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tv   MSNBC News Live  MSNBC  September 30, 2010 3:00pm-4:00pm EDT

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all that plus an amazing discovery in space. a new planet that could sustain life. good day, everybody. i'm norah o'donnell here in washington. we have a lot of news to cover today. first, though, the weather and what's left of tropical stonico is pounding the carolinas. people are dealing with washed out roads and power outages. the storm is tracking further north today. let's get to central new jersey. the morning commute was a next. and it's going to be that tough ride home for a lot of people as well, right? >> reporter: yeah, absolutely, norah. as you can see, things aren't so bad right now. things are expected to get much worse. worse weather is the way. what's happening is essentially this storm right now is parked to the west of us.
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so they're getting a lot now. that's when this area will be affected. new jersey is expected more rain fall than they got for the entire month of august. they're also expecting high wind gusts of 20 to 30 miles per hour. the wind is picking up a little bit right now. some areas are expecting as high as 50 mile-per-hour gusts. now in terms of flooding, i want to show you quickly the river is right on the other side of these trees right here. it's about 100 feet away. that is prone to flooding. this area here where we're standing is built on a floodplain, so that is a concern here. right now the river is about 10 feet below flood stages when the storm is all said and done it's expected to rise about a foot above flood stage, which would lead to minor flooding. on the upside, this rainfall is a it bit of welcomed relief for an area that's been facing
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drought conditions for most of the year. new jersey has been under a drought watch for most of september. residents were asked to conserve water. another benefit of the drought when paired with the storm is the water levels and the waterways are at normal levels are slightly below. when paired with this rainfall, it will mitigate some of the potential flooding concerns. still a major storm. we're not expected to see the end of it until tomorrow. >> thanks so much. coming up at the half hour we're going to let you know how the nasty weather will affect travel plans. certainly if you're flying, driving or taking the train. on a day when we heard from the white house through confirmed sources that chief of staff rahm emanuel is going to depart to run for mayor of chicago. there was also a big meeting. senators called to the oval
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office to meet with the president. there were talking about the midterm election strategies. we're now just 32 days until americans go to the polls and republicans are expected to win a significant number of seats. the latest poll shows democrats may be gaining gunshot wound as to which party should be controlling congress, 46% said republicans. 43% said democrats. now, the house adjourned on wednesday, sending lawmakers home to campaign without voting on the issue of extending the bush tax cuts or passing a budget. they're under criticism from some republicans for that. chuck todd now joins me live from the white house. chuck, a lot of to talk about. let's start first. it was an interesting white house briefing today as you and savannah guthrie have been reporting. tomorrow is a big day for the president and for rahm emanuel, right? >> reporter: he is. rahm emanuel is going to be getting something that a whole bunch of former chiefs of staffs have never gotten before, that is a very public sendoff.
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they'll have a serny in the east room at 11:05. it was originally supposed to be in the rose garden. but it looks like they're preparing for bad weather. as we've been reporting all day as well. and it's potentially an acting role in the job. don't assume he's only there for the short term. he's somebody that has been with the president longer than any other person in the white house short of david axelrod, who had a political consulting relationship with candidate obama then for the senate. he has been with him consistently all the way through the presidential campaign. there's been a deputy chief now. if you look up the words respected and reserved in the white house, this is pete rous. he's respected and revered by many.
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and he's somebody that won't want to be a constant on the sunday show circuit or the daily news circuit. it's not just not his style. one thing i would say, norah, and i saw you tweeted it on twitter. this is not a shakeup. so far whether david pluff replacing david axelrod, everything so far is turnover, not a shakeup. >> an important point. a lot of familiar faces moving around there. >> reporter: another one is when general jones, a lot of people expect him to be leaving the post of national security adviser. so everything again, more turnover. not a shakeup. >> now i want to talk to you about our "wall street journal" poll. we menged it at the beginning. one of the interesting things you highlighted was the 2012 numbers and the republicans that
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will probably run to face barack obama in the next presidential election. mitt romney, who is presumed the front-runner begins in a much weaker position than bob dole or john mccain began in. is that because of the tea party? >> it's because of a few things. newt gingrich and sarah palin much more active par tis papts in the tea party movement. with the conservative viewership on fox and huckabee, palin have higher numbers than romney. mitt romney starts in a weaker position than john mccain did. in a weaker position than bob dole was in '95 '96. and george h.w. bush in 1986.
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romney, sort on one hand you know he wants to be seen as the front run r for fund raising purposes to acquire staff because we all know the history of the republican party, the guy who is seen as this first front-runner usually ends up with the nomination at the same time, he starts in a weak position when compared to history. >> are you surprised to see sarah palin is headlining rnc fund raising events? >> it's interesting where they're doing it. they're doing it in places where she can fire up the conservative base. it's anaheim and orl do, where she had huge turnouts for her rally. it's very selective. if they keep adding places. one would assume they might. this midterm election is really turning into a battle of the bases.
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you have the president in places like madison, wisconsin. now you're seeing orange county, california, orange county, florida. places where republicans believe sarah palin can gin up the conservative base. >> the battle of the bases. love it. politics is not for the faint of heart. sometimes it can become downright ugly. tea party backed republican candidate carl paladino didn't take kindly to new york post reporter fred dicker asking him to prove that andrew kwoe ma had extramarital affairs.
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kate snow has been covering the campaign. kate, i know you spoke with carl paladino before this altercation occurred last night. i know you asked him about what time of candidate is his passion, perhaps whether he's an angry man. let's listen to that first. >> sure. >> you said you're not politically correct? >> i'm not intimidatable, either. but i am angry. that's okay. it's all right to show people that you're angry. kate, he is not backing away from that he's angry. some voters like that. what about these charges, though? are they going to offer up proof or continue to put rumors out about the opponent? >> i don't know when. you heard him say at some point
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they'll offer proof for what they're throwing out there. of course, reporters want evidence. if you're going to make a charge against someone's family about their personal business. the other thing he was referring to, though, and he mentioned this to me when i talked to him two days ago. he has a daughter out of wedlock. he admitted he had an affair to his wife. that daughter is 10 years old. he said she's off limits. i get angry when people try to stake out the house and go near her. that's what he was so angry about. >> he's saying my private life is private. he's leveling charges about andrew cuomo's private life. >> hst ironic. he said he's a confrontational guy. he clearly thinks his anger is starting a movement. he does have support in upstate new york. which is not doing well economically right now. the cuomo campaign, by the way, is conscious of him.
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they're talking about him by name now. they have a new add out today attacking carl paladino. >> then finally, is there any chance we'll see a debate between these two men? >> paladino has been asking for a debate. no word hon that yet. cuomo's campaign has a new ad. they'll tell you they're still leading and he's not a big threat. >> good to see you. thank you so much. >> you, too, norah. and meg whitman said she had no idea her former housekeeper was an illegal immigrant. but her former maid says she has proof whitman knows more than she's admitting. then an amazing discovery 120 trillion miles away. it could mean we're not alone in the universe. plus a childhood dream becomes one reality. bankers are known to be a little bit in love with themselves.
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today i am distributing to the press the letter which meg whitman denied that she and her husband received. it is from the social security administration. >> that was attorney gloria alred accusing meg whitman of lying, saying she has proof whitman knew her maid was here in the country illegally. this is all developing news coming to us now. the maid says whitman only fired her when she decided to run for office. today whitman repeatedly denied the allegations, calling it all a smear campaign. on "good morning america" she offered this theory. >> you think jerry brown and
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gloria alred coordinated together to get this o out? >> i don't know. she's a democrat. she's contributed to his campaign. they've been working together for many years. >> nbc's george lewis is following it all from burbank. george, you heard meg whitman this morning saying that these claims are unequivocally false, and yet, gloria alred say she has proof. >> this could be highly damaging to the latino vote. whitman and her opponent, former governor jerry brown are running neck and neck in the race. this could anger latinos and cause them to turn out in greater numbers. it's a story of conflicting narratives. whitman says she was unaware the housekeeper was in the country illegally. that she only found hout in 2009 when the housekeeper told her
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and fired her at that point. under law she had to get rid of her. the housekeeper says whitman knew all along, that whitman got a letter from the social security administration in 2003 saying that there was a problem with your employee's social security number, which should have been a sign that the housekeeper was there illegally. >> meg whitman today says she'sing there to take a polygraph test to prove she has no idea, was shocked to learn that her maid was, in fact, in the country illegally. i think it's important to point out in this particular case, because it's different than past cases. it is true that meg whitman was paying taxes on this employee. she claims her maid gave her fraudulent documentation, right? >> yeah. the whitman camp released the employment application that the
3:18 pm
housekeeper made. the housekeeper checked off a box saying she was here in the country legally. the whitman camp also released the housekeeper's social security card and driver's license. >> george lewis, as we continue to watch this story. now the sciu is running spanish radio ads for the community you talked about to influence hispanic voters. george lewis, thanks so much. and the first lady is teaming up with disney's biggest stars. we'll tell you why. plus, christine o'donnell, and why she never dropped her bid for delaware's republican senate nomination. she says god wouldn't let her. [ male announcer ] if you have type 2 diabetes,
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stronger and great. >> they're not just healthier and crunchier. they can taste better, too. >> eating better and getting more active is easier than you think. >> and that's michelle obama, who is teaming up with disney stars to promote healthy eating and exercise. a key part of her first bush to combat childhood obesity, however, has stalled in congress. in the u.s. house. more than 100 democrats have balked at the $4.5 billion healthy lunch bill because it's funded by cuts to the federal food stamp program. now special coverage education nation has been looking at ways to fix america's schools. president obama making education reform a key issue to the domestic agenda. >> we're not at the top in terms of college graduates. we're not at the thop in science. we're not at top in math. we have one-third of students who enroll and never graduate from high school. this means it's not only bad for the young people not getting the
3:23 pm
education, it's also bad for the country ads a whole. >> his proposal would overhaul the bush era no child left behind program that was too focused, critics say, on testing. they plan on closing failing schools and making more students college and career ready. i'm joined by karen finney, and jeff johnson a political comm t commentor for b.e.t. news. his proposal race to the top. what do you think is best about the proposal? >> one of the best things is you have arne duncan, a big superintendent at the time no child left behind was implemented. so he has the real direct experience with some of the challenges that many school districts face. what they're trying to accomplish with race to the top is how do we improve on that?
3:24 pm
how do we give local control and flexibility to this local folks involved in education, but still make sure there are national high standards? how do we evaluate a child's progress, recognizing that if a child makes a certain amount of growth in one year, that's as valid as, you know, other measurements we may want to look at. so in many areas, and also the issue of teaching to the test. how do we get away from that and focus on learn sng the attempt here is to build on some of what was good about no child left behind. the idea of standards based education and measuring outcomes, but bring it into a more practical realistic implementation. >> jeff, it was interesting, of course, we've had a lot of emphasis lately on charter schools. with this wonderful documentary called "waiting for superman." we also heard president obama
3:25 pm
talk to matt lauer. >> we have to look at the success of these schools, find out how do we duplicate them, and make sure we're still holding charter schools accountable the same way we are all the schools. >> jeff, i've been watching all of our education nation here on msnbc news. i heard a lot of public schoolteachers upset there was a movie so focused on a charter school instead of a successful great public school out there. >> well, let's be clear. we missed the mark on what charter schools were initially supposed to be. which are dishes to experiment to put back in to the masses of public schools. teachers are angry about not just this film, but the fact that not only are some of their successes not being high lighted, but areas where we're able to see charter school ls be effective, we're not seeing
3:26 pm
school sames take the methods and put them into the broader system. >> all right. this has been part of our discussion all week. thanks to both of you. thanks so much. >> and a lot of news we're covering today. still ahead, a warning to parents. fisher-price is recalling millions of toys. plus tropical storm nicole is drenching us on the east coast. >> plaus, scientists say they've identified the perfect planet. does this mean that we here on earth are not alone?
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here's a look at how stocks are doing today. the dow jones industrial average down about 25 points. s&p 500 down about half a point. the nasdaq slightly lower.
3:30 pm
aig reached a deal to repay billions of dollars to the government. they were one thof the hardest hit financial companies during the credit crisis. the u.s. treasury will swap debt for common stalk and share them overtime. and new applications fell for the first time in four weeks. it's a sign employers are cutting fewer jobs. that's it from cnbc. first in business worldwide. back to you. >> thank you. here's a look at top stories. jimmy carter has been released from the hospital in ohio. he spent two nights recoverg from a viral infection. he fell ill on a flight from atlanta to cleveland. he's back in washington, d.c. to resume his scheduled book tour. fisher-price is recalling more than 10 million childrens toys because of safety concerns.
3:31 pm
they include healthy care easy clean highchairs. log onto our website. a lot is there, all the the information you need in case you own the products. and air travel is getting snagged by remnants of tropical storm nicole as the east coast deals with record breaking rain amounts in some areas. expect delays and major flooding all the way up the seaboard. chris warren that has the forecast for us. krais, how are things looking for us now? when are things going to dry out? >> by tomorrow it looks like for most areas. the northeast will take a little bit longer. it's like someone has a garden hose points up, and it's not moving. we event have the thread for torrents in the midatlantic today. everywhere in the green we have the threat for some flooding. we're seeing flooding now, or we're going to see some flooding in many of these areas. reason why, too much rain, too
3:32 pm
short amount of time here. we're looking at two to five inches will be common. we have to lack at how fast this is moving through. it won't be moving by too fast. it's going to be a slow mover. overnight tonight into the morning hours. still raining in new york. by tomorrow afternoon we'll dry out for much of the eastern seaboard. the northeast still seeing rain and major delays at the airports. >> no doubts lots of delays. thanks so much. now to amazing news for anyone who thought we're not alone in the universe. a new planet is discovered in the constellation libra. it's 20 light years away. it has been nicknamed planet goldilocks because it's not too hot, and it's not too cold. it's making it the perfect place perhaps for life to breed.
3:33 pm
we have ast row physics professor joining us now. good to see you. thanks so much for joining us. >> glad to be on the show. >> how whiting of a discovery do you think this is? >> this is big. real big. astronomers develop ad lifetime to discover 50 dead planets in outer space. for the first time in history we hit the jack pot. >> yes. a live planet, perhaps. not just dead planets. i love the way you put that. we talked about it being the goldilocks planet. temperatures between a negative 24 degrees and 10 degrees fahrenheit. what kind of light could survive there? >> there could be a liquid ocean. it's one of the most precious substances in the universe. one side of the planet is hot. the other side is cold. in between we have a zone where liquid waters, oceans may exist.
3:34 pm
this is perhaps the fountain of life on a distant star system. amazing. >> it is amazing. what could we learn if in fact this planet has life on it. what would it change about our perception of the universe? >> it would have huge implications. 400 years ago the roman catholic monk was burn aid live for saying there's intelligent life in outer space. today we don't burn astronomers. >> or astro physicists. >> there could be billions of planets out there with life, maybe s
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words alone aren't enough. my job is to listen to the needs and frustrations of the shrimpers and fishermen, hotel or restaurant workers who lost their jobs to the spill. i'm iris cross. bp has taken full responsibility for the clean up in the gulf and that includes keeping you informed. our job is to listen and find ways to help. that means working with communities. restoring the jobs, tourist beaches, and businesses impacted by the spill. we've paid over $400 million in claims and set up a $20 billion independently-run claims fund to cover lost income until people impacted can get back to work. and our efforts aren't coming at tax-payer expense. i know people are wondering-- now that the well is capped, is bp gonna meet its commitments?
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i was born in new orleans. my family still lives here. i'm gonna be here until we make this right.
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the medical examiner in new york has positively identified a body pulled ashore yesterday as that of rutgers university freshman who reportedly jumped from the george washington bridge.
3:43 pm
officials believe 18-year-old tyler clementi took his own life after a private moment in his dorm room was secretly strewn on the internet for others to see. now his roommate and another student face charges of privacy violation laws. >> right now in term os it have legal case, it's really just at the beginning. the two suspects, both 18-year-old freshmen, have only been charged wl several counts of privacy law violations, which upon conviction could result in jail sentences of three to five years. but there's already talk this could be a civil rights violation case. and gay rights groups are saying it could be prosecuted as a hate cream. they're saying the tweet that one of the suspects put out, that dharun ravi put out. he said roommate asked for the room until midnight. i went to molly's room and turned on my webcam.
3:44 pm
saw him making out with a dude. yay. it was three days after that event that the victim in this case, whose name is tyler clementi, according to two witnesses, jumped off the george washington bridge to his death. meanwhile, here on campus. project civility is under way on the campus about how to deal with these issues, including technology abuses. grief counselors are all over campus. they've been here for a week already with lots of work still to be done. a university community still in shock. the family of tyler clementi said they are heartbroken beyond description. >> mike, thank you. and childrens tylenol will start shipping next week after an april recall. today the ceo of the drug maker testified on capitol hill about the recall. more than 40 typesover children tylenol were recalled because of concerns of an active ingredient
3:45 pm
in the medicines. >> i know that we let the public down. we did not maintain our high quality standards, and as a result, children do not have access to our important medicines. >> and if republicans take control of congress they may repeal health care and financial refornl. reform. listen to john cornyn of texas answering a question about that very subject. >> how quickly would we see from you guys in the majority a bill repealing health care and a bill repealing financial regulatory reform? >> i think pretty quickly. >> and tim kaine is the chairman of the national democratic committee. he joins me from their headquarters. thank you for joining us. is this a big sur prize that a republican senator says they're going to work to repeal health care reform and financial rela toir reform? >> it's not necessarily a
3:46 pm
surprise. it may be a surprise the leader is being very blunt about it. some of the lax oversight being done led the economy into a grand canyon. a tough but fair reform bill is put in place. yet hay say the first thing they'll do is return to the status quo where lobbyists wrote the reviews. that's pretty amazing. >> well, we have seen in the polling that a majority of americans don't like the president's health care reform. >> well, you've seen different polling. last week things went into effect that are pretty important. children can now stay on family policies until age 26, not 21. that's a benefit now all americans are entitled to that the republicans want to take back. insurance companies can't turn kids down for insurance because they're ill or have preexisting conditions. that's a benefit that americans have. republicans want to take it back. then on the wall street reform
3:47 pm
issue, they want to turn the power to write the rules over to to these people is amazing. we don't think that's what the american public want. i'm surprised that john cornyn would be so bold as to essentially both that's what they're going to do. >> let's talk about the democrats record. they they're going to leave town, some say flee town without passing a budget, without passing the appropriations bill. without working on an extension of middle class tax cuts. why should the public reelect democrats who can't get their work done? >> well, norah, i think you're overstating it. you know the history in this town right before elections. under both parties often the case is they work on budget appropriation after the election. in terms of getting work done, let's talk about it. equal pay for women. four million more kids with health care insurance. saving the auto industry. saving the financial industry.
3:48 pm
these democrats can all go back to their districts and say we have done more heavy lifting in this congress to turn america from an economic nightmare into a place where we see, you know, positive signs ahead of us than any bunch that's been here for a very long time. they have a lot to talk about when they go home. >> i remember talking to you and pointing out the democrats would campaign as the party of results. you put forward that message. i don't hear it from the candidates out there. either running for the senate or the house. our nbc news "wall street journal" poll. only 35% of 18 to 34-year-olds enthusiastic about the midterms versus 65% of the seniors. we know that in the 2008 election more than 50% of the electorate was under 50 years old. why aren't young people engaged? interested? why don't they believe what you say about the results? >> well, i'm not going to say that. the results are what they are.
3:49 pm
we're talking about facts here. you can fact check me on anything i said. what we're seeing is in the aftermath of this presidential rally in madison. 200 watch parties at campuses all over the united states. we're seeing young voters come back. we're not going to concede that older voters embrace getting rid of a health care plan that helps them buy prescription drug coverage. that is something we can sell to older voters. we see the energy coming back. the same poll you mentioned shows a gad that was a wide gap a month ago between democrats and republicans. you want to hit election day on an up cycle, and we think we're entering an up cycle for democrats in the last month. >> all right. governor cain, good to see you f. thanks for joining us. >> you bet. >> and coming up, a water showdown in the street ls. riot police in germany hit thousands of protester ls. and new hope for the trapped chilean miners.
3:50 pm
the families are now suing for millions. we'll give you the details after the break. maybe you want school kids to have more exposure to the arts. maybe you want to provide meals for the needy. or maybe you want to help when the unexpected happens. whatever you want to do, members project from american express can help you take the first step. vote, volunteer, or donate for the causes you believe in at take charge of making a difference.
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welcome back to msnbc. today, a blockade up the stakes in u.s.-pakistan relations. pakistan is blocking a vital supply route in afghanistan. this follows an alleged helicopter strike. three pakistani frontier soldiers were killed. in italy, team rs mapping out the search plan for go americans who went missing in a hot air balloon race. they were over the sea when they disappeared. and in germany, water cannons spray back a crowd. despite the demonstrations, chain saws are expected to rev
3:54 pm
up to cut down the trees in a couple of hours. the 33 miners could see the light of day again in two weeks. rescue efforts are going quicker than expected thanks to the miners themselves. new video shows them clearing away the rock, dirt and water. kerry sanders is in chile. >> reporter: the effort is moving ahead of the initial schedules and that's really good news. they're drilling three holes. plan b is making the most progress. it's slightly beyond halfway there. they're going through some of the hardest rock in the world and certainly the hardest rock in this region. it looks like cork, but it's harder than cork and the drill bits are actually at times, just heating up, so they have to bring them out, change them and bring them down. on plan b, they have been able to push all the way down.
3:55 pm
as we just showed in the video, you can see what they're doing is clearing away some of the earth and the shavings of the drill bit that's dropping in down on them as a wider drill bit goes down. it's already made its way down a thin hole. now, the wider one this is 28 inches wide in diameter, which means they'll be able to put a capsule in and then get the guys out one at a time. this is moving very slowly and even though the videos show these guys in remarkable health, clean shaven, upbeat, talking about how hard they are working, it's still dangerous and nobody is celebrating until they get to the surface here. >> it is amazing and thank goodness they are looking well down there and this is ahead of schedule. the families are suing now, but
3:56 pm
thank you so much for your reporting. and that's our show for this thursday. up next, "the dylan ratigan show." ♪ [ male announcer ] we touch a lot of things throughout the day. so it's nice that clorox disinfecting products help kill the germs that can live on surfaces for up to 48 hours. ♪ feels sweet when i can touch you ♪
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good afternoon. boom times in a busted economy. great stuff if you're a sil nar banker. a different reality for the rest of america. why it's not too late to restore fairness and competition in this economy. plus, carl paladino. we'll talk about his freakout on a reporter and how anger is just not enough. we want our politicians to be angry, but in a prukive way that produces real fire to heal. not just heat. also, plan b for the human ra


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