davis is expected tooplead not
3:34 pm
guguilty t today, butill plead guilty at aater date. >>the fda isis questiong studies by johnson and johnsonon radiology experts dispututed th cocoany's nding. back t to msnb > welce back, everyone. i'm tamamon hal i in new york. >> i'mavid schuster liven washingtgt. the big picture this hour, free eech. the e liticaworld is filled wi thousands of webtes and blogss where activistss can register their feeling and though. one of t the most conservative, last weekek this picre of lia obama was postt and somebo ththought itould beun to have
3:35 pm
a captionn contestst what folwed wasashorrifyingng many of the commmments were raci, vile, demeaning and sexistst. seveveral, whic w will not repeat, used the st skening ofof racial slurs. it was reved from the siite for the period of time,then the mments were put back u up and the w websiteecame t thetalk of the e internet this weekenen joinin , a spokesesrson from what happened? >> unfortunately, it seems u've gotten your sto from "the dailyly post which is n n a relble sour information. those commentshich you refereed, i think yoyou exexgeratesome, i'm not defending them, b you said th were the worst off the worst, but they re -- thehey were bad and they shouldn't have bebeen said and shouldn'n' have beenen sa a aboutan 11-year-old
3:36 pm
girl, but those comments being pull frrom the sitend being stored is n not true. they were pulled and stayed pulled. >> t'se clear -- >> that's's wha theupposed rererter's rationale.
3:37 pm
>> s smebody put them back upnd i'mnot say thag you did. here's the bottom liline. i heard you're r rretfulhis happeneded. would you like t to take t opportununy and ologize? >> j jim robson has said he is not going to apologizezeor thi it was t the indidual who posts thcomments. have an ards. we f fell sht of those, but at least our side has s sndards people on ththe leftn the news media d democratic party, thth have no standards. they spent the last t 11 mo stuff. >> l me -- hold on. >>hose people have standndards and jim robinsns will willing to a apologi. the otheher side dsn't have andard >> there arere things thatt get posted on websbses th we contribute to. you can't contr n necessari what peoeoe are going to write, but yocan control what happensns toto tat information. i guess t t questition is, give you said it dodoesn't live up t your stanrds, wich is your site going to dotoissuade this?? all of us have a burd to try to dcourage peoplerom usingng such hatefufu vile language, rit? >> right.. and d we have a system seset u t generallyy works well. every ononce in ahile, it's going toto fall short becacause
3:38 pm
we're l human. have volunteer moderarators that momotor the site.e. they can'tonitor every aticle th goes up,but w encouragage our use to report articles that a out of li. and ththey get addressed.d. >> thanks for joining us. supreme e urt nominee soni sotomayor faced the senate judiciary committee toda we will talklk to setor chuck schumer, who's p predictg the dge will be confirmemed with8 votes. >> he got prettyty chod u by heher p presencetodd. plus, ow. why ese zoo animalsls at o one popoint wereeing thrhrtened by the people who ke care of them. wouldd youill zoo animimals to keep it under budget? it's i ie, but it's todaday's
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>>president obamams s fit nominated preme court h firsrsdaday of hearings today. >ut it was just a a warm-u-u fromrepublicans tomorrow. onef her biggest spoupporters is chucucscschur. thank you fofor joining s. i've gotot t start f fomom the a note wee got f fr nahah o'donnell on theuu about y getting emotional andd moved by th eventss today andnd introducg judge somayor. hohodidi y feel b bei an advocate of thiss judge today? >> felt so honored to introduce her. it's a great americann story. ifouou doubt the vitality of
3:43 pm
american on i in the 21st centntur j jt read the bbio of soniasotomayor. itit's moving. and yoyou owowthe little part ere when shewewent to hh school, the only lele model sh coululhahave is n ncy dr,,nd now, she's's role momoll of huhunddsds o young g gir who go there. >>we heear f fom justice sotomamayo b b i want to g urur thoughthtsn whahate will see torrrr. wit be asououch a and potentially asggressive as some would ikike? w wel i think the republicans will ask tough, tougug question. th's their jobob a a i don't have any prrlele th that. i think sononia sotomayor,r, n sloucher hehersf, will answere them v ver well. and i think by the end of the yeek unless somebody is goining vote against her for purelely ia lolocacal reasons, she's's gngn
3:44 pm
gain a l lotf support. her interviewew p peoe were impressed. she e isototsmart, but very, very down to earth. she is strong, but v ver n ncecd 's'snntnterting combinatatio maybe we new yorkerswowod like think it's a little bibi new york. i think she's going t tdodo ver we a a the hearing. >> i want to play something she id today. >> the sksk of the judge n no to make la it is toto apply the e w.w. d d its clear, i i bieve, thatt myecord in two courts flects myigigors commitmentnt t interpreting the constitution acrding to its terms, stutes cocoing to their t tmsms and congress's intent a a healing faithfully to precedents
3:45 pm
complished by the supreme urur d my circuitcourt. >> s satatoressions gave her an a daday, but sid i willotot votete f a an indivividunominatd byby in presidedent who believe is acceptablee to allowimp thinks to inuence decisisi.. >> that's a a validviewpoint, bt you look a judgesotomayor's cord, that'swhwh shehe done. 83% of th cacasehhere immigrants apappldd f forsysylu she rejejeed them. 80% ofthe time whehe people idid they werere discriminatededinin ththr r jo becacausofof race or whatever, shehe dececid a ainin thosose people. she may y veve bn symympaetet to ththembut knew that rurule of comes fifirs i haveve nerer followeded the rd ofof a nominee, nott ly to thth supreme cocour b b to the courts of apappes, who h has much
3:46 pm
fidelility tohehe rule of law. i think if the republicanans e goinggoo give h her a fairhake d that's the ststndndar they'll all vote for herer a i i sd that in my little speecech toy. on the other had, if the only opop they wantarar hard right, they said d th don't want titivi judges, butut what they seem to meep is a judge e wh decides the way y wawant that's not faiair. >> what about thisreverse scrimination case? you've got o oof thewitnesseses he's a firirefhtht, white fifireghghte at the heart of this. homuch back and forth doou ticipate will be there tomorrow? homuch will she be alalleed ononhahat cision in tatat case s this. . >> well, se'e' be challenged because theyon't havee much else to bring againinst her, b onhihis case, i actually lslsrs thee case t thashshe' rurule of law.
3:47 pm
t theecond ircuit, at the time s she ruled, t tis is befo th change, teyey we twowo case. which said the judges haddo dededede othe side o the city ofew haven. that had ben established law r 38 years that when aity decided theyeyananteto do a ww tetestoo it might be more racicial ballceced,hat they re allowed tdodo that.t. w,w,he supreme court cngnged the e law. thlala is dfefere tay. my gueue i is etty certainly that i i judge sototoyoyor t th case tododayhe'davave to dide the other way because she decides the case onhe law, not ththe sympathy. >> it wawas a fantasticearning experience for all of us. ththk you. in king their se today, the juicicdepartment may be abouout to launch an ivevestation into e bush administration interrrratatio policy. >> nbc wsws confirms thahat er
3:48 pm
holder is cocoididerg appoininti aapecial prosecutor to see whether some interergagato tortured after 9/11. this allomess we're l larning that dick chehey y wa involved n aa secret program toto k alaeda leaders at close rangege rere to mke t tirir casese, mar wheeler r andd matt lillith.h. markrkwhwhat do you think isheh strongest caca for a special prososecoror > ts is a abo the thirdrd or fourth thing that happppen u uer chcheyey, ich is not abibidi by congressssiol l oversight, w wh is engaging intoto illegal ograms. wewe d't'tnowhhat it isis. wewe rlllly ght to finind out wh
3:49 pm
it is. it probabab involvess othther gs like pushinghings throuough do rarath t tn cia t avoid oversight. we havave got to underststan exactly what wasasonone our name so that weweanan start minn it ririgh >> the point off apecial prosececut i i n n necsarily to prosecute, it's t to veve an investstigioio to kekehis out ofof aololital environment. istt that thehe pfect enario for figurining tt wt t happened? >> but the n nuure of looking back att the past admininisatat, there isis aanange of setting a precedent that eveveonone makina cicisi basednn l lif and deaeath will h he e sobody investitiga them. this d dea ws sararatn of powers an the dangers that t th executive brancnc is bomomg too powewerf.. and yeyet here, weould have ic holderesesseially going in
3:50 pm
unchartered terrrrorory. i think that's dangerous. we also have to worryry -- >> it's notrereal uncharted territory whenen you t thi ther ha b beespecial prosecutorss appopoind d before. one that leakked i in the cia leak casee -- they didid dururg g thtenure of the e prididt, but this would be actually investigatingngololics and activititieshahahappened in prprevus administration, butut it would do other ththin.. >> you couldld gonon a on. iran c ctrtra s looking back at ththreagan administration.n. that wasn't wrapped d u unt the end of thehe bh h ministration. > l me bring this up. is anybody else concerned d th leon panettata jt t fod out abououththisn june 23rdrd? hehe'she directotoofof the cia. he d ddndn'tven know what the ca
3:51 pm
knewew f s sixonths of h administrationon. >> not to have ann investigata? >> i think ttt something no one'sbrbrght upp ands quite coerningo o mehat the director of the a was j jus briefed abouout isis s months teter became the direreoror. >> and your idea i is that aftf ininveigatingill clinton for a ow job for likike five years,e shshoun'n't vevestate the hhug grossly illegal things that were done uer past adnistrations, gogoalez wasas too much i i t t back pocketf dicicchchen to do w wle he was ilill in fice. atat ridiculous. > you're trying t turn holde to gonzalez and frankly, this s is going to harm the u unid d states of amamera.a. >> it is call eed rulule w. >> we a areciate you both coming onnd tatamr --
3:52 pm
>> i'm sure e apologizess f the intete,, especially on a televisiononamamilorienteded cle news show. >> i'm sure sheheapologizes,s, we do, too.o. up n nexough, saking of fafalyly-oented, usually take ur kids to the zoo is a a family experience, right, david? we all love t thezoo. >> absolutely. but dthth threats againstt zoo ananims.s. why zoofficials in maacacsetts were kind caht off-guard with a statatenent de about the future of zoonimals a aft some b bgeget cuts were pananne pps,s, why levi johnstosays his one-time futurere mother-in-lawwreresied as govevern o o lalask s, he's still talking.g. and then what o very o own pat buchanan thinks needs be done to bristol' ex-boboyfenend, levi johnston. is certainly made uss s say no .
3:53 pm
>> a lot of u were saying no way when we saw our r brd d new studio in.c. you can see the newsroom otot. thisiss s wh we call th e et siside this is whwhe e wel be doing a lo of dysidenchoring where i i was sitting over there. u can see the place for politicscs we can even put you,u, tamroron hall, , that mninir behind us. asas the cerer sweepsps over to what we call the w we side,e, t stst se of the sdidi iswhwher chs matthews was achchorg our coverage durining ee day of the sosotoyoyo hearings. also a set where "hardbalall" c ha a a look. bubutasas side,wewestside, ad in middle w weavave rere tn 30 asma monitotorse e ca play th. we'll l ha a a gnd time. > y look great. i tugught you l lood like ptptn kirk, veryryn n corol of the roomom. moving on up to the stide. wel beight back. thank pal. ouch. we've done corordodogspizza, and nachosos put it down. [ moans ] dude! pepto guy: sorry to hear that. evytythi ok? no, we are a little rarapp for cash. do we need to buy a bunch of different medicines
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> in today's "crossing the
3:57 pm
line" when did the circle o life include zoo animals being kill by the zoo? i know it's anutgeous question, but it's at e heart of war of words betweenhe governor of massachetts and zoo new england which runs boston's franklin park zoo and stone zoo. here is the bastory. due to ste budg cuts, fuing for the zoo was cut. zoo new england released a statent soon after saying funding reductions might require them to shudder bh zoos and said somemals would he to bekilledif the zoo closed. what? accordingo boston globe, zoo officials have used ts prosct of euthazing animals in prior fhts against state budgets, b this time the vernor was not pleased with what he called scare tactics. in a atement kyle sullivan, a spokesman for the governor, said as a supporterf the zoo and a parent who has visited ten, the governor is disappnted to learn at zoo new enand has responded to this difficult but
3:58 pm
unavoidable budget cut by spreadinaccurate and ceiary information. accordinto a state aide, none of the zoo's 1,0 imals will be kied. theyay not an option. now, i am sure theoo officials love a have taken great care of the nearly 0 species there to educa visitors about the wonders of t animal worl zoo officials revised e statemento say not them but e statwould be forceto care for the als or euthanize em. but before t amended statent, the headlines were out there. zoonimals might be lled. even with that track, come on, is it crosng the line? you tell m think. it is alst 4:00 on the east coast, and in our naon's capital not only ts to th greatstudio mark greenstein and his wonderful team, we hav a big story here in washington and that is, of coue, day one of the coirtion hearingfor
3:59 pm
judge sonia sotomayor. republicans know she'll likely be confirmed without them, so what arehey saying about her? mewhe, congress is criticizin the cia's once secret counterterrorism program. will the bama adminision start an investigation? and motiv for murder. three suspects accused of kiing a florida coup with 16 chdren, t y? we will hear frothe police afteis break. lenders are looking for borrowers with the three "c, cacity, llateral, and cr. you need to owou have the capacity to make your monthly payments, meaning a sol incom as well as cash sangs. you'll nd collateral, a sol down payment a good credit key. take down yourebt and get that credit sre up.


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