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tv   MSNBC News Live  MSNBC  September 29, 2010 10:00am-11:00am EDT

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tensions running high in europe right now over fears of a possible tror attack and is the u.s. at risk, too? plus, a super soaker. tropical depression number 16 dwumping on a ton of rain on florida right now and then expected to head right up the east coast. bristol palin's ex meets our own lawrence o'donnell. this one you want to see, believe me. good wednesday morning, i'm chris jansing. live from msnbc world headquarters in new york. well, with the potential republican takeover of congress breathing down his neck, a newly energized and clearly fired up president obama is back on the road and he's got an awful lot at stake. this is the barack obama that fired up an electorate and took the white house. >> the prediction among the pundits is, this is going to be a blood letting for democrats. that's what they're saying in washington.
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we can't let this country fall backwards because the rest of us didn't care enough to fight. the stakes are too high for our country and for your future and i'm going to get throughout and fight as hard as i can and i know you are, too, to make sure we keep moving forward. >> that was before a raucous crowd last night. now, today, the president wraps up his four-state tour with stops in two more key states. iowa and virginia. mike viqueira is traveling with the president and joins us from des moines and, mike, we have seen him return to this very successful campaign mode that he used to get elected president and he's focusing on youth. talk a little bit about the strategy here. >> well, it's very quite obvious and the president has explicitly stated along with joe biden. chris, the day after the scolding came the pleading from president obama. he and the vice president the day before yesterday told the
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base stop, stop whining you have to buck up or everything you worked so hard for will go down the tubes. last night really trying to create that campaign air. it was a dnc event. completely political on the campus of university of wisconsin. the official estimate and you got to believe the obama, the obama administration and the democratic party got the picture that they wanted out there with all those kids out there cheering. it was a full-on production. the whole nine yards. the dnc had sponsored some internet watch parties. they said it was 200 places around the country. that's the kind of grassroots energizing they have to do but the president by his own admission admonishing all of those folks that were watching there on the ground at university of wisconsin and around the country that they're going to have to get motivated. today in des moines, iowa, a
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beautiful day in the neighborhood here, chris. the president has another one of these backyard discussions. again, talking about the economy, but not hesitating to veer off into a little bit of criticism. a lot of criticism about republicans and their pledge to america. we expect to see that here today in des moines and later on today in richmond, virginia. chris? >> mike viqueira, as he said in des moines. joining our conversation now doug wilder and msnb political adviser pat buchanan. governor wilder, as you are watching barack obama, you think he's getting a little bit of his mojo back? >> chris, it's good to be with you. the big problem that the democrats have and the president, i think, understands it, getting his mojo back to get him elected is one thing. getting his mojo back for transference is something different.
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and don't moind sind saying tha people were put back or put down by joe biden saying to people, stop whining. you don't have a job, stop whining. you don't have a mortgage, stop whining. things aren't good for you, stop whining. i think it will be much better for the president to deliver this kind of message to say this. i recognize that i have not done all the things that i could have done and would have liked to have done. i could and eating a lot of food. it's amazing. >> so you car how heavy you are,
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no matter how long you've been overweight, you are not genetically doomed to be fat. this plan will work for anyone who does it. no matter how much weight you have to lose, you truly can make over your body and be lean and happy for the rest of your life. >> on the six week body makeover i've lost 365 pounds in two years. weight became an issue for me about 11th or 12th grade when i couldn't fit into the seats in the high school. when i graduated from high school i w of the united states and to gvote for candidate x when you're in real trouble. >> do you think the electorate is as disillusioned.
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59% think we're going in the wrong direction. on the other hand, we're still 34 days out from this election. you know, just because we in the media or people who are political junkies spent the summer obsessing about the elections and, you know, there were people, frankly, taking vacations and getting the kids ready to geto school. is this the critical time or maybe too little, too late to get that electorate fired up? >> well, i don't think it's too late. but the question is, what message are you trying to get out as thelma hart spoke so eloquently in atlanta and said directly to the president, i want to support and i'm becoming disillusioned and tired of defending you as such. yet, i can tell you that the people i run into on a regular basis, that poll number suggesting the country is not headed in the right direction. i think a lot of people are really questioning where we stand and where are we and who are the leaders that are going to project it for us? it's going to be difficult, i
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think, for democrats to turn it around. they can turn it around, the question is, how? time is running out. the sands in the hour glass are thinning by the day. >> pat, do you think maybe it's too little too late for the president or 43 days enough to turn this thing around and you mentioned some of the movement going away from the republicans. >> no, i don't think you can turn this around. a very bad election for the democrats. the question is, how bad. i think the republicans made an unforced error with that pledge and distracting people and giving the democrats a target to shoot at. but, really, i tell you, look at that poll you got, chris. look what's happening. nancy pelosi is 22 positive and 50 negative. harry reid is upside down. the president's upside down. stay on the offensive against the other team. when you get the ball, don't go start throwing it all over the field when you're a couple
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touchdowns up. >> pat, always good to talk to you. >> i think pat, i think pat played, he said it absloolutely right. it's not so much that the republicans are doing things so great, that pledge is really up in the air in terms of really connecting with the american people. the question is, what are the democrats promising they can do and how do they expect to deliver it? that's the message that has to get out there. >> governor wilder and pat buchanan, gentlemen, a real pleasure. >> thank you. >> thank you so much. let's look at the weather. boy, it's been a busy season and look what happened in coastal virginia. possible tornado touching down there. this home in north hampton county was almost wiped out on monday evening the interesting thing is there was a man sitting in the house when the tornado or probable tornado hit but somehow he walked away without a scratch and no serious injuries reported and the damage there confined to this one area. strong storm system packing
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h heavy winds and high rain is impacting the tropical right now. the storm moves north and the weather has forced the cancellation of an nhl preseason game between the carolina panthers and hurricanes. jim cantore is in florida for us today. >> something we're keeping a close eye on, if it gets heavier, the potential for flooding. you look at the palm trees behind me, hardly blowing at all. some of the worst wind last night when some of the first squalls came on through. that's really what we are finding of this depression. very unorthodox and almost falling apart as it's moving now off shore of cuba and hopefully stay that way. the rains right now haven't been heavy enough to cause the flooding and cars moving along pretty well as far as what we can see with the track. this morning in miami-dade
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enough to cause a few traffic accidents and that's what we heard so far with respect to this. school's in session and government office is open and everyone is pretty much going about business as usual as what is really going to be an all-day rain here in south florida. should end about the time the sun goes down this evening. so, storms go, hopefully this one will go pretty well for florida as we look down the road, though, another risk into early next week of this area possibly being affected by a tropical system. we will keep you posted on what happens next week. i'm meteorologist jim cantore, back to you. let's go to bill karins. heading up the east coast. >> florida is like a sponge, sandy soil, it could rain all day in florida for the most part. that's not the case when you go
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up through the eastern seaboard. flood watches through canada and mid-atlantic and boston area won't be too bad with this one. how much rainfall we are expecting with this storm and adding it up as it goes in time here and the possibility of a six to seven inch localized rain event in areas of new jersey and new york city and that would be a big deal as far as the timing goes. starts tonight in d.c., some light rain and the real significant rains early tomorrow morning. the morning commute around d.c., philly and also baltimore will be bad. new york the heavy rain will just be moving in. tomorrow afternoon and evening the heaviest delays and d.c., philly to new york and getting into heaartford and wraps up thursday night into friday morning. it's a weird event. almost like a nor'easter type storm. just a very heavy rain event. a storm we would see in the spring -- >> it's a weird fall.
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let's just say that. >> i like a quiet fall, but the leaves first. >> doesn't this make that? >> we'll appreciate it later. >> thank you. there are some frightening moments aboard a skywest airlines plane. they had to make an emergency landing in milwaukee last night and only part of the landing gear was done. paernsh passengered were warned to brace for impact. well, classes are resuming today at the university of texas after an oncampus shoot hg the school on lockdown. the gunman is 19-year-old math major and sophomore colton tooey. he fired shots into the air and then in the library he shot himself to death. those who know him say he's intelligent and unemotional. cell phone video shows s.w.a.t teams entering one of the classrooms yesterday. no one else, fortunately, was
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hurt/" california's first execution in five years has been put on hold. a san jose judge gave convicted rapist and murdrist elmwood greenwood brown a temporary reprieve just two days before he was to be executed. so close he already ordered his last meal. steak and onion rings. the judge didn't have enough time to review whether the lethal injection procedures is humane and further complicating that issue one of california's drugs that they were planning to use on friday expires on friday. and europe is on high alert right now. officials keeping their eye on a terror plot that could possibly be targeting a few countries including france and germany. host: could switching to geico really save you 15% or more on car insurance?
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terrorist allegedly planned shooting sprees for targets in france and germany and britain. people in paris are on edge, certainly, because the eiffel tower had to be evacuated for the second time this month after bomb threats there. it's open now, but officials warn there is still a threat and they're looking closely at pakistan where that threat may have originated. jenny is in london and, jenny, let's start with how officials found out about this. how did they? >> well, actually, we've been talking to a pakistani intelligence officer who doesn't want to be named and he told us the way we found out about this was because a number of british born pakistani suspects were arrested in pakistan earlier this month and during the interrogation they were being inteared by u.s., uk and pakistani intelligence officers and they revealed a plot to
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essentially go on a killing spree across europe. it was certainly supposed to be spreading to france, germany and denmark. having said that, at the moment, the state will alert here in the uk remain severe so that means the threats for a terror attack is highly likely and in germany, however, they haven't increased their level of attack and that's possibly because they say this plot was uncovered and it's very early embryonic stages. >> jenny, thanks so much. i want to bring in international terrorism consultant. michael seldom is a money executive for deloit. she mentioned, obviously, pakistan. there have been reports in the "wall street journal" that the number of drone attacks have been stepped up despite some folks eneurope and critics among
10:19 am
human rights groups. what does this accomplish? particularly stepping up with drone attacks. >> the group responsible or allegedly responsible for this plot is based in these tribal regions and based in north wuzeerstone and they have been releasing video after video showing young german recruits heading there and showing the recruits and the concern is we let these guys sit there, organize, plan out operations and, you know, we can't stop them once they get to europe. >> the concern is the type of operation because we're hearing from a lot of counterterrorism officials that the real concern now is for the growing threat of these mumbai-style attacks, which is basically you go into a public place and you open fire and next thing you know in the case of mumbai, more than 200 people are dead and how do you protect against something like this? public places or public places?
10:20 am
>> very, very dramatic. >> i think jan napolitano talked about that last week. shahzad goes through all this effort to plan an operation and the baomb doesn't go off. with these mumbai-style attacks there is no bomb and it is easier to cause mayhem and chaos. so, i mean, this is a concern and i think if you look at what the french police have been doing recently, taking these bomb threats against the eiffel tower very, very seriously, it's an indication that european law enforcement feels the same way. these are serious plots and there is a threat out there. whether or not that threat is going to be realized, we will see. they wanted to stop one of the key conspirators before he left kabul and afghanistan. >> that's where we want to be with this, michael. we want to be in front of it. you cannot provide security at every potential place that could
10:21 am
provide a target. let me ask you about spain, just arresting the u.s. silt zn suspected of financing the north african affiliate and talk to us about the financing and how it plays into thwarting these kind of potential attacks. >> what we learned from the 9/11 commission is the amounts of money necessary to carry out these attacks is small. it usually goes across border and in the form of wire transfers. >> because this u.s. citizen, right, who was arrested in spain was 80 grand. it wasn't like millions of dollars. >> correct, exactly. that's why the obama administration issued yesterday a proposed rule that would require banks to send all, without respect to the value of the transaction, all transactional data to the office of treasury, the brain trust of treasury so they can proactively begin to analyze these data sets and look for these pings of
10:22 am
information. >> when i hear things like analyze these data sets, it makes my brain go a little bit. can we plug this stuff into a computer? is this really easy to follow or is it complicated? >> it's complicated but without the data, you can't do it. this step of tobama administration jeyesterday is a good first step to allow treasury to get ahead of it instead of after the money has moved. that's the key in detecting and preventing this stuff is to get in front of it rather than react to it after the fact. >> michael, great to see you, evan, appreciate you coming in, as always. thank you, guys. levi johnston wants to become the next mayor of wasilla, alaska. is he ready? lawrence o'donnell tests his knowledge. and the winner is not who she originally said. oops. >> this is a complete accident,
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fascinating comment that a lot of people are talking about from president obama with his religious belief. 18% of americans mistakenly find that the president is muslim. he answered this question, why are you a christian at a backyard event in new mexico. >> i am a christian by choice. my family didn't, frankly, they weren't folks who went to church every week. so, i came to my christian faith liter ete later in life and it because the preseps of jesus christ spoke to me in terms of the kind of life i would want to lead. being my brothers and sisters keeper. fr
10:27 am
treating others as they would treat me. >> a new poll shows the most who know the most about religiouses are atheist and agnostics. the pew poll quizzed more than 3,000 adults about the bible and major religious figures. you are looking at the top scores now. jews came in second followed by mormons and then white catholics. 86% of peopeople surveyed said y believed in a higher power. people who visited a florida strip club recently were rolling up their sleeves. rachel's gentlemen's club near orlando offered free flu shot. just had to be a city employee, resident or a veteran. everyone else got the shot for 30 bucks. >> you going for the flu shot? >> it would be my first time ever coming to this club and
10:28 am
it's a free flu shot. >> you said first time visiting this club. >> exactly. i'm going to leave it at that. >> two honest men, right the event was so successful, they're planning to do it again next month. all in the interest of public health. check out what happened in sing sing nupore. down she goes. the show did go on with an assist from the back-up singers but maria calls out somebody come and take these shoes off. the assistant showed up and took the shoes off. how high were those heels? don says take your own shoes off. that's a good question, don. i should have asked that if i was a good journalist. live tv is not always perfect.
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here's the highly anticipated grand finale winner for australia's next top model winner contest. no. i'm so sorry about this, oh, my, i don't know what to say. this is a complete accident, i'm so sorry. it's amanda. it was fed to me wrong. >> oh, that's painful to watch. winner kelsey martinovich enjoyed her one-minute rein and then gracefully stepped down. was sarah palin booed or not when she was introduced on "dancing with the stars." the show set the record straight. we know palin is cheering her daughter on, but what about bristol's former fiance, levi johnston.
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welcome back to msnbc, i'm chris jansing. jimmy carter has not been released from a hospital just yet. his publisher canceled scheduled book signing events. he was admitted yesterday for stomach problems. the woman who admitted she lied about that acid attack will be in a washington courtroom this morning. expected to plead not guilty to theft charges and accused of accepting thousands of dollars for donations in people who felt sorry for her gave. the senate foreign relations committee holding a hearing on the controversial release of the lockerbie bomber. he was released last august because reportedly he was dying of cancer. republican millionaire meg whitman who traded jabs with
10:34 am
jerry brown. >> the fact that jerry brown tried to distant himself from the labor unions was amazing to me. my view is putting jerry brown in charge of negotiating with the labor unions around pensions how many people we have in the state government is like putting count dracula in charge of the blood bank. >> if everybody in state service worked as long as i have, the pension system would be overfunded by 50%. if they want to stay around to '27. by the way, if you elect me governor, i won't collect until i'm 76. ulous i take a second. if i take a second term, it will be 80. i'm the best pension buy california has ever seen. okay. >> so, a little humor in between all the policy. look at the latest poll, it shows brown with a five-point edge over meg whitman. we'll keep watching that race,
10:35 am
really interesting. they're stalling. that's what they're saying about their democratic counterparts when it comes to trying on ethics charges. nbc congressional correspondent luke russert joins us live with today's hill say. are democrats stalling before the elections because we had maxine waters and certainly charlie rangel on our air numerous time s saying they wan the opportunity to clear their name. >> that's what the members said in this statement, which was quite a surprising move for us here on capitol hill. this committee really operates in almost secretive way and especially supposed to be nonpartisan and remove from the bath that is american politics. it is supposed to be atonmous on that and the republicans on this xwhity called off the democratic chair woman and said, look, you
10:36 am
have been stalling and we wanted to have these numbers before the november mid-term elections and if we can't establish before the congress is on a recess, we'll do it in october. republicans are playing politics, which is supposed to be a nonpartisan committee. a lot of republicans are saying, look, at the end oof the day charlie rangel, maxine waters have both said, we want a speedy trial and republicans now are simply saying there is no reason we can't have one. a two-year investigation on rangel and months and months in the waters. a lot of this happens, chris, because of what majority leader steny hoyer said last week. hoyer said it's up to those two to schedule it and republicans said no it's up to zolofton to schedu schedule it. sources say it won't happen until 2011 now. a new look at the political tea leafs shows the republican party is gaining strength with
10:37 am
republicans. 71% now consider themselves tea party supporters. overall, our new nbc news/"wall street journal" poll find it is good for politics. i'm joined by j.d. hayworth who recently lost his tea-party backed clback ed challenge to senator john mccain for the nomination. gentlemen, good to see you, good morning. congressman hayworth, i want your take on it. is this poll which i thought 71% was an astonishing number. is this a reflection just of sort of the general mood whether you're a democrat or the republicans? clearly, there's a throw the bums out kind of mentality or do you think there are a lot of republicans who are disenchanted with the party and are looking for a different, more conservative way? >> well, chris, i hate to put it this way, but i think it's a little bit of both. i think there is very much an anti-washington mood and i think there is a mood for real reform
10:38 am
and part of the real awakening. one major tea party group joined the tea has put out its contract from america. it's going with the premise that if we're going to employ people, if these people are going to work for us, they ought to be listening to what we have to say. so, in that sense, i don't believe it's exclusively republican. i think what you're seeing is widespread dissatisfaction and, indeed, the story proceeding us here in the ethics condry in which congressman waters find themselves and i might say chairwoman and apparently no time to schedule these ethics trials, i think it speaks volumes. >> i think the question i have and maybe i didn't phrase it as clearly as i could have, congressman frost. do you think these people, the 71% who seem to associate or like the ideas of the tea party really know what they are? is it a little bit like that pew
10:39 am
poll we talked about earlier in the hour where people talked about their faith but when they're asked about the specific tenants of their faith, don't really know what they are. so, do you think that the tea party message is really clear and that 71% is really aware of that message? >> well, i like to think of the tea party as republicans in funny hats. these people are all over the ballpark. i don't think people fully understand what they stand for. some of the tea party folks want to have privatization of social security and medicare. other republicans want to run away from that and say, oh, no, that's not us. so, the public is unhappy. the public is going to vote against a lot of incumbents and some of those incumbents who may be defeated may be republicans. i think there is a strong mood out there that there needs to be change. whether it's a strong enough mood to actually change the control of the house and the senate remains to be seen, but i don't think the tea party is clearly defined. i mean, j.d. lost his race.
10:40 am
he was their candidate and he lost by a pretty significant margin. other tea party candidates won. >> well, understand this, $25 million according to the center responsive politics. i don't want to go back and refight that, but just to make a point, record-setting spending and that's a tall order in any circumstance and i think we're talking about different races around the country. >> go ahead, chris. >> without getting into those. we do have the defeats of incumbent republican senators robert bennet and the victory in delaware by christine oo'donnell who is backed by, of course, tea party groups. but congressman hayworth, let me ask you this then. even let's say that in the biggest picture the people who say that 71% behind the tea party understand it is for lower taxes, smaller government. they want to lower the deficit. i don't think if you go to
10:41 am
washington you ask many members of congress, is the deficit a problem? do we need to get a handle on the deficit? they'll say no. the devil is in the details and how do we do it? >> precisely, chris. as you will note, the tea party, the acronym t.e.a. stands for taxed enough already. this may not need be partisan. we have seen through history whether it was jack kennedy in the 1960s or ronald reagan in the 1980s more recently president bush working with those of us who served on the ways and means committee. when you lower taxes across the board, that leads to reigniting the engines. the american people instinctively understand that. that is why you're seeing this broad-based movement that transcends party lines to say that government is too large and the last thing we need is to have government taking more and more of our hard-earned dollars as we fail to have jobs created by government. those jobs leading the private sector. >> real quick, we have to make this the last word.
10:42 am
congressman frost, real quick. >> just remember it is the tea party that revived the candidacy of harry reid. it's the tea party that has given us a chance in kentucky by nominati nominating paul. the tea party thatted a vblth privatizing social security and medicare. that's a birden for the republican party. >> congressmen, thanks to both of you. thank you so much. all right. the most controversial young man in alaska, meantime, not running for congress, but mayor of wasilla. he was talking politics and bristol palin with msnbc lawrence o'donnell on "the last word." he declared his intention to run for mayor of his hometown wasilla. one question echoed the question sarah palin faced on the trail. remember? >> what newspapers and magazines do you read regularly? >> i read "frontiersman" once in a while. i'm not going to sit here and
10:43 am
tell you that i read a lot of newspapers. i don't get "new york times" and i don't watch a whole lot of news and don't watch tv that often. >> says he doesn't watch tv and claims he is not watching his ex-fiance on "dancing with the stars." >> the only time i watched it was back in the green room. >> oh, come on, only time. >> i have seen it on youtube once. i have my son to worry about and my family and stuff to do around the house and my friend and reading up on all this stuff trying to become mayor. >> all right, i am supposed to tease lawrence oo'donnell "last word" 10:00. he only saw her last night in green room and her first appearance he youtubed. he's not watching her. i think there's something still there. speaking of "dancing with the stars" the show is coming to sarah palin's defense insisting
10:44 am
she did not get booed on monday. check out this video that they released. the executive producer says it proves that palin wasn't getting booed, it was the judges that were giving dancer jennifer grey only an 8. a second contestant on one of his shows committed suicide. we'll tell you what his family and friends are saying about all of it. why so many couples are holding off on saying i do and it has nuthing to do with the lack of love. i used to see the puddles, but now i see the splash. ♪ i wanted love, i needed love ♪ ♪ most of all, most of all... ♪
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driving up medical costs as much as $4 billion a year. overall, 27% of all emergency room visits could be treated else where. now to the death of a chef who once appeared on gordon ramsey popular reality shows. he committed sued by jumping off the bridge. jeff rossen is outside his restaurant in new jersey. very sad story, jeff. >> it really is, chris. we're talking about the show kitchen nightmares on fox. what happens the star gordon ramsey comes to failing restaurants like this one campania as he did three years ago and uses tough love, really vicious words to get these restaurants back on its feet. and then last week the chef who he grilled on national television killed himself. >> stop, stop, stop. >> reporter: celebrity chef gordon ramsey. he is known as a foul mouth
10:49 am
foodie. all part of the show on fox's "kitchen nightmares." in 2007, he was all over joe, the head chef and donor of campania restaurant. the confrontations, brutal. >> why did you decide to go in business if you don't know how to run a business? >> reporter: last week he jumped off the george washington bridge to his death. his body pulled from the hudson river deemed a suicide. his wife and three sons left behind. a headline in "new york post" called it a kitchen nightmare, but joe's family doesn't blame ramsey. we spoke with his sister. gordon was tough on him. >> he liked gordon and the show was great for business, it really helped tremendously. >> joe and gordon remained friends, you were telling me. >> my brother absolutely enjoyed spending the time with gordon
10:50 am
ramsey. >> reporter: his family said he welcomed it. after all, joe needed the help. ramsey was there to save his troubled restaurant. >> i'm financially in trouble. the debt of the restaurant alone is overwhelming. >> reporter: his sister said blaming ramsey is unfair that her brother, joe, has bigger issues than a reality show from three years ago. >> i'm sure he had a lot of sadness and maybe just saw something that would never end and just didn't know how else to manage that. >> reporter: joe's friends agree saying ramsey helped save the restaurant. >> you did see a big difference after gordon ramsey was there. >> reporter: joe appreciated it. >> he absolutely appreciated him. >> reporter: that said, joe isn't the first gordon ramsey consistent to commit suicide. >> it's barely edible. >> reporter: in 2006 rachel brown was on "hell's kitchen" where he is very tough on aspiring chefs. brown shot herself to death a
10:51 am
year after the taping of the reality show. >> i don't know if we can blame gordon ramsey. a lot of the contestants know what they're getting in to. >> reporter: as for joe, he was passionate about cooking and his wife, melissa, cherished him for it. >> it's his dream and i know he's giving it his all to succeed. >> reporter: but today she's left alone with the restaurant and their children. >> joe was one of the most beautiful people that i've ever known. just so loved. so, so loved. >> by the way, the restaurant is doing quite well now since gordon ramsey came here a few years ago. joe and gordon kept in touch and last year gordon came back to the restaurant to do a follow-up show and we reached out to gordon ramsey for comment and he told us, joe was a brilliant chef and our thoughts go out to his friends, family and staff. chris? >> jeff rossen, thank you so much. actress lindsay lohan is back in rehab. she reportedly checked herself
10:52 am
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for the first time since the u.s. started keeping track, there are more young adults who have never been married than people who are married. it is new data from the censuseses bureau and, apparently, the tough economy is causing more people to live together and put off tying the knot. so, here's what i want to know, ladies. is this just a convenient excuse for commitment phobics. i'm sorry, i can't afford the ring. just asking. that will do it for me.
10:56 am
i'm not a sociologist. i'll see you back here at 3:00 p.m. with tom joiner. he will talk about black universities stepping up to the challenge of today. tamron hall coming up. >> france, britain and germany, chris, uncover a possible al qaeda plot. what is being done to prevent it. president obama set to old another backyard discussion on the economy. bring it to you live. plus, jane hampsure is responding to the president's call for democrats to buck up to the midterms. some fiery thoughts from jane and we're tracking tropical depression number 16 as florida and the entire east coast prepares for some pretty serious downpours. we're up in a couple minutes. s. ♪ to find cleaner, more efficient ways to power flight.
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