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tv   MSNBC News Live  MSNBC  September 28, 2010 12:00pm-1:00pm EDT

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is not yet over as far as the austin police department in the uc police department are concerned. they want everyone to stay indoors and we are still officially on lockdown. >> looks as though there may be two different crime scenes here. police say there may have been shots outside the library as well. do you know whether there two separate parts of the campus that are crime scenes? have you been able to ascertain that? >> yes. the police department did confirm they have two active crime scenes at the moment. one was on the central part of campus where they believe a second suspect they say have not been able to tell if it is a shooter or not, but the primary crime scene is where the gunman took his in the library. >> what are you hearing from student who is may be on social media right now about what they saw in terms of the gunman going into the library? >> i actually have been seeing
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various reports from either right at the center of where the event began this morning at approximately 7:45 in the library and across campus. in fact i spoke over the phone with a student who is in the central part of camp white house is in lockdown in a classroom with other students and said right now the situation is grim. people want to of course say things, but they want to be evacuated as soon as possible. >> do you have a sense of how many students are in classrooms or offices on campus locked down? any estimate? >> no. unfortunately i couldn't judge that. fortunately because of the hour, classes would not really be in session yet. fortunately we probably had a very low number of students. the university has 50,000 plus
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students, but because of the hour, i think that was the saving grace here, if you will. >> ron garcia, we appreciate you weighed in and keeping us up to date and we are keeping our eye on the situation. when we get details, we will pass them along. we have another breaking news story from mexico. hundreds of families may be dead because of this hillside collapse that happened there. it was a landslide that happened in the region of mexico, the southern part of the country, closer to guatemala. after days of rain, a landslide buried between 100 and 300 homes, as many as 1,000 people could be dead. rescuers meantime having challenges even getting to the area. the weather channel's alex wal sas in atlanta. me a little bit about the weather conditions and how it might hamper the rescue effort. >> we are talking about an area here that is very, very hilly.
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remember we just had a tropical cyclone matthew that moved through. matthew, remnants are hanging around and the moisture is still around for us. all the moisture is rolling into the hilly terrain in mexico, southern portions of mexico. as that happens, the moisture begins to rise even more with the terrain and all that rising with warm moist air. gets a chance to precipitate down. we are talking 20 to 30 inches of rain. that is just way too much rain in a short period of time. the ground can't handle it. the landslides. >> thank you very much for keeping us in the loop. before i let you go, i'm being told you have a tornado on your radar as well wrchlt is that happen something. >> a tornado watch is in effect for a good portion of the northeast until about 6:00 this evening. all areas including new york city need to be mindful of what's taking place through the rest of the evening.
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tornados are going to be a possibility. >> thank you. appreciate the update. president obama listening to people and their problems hoping cozy chats across the country will drive home his message. he is meeting with a family in new mexico and talking jobs and the economy in about 15 minutes. we will have that for you live. 35 days remain until the mid-term elections. we will leave from new mexico for wisconsin tonight and then iowa and virginia tomorrow. trying to get his democratic base fired up and energized to go to the polls. joe biden has the same idea, but he has tough love for the not so loyal left. those threatening to stay home in november. in new hampshire, he told democrats to stop bhining. then he talked to lawrence o'donnell on the last word. >> it's time to buck up here and understand we can make things better and continue to move forward. not yield the playing field to those folk who is are against
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everything that we stand for in terms of the initiatives we put forward. >> mike viquiera is in albuquerque, new mexico, traveling with the president. back yard chats of the new black. >> the president likes these venues and is in the land of enchantment to talk about education. he plans we are told to go after republicans and their pledge to america. of course republicans want to cut all funding back to 2008 levels and the administration and democrats said let's stop and look at the repercussions and law enforcement. from here he flies on to madison, wisconsin with a big rally to recapture the campaign magic consistent with the message he and joe biden gave yesterday. it's inexcusable if people sit this election out. this is not about just voting during presidential elections. you have to show commitment
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here. you have to have the big rally. a small crowd and huge rally in madison, trying to fire up the base to get rid of the lethargy the president said is affecting many people who democrats need if they want to keep control of congress in 35 days. >> are you hearing anything from the folks you are traveling with about rahm emanuel and his potential to leave for chicago and run for mayor and if he does, who is replacing him? >> the replacement is up in the air and a lost speculation now. the president would likely choose an interim chief of staff that can control things. they say it's the second toughest job in washington. an interim to go until after the elections. the only surprise at this point would be rahm emanuel decided not to run and stay in washington. we expected an announcement as soon as friday. >> mike viquiera, thank you very much. we are waiting for the president's remarks from the cavalier family home in albuquerque. the president is expected to come out of that back yard in
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about 15 minutes. we will bring that to you live. loyal leftists, a little bit less loyal now because there is no progress on issues like don't ask, don't tell or the environment. the public option on health care failed. are those issues enough to sway progressives to yield the playing field to republicans? i would like to hear your thoughts. you can reach me on facebook or twitter. you see the president coming into the back of the cavalier family home. let's show that. here he is in albuquerque, new mexico. a similar event last week on the east coast where he was talking about health care. today about the economy. he knows that jobs have been on the minds of a lot of people. we will watch for the president's remarks and he does a little meet and greet. the head of the democratic national committee, former governor tim payne joins me now. when you are watching the president on the campaign stops
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and he has biden's advice here to buck up and quit whining. is that the right advice? >> the right advice is that it's time for action. we are impatient people and we want a lot done. what i say to democrats everywhere i go is we have gotten a lot done. there is a lot more to do and we only get more done if we have partners to work with the president rather than people who come into office guaranteeing they will a pose the president. the time is now for action and the president and the vp are out on the trail and we feel the energy building with democrats and we have more work to do. >>or what issues do you see democrats balking? >> at every constituency, can you say here's an area where we haven't gone far enough. i would say sure, but whatever area you care about, i can tell you what we have done. million more american children go to bed with health insurance and parents are more secure. health insurance reform and
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economy that is growing rather than shrinking. i could go on and on. there have been significant accomplishment, but i credit this. those that want to see more done, so do i and so does the president. >> here's what i want to know. when you are looking at the polls about who is enthusiastic, we hear about the gap and you look at this, 27% of white women are excited. 36% of black men and women and 40% white men and of excited women, gop women are the most excited. the independent women are less excited. women traditionally -- what do you do to try to convince them to vote? >> we have a great story to tell. women are entitled to equal pay for equal work. women on the supreme court expanded health care options. these are important issues to women and that's the story we will be telling. >> as i mentioned to not only
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minorities but young voter who is turn out in force. he is hoping to target those and the liberal bastian of madison, wisconsin later tonight at the university of wisconsin. >> they talked about expanded student loans to that audience. >> that's an issue they care about. here's the president on the economy. thank you for being with me. let's listen to the president. >> doing what she is doing in our school system. thank you very much. everybody knows your governor, bill richardson. we are grateful to him. your lieutenant governor who is i believe going to be also the next governor of the great state of new mexico. we have congressman martin hinrich and he said if i was coming to albuquerque, i better visit the south valley the next
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time i come. he gets credit for bringing me here today. to all of you -- >> the president right now is just thanking people and introducing the politicians from new mexico and talking about why he is going into the back yards and why he wants to talk to the families across america. continuing today in albuquerque, new mexico. >> at times you do feel like you are in the bubble. every once in a while i need to get out of there and have a chance to talk to folks and answer questions, but get suggestions and advice about what's happening in the country. instead of doing all the talking, i want to maybe provide a few opening remarks and then basically have a conversation with you about things that are important to you and important to this community and important to this state. there is one thing i want to focus on though if you don't mind in my opening remarks. the issue of education.
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we have gone through obviously the toughest economic situation since the great depression. no state has been untouched. no group of people has been untouched by the devastation. we lost eight million jobs and the financial sector almost completely melted down. we almost slipped into a great depression and we acted very quickly to try to stop the bleeding. we had some success. an economy that was contracting by 6% is now growing again. we were losing 750,000 jobs a month when i was sworn in and we had eight consecutive months of job growth. we are making progress and moving in the right direction, but in addition the immediate crisis that we are dealing with, one of the challenges i think everybody around the country when i talk to them recognizes,
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we have to have a long-term plan for how we make sure america remains the number one economy in the world and how we make sure we still have opportunities for middle class americans to prosper and expand and to be able to support their families and send their kids to college and retire with dignity and respect and how we provide ladders for people who are not in the middle class to get in and how we help small businesses grow and how we help make sure our large businesses are the innovators to design the new products we are able to sell overseas. the issue of how we stay competitive and are able to succeed in the next generation the same way the previous generations have succeeded is a question i think a lot of people have been asking themselves for a long time. because keep in mind even before the financial crisis, we were
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slipping in a lot of ways. from 2001 to 2 understand 9 in the eight-year period, wages actually fell by 5%. think about that. people's real incomes were falling and this was at a time before the crisis. supposedly the economy was growing and things were going well. in fact, people's incomes were falling. during that same period of time, job growth was the most sluggish it has been since world war ii. part of the reason i decided to run for president was because we had all these problems that we hadn't been dealing with for a long time even before the crisis hit that we had to deal with if we wanted to state competitive for the 21st century. the number one issue in terms of us succeeding as an economy is
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going to be how well we educate and train our kids. nothing else comes close. the truth is we used to have by far the best education system in the world. we were the first nation in the world to have compulsory education. as people were moving off of the farms and into the industry, suddenly they were able to get the training and the skills they needed for advanced industrial economy. we had the best universities in the world and the best colleges in the world and the number one -- we ranked number one in the proportion of graduates in the world. we now rank 12th and that's just in the general election. from number one to number 12 in the number of college graduates. even folk who is didn't go to college still got a good education. my grandmother, she was an amazing woman.
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she passed away a couple of years ago. she never went to college. she worked when my grandfather went off to world war ii, she was on an assembly lyon making bombers. when my grandfather came back, he got the gi bill to go to college, but she didn't so she went to work. she started as a secretary and ended up as a vice president at a bank. in hawaii. despite the fact that she hadn't gone to college, she was so well prepared in terms of math and reading and skills that she could end up getting an executive position working up from being secretary. well, now we rank 21st in science education in the world and we rank 25th in math education in the world.
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so the timeline is that we are not at the top in terms of college graduates and not at the top with science or math. we have a third of our student who is enroll who never graduate from high school. not only is it bad for the young people, typically a high school grad gets paid about $10,000 less a year and over a time that is hundreds of thousands in lost income. it's bad for the country as a whole. you don't have engineers and scientists and inventing the new products that will make all the difference in terms of how well we succeed. the reason i want to raise this is because there a lot of issues in washington and we have been trying to work with states and
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local school districts over the last two years to make sure we are improving our education system. let me tell you a couple of things we have done. we set up something called race to the top. what we said was that if states wanted to get additional money, extra money to help the schools, they would have to compete by showing us what it is you are doing to reform the school system so that you get excellent teachers and high standards and the schools are accountable. you are going after the lowest performing schools and not just skimming off the top and as a consequence of the competition called raise the top, we had about $4 billion. we had 32 states change the laws to reform the system so that the whole structure works better and
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makes it more accountable and we provide better training and recruitmenand more professional development and additional resources. it's been a boost for education all across the country. moving forward on a reform agenda that doesn't just dictate to states here's how you have to do everything, but here's criteria for success. if you have a plan to match that, we will help you. that's number one. number two, we have been helping to make sure that more young people get early childhood education. the studies show that if kids are well prepared when they get to school, they are much likely to do better if they know colors and numbers and letters and know how to sit still. i remember when malia and sasha were young, that was a key training point. so early childhood education when it's well-designed makes a big difference. the 30 thing is higher
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education. >> he is talking about education and it's what we have been talking about all week with education nation. how do you make sure that america's children are getting the best possible step up to prepare them for careers to come and colleges and prepare them for life. we also have taken a look at a new documentary called the lottery. i will play one clip that has to do with a charter school. >> you are not welcome here! we will not welcome you here! we will fight! i will fight until my dying day! i refuse to see y'all impede us! it is not happening! it is not happening! over my dead body! >> angry folks arguing against a new school coming into their neighborhood. that's a scene from the documentary the lottery that follows four bright young new
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york city kids whose parents are desperate to get them into a charter school. we have the director of the lottery. why did you see so many people showing up so angry about the prospect of the new school coming in? >> we discovered over the process of making the film that was there is in fact a turf war going on over the future of public education. as we heard the president state earlier in his speech, he is working to put forward reforms that will open the doors for more of these higher performing schools, but that is leading to backlash. we had access to these on the ground controversies. we also showed that it doesn't have to be that way. there schools that are successfully closing the achievement gap. >> i put myself in the shoes of these parents and if you are in a disadvantaged neighborhood and if your school has been struggling for years and years and the prospect of a new charter school comes in and it sounds great and the competition to get the kids into the schools
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is so great, there is a lottery and really your child's access to a quality education is left to luck of the draw? it doesn't seem fair. >>. >> where you are born is already a lottery. i was so fortunate to be born in a community with a great public school system, but not all parents have that chance. schools like the ones in the film exist all over the country now. historically and under performing districts. they are proving it doesn't have to be this way. >> i know you haven't followed these kids through their lives to see how it turns out, but what's your prediction that the one that gets into a charter school see their life take a different tra ject reef than those who don't get in? >> i don't think it's about a traditional charter school, but quality. there higher performing schools that have 80, 90, 100% at great level in districts where it's 20, 30, or less. what we have to be looking at is
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what works. it's no longer a mystery. kids no matter where they are coming from. >> is it complicated for every child with a different combination of solutions? >> it's a lot of small things, but flexibility is an important factor. the flexibility to have a curriculum to work for every student. >> you said that the movie is out on dvd or on demand if people want to watch the lott y lottery. >> the website is the lottery >> nightly news anchor brian williams is hosting the closing session of the first ever education nation summit. there you are seeing the governor of michigan. the panel hereof national leaders talking with teachers and students and principals about what changes they would make to the education system. this is the closing system, but we will bring you more stories on education the rest of the week. it's our commitment to you to fully explore this topic.
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next half hour, wrestling superstars matt striker and mvp join us to talk about the education programs including get real and the wrestle mania rating challenge. alan grayson talls his opponent a taliban. why those accusations? he is is a loued to wear a tux to the prom and the male graduation gown. find out why a michigan school said this student can't be homecoming king.
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an update on the breaking news we have been following. here's the scene of a guy who fell into a well. he has been rescued at this point. it was a county worker who fell into a well at a pump station at st. charles parkway in maryland. apparently the well is about 30 feet deep. the fire department went to pull him out and he has as soon as we know that, we will pass it along. the good news is he has been rescued. searchers are combing the valleys near the hoover dam for a missing hiker. 16-year-old shane mcneal has been missing since saturday when he left necessary a day long spiritual hike. they are searching the area where his cell phone was last detected. the hiking area where he is believed to be is filled with shear cliffs and loose rock. an arizona deputy may have lied blagojevich is speaking at a forum on trust. it's happening in new york city. wrestling superstars matt striker and mvp are talking about reading. how to get kids who are not that interested to get more interested. one of these guys by the way, you know this. a former teacher? i know who works differently than many other allergy medications. hoo? omnaris. [ men ] omnaris -- to the nose! [ man ] did you know nasal symptoms like congestion can be caused by allergic inflammation? omnaris relieves your symptoms by fighting inflammation. side effects may include headache, nosebleed, and sore throat. [ inhales deeply ] i told my allergy symptoms to take a hike. omnaris. ask your doctor. battling nasal allergy symptoms? omnaris combats the cause. get omnaris for $11 at
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welcome become to msnbc on this tuesday. i'm contessa brewer. democrats are pushing it women to show up at the ballot box in november. without the support, the party in power may lose the majority. no one is pushing harder than alan grayson running for reelection in florida. >> religious fanatics trying to take away our freedom in iran and right here in florida. daniel webster wants to impose
12:34 pm
his read cal fundamentalism on us. hands off our bodies and our laws. >> the attack ad getting a lot of attention. good to see you today. >> thank you. thanks for having me on. >> your o pone cent a fellow american, a long time public servant of the people of florida. you call him the taliban. how do you defend that? >> the taliban tried to impose bizarre religious views on the rest of us and so does my opponent and the group he belongs to. among other things, the institute doesn't want women to work outside the home. where would that leave you? >> here's what's interesting. the taliban is so far beyond wanting their women to work outside the home. there adit attacks on the young girls and kiltings and murders based on what happens. your own ponent has never done
12:35 pm
that. they have actually fact checked the ad and the research reveals the full context of what dan webster was saying. he was talking to fathers at the conference you mentioned and let me play the full context for what he was talking about when he was saying you submit to me. >> i have verse are for my life. don't pick the ones that say she should submit to me. that's in the bible, but pick the ones you are supposed to do. instead you love your wife. even as christ loved the church and gave himself for it. as opposed to wives submit yourself to your own husband. >> here is basically encouraging men to focus on bible verses other than submit to me. your ad was rated false. why not just use his stand on women's issues. why twist his words? >> we are doing that. we didn't twist his words.
12:36 pm
it's a 15-minute speech and rereleased minutes of it. we can argue if it's in context or out of context, but he is a career politician and if he is tagged with his own words, she going to respond it's out of context. when it's not, by any stretch of the imagination, what's not out of context is the fact that he has a terrible record on women's rights. he introduced a bill to e lil nate divorce for battered women and another bill in which only the women who cheat on their husbands cannot get alimony, but husbands could. another bill eliminates health care for battered women on the basis that battery is a preexisting condition. he voted on that. you me what matters. >> if that's what really matters and those stands on those issues are what could motivate women to turn out to the polls, why take a speech where he was saying,
12:37 pm
again, this was his word, i have verses for my wife. don't pick the ones that say she should submit to me. people cut that. submit to me. submit to me. that's not what he was saying. his stand should stand alone, shouldn't it? >> contessa, look what you just did. when you ran the ad, you ran the parts that you wanted to talk about and not the parts you discussed. you are doing it. we want to discuss women's issues and you are prevending that from happening. >> no, i have given you the opportunity to join me and i want to talk about women's issues and women are interested in candidates's stands on abortion and health care and family issues and equal pay for equal work. women want to know those issues and your opponent has a stand on those issues, you should point it out. my question is why would you take a piece of sound and make it seem like he is saying something that in ma that moment he wasn't saying. the nonpartisan organization
12:38 pm
said this ad was false. here's his wife, sandy webster who responded. alan grayson's attack on my husband is shameful. he seems to have a problem telling the truth. dan has been an amazing husband and father and the finest man i have ever known. mr. grayson should be ashamed of his nasty smears against my husband. given his stand on women's issues, are you afraid this negative attack ad could backfire against you? >> contessa, i invited you to go into what the issues were and you avoided them. instead you gave time to my opponent's wife to express without addressing those issues. dan webster was on the day before and he was asked point blank, what would you do if a woman is raped? would you require her to have the child? his legislation requires that. he requires raped women, raped women to bear the child. he refused to answer the
12:39 pm
question. i think we should talk about these issues and i don't think you should get us off track or anybody else including his wife. >> your add begins with you approve that message. that's your message. >> if you run the whole thing, people can see what i did approve. >> i appreciate your time today. >> thank you. >> we have a live picture from education plaza. closing the session here from education summit. we brought together hundreds of educato educators, parents and officials to look for ways to fix the nation's troubled public schools. there you are seeing the chloeing session, but we are focusing on education throughout the week. right now president obama is at a home in albuquerque, new mexico talking about the number one issue for voters here. the economy and even education here. you mentioned that as well and how we train our children for the future. let me play part of what he had to say. >> we are not at the top in terms of college graduates and
12:40 pm
not at the top with science or math. we have a third of our student who is enroll who never graduate from high school. all this means that not only is it bad for the young people who are not getting this education, but bad for the country as a whole. >> last year 15-year-olds scored lower in reading literacy than peers and 9 out of 29 other nations. the stars of wwe are inspiring kids to read more with the wrestle mania challenge that gets kids all over the country to read five books a week. right now, two wwe super stars. matt striker and mvp who appear on friday night smack down and visit schools as part of this wrestle mania reach out. good to see you both. >> good to be here. >> how do you go into a school and take what they call reluctant reader who is don't have interest in sitting down with a book. how do you enkoushlg them to read more? >> one of the ways as a wwe
12:41 pm
superstar, we have lots of plns over the kids. when i walk into a classroom and i express how much i enjoy reading and i am an avid reader and i have a tattoo from the count of monty cristo and i show that to them and they are blown away. i say i read and we talk about the wrestle mania contest where we encourage them to read becomes to get an opportunity to be flown to wrestle mania to see their superstars, we get good feedback. >> do you think there is a responsibility for heros to children to make a stand and say school is cool? >> absolutely without a doubt. models need to embrace that and sports entertainers and musicians need to know that they look up to them for guidance and queues on how to live their life. when they are encouraged to read a book, that is something of a responsibility we need to embrace. >> when you look at movies and
12:42 pm
music videos and the lyrics to certain hit songs, do you think there is enough -- people highlight bad grammar. it's like celebrated. let's talk in improper english and make a lot of money from it. is that part of the messages that you are trying to counter? >> absolutely. nowadays, it saddens me with the information age and kids would rather play video games and would rather -- even with the internet, i don't know if it's reading in the same way, but with the wwe we have the wrestle mania reading challenge and a real read, respect, education, achievement and leadership. this is what's cool, but if you want to be something in life and want to be successful and go somewhere, this is what you need to make cool. >> the interesting thing is your wwe character, the teacher would
12:43 pm
bring on his part. you are conducting a class in the ring, but you are a real teacher and doing the wrestling part-time. i have to ask you about this. how do you get up on your moral high horse about how important an education is when you called in sick to go wrestle and that's how you are keach career ended. >> you have to spin it. i went to my students and i said calling in sick was deemed by some wrong. i am following my dreams and i get e-mails and letters from back then that said you inspired me to go to a dance school or a cooking school or follow my dreams. on the second note, a lot of times superstars and young people say me and my friends. i will stop them on the street and say my friends and i. whether they like it or not. he speaks very well and a lot of times people look at you persnik
12:44 pm
etty, but they remember it because you are a model. >> i will point out the platform for kids makes you a hero. you mentioned the count of monty cristo. what's your favorite? >> are you there god? it's me, margaret. i have hand me down books. >> wwe superstar striker loves judy bloom. okay. mvp. >> no assumptions, please. >> disgreated governor rod blagojevich will appear in forum on the topic of trust. the governor recently convicted of lying to the fbi will sit on a trust panel in new york city for advertising week. reps from google, microsoft and harvard might want to hear his unique take on the topic. sarah palin in the front row as daughter bristol hit the dance floor in week two of "dancing with the stars." what was with all the booing? there was booing in the ballroom.
12:45 pm
we don't know why. >> why? >> we don't know. >> i'm here with guest sarah pail up who joins us from alaska. >> those boos were placed by cheers and we don't know who was booing exactly and why and what the audience was upset about. it could have been somebody's dance. palin is supporting her cub all the way. >> your favorite dancer so far? >> my goodness, they are all amazing. this is great. bristol is not up yet. bristol the pistol. >> guest commentator sarah palin. >> bristol's ex-boyfriend is a guest on the last word tonight at 10:00 eastern here on msnbc. stufy, make the call. ♪ [ dialing ] [ beeping ] [ beeping ] [ beeping ] [ eli ] it's go time. ♪
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share the world with the ones you love! and ask your doctor about reclast. or call 1-866-51-reclast. year-long protection for on-the-go women. >>. >> a deadly mudslide tops our world view. it swept over people changeing for one bus to another. about 100 rescue workers began
12:49 pm
digging, but dangerous conditions forced the stop of the search. fidel castro marks the 50th anniversary of the founding of the committees and defensive revolution. he underwent emergency intestinal surgery in 2006. kim jung il, he made his youngest son a four-star general. hardly anybody is known about him. nobody knows how old he is and today was the first day his name was mentioned in the north korean state media. we are just learning now from an aviation source that former president jimmy carter was actually taken on a flight to the hospital. here's the information we have. he was on a flight and taken by the secret service to the hospital upon landing. that's all the information we are getting. we contacted the white house and we are looking for more
12:50 pm
information and other confirmation that the former president is in the hospital, but as of this point, we don't have that forth coming. we are working on the story and we will get you caught up to date when we get more confirmation. a look at what we will watch later. ted stevens will be buried at arlington national cemetery after being killed in a plane crash last month. vice president joe biden works on a rally for youth vote for democrats and holes the rally at state university. meg whitman and jerry brown face off in the first televised debate. replant a forest? maybe you want to rebuild homes for those in need? or, maybe you want to help improve our schools? whatever you want to do, members project from american express can help you take the first step.
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we are following breaking news for you here. an aviation source told nbc news president carter was on a delta flight and when it landed he was
12:54 pm
taken to the hospital. according to the website, the president was scheduled to be at a book signing event for his new book, white house diary that was supposed to be in ohio outside of cleveland. it was going to be at the joseph beth book sellers. we are hearing from a source telling us now the president was on this delta flight and when it landed he was taken by secret service hospital. the details are sketchy at this point about what might be behind a visit to the hospital visit for the former president. he has been in the news because of the new book coming out. you see the interview he did with brian williams where he mentioned he thought the work he has done since his presidency was superior to some of his predecessors and he explained that he meant that the carter center provided him with superior opportunities, but again he is now on the book promotional tour and was scheduled to be at a bookstore
12:55 pm
at a signing event here for the book, white house diary, outside cleveland, ohio in lind hurst. the news we are getting and the detail that has his flight landed he was scheduled to go -- instead of going to the bookstore as scheduled, he was taken to the hospital. we are working to get more information on this and when we do, we will pass it along. southern california is more like scorching california. temperatures hit 113 degrees yesterday. it's a new record. it's not going to be quite as hot today, but already 84 degrees. a tropical depression by the way just warmed in the caribbean. the system could cross cuba, florida, the bahamas over the next few days and that could be a tropical storm and it would be named nicole. that wraps up this hour for me. a lot of breaking news we are keeping our eye on. thank the time you spent with me. see you back here tomorrow. we will continue our special education nation coverage with
12:56 pm
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two separate stays at comfort inn or any of these choice hotels can earn you a free night -- only when you book at we are following breaking developments and reports that former president jimmy carter has been hospitalized after landing in cleveland where he was traveling for a book signing. paramedics met his plane on a delta flight. the secret service with the former president. we are tracking all of this and we will have more details as soon as we have more information. we have no idea whether it's a serious condition. he has been on a very active and intense book tour with the new carter diaries. in one day in fact last week, he did the "today" program and went


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