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tv   Way Too Early With Willie Geist  MSNBC  October 11, 2010 5:30am-6:00am EDT

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good morning. i'm willie geist, and this is "way too early" the show that will continue to brainwash children with its gay agenda every morning, whether mr. pilidino likes it or not. i'm glad you're up watching us. shoot me an e-mail and let me know why you're awake right flower or text the word awake fold by your response to 622639. we'll read the best responses later in the show. and this week, make sure you include the address on the e-mail because we're going to give away signed called of "american freak show" to the viewers whose e-mails we read on air. countdown -- look at this, we're under 24 hours, 18 hours and 29 minutes until it comes out tomorrow. the next 30 minutes here will be your cram session for this
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monday, october 11th. a lot to get to today including the white house signaling its opposition to a national moratorium or foreclosures. plus, if you missed cnn last night, this abdomener son cooper special, how to rhyme. you do not want to miss this. this wednesday, rescuers in chile are expected to start removing 33 trapped miners who have been underground since early august. and instead of fighting about who gets hoisted out first, after two months down there, the group apparently has been arguing about who gets to leave the mine last. why, you ask? yesterday the chilean health ministers told reporters that each of the men expressed a desire to be last because, quote, they wanted their brothers to go first. however, the miners have told officials the real reason they've been fight sg because each wants a guaranteed please in the guinness book of world records. true story.
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they want to be the miner trapped underground the longest. they want their name in the history book. talk about being in good spirits. steel pipes are being welded together to make sure the mine doesn't collapse. the chilean government is offering a free live tv feed of the operation to any station or network around the world that wants it. they're hoping it all goes well over the next couple of days and that one by one the 33 miners will be rescued and pulled to safety. back in domestic holiday, new york republican gubernatorial candidate carl palidino coming under fire saying yesterday he doesn't want children to become brainwashed to think gay is acceptable. these riots have nothing to do with this story.
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he also criticized andrew cuomo for marching in a gay parade this year. >> i didn't march in the gay pride parade this year. my opponent did. and that's not the example that we should be showing our children. and don't misquote me as wanting to hurt homosexual people in any way. that would be a dastardly lie. my approach is live and let live. i just think my children examine your children would be much better off and much more successful getting married and raising a family and i don't want them to be brainwashed into thinking that homosexuality is an equally and valid option. it isn't. >> this is the front page in new york, carl's gay rant. carl, gay not okay. the remarks included sentences
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saying, quote, there's nothing to be proud of in being a dysfunctional homosexual. however, he later released this statement in his speech. >> i did not say this phrase. the line there is nothing to be proud of in being a dysfunctional homosexual, that is not what i said. a few reporters relied upon suggested remarks disprinted by my host at the synagogue after my departure, not actual statement i made. andrew cuomo says, quote, mr. paladino's statement displays a stunning home mow phobia and a glaring disregard for basic equality. he is unfit to represent new york. mr. paladino says this is what he feels as a catholic and he feels most new yorkers agree
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with him. democrat elect jenulia attacked republican mark kirk both accusing each other of lying, doing business with mobsters and driving up the nation's deficit. jenulius attacked kirk saying his opponent has told several lies during the campaign from facts about his military service to calling himself a hawk. >> he says he's a fiscal hawk. look, the cobman has told some real womaners during this campaign, but that may be the biggest one of all. >> however, he was put on the defensive when david gregory questioned him about loans him family's failed bank made to crime figures. >> did you know that they were crime figures that your bank was lending money to? >> we didn't know the extent of that activity. if you look at any bank, an even bigger bank, you're going to find hundreds of individuals --
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>> that's not what i'm asking. did you know they were crime figures that you were lending money to? >> this is a list of all the crimes and the ones in yellow are where he was the senior loan officer of the bank, boris stratoski. these are all infamous who are mobsters and bankers who have a long and storied record. and you don't have to bull their wrap sheet. it was in the "chicago tribun.". republican linda mcmahon was asked again about the adult content of world wrestling entertainment where she served as ceo until deciding to run for office. >> when you see some of that go on in the ring, the girl who is told to get on all fours, i think by your own husband and bark like a dog, are you comfortable with that? >> wwe programming has changed
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from being tv 14 over the years, which that's the timing we're talking about, it was called the attitude era, into now, being pg. from an entertainment point of view, i think you either elect to go to a movie or elect to watch a program. so i'm a strong proopponent end of first amendment rights. >> blumenthal, meanwhile, would not say if he thought fellow democrats were worried about his chances in the race. he was found last week to be barely leading mcmahon by a couple of points. >> we said from the beginning that this would be a tight, tough, competitive race. and a $50 million negative attack machine is bound to narrow the polls and we expected it. it's happened. >> republicans and their allies are hitting back at suggestions made by president obama, the white house and the dnc that they are using illegal foreign money to fund midterm election acts. democratic officials, including white house senior visor david
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axlerod has specifically targeted groups like the u.s. chamber of commerce and one backed by political strategist karl rove calling on them to disclose the source of their political donations. but some members of the mainstream media are questioning obama's allegations. it comes the same weekend as the dnc released an ad alleging that november elections could be, quote, stolen by foreign influences. >> karl rove, ed gillespie, the oouts chamber of commerce, they're shields for big business and they're stealing our democracy, sending millions from secret donors to elect republicans to do their bidding in congress. it appears they even take foreign money to influence our election. it's incredible, republicans benefitting from secret foreign money. tell the bush crowd and the chamber of commerce, stop stealing our currency. >> the chamber of commerce has
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repeatedly denied that its $7 million campaign war chest contains any foreign funds. in a statement, the organization says the dnc is going to exhaust itself trying so hard to change the political conversation. its ad attacking the u.s. chamber is a platant attempt to avoid a serious growing the economy. the ad is false. >> this is a desperate political ploy by the white house to distract attention from the failed economic policies, from a jobless recovery, from the terrible economic news last week and from the failure of the obama care proposal became popular support. and they have not one shred of evidence to back up that baseless lie. this is a desperate and i think disturbing trend by the president of the united states to tar his adversaries with
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being unrestrained by any facts or evidence whatsoever. meanwhile, the white house is signaling that they are opposed to a moratorium on foreclosur foreclosures. however, the white house said yesterday that while flawed paperwork poses a serious problem, there are valid foreclosures that ought to be allowed to go forward. meanwhile, attorneys generals in about 40 states may announce as early as this week a joint investigation into potentially faulty foreclosures of the nation's largest banks and foreclosure firms. this comes after bank of america became the firstback to halt foreclosures last week in all 50 states. and south korea's president confirmed today that the north has begun a sesson process from
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ailing leader kim jong il to his youngest son. just yesterday, tens of thousands of north koreans got their first look at their leader in waiting, kim junk un. for the first time, kim junk un was seen standing next to his father. still ahead on way too early, a little farve related kons controversy heading into tonight's monday night football game. did farve harass a former jets employee while he was playing in new york? we'll kig into that controversy. plus, an international mystery solved, the cigar guy, that guy in the back of the famous tiger woods photograph finally shows up. so who is he and what's the deal?
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that story and a check on weather when "way too early" comes right back. >> after approximately three months of working there, he asked me to go out socially with him. what happened next, and telling the world about it, are the two most difficult experiences of my life.
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♪ you check a lot of things already why not add one more ♪ ♪ that can help your situation for sure ♪ ♪ check your credit score ♪ free-credit-score-dot-com ♪ free-credit-score ♪ you won't regret it at all! ♪ check the legal y'all. >>offer applies with enrollment in triple advantage.® 5:45 in the morning. rockefeller plaza right outside our building here at new york city. and yes, the ice is down. if you're in new york, you've been ice-skating on october the 11th. bill karins, what does the
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weather look like? >> i think you could put your jean shorts on yesterday and ice skate. >> it's a dream come true. >> photo opportunity. let's talk about the warmth. on this columbus day, it will continue to be mild. number in, we're seeing highs up to 75 today. warmer to the south there. if you're in the dallas area nardz, up interstate 35, anywhere from plano to sherman, we've got pretty good thunderstorms rolling through. the southern end of this may clip the dallas area over the next hour or two. the rest of the country looks great, though. forecast today, we're going to be in the 80s, easily in the 80s, all the way from the deep south up through the mid-atlantic, anywhere from the carolinas today into the richmond area will be great. washington, d.c., a high of 85. and it's nice all the way up into new england where highs will be in the 60s today. a little bit of rain later on tonight, but it should be after the jets/vikings game. it should be all good. >> 85 degrees in d.c.
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>> should be great. >> to sports now, sunday nationwide football ended after you went to bed. michael vick is still nurse ago chest area. in the first, cobb doing a little michael victim person nation, even though he has this kind of mobility. cobb gets away from the sack. a little houdini act. steps out of it and finds his tight end there for a touchdown. eagle ed beat the now winless 49ers 27-24. red skins looking to take on the packers, green bay jump out to an early lead. in the third quarter, he context with anthony armstrong in the end zone. wow, washington comes back from a 10 point deficit in the fourth quarter. second second left. mason crosby has a chance to win it, but his 53-yard attempt bounces off the left upright.
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that close to winning. but the game goes into overtime. they boot an easy 33-yard field goal to win the game. come back for the redskins, nice win for shanahan. in houston, eli manning put on a show. you never know what you're getting out of the giants week to week. manni ning threw two touchdowns. they're now 3-2 and looking better. cowboys, meanwhile, reeling. hosting tennessee, tony romo threw a lot of yards and a lot of picks. under a minute remaining. fourth down, a chance to tie the game. the pass picked off. titans beat the cowboys, 34-27. dallas drops now to 1-3, last in the nfc east. and according to the report, the nfl is aggressively reviewing allegations that brett farve sent inappropriate text
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messages and photos to a former jets employee. this is ahead of the vikings monday night game tonight here in in. according to it website, the former jets sideline reporter jenn sterger allegedly received lewd naked texts from brett farve in an effort to start a relationship. >> i can co'd love to have you over tonight, but i know -- i think aaron came up and asked you if you, would give him your number or he was gonna give you n my number. but i understand. send me a text. i'd love to see you tonight. all right. talk to you later. bye. >> we should point out, deadspin received the text messages and
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e-mails through a third party. sterger said she does not provide any information to deadspin. the vikings and jets play tonight in the meadow lands of new jersey. to the baseball playoffs, two games after roy halladay threw a shutout, the phillies get more stunning pitching. cole hamilton threw a complete game, a shutout. the phillies look to be the third team in 55 years to win three straight pennants. atlanta and san francisco playing in atlanta yesterday. tough days for brooks conrad. in the first inning, bobbles an easy grounder. no run scored there. fair enough. next inn, a pop fly to shallow right. the ball flies out of his glove. this is the one that was really bad. >> ninth inning, the game is
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tied right now. this is the playoffs, friends. the winning run for the giants, braves now one game away from elimination. giants came back to win. that's pivotal. >> the rays upped their series against the rangers. they play game five back in tampa tomorrow. coming up at the top of the hour on "morning joe," new york's republican gubernatorial candidate carl paladino says it's high time we stopped brainwashing children with that gay agenda. we'll cover that one. when we come back, we're going to watch eminem teach anderson cooper how to rhyme.
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last week, we brought you forbes most powerful women in the world list. we've got another one for you this week. who is the most powerful woman in the uk? it's one of the best known authors of the last decade and she beats out former spice girl and the queen to top the list. if you want to sound smart today, tell your friends that j.k. ruling has been named britain's most influential woman, based on her writing
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skills, tenacity to succeed and philanthropic nature. victoria beckham came in second. queen elizabeth bring up the rear, getting the bronze at number three. well, we are on the final down thedown to the release of my book. we're under 24 hours now and i'm told we have a live feed of some of the folks lined up around the country. this the is exciting. this is outside a bookstore in milwaukee. i don't know why they're dressed up as star wars characters. i think we've got one of the barnes & nobles stores in the phoenix area. wow, it looks surprisingly like the crowds outside the lady gaga show this summer. i'm humbled. keep it peaceful out there, kids. enough of the real news -- that wasn't real news.
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let's huddle up around the water cereal. last night, anderson cooper interviews eminem. teaching anderson cooper how to rhyme. >> i've heard you say that you bend the word. >> yeah. it's just in the ee nunsation of it. like people say that the word orange doesn't rhyme with anything and that kind of -- me off because i think think of a lot of words that rhyme with orange. if you take the word with face value and you just say orange, nothing is going to rhyme with it exactly. if you ee newsate it and you make it more than one syllable, you can say orange, i put my foreign for/henge in storage and ate porridge.
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