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tv   MSNBC News Live  MSNBC  September 24, 2010 10:00am-11:00am EDT

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the bank drive through opens at 8:00 and the bank itself opens at 9:00 and apparently this all started before 8:00 this morning and according to what police are telling us, they brought a person, this hostage, from somewhere else to the bank. what does all this tell you? >> well, chris, first of all, my background is as an fbi agent and haostage negotiator and i have been involved in bank hostage situations in the past. when they bring someone to the bank it suggests probably one of two things. number one, they had kidnapped someone, the robbers, whoever they are, had kidnapped someone and were trying to force him or her to get money out of the bank's atm. we call those rapid robberies or quick robberies sometimes. the second is that it may be someone who either works for the bank or who is known at the bank and they used that person to get into the bank at 8:00, realized the bank doesn't open until
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9:00. but if they get in at 8:00, that would really give the robbers, unfortunately, inside the bank before customers would start to come. as you know, chris, banks also have television, tv sets and, of course, msnbc is aware of that and i think will be very guarded in anything we say other than if they are watching on the inside and the police or fbi hostage negotiator calls in, they should pick up the phone because that's their key to getting out of there. >> as you mentioned, you've done this before, you've done it for a long time. you've been involved in hostage situations and kidnapping situations and tell us what the standard operating procedure is. they called in all these police officers and a hostage negotiation team and they set up just a short distance away, sort of a staging area. >> that's what's going on right now. the police, the fbi will set up an inner and outer perimeter. the purpose of the inner
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perimeter is to have it for the safety of everybody inside the bank and the outer perimeter to keep everybody away. anyone on scene has any idea they want to rush the bank if there's one or two potential robbers inside there armed. we don't want to see anybody inside there get hurt. if i was a negotiator, i would make the call call into the bank and i would identify myself as an fbi negotiator and can you tell me what is going on and how i could help you. i would anticipate there would be some screaming, yelling and profanity. again, it's the negotiator's job to bring the stress and anxiety level down to find out if anybody has been injured inside and then to help resolve the situation. the key to this, of course, the one or two individuals for lack of a better term, robbers, who are inside now and what's going for them appears to be, as far as we know, that no one has been hurt. all they were trying to do was take some money out. they seem to be trapped inside.
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what they need to do is listen to the negotiator, resolve this safely. nobody needs to get hurt and this can be resolved with a very minimum of effort on their part. >> clint, if you could standby, richard lui is here, as well and he has some other information for us. what do you have? >> what we're looking at right now, chris, all the wires coming from the ap and the information coming in and what we heard in your discussion there, we want to add to that. word from one of our affiliates down there, they were listening to the scanners and on the scanners what they heard, they're looking for two black males in black hoodies armed with handgun and lisening to the scanner wtvj is telling us that the person was abducted and we're trying to understand that site and that area as we're looking at videoecoming in and waiting for that to come in. this is what we believe is location. over here you can see a main highway, south dixie highway.
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right here is that bank of america where supposedly, according to reports we have right now, that this hostage was taken. these are residents farther down here and up here is that university of miami space we were talking about earlier. there was an e-mail, a posting put up on their website that was warning, again, the students there. i have some of that right here in terms of what they were saying at the university of miami on the website. there is a dangerous hazard near the campus and avoid the area of bank of america, which i have pointed out here on my screen. they're saying, according to the university of miami website, it's a hostage situation at the bank is across from the gables' campus. so, we're watching the wires from the ap, as well as others. we're, of course, going to get you more information as we dig a little bit more. >> i want to go on the phone now to andrea torres and what have you been able to learn about this hostage situation?
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>> we do not know how many people are being held hostage. we know the bank of america spokesperson did confirm there were people inside. we do know that there is a hostage negotiator at the scene. we know that there are members of the miami bomb squad at the scene and two nearby schools that are on lockdown. >> are these, are these elementary schools? we're not talking about the university there. >> the university of miami is not on lockdown but students have been advised to avoid the area and there is a shuttle, of course, that is running delayed because of u.s. 1 being closed. >> i'm sorry, andrea, do you know the ages of these students? what schools are in lockdown? >> so, young kids are in that immediate area. obviously, also, i have been in that area before, upscale area. can't be more than a block or so from some nice houses, from strip malls. >> that is correct.
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>> describe that area a little bit more for us. >> it is a residential area. there are several supermarkets and a shopping mall nearby. u.s. 1 is high traffic morning area. there have been people who have been stuck in traffic for at least an hour. >> all right, diana gonzalez is joining us now, as well, with wtvj and she is on the scene and i know it's very difficult when you're there to get police to talk to you, they have another job going on. if you could at least describe to us, diana, what the scene is right there. >> let me tell you a little bit about where i am. i am in the parking lot of a very popular supermarket that is just behind the bank and there is very heavy police presence here, as you can imagine. a lot of automatic weapons and right now we did see the miami-dade county bomb squad drive by just a few minutes ago. so, it seems like they're in a bit of a holding pattern.
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they did ask us to step back and they tried to pretty much clear the parking lot because earlier, if you can imagine, there were a lot of bystanders, people trying to take pictures with their cell phones just to avoid any possible danger, they asked people to clear the parking lot of this supermarket. you mentioned the riviera day school. that's about one block away from where i'm standing right now. things are quiet but i noticed they cleared the air space because there were a lot of helicopters flying around and there haven't been any for quite a bit. so, it looks like there isn't much traffic right now on south dixie highway, which is also u.s. 1. so that is a very heavily trafficked area. that's basically what we're seeing from here. as you mentioned, it's unclear exactly how many hostages are in the bank and it seems like they
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were brought into the bank. that this might have started else where and ended up at the bank of america here. >> okay, diana gonzalez from wtvj, thank you. clint, let me go back to you because, in a sense, we have two sets of people here. a person or persons who were taken from their home from what we heard earlier this morning and brought to the bank. one reasonable set of speculation would be that they were told to get money for these robbers out of the atm. but as i said earlier, clin, this is a place that opens at least for drive through traffic at 8:00 in the morning, so, there would have been people inside the bank and as hostage negotiators and these rescue teams are figuring out sort of what they're dealing with, this second set of people, these bank employees, would they be trained for this sort of situation? >> well, they would, chris. as an fbi agent, we put on a lot of seminars for banks and told them just what to do and, of course, what we ask them to do is just try not to exacerbate the situation and try not to be
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a threat to the robber or robbers and do what they're told. that's what we want to take place. now, chris, a couple early reports and one suggested that there were perhaps two robbers and at least one had indicated he had a bomb or an explosive device on him. that may be true. that may have just been a threat, but i think that's why you see the bomb squad and you see fire trucks in the area just because of that threat alone, i think the authorities are going to, you know, believe it. as a person who was just on, as you suggested, who was in the parking lot behind the bank, she said law enforcement is trying to clear the area and they're doing that for a number of reasons. number one, you always have to consider the possibility of a break out that the subjects could come running outside of the bank and, if they do, the police want to make sure they're in the position to deal with that adequately. >> clint, always a good source of information in times like these. thank you so much, clint. we'll talk to you later in the
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day. richard lui will keep you on top of this and we'll keep you posted on that breaking news out of coral gables, florida. an ongoing hostage situation. more information to you as it comes to us. in the meantime this morning, there's still no sign of a 9-month-old baby girl in tennessee and her mother is now behind bars. police say 19-year-old shakera dickens was lying when she told them she gave her baby to a total stranger. worse, they believe the baby disappeared september 7th, but she waited more than a week to report little lauren missing. the baby's father, meanwhile, is in jail on another crime. this morning, it is a weird day on capitol hill. first, some interesting battles going on, not between democrats and republicans, but between centrist democrats and liberal democrats and between centrist ens and conservative republicans. and while the parties are
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fighting amongst themselves, there is also this. >> the truth is, i would never disrespect congress like that. it would sully the good name of experts that republican-controlled congresses have actually called to testify in the past. like christie brinkley and elmo. who you'll notice was classy enough to put on a suit. >> yes, that is comedian steve colbert about to testify before congressional subcommittee hearing called protecting america's harvest. basically, it's a hearing about farm workers and immigration. by the way, colbert plans to testify in character as the anchorman also known as steven colbert. luke russert is live on capitol hill and there are more than a few people in and outside the beltway that say, what the heck is going on there, luke? >> an amazing story and one that gives us a lighter thing to talk about on capitol hill.
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steven colbert will actually testify before a subcommittee of the house judiciary committee about the plight that migrant farm workers face. this is part of the united farm workers campaign of take my job. essentially steven colbert went to a farm in new york state and worked for ten hours picking fruit and now wants to give his testimony about picking fruit to this committee about the plight that migrant workers face. many undocumented. >> for ten hours he picked fruit and now he's testifying? i'm serious, he's testifying before congress because he picked fruit for ten hours? i used to pick apples every fall, no one asked me to go testify in front of congress. >> there is mixed opinions whether this is a good idea because colbert will be in character. representative of utah used his twitter feed to say, "what a joke. all the serious issues we have and colbert will be up here as an expert witness." the congressman who is very much involved in immigration issues from illinois actually said, well, we welcome this colbert
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being here. it's actually helpful to us because he will, in fact, shed light on the problem. another democrat, steve cohen who put it as saying this makes a mockery of the committee process. so, what i'm hearing right now from the actual committee is that representative conyers wanted colbert to submit his testimony. so, we're still not clear whether or not he will be able to testify with his own voice, but it looks like that should go forward as it has become almost appointment tv here on capitol hill. >> we're tight on time because of this breaking news, luke, but give us in 30 seconds this infighting democrats and democrats and republicans and republicans. >> real earthquakely, on the tax issue as you saw yesterday, they will pump the issue until after the midterm elections. a lot of democrats are upset about that because they feel the tax issue is one they can win. if they pass tax cuts for the middle class and let the wealthy
10:14 am
ones expire. the democratic caucus said, you know what, we cannot extend the bush tax cuts and that created an infight that harry reid was not able to over come. on the republican side, this pledge to america which came out was essentially the contract of america of 2010. some conservative republicans feel that it is not different enough from the policies that occurred before. the tea party enthusiasm radiated on almost revolutionary change. there needed to be more of that. this document will not go far enough to curb the excessive spending and the budget we often see in washington. they wanted something a lot more new for 2010, chris. >> i'm confident in asking you the fact, in asking you that serious question i kept you from the colbert subcommittee hearing. thanks. >> thanks so much. be well. eddie long will go public this weekend for the first time of being accused of forcing young men into sex. will he address that scandal from the pulpit? plus, lindsay lohan will be
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well, breaking news right now coming to us out of the miami area. let me get you up to date if you haven't been following this. reports that police are surrounding a bank, the bank of america in coral gables, florida. apparently what started as a robbery has turn under to a hostage situation. we believe there are two suspects, we don't know how many people were inside the bank, but one hostage was apparently taken from their home from another location nearby and brought to the bank. now, this is all going on just across the street from the university of miami campus. they sent an alert out to students warning them to stay away from the area. richard lui has been following this for us and, richard, you have new information for us.
10:19 am
>> i'll drop that map a little bit later in the show to give people a sex of the context. we have been working the story and looking that sources and we look at all the information coming. what we just have learned from one law enforcement source, i want to stress that, there are claims that this individual has a bomb. this individual is claiming to have a bomb and, two, that this individual wants money and that the bomb squad is there, as well. let me just show you if i have a couple more seconds here what that context is. it started around 8:00 a.m. around this location. this is 9880 southwest 88 street and this is in kendall. now, what happened is he drove, supposedly after apprehending somebody two miles north, two miles and then what we have is the bank of america right here. across the street, we have the university of miami. and my writings not so good. you get a sense, very close, compact area here. starting at this moment, 8:00 a.m. driving two miles north and
10:20 am
atm sitting at this location here and the university of miami, which has put warnings on its website right across the street, 150 yards away. chris? >> the university of miami is not in lockdown a but a couple schools in that area are. pripsp principal of the riviera day school, thanks for joining us. where are you in relation to that bank. >> we are on the other side of riviera park which is between us and the bank pretty much. >> what is the age of students in your school? >> we start with 3 year olds and we go through eighth grade at the moment and actually expanding to high school next year. >> so you have a big range of kids in there? >> yes. >> how did you find out what was going on and tell us about the decision to lock down or i assume you were told to lock down. >> the police notified us initially to lock down at around
10:21 am
8:30 and we just, we have a crisis management plan and we put into effect and it worked very smoothly as people were coming into school and we received the call from police saying we didn't have to be on lock down but just because we're so close to the bank, we're the closest to the bank and we felt it would be the proper action to, you know, as a precautionary measure just to keep plan in place. >> so, classes are going on per usual and i have to assume your phones are ringing off the hook from parents. >> it has been ringing off the hook, yes, it has. everybody is in their rooms and they are locked down. the rooms are locked and all students are not allowed out of the rooms. >> well, let's hope that everything goes according to plan. they do have those hostage negotiation teams. those guys are really good at what they do. let's hope everything is defused very quickly. thank you for being with us, we do appreciate it. >> you are very welcome. we'll keep you updated on this situation that is going on.
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hostage situation inside the bank of america right across the street from the university of miami. take a break and be back with more. [ female announcer ] stay once... stay twice... earn a free night! two separate stays at comfort inn or any of these choice hotels can earn you a free night -- only when you book at we need directions to go to... pearblossom highway? it's just outside of lancaster. sure, i can download directions for you now.
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and a developing story we're following out of texas where the school board is set to vote this morning on a potential textbook ba ban. we have a picture from austin, texas, where a vote is expected any minute now. social conservatives are pushing a one-page revolution that calls on textbook publishers to limit what they print about islam in history books. they warn their books will be rejected if they don't get here to texas standards. it's another example of the board trying to polites is public education. well, the official announcement happens today on oprah, but chances are you already heard about that massive $100 million donation that facebook's founder mark zuckerberg has pledged the
10:26 am
newa newark, new jersey schools. the 26-year-old who is worth almost $27 billion is the latest billi billionaire putting private money into education reform. whether the massive gift is timed to offset negative publicity from the upcoming film the social network which portrays him as a backstabbing evil genius. an even bigger question, how will this money help? although newark teachers are the highest paid in the state, the results have not been good. awful some would say. 45% of students do not graduate high school there. an advocate for education reform and executive director of excellent education for everyone. that's the school choice advocacy group founded by the newark mayor cory booker and the relationship between zuckerberg and cory booker that resulted, right? >> he is compelling. >> charismatic guy. >> you talk about any kind of
10:27 am
social change and issues in schools, in particular, you'll note he is focused on teacher quality and really cares about that and education choice and charters. >> zuckerberg has no ties to new jersey that i know of, right? >> the rumor is they met and he did his thing. you know. >> he does what cory booker does. also, critics will say, look, take a look at these statistics from newark, they've been in state control since 1995 and 45% of students don't graduate and only 25% of those that do graduate go to a four-year college and 24% need remedial help in math and english and here's the question from critics. are we just throwing more money at the problem? >> what you also need to know is that newark spends $22,000 a kid, which is like elite private school tuition and that $100 million is only one-tenth of
10:28 am
what the budget was last year. so, from a private philanthropic standpoint, an amazing contribution, but not a lot of money of what is already at play. what is different, who is in charge of the money now and this, to me, and i think a lot of education reform a little bit in saying can you get reformist mayor and reformist governor from different parties but who are on the same page about education issues. can they use private capital to actually drive change? >> they are going on oprah with zuckerberg. >> i love chicago, i wish i was there. >> we're happy you're here with us. as one of the reform minded individuals and we can name some of the other people that have given a lot of money come to mind, but where would you like to see the $100 million go? where do you think it could be put to good use? obviously, a lot of kids who are falling through the cracks. >> i think the first thing is you can't use it to plug a deficit. aside from the fact they're already spending a ton of money in newark, the tendency is to
10:29 am
get private philanthropy and pay for what is wrong with the system. the second thing, focus on teacher quality. we know that putting a great teacher in front of a kid is the thing that helps the kid make the most substantive gain. if you have to set up a new teacher academy and build your own channel to recruit nontraditional candidates, you have to do that. the third thing i think, you have to expand educational choice. the mayor's great supporter of charter schools and newark has a real nexus of very high-quality charter schools and a lot of nonpublic school capacity in and around the city. what you want to do is take a kid who is in a terrible school and put him in a great school. the most immediate way you address the fact that kids need more opportunities. >> something has to happen. i have like ten seconds left. but for critics who say zuckerberg is doing this frankly because he has a movie coming out and it doesn't paint a pretty picture of him, what do you say to that? >> i wish there were more people
10:30 am
wi movies coming out about him. >> you'll come to our education summit. i'm excited about that. again, we are all over the education issue for the next week or so here on all the platforms of nbc. we also want to let you know we're continuing to follow that breaking news coming to us out of coral gables, florida, where there is an ongoing hostage situation and we don't know how many people are being held but inside the bank of america. one person brought there from another location, two suspects, we believe, and there are hostage negotiators among other officials there, as well. we'll keep you posted as we get more information out of coral gables. when i was seventeen, i was not good to my skin.
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they came here perhaps to withdraw some money and i spoke to somebody who got here just as the police were arriving and said that he actually saw the bank manager exit the building, but he was told it was confirmed that his personal bank teller, who he's friendly with is one of the hostages in the building. as we were doing that interview, the police told us to clear the area because the bomb squad would be going in. people are being told to stay away from that highway and they have cleared the air space of
10:35 am
helicopters and right now we are just waiting to see what happens next. >> all right, diana, we do appreciate you cokeeping us up date. for people just joining us. when this all started a little before 8:00, the bank wasn't open. so, there were no customers inside. any hostages being held besides the person involved, the victim in the home invasion would be employees of the bank. let me go to richard lui who has also been looking into this. >> as we look at pictures here at the bank of america, as police surround that area, what we were doing back here on the news desk, calling out to our law enforcement contacts and what we understand at this moment to reiterate it to you at the moment, the bomb squad is there and they believe and are acting as if this suspect has a bomb with him. and that they are surrounding the area and being ready for that situation.
10:36 am
we also are hearing that he claims to want money in the situation and that might be why we're at the bank. what we just heard from the wtvj location earlier that may have happened overnight, a robbery attempt. we want to lay it out for you very briefly here on this map. that 9880 southwest 88 street here and it is fairly residential, as you can see in that picture, as i zoom in for you, this is very, very much so in terms of strip malls. you can see here, very residential, as i scan through this area and some homes back here and that is consistent with the initial reports that you were just hearing from wtvj. >> i know you'll keep us posted on that, thank you so much. does this bare similarities and the only way to describe medical examiners who were detailing the
10:37 am
murder of the petit family in connecticut. heartless text messages exchange between the two suspects just hours. this does sort have eerie echoes to your story. >> to maybe learn some lessons on how to deal with this. a lot of people are watching this case in miami extremely closely. in this connecticut case, more damaging testimony from fire officials who saw the burned out house and, of course, you're looking at the two suspects right there. steven hayes and joshua komisarjevsky. they should be going to get
10:38 am
dinner the way they were talking. are we still going to do this thing? and joshua komisarjevsky said, i'm putting my kid to bed, hold your horses. these are two guys that were about to kill a family, admittedly. >> let's just quickly lay out what happened for folks who need to be reminded in this situation. they go into this house. >> they go into this house, middle of the night, 2007. they break in and say it was a robbery, that was the original motive. they tie up the family, that's dr. william petit and his wife jennifer hwke-petit. there is the family picture. later on jennifer and the two kids were killed and william petit was the only survivor. tied them up all night, wait until morning and they drive jennifer hawke-petit to the bank of america, there's the surveillance video.
10:39 am
she's going in there and withdrawals $15,000 to pay the ransom to these two men. these two men were telling her, we'll untie your family and get out of here. she takes out the money and gets back home and pays them off. within an hour of this surveillance video at the bank, she was dead, along with her two kids. they set the house on fire. >> i covered a lot of court cases, this is one of the most horrendous things i've ever heard in my life what these two suspects reportedly did to these two young girls. >> sexual assault and they were giving details of it. >> photographic evidence that they talked about in court. >> jurors have win weeping in this case. how many trials have you covered and i covered that the jury sits there and the judge has been warning the jury, okay, some really bad stuff is about to come. the jurors have been crying, william petit and the entire family had to leave the courtroom at one point because they had broken down in tears. >> i don't know how he's doing
10:40 am
it. >> they had to identify jennifer petit by dental records. they are exposed to this all because these men are trying to save their lives. the death penalty is on the table and guilt or innocence isn't much of a factor at this point. the defense admits, steven hayes' case, my client did it, just don't kill him. put him in jail for the rest of his life. he offered to plead guilty. the prosecutors take the death penalty off the table and we don't have to have a trial at all. the prosecutors said, no, our case is so air tight and this is so brazen and so gruesome and they deserve the death penalty and they pushed it along. >> jeff rossen, they're back in court right now. >> back in court right now, we'll keep you posted on it. introducing bayer am, an extra strength pain reliever with alertness aid to fight fatigue. so get up and get goin'! with new bayer am. the morning pain reliever. so, you want me to be super amazing right from the faucet, but you think home filters can be a pain in the tucus.
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anxiety and stress are at an increased risk of poor heart health. researchers say these type d personalities are three times as likely to suffer a heart attack or heart failure as well as psychological problems like depression. with 25,000 members sunday services at new birth missionary baptist church near atlanta are almost always packed but this sunday i think you can say it might be huge and he says he's going to address those lured sex scandal allegations involving three young men who say he used jewelry, cars and cash to lure them into sexual relationships. in a written statement this week, long denied everything saying "the charges against me and new birth are false, but my faith is strong and the truth will emerge." dr. boyce watkins contributor to the thank you for coming in.
10:45 am
>> thank you for having me. >> this is a he said or she said kind of situation and what are you looking at in this case? >> i'm looking at it from three angles. you have the legal, the ethical and the potentially hypocritic l hypocritical. the legal is did he coerce anybody into having sex with him? how old were these boys when they, if they were involved sexually. also, did bishop long breach his fiduciary responsibility. >> did he misuse funds from the church? >> one of the criticisms he lives in a big house, drives a fancy car and takes the big salary and although it seems in a lot of these sorts of situations the parishioners know that their pastor is living a pretty good life. >> well, let's be clear, the people in bishop long's church are not stupid. they love him, they're very loyal to him. he had a dramatic and tremendous impact on their lives and that drives us into the ethical issue here. you know, you're preaching the word of god on sundays, yet you
10:46 am
are accused of cheating on your wife and yet alone committing what some consider to be the ultimate biblical sin of sleeping with another man. >> look at this picture. it's just a picture, it doesn't necessarily tell us anything, but, aapparently, some text messages and he sent some pictures. this is not how most people are used to seeing their pastor in spandex, frankly, and muscle shirts. >> it's my child's spiritual adviser to send a picture like that to my child -- >> you would not be happy about it. >> i would be asking questions with a baseball bat in my hands. the pictures are certainly startling to people. when i wrote about it on black voices we had over 100,000 readers overnight which is huge for a story that covers something -- >> that's enormous. >> what were you hearing from your readers? >> a lot of people just want to know the truth, they want to know what's going on and are you a conservative republican,
10:47 am
anti-gay pastor who condemns homosexualty during the day and sleeps with people at night. >> that's the third point you were talking about. >> absolutely. that's what people want to know, they just want to know the truth. when he speaks on this issue on sunday, if people feel he's not being honest and forth right, then i think their patience level is going to decline and also an opportunity for the black church to discuss, you know, how do we discuss and deal with homosexuality. there are people around the church and everyone acts like it doesn't exist but we can't do a mahmoud ahmadinejad on this and say, oh, this doesn't happen because it does happen and how are we going to deal with it in an honest way. if bishop eddie long has this other life, he's done a lot of good things in his life, as well. that should certainly be recognized in addition to some other things that might have occurred. >> thanks very much, professor, appreciate you coming in. >> thank you for having me. >> we just want to get you up to date on that breaking news st y
10:48 am
story. a hostage situation that was going on inside the bank of america in coral gables, florida. potentially also a bomb involved here. we don't know how many people are being held hostage but a very volatile sit walgz we'uati keeping our eye on. keep it here on msnbc. as a manager, my team counts on me to stay focused. so i take one a day men's 50+ advantage. it's the only complete multivitamin with ginkgo to support memory and concentration. plus vitamin d to help maintain healthy blood pressure. [ bat cracks ] that's a hit. one a day men's. president obama: yeah, i took a trip to elkhart, indiana, today.
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at a house subcommittee hearing on agriculture and farm workers, comedian stephen colbert is there now and it was really interesting and probably awkward for him. he shows up this morning and the chairman of the house committee, representative john conyers asked him to leave and then the woman who invited him there, said can't he stay and give his testimony, which was about the ten hours he spent picking fruit and the interview that he did with zoey, now he's being questioned by members of this committee after making his statement. well, she's asking the question, let's go back to that tape at the beginning of this hearing.
10:52 am
>> congresswoman asked me to share my experience spending one day as a migrant farmworker. i am happy to use my celebrity to draw attention to this important issue. i hope my star power can bump this up to c-span1. as we heard this morning, america's farms are far too dependent on immigrant labor to pick our fruits and vegetables. the obvious answer is for all of us to stop eating fruits and vegetables. if you look at the recent obesity statistics, many americans have already started. unfortunately, my gastrointurologist says that they are a necessary source of rou roughage. now, we all know there is a long tradition of great nations importing foreign workers to do their farm work. after all, it was the ancient
10:53 am
israelites who built the first food pyramids. this is america, i don't want atimaa tomato picked by a mexican, i want it picked by an american and sliced in a spa where a chilean gives me a brazilian. because my great-grandfather did not travel across 4,000 miles of the atlantic ocean to see this country overrun by immigrants. >> so, that was the opening of the statement of stephen colbert, which if i may say, is nothing like the written statement that i was given that was supposedly entered into the record and he should have a great time with that later today. i'm sorry, are we or are we not going to get an update from back the there? no? while we're going to continue to watch what stephen colbert is doing in front of that committee, which is interesting to say the least, we also want to get you up to date on a very serious situation we have been following throughout this hour
10:54 am
from coral gables, florida. richard lui, what is the latest you were able to find out? >> we were listening to a briefing by one of the officials down there in miami and i was just able to hear that they are confirming one individual that is inside the bank. that is the latest information. we continue to listen to that briefing that is ongoing at this moment, but one individual in the bank confirmed by one of the officials that's giving a briefing right now, learned that about two minutes ago. also, want to mention that the elementary schools in that area on lockdown. the university remains open as we've been saying. they hacordoned off an area and let me show you here on my screen very quickly. this is the location right here of that bank of america. this is the main street here in front. we have south dixie highway and we understand that the coordone off area is right here. highway 1 all the way up to san tona street and you can see some
10:55 am
of the traffic here on one of the web cams that is coming from the university of miami right here. this is the traffic we see on that main street and cops are learning there is a device, i'm learning that from one of the producers at the news desk. the cops are confirming that there is a device there that they're concerned about. again, the other piece of information that i learned about four minutes to the top confirming one individual is in the bank. chris? >> thank you very much. we'll continue to follow that story. we also want to let you know that we're continuing to listen in to that hearing on the subcommittee on immigration citizenship refugee, border security and international law. they call it protecting america's harvest. comedian steve colbert is there. very funny stuff. some people raising the questions if this is the place or the time for humor, but we're going to let you make your own decision. we're going to let you play the entire stephen colbert testimony coming up for you in this hour. he had said, you probably heard a few minutes ago, maybe he'll
10:56 am
get bumped to c-span1. well, stephen, you made it to msnbc. entire testimony coming up in our next half hour. thomas roberts will pick things thomas roberts will pick things up next.ey in the bank ♪ ♪ check the gas in the ta ♪ ♪ check the flava from your shirt ♪ ♪ make sure your pits don't stank ♪ ♪ check the new hairdo, check the mic one two ♪ ♪ 'cause i'm about to drop some knowledge right on top of you ♪ ♪ you check a lot of things already why not add one more ♪ ♪ that can help your situation for sure ♪ ♪ check your credit score ♪ free-credit-score-dot-com ♪ free-credit-score ♪ you won't regret it at all! ♪ check the legal y'all. >>offer applies with enrollment in triple advantage.® [ female announcer ] kids who don't eat breakfast may not be getting the nutrition they need to keep their bodies strong.
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10:59 am
hi, everybody. good morning. i'm thomas roberts, we begin with breaking news. police have surrounded a miami area bank of america branch where a suspected robbery may have turned into a haaseniostag situation this morning. carr coral gables police were called to the bank. i know, richard, you have been covering this over the last hour. what is the newest information you can bring us? >> as we look at the live pictures of the bank of america in the center with all that traffic lined up on south dixie highway from an official who finished a briefing about five minutes ago and let me give you those details. first off, they're confirming that one person entered that bank of america and y


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