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tv   The Daily Rundown  MSNBC  May 5, 2010 9:00am-10:00am EDT

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him. the fbi had sent out to the customs and borer protection people a notice saying this guy might try to leave the country. stop him if he comes to the land border or gets on a plane. the big fear is he would get in his other car and try to drive north into canada. they wanted to make sure all the borders were covered. it's that list that the cbp used to check the flight manifest. they had been checking all outbound flights for the past 11 or 12 hours. >> we talked about not only was there the failure of no fly list au ultimately customs and border protection coming through but
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have you many cars. you're trying to coordinate it. they say it does happen and that's why they had the extra layers. >> as the attorney general said, he was never in doubt that they would lose him for good. obviously he knew there had been those notices sent to the border protection agency. thank you for the update this morning. one thing investigators are zeroing in on now, the suspect's travel to pakistan and the terrorist training he reportedly says he got there. chief foreign correspondent richard engel joins us from islamabad on the phone. good morning. what is the investigation kerning up there? >> reporter: so far, investigators here in pakistani security officials have arrested about a dozen people. there is a political sensitivity, i must admit to this case because the chief
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suspect faisal shahzad was the son of a very prominent military official in this corrupt. so government officials are to a degree closing ranks. we have not been given any access to his family. all we've been told by government officials and u.s. embassy officials is that they are cooperating together, that the u.s. government and the government of pakistan are sharing information and they are specifically focusing on his last trip top pakistan between the summer of 2009 and the fall of 2010. it was during this trip that according to shehzad, he traveled to the region of waziristan and received some limited bomb training. if you look at the kind of device that he put together in times square, it does not appear had he very serious training. the pakistani taliban and the taliban and al qaeda and i can tell you this from experience looking at their devices in afghanistan, pakistan, even in
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iraq, they are of a much higher quality than the device that was used in new york. so although did he receive some training he says it does not appear to have been with the key leaders of any of the militant groups. >> richard engel from nbc news in islamabad for us this morning. thank you. this case will be the focus on capitol hill today within the hour, new york city mayor michael bloomberg and nypd commission ker ray kelly are set to appear before the homeland security and governmental affairs committee. the hearing was long scheduled but the times square investigation is now expected to be a primary topic. the coast guard has just announce that had british petroleum, the company responsible for the oil spill cleanup has capped one of the three leaks in the gulf coast. so is it enough to stop any of the oil from spilling out? nbc's chief environmental fairs correspondent anne thompson is in venice, louisiana for us this morning. good morning. >> reporter: good morning,
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savannah. it's the first piece of good news we've had since this well burst and the well oil rig set on fire and killed 11 people. they have capped one of the three leak sites that is a mile under the surface of the water. however, that is not going to reduce the flow of oil. so there is still going to be 5,000 gallons of oil coming out of leak site for each day, but what this means is it's going to be easier for bp to film the problem because they'll only have to focus on two leaks instead of three. and to that end, today, they're going to send a containment dome. this is a giant concrete structure. they're going to put that on a barge and send it out to the leak site and then possibly as early as tomorrow, they are going to deploy that dome and send it under the water down to one of the leaks. it will sit over one of the leak sites and then they will be able to suck the oil up. they hope.
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has never been done at 5,000 feet, only tested in shallow waters but hope this curtail the flow of oil. >> all right. anne thompson, thank you very much. in tennessee, massive flooding remains the story today. ron mott is in nashville today. seeing some of your pictures in the report on "the today show," it's devastating. so many landmarks underwater. >> yeah, good morning to you. the water is fortunately receding, especially downtown. some of the power has come back on here. they still have about 3500 chers in the area, a lot of the businesses downtown sill without power. you might see officers behind us directing traffics. some of these streets open for first time since this weekend. the concern going forward is finding new victims of this flood. so far, with the weather this weekend and this flooding we've seen here in the nashville area in particular, at least 29 people killed. most of those here in tennessee.
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they found two 0 more bodies on monday. the fear is they will find more. a lot of families trying to get back into their homes today. we caught up with some of those families yesterday. a gentleman went in with his family and said there's nothing that can be saved. their dinner from sunday night was still on the table because that's how quickly they had to evacuate from the floodwaters. >> ron mott in nashville, thank you so much. coming up on the trail of a terrorist. it's a daily rundown exclusive. michael hey done joins us live. plus, a stunning admission in the murder of the university of virginia lacrosse player. we'll have that story. first a look ahead at the president's schedule today. you're watching "the daily rundown" only on msnbc. vegetables are naturally low in calories. v8 juice gives you 3 of your 5 daily servings. it's a tasty, nutritious way to make this number go up... and help this one go down.
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investigators say faisal shahzad has admitted to being trained by militants in pakistan but insists he was acting alone when he tried to bottom times square saturday night. the question now, is he really the lone wolf he claims to be in retired general michael hayden is now with the chertoff group here in washington and joins us now. >> good morning. >> i imagine you've been watching these developments closely. >> yes. >> let me ask initially your impressions. this is somebody who investigators say really had an unremarkable profile in many ways. and yet, appears to have gotten some training if pakistan. does this to you bear the hallmarks of somebody who's working for a major terrorist organization? >> it does but in a new model. all right? for the years before and after 9/11, it was al qaeda
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main, al qaeda central, careful planning, complex plots. a lot of things going on. always shooting for the spectacular. frankly, we've become quite good at detecting and dismembering those kinds of plots. this is a learning enemy. and this enemy is now adjust together fact that if he does something very complicate tad takes a long period of time, by and large, we'll detect it and disrupt it. so what happened in times square this past weekend, what happened on christmas day is a new model. folks, we barely knew because al qaeda barely knew them. al qaeda did not spend a lot of time on their training, on their preparation, on their vetting because they now know if they hug them too close, too long, we'll find out who they are. we have less complicated attacks, frankly attacks that would probably be less severe, attacks that are less skilled and therefore, with a lower probability of success. but now here's the very bad
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part. probably a lot more numerous. and that's what we have to be prepared for. >> numerous and so just as capable of terrorizing which is the goal of this kind of act. >> the psychic impact could be just as great even though the lesser scale attacks have a less physical impact than others. >> some senior intelligence officials will also tell you this is also evidence of how much al qaeda proper has been degraded in its ability to launch full scale attacks. would you agree? >> i would. this is no time for gloating or brating touch downs. we're still in a war against a very tough enemy. but the actions of our government over the past eight plus years have severely degraded al qaeda's ability to conduct the kinds of attacks that they would prefer. the 9/11 kinds of spectacular attacks against iconic targets with mass casualties. the fact we have been able to bring the fight to the enemy, to kill or capture, take off the
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battlefield so much of their senior leadership has forced them into this secondary channel. still dangerous. but it is a secondary channel and it is a measure of our success. how can we adjust our collection and especially our analysis to be able to detect in a timely way these lower threshold events. that's going to be very hard. >> it seemed officially that terror experts kind of scoffed at this crude bomb making, that was a pretty lame attempt. for that reason really doubted claims of responsibility from among others the taliban in pakistan. do you think that was misguided? do you think that's a failure to recognize this new threat? >> it may be. if you call on the christmas event, omar abdulmutallab, we didn't think al qaeda in the asian peninsula or in yemen would be mounting an attack against the american homeland.
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probably a failure of imagination because we now have a new model. here's an additional were in that will new model. when you've got individuals whom they don't have the opportunity to vet or train a great deal, you're probably going to have folks make the kinds of rudimentary mistakes here. now in this new model, that's not as maybe it was five years ago, prima facie evidence that al qaeda main was not involved. >> as i said in the being of our discussion here, investigators described this man's profile as largely unremarkable. he's an american citizen. he had a decent job. appeared to be living a middle class life, a wife and two kids. are there in retrospect behavior patterns that officials could detect, should have deteched? ? >> from what i know now, it's what we're all reading in the newspapers and coverage has been intense, boy, there's nothing popping up as a red flag that should suggest to me, somebody should have been on this individual. that should be additionally
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troubling. in addition to the franchises supposed to al qaeda main working, in addition to the lower level attacks, this is a real witch's brew because this individual appears to have been self-radicalized in the united states. you put that together it's a very potent, dangerous combination and one frankly, we haven't had to work against. we now have to change our skill set to be able to better detect these kinds of threats. >> i'm curious to get your take on how the authorities have handled the questioning, the arrest? i know you were somewhat critical of the abdulmutallab case. that defendant was immediately put into the civilian system, mirren diesed right away. as was this defendant. do you see this as a similar case? do you think this was handled appropriately? >> there are similarities and there are differences and you're right. at the end of the day, we're looking at the events of christmas day, i was pretty critical of the way that was
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handled. but there are different circumstances here. if you kind of compare christmas and last weekend. not a u.s. citizen, a u.s. citizen. the body of information we had on the times square attack came from law enforcement. the body of information we had on the christmas day attack came from intelligence sources. the attack in times square was on america but also from america. the attack on christmas day was on america but it was launched from outside of america. so those are differences. and so my initial instinct as critical as i was about the christmas day events, my initial instinct is absent other evidence i would be less inclined to criticize the action. i would make a couple of points. i think the rule of thumb has to be with captured someone like this the first tack of the government is an intelligence task. it's not a law enforcement task. it's not a prosecutorial task.
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it's a tack to understand what happened and what else may be coming at us. i think that is very important. and frankly, i think it's quite false we're going to try to use this to prove the legitimacy of the american justice system. as far as i'm concerned, that's off the table. this is the practical matter of defending america. john pistol, the deputy director of the fbi who i have the highest regard for, john indicated in a couple of press announcements that they he had that in mind that intelligence value of this particular suspect. and i suspect as a lesson learned from the christmas day attack, they did a bit of a phone tree. calling around, askingtren who was interested whether or not they support this had action. i don't know that that happened but i sense that it did. so i'm willing to admit, there are differences here and absent some other evidence, i probably would not object. >> i think other interrogators from other agencies such as the
9:18 am
cia now involved as well, i believe. general, it's great to have your perspective. hope you come back. coming up, police and protesters clash in greece and which nba team is jumping into the arizona immigration fight? plus, in today's decision "2010," not so anti-washington after all? establishment picks hold on in indiana, ohio, and north carolina. but first, today's washington speak. >> i'm happy to say there are built-in redundancies when the redundancy happens, redundancy is built in. >> redundancy. the concept that a strong security system should have multiple layers of protection so if one system breaks down, another will catch it. this came interrupt times square investigation. someone on the no fly list is supposed to be stopped first by the airline who else is the ticket. that didn't happen here. the built in redundancy was customs and border protection. they got their guy.
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9:24 on the east coast. 6:24 in the west. sfrits broken out in greece where thousands are striking against deep spending cuts there. at least one person is dead after protesters set a bank on fire in athens. in a separate incident, police fired tear gas on demonstrators. federal judge diane wood got a extreme court interview yesterday with president obama. she met with the president in the oval office and had a separate interview with vice president biden. the fourth candidate to have a face to face and was interviewed last year as well. the phoenix suns will swing into the political spotlight tonight when the team dons its los suns jersey to protest arizona's new law on immigration. the gesture comes with unanimous support from the players and
9:23 am
blessings of the nba. well, the results are in from primaries held in indiana, ohio and north carolina yesterday. in the republican race for senate in indiana it, the establishment candidate dan coats pulled off a victory as the conservative wing of the party split its vote. lieutenant governor lee fisher won in ohio's democratic primary with 5% of the vote. and in north carolina's democratic race to take on on senator richard burr, no candidate crosses the 40% threshold forcing cal cunningham and elaine marshall into a runoff. joining us now, mark murray. i was asking you before we came on, what do you think is the big take away from the primaries? >> there were no surprises. fisher and coats were expected to win. we were expected to get the runoff in north carolina between marshall and cunningham. the tea part at least in the primaries didn't have that much bite. coats won although more lon stutzman, the tea party favorite
9:24 am
did get a surprising second place with 29%. that was impressive. but the establishment folks won at end of the day. the third big take away from everything was the margin of victory in ohio, lee fisher won by ten points, less than the polls suggested. more importantly for him, don't have the cash that rob portman, his republican opponent in the fall will have. also dan coats won by just getting 39% of the vote which some thought it was less impressive for somebody who's a former united states senator. republicans say they think that coats matching up very favorably against the democrat. >> the turnout was light in ohio and north carolina. >> this is a midterm season. a lot of us who follow every single primary expecting these huge turnouts at the pillows, people aren't that excited. probably the biggest thing for democrats will be to motivate
9:25 am
their base. republicans are excited. democrats seem to be excited to withstand some losses in the fall. >> mark murray, thank you so much. coming up, after a wanted terrorist gets on a u.s. airliner, the government is making changes to its no fly list policy. plus crews make another desperate attempt to bottle up the oil leak. the worst case scenario from congressman ed markey who was briefed yesterday. and a star lacrosse player under arrest for killing his former girlfriend. he heads to court in virginia. first today's ribbia question from the almanac of american l politi politics". the two senators from which state were born within four days of each other in the answer coming up next. [ male announcer ] fishing pole, it's been a while. you stood in the basement gathering dust while i, sneezing, itching eyes kept you from our favorite stream. the one that runs through a field
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bottom of the hour now. here's what's driving the day. the tsa implementing new requirements for when airlines must check for additions to the no fly list. that change comes amid questions how faisal shahzad managed to board a flight when his name was on the no fly list. a plunge in overseas markets yesterday. stocks fell over fears the greek debt crisis could grow. workers in the gulf coast are hoping to bring a huge concrete and steel containment dome to the leak site today. this has never been tried in such deep waters. bp executives told members of congress if that doesn't come through, the dome, the leak could get much worse. edward markey is chairman of the
9:30 am
house environment and subcommittee. he was briefed yesterday. congressman, from reading news accounts of this meeting, it does not sound like you came away very impressed with the executives. >> well, obviously, they have been underestimating the magnitude of this problem right from the very beginning. hopefully, the strategies which they have begun to put in place will begin to work. but otherwise, there are catastrophic consequences which they told us could happen upwards of 40 to 60,000 barrels a day of oil leaking into the gulf. >> and congressman markey, what do you think of how bp has conducted itself? in particular, i'm thinking about a situation in alabama where the attorney general apparently had to tell the company to stop offering residents there $5,000 to sign settlement agreements that would essentially give away their right to sue.
9:31 am
do you think that's appropriate and is congress going to do anything about that? >> no, it's not appropriate. these people are victims. they should not be victimized again by being asked to waive their rights. i think that what's going on here is a continuation of the mentality that this accident could never have occurred. boosterism leads to complacency and that leads to catastrophe. this kind of boosterism still exists i'm afraid. unless bp completely changes the way in which it thinks so it can respond with the billions of dollars ultimately going to be needed in order to compensate all of the residents, in order to clean up the problem completely, then we're going to continue to see this kind of friction between the residents and bp. >> and congressman markey, what do you think of the federal government's response? the obama administration has been make a point to say it has
9:32 am
been overseeing and directing the response since day one. are you satisfied with that response? >> well, yes, i am. i think that the obama administration was obviously dependent upon bp in the early days when they said there would only be 1,000 barrels of oil leaking per day. and then bp changed and said it would be 5,000. and with it, a concomitant response was put in place by the obama administration. so bp has been in control of all of this information and ultimately, when the investigationing is completed, we will have had to have answered what did bp know and when did they know it? why did they not believe an accident like this could not have happened and when it happened, why did they low ball it for such a long period of time when it's obvious this was a catastrophic event.
9:33 am
i think the obama administration was acting properly. the focus is going to be on bp and this kind of assurance they were giving to everyone that there were no problems. obviously, just the opposite was the case. >> and do you think new offshore drilling is dead on an rival on capitol hill now? >> i think that what we will have to do is to put in place the kinds of safeguards, protections that occurred after the three mile island incident. back in 1979. blue ribbon panel was put in place, led by the president of dartmouth, jen kenemy. when those recommendations were made with regard to what the safeguards had to be in any new new nuclear power plant construction, i think confidence was rebuilt if that industry. i think the same thing is going to have to happen here. you know, mark twain used to say that a cat that's been burnt on a hot stoeb went get on a hot stove again but it won't get on
9:34 am
a cold one either. so there's going to have to be a lot of assurances given to people that will this industry is going to be maintaining the most modern levels of safety protections that the industry can possibly put into place in order to ensure we won't see a recurrence of this ever again on american shores. >> all right. congressman ed markey. thank you so much for your time this morning. we appreciate it. >> thank you for having me. more now on the new tsa measures to fix the flaw that appeared to allow faisal shahzad, the bombing suspect, to board an emirates plaen plane to dubai even though on the no fly list. let's bring in tom costello. so what are the new rules that were just announced today and how will they address what happened on pond at the airport? >> so a couple of points to clarify. first of all, the airlines are the one who have to check their passenger manifests every 24
9:35 am
hours against the watch lists. they have to update their list against the watch list. that's every 24 hours. his name was added at about 11:00 a.m. they had not apparently updated tear watch list yet in their 24-hour cycle. the new rule states if you get an electronic notice sa with an urgent add to the watch list, you must check your passenger manifests against that list within two hours. so that would hopefully tracy this issue. there's another bigger issue that's happening here. that is that at the moment, the airlines must check their man te fests against the watch list. however the tsa is assuming that role. they're almost done taking over that responsibility for all domestic flights. by the end of the year, they hope to take over responsibility for all international flights, as well. that hopefully will provide more consistency. the tsa will be responsible for
9:36 am
checking every passenger name against the watch list and the no fly list every day. and therefore, you as an individual should, and in fact even now, you don't get on a flight without your name being checked but now the tsa will be responsible for that. >> tom costello with new changes announced by the tsa. now to the murder at the university of virginia. a star lacrosse player now admits allegedly to police that he attacked his former girlfriend yardley love the night she died. jeff rossen is on the campus in charlottesville virginia, virginia, this morning. this is such a sad case. as i now understand it, the suspect is talking to police. >> reporter: sort of a bombshell admission. i was reading through the court papers a moment ago. real disturbing detail in here. apparently they had a relationship that was rocky at times. friends say it got physical, as well. it especially got physical when they broke up about a week ago. in this new bombshell admission
9:37 am
according to papers, george huguely, the lacrosse player for the men's team told police he got into a vi leapt fight with yardley love the night she died and knocked her head into a wall over and over again. it was inside this campus bar at a post exam party where 22-year-old yardley love would spend her final hours sunday. police say when this stunning star lacrosse player went home, her life would end. according to new court papers, her on again lately off again boyfriend, george huguely, a player on the men's lacrosse team, was about to pay a visit admitting to police he kicked his right foot through the door that leads to love's bedroom. huguely went on confessing that night he was involved in an altercation with yardley love. he shook love and her head repeatedly hit the wall. officers found her facedown on her pillow in a pool of blood. bruises on her face, her right eye swollen shut. the victim, police say, of blunt
9:38 am
force trauma. her roommate and another friend discovered her body. >> you believe this is first-degree murder? >> absolutely. >> that he intended and planned to go and kill her? >> that's our belief. >> friends say love and huguely had a turbulent romantic relationship that recently got physical. some say weeks ago when they broke up, he tried to attack her in public. now police sources tell nbc news they're looking into possible death threats he sent her over text message. >> i think it's -- there's a lot of stigma on women to kind of deal with that. and i would hope that there would be something we could do to prevent those kind of things. >> before it gets to this. >> because we don't want to be here again. >> huguely has been arrested for first-degree murder. his school lacrosse picture replaced by a jail mugshot. now even with his stunning admission of violence, his lawyer is building a defense. >> we are confident that ms. love's death was not intended but an accident with a tragic
9:39 am
outcome. in the meantime, george is withdrawing from the university of virginia and remains in the custody of the authorities. >> reporter: tuesday, his parents came to chorltsville to support their son. but wouldn't comment. college friends say there were warning signs. at 6'1" and 205 pounds, george huguely they claim was aggressive when he drank and liked getting his way. in 2008, he was arrested for public swearing and intoxindication and resisting arrest allegedly screaming racial and sexual slurs at the officer. but his old friends back home in this wealthy d.c. suburb paint a different picture entirely. >> i'm absolutely shocked. the george huguely i know growing up, the george huguely that played in my backyard with me every single day was not capable of doing something like this. >> reporter: the crime has rocked this campus to its core. the university of virginia with
9:40 am
its beautiful views and southern charm has now lost a beautiful young woman in a murder as ugly as it gets. >> it's really sad because she's in the prime of her life when it ended and her family and friends are going to have to deal with that. >> so so sad. many say it just didn't feed to happen. the question now is, does the lacrosse season go on for the men and women? it's a huge part of the culture here. the men's lacrosse team ranked number one in the country. the women's lacrosse team where yardley love was a member of ranked number four in the country. so the university said it's up to yardley's parents why the kids would play on this season. apparently late last night they decided yes, yardley's parents want the kids to keep playing. >> jeff rossen with the latest on the investigation in charlottesville, virginia. >> let's do our political trivia. the two senators from which state were born within four days of each other? the state is hawaii. the senators are daniel i knew
9:41 am
way and daniel i katrina abernathy both born in '24. coming up, how did the times square bomber make it on the plane in the first place? we're going to focus on security breakdowns that happened in the 53 hours it took to apprehend faisal shahzad. mark maseti and roger cressey joins us next. first, the white house soup of the day. it's neighbor bean. you're watching "the daily rundown" only on msnbc. my name is chef michael. and when i come home from my restaurant, i love showing bailey how special she is. yes, you are. i know exactly what you love, don't i? - [ barks ] - mmm. aromas like rotisserie chicken. and filet mignon. yeah, that's what inspired a very special dry dog food. [ woman ] introducing chef michael's canine creations. so tasty and nutritious it's hard to believe it's dry dog food. chef-inspired. dog-desired. chef michael's canine creations.
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♪ i feel pretty >> 1962, the west side story movie sound track album went to number one and stayed number one for a record-setting 54 weeks. it was the best selling album of the 1960s and still a good one. federal officials are praising law enforcement for catching the times square bombing suspect before he could fleet country.
9:45 am
at the same time, they are down playing security breakdowns that some say nearly let him slip away. mark ma setty covers national security for the fork times. roger cressey president of good harbor consulting. good morning. mark, let's start with you in the latest reporting we have on this suspect. particular little his connection to terrorist organizations overseas. there was an initial claim that the pakistani taliban was involved. what's your sense of it now? >> they're still investigating it. they will do know that he traveled to pakistan last year. perhaps trained in these camps in wa zeer stan in the pakistani tribal areas where a number of militant groups are located. right now, the investigation is focusing on the pakistani taliban and their role and the question is, did they direct the attack or maybe just inspire him and train him and send him off to do an attack on his own. so it's very early on and still pretty murk can i. >> roger, i know you mentioned
9:46 am
yesterday if this represents an attempt by the pakistani taliban to hit a target in the u.s., this would be the first time. >> the first time they have tried to project a threat to the homeland. that is a different problem than what we've had up to this point. the bottom line is because he admitted to being trained in waziristan, that's not an outward bound camp adventure. that is the real deal. either he got pore poor training or evers a bad student. it was the real deal. >> you may have heard general hayden, the former cia director. he think this is perhaps a sign of a learning enemy more willing to launch kind of low sophistication, low scale attacks. is your reporting consistent with that? >> yeah. i mean, it was pretty crude compared to some attacks certainly the kakes on 9/11 and others we've seen around the world. even crude by pakistani taliban standards who have launched very sophisticated attacks inside
9:47 am
pakistan. but the question now is whether the pakistani taliban got lucky by this guy coming in to one of their camps and he happened to be an american citizen with the ability to go back and launch an attack in the united states. or were they working with him from the beginning. the question is where did he get radicalized? did it happen when he was over there or were things going on in his life that caused him to sort of express or develop these views that that would lead him to this attack. >> nowhere do you see some kind of religious devotion or radicalizati radicalization. we see somebody who fell on hard times in this country, lost his house, house, appears to have lost his job. >> there's no overt signature of radicalization. when was he radicalized? if he was in the united states, then became a naturalized citizen and then went overseas to get trained, that's a very
9:48 am
disturbing situation. that means this model can be used by others. if he went to pakistan, got radicalized and then decided bat the attack, that's a little bit different. either way, you're talking about americans going out for training and coming back to attack america. our national security infrastructure is not in place to deal with that as a primary threat. we have to evolve to address this new threat. >> last thing, roger. what do you make of this issue of the no-fly list. a lo look at this as a lucky break. on the other hand, dhs will tell you, everything worked well. we sent to customs, border protection, they checked it against their list and we got our guy. >> they did the right thing. it does speak to the gaffe in the system how the airlines and government corroborate and cross-checklists. that's why the white house will announce a change now. once a secure flight in place by the end of the year, hopefully
9:49 am
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you. i'm peter alexander. we have a lot of news making headlines in the next hour. the suspect in saturday's attempted times square bombing could be making his first court appearance. new details on that we'll have coming up. faisal shahzad is facing five terror-related charges, including attempting to use a weapons of mass destruction. on the very top happening any moment on capitol hill, new york city police commissioner ray kelly as well as the mayor michael bloomberg will testify about that bomb plot. also protests in greece turn deadly today. thousands are demonstrating against government spending cuts. and help is on the way, but will it work? is it enough in the gulf? a barge carrying an experimental concrete and steel vault will be hauled to the site where tens of thousands of gallons of oil are
9:58 am
flowing into the water each day. as we said new details and developments into the failed times square bombing attack. 30-year-old suspect could appear in court where he faces a series of terror-related charges. authorities are saying faisal has been cooperating. this father of two admits to carrying out the botched terror attack claiming he acted alone. but shahzad says he received training on how to make bombs during a recent visit to his native pakistan. >> he is cooperating. he is talking. i think investigators want him to talk at his own pace. he's an individual by all indications wouldn't be involved in something like this. obviously he has been and he's admitting it freely. >> shahzad was removed from the united emirates plane flight 202 moments before it was to leave the gate. a significant question this morning was why was he allowed to get on that plane in the first place, buying the ticket
9:59 am
at the last moment all in cash, even though his name had been placed on the government's no-fly list. justice correspondent pete williams is here with the latest on the continuing investigation. pete, within the last few minutes, you've begun reporting it's likely he does not appear in court today. why would that be? >> i think he won't. first of all, federal rules don't require them to be there on a certain time schedule. it says without unnecessary delay. that's what rules say. as long as he's continuing to be cooperative, as long as he's talking, they don't want to interrupt that, take him to court and lose whatever momentum they have. so if i had to guess, i would guess he's being so cooperative, they won't take him into court today. >> talk to us, if you can, about two significant lapses in security. one is fbi lost track of him, in fact, in the hours leading up to this. they had seen him in connecticut but lost him before he got to the airport. the second was the fact he was allowed on that plane. >> it seems clear, as a matter of fact, we were expecting the arrest to happen monday night. we were in touch with the