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tv   MSNBC News Live  MSNBC  September 30, 2010 11:00am-12:00pm EDT

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up to new jersey and flash flood warn watches and warnings have been issued for four different states. in wilmington, north carolina, almost two feet has fallen since sunday. the national weather service says that tops the previous record set by hurricane floyd back in 1999. take a look at the airport delays along the east coast. every red and yellow plane means an airport with delays. the weather channel meteorologist jeff morrow joins us from washington, d.c. jeff, you're getting pounded and you don't have an umbrella and it's not a good day out there. >> yeah, it's not a good day to be a meteorologist, at least one that's standing out in the rain anyway, tamron. it's been raining on and off and at times it becomes lighter and we just had a heavy downpour move through here and we weren't sure we could do the shot with you and cleared up just enough. it was pouring here about a minute or two ago. still coming down hard and there have been some localized flooding areas for instance, i
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don't know if anybody out there is familiar with the d.c. area but virginia avenue has been closed between 21 and 25th street because of some flooding and some other streets around here, as well. again, i'm on connecticut avenue, if you go that way, it's headed towards the city itself and there are some underpasses here like behind me where connecticut avenue drops down behind dupont circle and it's in the underpasses where oftentimes you get a lot of the water ponding and sometimes those have to be closed. so far so good as far as that is concerned. but we still have this whole day to go through. as you mentioned, we're under a flash flood warning and a tornado watch, as well. it's just a bad day. hopefully tomorrow things will start to clear up. tamron? >> jeff, thank you very much. now to south carolina, coastal flood warnings are in effect and a high surf advisory also has been issued. the weather channel meteorologist mike seidel is standing by in north myrtle beach, your shot does not look nearly as bad as jeff's in washington, d.c., but i know
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it's a rough one coming there. >> yeah, we've had a couple very wet days since sunday. we've had anywhere from six to ten inches of rain, tamron and it's pretty much all over with. that big tropical hose coming up from what is left of nicole and we're still getting very heavy rain through wilmington and the eastern carolinas and not only under a tornado watch but they had over 20 inches of rain setting four and five-day records set during hurricane floyd. the surf is up this morning, we have surfers out there trying to catch some waves. they had a real treat with earl and danielle and we will have the rip currents and the waves today and they'll go asxwa the weather will turn just beautiful tomorrow and saturday. plenty of sunshine and temperatures tomorrow about 80. in the 70s on saturday and, by the way, about 120 gulf courses here in the myrtle beach area, tamron. hundreds of golfers who have
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been here for four days and have not gotten out on the greens and the fairways. >> that just sounds like whining. i can't golf. but let me ask you, though, seriously, about the warnings of coastal flooding in that area. >> yeah, we're just looking at the high tide coming up here in the next hour or so, water maybe a foot or so above average, just minor coastal flooding and minor beach erosion. that's it and we'll be done with that kind of issue. that's really all that is left here as the rain ended around sunrise this morning. wind gusts up over 40 and the rain and wind just kind of shut down like that. >> that's good news there. thank you very much, mike. nbc meteorologist bill karins is tracking the storm and, bill, what is in store for those not in the clear like those in myrtle beach where they're waiting to golf, apparently. >> that's not going to be clear all day. that will go down hill later on tonight. new york about an hour and a half delay as we have been mixing out between two and three hours in philly and new york. they canceled most of the
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flights with all the bad weather over head. you can see from the big board here that the heavy rain continues in the d.c. area. call ahead there. same with philly and new york and boston later tonight and tomorrow that's when the worst weather will head your way. i put a number one on there. storm one. two shots and right up through baltimore in the maryland area. that's who's getting the worst of it and especially eastern pennsylvania. notices that philly, new jersey, southern new england, you're not really getting hit by this. all the heavy rain from i-95 westward towards the appalachians. look at the yellow and the reds through harrisburg, that's where the worst of the flooding is taking place right now. flash flood warnings or river flood warnings and in the way the big rain events work, the rain first and the small streams and the urban flooding. two or three days from now is when the rivers will flood and that's what we have to watch closely as we head towards the weekend. tornado watch, haven't had any reports of tornadoes recently. i mentioned, tamron, storm one
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and storm two is down there just off the florida coast and that, just like storm one, has to come right up the eastern seaboard. if you're sitting in new york city or new england, it hasn't been that bad yet, today is your day. tonight into tomorrow morning, three bad commutes in a row. >> sounds like a lot of people getting their turn in this one. thank you very much, bill. well, if you are among the millions trying to stay safe and dry on the east coast today, show us what you're seeing. upload your pictures and videos at grief counselors are on the rutgers university after a student's sexual encounter was on the internet. he won a scholarship to that university jumped off the george washington bridge earlier this week. clementi's two classmates used a webcam to broadcast his sexual
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encounter in a dorm room. let's get the latest from mike taibbi at rutgers. what are these two students being charged with? >> right now they're being charged with violations of privacy law in new jersey. under the privacy law here they can get jail sentences of three to five years, maximum for videotaping this encounter and disseminating it. for this case to be prosecuted as a hate crime because it wasn't just a sexual encounter it was a gay sexual encounter and gay right groups are asking that it be classified as a hate crime and that's because one of the tweets that was set up by one of the co-defendants in this case, dharun ravi. roommate asked for the room till midnight. i went into molly's room and turned on my webca. i saw him making out with a dude. yay. tyler clementi, according to two
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witnesses, jumped off the george washington bridge into the river and a body has been recovered. the parents are on the way now to nypd to identify the body at this point. right now there are at this campuses a number of meetings under a project that was formulated called project civility which will deal with how to control the extent to the extent it can bead controlled of internet technology that is so easily abused as we found in so many other cases. the two suspects in this case are home with their families and may be an arraignment for one of them today but this case, the legal case anyway is just beginning and comprehensibly sad story. tamron? >> mike, thank you very much. gay rights groups are outraged following tyler clementi's death. he considers clementi's death a hate crime. this month alone at least three other teenagers killed themselves after they were
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bullied at school about their actual or perceived sexual orientations. they include billy lucaseses from indiana and 13-year-old asscher brown from texas and seth walsh from california who also killed himself this month. and joining me on the phone is dan savidge. dan, thanks for joining me. >> thank you for having me. >> absolutely. right now those students involved in the rutgers situation, do you think there needs to be more here? >> there needs to be more everywhe everywhere. there have been a rush of suicide among gay teenagers. four times more likely to commit suicide because of bullying like this. the religious right anti-bullying programs even though it's leading to suicides in california and a 13-year-old boy hanged himself in texas and a 17-year-old boy hanged himself.
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it's not just the rutgers case, although this is particularly tragic and particularly newsworthy. this is going on all across the country, gay and lesbian and tri and transteenagers because of bullying like this. >> to that point, dan, this is going on across the country. we have been having dialogue it seems for the last couple years, especially when you think about the technology and so many people sending pictures to their friends all over the internet that there was a zero tolerance policy for bullying and more eyes now on this issue of technology being used to bully children and intimidate them whether it be for perceived sexual orientation or for other issues. >> that's true. and we need to address that. we need to address technology, you know, it's one more tool in the hands of the bullies and bullies will bully if they feel that they have license and the religious right and the political debate, frankly, in this country for the last 15 years has encouraged children to view gays and lesbians as a threat to the family, as a threat to the institution of marriage and diseased and
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perverse and harming america. when they encounter a gay student that is 14, 15, 16 years old feel they have license to abuse that student. >> how does the school counter that? we know some of the things that are being said and how this is a part of the political debate, regarding the rights of gays and lesbians from the military into your own personal life, how does a school counter that if that's what a kid is learning at home? >> what we saw in texas with asher brown his parents went to the school administration over and over again and nothing was done. bullies weren't suspended and no actions were taken. in the same school district a girl who pointed her finger at a teacher was suspended. but bullies who beat up asher brown weren't suspended or disciplined. what we need to see are prosecutions. the bullies that bullied phoebe in connecticut to death have been charged and are being prosecuted. there are currently prosecutions
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except for this case in new jersey and indictments of people who have bullied gay and lesbian teenagers. there has been no accountability and this is not permissible. >> dan savidge, thank you very much for joining us. i should point out the cases of the 13-year-old and 15-year-old, we understand those are under investigation. thank you, dan, greatly appreciate it. a standoff between pakistan and nato forces this morning is affecting american troops in afghanistan. pakistan has closed a vital supply route for nato forces after coalition helicopters allegedly attacked a pakistani security post killing three troops. nato vehicles carrying food, water, fuel are now bakd up waiting to cross from pakistan into afghanistan. nbc's jim miklaszewski is at the pentagon for us. jim, it's like 100 vehicles that are backed up. what is the latest and give us an idea on why this is so significant. >> nato happens to be changing its story as we speak. they first denied that nato
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helicopters had crossed into pakistan and now in a news conference that may be under way now as we speak, they're in kabul. it appears that those nato helicopters did cross the border into pakistan. it's not the first time and it's not the first time that pakistani soldiers have been killed, but it is the first time that pakistan has take on the drastic step of shutting down the borders to those vital nato convoys carrying food and water and other supplies into afghanistan. food and fuel into afghanistan for u.s. and nato forces. now, according to u.s. officials, what happened in this case is that those nato helicopters were pursuing militants into pakistan when some pakistani soldiers at a guard post decided to take warning shots at the nato helicopters, not a good idea. the helicopters returned fire, killing three of the pakistnis and wounding three others. now, the big question here is even though there have been some
11:13 am
formal protests filed by pakistani military and government officials and the denial to allow those convoys to go from pakistan into afghanistan. is this really serious? do they intend to see this to what would be an unfavorable end or is this just the pakistani government exerting its own sovereignty in the face of its own people so that they don't appear to be subserbian to the americans and nato. >> mik, thank you very much. the story is moving and we'll keep up to date on the developments. plans are under way for a huge rally in the nation's capital this weekend. being billed as the progressi progressive's answer to the tea party movement. ed shultz will be at the rally, but before he gets to the rally, he will join me, next. an explosive demonstration. this is what police say the times square bomb would have
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mark your calendar, saturday afternoon thousands of progressives will gather at the lincoln memorial at the nation's capital. it is called the one nation march. the rally is meant to take away the spotlight from tea party activists and promote the agenda to move this country forward. ed shultz host of "the ed show" will be there on saturday. good to see you in studio.
11:18 am
>> great to be with you, tamron. >> what is your message? >> the message of the one-nation march is that we are one nation and we oppose what the tea party stands for and this is about jobs, this is about education and this is about america's infrastructure and where we're going as a country and the priorities of the haves and the have notes. i will have a good message up there on saturday and i'll be fired up and ready to go. this is about october 2nd and all about november 2nd. making sure they're engaged and making sure that they understand what is at stake for the progressive movement in this country. >> ed, are you discouraged? look at that new "wall street journal" poll those are not happy with the president's policies. 54% want to repeal health care reform. how do you reach those hopes? >> i think a lot of those people are progressives who didn't want to make it better. we wanted more and we also know that if the wrong group gets in there, we're not going to get
11:19 am
anything. so, this is a defining moment for the progressive movement. in 2006, there were four crucial senate seats that were picked up and, of course, some house seats gained. 2008, the big win. but now we got to keep this thing going. >> why don't progressives get that. why to so many have to go to the nation's capital and sell this argument that should, i would think to those who believe in it, be clear? >> when you have 450 right-wing talk show hosts across the country who reach 250 million people a day people start thinking funny. what they hear isn't about the truth. this is about the truth. where we are as a country and where we have to go as a country redefining exactly what we stand for and the mission statement is very clear, it's on my website and the mission statement, absolutely spells out why we're doing this one nation march. there's a lot of progressive groups and diversity here. the naacp and all the unions and
11:20 am
progressive groups across the board coming together and i'm excited about it. >> i want to play something quickly. vice president joe biden had to say to lawrence o'donnell on a show about motivating the base and where they stand. let's listen. >> there's some on the democratic base, not the core of it that are angry because we didn't get every single thing they want. it's time to just buck up here, understand that we can make things better, continue to move forward and not yield the playing field to those folks who are against everything that we stand for in terms of the initiatives that we put forward. >> the president said the same thing, it's time to buck up. really, dude, that's your message. i can't stand you, go vote for me. some interpreting it as a call to arms. they are insulted. >> they shouldn't be insulted they should be concerned what the results are infay don't engage. there is a clear choice here. i don't take offense to the
11:21 am
straight talk coming from the vice president or the straight talk coming from the president. the president, i thought, hit it out of the park when he said if you disengage and don't vote and you weresent serious about change in the first place. we as americans can't expect change to take place in 24 months. it will take longer than that. the bush administration had eight years. if progressives give up now, they speak to the heart and soul of what we do. that is buck up. >> i know you're a great guy. personally, i have to ask you this, to be on the steps of the lincoln memorial on saturday, how will that feel for you? >> they will have to drag me off. it's a highlight personally, but i know i speak for millions of americans who are voiceless and that's what my show is all about. that's what this moment is all about. speaking truth to power and speaking for those americans who don't have that opportunity to be up on that lincoln mall. >> all right, watch the "ed show" week noiights and my
11:22 am
favorite part is psycho talk. coming up, a place so perfect it could be home, but there's a catch. it's 118 trillion miles away but who's counting? we want to know what you think about any of the stories we're covering today and send a little message to mr. shultz. [ male announcer ] taste pops...
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11:26 am
chief astronomer of the franklin institute in philadelphia and my favorite astronomer ever. derrick, thanks for joining us. >> my pleasure. >> did you get goose bumps when you heard this news? >> the hair stands up on the back of my neck when i hear this. >> how do we know this is all real and, again, just not something to make headlines? >> the scientists that have done this work have been doing this observation for 11 years and equipment they use for this is the best equipment on the planet. the factual data shows that this planet actually is right where they claim it is at this goldilocks position where it is the right location for liquid water to exist. >> do we know anything more about the composition or the atmosphere of this planet? >> we can estimate from the mass of the planet that it's probably a rocky planet with a rocky surface. and because it's big enough, the size of earth, a little bit bigger than earth and a little bit more mass we know it can hold an atmosphere, with a star at that distance with these other possibilities, if it has an atmosphere, water could exist
11:27 am
as a liquid and that raises the possibility of life. but a very narrow zone on the planet. >> the planet has been named 581-g. what happens now, derrick? what happens at this point? >> what happens now is that the astronomers that do this research continue to look at the data to see if they can refine it even more to determine better what the conditions would be on the planet. the real thing that happens here is the door is now open for these astronomers and others to begin looking at this type of star for planets of this type and other locations throughout the galaxy. the estimate is that probably 20% of stars around the galaxy are probably systems like this so that raises the number of possibility for this kind of system. >> i knew all those years of watching "star trek" would pay off. derrick, this is outostanding. thank you very much. thank you. >> my pleasure, thank you. coming up, what could have happened if the times square bomb plot had worked? new images.
11:28 am
and good news for those miners still trapped in chile. they could be free much sooner than expected, but their families are preparing for possible legal action. we'll tell you the latest on the story. plus, snooki is hitting the books. no, she's not a student. snooki is now an author. really? the scoop from the "jersey shore" ahead. i do a lot of different kinds of exercise, but basically, i'm a runner. last year. (oof). i had a bum knee that needed surgery. but it got complicated, because i had an old injury. so i wanted a doctor who had done this before. and unitedhealthcare's database helped me find a surgeon. you know you can't have great legs,
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11:32 am
explosive device failed. two daze later, shahzad was arrested while trying to leave the country on a flight from new york bound for dubai. this is an fbi re-creation of what could have happened if thiz plan would have worked. different camera angles show the force of the blast and its potential impact to people and vehicles nearby. prosecutors will use this video for sentencing along with this a video in pakistan glorifying the planned attack. during the taping, shahzad said he had wanted to join his brothers in jihad since 9/11. he used new york city webcams accessible online to study crowd patterns. he thought he would kill about 40 people. in june shahzad pleaded guilty to all ten counts against him. prosecutors are asking for a sentence of life in prison. leanne gregg, nbc news. well, some business headlines to tell you about
11:33 am
right now. jpmorgan chase has temporarily stopped foreclosing on more than 50,000 homes so it can review documents that might contain errors, even fraud. gmac mortgage took similar action last week. and new claims for unemployment benefits fell more than expected last week. it was also the third drop in the past four weeks. meantime, second quarter economic growth was revised slightly to 4.7% versus the estimate of 1.6%. let's check wall street to see how the dow is reacting. it's down just a little bit there. you see the dow is down and s&p and nasdaq. we'll keep an eye on wall street and let you know what is happening there throughout the day. big story to tell you about. fisher-price has issued a major recall that involves more than 10 million children's toys and high chairs that could cause injuries or pose choking hazards. it includes trikes or tough
11:34 am
trikes and little people wheelies and baby playzone, baby gymtastic play wall and kick & and crawl. fisher-price is recalling more than a million healthy care, easy clean and close to me high chair because a protruding peg could cause injuries. drugmaker johnson & johnson is the focus of a house hearing happening right now. just moments ago the head of the company wrapped up his testimony. the recalls involve some of the most popular over the counter medicines includes tylenol, motrin, benadryl and zyrtec. johnson & johnson is accused of secretly buying up some supplies of medicine. it all follows last year's discovery of bacterial contamination of a pennsylvania plant that remains closed. johnson & johnson chairman and ceo admits it let consumers down. >> i know we let the public down. we did not maintain our high
11:35 am
quality standards and, as a result, children do not have access to our important medicines. >> so, infant children's tylenol is still off the market but they hope to resume shipping children's medicines next week. meg whitman is denying reports that she knowingly employed an illegal immigrant as her housekeeper for nine years. whitman is in that tight race against democrat jerry brown said she fired nicky diaz as soon as she learned diaz was here illegally. diaz's attorney, gloria allred said whitman knew she was employing an immigrant worker. >> so she could continue to benefit from the work of a vulnerable and undocumented worker and exploit her while pretending that she didn't know the truth about nicky's status? >> in an interview this morning on "good morning america" meg whitman denied any wrongdoing. >> so, you think jerry brown and
11:36 am
gloria allred coordinated this story to get this story out? >> i don't know. clearly, she's a democrat and contributed to his campaign and they have been working together for many years. >> our nbcpolitico reporter. has jerry brown responded to that statement by meg whitman? >> we haven't heard yet from jerry brown's camp as far as i've heard, but what we do know is in three and a half hours from now, 3:00 p.m. eastern time gloria allred, that powerful celebrity attorney, as you just showed, is going to hold a news conference and say that they're going to produce a letter that shows hypocrisy on whitman's part. whitman has denied any knowledge that this woman was an undocumented worker. they say that they had asked for documentation that she provided, she had provided fraudulent documentation. so, the facts that we know is that this woman worked for her
11:37 am
for nine years and one of the big problems, potentially for whitman is that this also just reinforces the fact that she is super wealthy, she's poured in $119 million of her own money into this race and democrats are now trying to take this and in a state where a significant chunk of the population is latino that they can make some end roads here with a new poll out yesterday showing jerry brown in the lead and they're hoping with about a little more than a month to go that they can use this to put brown over the top. >> you mentioned gloria allred may produce some type of document some time today but meg whitman's campaign said she hired this worker through an unemployment agency and that she had documents to prove that she could work here legally. >> that's bright. they say that she produced fraudulent documentation and that when this woman came to her and said that she'd like to pursue legal status in this country, she said, no, i can't do that. you know, we need to terminate
11:38 am
you because she's, because you're here undocumented. i thought you were here legally. that's what their camp has said and, of course, look, this is politics. a little bit more than a month to go before this election and it's been a hot topic there. >> greatly appreciate that update. another update for you, could those chilean miners trapped underground for two months now be brought out in just two weeks. the families of the miner s celebrated wednesday when they were told their loved ones might be out by october 12th. there are reports that some family members are filing a lawsuit against the mining company. kerry sanders is there. there is still some dispute about the timeline. october 12th sounds fantastic and i would imagine the families are elated and some other experts who think we are still looking at november. >> well, let's set the stage, first of all, 57 days in there is a sense of routine and then, of course, anxiety and hope. and so the family members will grab on to anything.
11:39 am
they're urged to get down to those miners. plan a, plan b and plan c. plan b seems to be making the most progress. that is with a company, a drill team that has equipment from pennsylvania and they're making more progress and they're halfway there. the rock here is among the hardest rock in the world. it's harder than quartz and the drill bits are getting eaten up on their way down. it can turn out they don't get there first. a team from south africa and a team from canada and they're all working to get there with different methods with a hole that will be 28 inches in diameter so they'll be able to send a capsule down and then bring the 33 miners out one at a time. but as this is going on, as you mentioned, 27 of the 33 families are at a court today and they are filing a civil lawsuit. they say that they would like to be compensated for the anguish, for those down below, as well as
11:40 am
those on the surface, $1 million a miner. of course, they'll be suing the government, as well as the mine company here. but that mine company is in bankruptcy. so, it's not likely they'll have the assets, really, to pay out if the judge were to award something. tamron? >> kerry sanders live for us in chile, thank you very much, kerry, for that update. coming up, charter schools. are they the solution to the problem? we're going to talk with the ceo of one of the successful charter schools ahead. big debate if charter schools are the answer. ♪ plus, the secret behind seal's new video and song dedicated to his wife who got the scoop on whose idea this really was. coming up on mon , five years after you do retire? ♪ client comes in and they have a box. and inside that box is their financial life. people wake up and realize i better start doing something. we open up that box. we organize it.
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we turn now to education nation. our week-long look at education in america the crisis and possible solutions and once a
11:44 am
controversial solution, charter schools. there are now about 4,700 charter schools nationwide and they allowed 40 states and the district of columbia right now. joining me right now is rocket ship education, a national network of elementary charter co schools and charter school growth fund which just yesterday awarded $20 million in funding to six charter schools operated across the country. thank you, both, for joining me. john, your school was one of those to receive money from this fund, right? >> correct. >> and you seem so excited. >> we are very, very excited. we have three is schools, actually, in san jose, california, right now. this funding will allow us to fwroe to 30 schools over the next five years. >> so more than the growth in numbers, what else will this money provide for your schools? >> yeah, what i think this is really about for us is that rocketship serves students that
11:45 am
are in general 90% low income, 70% english language learners and what this funding really helps us do is do a better and better job at that. already our first school is one of the top ranked schools in california. it has a 925 api which rivals wealthy school districts. what it's letting us do is to expand on that success and grow more great schools. >> and speaking of great schools, kevin, the greatness of charter schools is a big debate right now. it's featured heavily and some say kids should not have to wait on a lottery and the numbers are still out on success or lack there of in charter schools. 17% of charter schools nationwide produce results that were significantly better. what do you say to those who are so critical of charter schools right now. >> what we're trying to do is invest in the best performers.
11:46 am
people like rocketship to expand dramatically and serve many, many more students. >> take what they're doing and spread it. >> exactly. we're launching a new $160 million fund today and investing in people like john who have a proven track record of what works, help them get the resources to be able to expand dramatically and do it in a financially sustainable way. >> john, i'm curious. you have your program and you have a number of other charter schools that have been so succe successful, bad news travels. why can't the good news and the proven things and solutions that you're doing spread and be duplicated or replicated faster? >> i really think they can and i think that we are just now at the point where the charter industry, which was formed 15 years ago to figure out how to do this has gotten to the point where we really do know how to do this and that's why it's a really critical time for folks like the charter school growth
11:47 am
fund to select from the best and really provide a lot of resources to grow quickly. because i think we're all in a state rocketship and others where we really can start to solve a lot of the problem. >> kevin, before i let you go, i have to ask you. i was at the town hall on sunday and brian williams was moderating and concerned about so much attention focused on children who are in urban environments who are struggling and the moneys that are needed there, but in rural parts of this country, they don't have the option of charter schools. >> that's right. that's a really big issue and one of the things that we're looking to do is to find people who are interested in expanding and serving in many rural areas. two of the people in our portfolio kip and delta and idea of public schools in texases serve primarily rural populations and we think that's a huge need that we're seeking to help address. >> well, john, kevin, thank you very much. john, congratulations on the success you're able to acleave and i know more is coming up.
11:48 am
thank you very much and thank you very much, kevin. great pleasure be sure to visit and click on learn more and there you'll find great school aps and resources on how to get, how your child school stacks up against schools across the country and find out about local parenting groups. find out more be maybe you want school kids to have more exposure to the arts. maybe you want to provide meals for the needy. or maybe you want to help when the unexpected happens. whatever you want to do, members project from american express can help you take the first step. vote, volunteer, or donate for the causes you believe in at take charge of making a difference. ♪
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welcome back. legendary actor tony curtis has spased away. he appeared in more than 100 movies. he's bests known in the comedy "some like it hot." he was 85 years old and died of cardiac arrest in his home near las vegas. he was the father of actress
11:52 am
jamie lee curtis. steamy new video of seal and heidi hits the net and snooki writes a book. right now filling in, pop goes the week editor, brian ball ka za. >> if you're going to have a celebrity couple make a sexy movie video naked, it better be heidi column and seal not dan nigny devito. it is not raunchy. it's from the album "seal six commitment" it's available online and all of that. they are looking as gorgeous as they always do. it's a testament to their live to one another. >> it's very sweet. >> it was heidi's idea according to seal. she says of two people in love.
11:53 am
at a time when we hear so many other kinds of stories about hollywood mashlg marriages, it's nice to see. >> snooki has a book deal, it's not a picture book or scratch and sniff, frankfully. it's a novel. she's only read two books herself, going to be putting out a novel, "a shore thing", a young girl with big hair and dark tans and fights galore. >> victoria beckham, posh spice said when she wrote her book she only read one or two. >> in this case i don't know snooki is going to write the book either. i think i speak on behalf of a lot of people it's hard to believe she's writing a novel when she hasn't read one.
11:54 am
"us weekly doesn't doesn't count as a novel. >> did you hit your head or something? >> i love snooki. back off. >> it was the flight to l.a. that got me. three people me asked me to carry their bags, thought i was the flight attendant. >> you're on a roll. the very latest entertainment news logon to >> there are things that are considered news in this world. a few stories around this time of of the morning that make us say, no way. this was my favorite story of the day. a new mgm motel is getting a reputation as a hot spot but not in a good way. the vdara has a curved design. when the sun's rays hit the building it creates a 15-foot wide hot spot that moves across the pool and makes the ground so brutally hot some employees call it the death ray. it can reportedly burn skin and
11:55 am
hair, even melt plastic. the hotel says it is aware of the problem and working to find a solution. does that mean you don't have to pay for your room? the rookie why receiver from the cowboys caught something he didn't expect, a $55,000 dinner tab. he got stuck with the bill at the team's traditional rookie picks up the dinner meal. it was supposed to be for offensive players but more than 20 guys showed up after des didn't carry shoulder pads. that does it for me in this hour, thanks for joining me. i'll see you back here at 2:00 eastern time where we'll look at what's being done to boost the graduation rate for hispanic students.
11:56 am
contessa brewer picks up the coverage at the top of the next hour. >> i'm right here. the back of your head looks amazing, by the way. >> smooth. >> we don't often see that. we're checking in with our team of meteorologists covering this massive rain storm plus heated confrontations. >> i'll take you out, buddy. >> tea party backed new york gubernatorial candidate gets into it with a reporter caught on camera. what's behind the fight. and a college students commits suicide after his roommate is accused of streaming the secret moments, intimate moments online. it brings up issues of privacy and respect and bullies, gay bashing. police are looking for the guy in this video after a violent purse snatching is caught on camera.
11:57 am
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