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tv   MSNBC News Live  MSNBC  September 24, 2010 12:00pm-1:00pm EDT

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a standoff with police outside a bank of america in coral gables. police say someone entered the bang this morning with some kind of a device and now we are getting reports that somebody has been led out in handcuffs but we don't have any details about that. the bank workers escaped this morning. . no customers are inside. police, though, are stuck outside. they reportedly called in hostage negotiators and we are waiting to see if this situation has been resolved. university of miami sent an e-mail and text to is its coral gable students to avoid the area around bank of america because of a dangerous hazard. one of the campus shuttles is delayed because of the standoff. you saw on the map there how close the bank is to the coral gables campus. video show s.w.a.t. teams around the building's entrance. it shows police, it appears, removing somebody from the bank but, again, we are waiting for the official word from police about whether their standoff has resolved. let's go to clint van zandt who was a hostage negotiator for the
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fbi. this is brand-new video just coming in to us now, clint, from their coral gables in florida. give us your sense of the situation. our nbc station there in miami was reported it starred last night with a domestic dispute. >> not too surprising, contessa, a situation like this gets very confused. there were multiple reports today, as you suggest, a domestic dispute last night. there was also reports that there was a home invasion, a hostage taking that a bank teller was forced to wear an alleged explosive device on his body, and had entered the bank. there were also reports of multiple bank robbers so this is flying left and right, but, supposedly, the fbi, earlier this morning, indicated to their knowledge that one person had entered the bank wearing a bomb about 11:30 or a half an hour ago. we do know that a shirtless man
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had exited the bank, was in handcuffs and was in police custody and that the bomb squad was on the scene supposedly evaluating whether there was a device inside the bank, if that device was actually a bomb, and they are spriting separate the bad guys from the victims, who is a victim and who is a hostage-taker. >> i'm getting an associated press note here saying, this comes from the fbi that these robbers kidnapped the employee, strapped a possible bomb to his chest and used him to steal money from the bank. apparently they went in, three suspects, forced this teller to help them rob the bank of america in coral gables. the associated press says the fbi says that the teller was wearing this vest that police believed was a bomb, although that's not confirmed at this point. the teller came out of the bank unharmed. this is the associated press quoting the fbi, that the three suspects got away with an undetermined amount of cash and
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that no other employees or customers were held hostage. but, again, we're seeing now the situation, it appears to be over, at least that's according to now the fbi, that the florida bank standoff is over. so who they took out in handcuffs still a big question. we're waiting for them to clear that up. we're keeping our eye on it and when we get new information, we will bring it back for our viewers. clint, thank you for your assistance. lindsay lohan in front of a judge. she walked into a beverls courtroom and wearing glasses, oversized black blazer and a skirt. let's show you the picture of the courthouse. it's mobbed right now. i'm looking at a shot right now on my desk where you can see media just lined up outside. there you're seeing the camera shot. last month, a judge promised to send lindsay lohan back to jail if she messed up again and we're hearing good if he is making good on his warning.
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lohan said in a tweet she had failed a drug test. it looks like there is a mob scene outside there. >> oh, my goodness. this looks like a tom cruise premiere. i honestly think lindsay is confused. she walked in with six-inch stilettos and lots of jewelry on. if she thought she was going to jail, she probably wouldn't have worn as much jewelry because you have to sends anything so that is kind of an indication she thinks she is skating off today. who knows. we are sitting and waiting. >> her dad and mom have been convicted to weigh in on lindsay's situation. dina came on "today" show after lindsay had gone to jail, it wasn't fair, the judge was really being much harsher on her than anybody else.
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are they there with her now? >> yes. dina arrived with lindsay this morning shortly after 8:15. shortly before 8:00, michael lohan bolted so fast into the courthouse that media barely had a chance to get pictures or video of him. we missed him but anyone further down the line got him. there is also another interesting situation with that because he does -- dina has a restraining order on michael so she said if he were arrive she would have him arrested. we have a producer who said she was standing with michael and his preacher who is his guest today. the sheriff was telling him the second dina gets up, you get out. we don't want any problems. >> last question here. what do you know about the lead-up to this? was lindsay out partying with her old crowd or with whom she got into so much trouble? >> well, we do know she has been out and about. i don't know what crowd she is hanging with and what she is doing, but, you know, it's
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unfortunate that someone who has so many restrictions on them right now. i mean, she has so many court-mandated meetings and drug tests to take that she is already failed them so quickly. what i think people don't realize is when she went to rehab, it wasn't rehab. it was more of a psychiatric evaluation. when they said she doesn't have a problem, we all took it she doesn't have a problem, a drug problem. and it wasn't that. she still hasn't gone to rehab in this recent time. she has gone a long time ago. so i think it will be interesting to see what the judge orders today. maybe he will send her finally to rehab because dina has said she doesn't have a drug problem and i think that was misleading at the time when ucla said she doesn't have a problem and everyone thought that meant drugs. it's obviously not the case. >> maria, we're keeping an eye on that. i know you have your producer inside the courthouse. crowded cameras and reporters flanked stephen colbert heading into congress
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this morning but one lawmaker did not think that was so appropriate and actually asked the tv personality to leave. >> i'm asking you to leave the committee room completely and submit your statement instead. >> happy to do so. i'm only here at your invitation. >> nbc news correspondent luke russert is on capitol hill. luke, if nothing else, colbert is definitely bringing to our attention this issue that touches on a lot of things of concern to a lot of americans right now, immigration, jobs, and our food. >> right. stephen colbert testified before a subcommittee about immigration. he was talking about the plate of a lot of undocumented farm workers in the country, a lot of the folks that pick the apples and oranges that we use every day of our lives. what he was trying to get to, quote, migrant workers suffer have no right. he was a little comedic but he
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was also serious. take a listen. >> i've got to ask why isn't the government doing anything? maybe this ag jobs bill would help. i don't know. like most members of congress, i haven't read it. >> and there you see stephen colbert making a joke there. but trying to tell members that this bill could possibly help out a lot of these undocumented workers that face this situation. what colbert had done, he had actually gone to a farm at the invitation of the united farm workers in new york and did back-breaking work for ten hours saying he would never want to do it again. they offered this pledge said take our job essentially and offered it on its website and got 3 million hits and of those hits, 8,600 people followed up to try to get employment as a farm worker and only 7 of those are still employed. i did the math.
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.8% of the people of doing the job which lends how difficult they truly are. politically about this, what is the future of this bill? i talked to one republican source that said this will probably be brought up on the 12th of never because there's so much, i guess, controversy in regards to a possible path for amnesty in regards to this bill. a lot of moderate democrats don't want to see that. >> they are pointing out if you're looking at unemployment and looking at all of the illegal immigrants who are taking jobs from america, they are taking them because that industry, they say, takes advantage of illegal immigrants who are not going to report underwage or long hours or the fact that the working conditions are hazardous and that is why they are saying it's time for the farm workers to unite and to unionize and to be able to move forward in a way that makes their workplace more acceptable for americans. appreciate your time, luke. thank you.
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>> you bet. we are looking at a lot of these celebrities who get called to testify on capitol hill. my big question today -- are our lawmakers just star-struck? i'd like to hear your thoughts. can you reach me on twitter, facebook, e-mail and lively conversation already happening online. coming up we will give you more of steven colbert's testimony. zucker is giving a huge gift to america's crumbling school system. >> i've committed to starting the start-up education foundation whose first project will be a hundred million dollar challenge grant. >> $100 million? >> yes. >> it might have been a bigger audience response if we didn't already know he was giving a hundred million dollars. zuckerberg appeared on the show along with corey booker and new jersey governor chris christie who helped plan that deal. under the a i -- agreement mayor
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booker to take control of the schools. monday, a interview with president obama on look at the state of education in america series. the interview will air live on msnbc for a full commercial-free half-hour beginning at 8:00 a.m. eastern. you can submit questions to the president. david gregory interviews key decision makers on the education system. a young mother under arrest. her 10-month-old baby missing after more than a week. details about this mystery from tennessee. white house shake-up. the latest high profile member of the obama team who could be walking right out that door. [ e morning pain slow you down? introducing bayer am, an extra strength pain reliever with alertness aid to fight fatigue. so get up and get goin'! with new bayer am. the morning pain reliever.
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almost a quarter past the hour. the judge is sending actress lindsay lohan back to jail with no bail. let's go to courtney hazlett who is following this for us. he had given her a stiff warning. >> he had given her a stiff warning but nonetheless people are going to be surprised by this because there was a lot of chatter earlier because of overcrowding problems and the like she could end up not having to face the sentence she was threatened with. >> we were all shocked. she was given 90 days in jail and 90 days in rehab. she spent about a month in jail and less than that in rehab. so nowhere near the six months she was supposed to be gone. >> nowhere near the sentence she originally got and now they are saying she will be in jail until october 22nd. i think what is most important, though, in that original shortening of the sentence was that she got out of rehab so early. getting out of jail early is nothing new under that sort of sentence and her circumstances. it's really common that if there are no problems you're going to get out after just a few weeks.
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but having her rehab sentenced shortened so much i think that might have had the biggest impact on what happened. >> let's bring in kristen welker who is there. how did this go down if there was a leckets from the judge, what he said to lindsay lohan? >> i just left the courtroom literally a few minutes ago. there wasn't a lecture. he just said we're taking your client, lindsay lohan, he was talking to her attorney, into custody right now remanding her without bail. as soon as he said that, they came over and handcuffed lindsay lohan and then her attorney said is there a possibility to negotiate bail and he said absolutely not, we are taking her into bail immediately. they walked her out of court. she didn't cry. she was fairly stoic during this entire process. while they handcuffed her, walked her out of court. prior to this he read to the court she had essentially broken
12:17 pm
her probation by testing positive for drugs. that is a probation violation. she was serving 14 days in jail and time in rehab but both of those times that she spent in jail and in rehab were shortened periods of time. so once she got out they were watching her very closely, giving her drug tests twice a week and she failed one of those tests so the judge was very clear, very succinct and said her next hearing would be on october 22nd. >> what about dina lohan's reaction? >> good question. she was sitting there initially a little bit stunned. as soon as they walked her daughter out, she popped up and started talking to lindsay lohan's attorney. lindsay lohan's father, however, who was sitting in the back of the courtroom separated from the rest of the family seemed visibly yun set and you could tell he was really shaken by what happened. this was a bit of a shock when the family was in the courtroom
12:18 pm
waiting for the judge to come in, which was a matter of about a half an hour, the family was fairly relaxed. she was talking to her mother and smiling and laughing. i don't know that they were expecting this. >> it does make you wonder whether it might revise dina lohan's opinion that her daughter does not have a drug problem so we will watch to see if she has anything to help on that. thank you both. another breaking news situation we are following from miami. a police standoff at the bank of america apeds to be over. police are questioning an individual they took out of the bank. i want to bring in wtvj reporter carolyn ryan who is there following the story. so, carolyn, coral gables bank of america, do they know whether the teller was involved in the robbery or was a victim in this case? >> at this point, no. we are not being told whether it was a victim or whether it was a suspect but the latest information that we are hearing
12:19 pm
on the ground here is that somebody inside the bank had a bomb strapped to their chest. that person, the bomb has been dismantled. we don't know, you know, whether it was active or not. but it has determined to have been safe. that person is being questioned, detained and being questioned right now by police. now there is a press conference that is scheduled at the coral gables police department at 1:00 this afternoon and, at that point, we hope to learn a lot more about this situation, but this all originally started, apparently, with a suspect coming to the home of a bank employee and threatening that person with an explosive device and, subsequently, coming back here to the bank. now, we are also hearing that hostage negotiators were able to reach that person inside and were speaking with that person and we also, a short time ago, got video of a person being led out of the bank in handcuffs.
12:20 pm
at this point, we aren't sure if that person is a suspect or a bank employee but at this point, it appears the worst of this situation seems to be over and that it has ended peacefully. no injuries that we know of have been reported at this point. again, we hope to know a lot more after this press conference partment at 1:00. >> thank you carolyn for the update. officials carried out a controversial execution in virginia. teresa lewis was given a lethal injection last night for masterminding the murders of her husband and stepson with an i.q. of 7 she wasn't intellectually orchestrating the crime. they blame her young lover and another hit man. officials described lewis' last moments. >> she appeared, to me, to come in under her own power. she was calm. i think she seemed very resolute, i guess, i would say.
12:21 pm
>> while death sentence is not uncommon, putting a woman to death is rare. virginia hasn't done it in almost a hundred years. the last time a female was executed anywhere in the united states was texas in 2005. a desperate serve is under way for a missing child in tennessee. a woman claims she gave her baby to a total stranger but waited a week to report it. police say dickens is lying. now she is facing charges of aggravated child neglect. michelle is an investigative crime reporter. where is the baby now? >> investigators are trying to figure that out. i got off the phone with them a short time ago. they are right now accepting all leads from the public. they will move and do what they can. they have executed a number of search warrants. not just in dickens home but through other family members and collecting a lot of evidence to be able to put some pieces together to figure out if there are some areas that they need to go out and search. >> dickens told police she gave the baby to a woman she did not
12:22 pm
know on september 7th at the direction of the baby's father benjamin norfley. what did he tell police? i. >> he told police he has no clue what she is talking about and investigators feel she is not telling the truth and they brought her in. a court hearing this morning and bail set at $2 million. this case is troubling because it's very similar in a lot of ways to the baby gabriel case out of arizona the mom who evidently told investigators that she gave her child to strangers in texas. now she is behind bars. that baby is still missing. in other ways similar to the case flaf last november a woman may have allegedly sold a child to a man for prostitution purposes. later, the child was found dead on the road. >> it brings up the worst case scenarios in your mind. we are hoping for the best. >> you've got that right. >> thank you.
12:23 pm
>> thank you. happening in texas the school board could vote at any minute on a textbook ban. conservatives are calling on textbook publishers to limit what they print about islam in history books. the resolution warns publishers their books would be rejected if they don't adhere to texas standards. remember, this has implications to a curriculum across the country. because once textbooks companies manufacture them, it's expensive to redo them for different states. the board has been hearing from witnesses for hours. things got a little tense this morning. >> i am trying to be patient. >> but we do have important business and this is not a trial. >> despite all of the debate, even if the resolution passes, the future boards could simply just ignore it. the pastor at the center of a lurid sex scandal says he will explain it all in this sunday's sermon. do you think he'll have a packed house? hot on the web today.
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two high profile members of the president could be leaving. rumors swirl willing that david
12:28 pm
axelrod could exit and rahm emanuel may run for mayor of chicago. mike, what do you know about the big changes? >> thank you, david bowie. >> no problem. >> i believe it was general charles dugall said the graveyard is full of indispensable men. the fact of the matter rahmemanuel and david axelrod if they were to stay beyond in rahm's case the middle of next month or in david, case early next year that would probably be bigger news. as you know news is the unexpected and they are expected to leave. rahm emanuel, even the president, david axelrod has said nobody is indispensable when talking about rahm emanuel. he known to be eyeing that mayor race and had a couple of meetings across from lafayette park and i ran into him the other day coming across the park
12:29 pm
after one of those meetings and asked him about this. he is she disstainful of the speculation in the media but not shooting it down. he said all along he would like to go back to chicago after the first two years of the first term and thought he would start to run the president's re-election campaign. there is probably a shake-up but not totally unexpected. >> mike, have a good weekend. >> you, too. actors testify before congress all the time but not in character. today, stephen colbert testified before a congressional hearing on agriculture and immigration. he did so as the fake newsman he plays on comedy central on his television show, "the colbert" report. he used that as his jumping off point of protecting our harvest. he will will be hilarious. >> i participated in the ufw's take our jobs campaign. one of only 16 people in america to take up the challenge.
12:30 pm
though, that number may increase in the near future, as i understand, many democrats may be looking for work come november. now i -- i'll admit, i started my work day with preconceived notions of migrant labor but after working with these men and women, picking beans, packing corn for hours on end, side-by-side, in the unforgiving sun, i have to say, and i do mean this sincerely, please don't make me do this again. it is really, really hard. for one thing when you're picking beans you have to spend all day bending over. it turns out, i did not know this, most soil is at ground level. if we can put a man on the moon, why can't we make the earth waist-high? come on! where is the funding? this brief experience gave me some small understanding of why so few americans are clamoring to begin an exciting career as seasonal migrant field worker. so what is the answer?
12:31 pm
i'm a free market guy. normally, i would leave this to the invisible hand to the market but the invisible hand to the market has already moved over 84,000 acres of production and over 22,000 farm jobs to mexico and shut down over a million acres of u.s. farmland due to lack of available labor because, apparently, even the invisible hand doesn't want to pick beans. now i'm not a fan of the government doing anything. but i've got to ask why isn't the government doing anything? maybe this ag jobs bill would help. i don't know. like most members of congress, i haven't read it. but maybe we could offer more visas to the immigrants who, let's face it, will probably be doing these jobs anyway and this improved legal status might allow immigrants recourse if they are abused and it just stands to reason to pea if your coworker can't be exploied you're less likely to be exploited yourself and that
12:32 pm
might improve paying working conditions on these farms and eventually americans may consider taking these jobs again. or maybe that's crazy. maybe the easier answer is just to have scientists develop vegetables that pick themselves. the genetic engineers at fruit of the loom have made great strides in hybrids. we have to do something because i am not going back out there. i break into the cold sweat at the sight of a salad bar. i thank you for your time. it is an honor and a privilege and a responsibility to be here. i trust that following my testimony, both sides will work together on this issue in the best interests of the american people as you always do. i'm now prepared to take your questions and/or pose for pictures with your grandchildren. i yield the balance of my time, usa, number one. >> not everybody was amused what kol bert had to say. john conyers asked him to leave
12:33 pm
his written testimony and then leave the room speierly. but colbert testified anyway because he was invited by the committee chairwoman. nancy pelosi was asked whether she thinks it was appropriate he testified. she said i think it's appropriate. he is an american and has a point of view and can bring attention to an important issue like immigration and jason hogette wrote me a great e-mail. he says as for this colbert appearance, would that hearing have gotten any attention from our national media or me without a celebrity showing up and playing on our star-struck natures? i thought it was a good point. breaking news here on lindsay lohan. the troubled starlet heading back to jail. she admitted on twitter last week she failed her drug test. the drug had no patience with it and warned her she would go back to jail and without any lectures she was handcuffed and led straight back to jail. we hear from nbc chris dunn ten welker who were in the courtroom and her parents were stunned by that turn of event.
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scandal this week. three young men have now accused long of using jewelry and cars and cash and his position as a minister to more than sexual relationships. a written statement long denies everything and says the charges against me and the church are false. but my faith is strong and the truth will emerge. i'm joined by bishop james dean adams of st. john constitutional missionary baptist church in miami. whenever there is a scandal about the shepherd of a block, it definitely rocks the trust that people have, but what can they do at this point without any kind of proof with his denial of the accusations?
12:38 pm
>> well, contessa, i think that the best thing that all of us can do is allow the process to unfold and the truth to be revealed. it would be a tremendous tragedy if these things were true, but our christian faith requires us that we are to hope for the best and to look for the best and so that's the posture that the christian community is taking. >> what do you make of the fact that he has -- bishop long has taken a very strong anti-homosexual stand? in fact, the southern poverty law center calls bishop eddie long one of the most virulently homophobic black leaders in the religiously base the anti-gay moment. he said god says you deserve death. now he is facing these accusations. is there always a danger, if you're taking that sort of stand, that you live in a glass house and people with going to be encouraged to throw stones?
12:39 pm
>> well, as the bible tells us, all of sin come short of the glory of god and jesus died for everyone and so that's the message of the church. >> do you disagree with his message then to homosexuals? >> i hadn't heard what was said. >> but -- but -- but in this case, i mean, he is -- he is taking such a strong stand. i mean, you can't support that, do you? the saying that homosexuals deserve death? >> no. i don't say that homosexuals or anybody, for that matter, deserves death. >> right. >> that is the reason jesus christ came, not to destroy lives but to save them. >> do you think, in any way, bishop, this will change the way black churches deal with the issue of homosexuality? >> i believe that there's a
12:40 pm
dialogue that's open as there has always been. i disagree with the viewpoint that the church is somehow been purposefully anti-gay. it's not about anti-ga. it's just simply anti-sin and that is encompassing everything you can possibly think of. >> bishop james dean adams, i appreciate your time today and your perspective. >> thank you very much. president obama firing back at iran president ahmadinejad over his latest round of wild accusations. wild statements. the u.n. yesterday and here is the iranian leader suggesting the united states was at fault for the 9/11 terror attacks. while speaking with the bbc today, the president called those comments offensive and hateful and said the remarks were inexcusable so close to ground zero. members of the u.s. delegation were only around for part of
12:41 pm
ahmadinejad's show. it was sort of a show of respect they were there in the first place. they walked out in protest, so did leaders of other nations. iran's president says he would have no problem meeting with the american hiker who was recently freed from an iran jail. sarah shourd spent 13 months in prison after accused of spying. she released the iranian president to release her two friends still in jail in iran. >> my whole day was centered around waiting for that moment because it was my only -- my only human contact, my only time and, you know, as the hours grew nearer to my time outside, i would pace the room wringing my hands, observe just like tears streaming down my face and seeing them was my only relief. >> she has been pressing for a meeting with the iranian leader and not clear faen when a sit-down could take place. they don't call it new jersey governor the wrecking ball for nothing. in case you missed it wednesday, he was in a california campaign
12:42 pm
event for republican gubernatorial candidate meg whitman. an audience member began shouting at whitman asking why she didn't begin to take questions. witnesses say she appeared to handle it well and then governor christie stepped in. >> hey, hey, listen. hey, listen. you know what? you want to yell, yell at me. but don't give her a hard time. we're here talking about the future of the state of california and the future of our country and you know what? and you know what? and you know what? let me tell you, let me tell you this. it's people who raise their voices and yell and scream like you. >> interesting point. i want to get out to l.a. right now. we are watching lindsay lohan's dad talking with maria munoz following her going back to jail. >> excuse me? >> why do you think she admitted it on twitter? >> people told her to admit. the wrong people. she shouldn't have been at that
12:43 pm
table with those people. alan and the other guy with her shouldn't be around lindsay. >> do you think he is providing drugs to her? >> i think she is an enabler. >> what do you think it's going to take for you to talk to lindsay and change your relationship with her? >> you know what? god. >> i'm sorry? >> him. people like him. good people around lindsay. good people around me. look at these guys. all they do is pray and they are faithful and don't do anything wrong. this is the biggest youth pastor in the world right now. >> have you worked with lindsay at all? >> i have met them and, you know, lindsay has to want to change, you know? the thing is he has made mistakes and dina has made mistakes and we have and we have to look for healing and forgiveness. i know what it's like to have unforgiveness in a family. i came from one and my mom was way worse than dina and michael and i forgave her and god
12:44 pm
restored -- >> what do you hope happens? >> what is that sf. >> so there is -- >> i want her out of jail. >> that's michael lohan and his daughter walking into court shp. she didn't walk out. she was taken back out of the courtroom into jail. michael lohan who has a troubled relationship with his daughter is outside talking to the paparazzi and the entertainment reporters outside alongside his pastors who are, give me a little history of their own troubled backgrounds. at any rate, we have watching for more reaction and know that dina lohan says her daughter does not have a drug problem was also in court today. if we hear from her, we will bring that to you. quick break here. sure, i can download directions for you now. we got it. thank you very much! check it out. i can like, see everything that's going on with the car. here's the gas level. i can check on the oil.
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researcher say type d personalities are three times as likely to suffer a heart attack or heart failure as well as psychological problems like depression. >> how exceptional is america? according to a new report, among the 33 riches countries in the world, americans lead the way in obesity. in fact, the world's obesity forecast says 3 out of 4 americans will be overweight or obese by 2020. that, folks, is 75% of the united states population. dr. ian smith is the medical expert on vh1 celebrity thick club and author of happy, simple steps to get the most out of life. how do you get the most out of this information that here we are as one of the richest nations in the world, yet, our obesity problem is crippling?
12:49 pm
>> it's unbelievable. we have been screaming about this for so long and can't get people to take notice of this. the prediction is that by 2030, 86% of americans are going to be either overweight or obese. the idea is simple. food is much cheaper than it used to be and unhealthy food is much cheaper and people are buying that. huge inactive. people are not physically active. the combination of cheap food that is unhealthy being eaten a lot and inactive people is creating a huge problem and it's in our children. our children are the heaviest they have ever been and first time we said a generation of children will not outlive their parents. it's a major crisis and, i don't know. people aren't listening. >> i don't want to get too wonky on this. ho do you look at the fact that our government is subsidizing our corn crops. you get corn syrup in every breakfast and lunch that is served to our nation's school
12:50 pm
kids. there is cyclical problem and not all because people won't exercise. >> absolutely. that's why i say it's going to be a multifacetted way to try to solve this problem. you're going need schools, cafeterias and the government and suppliers. high fructose corn syrup, it's not going to kill you and you won't live your life without eating some of it but it's about doing some things in moderation. because we are so wealthy we do everything to excess. what we think is normal is overweight because so many people are yever weight. we need to start from the ground up and make a change. >> there is personal responsibility and government responsibility and responsibility on all of us. good to see you. appreciate your time. >> thank you. >> here is something you should know if you're trying to lose weight. the daily beast put together a look at the worst french fries at the top. texas cheese fries from chilies will cost you $2070 calories and friendly's fries are at 1650
12:51 pm
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12:54 pm
we have been talking about don't ask, don't tell this week. government lawyers are trying to stop a federal judge from issuing an injunction that would immediately halt the ban on gaze in the military. next hour, a u.s. district judge is scheduled to rule on whether the air force reserves should reinstate major margaret whit to her position. she was discharged under the don't ask, don't tell policy. tom weeks hits the street for a little don't ask, don't tell reaction. >> times have changed so much since, you know, in the past 20, 30 years that it's -- you're allowed to be open about it on the streets so why not in the military? >> you know, i'm from a small town usa in northern idaho and
12:55 pm
this thing here is completely new to me. it's a whole new culture shock for me and also here, i could see it. where i'm from, it might be a little different. >> i think that it's nobody's business what someone's sexuality is and i think if people want to serve their nation, they should be able to serve their nation no matter what. >> a lot of e-mails from you folks about this issue this week. i always appreciate them. you can reach me on facebook and twitter and e-mail. i look forward to reading what you send me, except for the spam. who is forwarding me this stuff? i'm not your grandkid. save that. thank you for watching this week. i'm contessa brewer. see you back here at monday, noon eastern kicking off education nation. i'll speak with dennis van ruckle president of the national education foundation. norah o'donnell steps in on "andrea mitchell reports." and among her guests is congressman debbie wassermann-shultz. be right back. ♪
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right now on "andrea mitchell reports" full-court press. democrats calling the republican's bluff. you got a pledge, now what are you going to do with us? with us is florida congressman debbie wassermann-shultz. on education reform in our schools, we ask are charter schools the answer? hear from one of the leading indicators educators. first lady on the campaign trill. her plans to energize the president's base heading into the midterm. i'm norah o'donnell. the republican party says their new pluj to america represents a bold new direction for the country but critics say it's nothing but unworkable ideas. michael crowley is the deputy bureau chief and joins us now. good to see you, michael. >> good to see you. >> dan balls in "the washington post" today saying this is maybe not the party of kow but the party of stop. they want


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