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tv   MSNBC News Live  MSNBC  May 5, 2010 2:00pm-3:00pm EDT

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that will help change the way doctors see patients. undergo there? how much did he learn? that's better health for more people. we're hearing that here that the bomb he made was apparently very ♪ crude and probably wasn't going to go off and cause as much damage as he perhaps thought it would. authorities are trying to figure out what they can about him, who may have helped him, and what other pieces there may be to this plot. >> nbc's ron allen for us live outside the courthouse. thank you. we're now joined by the mayor of bridgeport, connecticut where shahzad last lived. mayor, thanks for joining us. do we have you, mayor? >> i'm here. >> we have you now. what is your reaction knowing this suspect in this times square bombing lived right in your community? >> well, certainly disconcert g disconcerting. it's not far from my home or my son's little league field. when you hear of anyone doing these kinds of things it's disconcerting. >> i understand at a press conference yesterday you said that bridgeport's easy distance
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and multiple connections by highway and train to new york make it prime location for would-be terrorists. explain more of that because i imagine people live in your town and that isn't an easy feeling to digest. >> the point i'm trying to make is we are all tied to new york city. mayor bloomberg has his hands full obviously because he is the target. new york is the target for so many of these people. and because we're very close to new york, our economies are intertwined, we're connected by a highway, by 20 or 30 trains a day, by ferry boat, towns like bridgeport or newark or any of the towns in the area, i imagine, are convenient places with less visibility. but i want to say thank you to our police department in working so well with the fbi because if it weren't for the safe streets program that senator lieberman, senator dodd were able to get for us, the safe streets program allows our local police to work with the fbi on a day-to-day basis. i don't think that those connections would have been made in order to apprehend somebody
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within 60 hours. >> we know the mayor of new york michael bloomberg is saying that his city needs more funds as it is a target. is that a case you're making for bridgeport, connecticut as well? >> absolutely. look, the tri-state area, the metro new york city area, is different than the rest of the country. we are the symbol of so much of what these people who are our enemy detest. as much as we love new york city, they detest new york city and want to make an example of it. we don't forget 9/11. we had many people in southwestern connecticut affected or killed by that terrible disaster. and we aren't forgetting it. lechbs tsyringe -- vigilance of the citizenry calling the police, see something, say something, i don't think we'd be as safe as welcome back. we've got a lot of tweets from we are. we are all on our toes here more you guys today. thank you very much. all of you. than other parts of the country. one of them that stands out >> thank you for joining us. today sent directly to me at we appreciate your time and tamron hall just not good enough reaction to this developing for msnbc. story. faisal shahzad, his ties to 53-hour catch. pakistan where he was actually referring to the fact that we've born, we now know he comes from been asking questions about how
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a prominent family in that the suspect in the "new york country. his father, in fact, is a times" bombing was able to get retired pakistani air force through security at the airport, how he was apparently being officer. his wife and two small children tailed by agents and they lost also moved there apparently after their home in shelton, him for three hours. connecticut, went into so one person, anyway, this is foreclosure last year. meantime, officials say carol ray whose upset we are not shahzad's claims he received bomb making training in just letting it go at the suspect being caught at 53 hours, that we are asking pakistan, nbc news chief foreign hopefully some tough questions that will be answer aend make correspondent richard engel joins ounce the phone from all of our security better. islamabad, pakistan, and, there is a lot going on richard, tell us a little more today. here are some things we thought at least what you've been able you should know. to uncover about shahzad's a first for first lady michelle family, his recent visit, and is obama. speaking of tweets she sent her first tweet to a reporter at the his wife still there? white house correspondents dinner this weekend. she said, quote, looking forward >> the family is one of the most elite in all of pakistan. he wasn't just a senior officer. to laughs. he was one of the top officers in the pakistani air force. he also went on to head the speaking of president obama he will speak of a graduation ceremony at kalamazoo central high school in michigan. pakistani civil aviation the school won the 2010 race to authority so in charge of all0 the top high school commencement challenge and according to the "washington times" some british tabloids as well, former prime minister tony blair has been offered nearly $400,000 to
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appear on the next season of "dancing with the stars." the "washington times" reports the show's executive producer told blair to, quote, come and put some sequoin on and have a real life. that is enticing. those are the things we thought you should know. crossing the line? you tell me. a 10-year-old is pulled from class because of his spiky hair cut. that's what happened a few weeks ago as dylan ancil who attends a magnate school in fort pierce, florida. the school complained he was not complying with the dress code. i spoke with dylan and his mom jessica a short time ago and asked her how she responded to the news that dylan had gotten into some trouble because of his hair. >> i actually got a phone call from the school, the assistant principal. i was very irate. i asked her why he was pulled from class. i don't feel the hair has anything to do with his learning. and why he was pulled from the learning process due to this. and i found out later on that he
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was put into the clinic until after she had gotten off the phone with my mother and i. and i was not happy about that. >> whose idea was it for him to wear the hair style? it's kind of slicked on the sides. it's not a mohawk. but whose idea was it for him to have the hair cut? >> it's actually his idea. he likes it that way. he's very, very particular about how his hair is fixed. he was born with cleft lip and cleft pallet so his appearance means a lot to him and it was i spoke with someone who knew the father today and he said the his idea. father would have been he asks me every morning to get completely shocked and horrified up and help him. and embarrassed to learn this i am up with him anyway but get and that this is a black stain up and help him and fix it so on the entire family. that way he looks presentable so one would assume they're when he goes to school. cooperating but in pakistan what and i told the assistant happens between top generals is principal, i said it would be not discussed, frankly. different, you know, if it was paint color or blue or, you >> all right. richard engel, live in islamabad. thank you very much for those know, whatever. it's his natural color and is a
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details. and much more ahead on the attempted car bombing suspect. very clean cut hair cut i believe. >> dylan, do you like your hair faisal shahzad. we'll take a close look at how cut? do you think it's fair that they he came so very close to fleeing want you to clang it? the country. that's coming up at the bottom of the hour. developing news out of san >> huh? >> do you think it's fair they antonio, texas, in fact, breaking news. want you to change your hair? at least two people have been injured. this is an explosion at a >> uh-huh. >> you don't think it's fair? refinery on the city's south well, jessica, i know he is a side. 10-year-old boy. officials say a truck was he is on tv. unloading when it exploded and what do we expect? caught fire. all 50 employees were evacuated. since you're the parent here, more than two dozen fire trucks according to the school's dress are at the scene and traffic code no unnatural colored hair, within a mile radius of the refinery shut down. sculptored hair, excessive also, breaking news on the beading or shaved head. deadly riots in greece. were you aware there was a the greek prime minister is school dress code? calling the death of three >> i was aware that there is a people at a bank a murderous act. dress code. but it also says, what's the police say the three were trapped inside a bank that was set on fire by protesters. word i'm looking for? traditional hair cut. thousands are protesting the big and for this day and age what is spending cuts in that country. nbc's dawna friesen is traditional? >> a good question. >> to me his hair cut is a monitoring the situation live from london and certainly we've traditional hair cut. >> any chance you're going to seen these volatile or change his hair so that he -- >> no. >> you're not changing it. passionate, whatever words you you're standing strong on this choose to use, dawna, protests, one?
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>> i am not going to put him in but this has turned deadly and an uncomfortable position and by we heard the new comments from the prime minister. >> reporter: yeah. these deaths really have shocked changing his hair style is putting him in a very many people in greece. there have been demonstrations uncomfortable position. >> so what next? in that country for months >> he chose it. because of the country's really >> what's next? he worth hair cut for two years. dire financial situation but nothing as violent as this has happened. the greek prime minister as you said alluding to it as murder. what's next? he said demonstrations are one >> that's up to the school, if thing. murder is quite another. this bank was fire bombed and they want to push the issue, unlike a lot of other businesses because i don't feel he needs to that were closed today because there was a national strike, change it. this was a private bank and it >> well, jessica, we appreciate was actually open today so there you coming on. dylan, you were a great sport. were about 20 employees inside at the time. i don't know what's going to 17 of them escaped. happen but you look awfully cute but these three people with that hair cut so we'll see apparently tried to get to the roof to get out. what the school decides. we greatly appreciate it. they couldn't and they were thank you. overcome by smoke. firefighters have said they couldn't get to the scene in >> thank you. >> okay. time but because of all the so crossing the line. people on the streets so it's you tell me. dylan didn't have a lot to say. you can chime in. really shocked i think even some hard core demonstrators who twitter me your response, didn't probably expect that this yesterday we asked if bullying was going to happen. as you say, there were tens of should be illegal after thousands of people on the massachusetts governor duval patrick signed the first ever street. some tried to storm the parliament building. antibullying law. riot police were out in force 87% of you said it should be using tear gas and stun grenades but a lot of that only seemed to illegal and puts children's enrage some of the real hard lives at risk.
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nearly 13% of you though say no core rioters and they began it shouldn't be. hurling stones and molotov that wraps up this hour. i'm tamron hall. cocktails. the anger of course a back lash join me tomorrow and each week day 11:00 a.m. and 2:00 p.m. against the greek government's eastern time. in the meantime alex witt is austerity measures that have been imposed because the economy there is in freefall. here picking up our coverage. the international monetary fund we'll have the latest on the in european countries are times square bombing suspect. bailing out greece with $150 we'll find out who he is, why he billion in loans but of course did it, and why he was allowed there are huge strings attached to get on a plane. to that, really harsh spending we're also following the deadly cuts that the greek people are riots in greece as well as an furious about. upcoming cinco de mayo protest >> unbelievable images. over immigration in arizona. thank you very much, dawna, live plus, there is an illinois in our london bureau. candidate for governor you've congressman david obey the got to hear to believe. chairman of the powerful house you must stick around for that one. appropriations committee has [ male announcer ] mayo's always saying how real it is. announced he will not seek re-election. the wisconsin democrat was first elected in 1969. he won his 20th full term in 2008 with 61% of the vote. obey faced a difficult re-election bid, though, this fall. officials have just announced they will begin a we agree. it's real... controlled burn of some of the oil in the massive spill boring. ♪ threatening the gulf coast. are you up for some sandwich-kicking flavor? this shows how close the spill
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is to the coast line. this is being called a disaster are you miracle whip? as you see there. an expert from the university of miami says images from his satellite facility shows oil has reached the mississippi delta and right off the coast of louisiana. the and the images also show oil is drifting to the south toward a current that could carry oil to florida and the keys. residents and business owners on pensacola beach, florida say people are bracing for what could be the worst. >> we have a lot of news crews here, a lot of government here. unfortunately, i don't think you guys are too interested in fishing. >> right now you'd never even know there are thousands of gallons of oil out there but when it gets here i believe we're ready to just strike back. >> meanwhile bp has capped one of the leaks on the well gushing 200,000 gallons of oil a day. mike taibe joins us live. they capped off one situation but that doesn't mean it is all good news with that, certainly.
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>> reporter: no. this is really a good news/bad news story, tamron, with the bad news far outweighing the good. take a look at this. i'll use it as a wind indicator and it has now turned in the last hour. the water on that side, waland this side, the wind has turned around driving it closer. as you referenced before with the satellite photo. everybody is concerned about the fact that it looks like this oil landfall is going to occur sooner than they thought. first they thought two or three days which would give the response crews more time to prepare the islands and other vulnerable areas to skim and suck up some of the oil and water mixture and do the controlled burns. while they rush this containment dome out to the site itself. it is on the way and will get there around midnight and won't be deployed until probably after the weekend. that is the best chance to cap the leak itself. if they do that and the slick 60 days the size it is and gets driven away because the winds turn offshore they may have the best chance to avoid the worst
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scenario. there are a lots of ifs there. if ifs and buts were candy it would be christmas every day. >> what is the mood of the fishermen around there? they've been frustrated from the very beginning and now it's just day after day. >> reporter: yeah. they are frustrated and angry. i just spoke with the head of the charter boat skippers association whose meeting with the governor's people here in mississippi to see what they can do to prepare for whatever happens once the oil reaches landfall. there's not a lot they can do. yes they're angry. there isn't a lot they can do about their anger. at this point they can prepare the beaches and other landfall areas to with stand the slick arriving to a certain degree but if it comes in the way it can top of the hour here on msnbc. here are some of the stories and there are 2,000 square miles we're watching for you. of slick out there, hundreds of as more information comes out thousands of gallons it's a crap about the suspect in the times square bombing a tempt, there is shoot. who knows how bad it can be a new focus on why he was except that it will be bad. allowed to board a plane despite >> nbc's mike taibbi live with the latest from the coast of being on a no fly list. louisiana. thank you very much in biloxi, anger, violence, and death mississippi. a major protest against arizona's new immigration law is planned for tonight. in greece. the country's financial mess takes a tragic turn.
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we'll have the details on this we're just hours away from a new march to the state's big new protest in arizona timed capital. plus, it is a case of well known to the cinco de mayo holiday. book and movie character coming we'll debate the law at the alive. we'll tell you how l.a. center of the continuing authorities are now hunting for outrage. what some are calling a real all that plus we'll introduce you to two of the dumbest criminals you'll ever life jasen bourne. meet when we bring you the fastest three minutes in news. and the scoop on a tearful hello everyone. mea culpa from "the view's" thanks for joining us. we begin with the latest on the plot to detonate a massive car elizabeth hasselbeck who has bomb in times square. 30-year-old suspect faisal been getting slammed and now is shahzad has attempted or crying. >> i said, well. great. ci admitted rather to the failed flavors, or preservatives. attempt and to receiving training in bomb building at a new purefitness... terrorist training camp in his from crystal light. a pure way to water your body. native pakistan though u.s. officials today say they have been unable to verify that yet. new york city police commissioner ray kelly says time to face the pollen that used to make me sneeze... my eyes water. shahzad continues to cooperate. but now zyrtec®, the fastest 24-hour allergy relief, >> he is cooperating. he is talking. comes in a new liquid gel. i think investigators want him new zyrtec® liquid gels work fast, so i can love the air®. to a certain extent talk at his own pace. he is an individual that by all ♪ indications wouldn't be involved in something like this, but [ male announcer ] winning more awards for quality and customer service obviously he has been. than any other luxury manufacturer the last 10 years
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welcome back. we're following breaking news out of san antonio, texas where an 18 wheeler was being loaded with fuel at a san antonio refinery. it exploded setting off a chain reaction of smaller blasts and leaving some workers injured. there were about 100 employees and right now authorities are trying to account for all of
2:16 pm
those individuals and some homes nearby have been evacuated within a one-mile radius of the incident. you see that thick, black smoke coming from the area there. it's a result of the 18 wheeler and its explosion then setting off a chain reaction of smaller blasts. we're working to get more details on workers who were injured at this refinery facility again in san antonio, texas, about 100 employees were there and authorities are trying to account for all of them. new details emerging about the murder of a university of virginia student. 22-year-old yaerdly love a player on the women's lacrosse team was found dead in her apartment. police say she was face down on her pillow lying in a pool of blood. she had bruises on her face and her right eye was swollen shut. police describe her as a victim of blunt force trauma. police have charged her ex-boyfriend. he is a men's lacrosse star at the university as well. his name is george huguely with first-degree murder. nbc's jeff rossen is following
2:17 pm
developments from charlottesville, virginia. >> reporter: hey, tamron. good afternoon. disturbing details in these court documents of course and really a bombshell admission from george huguely the star from the men's lacrosse team now arrested for first-degree murder. he told police during the interrogation after waiving his rights to a lawyer and waiving his rights to stop talking he kept on talking and apparently told them that he kicked the door in to yeardley love's bedroom the night that she died and shook her so violently that her head knocked against the wall over and over again. this is all really painting a picture, friends say, of an abusive relationship they were in on and off for the past two years. friends say it got especially turbulent lately. they broke up about a week before her death. we're also told there may have been an altercation just two weeks ago before her death but the university of virginia and the charlottesville police both tell nbc news that there are no reports on file of any domestic violence issues which begs the question, were there missed warning signs here?
2:18 pm
that's a question the university is looking into as well. we're told yeardley love's body is now with her family on her way back to home in maryland near baltimore to try to plan final arrangement. but once again just a sad, sad story with spiraling questions coming out of it, tamron. >> jeff, thank you very much. the times square bomb suspect was just moments away from leaving this country before police nabbed him on a plane pulling out of the gate. how did he almost get away? "newsweek" magazine's michael isikoff writing about this. we'll talk about the investigation with him. and we'd like to know what you think on any of the stories we're covering today. go to look up my name and send us a tweet. the smell of freshly juiced wheat grass
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welcome back. new protests against arizona's controversial immigration law. the city councils of tucson and flagstaff have voted to sue the state over the new crackdown on illegal immigrants and say they are concerned about the cost of enforcement as well as the damage to arizona's tourism
2:22 pm
industry. tonight civil rights activist al sharpton will join hispanic leaders and the mayor of phoenix for a candlelight march to the state capitol. reverend sharpton compares the protest to the freedom riders who battled segregation in the '60s. tonight the phoenix suns host game two of their western conference semifinal series against the san antonio spurs. the suns will not be wearing their usual home uniforms. the team's owner says his players will wear los suns on their jerseys to honor the latino community in arizona and the jerseys are the team's way of protesting the controversial new immigration law. authorities say car bomb suspect faisal shahzad has admitted to the plot of bombing or setting off that car bomb in times square and he says he acted alone. up next we'll talk to nbc news terrorism analyst michael sheehan about whether there are likely others who helped him. in flood ravaged nashville, a massive cleanup effort is
2:23 pm
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welcome back. there are a lot of questions about who was watching the suspect in saturday's attempted car bombing in times square and how close he came to getting away perhaps. reports indicate faisal shahzad was able to slip away from authorities watching his connecticut home monday. he then drove to kennedy airport, bought a ticket with cash, and boarded a flight to dubai even though he had been placed on the no fly list earlier monday. he was removed from the plane just before it was due to leave the gate. michael isikoff is senior investigative reporter for "newsweek." michael, we know yesterday there was a lot of praise on 53 hours from the time the car was smoking to the arrest but the reality is this has exposed us to some of those vulnerabilities that exist in the system particularly this guy was oon no fly list and got on the plane. >> right. that's something that seems inexplicable on its face. the explanation is it takes time to download the information once
2:27 pm
somebody is put on the no fly list and it could take several hours. it used to take even a few days. so i think one of the things congress is certainly going to be looking at and i imagine the justice department and the homeland security department as well is seeing to tighten that up so there is instant communication when somebody is placed on the no fly list. >> in your article you point out fbi surveillance of shahzad broke down and he spent three hours, three hours in jfk with no one watching him. how is that possible? >> again, a very good question. no surveillance is air tight when you're -- when there's driving on new york city streets, sometimes it could be difficult to keep track. but i think people are going to be asking a lot of questions about that. now, the explanation that the federal authorities give is,
2:28 pm
well, look. he wasn't -- we would have found him eventually. we would have caught up with him and that no surveillance is perfect. but clearly, there were some breakdowns here. also, there is a lot of questions about just what is the level of cooperation that he's given. he was portrayed as being somebody providing, began talking right away, even after, and continues even having been mirandaized but he has insisted though aek knowledge had flying overseas and getting bomb training in north waziristan he has said he acted alone in this instance. and i don't think that federal investigators believe that at this point. if you look at the affidavit presented in federal court yesterday those four phone calls from pakistan during a crucial time period while all of this was unfolding do seem to raise
2:29 pm
some serious questions about that. >> all right. michael isikoff senior investigative reporter with "newsweek" and you've brought up even more questions that people at home certainly want answers to. thank you very much. >> thank you. more now on the attempted car bombing suspect shahzad and whether if the charges against him are true if he could change the current model or perception of what a terrorist is. authorities say shahzad claims he acted alone. as you heard michael isikoff point out. but he also says he was trained by militants in pakistan. joining me is our guest, now an msnbc terrorism analyst. thanks for coming on with us. let's talk about the fact we hear shahzad is talking. that doesn't mean he's telling the truth. >> absolutely not. and they're going to put him under polygraphs and all types of our systems to test whether he is lying or not. the nypd and fbi detectives are pretty good at that. i'm sure he is still lying at this point. >> how could it be possible he was trained at a camp and is acting alone?
2:30 pm
in itself doesn't the training mean he is working with someone? >> absolutely. he has already admitted to being in training and obviously it wasn't very good as indicated by the bomb with all of the errors he conducted. right now there is no evidence, no sign of any other complicity. i'm sure they're going to focus on that as they want to round up any cell he might have been associated with. >> let's talk more about this image we have about what is a terrorist in this country. i want to play what retired general michael hayden had to say to savannah guthrie on the daily rundown this morning. >> for the new model, less complicated attacks, frankly attacks that would probably be less severe. attacks that are less skilled and therefore with a lower probability of success but now here is the very bad part. probably a lot more numerous and that's what we have to be prepared for. >> it's interesting. you've got the so-called underwear bomber. he was this kid on there, you know, a great background as far as his parents and now you have
2:31 pm
this individual again who worked and lived in connecticut, a father, and he's allegedly making this bomb to explode. >> right. and with due reference to the former cia director every time there is an event like this everyone says this is some new paradigm. not really. we've had guys like this back and forth from pakistan and the united states dating back to the plot against the brooklyn bridge in 2002. zazi, the guy from denver who had been back to pakistan looking to blow up the subway system. this guy with a car bomb. if he had done this right it could have been a pretty big attack. >> we know with our airline security and even though you can certainly find holes in things that need to be improved, there are many who said that something like that could not be pulled off again and the terrorists would look for ways like car bombs or attacking our subway system. when you look at this, this is the first time it's happened in times square to this degree. >> that's right. >> what does that tell us? >> well, they'd be moving toward car bombs and not that car bombs are anything new.
2:32 pm
the world trade center was blown up in et 3 with a truck bomb. of course american terrorists like timothy mcveigh, big truck bomb against oklahoma city. they've been focused on smaller trains and like madrid and london. this may show a trend back toward a bigger truck bomb but i think they're going to be flexible and do whatever they can to attack us. >> thank you very much. and the senate homeland security committee met this morning to find out a way to close what's called a so-called terror gap, an alarming statistic that shows suspects on the terror watch list, people on the watch list, were still able to buy guns and weapons 90% of the time they applied. new york city michael bloomberg and the new york police commissioner ray kelly were among those testifying on this today. mayor bloomberg called for the federal government to take action immediately. >> at a time when the threat of terrorism is still very real, as we in new york city know all too well, i think it's imperative that congress close this terror gap in our gun laws and close it
2:33 pm
quickly. the car bomb the nypd found in times square on sunday night was not the only attempted terrorist attack on our city since 9/11. >> nypd commissioner kelly also testified that his agency is investigating how the prime suspect in the times square bombing attempt purchased a gun. today more than 100 firefighters and police officers are going door to door in flood-ravaged areas of nashville, tennessee to make sure people are okay. the cumberland river has started to recede and this weekend's flash flood killed ten people in nashville. in all, 30 people were killed in tennessee, mississippi, and kentucky. earlier today i spoke with the governor of tennessee by phone and asked if he'd seen anything like this before. >> this is extraordinary. this is probably in terms of flooding more than a hundred-year event here. we're surviving and will get back to normal.
2:34 pm
nashville and tennessee are here. we thank everybody. the president was great. he called about the problem and talked to me. other members of the white house staff have called down here. we're getting a lot of people and people are getting their lives back. >> ron, the governor also talked about meeting with the red cross and really trying to find shelter for people who will make it back to their homes but find them uninhabitable. >> reporter: right. that's the case here in this neighborhood, tamron. the flood waters are mostly bad memories for these folks. this is the harsh reality that follows. there are hundreds of volunteers just in this neighborhood alone helping these homeowners all do the same thing which is take their personal belongings they've saved up for years and years like this particular couple. they've been married for seven years. they've lived in this house for seven years. this is everything they've owned in this house and they were very emotional about that earlier today. but this is what the scene is in this neighborhood. hands on nashville is naught force. the red cross salvation army, we saw the officers making door-to-door calls to check on people because as you know the real concern was that as the waters res eided there may be
2:35 pm
some victims here who haven't yet been discovered or reported missing. fortunately we've not heard about anyone here being found today but there were two people lost in the neighborhood over the weekend. so that's the latest from here. a massive cleanup effort under way, tamron. >> nbc's ron mott live in nashville. thank you. it's happened again at a philadelphia phillies game. tuesday night another fan ran out onto the field interrupting the game against the cardinals. this time the 34-year-old man surrendered without incident. police charged the man with defiant trespass, disorderly conduct, and narcotics possession. hum. it was a different story though monday night when a 17-year-old high school student ran out onto the outfield before he was tasered by police. the police department, well they're standing by the use of the taser there. the pennsylvania governor though ed rendell calling it a mistake as are a lot of other people in that city. and a tearful apology from one of the ladies on "the view." let's get the scoop now from
2:36 pm
tod today's courtney hazlett. >> this is getting a lot of attention. yesterday on "the view" elizabeth hasselbeck made a comment about erin andrews attire on dancing with the stars saying if she was the stalker she might just think oh, i should have waited a few weeks to watch erin on "dancing with the stars" wearing almost the exact same thing that is to say nothing. here is her apology on "the view" today. >> yesterday i went home and wasn't feeling that great about it and i'm sitting there with grace my 5-year-old and she said mommy why do you look so sad? i said, well, grace, today mommy hurt someone's feelings and, gosh. mommy, why don't you just call erin and tell her you're sorry? so, thankfully, i listened to her. she is a wise little girl and i did. so i am really sorry and i wanted to offer that publicly. >> elizabeth is getting a lot of flack for being so emotional during this apology. >> she is getting more flack for
2:37 pm
what she said about erin because the guy came after her. >> she is being made fun of for the apology. this is live television. we've all made mistakes. was it inappropriate? absolutely. but she has apologized. can we not make fun of her for crying while apologizing. >> i hadn't heard that part. >> that's the part today. sure there is outrage but now instead of just being angry it's like it's not enough now that it's resolved, that she called her personally. she had to cry. so i feel bad for elizabeth on some level on this one. other news, "the washington post" announced today they might sell "newsweek" magazine. they said today that they're exploring the possibility of a sale. "newsweek" launched a 1933 -- launched in 1933, a huge part of our media history, purchased by "the washington post" company in 1961. 2001 "newsweek" lost $28 million in 2009. it has a long way to go to break even. last year in an attempt to get more readers who are more affluent they were hoping, more focused on the issues in
2:38 pm
"newsweek" magazine they had a big redesign to try to make it into a product that was sellable. at the end of the day it's not about just making it prettier. it's got to be the kind of news people want in an environment where you can have 24 hour a day television news. news on your ipod. news on your i-pad, twitter, and that sort of thing. "newsweek" needless to say faces huge challenges here. then finally light hearted julia dreyfus got her hollywood star of fame yesterday but they misspelled her name. they left out the "o" and left out a hyphen. as a person who also has their name often misspelled and mispronounced i feel bad for her. you would think they would run it by a check there for the hollywood walk of fame. they're going to get it fixed. >> she has a sense of humor and i'm sure she felt the comedic side in that. can they change it? >> it will be taken care of. >> just an honor to have even a misspelled name on the walk. >> if they put one "t" in hazlett that's fine. >> with the latesten tainment
2:39 pm
news live on and jason bourne comes to life? california detectives are searching for a 33-year-old man who escaped authorities in the same way the famous movie character happens to do it in film. it's an intriguing story. we'll bring you more details. first lady michelle obama turns techie and joins the millions of people out there tweeting. compare a well equipped lexus es, to a well-equipped buick lacrosse. get inside each. and see what you find. if perfection is what you pursue, this just might change your course. meet the new class of world class. the twenty-ten lacrosse, from buick. may the best car win.
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sleep problems don't go away as we age. now a new study finds maintaining a regular routine helps older adults sleep better. the study found by keeping a routine for basic activities like bathing, dressing, and
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eating older adults had less insomnia and better quality of sleep. experts say poor sleep can lead to health problems. the lapd is asking for the public's help in finding what some are calling a real life jason bourne. police are looking for brian alexic wanted for manufacturing of weapons parts, counterfeit, currency, and narcotics. officials say he escaped last month down a fire escape outside his luxury high rise apartment. an lapd deputy chief mike downing is the commanding officer of the counterterrorism and criminal intelligence bureau. thank you so much for joining us. >> thank you very much. >> what do you suspect this man is involved in? look at these charges. illegal weapons, manufacturing of weapons parts. counterfeit currency. do you believe he is working for another government or something? >> well, that's the question. what is his intent? we know his capability. why was he situated in the loft
2:44 pm
on the 7th floor overlooking the federal reserve? just a lot of questions we're interested in what connections he has to other criminal enterprises or associates. i don't know if it was a joke or not but inside his loft there was actually a mosaic symbol of the cia. so he's definitely involved in a lot of things. >> what do you know about brian alexik? what is his background and where is he from? >> we don't know much about him. he is russian. he is a citizen. he is a convicted felon for fraud and narcotics charges in new jersey. but other than that, he's been very much under the radar. we didn't know anything about him. >> so you haven't been able perhaps to track down family members, a girlfriend, or spouse, or anyone to give you more information on this guy? >> well, that's all part of the investigation. we do have leads and we're involved in that but we really
2:45 pm
are at a last resort in terms of turning to the public to ask for their help now. >> how did you first learn of him? what put him on the radar in the first place? i know inside of his apartment police found ak-47, a cache of weapons, $15,000 worth of fake $100 bills. what tipped authorities off to him to make him a suspect in the first place? >> well, by the way, that's what he left in the apartment. he escaped with three full duffle bags. >> wow. >> one of the neighbors smelled gas fumes probably coming from a generator. the fire department had the first units on scene. he refused to allow them into the apartment into the loft. they called the police. he refused to allow the police in and during that time he escaped out the window. >> what a story. lapd deputy chief mike downing, hope to have you on with an update once you guys are able to catch up with him and learn more about this case. thank you very much. best of luck on this one.
2:46 pm
>> thank you. hopefully it'll be soon absolutely. a florida fourth grader is removed from his class because of that hair style. kind of got a full hawk going on. but they mean business at his school. are the school officials crossing the line?nguage ] [ speaking native language ] [ moans ] [ speaking native language ] ♪ [ speaking native language ] [ male announcer ] doctors have been saying it forever. let's take a look. [ male announcer ] but they've never actually been able to do it like this. let's take a look. [ male announcer ] v-scan from ge healthcare. a pocket sized imaging device
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