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tv   MSNBC News Live  MSNBC  October 4, 2010 3:00pm-4:00pm EDT

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about whether this is is new normal. but we're first going to start with nbc's jim maceda. we've had a lot of alerts and warnings, but what about this particular warning have we learned? >> well, we have really learned nothing specific, laura. and that's really the problem with these types of alerts. that's not to say there isn't a real threat out there. in fact, counter terrorism experts across europe now are, you know, scratching their heads and trying to connect the dots. if we deconstruct this, i think you can say there are three main dots or strands, if you will, that are continuing to surface. on one hand you have something really getting a lot of play here in the u.k. that's based on pakistani intelligence. that's where the so-called mumbai style attack scenario is coming, is gaining a lot of ground. a number of gunmen would hit soft targets in lnl or possibly france and germany. now some terrorism experts here
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believe that plot was foiled in early stages. the number of drone attacks, for instance, in north waziristan. second attack from france. very difference intelligence. that's a specific threat from a female, alleged female suicide bomber. trained by an al qaeda affiliate who was in paris or coming to paris, targeting the paris subway or met roef. iconic landmarks like the eiffel tower you're seeing. now this is very much like the first one. coordinated attack by a group of perhaps western jihadists. but what's different and important strand or stream of intelligence, it's saying it's financed by al qaeda central, and the guys of osama bin laden himself. then things get extremely murky. you've heard this name over and over now. an afghan german prisoner being held. he's singing like a canary to american agents. but there are german and other
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european agents not so convinced that he is in fact saying anything credible, that he's in fact working the crowd, as it were. that's where we are. it's what we know or don't know at this point. back to you. >> right. it is a vague alert in many ways. i was reading a blog on the l.a. tams saying if you're traveling somewhere, be careful about something. that's sort of how vague it is. in this alert what is the state department suggesting if you're an american in europe, what are you supposed to do? >> the state department is suggesting that you use common sense. that means not looking so american. not having 25 baggage attacks attached to your luggage. doing the smart thing. not going to bucking ham palace with 25 or 30 or 30 other american tourists. not going to places that attract like a magnet american tourists.
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and most of all, they say, register your presence. just in case something terrible did happen. register with the local u.s. embassy so authorities can get quickly in touch with you in case something goes awry. norah? >> jim maceda, thanks so much. now i want to bring in michael sheehan, he's an nbc news terrorist analyst. we got information the attorney general eric holder has been briefing reporters and talking about this travel alert and saying that this is based on an accumulation of intelligence gathered over the past several month. where is this information coming from? >> there was a string of the reporting coming from the u.s. authorities as well as european authorities. there seems to be a perfect storm of information gathering. there seems to be what's called chatter, which is often referred to as the amount of talk going
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between terrorist operatives. but i believe chatter is among analysts that also have a tendency to spin themselves um once it starts moving. >> do you believe so some of this increased chatter, though, may be in reaction to some of the increased drone attacks in pakistan? they have been pounded by predator attacks over the past few months. recently they struck back trying to attack the fuel logistics line. the amount of heat and action in western pakistan is definitely up that could be a result of the chatter contributing to the increased threat level. >> we talked about this with jim. it's a vague warning. a travel alert, not a travel warning. it's not specific in nature. there aren't specific recommendations other than don't look like an american and just use common sense.
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why do you get the sense that the state department is putting this out there now, and there's been the reaction from japan and sweden and other countries? >> right, norah. the state department, and i used to work there as the ambassador in a difficult situation. they're required by law back since the pan-am 103 bombing in 1989 to give information to the american people if they have specific information that's a threat and allow the american people to make a judgment. so they're kind of caught right now. they have some information that seems to be credible. they need to share with the american people and allow them to make judgments. at the same time trying to keep the level of alert at a reasonable level not to deter people from traveling. quite frankly, there's no evidence to suggest that people should stop traveling and that this should harm somehow international commerce or tourism and give a victory to the terrorists. >> michael sheehan, our nbc news terrorism analyst. thank you so much.
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good to see you. >> thank you, norah. the terror alerts are having a big impact at home in a surprising way. home grown illimilitias. well, "time" magazine launched a six-month investigation real revealing how they operate and who the self-funded minute men really are. barton, it's great reporting. thanks so much for joining u us. first of all. what are the core issues that these militias form around? >> you have several. some of them are self-described patriots who believe that they're the heirs to the founders. that the washington government is heired to king george. they need to resist overweaning federal government. some of them believe the government is on the brink of declaring marshal law or seizing
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off privately own gunned or rounding up disdiin -- >> ready for bloodshed. in ruby ridge, idaho and waco, texas. this has raised the threat level against the president and other departments. fbi, department of homeland security and state agencies point to two main dangers. or that a lone wolf trained and indoctrine nated will grow tired of waiting. barton, how much of this is this increase in the groups a result of president barack obama? >> federal investigators and academic professors think a substantial amount is based on president obama. there's the perfect storm of obama's arrival during complete economic and financial meltdown. enough one president a man whose
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race, whose foreign sounding name, whose muslim born father combined unite three different streams of traditional anamists. >> so how are you able to gain access? >> people generally are prepared to talk about themselves if you're prepared to listen. i went out and spent time among the militias in eastern ohio. the surprising and scary thing is that they are conducting exercises in which they train in platoon size elements with assault rifles and other weapons to fight a force that looks a lot like a federal tactical team. which itself is operating in uniform, encrypted communications. vehicle support. that's the profile of the
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opposition force that they create, expecting the possibility of combat with federal troops. >> you point out this is not sort of a group of rag tag federal soldiers. they're training. we have seen individuals already act out like james von brunn, who last year pulled up to the u.s. holocaust museum and shot a security guard dead there. shot him in the chest there. now james von brunn is dead. died in prison. this was a lone actor. but how worried are department of homeland security officials about a larger militia group acting as a unit in doing something in. >> well, they worry about two things. when you tack about a group acting as a unit. almost all the groups concede themselves as operating in self-defense. they're waiting for a provocation from the federal government. but the problem with people who wait and wait and train and train is they're liable to
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misperceive an event. it could be atf coming to their home because they do have illegal weapons. and they're investigating a report. and suddenly you have them lashing out in self-defense. the other problem is someone within the group gets tired of waiting. they're hyped up by the rhetoric. hyped up by the training and says you guys are a bunch of keyboard commandos. one of the expressions is you just want to meet, eat and retreat. i'm going to go do something. >> i want to read from another part of your piece where you write this, none of these movements are new. most in sharp decline. the resurgence is widely seen among government and academic professors as a reaction to the they allowed a black man with a foreign-sounding name and a muslim-born father to reach the white house. you pointed that out. but this is one of the reasons, right, tham barack obama was
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granted secret service protection before any other presidential candidate, right? >> that's right. he got protection in may of 2007, long before another candidate had that. and indeed at a time when he was perceived as having very little chance of getting the nomination. the secret service was picking up significant threats to his life. the bush white house went to him and urged him to accept secret service protection. obama was reluctant. he didn't want to run as the black candidate. he didn't want to run as the threatened candidate. he wanted to be a uniting figure. >> barton, i have to ask you because you're the author of "angler" about dick cheney. he just had heart surgery again. he's now listed as the keynote speaker at this 97th annual insurance leadership form. it is closed to the press, but a number of the demonstrators are
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expected there. have you learned about how cheney z doing since his heart surgery? i've heard he's lost a great deal of weight. >> i've also heard he's lost weight. his energy has been lower. but he's described by people near him as recovering if he's out fishing in wyoming, that's a good indicator. >> barton gellman, thank you so much. >> thank you. >> you're now looking at live pictures of a school bus crash in villa rica. we do not know if anyone is seriously hurt. but they're already taking precautions and taking people away on a stretcher. we have police and rescue crews on the scene there. this is actually on highway 113 and hog liver road. this is in carol county, georgia. a school bus crash.
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there appear to be some injuries there. you can see the ambulance on the scene, wow, turned on its side. you can see the wheels literally came off the bus there. of course, it's 3:12 in the eastern time zone. it's kids returning, likely from school, being brought home. there was a bus crash there. we're just getting pictures and information into us. we're going to continue to follow the story. we'll bring you more information and be right back. there's a big idea happening in health care called the humana walmart- preferred prescription plan. it's a medicare prescription drug plan that saves you an average of over $450 a year, with monthly plan premiums less than $15 and copays as low as $2. with savings like these, you have more time to remember what it's really all about. enroll starting november 15. ♪ go to for details.
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if it's the first monday in october, it means a very busy agenda for the supreme court. because it's the opener. and today we have the newest associate justice, elena kagan. she now becomes the third woman sitting on the high court and
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the fourth woman in u.s. history. she may be sitting out a number of this year's important cases. why? we have msnbc news justice correspondent here with us. pete, let's talk about this first. it is a history making day. elena kagan up on the supreme court. but maybe half of the cases that the court will decide this year, she has to sit them out. why? >> half the cases the court has granted so far and probably the end of the term about a third of the cases she will not take part in. she will sit them out or recuse because she worked on them as solicitor general in the jus stis department. this is similar to the pattern thurgood marshal followed when he blamed a supreme court justice after being named solicitor general. it shows how many cases the federal government is involved with up here. she'll shut them out. over time this will diminish. those cases will move through
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the pipeline, and she'll be back to the normal pattern for any other justice. >> >> if anybody thinks the supreme court is boring, they should look at the docket for this term. really high profile cases involving hot button issues. including a that involves a fallen marine. a case brought by his father where a small kansas church protested at this fallen marine's funeral. the supreme court agreed to hear that. this is a big issue that pits questions about taste, indecency against first amendment rights. >> the court will hear this case on wednesday. and what happened is at the funeral which was in maryland of this lance corporal. these protesters from kansas showed up with signs that said "thank god for dead soldiers." thank got for ieds. their theory it's the deaths are god's will because he's upset at the country's acceptance of gay
3:19 pm
rights it so upis the the father of the marine, he sued them and won $5 million. but a federal appeals court overturned the ruling saying even though he claimed infliction of emotional distress, the speech was protected. that's what the supreme court will have to decide. >> really an emotional issue. certainly indeed for the father. talk about the case in video games coming up. >> this is a challenge from people in california. the state has a law that says you cannot sell or rent what the state considers violent video games to minors. the courts never upheld any restriction on violence. whether in video games or movies, comic books, television shows, novels. they've never upheld it. people say that there's violence even in fairy tales. this theory of the state is it ought to be treated like sexually explicit material which the courts have said can be made
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offlimits to young people. it would be a big step if they agree to do that for whole new area of speech. >> certainly a lot of parents think there should be restrictions on that. pete williams, thanks so much as always. we appreciate it. and federal investigators open up a new round of hearings. authorities want to examine the decision making process and pressure tests surrounding what caused the disaster and how to improve safety going forward. well, the panel is come comprised of the u.s. coast guard and bureau of management regulation and enforcement and the april 20th deepwater explosion killed 11 workers and led to 206 million gallons of oil being released from bp's well that was a mile beneath the gulf. and today an earthquake rocks japan. we have the details after this break and our look at what's making news now. and sometimes politics can seem like a three-ring circus. who is that?
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that's right for you. liberty mutual auto insurance. responsibility. what's your policy? a school bus crash in georgia. now there's one report that a person has been killed in the crash. the victim's identity has not been released. we don't know yet whether any students have been hurt. some police and fire rescue crews are on the scene. this is on highway 113 and hog liver road in carol county, georgia. it looks like most of the people have been brought out of the bus at this point. we saw an balance earlier escorting someone away. but one report of one person killed in that school bus crash. now to this news. an earthquake with a magnitude of 6.4 hit japan today.
3:25 pm
according to the meteorology agency, it hit at a very shallow depth. a tsunami advisory was lifted shortly after. earthquakes are common in japan, accounting for 20% of the world's earthquakes with a magnitude of six or greater. and former president jimmy carter and his wife are in washington, d.c. today kicking off the the habitat for humanity campaign. just a few days ago the former president spent time in an ohio hospital with a viral infection. today he looks to be in good health. the organization will construct or repair 86 homes here in the nation's capitol and in maryland, minnesota, and alabama. and no joek, brazil has elected this man to congress. francisco silva known by a clown name, which means grumpy, got more than 1.3 million votes.
3:26 pm
that is more than double the votes of the next closest candidates. the former circus performer ran for a congressional seat using the campaign slogan it can't get any worse. now he says he'll just be reporting how politicians spend their time. when we come back, a milestone for the 3 # trapped minorers minor miners in chile. how do they combat the harsh conditions? plus rahm is out. now whispers are louder about who will be next. [ animals calling ] ♪ [ pop ]
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here's a look at how stocks are doing right now. stocks down across the board. the dow jones industrial is down 80 points. the nasdaq down about 26. the u.s. justice department is suing credit card company
3:30 pm
american express and also proposing a settlement with mastercard and visa. they sued all three companies saying they were attempting to insulate themselves from competition. cell phone giant verizon is refunding up to $90 million to customers wrongly charged for internet or data usage. about 15 million customers will receive refunds in tiny increments from $2 to $6. and toshiba has unveiled the first high definition 3d tv that does not require special glasses. toshiba says that will go on sale in late november. that's it from cnbc, first in business world wise. norah, back to you. >> thank you. and sweet home chicago. that's where rahm emanuel is now spending his days getting down to business. these are pictures for today where he's out and about on his quote, unquote listening tour he
3:31 pm
wants to talk to the people of the windy city. listen to him. >> as i prepare to run for mayor, i'm going to spend the next few weeks visiting our neighborhoods at grocery stoles, bowling alleys and hot dog stands. i'm calling this the tell it like it is tour. i want to hear from you in blunt chicago terms what you think about our city. >> i love it. back here in washington the beltway is buzzing about a report in politico suggesting that white house press secretary robert gibbs may be the next member of the president's circle to leave. the report has gibbs taking over the democratic national committee. that's right. if the current dnc chair is moved to a cabinet most in the obama administration. robert gibbs was asked about it in today's press hearing. here's what he said. >> people in this building are focused on what they're doing here now, much like i am. i'm happy doing what i'm doing. i love my job. >> charlie, sounds like a
3:32 pm
nondenial denial. >> right. that's the only thing you can do at this stage. it's really just a trial balloon meant to go out to sort of test the waters. it's in the early stage give tennessee time that remains until the midterms and afterwards when the plan, if it ever was implemented came together. that's the approach you want to take if you're gibbs. >> it is interesting even though we're gearing up, we're now ab month out from the midterms. the 2010 midterms that a lot of the shakeup that the white house is prepping for the 2012 reelect with axelrod planning to go home for next year with this trial balloon about gibbs going over to dnc chair. they're already lining up the ducks in a row. >> well, you have to in a lot of ways. particularly in an election like this where you see such significant change, or at least we're likely to see so much significant change. you have to prep for scenarios
3:33 pm
after the election. you also want to the get fresh blood in the white house. kind of gruelling and rigorous schedules they kept. naturally you have this turnover. >> charlie, i want your take on two pieces in "the new york times" over the weekend. of course, in politico about whether democrats' chances are improving or if they see signs of hope. many democrat incumbents remain vulnerable. the positions have stabilized as they began running negative advertisements to shift the focus of voters away from contentious national issues like health care bailouts and president obama's performance. but, charlie, this is going to be a national election in many ways. and i just heard another bit of reporting where it looks like republicans outside groups will be outspending democratic ones by 50 million plus. are democrats really have their chances improved? >> translator: it fends how you
3:34 pm
look at it. on one hand, yeah, there are signs of hope out there. that vib is here in washington. both parties feel it. what you're really talking about is downgrading from a tsunami to a political hurricane. that tells you the nature and the hostility of the environment out there. there are lots of signs out there. there have been recent news development that's very promising. there's promising polling. the generic ballot stabilized after a while. the democrat's money are coming in. so all of that is taken together to change the dynamics slightly. >> well, category four or category five hurricane can still be pretty damaging. certainly from the democrats on. we know, of course, na republicans have a good shot of taking the house. there's a key senate debate tonight in connecticut, which is a key senate contest. linda mcmahon is running against
3:35 pm
richard blumenthal. it's gotten pretty tough. i want to show everybody some clips of their ads against one another. watch. >> she took $10 million from the state to create jobs but fired 10% of her workers. >> she's not going to be there for us. >> her business is under investigation. she took home $46 million. and now she's talking about lowering the minimum wage. >> she's all in it for her. >> linda mcmahon, profits before people. >> would you lie about serving in a war? >> we have learned something very important since the days i served in vietnam. >> he lied about vietnam. what else is he lying about? >> so pretty tough ad, the last one, against dick blumenthal about those comments he made where he suggested that he had served in vietnam. and, of course, calling him a lie y
3:36 pm
liar essentially in his ad. how damaging could that be? >> it could be. the hour is late in all the races and connecticut. she needs to close the margin. the race is a lot closer than most people expected. certainly it's closed a great deal since the beginning of the campaign. now you have to drop the october surprises. the big opposition research dumps and you have to drop the dump ads if you really want to get the final points to get there. that's a critical race that could determine control of the senate majority. >> absolutely. charlie, thanks for joining us. >> thanks, norah. >> and on the issue of jobs, of course, and the economy. i want to tell you about a special series coming up that's tomorrow on msnbc's daily run down with chuck and savanna. it's getting america back to work. they'll focus on how to get the unemployed boomers back on the job. that's tomorrow at 9:00 eastern on msnbc. and does donald trump have secret ambitions to run for political office? politico reports trump did well
3:37 pm
in a telephone survey of new hampshire voters back in september and that the host of nbc's "the apprentice" says it's time for somebody to step up and run. >> if somebody doesn't step up and do something to stop china from draining us, you try to open a business in china, you didn't do it. they drain us. they take our money and loan it back to us by buying our bonds. >> given that great poll, are you now considering possibly -- >> no, i'm not considering that. but it is a great honor, certainly. >> well, trump denied having anything to do with paying for the survey, saying he just learned about it today. and the size of a small studio apartment. think about that for more than two months. we're going to talk to a psychologist and sort of examine
3:38 pm
some of the spsychological implications of all of this coming up next.
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potential good news for 33 miners trapped in chile as the tunnel diggers are getting closer to where they are. kerry, i understand they believe they're now just 48 hours away
3:42 pm
of reaching that refuge, which is 700 meters underground. is that right? >> it might be a little optimistic to say that. >> they call it plan "a", plan "b", and plan "c." but that drill going down got so dull they had to stop. they're going to pull it out and replace it. plan "b", the one with the american team working with them, they're making the next closest progress. but they've now run into problems with their drill bit. so they've had to pull it out. they're taking a 12 to 16 hour break on plan "b" because they're concerned about some of the rock that they're going through. it may not be as hard as the other rock and it may need a different approach. that's now moving slowly. then there's plan "c." starting with just one 20-inch
3:43 pm
wide hole that's growing slowly. the families are anticipating something perhaps as early as tend of this week. if you imagine a living hell in a sealed tomb, the video reveals something quite different. the 33 trapped miners have developed a close-knit society. they're clean shaven, working rotating eight-hour shifts, mostly clearing debris with heavy machinery. on the surface, veteran miner said his anxiety for his two children trapped below is tempered by the anticipation of a rescue any day now. to better understand what miners here face every day, alphonso and his brother invited me to join them deep in another hole. this gold mine shut down a year ago. what's it like for you coming in
3:44 pm
here? [ speaking in spanish ] >> translator: it's difficult because your children are trapped. >> reporter: we descend a 30-degree slope, hiking down a tunnel cut through some of the hardest in the world. we walk just under a mile when he tells me for the first time in his mining career, he feels nervous in here. will you let your children go back into the mine after this? he says, i don't think so. it goes without saying when you're deep into a mine, the only light you have is the light you bring. we're about 600 pete here. and i think the surprise is how warm it is. it's about 80 degrees. the trapped miners are not only in slightly warmer conditions, but the humidity is at about 80%. the most frustrating part of this says alphonso, not being able to help dig. >> every day the trapped miners are removing 20 tons of rock, debris collapsing in and around
3:45 pm
them as the drill bits get that much closer. >> with one of three escape pods now ready to go, there's a growing sense a happy ending is near. and so the question is, after they get the 28-inch hole built down there, that shaft, which would be this size, do they immediately put the escape pod, the capsule down, or they're thinking they may need to put a pipe down and make a sleeve and fill it with grease to make it easy for the capsule to go up and down. if they have to do that, it will be estimated to be yet another seven days after they get the hole completed, before they start pulling anybody out. a lot of many ifs here, but certainly a lot of hope that this ordeal ends soon. norah? >> wow, kerry sanders, unbelievable. that's certainly a small hole they have to put the escape pod in. kerry, great reporting. thanks so much.
3:46 pm
and what exactly are the physical and mental effects of being confined for over two months? we have a psychologist and stress expert from the university of buffalo joining me now. professor, good to see you. thanks so much for joining us. kerry sanders, you saw his report. i have to talk about that round hole that is not that wide. they're talking about putting a pod down in there to bring them out. some 700 meters below. they're already talking about giving the miners sedatives. once they reach that point to sort of pull them up. it could take 5 to 15 minutes. how much stress tr the miners under? >> currently they're under stress from several different sources. at least, let's put it this way, they're potentially under stress from several sources. they're facing a disruption of their life routine that they've been doing for months or years. they're cut off from the social networks on the surface.
3:47 pm
and they have to suffer crowding down below. >> but it's interesting they've been able to communicate for five to ten minutes at a time with their families with cameras. that must help it. >> absolutely. what makes this case interesting is the miners themselves and the rescue team have been doing a wonderful job of alleviating the stressful conditions they're under, helping them connect to the surface. the miners have been connecting the to one another, bonding, as kerry sanders points out. and they've established a remarkable routine to help them feel a sense of control and predictability over their lives while they're down there. >> as kerry sanders pointed out, they're clean shaven, working every day. clearing debris. keeping business sif. they're getting fresh air and fresh water delivered to them. what other effects do you think they suffer, however, in terms of, you know, the lack of light, you know, lack of vitamin "d."
3:48 pm
those things and being in a confined space. >> well, i'm not a medical doctor, so i can't speak necessarily. i can say that you might think being deprived of light, the usual sunrise and sunset that we experience on the surface, they would get disoriented and lose track of time. because they've set up a routine for themselves, three shifts a day of sleeping, three shifts of working. they're able to maintain that rhythm. then as far as the effects of light deprivation on their sense of well being, more generally. all i can say is think about shift workers who have to shift from doing say the midnight shift to the day shift. they make that adjustment relatively rapidly. i expect these miners will be able to do much the same thing. >> well, may favorite story, doctor, that i read today was they've already given these
3:49 pm
chilean miners p.r.lesse lesson training them to speak to the media. there's some 700 journalists around the world expected to descend on them. they're teaching them how to speak to many of the journalists once they're rescued. that has to give them a sense of hope. >> absolutely. i think that's another one of the facets of this story that makes it easier for the miners to endure than perhaps people who are suffering other disasters. there is a very big ray of light for them. they have every reason to believe that this is going to end up well. that it will have a happy ending. that must give them enormous strength to go on with all the things they're enduring. >> doctor polan, thank you, it is an incredible story. we're going to continue to watch it. thank you so much. and pirates attack. but this time not across the globe or on the high seas. but in a lake here in the united states. that story is next. plus, why sex ed class may
3:50 pm
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breaking news at this hour. at least nine people were hurt in a schoolbus accident in carol county georgia. ages range from 15 to 45 years old. there have been reports one person was killed. the victim's identity has not been released. making news now, the pakistani taliban is claiming responsibility for a deadly early morning attack on a convoy of tanker trucks. 20 trucks went up in flames. the tankers were transporting fuel to coalition troops. four were killed and at least seven injured. and an update on the terror alert in europe. in this country, the fbi say they have no indication terrorists are targeting americans there and an official tells nbc news that there is
3:54 pm
quote no u.s. been mentioned, but officials here continue to be village lent in protecting our home land. and police say mexican pirates are responsible for the murder of a tourist on the border. he and his wife road their jet-skis on falcon lake. tiffany escaped and called 911 -- the couple was from colorado and had planned to move back there later this month. and in italy, the coast guard calls off its search for two missing american balloonists. they went missing last week over
3:55 pm
the adriatic sea. race organizers say the two plunged toward the sea at 50 miles per hour and likely did not survive. and big changes for sex ed in this country. for the first time in a decade, the federal government is now funding sexual education programs not based solely on ab stin ens. the grant will fund programs ranging from distributing con m condoms to ones that improve teen's self-esteem. this is a change from the hallmark of george bush's administration. the 2010 nobel peace prize for medicine goes to robert edwards. he started working on ivf in the 1950s and the breakthrough was credited with helping millions of infert l couples have
3:56 pm
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good afternoon to you. today, terror fears across. americans worried about travel. what is this warning about and why might terrorists want to target europe and not the united states? plus, customer service from indiana, not india. today, we'll talk to ceos trying to bring that work home. and washington, d.c. officially recognizes the smartest city in america. kind of makes you think about the enron situation. show starts right now. don't stay home. that's what the u.s. state


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