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tv   The Dylan Ratigan Show  MSNBC  September 17, 2010 4:00pm-5:00pm EDT

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republicans to support the massive bush tax cuts for the rich. running scared before election time. will the democrats stand its ground on what should be a no-brainer issue with the voters? also, race to the right. tea party stars and presidential want to bes in washington. the gop's big test looking more like a circus tent. do we have to give credit to the energized republican base? plus, no joke. steven ko ber tries to one-up glenn beck. can he beat beck's numbers? the show starts right now. republicans united, democrats divided. sound similar? here we go again.
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this time, it's an issue of tax cuts for the rich. this afternoon, the president hammered the gop for protecting the wealthiest americans. >> i'm urging the leaders of the other party to stop holding middle class tax cuts hostage and extend this relief to families immediately. >> that's good. that's good. but at least 38 house democrats are now breaking ranks with the president, calling for at least one more year of tax breaks for the very rich. the lawmakers, most of whom face tough fights this fall, are urging speaker pelosi to maintain the status quo temporarily. how it's going to help in their elections is entirely unclear. letting tax cuts expire has a 17-point advantage in the polls. this is the one issue that could help them beat republicans, but in a typical, democratic move,
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they want to help democrats beat republicans. luckily, pelosi's not going along. >> no. that's my position. again, we listen to our members, but ik i think president gave us what we needed. clarity. and the public is with the president. >> that's good. let's see how long it lasts. some republican, meantime, are pushing for a temporary, two-year session for the tax cuts of the top 2%. gee, i wonder that happens in two years? we get a new president. if it's a republican, he'll extend tax cuts indefinitely. as the president would say, let's be clear. history shows us the richest americans don't put tax savings
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back into the economy. they put it in their pockets. after bush's tax cuts, the savings rate went up compared to clinton's increase. more money into the economy with tax increases. even a one-year extension of tax cuts for the rich would cost us $39 billion. that's another huge hole in the budget. that's what they friend to care so much about. here's what the democrats are never going to do. win an argument if they don't make their own case. the numbers are in. tax cuts for the rich do not stimulate the economy. the american people are sick of giving more tax cuts to the rich. the only people left unconvinced are the democrats, who have the most to gain if they just use those facts against republican opponents. let's see if they're that smart.
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joining us now, a member of the house banking committee, who sides with the president. makes sense. congressman andrews, what's wrong with your party? can they not read poll numbers? 17-point advantage, how does that not a winning political strategy? >> i can't speak for the people who want to extend the tax cuts for people in that 250 and up category, but i'm not one of them. i tell you something that we tried this in the bush years and it caused the disaster that we have. it adds to the deficit. it doesn't add to economic growth. under president clinton, we actually cut the deficit by a small increase in taxes on the wealthy, invested in education and trade and the economy exploded. this is not some untested argument. we should put this on the floor for a vote. extend the tax cuts for people making less than a quarter of a million dollars and vote yes or
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no. make everybody pull out their card and vote and i think we'll win that vote. >> if you split the bill and say i'm going to vote on the middle class tax cuts, then on tax cuts for the rich, does that let the republicans off the hook because then they could vote for the middle class tax cuts and say, i voted for that. is that a bad political strategy? >> i don't know that it is. i never mind putting something up for a vote. i think it makes people declare their positions and i would like very much this election detate bait to be about whether people making more than a quarter million dollars need lower taxes. i'm not going to vote for that. in a country that's borrowing money for the chinese and can't pay teachers and police officers all over the country, that's a ke debate we need to have. my inclination is put them both up for a vote and let people have their say and show their constituents where they stand. >> what do you do with these
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conservative democrats because the leadership is in a tight spot here. they seem to have the right strategy. which is, let's vote for tax cuts for the middle class, but not the rich. you've got 38 house democrats in rebellion. what do you do with that? >> you have to let them work their will. we are a broad caucus. a lot of different points of view. but i think we should make people go on the record. let's take a vote. that's what they pay us to do. i don't see how anybody the justify the boar reing as you say, nearly $40 billion for the wealthiest 2 or 3% of people in this country g can get a break. if it really promoted economic growth, the facts don't support that. in the bush years the economy grew by 2.1%. the clinton years, 3.9. 64% of the national debt of this country was run up under reagan and the two bushs.
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what are we talking about here, republicans giving lessons on deficit and debt reduction? give me a break. >> you say you don't want to question people's motives, but i do. i don't get it. conservative democrats appear to be wrong on the policy. the economic numbers you gave, they're wrong on the politics, a huge political advantage for democrats and they're helping the republican party by letting them off the hook. so, what's the rational? the only thing i can come up with is that they want to collect a lot of campaign contributions. >> i don't think it's that. people have different views within our party and i respect that, but i think we have to put this up for a vote. some have said, let's duck this issue until after the election. i think that's the wrong path. i think putting this on the floor, making people take a position is the right way to go and the voters can sort it out on election day and decide. >> all right. thanks so much for joining us.
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coming up, big tent or circus tent. we'll go live to the voter's values summit in washington, where republican heavy hitters are racing to the right. we'll be right back. interesting grooming. thanks. i got the idea from general mills big g cereals. they put a white check on the top of every box to let people know that their cereals have healthy whole grain, and they're the right choice... (announcer) general mills makes getting whole grain an easy choice. just look for the white check.
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we're back and we're breaking down the gop's race to the right. big republican names, some
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members of the tea party, others terrified they'll be topple led by it, are gathered now for the annual voter's summit. christine o'donnell spoke moments ago. >> the conservative movement was told to curl up in the fetal position and stay there for the next eight years, thank you very much. well, how things have changed. >> she had to bring fetuses into it. it is a values summit. there's one thing we always count for the summit, awesome sound bites. >> welcome to the nancy pelosi, harry reid, president obama farewell party. it's been a tough year for those three. their numbers will go down the chute faster than a jet blue
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flight attendant. >> what the rules class doesn't seem to understand, they live at the wine and cheese parties here in d.c. as for me, i prefer tea party. just so you know. >> some of our establishment friends are not really happy with me or you, so i think we're in a -- we're in good company today. >> because of you and people like you, there has been one upset after another all over the country. >> that jet blue joke wasn't that bad and michele bachmann had a nice tan. just a few of the gop who have fallen in the last few months. the real test of tea party power comes in 46 days when we see if that anger that's been boiling over for the last two years is enough to burn the democrats.
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joining us now, andy mar. first, do we have to give these guys some degree of credit here? they said they were against the bank bailouts and voted out a couple of bums who voted for them. does that make sense? >> i think they've been clear in stating what their goals are. jim demint was just gloating today about the number of established republicans that he has been able to help knock off. a lot of his colleagues that he is partially responsible for hounding out of office, it doesn't bother him at all. he says he's rader have two republican senators than a majority. >> well, he might get his wish. maybe in 2012 and beyond. but how does, nobody ever says, hey, i'm the established member of republican. who are they talking about? mitch mcconnell, karl rove?
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and how angry are they at the jim demints of the world? >> i think they would fall into that. you talk to republicans and michael steele frequently says that. yet, you know, if you talk to conservativ conservatives, basically, it's anyone in the washington, d.c. area, who has been working in politics for years and kind of responsible or a part in leadership for kind of the downfall of the republican party seeing democrats win in 2006 and barack obama win in 2008. they're just trying to clean house of all those guys. >> i want to go back to this idea. the bailouts that some of these guys ran against. does this send a message that look, if you give another dime to the banks, you're going to voted out, at least on the republican side? >> i think that's part of it. there is a lot of energy and kind of hard to tap into. what we're hearing here, despite the fact that a lot of these
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people are tea party candidates, their social issues are a strong part of the kind of gop mantra, the red meat for the party. yeah, you can talk about the bank bailouts and other stuff, but what's driving conversation today is what's been driving it for years. >> how do those two things jif? do the values guys care about the bailouts and all the other things tea party guys care about? the tea party guys, are they on board for all this talk about fetuses and everything else christine o'donnell's talk about? >> i think a lot of the groups overlap and the other thing, too, is that don't necessarily need to jaif until they're in office. right now, everyone can go to each constituency and talk about the specific issue that appeals to them. for a lot of the candidates, they can go around and very easy
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to ignore the fiscal stuff, to stay on the social stuff and preach the fact that there's no reason the republican party needs to ignore the issues. then they can go elsewhere and say a different thing. it's not that they're ignoring things, the truth is, when you're a party that is not govern governoring, you don't have to worry about how you're going to combine these things. there's so much anger against democrats that they're able to get away with this. >> well, part of my problem here. does anybody in that audience, do they get the irony that they were most angry about the bank bailouts and that the guys speaking are pro banker guys, they don't want to regulate the banks at all, they want to take as much risk as they want, they want to cut their taxes for wall street. does anybody get that irony over
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there? >> i don't think they would see it as irony. the tea party element is here, but that's not this crowd. folks like gary bower, tony perkins, for a long time, and yeah, swept up by the tea party crowd, their talking about the same things now as last year and the year before. the same issues are important now. >> well, andy, are the values voters kind of like the liberals or democrats in that they get lip service every year? people say, oh, yeah, we're going to overturn abortion any minute now, then when they get into office, guys like romney say, oh, yeah, we'll get to you later. >> totally right. these guys had the most conservative president they were going to have in a long time in
4:19 pm
bush and a lot of them feel like they didn't get a lot from him in terms of social issues. when he had a big mandate after the election, it wasn't abortion. it wasn't anything else like that. the big issue here today is don't ask don't tell. that big vote is coming up in the senate. for the most part, groups exist to go against what democrats want and against what liberal social policies and they haven't gotten a lot from republicans. >> i love they call the stuff values summit. and then their big value is let's des criminate against gays. andy, thank you for covering it for us. we appreciate it. up next, we'll tell you which senate candidate recently -- have human brains. yes, human brains. she's not kidding. we'll tell you who's just that dumb when we come back. ♪
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in the latest installment of christine o'donnell says what, she presents an interesting piece of information you might not have known about mice. in a conversation about cloning in 2007, she told bill o'reilly, quote -- was shocked to find out that she might be right. >> pinky, are you pondering what i'm pondering? >> i think so. no, no, it's too stupid. >> and how could we forget about our friends pinky and the brain. not to mention mighty mouse or
4:24 pm
mickey and minnie. how could mice welcome us to disney world if they didn't have human brains? >> what do you want to do tonight? >> same thing we do every night, pinky, try to take over the world. >> i'm guessing she's misquoting a 2005 report where scientists successfully grew human brain cells within mice. not whole brains. but if you can't figure out there are no mice running around with human brains, you might need those scientists. the octo mom is about to go on welfare, to which i say, of course. apparently, she's fallen behind on payments to her house, of
4:25 pm
course, and running out of the money she made selling access to her family, of course. this is what happens when you have a family of six and have eight babies and have no job or way of paying for them or any common sense. finally, men's health magazine says that indy 500 drivers aren't the only ones burning up the rubbers in indianapolis. indy took the pole position on the list of cities having the most just beat on columbus, ohio, who apparently also is having fun. the system used condom sales, sex toy sales, and birthrates. as far as the cities that aren't getting action, lexington, kentucky ranked dead last. that's got to hurt. which makes me think the university of kentucky should change its mascot because the
4:26 pm
wildcats don't seem appropriate anymore. get it? we've got a lot more for you this friday. the president vowing once again to partisan politics. also, two late night favorites are ready to take on washington. can they final lly bring us the change we've been looking for? plus, why does it seem the crazier things you say, the more likely you'll be voted into office? today's daily rant. introducing bayer am, an extra strength pain reliever with alertness aid to fight fatigue. so get up and get goin'! with new bayer am. the morning pain reliever. with new bayer am. save you fifteen percent or more on car insurance?really was abe lincoln honest? mary: does this dress make my backside look big?
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some of the day's other headlines, confusion about the big move from the commander in chief. he mocks nay sayers on the left. and looking for liberal leadership from comedy central?
4:30 pm
first, president obama points a harvard law professor to be a quote, special advise ir to a new consumer protection bureau. here's the president explaining the new role. >> secretary geithner and i both agree that elizabeth is the best person to stand this agency up. she will oversee all aspects, from designing policy initiatives to future decisions about the agency. >> sounds like he's making warn the director woul calling her one. he could officially nominate warren, but then the white house could face confirmation hearings. instead, the president named her adviser. is she really in charge and for how long? here's jane hampshir and armstrong williams. first, jane, look at this. obama's saying, i'm going to put
4:31 pm
her in charge, she's going to set up the agency. this way, i don't have to deal with republicans and chris dodd and other democrats who don't want her and mission accomplished. does that make sense? >> well, he didn't have to get approval for this position through the senate. actually, the bill itself allowed him to appoint who he wanted to. so, that was kind of an excuse and i don't know why he has to care about chris dodd and outgoing snar with an approval rating that makes dick cheney look superlative. it's a move to try to appease the base, not upset the banks by appointing someone they don't want. i'm told she wanted to be economic adviser to the president. she's a pretty smart cooky and she's in there and hopefully she'll be able to do some good. >> in one splits the baby like o
4:32 pm
obama. here's a good idea. upset the banks. i don't understand the republican objection to this. she would protect the consumers. i think even right wingers agree to that, so why not make her the director? >> it's politics as usual. you have symptoms in place with checks and balance. as much as the president talks the banks need to loosen up credit, since regulators are saying and doing something else with the banks, it's not necessarily the banks fault. it had to do with regulators, they're set on making sure they hold their feet to the fire. mrs. warren would like to have senate confirmation because of the credibility it would give her and yes, the president will have difficulty in what we call, creating another czar position. just a figure head.
4:33 pm
a public relations gimmick before the election to give the impression that the president is doing something about wall street. after she is piappointed, you won't hear anything about her. it's a one-stay story. >> well, the position is real and i hope they use it. but jane, let me go to that point. is there some chance they appointed her right before the elections and then after, they go, nice job standing up to agency. now, exit stage left. >> clearly, this was done with an eye towards the election. that's what you do before elections. you do things that try and get the base motivated. it's possible that she could fall by the christina romer wayside. but i think that's why it's important as marcie wheeler noted today, that people who
4:34 pm
care about this commission, stay vocal and really engage and make sure they support warren because this only happened because the base made noise and she's only going to continue to have power if they continue to make noise. >> you have to give the president credit though, right? because he did pick her at least to start the agency. >> absolutely. he could be setting the ground work for a really wonderful, you know, opportunity for her to go in and really fashion this. in a functional way. and we hope that's what happens. i think the best chances of insuring that are if the people stay vocal about it and make sure they support her. >> on the next issue, the president goes the other way. oba obama's mocking the left. last night, he poked fun at the nay sayers at a fund raising event event in connecticut saying --
4:35 pm
that's a good one. obama. the president is obviously frustrated with those who believed him. last month, robert gibbs came under fire for lashing out against the quote, professional left. with midterms a little more than a month away, is it wise for the bt to take on his own voters? jane? >> i don't know, jake. who campaigns on suck it up liberals? that is just not a winning campaign strategy. and i dare say that obama would not be saying this if his own election were impending. he made these promises about public option while on the campaign trial and in the white house. he said it was bedrock fundamental principles of his health care plan. to sit there and laugh at the people who had faith in that, who came out and campaigned for him and believed that, just
4:36 pm
doesn't seem politically wise and not good for the people up for election this fall. >> armstrong, would republicans do this before an election? spit in the eye of their base? >> you know, i actually -- they all do it, but i think that democrats do it to a greater extent. if you move beyond the president having a light moment, you should really look at seriously what he's trying to convey and that is he expects the conservative base and now, the tea party, to challenge him and cause him all kinds of problems cht his poll numbers are down. he can't seem to get a favorable story. on top of that, the very base he feels he could depend on, they're just as critical. they're doing just as much to savage his reputation. can't do anything to satisfy them. he said, listen, guys, i know i'm not perfect and i know i've
4:37 pm
made promises about the public option, just sometimes in politics, things don't always pan out the way you want them to be. just give me a little relief here because we need to get our party, as much of them elected in november. we don't want to give the republican party any momentum going into 2012. just back off a little and give me some breathing room. what he's trying to do, he had one of those moments where he just expressed it. i think they should listen. while they have -- >> that's not what he is saying. he's not saying, hey, we tried. we didn't get it all, but we're going to get more later. that's what we were told the time the health care bill was passed. that this was a starter bill and we would keep building on it. he's not fighting for the public option he promised everybody. robert gibbs said it wasn't a consensus opinion. they never fought for it. they care that they were -- that
4:38 pm
he tried to do things. said he was doing one thing and tried to do another. and yes, people are justifiably upset about that. yeah, that's an outrageous thing to do. >> the president put everything on the line for health care. the reason why the president is having so much grief and the reason why the tea party continues to rise is despite the poll numbers that the american people did not want this health care bill, the president caved in to his base -- >> no! the base wanted the public option. they did not want this health care bill. no, they didn't. no. obama wanted this health care bill. >> all right. i love what's going on here. first of all, we got armstrong williams defending a democratic president. second, i agree with jane. the president, here's where he
4:39 pm
screwed up. he said, i want to make your health care bills lower, and he didn't because there's no competition. he screwed up by making the bill too conservative, so you're stuck in a situation where you don't get any advantage. not only are you not pleased with liberal voters, armstrong, can't you see how that would hurt you? >> i'm not here to disagree with you. but the president tried from his perspective, he did everything he could rk even when he that had meeting where he invited all the republicans. but listen, he had too many special interest groups at the plate. he could not satisfy them, but give the man credit. he let off a -- >> he did try and satisfy all the special interests.
4:40 pm
he absolutely did. >> but you can't -- >> all right. all right. finally, to truly bring the american people together, comedy central hosts announce they'll be holding a rally and counterrally to restore sanity and keep fear alive. >> tonight, i announce the rally to restore sanity. it is happening, people. >> to fight jon stewart's creeping reasonableness, to restore truthyness. >> my fellow americans, on october 30th, 2010, i am calling for the nation to join me on the washington mall for the march to keep fear alive. >> i love these guys.
4:41 pm
okay. the two are hoping to take their message to the streets. there's an excellent chance they can turn out more people than any democrat could. the event rs in response to glenn beck's rally. jane, can they bring out more people than a democrat could is this. >> it's possible. they haven't got a permit yet, but i think it's great. they're sort of countering the psychout that this is glenn beck nation. it's not. the two of them have a lot larger fan base and a lot more message, quite frankly, so i'm excited about it. >> armstrong, i think you were at glenn beck's event. are you going to go to stewart and colbert's, too? >> let me just say this in response to jane. i think colbert should be -- i
4:42 pm
thought i was attending another martin luther king i have a dream rally. >> wait a minute, you're comparing martin luther king to glenn beck? >> he was able to bring up over a half a million people. i don't think colbert or stewart together can match that. now, they should try and plus, it's only showing more credibility and respect for what glenn beck was able to pull off because many people did not think he had that kind of reach. those people to respond and come to rally on the mall for something they believe in. so, i think it's very interesting they want to have a rally, but i think it's a lot of talk and there's just no substance to it. i don't think they will ever attempt to have a rally on the mall. makes good tv. >> all right. i like that you got in their face. we'll see how they respond to that. but really, martin luther king
4:43 pm
and glenn beck, you know one brought civil rights to our count country, another did what? >> i think you misinterpreted what i said. there was a lot of king's words at the rally. so the point was that obviously, martin luther king impacted glenn beck more than anyone had known. i also heard beck talk about the constitution, how they tried to relegate blacks and it was one of the most eloquent arguments he would have made. you would have thought that president obama or reverend al sharpton was making this argument. he, too, can be a spark by the great martin luther king as other americans are? >> was it liberals or conservatives? >> all of them. >> armstrong and jane, great
4:44 pm
conversation. thanks for joining us. had a good time. coming up, one thing both parties can agree about, they both cater to wall street. from regular republicans to clinton democrats, we've got the author of "the great american stick-up." ♪ just one bite opens a world of delight... ♪ ♪ a flavor paradise of delicious fishes ♪ ♪ friskies seafood sensations. ♪ feed the senses. ♪ ♪ hey, now, now, we're going down, down ♪ ♪ and we'll ride the bus there ♪ pay the bus fare ♪ or we find a new reason [ female announcer ] something unexpected to the world of multigrain... taste. ♪ we're going down, down, and we ride the bus there ♪ [ female announcer ] delicious pringles multigrain. ♪ a new way of living [ female announcer ] multigrain pops with pringles.
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the heart of hedge fund country and lemented getting all he's managed to accomplish. like financial reform. he even mocked the idea of derivatives reform. does he even know what a derivative is? i guess if you didn't think we needed derivatives reform, then you would be proud of that bill. we're joined now by robert scheer. i heard bill clinton was one of the good guys. how are you putting this in the same sense, reagan and republicans? >> you're charming, but obama in april '08, when he was running against hillary clinton, gave a speech at cooper's union, which i have in my book and he was very clear about the damage that had been done about the sweeping of all regulations and radical
4:49 pm
financial regulation. he seemed to understand it well. he was listening to people like paul walker and others and the real mystery of obama, very clear this mischief had occurred during the clinton years, was clinton who fulfilled reagan's fantasy of getting government off the backs of wall street. the great mystery is why did he appoint the people who did it to run the economy after. that is it. it's not a lack of knowledge. very clear understanding. >> on obama, what happened? i remember the speech he gave. then he comes to office and picks larry summers. tim geithner -- i mean, you wrote a book about it. give me a guess here.
4:50 pm
why did he do it? >> first of all, let's just understand how culpable summers is. he pushed through the modern futures act in the closing weeks of clinton's lame duck term. that's what opened the door to these credit default swaps at the heart of our current misery. that's summer's baby. the idea you rewarded this guy by bringing him in is astounding. even more shocking, as i reveal in my book, when summers went to obama's adviser, he was at that time, getting $8 million from wall street from the hedge fund. he got 135 thousand from goldman sachs. sounds like bribery. then obama comes in and points to him and geithner had been head of the fed in new york.
4:51 pm
geithner was there with paulson under george w. bush, bailout of aig, which was a bailout of goldgold golden goldman sachs. i don't think it's out of ignorance. i think he decided wall street gave him a lot of money. you don't want to spook the markets. he bought the basic market and that's why they've gone to the point of elizabeth warren. the financial regulations they pursue and this consumer agency had some possibility of being significant because a good person, elizabeth warren, in the mold of brooksly, was destroyed by summers, greenspan, geithner. she is that kind of protecter of the interests of the average person in this country and these
4:52 pm
guys wanted to do a job on her, but she has a strong base. she's a leading harvard professor and expert on this stuff. i'm not really too excited about the job she's been given, but -- let's understand the basic scam here. we can argue agent whether or not wall street should have been bailed out. i don't feel that way. i'm with rand paul and others. i don't think we should have done it. they've got the laws they wanted and they went nuts over it. >> right, robert -- >> a foreclosure moritorium. >> we're out of time. those are strong words, especially the word, betray. thank you for the interview. we appreciate it. i think they play good cop, bad cop. coming up, we've got "hardball" and they're going to ask the question, was jimmy carter saying that ted kennedy
4:53 pm
is the reason we didn't have health care reform 30 years ago. chris is going to dive into that one. but first, tea party darling's say a whole bunch of crazy stuff. how republicans get elected with a whole bunch of crazy juice. [ male announcer ] redesigned power e-trade pro. it's like hardwiring the market right into my desktop. launch my watchlist -- a popping stock catches my eye. pull up the price chart. see what the analysts say. as i jump back, cnbc confirms what i thought. pull the trigger -- done. i can even do most of this on my smartphone. really, it's incredible. like nothing i've ever experienced. unleash your investing and trade free for 60 days with e-trade. but now, to get it really cooking, you need a little website development. some transparent reporting, so you know it's working.
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it's time for the daily rant and today, it's torre's turn. he's noticed there's an interesting risk rewards pattern going on in the tea party.
4:57 pm
>> what is the reward for having a sound mind? the respected admiration of your peers, which most of us crave on an animal level. what's the reward for cookyness? attention. he who stands up in a room and jolts us to crazy town will have every eye on him. you might not respect it, but you will watch. to paraphrase gordon gekko, cooky cut through the media clutter and captures the attention of the masses. >> ladies and gentlemen, the people of delaware have spoken. no more politics as usual. >> christine o'donnell is the republican nominee for delaware's open senate seat and even karl rove thinks she's cooky. >> there's a lot of nutty things that she's been saying.
4:58 pm
i'm a republican, but we were looking, eight to nine seats in the senate, now, seven to eight. this is not a race we're going to be able to win. >> she would be the paris hilton of american politics if that job weren't already filled by sarah palin, but what paris does is do surprising things to get attention, even if it means embarrassing herself because attention is the goal. it's not a lady. unlike paris, she is. christine od doesn't do anything remotely sexual, anything. on a show in the '90s, she said -- okay. she also believes sexual harassment is out of control in this country because of pop culture. scientists are coming up with mice with fully functional human brains and if you get aids, it's your fault. >> the caller before him
4:59 pm
referred to people who get aids as victims. but aids, your behavior is directly connected to whether or not you get aids. >> in the 2008 primary season, she said barack obama is anti american. so many of us are fed up with government outsider minds because interesting, even if there is no they there, in which i mean a nonformidable mind at work -- >> i'm not politically correct. i never wanted to be and i never will be. >> it wouldn't be prudent of me either to get into a tussle with karl rove, but what the heck. let's do it. >> kooky wins you the spotlight and wins the attacks of the media. being disrespected by us is a badge of honor in and of itself for some people. people who are distrustful of
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