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tv   MSNBC News Live  MSNBC  July 9, 2010 10:00am-11:00am EDT

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violent reaction. dozens of protesters arrested in california for starting fires, smashing windows and looting stores. we'll it will you what sparked it all. plus, a hollywood ending to a real-life james bond plot. the u.s. and russia involved in a 14-person spy swap, and it all happened in the blink of an eye. and then the big announcement. >> this is very tough. i'm going to take my talents to the beach and join the miami
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heat. >> it didn't look like it was very tough. miami might be welcoming lebron james with open arms, but cleveland is disowning its onetime favorite son. there goes that lebron jersey. and wait till you hear the reaction from the owner of the cleveland cavaliers who called lebron narcissistic, self-promotional, selfish, cowardly and then really laid down the gauntlet. ♪ alejandro, alejandro and new york city going ga ga over the lady herself. good friday morning. i'm chris jansing live from msnbc world headquarters in new york. and we begin with the riot out in oakland, california. angry mobs flooding the streets, smashing windows and looting stores. their anger sparked after a white transit cop was convicted on a lesser charge in the fatal shooting of an unarmed black man
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last year. more than 80 people were arrested overnight, some caught in the act of looting and damaging stores. nbc's kristin welker is in oakland. they've been gearing up just in case something like this happened, right? >> reporter: they have been gearing up for weeks, in fact, chris, because after that initial shooting there were violent protests here in oakland, and police and city officials were expecting the same to happen again last night, and it largely did. take a look at some of the aftermath. i am standing in front of the sears building, just one of several buildings that was damaged last night in these protests. take a look. you can see this window smashed out, and that is just a piece of it. take a look over my left-hand shoulder. you can see this graffiti says "kill all cops." this graffiti, by the way, is throughout the city of oakland this morning. and it's really emblematic of the tension that exists here and the fact that a lot of people feel as though this case and this verdict is emblematic of the fact that police brutality still exists against black males
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here in oakland and california and throughout the country. let's take a look at some of the video last night. hundreds of protesters came out, as many as 800. they believe a lot of them throwing bottles, shoulding obscenities at police, again damaging buildings, looting businesses. a lot of businesses tried to protect themselves against the looting by boarding up their windows, but to some extent it just didn't work because there were about 800 protesters here last night. now, in all, police arrested about 83 people last night. there were police officers here from 15 different apartments. they were very prepared for this. again, this stems from a shooting back in 2009. johannes mehserle, that transit officer, was charged with involuntary manslaughter. he was convicted of that yesterday by a jury. he faces a maximum of four years in prison. a lot of people feel as though that's a slap on the wrist. the judge could tack on an extra few years because this crime was committed with a gun.
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his sentencing will take place in august. krigs, back to you. >> kristen, back to you. ten russian agents who admitted spying in the u.s. just landed in mother russia. yesterday in a new york courtroom it all happened very quickly. ten of them all pleading guilty, sentenced to time served and deported out of the country. in exchange, the russian government released four people convicted of spying for the west. it is the largest spy swap since the cold war, and it happened right where many of those old swaps did, vienna, austria. nbc news justice correspondent pete williams joins us for more on this deal. pete, i think you can get whiplash this happened so fast. why did both sides want to seem to want to wash their hands of this and have it done? >> well, i think the u.s. wanted to do it for several reasons. someone to get back the four people or get the four people from russia who were imprisoned under very harsh conditions, some of them in failing health in some of the northern russian prison camps. and here was the chance to get
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four people accused of spying for the west, four russians accused of spying for the west, and to essentially rescue them from those very harsh conditions, find out what the russians wanted to know, learn a little more if they could act why the russians were so interested. so that was thing one. thing two is that the american angle of this, the ten accused of being secret russian agents, were not accused of stealing any valuable secrets, so there was no interest on the united states' part in getting them to serve long prison sentences. they just weren't facing that. so there was no need to do that. and thirdly the opportunity to get this thing off the books. this irritant that had cropped up just after the meeting between the two leaders of the u.s. and russia, wipe it off the books and move on. so you put all those three things together, add to that the russian interests in getting these people back, and that's why you had this really astonishingly fast ending. on the other end of it, we have to say, chris, while the plane carrying the ten from the u.s.
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is now in russia, the plane carrying the four after it made the exchange in vienna, it's now landed in london, in the uk, where those folks will be debriefed before maybe one or two of them come on to the u.s. >> we were talking yesterday, you and i, pete, about the fact there are several small children involved in this. >> right. >> i saw some pretty moving sound from some neighbors of these families talking about, you know, their concerns about the kids and what happens to these families now. is everybody gone, the children as well? >> well, the minor children were. the parents wanted to take those back. the u.s. posed no objection. the russians insisted on it, and that was fine with the u.s. authorities. but the older children, those who were over 18, they had a choice. some went back, some are going to stay. >> pete williams, thank you so much. >> you bet. well, it's official. lebron james is in miami. the new king of south beach flew into florida at about 3:00 this morning following his big prime-time announcement.
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>> very tough. i'm going to take my talents to the beach and join the miami heat. >> this morning cleveland is angry and feels betrayed while south florida is celebrating. we had a florida marlins player welcoming the six-time nba all-star to miami. james will join two other stars, dwyane wade and chris bosh, making the miami heat a triple threat. but make no mistake, there are very hard feelings in cleveland. cavaliers' owner dan gilbert unloaded on his former star.
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>> tom costello is in miami covering the victory. oh, the agony of defeat. tom, south florida celebrating, lebron's in miami. i personally here in our msnbc studios have declared a national day of mourning. >> reporter: yeah. i mean, you're a cleveland girl, right? >> i am. >> reporter: i understand. this hurts. but here's the headline, ""miami herald."" go ahead. what were you going to say? >> it's killing me. >> reporter: it's killing you. >> put that down. >> reporter: it says "the royal court" because as you mentioned it's not just king james as they're now calling him but it's also wade, it's also bosch, and behind me here at the aaa arena, the americanairlines arena, i was here last night. this place was just lit up not only with the neon lights but fans out on the street. police had to close a couple of streets. lebron james flew in on a private plane at 3:00 a.m., quickly made his way over to south beach, and the w hotel. we had a camper crew there capturing some of the excitement as he showed up.
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not only that, but they have already now started printing the new jerseys for folks to buy here, lebron james swapping number 23 for a new number 6 with the miami heat. those jerseys all will be going on sale, and already -- boy, that guy is loud on that horn -- already we have season tickets gone here in miami. they have sold like hot cakes. the computer actually went down twice yesterday. we talked about the fact that it's not just james. it's also wade and bosch. these three guys who wanted to play together since playing together in the olympics, take a listen to what d-wade had to say yesterday. >> this don't come around often, and to have myself, lebron and chris, you know, all take this sacrifice, you know, right now at this time in our careers, it doesn't happen. this is history in the making. but it really has only become history, you know, if we do what we can together and at the end that's to win multiple
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championships. >> reporter: yeah. a lot of people think they're on a collision course with the lakers. it is, however, going down not so well in cleveland. they're actually burning the number 23 jersey there in cleveland. a lot of fans really feeling disappointed, especially after the comments made by the team owner as you mentioned. hess not happy. he is promising an nba championship before lebron james wins one. i'd like the see if anybody is putting money on that one. listen to these numbers. when you talk about james and wade and bosch, these three have a combined 17 all-star appearances. these three were among the top scorers last year, the top ten scorers in the nba, and the thinking is when you bring that talent to miami, this may be an unforgiverable and unbeatable force and that's why they say the lakers may be in their headlights, head sights. in their sights. back to you. >> we shall see. we shall see. i'm withholding judgment on this. tom costello, thank you. those guys are going to make a lot of money.
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hard to wrap your head around that. how about this number? $180 billion. that's how huge the budget shortfalls are from the 46 states facing major cash problems. now, governors from across the country are going to their annual meeting today, and of course budgets are job one. governor brian schweitzer, democrat from montana, joins me live from boston, attending that national governors association annual meeting. good morning, governor. >> great to be with you. >> you know, your fellow governors very well and you all talk. how bad is the financial situation out there state to state to state? >> well, last week "time" magazine pointed out that 47 states were in deficit, one was about even, that's arkansas, and just two of us, montana one, is in surplus. all across this country, there are declining revenues, and the expenses continue at the same rate. so states can't deficit spend like they do in washington, d.c. these ceos, governors, they've
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either got to raise taxes or cut programs. fortunately, in montana, we don't have to do either because we still have some money in the bank. >> last month your state did i think auction off a couple hundred vehicles, raising about $4 million. a lot of states are getting creative. new jersey talking about turning over state parks, psychiatric hospitals even i guess turnpike toll boolt booths to private operators. california is talking about paying state workers minimum wage. they've got a $19 billion deficit. how do you weigh what spending is completely necessary and where you can cut? >> 85% of montana's budget, just like every other budget in america for all of these states is to educate, medicate, and incarcerate. when people talk about cutting programs, you either have to decrease the number of teachers you have in classrooms, you have to release prisoners or you have to decrease the health care through medicaid that you have for the most unfortunate among us. so these are tough decisions for
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most of these governors. >> the economy, of course, is is the big reason. if you look at the polls, the majority of americans think the country is not moving in the right direction, and there does seem to be this anti-incumbent fervor out there, sort of throw the bums out of washington as we approach the november election. i'm sure you heard yesterday the president has been stepping up his anti-republican rhetoric. but he has been in office, these members of congress have been in office. does the buck stop with the democrats and the power in washington and overall are democrats going to hurt because of this? >> well, as usual, people in the states are frustrated with the inactivity in washington, d.c. it seems like they mostly debate how many angels can fit on the head of a pin. but at the statehouses where we have 36 races in this coming year, they're looking for someone who's a problem solver, someone who can bring people together. so the sharp rhetoric that they have in washington, d.c., between democrats and republicans, it doesn't exist in most of the statehouses. >> governor schweitzer, good of
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you to come in, and good luck with the meeting. >> great to be with you. parts of texas are under water right now with the rio grande topping flood stage by dozens of feet. and the worst is not over yet. we'll have a live report from laredo. the world cup final just two days away. spain versus the netherlands. who do you want to win? who will the octopus pick to win the big game? we know why we're here. to chart a greener path in the air and in our factories. ♪ to find cleaner, more efficient ways to power flight.
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flooding is really causing hu huge problems in south texas and the border of mexico. the water basically wiped out this neighborhood and entire streets have been washed out. more than 20,000 homes are damaged in northeast mexico. the weather channel's mike seidel is live in laredo, texas. mike, are they expecting more rain? could things get worse? >> reporter: there is going to be a little bit more rain today,
10:18 am
but certainly the worst is over and, you know, some of the locals saying this is good stuff. we've got clouds, a breeze. typically in laredo this time of day, 95 to 100, blistering hot. but the other side of the coin, a small positive, look at the river behind me, chris. this river back on sunday was three feet deep, three feet deep. now it's about 41 feet deep. and it's usually 50 yards wide, chris, a quarter of a mile wide. that bridge behind me is pie primarily a pedestrian bridge, one of the four crossings now closed. they reopened two bridges about an hour and a half ago. this that's where u.s./members can commerce crosses the board sore that was important. look at the debris here. when we got here this morning, the water was up to this giant stick here. now it's backed off past that debris pile. fortunately, we haven't seen a lot of debris flowing by, any large items that we've seen in the past floodings. now, the river has dropped off about 16, 17 inches.
10:19 am
it's going in the right direction, but it's still way above flood stage by about 38 feet. this is the highest crest they've seen since 1965. what is that, 45 years ago. so most of the people that live here have never seen the river this high. it is going down but it will be a slow process and it's also a function of how much water gets dumped in upstream. that was one of the main causes of that. whoa. >> wow. >> reporter: just about blew me over and blew our tent over. that was a pretty good gust that came out of nowhere. it came from mexico. it was a mexican zephyr, i think. >> it's coming to get you. how high are those wind gusts? >> reporter: well, that one was probably about 25 or 30, but, you know, with wind gusts, it's the difference between what the wind was before the gust and what hits you. so it was, you know, all of a sudden from like five to ten to 30. i don't weigh that much, so it doesn't take much. >> the very fit and trim mike seidel. thank you very much.
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topping our morning rush, a body was found this morning in the delaware river, confirmed as one of the two tourists missing from this week's duck boat crash. today the national transportation safety board will begin interviewing the crews of both vessels involved in that crash. on the lighter side, conflicting reports about who's going to win the world cup. paul the oracle octopus says it will be spain, and he's only been wrong once during the world cup. some germans are asking for the octopus' head on a platter after correctly predicting their loss earlier this week. but mani the parakeet in singapore is going with the netherlands. both have gathered a cult of soccer-watching fans. not even a little rain could quiet the crowds here at rock plaza. 30 rock. here we are. look at this. i literally could not open the door and get out of my apartment building this morning. the noise level for lady gaga was just off the charts.
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can help you find the policy that's right for you. liberty mutual insurance. responsibility. what's your policy? a navy blimp will soon start flying over the gulf to help spot the flow of oil. it should have been there earlier, but bad weather delayed the arrival. the coast guard says it's better than a helicopter or plane because it flies slower and can stay up a lot longer using less fuel. today volunteers will move 50,000 sea turtle legs from the west coast of florida to the east coast. they want to make sure those tiny hatchlings survive and don't spend their first days in oil. the obama administration is asking bp to speed up efforts to contain the oil and also asking bp to have a backup plan ready in case something else goes wrong. there's a major dispute going on between hundreds of gulf fishermen and bp over compensation payments. the fishermen say the company isn't sending the checks as they
10:25 am
promiseeds. joining me now is a lawyer representing some 550 fishermen in the gulf. thanks very much for joining us. you know, bp says they overnighted a pack of checks to you. what's going on? what's wrong with the situation right now? >> well, good morning, chris. well, bp and i are having a fight over the fact that as of wednesday all july and june payments have changed the system. if you talk to the enshurns adjusters working for bp, they don't even know what the system is. they stopped the july payments that were guaranteed on july 7th. they did send checks this week. that was for may. and so right now all of these people who are waiting on the gulf for checks for july to pay their bills, meet their family needs, bp has changed the system, no one knows how the system has be changed, i'm not getting checks and my clients aren't getting checks. >> this has been going on for 81 days now, and i'm imagining a lot of your clients as fishermen
10:26 am
don't exactly have a big bank account just there in case of a rainy day. what's the situation like for them with their homes and families? >> the problem quite frankly is they don't have savings, they don't have lines of credits. they meet their family needs on paycheck to paycheck. and so when bp promises on july 7th to give these people their money and then say no, we're going to rethink this and redo the plan, every one of these families is suffering and are going to continue to suffer until we figure it out. >> bp says it has 900 adjusters working seven days a week and 35 different officers, and they also claim that a big problem is some people simply aren't app applying. do people know how to apply? is that another part of this issue? >> i think the biggest problem is the adjusters who are working for bp, who have been very helpful, do not have good direction from bp. we called yesterday and said what are we doing about these new checks and what do my people need to show you? they don't know. bp has not told them what the new rules are, and so all the people who -- and i'm a lawyer.
10:27 am
i'm trying to figure this out. all the people who don't have legal representation are just getting no clues from the adjusters. you ask them, they give you 0-2 or three different answers because quite frankly bp hasn't told them yet either. >> bp says, and this is our conversation with them, checks sent in advance for july were based on income but even if you don't have documentation you're going to get $1,000. is that your understanding? >> well, think about that. these are fishermen, crabber s who are trying to get by on $1,000 a month and they all have families. the fact that they sent checks -- these were checks for may. the july payments, which are what they're living on right now, there are no checks. and $1,000 for a lot of these people just isn't going to get by. they're already behind because it's been so long, and so having $1,000 stipend isn't going to get most of these people food on their tables. >> i don't think there is anybody who wouldn't say there are problems with the system right now. jeffrey breiit, thanks for being
10:28 am
with us. >> thanks, chris. i appreciate it. a colorado man heard rustling in his kitchen and discovered a giant bear. what happened next is off the charts. >> we came face to face. he charged me. and bit me in the lower leg and scratched me on the other leg and then knocked me over. >> the man's son called the wildlife division. they showed up very fast but not before the bear, as you saw in that picture, ran up the stairs. he was an aggressive animal and unfortunately had to be put down a short time later. ♪ >> i think we can agree this is not your grandmother's gop political ad. the senate florida state congressman mike weinstein created this video for him. he says he wanted to find a way to reach people with a positive campaign message. the election is four months away, but the viral video already has 37,000 hits.
10:29 am
youtube. in new york, more than 20,000 fans watched and cheered as lady gaga rocked 30 rockefeller plaza for nbc's "today" show concert series. at one point in the 30-minute concert, it really rained, which, of course, added to the drama. here's a taste. we'll be right back. ♪ [ male announcer ] a good reputation is difficult to attain. a reputation for unsurpassed quality and industry-leading customer service, even more so.
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a lot going on this friday on msnbc. ten russian spies are now back in moscow following a brief stop in vienna where they were swapped with several agents working for the u.s. in the biggest spy swap since the cold war.
10:33 am
day 81 of the gulf oil spill disaster, and a federal appeals court has again rejected a white house request to continue a six-month ban on deep-water oil drilling. the owner of cleveland cavaliers is blasting lebron james over his decision to move his kingdom to miami, promising his cavs will win an nba championship way before the, quote, self-titled former king wins one. first it was a plot to attack the new york city subway system, then the shooting massacre at ft. hood. months later a would-be bombing of times square. the obama administration is increasingly citing domestic plots as justification for the war in afghanistan. officials say every one of them bears the influence of al qaeda or the taliban networks in the region. let's bring in evan coleman, nbc terrorism expert. good to see you. >> thanks for having me. >> we went into afghanistan nine years ago for this reason. has that much changed or is that the reason we're there? >> i think a lot of people are asking that question.
10:34 am
if there's 100 al qaeda members in afghanistan, why is it we have thousands of troops there. and unfortunately, this is kinds of the lesson why. the lesson is despite it's only 100 guys and it's a relatively discreet threat, even after nine years of us being there and many military campaigns, al qaeda is still able to conceive, plan, and carry out very sophisticated terrorist attacks not just in the united states but across the world. >> i think that's what worries a lot of people. they see these big announcements some key terror leaders in the region have been either captured or have been killed. >> right. >> yet it seems to just keep going on. >> right. what's worse is these folks are not recruiting saudis or yemenis to carry out these attacks, they're recruiting westerners, americans to carry them out. that's the problem. can we really withdraw from afghanistan, withdraw our forces from afghanistan if there is still a clear and present danger to the united states? not to pakistan, not to somalia, not eve on the europe but directly to the united states.
10:35 am
can we afford to take that kind of a risk? and unfortunately i think the obama administration has it right in the sense that we can't afford to take that risk. it's too much of a risk, especially when you see plot after plot after plot surfacing around the and they're relatively recent, being coordinated not by indistinctive figures in the network but by al qaeda central leadership, the very people we're firing missiles at in waziristan. >> when you talk about the afghan/pakistani border, a that's a question a lot of people raise, are we focusing enough efforts in pakistan, do we have our eye on the prize in the right places? >> that's a reasonable criticism and a reasonable point. i think there's absolutely no doubt that waziristan, a territory well inside pakistan's borders, is serving as a major base for al qaeda and a host of other groups that would like to attack the united states. this is not mystery. it's not, you know, fantasy. it's fact. faye sal shahzad, where did he
10:36 am
get training? waziristan. where did brian venus go to meet up with al qaeda? waziristan. it all trails back to waziristan. so maybe the answer is in addition to having a policy in afghanistan that we already have, maybe it's time that we need to start putting a lot more pressure on the pakistanis one way or another to finally decide whose side they're on, because right now it's really not clear. the isi, the pakistani intelligence service, is running its own foreign policy. they have relationships with individuals in this region that are clearly not working in the favor of the united states. they're working against the united states and they're supporting al qaeda. that's a policy that we're going to have to at some point reconcile. it's a relationship that we're going to have to reconcile. we can't allow the pakistanis to engage in their own foreign policy against our interests and, in fact, in some ways are promoting the growth of al qaeda. we can't have that. so maybe the answer is in addition to us being in afghanistan we need to do something much more aggressive in pakistan. >> evan, always good to see you. >> thank you very much.
10:37 am
she will not be stoned. that's what the iranian regime decided for the 43-year-old woman convicted of adultery who's been in prison since 2006. there has been an international campaign to prevent her from being stoned. however, it remains unclear as to whether her death sentence has been lifted. president obama went on the offensive yesterday against republicans during a campaign trip for missouri senate hopeful robert carnahan. speaking in kansas city, the president said the upcoming election is a choice between the party that caused the economic meltdown and the one that's fixing it. >> you have to bartons and the boehners and the blunts. they've got -- you know, they've got that no philosophy, that you're on your own philosophy, the status quo philosophy, a philosophy that says everything is politics and we're just going to gun for the next election and
10:38 am
we don't care what it means for the next generation. >> this morning a new gallup poll puts president obama's approval rating down to 44%. 48% disapproving. nbc congressional correspondent luke russert joins us for today. how you doing this friday? >> good morning, chris. feeling well. zblours. >> no, not, but let's talk about lebron at a later date. the president. let's talk about him, because he definitely was a lot more aggressive yesterday in taking the fight to the republicans. is this just the start do you think of what we'll see between now and november? >> absolutely. it is definitely going to be the strategy of the white house but also the democratic party to put the president front and center and have him go after the republican party and try to paint every single candidate that's running for a race, whether it be a state, to the commentins made by john boehner that essentially the response to the financial disaster was nuking an ant with a nuclear
10:39 am
weapon as well as barton's apology for bp. he's going to try to take those two and tie them into every race. you saw that with roy blount in missouri. it will be a very interesting strategy but it gives those comments legs all a the way to november. you'll also see obama go out of his way to try and paint the gop as the party of special interest, the party in the pockets of big business, the party that is on the side of wall street, whereas democrats are on the side of main street. you're also going to hear a lot about the fact that maybe the last few years have not gone as we had planned but remember who had the keys to the car when all this started between 2000 and 2006. do you really want them to take over again and continue driving? whether or not they stick is the question for november, chris. >> i have to go back to lebron. there's an actual congressional reason for it. the former cleveland mayor, dennis kucinich, had things to say. >> sources told me mr. kucinich was not pleased with the
10:40 am
decision. he's a former mayor of cleveland and lebron not going to cleveland next year is going to cost the city $48 million in revenue. we're journalists here and supposed to be nonpartial and not biaseds. i want to say what lebron did was despicable, to have an hour-long television spectacle and rip the heart out of a beautiful city like cleveland. you can't defend that, chris. that was ridiculous. going to miami, south beach, which is not a sports town by any means. they don't even show up on time to games. they get there in the third quarter, sipping $14 coronas at the w cabana or $22 mint juleps. they don't care about sports. absolutely ridiculous. lebron will never be on a pedestal with michael jordan or magic or larry bird. i told you how i felt there, chris. >> luke, as long as i have a show on msnbc, you are my number-one correspondent. >> god bless you. >> can i just say one more thing? i know i'm a cleveland fan and he has the right to go wherever he wants, but not to call
10:41 am
cleveland, to make them sit and watch tv and learn -- >> this is your hometown team. this owner had you for seven years and you don't even give the courtesy of a call or a text message before? come on. come on. now, this is the lebron industry, the billion-dollar man. my goodness. do you want your kid to grow up like that? absolutely not. not to mention if he ever does win the nba title, it will be dwyane wade's team in miami and people will say this is a joke. three guys came together, they dominated everybody. good for them. but if you are a true winner, you want to do it on your own, do it for yourself, bring it back to your hometown. no thank you. no thank you, lebron. >> this is the equivalent of saying i'm divorcing you with a post-it note. >> yes! sex in the city. you're a fan. indeed. i remember. i remember. >> thanks. >> take care. >> we're still working on that academy award nominee fix-up for you. you know who i'm talking about, right? >> we'll win someday. >> thank you, luke. >> take care.
10:42 am
for the first time since kyron horman went missing, his birth parents are taking aim at the person they think is responsible for his disappearance, the estranged stepm stepmom. i have a personal interest in ensuring that we get this job done right. i'm keith seilhan. i'm in charge of bp's clean up on the gulf coast. bp's taken full responsibility for the clean up, and that includes keeping you informed. over 25,000 people are included in the clean up operation. our crews are cleaning the gulf beaches 24/7. we're going to be here as long as it takes to make this right.
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nature valley. 100% natural, 100% delicious. not getting enough sub sun or skipping the leafy greens is one thing, but your genes may play a role. researcherers were able to identify three genes that were linked to low vitamin d. people with the most mutations in these genes were at more than two times the risk for vitamin d deficiency. kyron horman's parents are getting more and more frustrated every day as they try to find
10:46 am
out exactly what happened to their little boy. after holding back for weeks, his natural parents are lashing out at his stepstepmother, the person they now believe is at the center of this mystery. kate snow sat down with kyron's parents. >> reporter: those thoe she's never officially been named a suspect, it is clear police believe terry, the stepmother of kyron, was involved in his disi appearance. thursday the birth parents spent hours talking to the press, holding a press conference, all in an effort to increase, ramp up the pressure on the stepmother. >> i can't say it enough that kyron is still out there and he needs to be home, and it's extremely frustrating that she is not cooperating. >> reporter: kyron's mom, desiree young, is clearly fed up. more than a week ago she and kyron's dads, cane horman, call on the boy's step mother to talk to investigators. do you think that terry has more information than she's told investigators so far? >> yes. >> reporter: specific information?
10:47 am
>> yes. >> reporter: about where kyron is? >> yes. >> reporter: and feeding their anger, deep suspicion about terry horman, kyron's stepmom, the last known person to see the 7-year-old when she dropped kyron off at a school science fair. on thursday a judge unsealed court records that gave caine horman a restraining order against terry horman, his wife, a former body building champion. in the documents, he says police have given him probable cause to believe ter vi involved in the disappearance of my son, kyron, and he said police told them terry attempted to hire someone to murder me. >> this blind sided me. >> reporter: he said he was stunned when investigators said last falterry offered to pay a large sum to a landscaper if he killed cane. he thought he had a loving marriage. >> i didn't believe it at first. >> reporter: now cane and desiree questioned what else the woman who once spent every day taking care of kyron might be capable of. do you think she is capable of
10:48 am
hurting a child? >> if you had asked me before this situation, my answer is no. based on what i know now, i don't know. >> reporter: capable of hurting kyron? >> i think anything is possible based on the way things have gone over the past few weeks. >> reporter: desiree, same question to you. do you think she might be capable of hurting him? >> i would hope that someone who's a mother wouldn't be able to do something like that, but when i look in her eyes, i'm not confident that she wouldn't do something. >> reporter: it's quite a change from the unified front they struck the first time the family went public. a month ago, a week after kyron first disappeared, terry and desiree were side by side. but look closely and you can see desiree tense up when terry puts an arm around her. desiree now says she had a strange feeling of mother's instinct that perhaps terry knew
10:49 am
more than she was letting on, even back on the day that desiree got the call from the school saying kyron was missing. >> i immediately called terry and i cussed a little bit, said what the hell is going on? and she said that they went to the science fair and everything was fine and she waved good-bye to him and he went in to his class, or so she thought, but he was marked absent at 10:00. >> did you believe her? >> i don't think i can comment on that because it's part of the investigation. but there was just something in my gut that just didn't feel good. >> reporter: on thursday, cane horman also asked a court to evict terry so he could move back into the family home they once shared with kyron and their 19-month-old daughter. >> kyron will be home at some point. he should be able to come home and walk into his room and feel like he's back where he belongs. >> reporter: they still have plans for summer vacation with
10:50 am
kyron. >> we have a houseboat reserved for august, and he's going to be home before then. >> reporter: desiree and cane told me that they still firmly believe he is out there somewhere alive. they have reason to believe that they said but they wouldn't say what that reason is. as for terry, the stepmother, she has retained a high-profile lawyer here in portland. she reportedly has denied the allegation that she tried to hire someone so kill her husband. so far she has not spoken out publicly, nor has her lawyer. kate snow, nbc news, portland. here's a live look at the oil still gushing from the sunken rig in the gulf, and that's with the containment cap on. could you imagine what it would look like without it? well, you won't need to because bp is planning to take off the cap. me neither. it's new beneful incredibites. uh-huh! it's just the way you like it-- made with wholesome grains, real beef, even carrots and peas.
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bp may try to change the cap on the leaking oil well because a new one could help capture more oil. but while they're changing an unredistricted amount of oil will be floewing into the gulf for at least four or five days. professor at louisiana state, always good to talk to you, ed. here's what people don't understand. this cap is on. they're getting much closer to drilling that relief well. isn't it risky to try to replacing this cap now? >> well, it certainly is a lot of risk associated with it because you have unrestricted flow until the new cap is put on. as we know from the last couple of weeks it's a very difficult process of getting the fit. i assume they've analyzed the risk and think that it's worth it. >> so what's the upside? what do they get out of it? >> the upside is they get a greater catch rate for the next two, three, four weeks. we don't know exactly when the relief well will be done. most optimistic estimates are around april 20th to 26th.
10:55 am
the least optimistic seem to be in the middle of august. >> so july 27th i guess is the official date that they're putting on it. what do you think are the chances, and how much might weather affect that? >> i think weather is a concern. right now we've gone into a more stable tropical period. our biggest problem with weather seems to be in the middle of august to september range. so we are desperately praying that the relief well will be in place before that really peak of the hurricane season. >> professor, do we have sort of a good number on exactly how much oil has spewed into the gulf to this point? >> well, it's still an estimate, but the current estimates are 50,000 to 60,000 barrels a day are going into the gulf. so i will take the government's word that they've got a large number of people working on getting these estimates so it's not just one person suggesting this but they've got a large team. and i think that's probably a pretty good number. >> ed overton from lsu, always good to talk to you.
10:56 am
thanks. >> that's going to do it for me. i'm chris jansing. see you back here at 3:00 eastern time. president obama on the offensive against the republicans. i'll talk with blogger who is the host of young turks. tamron hall picks things up. tamron, what do you have coming up? you made it back from lady gaga. >> oh, yes. recovered from lebron james' mess. did i say that? top of the hour, the latest on that spy swap between the u.s. and russia. new reports say that a u.s. plane carrying those four russians has landed at a military base in britain. we'll get you caught up on the latest news regarding the spy swap. and the barefoot bandit has gone international. we'll tell you where the fugitive teenager has been spotted after reportedly crashing a stolen plane. it's all coming up. [ sighs ] ugh.
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i'm tamron hall. right now on msnbc news


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