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tv   Countdown With Keith Olbermann  MSNBC  October 8, 2009 10:00pm-11:00pm EDT

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of a public roll out ever. it creates problems for senior citizens. health care reform. the plan to hold free health care clinics. key to the republican filibuster. $18,000 donated by "countdown" viewers. our donations revealed tonight. our guest, the drirector of the association of free clinic. how high the moon. live from outer space, it's earth versus moon. >> bombing in five minutes. >> we are crashing stuff into the moon, tomorrow, live on the internet to see if there is water there or maybe tow trucks. >> we are going to whack the moon in a controlled experiment to really understand what's in the lunar soil. >> the chief astronomer, derek pits explains it all.
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michele bachmann spits on every woman who has ever been stalked. >> it's only grown. now, it's almost like i have personal stalkers, only they have tv shows. >> levi johnson to pose for "playgirl." i don't think any further explanation is required. all that and more now on "countdown." that will work. good evening from new york. either the senate is on the way to a howard dean called the best and only way to get a public option through the senate. democrats are on the way to revolt. conservative democrats being called the opt out public plan that allows the individual states to not participate in a national public plan, if they
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decide against it. 30 other democrats fighting for a full public option. presently, we'll be joined by senator widen, oregon. we begin with majority leader reid announcing they will vote on tuesday on the bill to deliver millions to private insurance companies and government subsidy expense to control their ability to deny liver transplants and raise premiums at will for anything that may be wrong with you. they are discussing ways to fix it. they are float iing the opt out public option proposal. senator baucus saying the chairman will look closely at the proposal and could consider supporting it. ben nelson of nebraska saying he likes the idea of leaving the decision up to the states, but why would an optional option
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make it. they are unlikely to vote for a bill to reduce the deficit because it costs too much. they are real constituents. >> here is where i come down. it doesn't take into consideration that practically every one of the 85% of the people who have health insurance, it's going to increase their premiums. you see the tax on insurance companies is going to be passed through. it's natural it will be passed through. don't forget, it's paid for by creating problems for senior citizens by taking $444 billion out of medicare. >> the republican leader of the senate saying the baucus bill won't see the light of day. senator brown from ohio and a dozen other democrats taking to the floor to demand a public option, one that's not seen as
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the third rail of health care reform. now, senator widen of oregon, thank you for your time. >> thanks for having me, keith. >> some of your colleagues taking to the floor to demand a real public option on the bill. you have written to the majority leader to fight for a sustainable option in the merged senate bill. what is standing in your way? why is it is third rail of what americans want and overwhelming democrats want to make it happen. >> we are taking on the status quo caucus. it's led by the insurance companies and they don't want the american people to have real choices. i'll be clear about what i want. i want to make sure hard working americans aren't forced to have lousy insurance from a ma notary publicly.
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we ought to make sure all americans have choices, private and public to turn the tables on the insurance lobby. senator, the flavor of the month or day is the opt out plan. is it really a silver bullet or a way to make sure there's not a public option. >> i don't see how it puts the consumer in the driver's seat. i want all to have what members of congress have. you made it personal last night. you talked about your situation and your family. what people who are well off can have. members of congress are well off. they can have access to a dozen good policies. they can't cherry pick. they have low administrative costs. i want to make sure all get a fair shake. i don't see them turning the tables on the insurance lobby. >> senator grassley, as we heard a clip earlier today, argued the baucus bill would hurt the
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american people because the insurance industry would pass along any tax that it might feel or any lowering of profits they might feel with higher premiums for everybody. it seems like he never runs out of objections. he helped to write the baucus bill. how would you characterize his work on this? >> i think when you look at their product, clearly, they tried very hard. a lot more needs to be done to make sure you hold the insurance companies accountable. when they give speeches about how citizens ought to get the same deal as members of congress, look at the legislation and they will see millions of americans won't get choices at all let alone what members of congress get. >> you, at the last minute put in an amendment to select their own plan. at 1:45 in the morning, they said it was out of order because
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it was not scored or not priced out yet by the cbo, the congressional budget office. what was your reaction to that? >> it was disappointing, but we are not giving up. when taking on the insurance lobbies and standing up for the american people, there are more of us than them. they are slicing a fat hog. there's no questions about it. they are protecting their profits. if we educate the public, make it personal and make sure what we are pointing for is the deal members of congress get, we can win this. >> thank you for your kind words about that. was not your amendment, had it not been scored by the cbo? was there not confusion on the chairman's part? >> we offered the amendment that has been scored by the congressional budget. they said it would produce
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savings for the american people and wouldn't destabilize the employer based system. it was designed to send a message that if you are going to turn the tables on the insurance lobby, put the consumer in the driver's seat, everybody has to have more choices. the way it works for members of congress, the if somebody works a janitor off in the fall of 2009, come january, 2010, you get a better deal. >> will you be voting that finance bill out of xwhit tee? >> i'm going to spend my weekend trying to improve it. we have a number of days to go. if you and others keep trying to educate the public. last night, you made it personal and showed what was at stake. if we can educate people between now and then, we can get changes. >> happy to be of help. great pleasure, have a great
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night. let's turn to lawrence o'donnell, contributor to "huffington post." good evening. what is the cloud in opt out? >> i agree with senator widen, it's very unclear what version of the public option this would be. it would probably be an extremely watered down version of the public option and states have the option to opt out of. it's bringing something small to the table that seems to be in some kind of cover, something that the phrase public option can be used as they move it through the floor. it's unknown what public options they are talking about. >> is there a prospect, if it's an acceptable version, doing it this way, sends us down the
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path -- >> it's terrible public policy to have federal laws with states having the ability to opt out of laws. it's a terrible concept. it's not something i would want to be trying to legislate. >> the democrats are demanding a full public option and went to the floor of the senate and are doing so as we speak. what are their chances of making it happen? it's a great show of support and good for the egos and the psyches of everybody. >> what's interesting this time around is the matters. the egos and psyches who support this matters. that's something new. the blogosphere is because people are watching.
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they need to double their number. they need to convince other senators. 30 will not be enough to get it across the senate floor. they have to convince other senators and follow them down the hallway and work them in the elevators, they have to convince other senators. >> senator grassley says he doesn't plan to vote for it. he's using scare tactics and insurance industry greed for reform. he's talking about well, the insurance industry is going to be hurt by this and pass on costs to the consumer. we are taking money away from seniors and scare tactics he filled the summer the way a manure farmer fills his quota. why was he led to the tent in the first place? >> he was the chairman under republican rule. in '94 he was on the committee. he was never a vote we were counting on. i was actually surprised,
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knowing him and the history of the subject, i was surprised to see him stay in the room as long as he did this year. he turned against everything, everything that had been discussed in that room up to the time he left. that's surprising. when you lose a senator in negotiations where you have made 90% of the way, they tend not to come back and criticize everything they already agreed to. that's been the extra surprising part for me. >> we saw two pictures. we saw him and the other version of him rearing up in his glory. the house, meanwhile, it's more committed to the public option than the 30 democrats that wrote to mr. reed today. does the process get stickier when and if the bills are merged or to use the version of reconcile? >> much stickier.
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the problem will not be the public option. they are going to find the reality on political option. the irreconcilable problem is how do you pay for this? there's a majority of democrats in the house saying we refuse the baucus tax. we will not vote for the baucus tax on health insurance companies. this, they agree with chuck grassley on. it will be passed on to the consumer. there are no price controls on these health insurance companies. they will be hit with a 40% tax. grassley is right in reading they will pass the 40% tax directly on to the consumer or increase premiums. the nutty thing about this is that you can be sending this massive regimen into the health insurance industry and there's not a word, not a word, not a thought about price controls in the health insurance industry. they can do whatever they want
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after this law is passed. when you get to the pay for, it's one-fourth of baucus' money comes from a plan the house rejected. the senate is afraid of taxing income, which is how the house has done it so far. it's the cleanest thing to tax. that would be the honest and clean way to go. senators are afraid of voting for what the house committee voted for. they are completely lost in terms of which way to go on taxation. >> go with the plan that doubles the problem and instituti institutionalizes it. >> thanks. the direct action proposed here emphasizes the need of health care. i'm making a small dent in the need, conducting free health clinics for all in the biggest cities they represent. where it stands tonight, with the director of free clinics.
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where we stand on holding free health clinics in the states by six senators. republican filibusters against health care reform. later, we are crashing stuff into the moon. clearly, nobody saw the remake of the time machine where they did that. tonight, i'm defending rush limbaugh? "countdown" continues. for what matters to you. introducing blueprint. blueprint is free and only for chase customers. it lets you choose what purchases you want to pay and those you split... interest...with full pay. you decide how to pay over time. if having a plan matters. chase what matters. eate your own blueprint at
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whether they claim the free market will suddenly start providing health care to
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everyone or the only way to ensure health care is for the government to provide health care. the goal everyone agrees on is universal health care. the debate of the public option, it's for people because we can with rates tied to medicare so they get the best possible. so, in our fourth story, i called last night and am calling tonight for us, all of us, because we can to get behind the free clinics that represent hundreds of free clinics and sponsors free health care fares. last month, 1500 people lined up before 5:00 in the morning to get free health care because they had to. in doing so, we can get closer to health care for all. we can support an organization that stages these fairs in cities to do medical good, humanetarian good and political good for the entire nation.
10:20 pm
if the fares occur in states with democratic senators, to ensure the public option gets an up or down vote, to see for themselves what is at stake. the faces of americans, their americans, their constituents, who need their help. in arkansas, most people favor the public option. max baucus, the chairman in montana where 70% voted to expand children's coverage last year. ben nelson in nebraska, the handling of health care is three times higher than democratic support. louisiana, 49th out of the country in health care according to a study that came out today. i will donate $50,000. $10,000 for each state i mentioned. if we succeed in holding the fairs, we may still fail in the political goal.
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the democrats may lock the party's up or down vote. if so, we still have succeeded in the ultimate goal, the higher goal of making health care available to u.s. citizens, if only for a day, because we can. i'm proud to be joined by the director of the free clinics, nicole. thank you for your time. >> thank you for having me. >> tell me about the people who benefit from your work and the clinics you represent and the health fairs we have been talking about tonight. >> the people who benefit from free clinics every day is the first and most important thing to remember. there are 1200 free clinics open and operational every single day. our patients, 83% of them are working. they come from working households. they are like you and i. they have no place else to go. >> what would for those people, the people who turn to you now, what would a strong, robust
10:22 pm
public option mean? >> we need to make sure when we talk public option or universal health care, access to quality health care. we are talking more than an insurance card, but a place for people to go, get the medical care they need, find the medical home, get healthy and live good lives. that's what they need. >> you are in the literal sense of this on the front lines of the health care crisis in this country. at least the democrats, if not the republicans have been picking your brain about who needs help, what can be done, the best economical way to do it. there's a voice saying maybe not. >> i think you should go with your voice that says maybe not. unfortunately, we keep going to the hill and trying to talk to congress, the senate and the
10:23 pm
president and we just stand firm to say we are here and we would like to help the administration and the congress to discuss the important issues of the population, which last year was 4 million patients. this year willing 8 million patients at free clinics. we have a unique delivery. for every dollar donated to the clinic, 5 dollars in services is given to the patients. we feel we have something to give to the conversation. we hope that someone will come talk to us sometime soon. >> you don't want to talk to the government if you can take $1 and turn it into $5. you have committed to stage one of the great health care fairs in one of the states we mentioned if we can get the resources together. what do you need and have you seen signs of support for these ideas, so far? >> we have seen ideas of support. let me tell you that we had 407
10:24 pm
people donate for $34,773, already, from last night to today. we are, as the national association to free clinics committed to putting on a health fair for this very important issue as long as we can get funds. we need a place to hold this, we need a lot of support and tons and tons of volunteers, doctors, nurses, support staff, in order for us to make sure the people coming get the quality care they need. we need a lot of help from everyone. it can be help at any level whether from your time to $5 up. that's what we need to make sure one of the clinics take place. >> the big ticket end of this, i would assume is not doctors, nurses and medical equipment, people so gracious and generous always, but practical stuff like where you are going to hold it.
10:25 pm
this is about venue, mostly, isn't it? >> it is. the biggest thing is the location, then we can move from there. if we have the location and someone is willing to donate that space to us, then more of the money that's donated can go to the delivery of care. >> we need something in boout or a nice arena in new orleans or a facility in vegas that would like to be associated with being on the right side of the equation. that's a nice start, correct? >> that would be a wonderful start. >> we'll see what we can do. i don't want to start sounding like jerry lewis on labor day, that's his group, but i'm greatly moved by your work and the time you have taken to be with us tonight, nicole. >> thank you very much. >> all the best. so, the bad news is we are attacking the moon tomorrow. live on the internet. for why and levi johnson is
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bests in a homt. glenn beck will be raising fears tonight. first, on this day 50 years ago, the only man to have a talking
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cat on "sabrina the teenage witch." becoming a real sports caster. happy 50th, fella. the numbers never lie. let's play odd ball. we begin here. if you thought politics could not sink lower, the cabinet members are holding the next meeting at the bottom of the ocean. late comers will be fed to sharks. ministers are preparing by taking scuba lessons. not to be outdone, the republican national committee will continue to hold its meetings inside an echo chamber. colorado springs. a food container coaxed a critter into its grip.
10:31 pm
that skunk nosing around got its head stuck there in. one held the skunk down. the skunk then expressed his gratitude by spraying them. tomorrow, we bomb the moon. speaking of moons, levi johnson takes it off for "playgirl." michael steele, chairman of the republican committee talking about a.c.o.r.n. i will say that the current head of the organization, he said, she's done a phenomenal job of getting out of it. she wants to work to make sure the bad apples are thrown out. not a fan of a.c.o.r.n. because of the folks over the years. it has a history of working in the community and helping the poor. what does it do now?
10:32 pm
best reminder of a bush scandal. arm strong williams popped up today on the website the hill. there must be something in the water that causes guests on keith olbermann show to lose a lobe of their brain. did you see their segment? on the best darks he has 250,000 viewers. judging by this new piece, i hope he bank ed the money. last month, "countdown" averages 1,782,000 viewers per night. last night, it was over 2 million. arm strong is getting closer. good for you. "dateline" new york, best conflict interest. fox news pr just e-mailed me to
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the american renewal is happening right now.
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bombing the moon you say, to see if we might one day like to live on the moon, you say. isn't that how we got in iraq. the third story, it's what nasa is doing now. the purposeful collision, set
10:37 pm
for 7:30 in the morning with the impact streaming live on the internet. they tried to encourage student astronomy and curiosity. why are we trying to bomb the moon? it was two weeks ago, nasa wants to know how much water is there. previously scheduled lunar crater observation is approaching the moon at 2600-mile-an-hour. one part of the spacecraft will create plumes of debris. it's expected to reach six miles high. it will take readings from the debris to check for water and relay that data to the earth before the rest plows into the moon. a twofer.
10:38 pm
150 middle school students joined by astronauts and the president who wants to encourage study and the wonder of science. >> all you need is a passion for science. from the moment humans first walked on this earth, we have been endlessly fascinated by the stars. we need you to study, do well in school, explore everything from space to the at tom. we need you to think bigger and dig deeper and reach higher. >> let's turn to the chief astronomer. good evening. >> good evening, keith. >> you were at the white house star party last night. what was it like? >> yes, i was there. it was wonderful. the sky looked great. my telescope worked well. the president did a great job making the kids feel at home. he looked through telescopes and
10:39 pm
participated in portable planetarium domes. >> you brought your own telescope? >> yes. it was my telescope the president first looked through when he gave his speech and the last one when he went for the night. >> why is this issue of water come up a gain. i remember reading about it in 1997. there was something that suggested it might be the case. what is tomorrow's event designed to do? >> to give us a really good look at the soil. to see there's enough water to collect it for use when we actually establish bases on the moon. it's important to figure out. water is probably the most expensive commodity to launch into space. it costs in fuel.
10:40 pm
if we can get it from the moon, then it drops the cost of launching spacecraft. >> i'm bothered by the fact of colliding stuff into the moon, even for a good cause. what if we break the moon? wasn't that the centerpiece of the remake of the time machine? >> think of it this way. jupiter has 62 or 64 moons, why should we only have one? let's make a few more. this is what happens four times a month and we don't know about it. the moon gets hit by something from space at least this size. so, we are not really in a class to do anything to it, but it allows us to do good science. >> they said it in a time machine, too. they are using atomic shovels to
10:41 pm
build ranch houses on the moon. >> if you are worried, i have an insurance policy. >> all right. the other part about this and last night, tieing these two things together. this white house's commitment to doing stuff about science, are we seeing that now? is that the underheadline to what went on last night? >> yes, it's the president's commitment that we need to do everything we can to raise the aptitude. he can see what the future is going to look like if we don't bump up for education. using astronomy to encourage kids to pursue education and careers in science technology and mathematics. he knows what it means, it's a good hook. all the kids last night had a great time looking through telescopes to see jupiter.
10:42 pm
>> did anybody see saturn? is it dirty, or engaged? >> it's been there a long time. we haven't been able to observe it from earth. a telescope in space could read the heat signature of billions of tiny particles that are part of the ring. >> the telescope found a new ring. there's so many political jokes in that. if there's that one, go in the direction, this is the part of the moon that broke off and formed another ridge around the planet. >> we'll let that one go. >> he's shaking his head and wonders why he comes on and i do this to him every time. >> thank you, sir. >> thank you, sir. sarah palin's exfuture son-in-law staying in the news, but not in his clothes. michele bachmann and every
10:43 pm
stalking victim claims she's been stalked by msnbc. when rachel joins you, how a different cable network is cooking the books on poll numbers to make it look like the majority of americans are against health care reform when it's in favor of it. guess which one. announcer: what are you waiting for? all around the world, men with erectile dysfunction have asked their doctors about cialis. ask your doctor if a cialis option is right for you because in addition to 36-hour cialis, there's another dosing option: cialis for daily use, a low-dose tablet you take every day so you can be ready anytime the moment is right. man: tell your doctor about your medical condition and all medications and ask if you're healthy enough for sexual activity. don't take cialis if you take nitrates for chest pain, as this may cause an unsafe drop in blood pressure. don't drink alcohol in excess with cialis. side effects may include headache, upset stomach, delayed back ache or muscle ache. to avoid long term injury, seek immediate medical help
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but it's only for a limited time. at participating gm dealers. the good news, levi johnson has a stronger resume than his exmother-in-law. the bronze to critics of rush limbaugh. you heard me. critics of rush limbaugh. he and dave might buy the rams suggesting he might not be permitted to because of the racial comments he made that resulted in his firing by espn. now, character desks. there's only three of them left. unless they beat the vikings, it would be a full year since they won a game. if he wants to buy them, he's
10:48 pm
flushing his money down a rat hole. the tree falling in the forest with nobody around thing. one of the hosts representing 9 clsh 11 says they are talking about why there's no second attack. they said president obama is the second attack. mccain laughed. country first. he never did say what country. bill o., aware of the world around him asks her, you're an interesting politician, you are second to sarah palin. sarah palin leads it league, no doubt. they are after you now, michele bachmann is this and that. how did you get into the house? i don't know, the carbon dioxide quote or the gangster government quote or obama may have anti-american use quote or you might wind up in a camp quote.
10:49 pm
no, she's says that's not it. it's interesting. i think it happened with a competing cable network that took interest many me and it's only grown. now, it's like i have personal stalkers, only they have tv shows. seriously? i had a stalker, had to go to court. she was small fries on stalkers. if the congresswoman apologized to women and men and lives ended by the terror and threat that stalkers create not even in the mildest of senses that journalists might get into stalking. is she anywhere close to being such a victim? there's something else i don't know squat about, backman. today's worst person in the world. protecting your heart includes watching your cholesterol. now there's new heart health advantage from bayer.
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all right. let's get this one out of the way. turns out pistachios aren't the only levi johnson is selling. he'll pose for "playgirl." levi johnson booked his next gig, centerfold in "playgirl." he's been toying with it. he said i'm assuming it's where a dude poses for women. no matter, tmz catching him getting in shape. he works out three dayings a
10:54 pm
week at a gym in anchorage. he's getting tips from a local body builder, a former mr. alaska competitor. he says there's no written contract, but it's a conclusion. hold off on that. speaking on conclusions, tom delay quit "dancing with the stars." we watched for the last time this week, we hope. he's currently under indictment and was wheeled out on jimmy kim el live and he cut to the chase. >> you think it will inspire other indicted politicians to dance? >> hey, it keeps you out of jail. >> god forbid you are in jail, it's not a good thing for the inmates to see on rerun. >> probably not. >> joining me now, author of "fork on the left, knife in the
10:55 pm
back." hello. >> hello, keith. >> i'm going to go out on a limb here. i've never heard anybody say this, i hesitate to say it, but is it remotely possible, don't laugh, it's bizarre, is it that "playgirl" is not for women? >> i actually wrote that once. they don't want to hear that. it's not for anybody. it's only internet. it's the perfect magazine for levi, it's online only and a lot of pictures. >> is there a motif they are going with after the better reynolds bear rug from 1972? >> i think there will be loose-like body parts. no beaver.
10:56 pm
i got an advance peek at it. it's personal. >> what's going on with this guy? first there was a commercial with pistachios, then "playgirl." what is the next, in that sequence of career events. what is the career path. >> a mental home, i have no idea. i like levi. he blew the whistle on palin family values. i think he would be great on the big bang theory. >> yes. i'm sure you get additional evidence for that when "playgirl" comes out. we go online, right? i wouldn't, no. shifting to mr. delay. he's no longer on "dancing." >> that was a way to avoid jail. tom delay, if i could keep going
10:57 pm
here. >> when you are seeking re-election and i'm trying to cover for you. i'm going to fail. go ahead. >> he should give himself up to authorities. the jig, as it were is up. i don't know why nobody said this, but hammer, don't hurt yourself. >> he was on "dancing with the stars." it's a step up, isn't it? >> no, in jail you are probably if a reality show anyhow. >> is there a reality show to be based on a politician in our future? >> blago could be. >> sheer genius, yeah. >> you know that? >> no, it's written here. sheer genius. >> donald trump would be the judge. >> i would like to see them in bottom chef or al sharpton in the amazing race card.
10:58 pm
>> oh. the last one, i can't do anything about the first one. the last one, almost anybody could appear there. the real housewives of -- glenn beck -- the real housewives are d.c. is coming. there's rumors on who is in the cast. who is on your dream team of d.c. housewives? >> ann hesche. jill biden. hillary clinton. she can flip the table and see monica under there. >> from bravo, our sister network, the real housewives of wasilla? >> no, they are working on csi wasilla. they can see russia. >> the one and only. i beat you once, at least.
10:59 pm
thanks for your time, michael. we apologize as always. i'm keith olbermann, good night and good luck. now, to discuss cooking books, fixed news, polls on public opinion on health care reform and restore the dignity, here is rachel maddow. good evening my friend. >> good evening, keith. i'm not sure i should be counted on to restore anyone's dignity. >> people watch that, too. won't they. >> thank you, keith. thank you michael and thank you at home for staying with us for the next hour. we are loaded tonight with a new fake movement to impeach president obama. a new, almost unbelievable abortion law, a new fake grass roots campaign from the pr man rick burrman. news from