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tv   The Ed Show  MSNBC  September 28, 2010 6:00pm-7:00pm EDT

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primary. the bad guys are gaining. it's time to hit the metal and drive the freaking car. see you here tomorrow after my day with bill clinton. tonight from new york, the tea party's best friend, i'll tell you what. this guy is on an ego trip big time. he's trying to stop the united states government dead in its tracks. this is why president obama wants us to buck up. i'm following those orders in a commentary tonight. and john boehner and his crew, they don't really care about the middle class. they don't care about the divided american we live in, because you see the income gap between the rich and poor is at an all-time high and republicans have nothing to say about it. jessie jackson sounds off. what can we do about it?
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president obama takes off the gloves and hammering fox news. he says fox promotes a point of view that is destructive. now, for a guy who always rips on the cables, i think the president would do a pretty good job if he was on cable. we do it every night, mr. president. this is the story that has me fired up tonight. the most powerful elected republican in america is plotting to stop the united states government dead in its tracks procedurally. on monday night, senator "waterloo" jim demint warned he would place a hold on any legislation that would not been cleared by his office before the close of business today. demint, as i said a couple weeks, he's drunk with power and he's showing it tonight. he's drunk with power after spearheading tea party nut jobs like christine o'donnell and rand paul right into the victory lane and republican primaries where they've had some success. now he's on a one-man wrecking
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crew, a mission to shut down the government until election day. now, if demachined and hi tea party buddies grab the reins of power, they will shut down the government completely. during one of the worst economic times this country has ever seen. is that a good answer? that means no social security checks, no food stamps to people who need it. no unemployment benefits, which they really love, and no money left on the table to help create jobs in a tough economy. now, this is life or death for millions of americans, and demint, well, he's acting like he could care less. it's more about him and his power. in the meantime, president obama is trying to send a wake-up call to the base. he told "rolling stone" in an interview to come out friday, people need to buck up. it's inexcusable for any democrat or progressive right now to stand on the sidelines in this midterm election. he went on to say the idea that we have a lack of enthusiasm in the base, that people are
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sitting on their hands complaining is just irresponsible. wow. i wish the president would talk like that to republicans sometimes. but the president, i have to say, is exactly right. it is irresponsible to allow people like jim demint, the tan man, and the tea party to undo everything this president and the democratic majority have been able to do and achieve over the last 20 months. all they want to do is tear it down. i fully believe the republicans are trying to run out the clock under 2012. in the meantime, they will shut down absolutely everything that will turn the economy around and make president obama look good at any level. over in the house, republicans will invent any reason they can to impeach the second democratic president in a row. house majority whip jim cli born
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agrees, that would define the next two years of the president's administration, clyburn said. look at the facts. don't take my word for it, you know where i stand. we don't bend the facts. i give it to the straight and give you commentary. the republicans i believe are on a doomsday mission to regain power, and they will stop at nothing to bring this president down and to stop the progressive agenda in this country. democrats need to listen to president obama on this one. get it together and stoop the republicans in their tracks. because if we go back to where we were, we will erase a lot of good for a lot of people. and on the notion that president obama is saying that we have to buck up, and he said -- uses the words inexcusable and irresponsible. those are pretty tough words. let's reverse this. if this were a conservative
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president, every right-wing talk show host would be saying, yeah, we can't let those democrats in, this is about power. we're not going to be able to accomplish anything if we are in the minority. we have to go reconciliation to do the health care bill. it is saving lives. this is a matter of life and death. not to oversell it in way, it's a fact. the health care bill, it's not some document that is just meaningless to american families. it's going to help young people, people who don't have any insurance. this is one of the things we've got able to do as a country. where is demint? he's on a power grab. he's thirsty for power. they've a couple victories with some psychocandidates that are out there. i think we as americans have to take a real hard look at themselves in our mirror and ask us, where do we have to go? is it really about the money?
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i have paid close attention to education week on this network. i'll bring you a story later on tonight about a gentleman who has dedicated himself to this country when it comes to educating young people and creating opportunities. isn't that what america is about? those two words -- creating opportunities? now, if we are going to streamline the money. if we're going to have the concentration of wealth in this country, opportunity is going to get choked off for a lot of americans. is that fair? are we going to divide people up, depending on how much money they make? en appalling what the supreme court has ruled. it's taken the voice of the little guy out of the political equation in this country. what do the conservatives call it? they call it free speech. yeah, if you can buy it. we have a lot of problems in this country, but for gjim demit to shut down big should be a
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wake-up call to every american, an the president hit the nail on the head. we do need to buck up. they're playing for keeping. we lefties have to play for keeps. tell us what you think. the number is 1-877-ed-msnbc. my question is, do you agree with president obama that the democrats need to buck up? press 1 for yes, number 2 for no. i'll bring you the results later in the short. joining me is sherrod brown. >> thanks, ed. >> what did he do today to stop government in its tracks? >> well, you hit it right on the head. they will do whatever it takes. demint is -- i don't know if he's -- if this is any different from all along, but every chance they've got, for a year and a half while we've tried to govern, from health care reform to wall street reform, to the
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children's health insurance program, which met millions of children, to equal pay for women, to lilly ledbetter, to credit card reform, all these things, while we were gonching, republicans, led by demint in most cases, were trying to stop it. >> senator, this takes it to a new level, does it not? >> i think it does. i think he's going to try to stop us from doing anything. we're about to pass the continuing resolution and go back and campaign in our states, those that are up for election in the house, everybody up for reelection, but demint and others have played that game all along. they don't want president obama to succeed. the whole point is that democrats -- republicans pay for keeps frankly more than our side, it seems. >> is the tea party running the senate?
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>> it's not running the senate, but it's able to block, stop all kinds of things. you know, today is the first day of voting in ohio, for instance. many states have early voting, happens to start particularly early in ohio, and it's really important that progressives, democrats, people who think we're moving the country forward, and i think that's the majority of people, because they know what got us into this, and they know that mckorchld, demint and coburn are not doing anything to get us out of it, because they want the democrats to fail, that's why it's imperative we vote, we talk to our friends, play a role in getting people out to vote. we win this election if we get people out to vote. p we stay home, we don't. it's simple, as you said. >> senator, thank you for your time. >> thank you, as always. mary kay henry,
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international president for the service employees international union. thanks for being here. >> good to be here, ed. >> if people now want to take their ball and go home, that tells me folks weren't serious in the first place when it comes to change. uses your response to that? the unions have a lot of boots on the ground, your members hear that you have to buck up. how are they going to respond? >> i think our members are saying that working people are facing the biggest crisis in our generation and we want to stand up, speak out and we want to vote in numbers like never before, because we need to get back to work. we need to fix our broken immigration system and we need corporations to share in the responsibility of getting this economy going again. >> you're not offended by any way this tough talk by the vice president and the president for that matter? >> i don't take offense to it, because my real offense is with corporate america. we have members that have been laid off in l.a. earning 13.50
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an hour, employed by jpmorgan chase, who you and i bailed out 18 months ago and are now married report profits, and jpmorgan has made a decision to lay off 16 janitors in the height of their biggest profitability? that's what i take offense to. >> what does the march on october 2nd, this saturday, mean to working people. i'll be a part of it, you'll be a part of it. what does it mean? is october 2nd all about november 2nd? >> yes, october 2nd is about november 2nd. it's about what we do after to hold elected officials and corporate america accountable to getting us back to work. >> what do you say to the broadcaster across the street, glenn beck, who has repeatedly vilified your organization, the service employees international union, label you as communists, a threat to america? >> i would say that attack is completely ridiculous, and he ought to help get america baic
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to work and stop blaming and attacking and thinks about how do we pull together as a country and come together to fix our problems. >> boots on the ground from organized labor. you didn't get the health care bill you wanted, you didn't get the employee free choice act, yet you say wage earners across the country are motivated to do their part and you don't take offense to the irresponsible and inexcusable words that have come out characterizing democrats who don't engage. you're a team player. >> yeah, people are facing a deep economic crisis, ed, and i don't think the blame game is the solution that people are looking for. i think people want us to act in making this economy work again for everybody. that's what i feel like is my responsibility, not to participate in a blame game. >> mary kay henry, see you saturday in washington, d.c.
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>> looking forward to it. thanks. >> for more information on the one nation march, go to my website, it's about jobs, it's about education, it's about freedom. it's about all of what america is. one nation america for jobs, october 2nd, mime website. coming up, the tan man and his crew march out their pledge to the top 2%. they could care less that the income gap between the rich and poor is at an all-time high. jessie jackson goes after that. i keep telling you, president obama just doubled down on that. ripping all of them for being destructive. all that, plus palin gets booed in primetime, and a fox and friend needs serious legal
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coming up next, senate republicans don't give a damn about american jobs, and the ones that are being shipped overseas. democrats are showing economic patriotism and fighting to keep them right here. we'll tell you the latest with senator dick durbin. stay with us. until one day, my daughter showed me a designer handbag. and like that, we had a new side to our business. [ male announcer ] when the martinez family saw an opportunity, the hartford was there. protecting their employees and property, and helping them prepare for the future. nice boots. nice bag. [ male announcer ] see how the hartford helps businesses at [ male announcer ] at ge capital, we're out there every day with clients like jetblue -- financing their fleet, sharing our expertise, and working with people who are changing the face of business in america.
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welcome back to "the ed show." if you're on the fence and trying to make is decision where you're going to vote in november, i think this story is a classic of right and wrong,
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and what is right and wrong in america. now, once again, this is just facts. the republicans proved to me anyway they don't give a damn about the american worker. earlier today, senate reps, they blocked the cheating american jobs and offshoring act. they blocked it. the bill would have provided incentives for american companies to hire workers here in our country and replace the jobs that have been shipped overseas. is that common sense? is that american? that, hey, we want to create jobs in america. we know that outsourcing is an issue. we know that companies are racing to the bottom line. but you know what? we're not going to penalize them. we're going to give them an incentive if they bring the jobs back to america. they're not going to have to pay tax for two years. only 53 senators voted for the
6:19 pm
bill, seven short of the 60 votes needed. of course, senator chuck grassley of iowa pulled the plug on the american worker today. he said, this is an unacceptable gamble with american jobs. excuse me? here's the number, they've filibustered at least 100 bills during this congress. this un-american obstruction was encouraged by the chamber of commerce, the national association of manufacturers and other big business front groups, who are addicted to one thing only, and that is cheap labor. the bill was the last chance to help create jobs before the midterm elections. before we go to our guests tonight, just what i've told you in the last minute and a half, whose side are you on? does it make sense to want to help our economy? to give a break to businesses for creating jobs here in america? my question to the republicans
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tonight is, is there anything we can do that you wouldn't block? joins me is snork dick durbin. what happened today? it was predictable. not wurch single republican senator would join us in closing the tax loop holes that american businesses are using to subsidize shipping american jobs overseas. not one single republican senator would join us in creating the incentives that you talked about to bring these jobs back home, give tax breaks to companies that repatriate american jobs back in the states, to give them a break to encourage it. not a single republican senator would cast a vote on our side. >> is it unpatriotic at this point, senator? >> well, it's illogical. you can't argue that you want to create jobs? america, then make it easy to
6:21 pm
ship them overseas. >> i was in sterling, ig noise. we met julie. jewel write works for a company there. she's worked there 34 years, a grandmother, community activist, she's in tears. she's about to lose her job. and we ran into workers as well. let me tell you the ultimate insult, ed. they were being asked to train the foreign workers who were brought in from other countries, train them on how to take over their jobs. you know what? we're going to give a tax deduction for the company that brought in the foreign worker to be trained by the american, so they can go through the training course. now, to me that's unacceptable. we ought to be rewarding companies that create good jobs, living wage, good benefits. i'd like to walk into a store in this country and see "made in the usa" stamped on the bottom. the republicans today wouldn't vote that way. >> explain to our audience, senator durbin, what was senator
6:22 pm
grassley talking about when he said this bill is an unacceptable gamble with american jobs. >> i don't get it. i'm glad you really called him for what it is. when the u.s. chamber of commerce, the u.s. chamber of commerce says this is a bat idea. in fact they had a sentence that said bringing a job back to the united states does not create profit and economic growth, and you think to yourself, who were they working for? if the u.s. chamber of commerce is not working for a u.s. company to hire u.s. workers so that we can have a growing economy right here at home, who are they working for? today many republican senators hid behind the u.s. chamber of commerce position. >> on the common sense board, senator durbin, you hit the bull's-eye. i appreciate you bringing this up, though the righties over
6:23 pm
there are saying this is demagoguery just before the election. you can do it the day before the election, the first day president obama was in, you get criticized for it anyway. there are a lot of families that are hurting because of outsourcing. people show know you and the democrats tried to do something about it. >> let me tell you, when the debate started, i said to my republican friends, you pick the state, the town, the meeting. i will debate this issue any place you want to debate it. haven't had any takers. >> senator durbin, appreciate your time tonight. >> thanks, ed. one of the fox and friends is amazingly confused again. he's crying about the health care bill, not telling the story. gather around, kids. it's story time in the zone, next. hey, did you ever finish last month's invoices?
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and it's "psychotalk" tonight. the kids on fox and friends are back whining about the health care bill. they were talking about people being confused because it's just so gosh darn hard to reed. >> i think there's maybe five people in the country who know what's in the entire health care package. >> because that's all who have read it. >> it's impossible. it's like something a lawyer would have trouble getting there. it's a legal document. it doesn't tell a story. >> almost a legal document? let me break this one down for
6:28 pm
you, big guy. legislation passed by congress, signed into law by president is a legal document. the health care bill isn't supposed to tell a story. the united states congress isn't directing a movie of the week, they're making laws, which to recap, are legal documents. fox news truly is the blind leading the blind. they complain about people not understanding health care reform, then they go out and tell lies about it. so unlike them. it's legally dumb psychotalk. coming up, rpg, they don't care that there are two americas. the rich just keep getting richer while uncome falls for the middle class. reverend jessie jackson next. and they report and the president of the united states decides. the command anywhere chief
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hammers roger ales, and his crew. the birthers are coming out. you're watching "ed ed show" on msnbc. [ male announcer ] there's mourning in america. today, fifteen million men and women won't have the opportunity to go to work. businesses shuttered. twenty nine hundred families will have their homes foreclosed by nightfall. this afternoon six thousand men and women will be married, each of their children to be born with a thirty thousand dollar share of the runaway national debt. our government is now taking over the choices we once made in life. there's mourning in america. under the leadership of president obama our country is fading and weaker and worse off. his policies were a grand experiment,
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welcome back to "the ed show." the battleground story tonight, a tale of two americas. the income gap is, listen up, an an all-time high in this country. last year it grew by the largest marge margin ever. the top 20% got almost half of all income in america. meanwhile, the 14.3% of americans got only 3.4% of the income. the top 5% of americans saw their incomes grow last year while middle-class family incomes declined. republicans, well, they want to
6:33 pm
make it worse by cutting taxes for the super-rich, but offering no solutions for the other 98%. for more let's bring in reverend jesse jackson. good to have you with us tonight. what can be done about these numbers? why is this gap getting this way, in your opinion? and what can be done about it? >> because the rich are being subsidized, getting bailouts, they're not getting richer because they're working harder, and the poor are not getting poorer because they're not working as hard. there's a government policy. you bail out the banks. the result is you're losing 90,000 homes or vacant lots in detroit. there must be some connection between billing out the rich and their reinvestment in america. >> if the republicans take the majority, would we assume it's only going to get worse? based on what they've said, in
6:34 pm
your opinion. >> right now they're protecting tax cuts for the real wealthy. if the rich just got richer slower, you can see -- there's this radical leap to the top and leaping without manufacturing jobs. leaping without reinvestment. but not reconstruction. ed, we bail out big auto companies, and the number one market for buick today is china. they're not building plant in saginaw or flint or detroit. i say reinvesting in americas is the key. if you just had a plan of where people could be taught apprenticeship training or do landscaping, take down boards -- you could put america back to work, and that's why americas is all about putting america back to work. not welfare, but fair share. >> you and i have talked recently about turnout and how
6:35 pm
the base is somewhat disenfranchised, that the voter turnout has been very low. this is what the president said about the base -- people need to buck up. its inexcusable for any democrat or progressive right now to stand on the sidelines in the midterm election. with the story we're doing here and the income gap the way it is, why wouldn't it be a motivating factor for the base? your response on that and how the president is handling this. >> well, unless you water the rich, you will not have flowers to bloom. in detroit, for example, 600,000 registered voters, they're not voting en masse, because they're still losing houses, still losing jobs. we bail out the rich, the elite, the military in afghanistan, targeted jobs, and jobs will bring about -- >> reverend, is the president
6:36 pm
solid in his strategy to give a polite scolding to the base and tell them they've got to buck up up? what do you think? >> i don't think it's a matter of scolding. if you go to campuses, speak up, i have a plan, a plan to -- a gateway to student loan dead forgiveness, that is a stimulus. if you say to the poor, i have a chicken in the pot, as roosevelt did, that's concrete. we have concrete job concentration at the base. to not vote, you're not losing ratings, you also lose congressional chairman. the stakes are high. we have a big reason to march on saturday. the vote on november 2nd. >> we will be there on october 2nd, this saturday in d.c. >> ed, by the way, you are bears against dallas and bears again green bay, you keep it up, you will be become folks marching on
6:37 pm
favre, not -- >> you got me. the vikes are 1-2. good to have you here. let's get some rapid-fire response. the connecticut senate race is neck and neck. who would have thought richard blumenthal is down to just a three-point lead over former wwe ceo linda mcmahon. jim clyburn warns in republicans take over the how, they'll create gridlock by flooding the white house with subpoenas on every issue, including president obama's place of birth. economists say the recession is over, but a new nbc news/"wall street journal" poll shows people don't believe it. and more and more of them are blaming it on the president. with us tonight, todd webster, democratic strategist, karen hanredy. let's talk about connecticut.
6:38 pm
blumenthal had a double-digit lead, was way out in front. what's happening here? >> the polls are going to be going up and down. another poll came out that had dick blumenthal up by 12 points. the interesting thing is that linda mcmahon has a 4 % unfavorable rating. it's hard to win an election and get 50% of the vote when nearly half of the electric rat thinks you're repugnant. if they look at dick blumenthal, taking on the tobacco companies, the insurance companies, the big health care companies and looking at linda mcmahon an what she has done, running a circus sideshow with a number of people with drug abuse problems and treated very badly, this became apart again. >> how does a guy with a record, an attorney general in connecticut, public service, be this close to someone who's made
6:39 pm
a living in professional wrestling? these are strange times. >> i have two thoughts. first of all, if a candidate with only 44% approval who's considered repugnant, harry reid -- >> 44% disapproval. >> okay. well, it still fits my point, which is harry reid in nevada. those about his disapproval numbers action and they think he's repugnant, so i guess it plays both way, but the real point action i think what we are seeing, is sp really fascinating races that are shocking people, like in west virginia, where it's less about personal than it is voters using their vote as a referendum on president obama and the democrats. in other words, you might have a cane candidate like mcmahon, who you don't necessarily like her, but they're willing to cast a vote for her, because they want to cast a vote against the guy wo's going to stand with obama.
6:40 pm
you're seeing it in west virginia, which is a race i never thought would be close. he's so popular, but he's neck and neck with the republicans. >> since the supreme court ruling, thexd courses are outfunding d. oh, please. that's nonsense. >> it's facts. it's 26-1. karen i'm just giving you facts. they not commentary. i'm giving you fact. right now the corporations you are outraising the union 26 to 1. that's why these races are so close, because it's all about the money. how about jim clyburn? he says if the republicans do get the majority, then it will be subpoena city usa in washington, d.c. and the birthers are going to go after president obama constitutionally on where he was born. todd, what about this? iflgts he's absolutely right. the last time republicans controlled the house up dan burton leading a crazy circus sideshow investigating all sort
6:41 pm
of nutty ideas. they spent 140 hours of deposition about whether the clinton white house misused its credit card -- its christmas card list. so absolutely, if you need another reason to vote for democrats in november, it's to keep the house and dan burton and darrell issa away from the governmental affairs committee as this government is facing two wars and a fragile economy, wasting the president's time answering a bunch of subpoena. >> clyburn says the white house will be full time responding to subpoenas about where the many matt or may not have been born, whether his mother and father were ever married and whether his family is from georgetown or sampit. >> i'm sure clyburn has his finger on the pulse of what the republican party will do. >> look bat a what what they did for six years in the '90s. it's more scare tactics. that's exactly what this is right now, with voters. you can't motivate your voters
6:42 pm
to go to the polls and vote for democrats, because they're excited, so you're on the there trying to fer fi them and put all these scare tactics and hope the fear will drive them to the polls. >> i'll tell you what, your last comment here, i want you to know -- and this is a compliment -- we are going to file that comment away, because if the republicans do take the house, jim clyburn told me today on the radio show, they're going to try to impeach president obama, the subpoenas will be coming left and right. >> no. you know what? republicans will be too busy repealing health care, making sure that cap and tax never passes. >> are you saying that the republicans will not do that? i'm trying to work with you. are you saying that the republicans will not try to impeach president obama if they have the majority in yes or no. >> yes, i'm saying they won't try to impeach them, because they'll be too busy trying to fix the health care disaster you
6:43 pm
all passed, making sure cap and tax never passes, so we can get manufacturers back to work -- >> what about today's vote? what about today's vote in the senate? not one republican senator went along with the incentive package to bring jobs back to america. how do you defend that? >> i'll tell you what. when republicans hopefully take over the senate, we can put some economic -- >> you didn't answer the question. todd, the last word. >> get the government out of job creation, which is what jesse jackson wants. >> putting them in charge will late to more a health care bill, they have made enormous progress while the republicans sat on the sidelines and tried at every moment to blow it up. >> fod and karen, great to have you with us tonight. always a pleasure. good to have you on.
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in my playbook tonight. education nation has been the focal point of discussion the past few days. the unselfish stewed.
6:48 pm
i think there is no better than alan paige. for the last 18 years. the former nfl player has been on the senate. he has helped thousands of students under the condition that they give back to the community by working in the schools. the page education foundation, it's 20th anniversary a couple years ago, now in the 22nd year. you've helped over 4,000 students. they have to give back. we provided financial assistance to over 4,000 students. >> they have to give back. >> they have to give back to their community. they have to be involved working with young children as tutors, as mentors, and as role model, sending the strong clear message
6:49 pm
by both word and deed, because mind you they're in school themselves, that education is important, and that with hard work, effort, and a little perseverance, you can use education as a tool to achieve wafr your hopes and dreams really are. >> what was your motivation behind all of this? you have helped people you don't even know. >> as a lawyer, as a judge, i have seen what happens when people are hopeless. we have too many people in our prisons. many of them certainly have no moral compass, but i think more of them have simply given up hope by creating hope, and i think you create hope by
6:50 pm
education, we have the ability to change the future. for those people, not only those people, but for all of us, to make it better. >> all rise, it is remarkable journey of alan page is an authorized biography on alan page. i think this story, this book, is a role model for america when it comes to leadership and exemplifies what we need to do as a country in education. what would you say to young people that would like to have the life you've had? what do they have to do? >> i think they have to prepare themselves. if they prepare themselves, that puts them in control of taking advantage of opportunities when they come along. if you're not prepared, all the opportunities in the world won't matter. they have to work hard. that comes with the territory.
6:51 pm
i think one of the things that i have learned and didn't quite understand early on, but come to realized, you also have to seek excellence. you have to work to be as good as you can at whatever it is you are doing. >> backing up and talking about your football career and how the nfl has been -- has developed into such a big part of our american culture -- >> it was a big part when i was playing. >> do you think they bear a responsibility when it comes to education? because in our culture so many young people look up to athletes that are in the spotlight? >> from my vantage point, we as a society make the mistake of placing a little too much emphasis on looking up to the
6:52 pm
athlete. the reality is that people are influenced by those they can reach out and touch. most of us don't know any professional athletes, don't have the ability to reach out and touch. but the person next door, the next-door neighbor, the person down the street, the people we see every day, they are the ones who can have far more influence, far more real influence than professional athletes. >> we need more people like alan page in this country to step up. we need them to make a difference and pe part of the solution. the book is foreworded by former president bill clinton. caribou barby dropped by "dancing with the stars" to watch her daughter compete. when she walked in, it sounded like she was booed. the boos were heard before her
6:53 pm
appearance on camera. >> it was a lot of fun. >> well, if you don't want them to meet the same shock that ended david hasselhoff's ballroom deal, you need to text them. there's booing in the ballroom. >> why is there booing? >> i don't know. support them right now with your votes. >> thank you, brook. i'm here with guest ballroom commentator sarah palin who joins us from alaska. >> was there booing? i don't watch the show, but if she's getting booed every week, i'll tune in for sure. coming up. president obama is in the no spin zone. he's flat-out say fox news is a directive outlet? bob shall rum will get after that one, next. stay with us. i didn't miss a premium payment for 10 years. and i'm worried if i lose my job, i won't be able to afford insurance. when i graduated from college, i lost my health insurance.
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6:57 pm
finally tonight, president obama just slammed fox in an interview with "rolling stone" he says fox follows a tradition, i think fox is part of that tradition. it is part of the tradition that has a clear, undeniable point of view. it's a point of thats disagree with. it's a point of view that i think is ultimately destructive for the long-term -- let me bring if bob shrum. i don't recall any president ever being so aggressive on a
6:58 pm
news organization. >> i think it's entirely justified. let me put it a little less politely. fox news all to change its slog been to we distort your deceived. it's a conscious strategy of deception and fear. you've gone over it again and again. nonexistent death pants, aiding and abetting the birthers, people like glenn beck saying the government is considering forced abortions as a means of population control. it corods or democracy. the president is right as well, that it's at the service of the profit motive, not just rupert murdo murdoch's profit, but the people who want to elect officials who aren't going to make them pay their fair share of taxes or live up to the environmental or financial responsibilities. >> the word destructive, what do you make of it? >> i think it's exactly right. i used to occasionally debate
6:59 pm
william f. buckley. we disagreed deeply about issues, we obvious had vigorous arguments, but we had agreed-upon facts. what fox does is create an alternate universe where the debate is distorted. it's about things that aren't true, and it leads people in a direction, for example, on economic policy where they think that the solution to a massive downturn in the economy is to cut government spending. that would take us back to the days of herbert hoover. >> the president oftentimes is critical of the cables. ironically i think he probably would fit right in if he ever hosted a show if he calls it destructive. >> ed, the truth of the matter is i think every time he said cable, he meant fox. today he actually said "fox." >> bob shrum, always a pleasure. >> thank you. in our survey tonight, i asked do you agree that the democrats need to buck up? 96% said