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tv   Countdown With Keith Olbermann  MSNBC  September 14, 2010 10:00pm-11:00pm EDT

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bleeds over into states where you don't have quite as highly charged a re. this is going to become a choice between tea parties and the democrats. >> ezra klein of the washington post and msnbc, thanks for joining us. appreciate it. >> thank you. we'll be back live at 11:00 with the latest election results. "countdown" with keith olbermann starts now. we'll see you in an hour. christine o'donnell disavowed by her own campaign manager. not backed by the group led by dick armey, because they said yesterday she had no chance of winning. attacked by the republican party and the editor of the new republican, as tonight the gop nomination for the senate from delaware. it is clear, says the democrat she will face in the general, chris koonz that the republican party is perthing itself of moderate voices and embracing the radical. christine o'donnell one vote away from representing delaware in the u.s. senate.
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full coverage ahead. which of these stories will you be talking about tomorrow? how to snatch defeat from the jaws of victory. republicans get a hint at filibustering obama tax cuts for the middle class. >> it's unfair to raise taxes on anybody in the middle of a recession. >> even the rich? you might be wrong about that. the house democratic caucus meets to decide whether to force the republicans to reveal their toting to the rich to vote against the middle class tax cuts. our special guests, caucus chairman, chris van hullen and the pollster who addresses the caucus, stan greenberg. republican racism mea culpa. the speech to schoolkids was called indoctrination. now mr. grier with an
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extraordinary admission. i found that many in the gop have racist views, and i apologize to the president for my opposition to his speech last year, and my efforts to placate the extremists who dominate our party today. who writes economic policy for that party? fox's as man. >> no new taxes, no new bureaucrats, cut spending. repeal obamacare, would you be in favor of those? >> absolutely. not only would i be in favor of these things, i will be in favor of these things. delaware debacle, you might be in trouble if on primary day your former campaign manager comes out against you. you may be in trouble if a conservative heavyweight blasts you like this. >> the palin endorsement is destructive and capricious. what's wrong with this picture? everything. worst persons, her, the team, the players, the league, reporters in locker rooms, and giving her network media passes
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when their last reporter showed up in a wedding dress and proposed to the quarterback at the super bowl. all the news and commentary now on countdown. good evening from new york. with control of both houses of congress hanging in the balance. democrats are hungry for something with which to motivate their voters and get out and vote. there's one issue on the table between now and november which holds the potential to fire up the voters. the democrats have not yet decide make it an issue by bringing it to a vote in the house on election day. republicans refusing to pass obama's proposed tax cuts for the middle class, unless democrats agree to pass tax cuts for others.
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they could determine whether the next congress is gavelled into order by pelosi or speaker boehner. at the meeting, democratic pollster stan greenberg who briefed democrats on what his polling says about the issue. also standing by to join us with what he said. the argue for voting on this, for today's vote in the senate, tax breaks on small businesses. senate democrats got two republicans to break their party's filibuster, to give small businesses $12 billion in tax breaks and create a $30 billion fund that will leverage as much as $300 billion in small business lending, which means senate democrats can argue republicans tried to block small business tax cuts in the middle of a recession. the argument against voting on the middle class tax cuts now. some democratic strategists are telling members of congress that even saying the word taxes helps
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republicans. that's it. but some republicans seem to understand the prospect of them blocking tax cuts for 98% of the country on behalf of the richest 2% a month before election day. i understand how that might not be a good thing. john boehner sunday said he would vote for the obama middle class tax cut it is those were the only tax cuts he could get. his counterpart in the senate tried to claim most americans agree with him, congress should extend tax cuts for everybody. he refused to say whether he like boehner would support the obama middle class tax cut it is those are the only ones he can get. >> i'm not going to answer any of the hypotheticals. that is my position as we go into this debate. and if the other side thinks this is a great debate to have six weeks before the election, to look at the politics of it. i assume they want to have the debate now, before the election, even though this could be dealt with after the election. the reason they want to have it now, they think it's a good political debate for them.
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we're happy to have this debate. we think most americans think it's a bad idea to be raising taxes on anybody in the middle of the recession. >> most americans think it's a bad idea to be raising taxes on anybody in the middle of a recession. a half dozen polls show just the opposite. most americans support at least letting the bush tax cuts for the rich expire. national journal 56%, gallup 59%. cnn 69%. newsweek 52%. we asked senator mcconnell's office today to supply a single poll showing majority support for extending bush's tax cuts for the rich. no reply. grover norquist told the hill they would fall into a trap if they blocked obama's middle class tax cuts. why would you vote against the tax cut for millions of americans just before the election, so the liberal democrats could attack you.
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even before mr. boehner some republicans showed signs they don't know how to proceed. if democrats make them choose tax cuts for 98% of america or for no one. it's kind of a conundrum i'm not sure i can answer your question. i'll probably vote for it. congressman from texas to politico yesterday, out there in theoretical land might there be something that we vote on that is half a loaf? i suppose so. joining us back here in actual land as promised. stan greenberg, we should note does polling for nbc news. great thanks for joining us tonight, sir. >> npr and l.a. times. >> we got the whole roster out there. give us your assessment of the caucus tonight and what you told them and how much they listened? >> this issue is obviously taken
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seriously. i came over here, the caucus was supposed to be over, it was still going on, discussing this subject with a lot of support for addressing this. i don't want to talk about what members said in the caucus. that's for them to raise. i can talk about, you know, the polling that we did, and what i said, which was, essentially, this is an issue in which about 38% of the country supports the republican position to extend these tax cuts. which is ten points below the vote that republicans are getting right now. so this is an issue that drags them down. it's an issue that helps democrats. it is an issue that i believe democrats want, it creates a framework of choice, and it defines the two parties. it's i defining issue. democrats need that, both to build turnout, but more than that, to create a real choice. not a phony choice. it's a real issue, it's real money involved, and democrats have the advantage. >> 49 days to go, is that time
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enough to brand these things the obama tax cuts? and did any democrats still think that they would lose if republicans are out there blocking the obama tax cuts? >> again, i can't speak for the members and the caucus. but i -- there's -- clearly there's strong support for extending middle class tax cuts. i don't know what they're doing with the other piece of it. i think people understand just as devoters, i think are so clearly expressing. you know, that there is a difference between the parties reflected in this issue. sometimes you have spin and -- this is not spin. this is not real policy. if you don't do this, there's $700 billion you're not going to do for deficit or investment for jobs. and 700 billion you're going to take out some place else. this is a real choice. what our poll shows, not just that voter as degree with the democrats, they shift their vote
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after hearing the arguments. we get a five point shift in favor of -- toward the democrats. after the tax debate. people often think it is a tax debate that's not good for democrats. i always get that. i get it from other pollsters and elected officials. a tax debate is good for the democrats. people want the priorities the democrats bring to taxes. barack obama ran on it and won on it. bill clinton ran on raises taxes for the wealthy, and won on it. democrats should want a tax debate, particularly the kind of choices that are faced on this extension of the bush tax cut. >> does it help to actually brand it with the president's name? is there any indication of that? >> look, the president has an overall approval rating, low to mid-40s. you know, it varies by district. but this is not an election about the president. it's fine to bring the president into it, obviously it depends on the district. but it's not about the
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president, his tax cuts could come into play. we listen closely to mitch mcconnell, he's talking about repealing those and opposing their extensions. he's talking about raising taxes on the working poor, a lot of middle class people. obama's name is certainly going to be prominent if that's what you're talking about doing. the bush tax cuts represent trickle down economics. that's the strongest message, republicans believe in trickle down economics, you help the people at the top, it's going to help everybody else. people don't believe in that, they don't want to go back to that. >> stan greenberg, who does polling for nbc news, npr and the times. got it all that time. thank you. >> thank you. a tax debate is good for the democrats, but this issue cutting taxes for 98% of the country an obama tax cut, if you will. while letting bush tax cuts for
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the rich expire, is a political winner for democrats with the majority of americans solidly behind it. we go back to the hill. grover norquist as we quoted him before you arrived thinks republicans could be falling into a democratic trap on this exact issue. have your members decided to spring that trap? >> well, as you know, keith, mr. boehner, the republican leader, made it clear from his remarks the other day, that he recognizes america will not stand for the idea that 98% american tax cuts will be held hostage to get a big break for the top 2%. a break that adds $700 billion to the deficit and slowdown long term economic growth. this is a very clear and defining issue, stan greenberg talked about that.
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i think it does let people know throughout the country. whose side are you on? and when you have mitch mcconnell coming out and saying, you know what, 98% of the american people, their tax relief has to wait until we do something for the top 2%, even though it puts it on our national credit card, and we'll all be paying years and years for the tax cuts for the very wealthy. that's an issue that clearly defines the candidates and the parties. >> congressman, wouldn't calling these tax cuts what they actually are, the obama middle class tax cuts and then forcing republicans to go out there and vote against them in a month before the election or even in the senate filibuster against them. would that not be political heaven for the democrats, especially the way the midterms are shaping up 49 days out? >> i do think it's worth a fight, i do think it's worth a vote. as to whether we start in the house or senate, that's something we have to figure out. there's no doubt about it. with mitch mcconnell saying he
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intends to block middle class tax relief, it's a fight we want to have, i think we want to put them to the test. this whole argument they make about needing to protect small businesses is bogus. we now know that the nonpartisan joint tax committee has said only 2% of small businesses fall into that category where they would be effective at all. and what we're learning, this is an important point that these 2%, they include a lot of big hedge funds, they include some of the fortune 100 companies, they include bechtel. it includes all s corporations, it's not your mom-and-pops they're talking about. among those 2% of small businesses they're talking about, it's actually a lot of big lobbying firms in washington. hedge funds on wall street and bigger kor
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bigger corporations. we should put to rest they're out there protecting the small business guy. we all know after two bush tax cuts for the wealthy, what happened? we lost 630,000 private sector jobs in the economy eight years later. the notion that you need it for job growth and economic growth has been proven false by the history of the last eight years. what we do know is that in the long term, doing this and adding $700 billion to the deficit will hurt job growth and slow down the economy. >> mr. greenberg just told us, and we presume he told the caucus, that the middle class tax fight versus the taxes for the rich is one that democrats can win and explain, and that the voting public is ready to hear that argument. you told plum line today it's a good issue for your party. was there pushback to any degree at this caucus meeting today by democrats who don't buy into this argument still? >> look, keith, we are now
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having our members come back to washington from all over the country. and so we're going to have a discussion. but there's no doubt that the overwhelming view was that set forth by the president. which is that it's important to move forward on this issue, you know, the republicans set this tickintimebomb, when they passed these tax cuts way back, they said, we're going to have them expire at the end of this year. what we're saying is, let's make sure that the middle class gets a continuation of a tax cut, but we can't afford it for the top 2%, and the notion that it's somehow necessary for job growth is proven wrong. and number two, their whole approach is betrayed by the fact that they are over in the senate filibustering the small business lending bill. finally we got senator voinovich who broke loose. but they're against that, they come out against the president's proposals for direct tax relief to small businesses which really
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would help the economy. i think what we're seeing here is a very clear contrast as we go into this election. and, you know, the republican leader, john boehner knows they're vulnerable on this issue, and he knows the american people are not going to stand for the idea of, let's hold back tax relief for the overwhelming majority of americans so we can help the folks at the top, including, as i said, some of these fortune 100 companies. and that's why he said what he said the other day. because he realized at the end of the day, it's untenable to take that position. >> one last finding from mr. greenberg's data which showed that running on this tax message would include polling from a 7 point deficit to a 2 point deficit. that sounds like the tonic the democrats need in terms of the enthusiasm gap and the get out the vote project. is anybody balk at that? >> the main idea that sound goods is the. ♪ notion that we need to provide
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tax relief for middle income america. we need to move forward because it all expires at the end of the year, and we need to make sure that relief is there for 98% of the people. and that we address our long term budget deficit. there is an agreement with stan about what his numbers are showing because when you talk to your friends and we talk to the neighbors around the country they're telling our members, you know what, number one we have to get our budget deficit under control. why should our children and grandchildren be paying the bill to provide this tax break for the folks at the very top, including the fortune 100 companies and the hedge funds and the lobbying firms when we have to get our deficit under control to move our economy forward? i think that's why you're seeing a steady migration. i apologize for interjecting into countdown right now. we want to bring you the live victory address from christine o'donnell address her supporters
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right now in dover, delaware, after beating mike castle in the republican primary there. >> for laying the foundation, and stirring things up in delaware. the founders values group and you'll of the delaware tea party gro groups. you guys are the visionaries and leaders who made this possible. because you rallied every day americans outside of the political establishment, brought them involved and created a grassroots network. that made all of this possible. so -- and i also want to thank the tea party express for getting behind -- where are they?
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and my father and my mother, and my whole family's lindh me. my mother is a spunky woman. don't ever tell her something can't be done, that's a challenge to prove it can be done. she's right, she's right. let me tell about you george, as a reminder of what tonight is all about, and what the next month and a half will be all about. i sat here with him at the picnic tables in the back, and he told me a story of how when he would come over -- come home from deployment overseas, people would spit on him as he would return in his uniform. he said, that hurt. but i knew what i was fighting for. and i knew the freedoms in america were worth defending, even if the people back home didn't understand it. he said, what i see going on in america, hurts the same way.
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but it's worse, because it is the very people who are supposed to be protecting our freedoms that are taking them away. >> that's right. >> my sister and i, we were driving home from that picnic, and we were like we have got to endure and win. we have got to work hard. i stood before most of you a little over a week ago and said, we are not in this to come close, we are in this to win. and we're in this to win big. and win big we did. don't ever underestimate the power of we the people.
10:22 pm
we, the people will have our voice heard in washington, d.c., once again. because i believe this isn't just about this u.s. senate race. this is about changing the system. changing the political system in delaware so that more every day americans can step up to the plate without worrying about character assassination and run for office. because we need citizen politicians in dover and in washington, d.c., to get our state and our country back on track. that's what this is all about. without all of your help and folks like george, this would not have been possible.
10:23 pm
you are the real winners tonight. because you have shown that we can win. with a will and a determination, it is that same determination that we are going to take to washington, because it will be a partnership, i can advocate for what is right to do in america, but without your help and support, that legislation won't get anywhere, this partnership doesn't end on election day, it just begins on election day. now, a lot of people have already said that we can't win the general election. it is those same -- yes, we can. >> yes, we can! >> that's right. >> yes, we will!
10:24 pm
>> yes, we will, i like that. yes, we will. it is those same so-called experts who said we had no chance of winning the primary. it will be hard work, but we can win. if those same people who fought against me work just as hard for me, we will win. >> the commence men and women of delaware are tired of the same old coming out of washington. they don't want more of the same. well, we are not more of the same. hold on to your hats, folks, we're in for a fight.
10:25 pm
everyone's asking how we'll get along tomorrow. i say the greater god. we have to unite for the greater god of what is right in america. a united party can win back our country. we don't have to wait until return day to bury the hatchet. so i'm counting on all of you, on every day americans to help us win through the general. we won this with just a tenth of what my opponent raised. so we need more. we need a lot more than that. if everybody whose watching, everyone whose listening goes to
10:26 pm and makes a contribution right now, we'll have the support we need to hit the ground running tomorrow morning. and let me remind everyone, people -- the other thing experts are talking about is the low vote number in delaware. that is true, it's a strategic advantage we have. a $100 contribution is like making a $1,000 contribution elsewhere. we're counting on you guys to help us win this, because win this we must. and i believe we can. so again -- you betcha. there's another woman i have to thank. thank you, governor palin, for your endorsement. she got behind -- >> christine o'donnell shouting out governor sarah palin who
10:27 pm
endorsed her in her race against mike castle in the republican primary race in delaware. her supporters adopting the obama campaign's yes, we can slogan during her victory speech. christine o'donnell calling for a united republican party. the man she beat in this primary not making the same calls, or speaking out about christine o'donnell's potential candidacy, it remains to be seen whether or not the republican powers that be in delaware will get behind o'donnell's candidacy, it's the story of the night at least thus far. joining us now is washington post and msnbc's ezra klein. as you watch christine o'donnell's victory speech tonight singling out glenn beck's 9/12 project and the tea party express by name for bringing her this victory, is it -- does it resonate across the country or is it a delaware story? >> i think a lot of folks don't know what the 9/12 project is.
10:28 pm
she didn't name the gop or say much about delaware's voters in general. you get the sense we have three parties in a two-party system right now, don't we? we have the republicans and the tea party and the democrats. what o'donnell did tonight, the tea party won a republican primary. now, how that is all going to play out and whether or not the republicans are going to tilt toward her, 40% of mike castle's voters said they wouldn't back her, remains to be seen. >> we're looking at trying to determine whether or not this is a didi fava situation in new york. the tea party has won a victory against the republican party, it is a victory that will cost the republican party this seat. what other sorts of things should we be looking for ezra in days and weeks ahead, if that's not going to be the case, if she really does have a shot? >> absolutely. she didn't have a shot against mike castle, of course she can't
10:29 pm
have a shot in the general. everybody does, it's a very odd year. the fact remains that delaware does not appear to like this woman very much. her favorable numbers in the state are 29%, only 31% of the state think she would be good in office. you sort of have to ask yourself, what is she going to do to win those people over? the normal thing you would say is, she will pivot to the cen r center, she will swing. does anybody think she's the type of candidate, with her background, who's powering her, who will be able to pivot to the center and spring. she has $20,000 on hand, the democrat has a million. the numbers will change, she'll get donations, she's going to be at a real financial disadvantage here particularly if the national gop doesn't rush in to support her, if they write off this race and put their money elsewhere. >> ezra klein, thanks for being with us tonight. really appreciate it. >> thank you. we'll be back in 30 minutes with all the the latest results.
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"countdown" with keith olbermann continues right now. apologized to the president and blamed the extremists who dominate our party today. former florida gop chair jim grier was ousted from his chairmanship, indicted on six felony counts because he funneled money from the state's party revenues, that man has issued this statement. in the year since i issued a prepared statement regarding president obama speaking to the nation's school children, very
10:31 pm
learned a great deal about the party i so deeply loved and served. unfortunately i found that many within the gop have racist views and i apologize to the president, and for my opposition to his speech last year, and my efforts to placate the extremists who dominate our party today. my children and i look forward to the president's speech. here is part of mr. grier's five paragraph die ya trab from one year ago. i'm appalled that taxpayer dollars are being used to support government run health care, banks and automobile companies. we can stop right there, you got the idea. of course, the president didn't do anything like that, he talked about the importance of staying in school and working hard. today's speech, hughed to the same things, while the speech will be shown in classrooms across the nation just like last year, this time there is no longer a plea for patients to
10:32 pm
pull their kids out of school. >> they've got to show up to school on time, pay attention in your class, do your homework, study for exams, stay out of trouble. have you to instill a sense of excellence in everything you do. that kind of discipline, that kind of drive. that kind of hard work is absolutely essential for success. >> one more thing, mr. grier amplified his reference to racism in a text message to the newspaper the palm beach post. no names, but committee consists of people who fought me on outreach, and i had to discipline state members who promoted racist comments, which i was also fought on too. let's bring in chris hayes from "the nation." good evening. >> good evening, keith. >> mr. greer's statements are more startling than what he said a year ago. >> i think there's a certain degree of consider the source here. he's in hot water, extremely
10:33 pm
angry, and feels betrayed bit gop establishment, which has cut him loose as soon as he surfaced. there's p part of that. i think he does reveal how disingenuous and trumped up so many of these invented scan dalz are. i was going back through google today. i was trying to recall them, they will sort of appear and capture everyone's attention. and then they're gone. there was a week where all we talked about was czar's, was the president appointing too many czars? no one talks about it more, it wasn't meant to leverage any kind of substantive policy argument, was simply a distraction. it was something to kick up dust. and obviously, the complaint about the speech last year were the same way. >> and by the way, in terms of gop figures who criticize and are thrown under the bus, i was thinking of paul o'neill and scott mcclelland as an aside. >> yeah. >> they're asserting racism within the party, did he not make a direct cause and effect
10:34 pm
link between that and the indoctrination hysteria of last year. is the idea the same? >> yeah, i thought the most interesting part of that message for him was saying, appeasing the extremists within my own party. the fact of the matter is, you know, it's very difficult to get a quantitative sense of, you know, how hardcore or large that extremist fringe is, the fact is, it's dominant right now, it's the center of gravity. what you see is every politician in the gop feels right now those are the people they need to speak to. particularly in primary season, but generally. you talk about rick perry talking about socialist indock runation. newt beginnigingrich saying ins things. all of this is done is because the audience is the most extreme, rigid action airy of the coalition.
10:35 pm
>> you don't need facts for them, you just need fresh excuses for them. that's why you're not hearing tim pawlenty apologizing for his crap in this last year? >> right. pawlenty is a perfect example. did he really think this was socialist indoctrination? i have a hard time deciding what is disen agadisingenuous or peo being irrational. i think part of it is cynical and disingenuous. people who are angling their way toward ultimate primary nomination 2012 and the presidency, that's where they're casting everything they're saying right now. >> and we now know after hearing george voinovich being the whistle-blower last week complaining about the party messaging, blocking good legislation on small businesses, it takes either retirement or indictment for republicans to come clean? >> i thought it was interesting,
10:36 pm
the two votes they goat -- they got two votes to get the small business tax cuts through. and they're from republicans that aren't running for re-election. i think that's very revealing, that's basically been -- either you're in this weird -- this little beach head of moderate republicans in the northeast or you're retiring, those are the only ways to vote with the democrats or the president, no matter what the actual substantive agenda is. i think from the beginning, we'll see wisely or not. terribly for the country, but i think wisely polically, the idea is that you just say no. >> nobody retires from the gop family. msnbc contributor chris hayes of the nation. thank you, chris. good to talk to you. >> thanks, keith. another whistle-blower today. she's known around here, christine, when i think about you, i don't touch myself o'donnell. my nasal allergies are ruining our camping trip.
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anyway, it's the worst thing to happen to a car wash since lenny dykstra. it's yet to officially reveal any of them. you wouldn't think the fox business channel had a lot of sway, except it's writing fiscal policy for the gop live on the air. representative debbie wasserman shultz next. or, maybe you want to help improve our schools? whatever you want to do, members project from american express can help you take the first step. vote, volunteer or donate for the causes you believe in at take charge of making a difference.
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the good news is, the republicans had plans for the economy, the bad news is, they copied them down as they were dictated by a guy on fox. our third story as roger ales once sent president bush instructions for his presidency. now the fox business khan sell giving the leader his orders live on tv. paul ryan of wisconsin, making an appearance on america's nightly scoreboard. host david asmen serving as a yes man to the talking points after he brushed off boehner's assertions that americans are willing to have tax cuts for the weal wealthy. >> you got a very clear choice.
10:45 pm
one i'd yolg deology or the oth. >> that's right, we have two futures for this country. let's make a choice. >> the scoreboard contract is no new taxes, no new bureaucrats, cut spending, repeal obamacare. would you be in favor of those? >> absolutely. not only would i be in favor of these things, i will be in favor of these things. fox prime time viewers, they finally agreed to run a media matters ad. the donation received one mention on the self-declared news network. the ad had to be tweeted multiple times before fox deemed it suitable. joining me now as promised, the vice chair of the democratic national committee, congressman debbie wasserman-schultz.
10:46 pm
so, what's wrong with giving money to oppose democratic candidates. does the ad change anything? >> well, i guess what it changes -- i don't know if the ad changes anything, but what seems to have changed is at least fox now seems to be being transparent. about being an arm of the republican party. someone who is an occasional guest on that network, very often struggled to find the neutrality in the interviewer's questions and at least now they're letting all hang out there. >> they're fair and balanced, they have conservatives and republicans. >> and tea party. >> one of your house colleagues, mr. ryan, was signing policy pledges put forward by a supposed news organization. some new or have republicans actively been taking policy from fox and congressman ryan just happened to do it in front of tv cameras? >> all kidding aside, it's actually really disturbing. any news network, even one with
10:47 pm
a particular slant should at least represent themselves as being neutral. and any politician, any candidate, anyone being interviewed on a network should feel like they have a fair shake. republicans and democrats, and on fox, when the host made it clear they have an agenda, they're trying to get members of congress to sign on to publicly on the air, they're making contributions to republican organizations, it's just -- it's unbelievably outrageous they continue to represent themselves as a neutral television network, news organization. and -- but at the same time, they're transparently advocating for support of -- and success of republican candidates for office. >> let me revert to the lead story tonight. you may have heard of congressman van hullen before talking about whether or not to force the republicans to vote against the middle class tax cuts while trying to preserve their tax cuts to the rich. there will be a voting congress,
10:48 pm
he's not sure if it will go to the house first or the senate will take the lead on this. i guess the question is, is a two parter, why would democrats not want to see that vote happen, and b, are you going to call the middle class tax cuts the obama tax cuts to differentiate them? >> we do want to see them happen, and we want to see them happen sooner rather than later. we want to make sure of any of the bush tax cuts that are made permanent, the ones that focus on the middle class and working families are the ones that are reenacted. the ones that focus on the wealthiest americans should be allowed to expire, they don't do anything to turn the economy around. most wealthy americans simply invest in the stock market, sit on their money, and working families put that money back out into the economy. >> dnc vice chair, debbie wasserman schultz, thanks for your time. disorder in delaware as her ex-campaign manager campaigns
10:49 pm
against her, and accuses her of not paying her staff and living off her campaign contributions. when rachel joins you at the top of the hour, a flashback. she talked about being master of your domain. unrelated among rachel's special guests tonight is me. at worst, you all heard the story, now hear who's at fault. the answer is everybody. - or how 'bout push-ups? - sit-ups? - uh, maybe jumping rope? - yeah. or jogging. - uh, how about like a wheelbarrow race? - oh, yeah, that's a great idea. - but imagine actually trying to use him as a wheelbarrow, like stacking bricks on him and doing, like, doo-doo-doo. you know what i mean? - or yoga. - which is actually peaceful and quiet and not a lot of talking, so... - exactly. is he still looking at me? [ male announcer ] you're at the age where you don't get thrown by curve balls.
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omnaris. ask your doctor. battling nasal allergy symptoms? omnaris combats the cause. get omnaris for $11 at nothing like having your former campaign manager come out against you on election day. christine o'donnell. sports reporter at the mexican tv station azteca. she shares the bronze with everybody in the world. that's right, i said everybody in the world. don't cross me, i'm in a bad mood. the jets coaches said throws during practice should be directed toward her. various women's media groups have thrown their weight behind her as she undermines every hardworking woman's sports reporter who knows the game. she was dressed
10:54 pm
unprofessionally. trust me, the bar for professionally at a sporting event is only an eighth of an inch off the ground. it was tv azteca which sent another reporter to the super bowl who showed up in the wedding dress and proposed to tom brady and jumped in this guy's arms. why do the nfl keep giving this station credentials? you have to keep media days and locker rooms open for stunt reporti reporting? no wedding dresses or provocative outfits. that goes for men too. ultimately, what are reporters doing in locker rooms anyway? the runnerup, bill o., his new book has a picture of him above the word pinhead. two conservative figures above him in the food chain reading my
10:55 pm
colleague glenn beck thinks the 48th president of the united states is a conservative man. rush limbaugh and others think the president is a force for change. i'm not so sure -- >> hold on there, sparky, you're going to insult beck and limbaugh, i'm afraid i'm going to have to ask you to step outside. our winner, the new chief executive of bp, bob dudley. dud by and transocean and halliburton now claim the plaintiffs in the 400 or so lawsuits filed thus far can't sue them yet. bp's court filings say the fishermen, seafood processor, hotel owners, oysterers and the like must first apply to the official bp fund. they must play that bureaucratic red tape before they sue.
10:56 pm
even the lawyers for those suing are suggesting the courts wait until next march to decide which cases to pursue and which not to. now we know why they agreed to the $20 billion fund because it buys them time for them to forget, lose internal e-mails and memos and text messages and other evidence of their culpability. and most importantly, time for their victims to run out of money to run out of money. today's worst person in the world. ♪ ♪ [ male announcer ] every business day, bank of america lends billions of dollars, to individuals, institutions, schools, organizations and businesses.
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♪ working to set opportunity in motion. bank of america. the twitter account of john kerry may have expressed the new conventional thinking tonight. della wow! they're celebrating, albeit nervously in the democratic party tonight at 9:00 eastern at christine o'donnell's headquarters in delaware. endorsd by sarah palin but not dick armey. she's earned delaware's republican nomination for the senate. the problem is, this was not much of a night for the conventional wisdom. lawrence o'donnell, host of the last word debuting here september 27th at 10:00 p.m. >> good to be here, keith. >> she can't win, that's from
10:58 pm
matt kibby of freedom works yesterday. tea party conventional wisdom is no longer applicable? >> there is no wisdom for the tea party, keith. we don't have a neat precedent, which is what all political analysis needs, a neat precedent to tell us how this is going to behave and how this is going to work in the general election. yes, this is better news for the democrats than mike castle getting the nomination. the presumption was mike castle would easily roll to victory in delaware, mainstream delaware republican candidacy. the christine o'donnell candidacy is considered far too extreme for delaware, it wasn't too extreme tonight. >> turnout was about a quarter higher than expected. who voted for her? >> well, that's the indication of real energy behind her candidacy, you don't see turnout bumps on these kinds of primaries in off year elections. so the energy is on her side of
10:59 pm
the ballot. it's going to be very hard for koonz and the democratic side to get that kind of energy in november. this is the better opponent for the democrat to face. but running as a democrat in delaware this year, is going to be difficult, even with this opponent. >> republicans do what? they embrace her and try to keep her contained? to borrow my old friend dan patrick's phrase? >> they're going to have to do something like that. they didn't want this to happen, they didn't want it to happen as recently as days ago. however, mitch mcconnell has very recently had to say, i will support the nominee. he has had to say, whoever this nominee is, he's going to get behind, because they could see this coming in the last 24 hours, and so it hasn't taken them completely by surprise. but they are going to have to find a place for her in their national plans. >> and what happens if she says, look, i did this on my own without you guys, screw off, i'm