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tv   The Ed Show  MSNBC  September 17, 2010 3:00am-4:00am EDT

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hulk smash! good evening, americans and welcome to the "the ed show." tonight live from the napgsz's capital, washington, d.c., these stories on the table and hit my hot buttons at this hour. republicans' senate minority leader mitch mcconwill. shamed of himself. in the same week that we find out that 43 million americans live in poverty he's got the nerve to say that the wealthy suffer the most during this recession. he's going to pay for that one with commentary coming up in reaction from the president of naacp in just a moment. joe biden has a message for progressives, get it in gear. well, get it but people who he should be screaming at are the ones in his white house. my advice coming up in the battleground story tonight. and leading republican propaganda sarah palin's taken psycho talker christine
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o'donnell under her wing. she's telling her to speak through fox, "daily show" co-creator is going to rip into that one and club ed special edition on a thursday night. but this is the story that has me fired up tonight. senate minority leader, mitch mcconnell, has proven once again, how heartless, how out of touch and how flat out cruel the republican party really is. mcconnell thinks that the people who have been hit hardest by this america's great recession are the wealthy in this country. >> we can't let the people who have been hit hardest by the recession and who need to create the jobs that will get us out of it foot the bill for the democrats' two-year advent neurexpanded government. >> iing not believe that when i heard it. he thinks that the wealthiest americans have paid the biggest price. well, just a minute. mcconnell couldn't have picked the worst week to profess his loyalty to the superrich in this country, because today the u.s. crennus bureau released a report showing 43.6 million americans now live in poverty in this country.
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my friends, that is 10 million more people than live in the entire state of california. it's more people that live in new york and texas combined. 4 million americans have fallen below the poverty level in the last year alone. now, mcconnell uses his time on the senate floor to protect, the tax cuts for the top 2% in this country. now, it seems to me he doesn't give a damb about the 14.3% of americans that have absolutely nothing. blocked unemployment benefit extensions this year. conservatives say hey these people were fat, lazy and sitting on the couch and didn't want to go out and get a job. let me tell you, some those unemployment benefits kept 3 million americans from falling into that category of poverty. now tonight, we are adding to the list of '9 niners. they've run out of was about and ran out of luck.
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ran out of luck on both sides of the aisle going into this midterm for election. the republicans don't have a plan for the '99ers. the democrats do but too cowardly out to to put it on the economic table of this economic strife. listen to what he told fox. >> all of this energy that you've seen on display in republican primaries will now be directed 100% against democrats. none of these tea party candidates are running as independents, it's all going to be part of the republican movement to improve our numbers in the house and senate. >> all right. so i'll just say it again, it's a repeat from last night. my friends, there is no civil war in the republican party. there is no republican party. it's just the tea party. or you can call it whatever you want, the bottom line is, they're all in the same basket right now after tuesday night's results. christine o'connell, rand paul, sharron angle, it doesn't matter, but do know this, they're going to be driving the
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agenda. this kind of think is going to be driving for the republicans for years to come. they'll cut any kind of government funding and any kind of program that they can to help the poor and the needy and they're dead set, listen to me, dead set on repealing the health care bill. they want to wipe away just the little bit of progress that we've made in the first 22 months. now, by the way, the census report also shows that there are 50.7 more million americans without health care. it used to be 43 million when we were having this debate in 2009, now it's up to over 50 million. those numbers will go through the roof and get worse if mcconnell and his crowd, along with boehner and this outfit, if they get control of the house and the senate. the mission of the republicans is to defeat president obama. hold it there. i have to -- you know, every group that i talk to, they say, yeah, ed, you're right.
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and i walk away, thinking, well then why isn't the base motivated to do something about this? mcconnell has proven over and over and over again, if you just have an "r" behind your name, you're going to get the loyalty of the conservatives because they want to take down president obama that bad. they'll take a couple of nuts in the crowd if they can just get rid of president obama's agenda. that's the bottom line. if that doesn't motivate liberals in this country, then i don't know what does. republicans or tea party, whatever, they have yet, keep in mind, they have yet to denounce any racist comments produced by the right wing talkers in the past months. the tea party has no plan on the table for 1 in 4 african-americans that are living in poverty. they don't have a plan. we're at a defining moment in american history. we take a step forward, now what are we going to do? lose our guts, lose our belly, lose our confidence and all of a sudden, throw it away after 22 months and nobody's going to show up? let me tell you something, folks, this is a crucial time in american history.
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if we're going to keep the progressive agenda just alive and foredebate on the table we must maintain the majority in the house and in the senate. is crucial. if you don't like the way that health care went down, too bad. be a team player. you don't like the way that the job market is right now, believe me it will get better. this jobs bill that's just been passed in the senate, this cloture vote the other day to get 60 votes and $30 billion to community banks is going to help an awful lot. we have to understand that the obstructionists that have been out there and across america, bad-mouthing the agenda, bad-mouthing the president has been bad for america. hell, these people, they don't even want president obama to talk in public schools. how much more material do you need to get fired up? so, vice president biden, i agree with you, but i'd like to know, who are the pit bulls coming out of the white house doing the sell job? and i tell you, i think that you need some new blood in there. the soft sell ain't working. the soft sell ain't work. let's get back to the benefits.
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tell me what you think in our survey tonight. my question tonight is, do you think tea partiers care that 43.6 million americans are living in poverty? press the number one for yes, press the number two for no. i'll bring you the results later on in this show. and i am voting that they do not care. joining me now is ben, president of the naacp. ben, good to have you with us tonight. >> thank you. >> i'm so fired up for october 2nd. this is going to be a great rally for america. it's going to be positive and it is one nation together. i want you to speak to these numbers that are out there now. these poverty numbers. what do you make of them? >> well, we're in a time when prosperity's going down while diversity's going up. and in those times you have two choices. what the tea party's done is go down diversity. they can't ever win that battle. or you can push up on prosperity and that's what we're focused on. we're focused on job creation.
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job creation has to be job one. you see things like this happen when you have obstructionists in the senate who hold up every jobs. i mean, as the president said the other day, it's a great thing that this bill got passed but it took way too long and what we all know, out there, there are governors who are doing the same thing with dollars to be set down and hold them out of spite. we need to get this country back together and focus job creation and putting our folks back to work. >> these are alarming numbers. we now have a bigger spread. it's two americas. there's no doubt about it. >> that's right. >> now do you think that the tea partiers, their influence on the republican party, are going to make it tougher? >> now, the tea party folks -- you know you've got two camps. what i can't understand is why they won't be more outspoken about the racist and the ranks, why they won't push them out. look, if you want to say party that's here to talk about small government and tax policy, great. let's have that debate. but if you want to let people in
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to kind of stir up the pot, pour gas on the flame, that's a real problem. i rarely say good things about glenn beck. a good sign for him to say, leave your signs at home. grier, down and florida, came out apologized to the president, and said how correspond he was about racist folks in party. >> grier is the former head of the florida republican party and he did a backtrack, apologizing for some of the racist things that had been said. your comment about beck is interesting. because he's just done a 180 in my opinion and said that the violence is going to come from the left. and of course in the left are minorities. how do you feel about that? >> well you know we have friends in california at the aclu and the tide center who are shaken today as we speak because a man was on his way to shoot up both of those locations. he ended up getting caught by the chp. there was a shootout, he was wearing body armor. and talked to him afterwards. why did you target the tide center. because he'd heard about it on glenn beck.
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>> so you want the tea party to denounce any talk of violence, they haven't. you want the tea party to denounce racism. have they done that? >> you've seen bits and pieces and some good signs. you've seen some good signs. again you saw glenn beck say, leave your signs at home. did it again this week. people, leave your signs at home. you've seen them threw out mark williams from the tea party express and the tea party express faction for not disowning him. they've got to go further. they've got to go further. it's fine if you want to build a movement on tax policy, but if you want to keep racism, gasoline and racism aflame -- >> no doubt. does it make you nervous that their candidates are winning and it's changed -- it's moving the republican party further to the right, which historically, has left minorities behind. >> it makes me want to stand up and fight for pulling this country back to work, putting this country back together. you know, again, if they want to attack dwernsity, if they want to attack the 14th amendment, if they want to attack the civil rights act, we need to be
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pushing just as hard to get jobs created so that people in this country see that, look, you know, either you can run downhill toward hatred and division or you can push, come together and push uphill towards prosperity and hope and where we need to be focused. >> how important is october 2nd to these midterms? >> we -- october 2nd is very much connected to november 2nd. we've got to get people together. we have to allow the majority of this country to see itself reflected back. if people are fired up on october 2nd and they go back to their communities and work precinct by precinct they'll have a very different result on november 2nd. >> has it become a problem right now? >> look when i was an organizer in harlem i was taught, never let anybody who are organizing think that when they vote for a politician, he's going to bring them change. they need to remember that their job, look, if you vote for a politician, your job of making change might get easier but it's always your job to make change. folks have gone back to the couch. en jealous of the naacp wh
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us tonight. now, let's turn to vermont standard, bernie sanders. bernie, good to ve you with us tonight. i want your response to mitch mcconnell saying that the people that suffered the most through america's greatest recession was the rich. >> well, you know, i think we could say that mitch has a great sense of humor and you've got give him that. look here's the reality and an important reality for every american to understand. today the middle class in this country is disappearing, under bush median family income declined by $2200 a year. $2,200 over an eight-year period. millions people lost their health care. millions of people slipped oft the middle class and into poverty. but here's the other point, today, ed, the top 1% earned
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23.5% of all of the income accumulated in america. 1%, 23.5% of all income. top one/10 of 1% gained 11% of all of the income, top 1% earned more income than the bottom 50%. >> senator, do you think -- do you think these numbers are strong enough to motivate the democrats to have a big turnout? i mean what's wrong with 2010? they did it in 2008, 2006. >> here's what's wrong, all right, everybody knows that the bush administration was a disaster. everybody knows that when obama came in he inherited a financial system teetering on collapse. 700,000 jobs a month being lost. i think when most progressives that i know are saying, yeah, obama's done better but he hasn't really stood up. nor has the democratic leadership in a really aggressive way to these big money interests on wall street
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or to the other big money interests which have so much influence. think what franklin della norroosevelt did in 1992. very simple message i'm on the working side of working class of america. i'm prepared to stand up to the economic loyalists. we'ring to take them on. what obama's done and the democratic leadership has done they keep reaching out to republicans or let's work in a bipartisan way. filibuster after filibuster. i haven't seen so much if my life. that the right wing echo chamb serwaging against obama. >> you're telling the base tonight forget all of that, you will hold the majority or you will lose everything that you have gained, right? >> well, clearly, clearly if the republicans gain control you're going back to bush's policy. can you believe, can you believe these guys are talking about $700 billion in tax breaks for millionaires and billionaires at a time when the top 1% already earns 23% of the income. they want more.
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>> it's crazy. >> they want more un-fedded world trade. of course we cannot let them come back into power and go back to those policies but what we've got to do is tell this president and the democratic leadership, stop getting pushed around by the republicans. stand up for the working class of this country. >> amen to that. >> and night senator, good to have you with us tonight. thanks so much. >> thank you. coming up, false profit and fraud, glenn beck says fat people shouldn't -- should die? uh, he's blaming global unrest on french fries. well, we're going to stuff him in the zone on that one. and bush's brain can't stand the heat so he caved in to his double talk on the tea party's new darling, and is making people dizzy. all of that, plus the tan man tells eric cantor, back off. demint's having illusions.
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next up on the "the ed show" the president and the democrats accomplish something monumental today and it could lead to a half a million new jobs. $30 billion will be going to small businesses for loans who've been desperate for help. and just two republicans acted like statesman instead of un-american politicians. democratic senator mark warner is here tonight from the senate leading the charge for the small businesses in america.
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welcome back to the "the ed show" and thanks for watching tonight.
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small businesses' about to get a major shot in the arm. $30 billion in lending, $12 billion in tax breaks, no thanks to any of the republicans running in the midterms. despite all of their rhetoric about tax cuts, not a single republican running for re-election stood with small business owners trying to survive in a very tough economy. joining me now is senator mark warner of virginia, a major advocate for small business in the senate. senator, i don't mean to embarrass you tonight, but i want our audience to know that your success as a small business owner is well documented. you could probably speak to this better than anybody else in the senate. what does this bill mean? what will it do? how do you know it's going to wor and good to have you on tonight. >> thanks for having me on, ed. it was an important step today and it's kind of wacky that it's taken this long. we should have done this nine months ago, ten months ago. two-third was jobs coming out of recession has created small businesses.
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sitting on our hands and oftentimes without any help from our republican colleagues and the problem is you know large companies are -- in america are doing fine pidon't -- you know i don't dislike them for that but they've got $2 trillion in cash sitting on their balance sheets. small businesses still can't get a loan, if they've got a loan they can't get their credit line renewed because the banks had been willing to kind of pull in their horns. so this takes three or four ideas that are proven, that small business administration lending program, capital access program already in 25 states tshlgsd juice it up a little bit more, $30 billion in additional capital that would be leveraged out and says how can we, small businesses, give you the credit you need and give you some additional tax breaks right now in the trough of this reception. it's smart policy, greatless. >> it's great policy but how fast is it going to work? season this money going to go through community banks, is it going to be backed up by the government, the loan guarantees, is that the detail of it? >> that's where a lot of it is. let's face it we've been coming to. the small business administration was doing a great job. they ran out of money in june. so we've had people sitting out there waiting to get money,
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lending that they were ready it's government was ready to guarantee these loans. they were going to go out and fire people. >> and that's a key point. the republicans love to say they're pro-business. they love to say that president obama is antibusiness. so why are the republicans, if they're pro-business, against loosening up the lending for small businesses and getting some money into the system? why do you think they were against it? >> ed, you know, i don't get it. i mean there was nothing in this bill -- this bill looked like it would had been crafted by a moderate republican five years ago. i don't get it. i think the fact was they tried to add on some gotchy amendments on the top. but luckily we did got a couple of republicans to join us and this is where the american public's got to be out there scratching our head, hey we hired you guys.
3:23 am
big banks are doing fine. we need the credit to restart hiring and why can't you get your act together, i'm finally glad we did it. >> and you're convinced that this could be a game changer, would you go that far? i mean it would seem to me in the pipeline, we should see the effects of this in the first quarter of 2011. >> no. we should see the effects of this, i believe, in the last quarter of this year. >> okay. >> if the president will sign this, and it's not going fob a silver bullet. i don't think anything we ought to not overpromise in terms of silver bullets but this will be a major step. i think we can see 500,000 to 700,000 jobs created out of this action taken by the senate today. >> thanks so much. coming up the beckster goes from death panels to fast food. in thnut job will do anything to save money even if it means letting fat people die? i'm throwing the slob in the zone next. ♪
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and in psycho talk tonight, the beckster's worried that michelle obama's campaign against obesity will infringe on his god-given right to eat french fries and he even has a brand-new fast-food conspiracy theory. >>, i tonight, am going to take you from french fries to riots. and i'll show you how we go from french fries to global unrest. >> now, this is coming from a guy who's saying liberals are
3:28 am
stirring up violence. getting from fries to riots, well, it took a while but he found a way to blame it on the health care bill. then he offered his own solution to obesity crisis in this country. >> whether you like it or not, we have government health care now. the nation's health care costs are directly tied to the government and obesity is one of, if not, the most costly conditions costing you and me now at least $150 billion a year. you know those fat people that sit in their couch -- and i mean really fat -- not like me. i mean the people who are, like, their skin grows into the couch. i say let them die. >> glenn beck is in lockstep with the republican plan do whatever it takes to preserve their own health. congressman allen grayson laid it out on the house floor about a year ago during the health care debate, remember? >> if you get sick america, the republican health care plan is this, die quickly.
3:29 am
>> grayson took a lot of heat for that, but now glenn beck is suggesting it. maybe glenn should take a break from telling all of us to turn to god and actually try it himself. because saying that we should let fat people die is absolutely psycho talk. coming up, vice president biden is telling progressives to get it in gear but i don't see his team on the street hammering the message home. they've got to embrace their base if they want a fighting chance. i'll set them state in the battle grounds stay with us. and the tan man's trying to protect his rich golfing budees. he threw down the gauntlet to speaker pelosi. all of that, plus, sarah palin plays the part of big sis to tyco-talking christine okonem and "daily show" co-creator winstedt's in the house for a special edition of "club ed."
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welcome back to the "the ed show." the battleground story tonight. vice president joe biden says progressives need to get in gear if they want to prevent a tea party takeover of the congress. the vice president went on the "rachel maddow show" last night here on msnbc and gave these marching orders to the base. >> get in gear, man. first of all, there's a great deal at stake. if they take over the house and the senate don't kid yourself. they've made it really clear, pete sessions said -- excuse me, congressman sessions asked what they would do if they took over the house, he said we'd have the exact same agenda. and look there's a lot at stake here and our progressive base, you have -- you should not stay home. you better get energized because the consequences of serious. >> all right, now that is the hardest sell that i've heard so far coming out of the white house. respectfully, mr. vice president, i think that shutake
3:34 am
your own advice, the white house needs to step it up in the next six weeks. the base is out there working hard to get thcandidates elected whens happening, in mu hampshire a progressive democrat trounsd her blue dog opponent. the unions are out there raising money putting boots on the ground, they're gearing up a big rally a big march on october 2nd here in washington, d.c. i don't see the white house, other than that sound bite from last night, that they're out there selling hard about the accomplishments that they've had in 22 months. where are the pit bulls? i mean i really think that they've got get a guy like james carville, paul begala some the clinton people that never backed down on tv. the soft sell of axelrod in my opinion is not working right now. maybe they'll get the message. for more bring in veteran democratic strategist and former communication's director for john edwards, chris covinas, chris good to you have with us tonight. >> thanks, ed. >> you bet. why is it that the intensity of 2010 is not matching the intensity of 2008? i mean the stakes are even higher now. what's happened?
3:35 am
>> you know i don't completely understand it. i think part of it is you know with the base maybe they're dissatisfied but you know with some of the things that they want -- the policies weren't as progressive as they could had been. but listen i've said this before and i'll say it again i just think that we've done a terrible job at selling policies that are going to impact so many people's lives. that have saved this country from a great depression. given health care to tens of millions of americans, that did put in some serious reforms to address wall street. they may not be perfect but they're far better than far stronger than anything the republicans should do, and i think we've just got to go out there and start painting what is even more -- more than just a policy debate but it really strong political debate and contrast between us and not a republican party but a fringe republican party. >> bernie -- >> this is not an r versus d thing. this is democrats versus a
3:36 am
fringe republican party that wants to take this country in a scary direction. >> i don't disagree with that. and i think that they obviously are endorsing anybody who wins a primary. they're not going to parcel anybody out who is radical. they've got an "r" in their name. if he could paraphrase what he said because there's been too much party negotiation. they've got realize the circumstances but why can't the democrats come out every -- all of the leadership and say, with in health care bill, we will save lives. it seems like the democrats are afraid to go home and say that this health care bill is a step forward and it's positive. we didn't get everything that we want but we're going to save lives. it would seem to me that's a pretty good pitch. >> you know, you have -- there are two pieces to i think the fall election. i think one you've got to go out there and do the hard, negative contrast between the democratic you know party's vision and a fringe gop that really wants to
3:37 am
take this country in a scary extreme agenda, direction excuse me. >> but let's get away from the republicans for a second. i want to know why the democrats are afraid to go home and say, we passed health care and it will save lives. how can that not resonate with people? >> and i was going to say, the second piece to this is i think that we've got to go out there and make the case that we made the tough decision and the right decision when it came to health care. the stimulus. what we've done and this is unfortunate but this has been building over the last year, we've let the gop and a radical fringe define the debate, define every policy that we have done and they have basically been successful. >> well that cuts to my commentary. that cuts to my commentary right there. somebody in the white house is not punching back hard enough. you need get some pit bulls coming out of the white house that are answering all of these la raza coming out on talk radio. it's going to come from the white house.
3:38 am
they've got to get somebody on staff that is out there and in their face, axelrod's got a soft sell. this isn't about soft sell. this is about hard sell because we've got a deflated base right now in this country, and if they don't get it in gear, just what vice president biden said to rachel last night the consequences are high and we could lose everything that we've gained so far. so i tell you, chris, if you've got the formula to fire up the base i'm all ears, my han. >> well, listen, this is -- you know politics is a street fight and let's be honest with the republicans and this fringe are really good at it. they've shown it over the last year. i think what democrats have got to understand is we all need a collective wake-up call in the stakes in november. this is not just a simple election. we're talking about passing potentially the house of representatives. i don't think the senate's in play but house of representatives to probably the most radical dangerous fringe that i've seen if my lifetime. economic reform, civil justice, poverty all those issues they
3:39 am
think that make progressives, moderates, independents want this country to be a better place we have to realize that we've got stand up and night november. >> chris, good to have you with us tonight. thanks so much. get some rapid fire response from our panel on these stories tonight. karl rove does a complete 180 on the new tea party star christine o'connell. on tuesday he thought she was unelectable with wacky ideas. and now the screamers on the right are backpedaling and back up the party. represents a broad section of america and is uniting the country. and john boehner gives nancy pelosi an ultimatum on taxes. she says, bring it pop. the white house has her back. with us tonight joe madison xm satellite radio talk show host and john fiery republican strategist. gentlemen, good to have you with
3:40 am
us tonight. john, why did karl rove do a 180? >> well, if you analyze the o'donnell election -- and i think that i was part of -- i agreed with karl rove on tuesday night and i have reassessed. you have to respect what the primary voters say. the primary voters said we want christine o'connell. we don't want mike castle. that's part of the processfane analyze it the democratic candidate is very vulnerable. i think that she has a grassroots that -- delaware has a lot of rural areas. and you know she possibly could win. it's a long shot. it's a much more difficult race than it would had been but she can win that race. >> what about you. >> and i could possibly get a contract as big as ed's too. i hope that she does come. karl rove for the first time since i remember him, told the absolute truth. he gave the democrats the campaign ad for her. and you know what, it's too late to take it back. it's out there. and i hope that the democrats in delaware take everything karl
3:41 am
rove said and run it from now until november because he told the truth about this lady and you know what, he just fell -- he did just the same thing that michael steele did he fell nar pressure. >> they tipped off. >> they all tipped over and that's all that happened. >> the parent's moving to the right, john. >> well, that's -- >> anybody with an "r" behind their name will get support. >> during the primarily process, usually the democrats move left, the republicans move right, that's part of the process and then for the general election they have to market themselves -- >> not on tuesday and then okay on wednesday. >> she had to respect the process and the process is -- she won the process fair and square. you may think that she's nutty. >> she won the process. there's no question. >> and she's the nominee, she got republican nomination and she's got a chance to win it. >> i think that kas hel a better chance of winning but i think that she's got a pretty good chance of winning. >> the only thing that i disagree with ed it's not an r it's a double r. these are radical republicans that we're talking about and i think that's exactly what's
3:42 am
going to happen in november. as we move towards, people are going to see these are radical policies, radical republicans, they are quite honestly remind me of dixiecrates back during the strom thurmond era. >> here is senator demint saying that all of this conversation is uniting america. here it is. >> really what we're doing here in washington has united america. when i go to a tea party, 40% of the people there are independents and democrats. >> the tea party. >> well, look, who was it, a. phillip randolph said during the '60 -- the march, the march on washington. look at who is opposed to social security. look at who is opposed to public education. look at who is of opposed to health care. look at who is opposed to minimum wages and those are the people that you will find who are the enemies of the democrats and the folks who want to move this party forward. i had an interview with the president of the united states. he did say something very strong to me.
3:43 am
and that was that the republicans drove this vehicle into a ditch. and they want the keys back. and he said on the interview in the oval office, we're not going to give this. keys back and i totally agree with you, but it's got to be more than just the president and the vice president. there has to be are. >> they will not get the keys back if does not to believe get tougher enough with the republicans. >> let me say this, this grassroots organization has taken by surprise. it's a good thing for democracy when the political parents in washington get a wake-up call that they're not serving the interest. >> low popular turnout. >> populist on the right and populist on the left. the government is not serve their country. the populist on the right is a big change. >> but after the poverty numbers today do you actually think that the populist view to give the tax cuts to the tune of $4 trillion to the rich.
3:44 am
>> what the view is not, not give more money to the government so they can waste it. the idea to create jobs, there's no jobs out there, ed. and there's no jobs -- >> they want to privatize social security. he didn't answer the question and had is what happens. they don't answer the question. if in fact the tax cuts for the rich were supposed to create -- >> i did answer the question, joe. i answered the question. >> no, let me finish. >> no, let me finish. >> well, then we can punch it out here verbally because i'm not going to be the white house. where are the freagin' jobs? >> well that's my job. >> but like i said it didn't come because of the tax cuts. >> it didn't come because of the tax cuts. grease the skids for the top 2% did not increase employment. >> increased 3% because of obama's policies. there's uncertainty in the marketplace. people are thinking that these tax increases are going to be coming back. holding on to their money. >> 90% of the people listening to us today you will get a tax cut and i hope that 98% of the people vote with common sense.
3:45 am
>> running around saying that president obama is antibusiness and then they have just blocked time and time again until this week, we had two republicans who aren't running for re-election. finally jumped on board with the small business bill. what's wrong with lending to small businesses? >> my wife workings for one of those senators so i think that he did a good job for that bill. i'm saying that on behalf of my wife. i would say that the business community is extremely -- the chamber of commerce, it's the nfib. >> the republicans say they're business and they were against in bill. it's all because they want to defeat the president. you know that. you know that. >> the chamber of commerce. >> gentlemen, we've got run. good to have you with us tonight. up next tea party captain sarah palin is giving her wing nut protege the game plan. avoid the press and run to fox. and a republican is calling out russian hannity for being liars. and in my "playbook"
3:46 am
tonight, republican congressman
3:47 am
3:48 am
3:49 am
and in my "playbook" tonight, republican congressman mike cassell blaming slam head the drugster for his loss to tea partier, christine o'donnell. >> i think that the misrepresentations of the lies of sean hannity the ball's in the air where another very significant part of all of this. how they ever count to the theory that i'd ever impeach george bush i'll never know. >> cassel is right on the money.
3:50 am
what's these guys do. pass this stuff up. folks like sharron angle and sarah palin have figured it out. stay away from any media and anybody that gets in the waive fox that would screw up the message. here's palin's advice to brand-new tea party darling o'donnell. >> she's going to have to learn very quickly to dismiss what some her handlers want. she's going to have to learn that, yeah, very quickly. she's going to have to dismiss that go with her gut, get out there, speak to the american people, speak through fox news. >> speak through fox news. that gives you a lot of reason to watch, doesn't it? this is a tea party plan. shut your mouth, scrub your website of all of your crazy positions and let the conservative talkers hammer home all of the lies they can. joining me now is eric boller, senior fellow at media matters for america. you have to admit, eric, this has been a well-executed plan and had is probably their playbook what do you think.
3:51 am
>> yeah, mike castle was right. a last-minute smear campaign launched on talk radio and portion of the right wing blowingosphere to push this crazy year that during the bush years he worked to impeach president bush as a republican. campaigned, no time to respond. rush limbaugh is pushing it. he lost that race by a couple of thousand votes. he's absolutely right. that cost him the campaign. soap i have had some sympathy for mike castle but not much because he's a late converter to this cause of right wing lies. >> okay, let's be very clear about this. o'donnell had her supporters out there saying that mike castle voted for the health care plan. >> not true. >> the stimulus package. >> not true. >> and also the impeachment of president bush. >> which never happened. >> just flat-out lies. >> yeah. >> and then she credits sean hannity for her victory. here it is. >> mike castle did speak out a little bit today. and in part, he blamed people
3:52 am
like me and levin and rush limbaugh. >> you guys brought his voting record to the public so i thank you. i kind of agree with him. i wouldn't call it blame. i would call it credit. >> well, how do you handle that? >> right. >> they're both lying now. >> well again i have some sympathy for mike castle and republicans but not much because mike levin and rush limbaugh and sean hannity the right wing blogosphere talk radio they've been lying about democrats for years. they spent the whole clinton administration lying about clinton. the bush years lying about the iraq war and now they've become completely unhinged during the obama years p that's what they do for their living. that's their schtick. and now they're directing some of that venom and some of those smears, that character toward a republican. karl rove's upset because their guy got smeared. their guy was lied about. well, welcome to the club. >> what do you makeof rove's latest.
3:53 am
>> he sort of bowed down to rush limbaugh. as you pointed out earlier on the show on monday and tuesday the tea party candidate was nutty and had character flaws and today she's a great candidate. and she can be elected and everyone should get behind her. look, he -- no one can stand up to rush limbaugh. no one can stand up to right wing radio and karl roves just the latest to get in line and bow down to the opposition party which is fox news and rush limbaugh. >> eric, good to have you with us tonight. thanks see much. the tan man is worried well about more than nancy pelosi keeping him away from the gavel. boehner joked his job is to make sure the self-proclaimed republican young guns are ready to take his place at the appropriate moment. the young guns he was talking about are ericcant opaul ryan and kevin mccarthy. guys, if you want to follow in his footsteps you'll need to work on the tan and also you've got to get a lower hanicap and
3:54 am
you can't miss the fairway all right. next up, glenn beck, violence coming from the left, hey, beckster look to your left real quick. "daily show" co-creator lynn winstedt's coming up in "club ed."
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3:57 am
and finally tonight it's time for a special edition of "club ed" with "daily show" co-creator lynn winstedt catch her at twitter/lynnwinstedt. we've got to bring you in on a thursday, liz. straighten all of this out.
3:58 am
>> it's crazy. >> what do you make of this family inviting between rove and hannity in the open? >> you know, eventually this is what happens. you know, when the hate begets the hate and thenef just eventually acquiesces to rush. i think that's exactly right. i think that rush is kryptonite to the right and that's pretty scary. >> very scary. glenn beck warning that violence is going to be coming from the left. your thoughts? >> has he seen how motivated the left is? ed, look at how hard we're pitching the left to get up and fight? violence, they can't even get up and lift a fork to their mouths that the point it's pathetic. it's so -- beck and this whole -- he's now the reluctant prophet. why is that everyone who claims they're a reluctant prophet never actually indulges their reluctance. i'm not really a prophet i think that i'm going to pass on that and go away. >> and he also says we ought to let fat people to die. i'm still trying to figure that one out.
3:59 am
what about christine o'donnell, she's been the big story this week. she's a psycho talker one day and then she's an acceptable candidate the next day. what do you make of it? >> ed the bottom line is she's a psycho talker earn the fact that she basically thinks it's okay to gay bait and race bait but you can't masture bait is pathetic and especially this in this economy. everything that is fun and free and she wants to ban it. are you crazy? how do you win on that platform? >> liz winsted, she'll be performing tomorrow night in seattle at the theater off jackson. great to have you with us, liz. thanks so much. >> thanks, ed. >> in our survey i asked you do you think tea partiers care that 43.6 million americans are living in poverty? 5% of you said yes, 95% of you said no the tea partiers don't care.