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tv   Hardball Weekend  MSNBC  September 19, 2010 7:00am-7:30am EDT

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palin gives iowa a try. let's play "hardball." i'm chris matthews. tonight, the senator from delaware. christine of donnell this week, tells you how much the republican party has changed. at least for now. the grand old party is history. this week's primary voting has changed the calculus. if you're a classic lineup, well, if you're a classic line up the endorsements republican like mitt romney, you've had a bad week. the candidate with a good week,
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sarah palin. this is her party now. the only question is what she wants to do herself. run or stand back on the sidelines. get out on the field or play quarterback or grab the megaphone as the party's number one cheerleader. the new story today was senate nominee christine o'donnell. she may win. she may not. in delaware, but progressives are poised to underestimate her. by the way, o'donnell was on "hardball" as far back as 2002 talking about the ten commandments. plus, jon stewart announced his rally to restore sanity in washington last night. can he do for liberals and progressives what glenn beck did for conservatives a week ago? three decades after kennedy challenged carter for the nomination, in 1980, carter says we could have had comprehensive
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health care reform in the '70s, but kennedy wanted to deny carter any success. do republicans think she's presidential? or even vice presidential material? just answer the question, please. let's start with this brave, new republican party and what it means for 2012. let's take a look at something pretty pa they will thetic. here's mitt romney. >> if only he had in fact been transparent and bipartisan, then perhaps he could have delivered on his promise of yes, we can. instead, we know all too well that no, he didn't. >> oh, my god.
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richard wolfe. >> it's so sad. >> he's a smart guy, a business guy, a good family man. trying to act like someone he isn't. he's not a raging rebel against the system. he's not a tea partier. >> if he tries a new character, which may be persona number five or six, he's going to have to stick to who he is. economic issues, which are his number one thing. that's what people care about. >> he was pro-choice, then said he was multiple choice. >> what do you make, you know more about, this fella. mitt romney trying to act like a crazy. a wild right winger which he's not. >> i think that you're right. that he really needs to stick to the economic issue.
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he could be pretty successful if he does that, if he goes after the president on the economy and really paints himself as who he is. someone who has a great background in finance, has been very successful in that. >> i don't know if that's what they're looking for right now. here's christine o'donnell tuesday night, thanking sarah palin, who endorsed her and really made her have a good chance to win that one in delaware. >> so, again, you betcha. there's another woman i got to thank. thank you, governor palin, for you endorsement. because she got behind -- she got behind us weary folks and gave us a boost of encouragement when we needed it and she was a vote against the politics of personal distraction. >> let's take a look at the national map to get a sense of
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how wide the power is. i think, of sarah palin. we got a map like in the election time. look at those greens. there's the primary picks and the green spots are where she picked a winner coast to coast. richard wolfe, that adds up to almost 50 candidates she had a big hand in helping out. when they lose, they can be even better help because they got nothing to do than help you. it's sometimes smarter. we're going to talk about jimmy carter later. he built a campaign by backing people that lost races. >> endorsements, old-style politics. in this new world, she can help raise money. she's mobilizing votes. the shocking thing is how much the republican party has failed to get republicans out to vote. >> turn out in delaware was great. >> the republican base is turning out with surges now. who established the best turnout models? george bush. the 2004, 2005 campaign.
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>> they were church people, too, as well. >> they're not speaking to them. whatever her success rate is, she has the mojo and she can make a difference. >> give me the report. who are the palin people? who are the palin people that can turn out and become christine o'donnell people? nikki haley people. how do you build this process? >> she has an incredible pull that is very successful. those people that support governor palin are very loyal to her. >> who are they? men, women? mostly women? >> no, i think it is both men and women. they're all over the country and they are really plugged into a lot of anger at the president. what's also interesting about her supporters, they are just so incredibly loyal to her. she can really do no wrong. everything.
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whether it be on monday when she's with bristol on "dancing with the stars" or endorsing christine o'donnell, whatever she does, they are supportive. >> are they pro-life? >> yes. >> middle, working class, regular income people? right in the middle. >> i think so, too. obviously, the tea party people are supporting her people that identify themselves with as tea partiers. i think it's more than that. i think that she really -- what's interesting is when she arguably that she's running for president and when she starts that and goes to iowa and starts shaking hands and kissing babies, as they say, we'll really see her again on the trail and how successful she is with that politicking. >> what percentage of her voters
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are right wingers, hard right, and how many are middle of the road, frustrated people? >> i think a lot of them are. i wouldn't know an exact percentage. they define themselves as social conservatives. they want smaller government. that's clear. definitely. >> they like to deny that. here's some numbers by "the new york times." even though she's hot as blazes on the right and can influence republican voters who show up in primaries, palin only has 21% favorable and 46% unfavorable against her. that's from two years ago where she was doing pretty well. 12% say they're more likely to support a candidate palin
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endorsed. 37% said less likely. 18% say she's most interested in concerns. let me go to you, richard. seems to me we're watching the picking process. picking nominees. it's always different than who's going to vote in november, but this year, i have a smell like you do. the people who are going to vote in november are like the ones who voted in the primaries. red hot and angry. >> the interesting thing is that sarah palin and make christine o'donnell dus this, too, she is one of the biggest motivators for people on the left. >> how do you know that works? >> once she was nominated to be vice presidential candidate, she raised $20 million for the obama campaign. there are reports now she's still being used successfully in democratic fund raising. >> for example, i know from talking to people -- and like many florida, i hear the reason south florida went against her was we got a theocrat running here. >> i suspect if the democrats have any sense about them, they'll do the same with o'donnell. >> can you scare people about that% right there if she's not coming to take over the country? >> in delaware, when you play those clips, write the mail-ins and write the 30-second ads, you bet. >> let's find out. try to keep open minds about this. let's look at november. let me go to you. it's your sense she will drive them into hysterics --
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if they recognize the intent, another hanging chad thing. your thoughts, can a write-in candidate beat sarah palin's candidate in her hometown? >> i think that murkowski has a good shot. it will be difficult, but if you can do it anywhere, you can do it in alaska and as lisa murkowski. everybody knows her and her family up there and she does have wide support. even though those people -- i was up there in alaska, it was a gorgeous day. her supporters did not come out that day. a lot of them just didn't go to the polls, but i think they would come out in november for her. if there's anyone that can do it and in alaska, it's lisa murkowski. >> i think she's counting on democratic votes. she's going to do what crist was trying to do in florida. it may not be miller time in november. thank you for joining us. coming up, christine o'donnell has much of the appeal
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it's no secret that there's been an unflattering portrait of me paints these days. i'm not counting on the national media to vote for me on november 2nd. i'm asking all of you to vote for me. welcome back to "hardball."
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>> that was christine o'donnell thursday at a candidate forum in delaware. she took center stage today at the values voters summit. she was the big story this week. we're joined by christina, a senior reporter for talking points, and politico's jonathan martin. let me start with you, jonathan. here's o'donnell today. in order to try -- and just look at this political phenomenon and see if it's real or not. here's christine o'donnell today. >> this is america. and the ruling class may try, but they will never have the last word on liberty. there's something about our national dna that insists on shouting at those who would be our masters, you're not the boss of me. the small elite don't get us. they call us whacky, wing nuts. we call us, we the people. >> well, you know, jonathan, i have to tell you, i am not unimpressed. your thoughts. >> yeah.
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she's got a natural stage presence. she makes a very good sell. and she's got a sort of palinesque to sort of frame this election as us versus them. she's definitely got some talent. >> who's the bad guy when she's talking? palin, you know who it is. >> liberal elites, the ivy league types. she is not running in alaska. she's running in a state that except for the southern tier, is mostly a northeastern-style, suburban urban place where voters are center or center left and it's going to be tough for her to win in that state just because of the underlying demographics of delaware, where in a primary, she could pull it off, in a closed primary, she could pull it off. when you've got those wilmington -- >> are you from california
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somewhere? >> the commonwealth of virginia. >> you don't seem like you're into northeastern ethnic politics. let me bring in someone who might be. christina, her name is o'donnell. first of all, there's a lot of people that live around wilmington with names like that and they're going to say she's not some whacky evangelist or colorado springs, she's not a family values type from out there. she seems like somebody i grew up with. there's a lot of appeal to that. >> and appeals to catholic voters as well. >> take a look here. here she is thursday. i'm just suggesting it's a little different than somebody from out west. i'd like to get back into that old neighborhood politics once in a while. let's take a look.
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here's o'donnell thursday, very conservative culturely. >> chris -- >> i'm sorry. >> i think we're heading in the wrong direction. we're increasing the size of government. i'm a hard-working, average citizen who understands what it's like to fall on economic times, so as i go into washington, d.c., i will keep this perspective with every spending bill that comes across my desk, every tax, proposed tax increase, i will first ask myself does this benefit or hurt the people in delaware. >> this is not a mink coat republican here. she's not from the country club. her annual income last year was 5 k. when she's talking about a recession, she's living it. your thoughts. >> i hear what you're saying about her appeal in some of the old neighborhoods, but let's look at who they have elected in
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recent years. tom harper, mike castle. these are not bob brady style, corner politicians. >> you know, i could give you those facts and also say you have a chance. is this the old politics or new politician going on. we're watching this person, women, are now looking at gender, with some sympathy. >> she said this repeatedly, she would love a hillary clinton endorsement. she uses a lot of the same language as clinton. hard working. this was a theatre major in college and has studied successful female politicians. >> she's mimicking her like tina fey does? let's look back, you see this
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sort of candidate, here she was, i love this. friday night. back in 2002 on "hardball." remember the judge had the ten commandments in the courthouse. obviously, she was for the ten commandments. >> how do you make a constitutional provision with the state passing now law establishing religion. what does that mean to you? the constitution? >> that the nation will never say everyone has to be prod. when the founders crafted constitution, they were -- it's freedom of religion. not freedom from religion. and by the statue, it's not
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saying that everyone who comes into his courtroom has to bow down to the ten commandments. >> well, there's a lot of natural talent there. >> there absolutely is. >> she's been doing it a long time. >> i was going to say, i think she has shown the past few days that she has some natural chops when it comes to speaking. she's also raised a lot of money, chris. 1.5 million bucks since she won on tuesday. >> are the big shots going to get in there and help her like karl rove? >> that's the big question. is this group, are they going to go in there and spend money on philly tv, chris? which is very expensive. >> enormous. >> i don't know. >> if you live in delaware, sort of a media suburb of philly. >> and these guys can read polls just like any of us. >> i think jury is out on this candidate and those who look down on her are doing what she wants you to do. it works. because a lot more people are down than up these days. thank you. up next, senator jim demint has a goal for the next year in congress. total gridlock. you've got to give this guy credit. he says what he's going to do. destroy the u.s. government.
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back to "hardball." on last night's daily show, bill clinton talked up his most cent high profile role. father of the bride. >> it's one of those passages in life that makes you feel like your child the finally, really grown. i love my son-in-law and i admire him and i wanted to do this wedding just the way she wanted it and it's my contribution to the economic stimulus. very fun. i was sort of surprised when the unemployment rate didn't drop after the wedding. >> former president's been
7:26 am
making the rounds ahead of next week's clinton global initiative in new york. fox news protects its own. the networks just filed a lawsuit against democrat robin carnahan's campaign in missouri. carnahan put out an ad of her opponent getting hammered on fox. take a look. >> you just said a moment ago that you have to show that you're the party of reform. but some question whether you are the man to do that. in 2002, you tried to insert language into the homeland security act to help philip morris and your committees paid $400,000 to affirm link to lobbiests. are you the one to clean up the house? >> roy blunt, the very worst of washington. >> wow, i don't think chris wallace had that music playing while he was doing that interview. fox said the ad trying to make it look like he was endorsing carnahan.
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