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tv   The Last Word  MSNBC  October 13, 2010 10:00pm-11:00pm EDT

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he is a conartist. that does it for us tonight. we will see you again tomorrow night, now it's time for the last word with lawrence o'donnell. >> come on, rachel, a disgraced former politician has to make a living somehow. >> you know, for $5,000 i'd be happy to debate that with you, lawrence. >> all right, we'll do that some day, rachel. former witch and current candidate for u.s. senate could run no more. after weeks of evading questions about what she really believes, she faced her opponent tonight. christopher koonz will join me for their debate. >> i'm christine o'donnell, i'm not a witch. >> former witch christine o'donnell wants the jokes to stop. >> just like you, i have to constantly deny that i'm a witch. >> it is disgusting that it has
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even gotten this far. >> yeah, how did that happen? >> companies are cross breeding humans and animals, mice with fully functioning human brains. >> why are monkeys still not evolving into humans. >> you can't masturbate without lust. >> it's that kind of spinning with words, things that we know will not prevent aids. distribute condoms in high school. >> is candidate o'donnell starting to sound a little witchy again? ♪ >> america is now a socialist economy. >> the federal government was never designed to be as invasive and intrusive in our daily lives as it is today. >> for the first time tonight, she is debating her democratic
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opponent. >> i'm chris coons. >> he's intelligent, compassionate, he cares about the people. >> this november second, vote for christine o'donnell, a.k.a. sereta the enchantress. >> republican tea partier christine o'donnell versus chris coons. tonight the two a faced off in a debate for the first time at the university of delaware. going into the debate, chris coons led christine o'donnell in the polls by an average of 19 points. 56 to 37. the debate played to a packed house, campus tickets sold out in less than ten minutes on mondayed. university of delaware students were obviously hoping to have some fun. christine o'donnell did not disappoint. >> there's been lots of discussion in the national media about things my opponent has said or done that i think are distractions, from the core issues that delawareens were
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asked about. >> you're just jealous you were not made fun of "on saturday night live." >> delaware's new castle county executive chris coons. chris coons, i know every candidate leaves the debate stage beating themselves up over something they should have said. what are you beating yourself up over, what do you wish you had said out there? >> thanks for a chance to be on with you this evening. we did have a great and long debate. it was 90 minutes here at the university of delaware. i'm leaving the stage, wishing that i had been able to focus more on the issues that really mattered to delawareans to talk more about job creation, about innovation, competitiveness. we spent an awful lot of time dealing with the distraction of issues that my opponent -- things that she said years ago on late night tv, things that keep am coulding back to haunt her, frankly, and dogged her in the course of the debate this evening. folks are interested, really, in
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the issues about how we tackle the deficit and debt, how we create jobs and make america competitive again. wolf blitzer did a terrific job this evening in holding my "poen end accountable for her actions, statements a lot of things she's done as a candidate and a tv pundit. >> let's go to an issue that came up. especially when it comes to voting on confirmations of united states supreme court justices and other federal judges. that is is the issue of abortion, let's listen to what christine o'donnell had to say about abortion. >> what is your stance on abortion, including in cases of rape and incest? >> i believe there's been a profound loss of respect for the dignity of human life, and that's reflected in a lot of our policies, whether it's cutting tax exemptions for disabled low income citizens in new castle
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county or with abortion. i respect the human dignity on all levels. the unrepeated precious human dignity on all levels. when rape and insist is less than 1% of all abortions performed in america. >> chris coons you spent more time listening to christine o'donnell than i have, can you translate that for us? i think i heard her say she supports and would insist on opposing any abortion in all cases, including rape and incest? is that what we heard, she's opposed to any form of abortion, including in cases of rape and ince incest? >> i think that's wright, lawrence, but i don't speak for christine. it was great to finally have a chance to debate her here, less than three weeks from the general election. we've had a number of other debates scheduled that she hasn't attended. a lot of folks have been eager to ask her questions, to hear her views. she likes to claim that she's
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matured in her faith, and matured in her policy views, but one of the challenges delawareans face is understanding where she does stand today. we have another debate tomorrow, and two next week, i'm hoping she'll join us at those debates and i'm hoping we'll get a chance to press her on where she stands on these important issues. >> she has overnight to prepare herself better for questions about the supreme court. that's what led to her deer in the headlights moment tonight. let's listen to what happened when she was asked about the supreme court. >> what opinions of late that have come from our high court do you most object to? >> oh, gosh, give me a specific one, i'm sorry? >> actually, i can't because i need you to tell me which ones you object to. >> i'm very sorry, right off the top of my head, i know there are a lot, i'll put it up on my website, i promise you. >> tea party republicans believe
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and have been saying for decades that the united states supreme court is wildly legislating from the bench, they're completely out of control. and here you have the leading tea party candidate who can't name a single supreme court case off the top of her head that she's got any problem with. did that surprise you? did you think she'd be ready with something on that? >> lawrence, that surprised me a little bit. but frankly, there were lots of things that my opponent said this evening that surprised me, if i did struggle in one area, it was in focusing my answers on one thing at a time, of the many things that she said that were misstatements, mischaracterizations or flatout lies, there were quite a few things said tonight that i frankly look forward to being able to rebut, either online or in person, tomorrow or the next few times we debate. i would have expected her to be better prepared for this evening's debate. >> i want to show you a commercial they've put out, put out by the friends of christine o'donnell. let's take a look at this.
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>> in america where jobs are being lost and wages cut, in delaware where the economy is suffering and families are losing their homes, there is one man who stood against the tide and raised taxes. one man who thought that a 911 call should be taxed. one man thought property taxes should be hiked almost 50%. one man who is county executive of new castle county on the brink of bankruptcy. hide your will, hide your lights 'cause he's taxing everything out here. chris coons is the taxman. >> chris coons, i gotta tell you, other than the spot there where it advocates the crime of
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tax evasion by hiding your will. that has to be one of the best political ads i've ever seen, how much of it is true, and does it even matter at this point with an ad that is that effective in its message? >> lawrence, i don't think that's a particularly effective ad, and it's not a truthful ad. as i tried to address this evening, and i look forward to addressing more tomorrow at the wilmington rotary club. most of the critical elements of that campaign ad, are not true. the most important one is the suggestion that i drove new castle county to the edge of bankruptcy. in fact i've worked very hard over the last six years, cutting $130 million in spending, including taking a pay cut myself for two years, and making the entire county workforce join me in taking a pay cut for two years. out of 3,000 counties in america, new castle county is one of roughly 30 that has a aaa
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bond rating for all agencies. we have a real surplus and more than $100 million in cash reserves, that's a financially strong county, not one that's been driven to the edge of bankruptcy. ms. owe don el's attack ad misrepresents the truth. >> this ad mentioned you taxing 911 calls. >> that's just ridiculous. >> what's with the truth about that? >> there is a fee on land lines in delaware that the general assembly imposed years ago that helps fund 911 services across our state. all the different municipalities, the lechal governments that have 911 centers noticed over many years that the use of cell phones was increasing, the number of calls to 911 centers was increasing but cell phones don't pay a fee. not for calling the 911 center, but for the convenience, the service of having a cell phone. a number of us came together and asked the general assembly if
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they would stabilize the funding for 911 services by extending the line charge from land lines to cell lines, not a tax on calling the 911 center. >> what do you find when you're out there meeting voters. how much of this stuff is getting through, and how much are they sorting out? what is it that you're finding they really care about? the taxing 911 calls or not taxing 911 calls, versus what's going to happen to social security, what's going to happen to taxes next year? you are in favor of the bush tax cuts expiring on some of the brackets, not expiring on others. christine o'donnell wants to preserve them on all brackets. is that tax argument the central argument in a state like delaware, or is it more the long term issues involving financing medicare, social security or is it things like 911 calls? >> lawrence, it's about jobs.
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what i get asked about over and over is how are you going to get us back to work. how are you going to make america competitive again? what are you going to do to fight for us in terms of trade and investments, that will make it possible for us to sustainably grow our economy and get out of this recession. i support providing tax relief to the overwhelming majority of americans and small and medium businesses. as i said in the debate tonight, the way i'll make decisions about how much more tax relief we can afford, how much we can extend and also increase the deficit and the debt is going to be by prioritizing those things that have the best chance of getting small and medium sized businesses to do what they do best, which is create high quality new jobs. as i mentioned tonight i proposed an r&d tax credit and expansion of the home office tax credit. an expansion of a manufacturing credit tied with the r&d credit, if you make it here we'll encourage you to grow faster. we should be looking at the full menu of tax cuts and extensions.
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we should work together to reach a bipartisan solution in the lame duck session, and get america moving again. that's what folks ask me most about, lawrence. >> chris coons getting ready for another debate tomorrow. you know she's going to be better tomorrow, she's going to stay up all night, she's going to cram, she's going to have something to say about the supreme court. you know she's going to be better, right? >> i would hope, but frankly, i'm looking forward to getting a good night's sleep. >> chris coons, thanks for joining us tonight. >> thank you, lawrence. carl paladino has been fighting christine o'donnell for media attention, now that he's apologized for his anti-gay remarks, he has a problem with the jewish leaders that supported his anti-gay comments in the first place. i'll talk to one of those rabbis coming up. the joy in chile, we'll talk to kerry sanders about rescuing the trapped miners.
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coming up, the mtv vote in the midterm. the president is holding an mtv town hall. can he do anything at this point to close the enthusiasm gap snnchs carl paladino's problem will not go away. now his apology for his anti-gay remarks is triggering an anti-apology backlash. details ahead. i used to see the puddles, but now i see the splash. ♪ i wanted love, i needed love ♪ ♪ most of all, most of all... ♪
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it's less than three weeks until the midterm elections, democrats are trying to get a group of voters who helped them in record numbers in 2008 to come to their rescue this year, young voters. a group that in the past has a very low turnout in midterm elections. tomorrow, president obama is going to try to recharge their excitement at a town hall at georgetown university. joining me now, one of the hosts for the mtv/bet event a conversation with president obama, mtv news correspondent sway calloway. the latest polls show president obama's approval rating among young voters is down 44%. >> yes. >> what happened? >> i think people, two years ago, when he was elected into office, people were very enthusiastic about seeing change in america, and i think the current conditions what's going on in our country, in terms of
10:19 pm
the high unemployment rate. lack of jobs, real estate market expensive education has made a lot of people cynical. >> did president obama in effect overpromise to young voters? was his rhetoric just too overpromising to them on what was possible? and allowed them to forget what they had learned in their high school civics books about the congress and how the congress actually votes and decides the outcomes of all domestic legislation? >> well, i think -- i can't speak -- you know, i think it's more or less the conditions of the country today are directly affecting young people more so than it ever has. we did our survey with -- with did a study with ap and mtvu which is our sister station that found that over 80% of young people are concerned about jobs and the economy. these things are directly affecting them when they graduate from college, there's no jobs to go to.
10:20 pm
it's affecting their pocketbooks. and i think that in large part plays a role in why people have become a little less enthused about politics right now. >> celebrities have tried to focus the young vote on this upcoming election. let's look at what jayzee has done? >> jayzee has -- >> really quick, i'm not going to preach to you, but we need something really special this year, just show that our generation changed the world. never happened before, we absolutely changed the world. we changed the world so it just goes to show fight for what you believe in, and stay forever young. >> is it too late in the election psych emfor jayzee to start to drum up excitement? >> hey, lawrence, i don't know about you, but every time i see jayzee i get excited. you know, jayzee, lady gaga, we
10:21 pm
were at the vma's, interviewed her on the vma stage and she brought out four officers who were released out of the military, she wants to get rid of don't ask don't tell. efforts like that is bringing attention to young americans about what's going on in politics. jayzee surely speaking out is going to have a lot of young americans paying attention. i think the best thing for the president to do is what he's doing tomorrow at our forum, a conversation with president obama, where he's going to take on a lot of questions from a diverse group of young americans who come from different political viewpoints, races, religions, different backgrounds and different political parties. and i think the best thing he can do is answer those questions, let people know what his plans are in the immediate future and how he's going to change knees conditions that concern young americans most. jayzee going out there, yeah, that adds a spark. you know, lady gaga, what she's doing is bringing a lot of attention to don't ask, don't
10:22 pm
tell. but it's up to the president and his administration to really pull it off. >> sway calloway of mtv, good luck hosting tomorrow's town hall with the president. >> it will be in the bet studios tomorrow 4:00 p.m. >> i'm supposed to watch msnbc then but i'm going to be watching you. >> thank you, bro. sarah palin has taken a brave stand against sharia law becoming the law of the land. it's tonight's rewrite. and the historic last 24 hours in chile. we'll be joined by kerry sanders as that country celebrates the rescue of all 33 trapped miners.
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it's hard to argue that texans are not proud of their state. there are facebook pages entitled texas is better than your state. 57% of texans believe that texas state government is a good model for the other states to follow. ironically, election officials are correcting an embarrassing mistake they have been making for years on absentee ballots. there is a flag printed on the ballot, it is not the flag of texas. an astute texas student studying in japan was voting by absentee
10:27 pm
ballot when he realizes the flag is the flag of the united republic of chile. they said, we just never caught it. the last election in which the county will be glorifying chile is november 2nd. coming up, we go live to chile, camp hope, where the families of the miners have waited for 70 days and will soon be there no more. the rescue process has progressed faster than expected. we'll have a live report from kerry sanders. carl paladino has apologized to his anti-gay remarks to a group of jewish leaders. that remark has now upset the jewish leaders paladino met with. [ male announcer ] one look can turn the everyday into romantic.
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in the spotlight tonight, crazy republican billionaire candidate for new york governer, carl paladino finds himself in trouble after trying to apologize his way out of trouble. on sunday rabbi levin showed his support for paladino by inviting him to speak before a conservative audience in brooklyn. >> i just think my children and your children would be much better off and much more successful getting married and raising a family. and i don't want them to be brainwashed into thinking that homosexuality is an equally valid or successful option. >> many took issue with paladino's surprising remarks, but none more than paladino's openly gay nephew who works on his campaign staff.
10:32 pm
since paladino's comments became public jeff hannan has not shown up for work. not even after paladino apologized saying, i sincerely apologize for any comment that may have offended the gay and lesbian community or any of their family members. i am in support of civil agreements and equal rights for all citizens. if elected as your governor, i will stand and fight for all gay new yorkers rights. after reading the apology, rabbi levin felt betrayed by the candidate he endorsed and immediately called paladino's campaign manager. >> it was not a pleasant conversation, and i did not allow myself to be patronized. he had to do it because his gay nephew or his family told him
10:33 pm
so. he discovered now he has a gay nephew, mazel tov, we'll have a coming out party. what does that have to do with the religious people in the state of new york. i don't get it 37. >> joining me now, rabbi lvin who serves as a spokesman for the rabbinical alliance of america. also, rabbi kirschner from rabbi emmanuel. he serves on the new york board of rabbis. thank you for joining us. >> thank you, lawrence. >> rabbi levin, is it true that you actually wrote the statement that carl paladino gave at your synagogue? >> there were two synagogue visits, first was carlsburg, that was a statement i wrote. it included many of the stands, wasn't the controversial one. that took place in williamsburg. for the last few days, everybody has been trying to find which
10:34 pm
mysterious stranger wrote the second one, which was even stronger. what i said is, look, i'm willing to defend the second one, but it happens to be that i didn't write the second one. >> and you -- >> i have no problem -- i have ideas, i'm protecting the identity of the person who doesn't deserve to be bashed and harassed. there's no other word that's better than indoctrination of brainwashing for putting children in a classroom prison and forcing them to absorb what the politically correct homosexual version of sex education. in massachusetts where they have gay marriage as the law of the state, parents are forced to have their children attend. it is a permanent case of somebody who tried to opt out and they faced prison and harassment charges. we are the victims, i haven't seen an orthodoxed jew beating up on a homosexual, calling them the kinds of names i've been
10:35 pm
receiving, f you, drop dead, just because i stand up for my religion. i'm told we're the violent ones, we're encouraging the violence. >> could you clarify what is your religion and on the matter of homosexuality, what do you -- what are the religious teachings that you teach on the issue of homosexuality. are you like some fundamentalist christians who believe that all homosexuals are evil and will burn in hell forever? >> no, it has to do with acts of homosexuality are forbidden. just as we tell underaged people, acts are forbidden. in britain they want to reduce the age to 14, so an 80-year-old man can pick up on a 14-year-old and not get in trouble for it. >> they can be gay, but they
10:36 pm
must not physically act on it. if they do have gay sex, what is your religious teaching about then what happens to them either here or in the afterlife. >> the important thing,it's a transgression like hundreds of other transgressions, but it is a severe transgression on the holiest day of the year, yom kippur, the day of atonement. all of sexual actions starting with adultery and incest -- we get an idea that biblically torah speaking, this is a severe offense. it doesn't mean we don't have the greatest compassion on those who have that particular drive. just like we have compassion on somebody who wants to do it with somebody else's wife. we have compassion, but we don't lower the standards for them. we don't make something that is forbidden, permitted and we don't elevate to pride. any bedroom behavior or misbehavior is not a sense of
10:37 pm
pride. intellect, not what you do with your reproductive organs. >> rabbi kirschner in scripture, homo s homosexuality is on the same list as adultery. does it belong on that same list, and is that the modern view in your rabbinical view of this? >> in my view, absolutely not. in my rabbinical view, the same text we study, loving our neighbors as we love ourselves. we read last week in synagogues around the world that we're all created in god's image. someone's sexual ear yen taking is not a choice. being gay is not a choice. and homosexuality is the civil rights issue of our generation. jews have always been at the forefront of issues on civil rights, that's why martin luther king, jr. stood shoulder to shoulder with abraham joshua hessel. there are young boys and young girls killing themselves because of these issues of not feeling
10:38 pm
comfortable in their identity, religion needs to be something that's a tool to help people cope with the world, not used as a weapon to beat people up. >> just your sense, what is your sense of jewish america, what percent see this as rabbi levin does, and what percent see this the way you do? >> i'm glad you brought that up, there are three major secretaries in judaism. reform conservative comprise more than two thirds of judaism. they believe in civil unions, equality. and as they are in my congregation, we don't have a large constituency of openly gay people, but we embrace all people in god's image. >> do you have any gay relatives? >> not that i know of, but i'm sure at some point we do. the point is, david's a very nice fellow, this is cut and paste judaism, when you take
10:39 pm
something as superficial as love thy neighbor as you love thyself, and saying that compromises homosexuality, that's not true. let's do it the right way, from sinai until now, what was the overwhelming preponderance -- all the jews did not have any arguments about the sexual behaviors, misbehaviors that are forbidden. >> rabbi, can i keep knew politics for a second? is there anyone you've actually voted for on a new york ballot in any office that agrees with you on this that you've had a chance to vote for? >> that is an excellent point. the answer to that is as follows, over what has been so attractive about carl paladino and i made this point, his positions that he took sunday with us -- i give the man the greatest credit to carry a baby
10:40 pm
to term. he didn't drown the mother, and he didn't kill the innocent baby. he was great, he was one in a million. >> so other than paladino's brief moment in your sun, there's never been -- >> not so many years ago, i ran for mayor of new york against ed koch under -- i was the candidate in '85, and ed koch said partial birth abortion is murder. so here you have -- >> but ed koch is fine with all other forms of abortion, so you could never support him. there's no one that's ever been on a new york ballot that fits your requirements. >> al domato. >> he was in favor of gay rights. >> he wasn't until the last few months, when he lost, and is getting desperate -- >> did you know, when you endorsed carl paladino he had sent and forwarded and enjoyed racist e-mails and pornographic e-mails including one that involved a woman and a horse?
10:41 pm
and does that fall within acceptable -- >> sure, let me respond to that -- >> conduct under your -- >> site leviticus 18 -- it's critical to argue. >> i don't think you have to -- listen, listen. i don't think you -- >> beast yality is forbidden. >> i agree with you, let me respond. here's what we have, this takes a little bit of putting on our thinking cap. on the one hand we have andrew cuomo who is going to pass legislation. >> did you know about the bestiality? >> i did. >> and you're happy with it? >> i'm not happy with it at all. >> but i knew this was a [ bleep ] who fell short, shame on him, i discussed it with him. >> did you discuss the bestiality one? what did he say? >> no now that you're going for higher office, do you want to offend your daughter from
10:42 pm
obscenities in the libraries, it's time to up the ante and repent and do something better. he agreed with me just this sunday. leer's the deal, the thing that paladino is better, i'd rather have a person -- try to get this -- who does all kinds of bad things in his private life but publicly in terms of the legislation he will responsible will be a hypocrite, but will let my children grow up -- and that's the answer, it's a million times more important, and by the way, a guy like that to carry the baby to term is one in a million. everyone else, rich, wealthy, get rid of the evidence. >> there's an honest defense for you. he will back a hypocrite as long as the hypocrite in his private life is doing things that he will not support in his public life. >> no. >> at least in his -- >> you're getting half of what you want, right? a guy that's okay with you in his private life. what would your rabbinical teachings be about that? >> while this man is -- i love
10:43 pm
him for being created in the image of god. he doesn't represent the flavor of judaism for me and most of the jewish people in the world. for me, the most important thing in judaism is the saving of a life. that's the most important thing. and when there are young people, and this month in particular, tyler clementi from rutgers and five or six young people who commit suicide because they're uncomfortable with their sexuality, we have a responsibility in religion to help save lives. that's why i'm proud to be a jew, and why i became a rabbi. >> what is your position on abortion? >> it's the right of everyone to choose, just as our torah teaches us. there are many opportunity where is the tyra allows people, should they need to have an abortion for health reasons, emotional reasons, even financial reasons they should do so. >> with two rabbis we could go on for the rest of the hour, but we do have to move on. thank you both for coming in tonight, i greatly appreciate your time tonight. >> thank you.
10:44 pm
sarah palin makes a strong statement on the separation of church and state which earns her my agreement and tonight's rewrite. and the story that has captivated the world, we'll go live to chile to talk with kerry sanders as the end of the rescue drama nears.
10:45 pm
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makes the cold aisle easy. the robitussin relief finder at it's that simple. time for tonight's rewrite, it's sarah palin's turn. but the thing is, i agree with her. and you go too, i know you don't think you do, but hear me out. i mean, hear her out. sarah palin talked to the conservative website news max which posted the interview with the understated headline, breaking sarah palin talks of armagedd armageddon, obama socialism, and her thoughts about 2012. palin warned that a nuclear iran could lead to world war ii and pointed out that russia plays a critical role in making sure that doesn't happen. >> we need to remind russia that any assistance given to ahmadinejad, given to iran, we
10:49 pm
have to realize that at the end of the day, a nuclear weapon in that country's hands is not just israel's problem or america's problem, it is the world's problem. >> we do need to remind russia about that, and the good news is, we do. i mean, the president does. and by the president, i mean every president, bush did it, every chance he got. and obama does too. so sarah palin is right on this one. not exactly original, but she is right. and when palin's right, news max is right to present it as breaking news. she had more to say about war. >> i hate war. war is hell. we don't want war, we don't strive for war. >> again, right on target. i agree with her, word for word. and if you don't, i'm sure the history channel has some war footage you can revel in right now. finally, though, sarah palin says she's deeply religious
10:50 pm
herself. technically a christian, not affiliated with any organized religion like catholics, presbyterians that may make serious demand on her attention. she takes an unambiguous stand on the separation of church and state. >> americans will never stand for sharia law being the law of the land because americans are smart enough to know sharia law if that were to be adopted, it will be the downfall of america, and too many americans are on to this already and are starting to rise up and send that message to our federal officials and stay, you know, we will not put up with any hint of sharia law being any sort of law of the land. >> i am so on board with that. luckily, so are the founding fathers, they've got us covered on this one. with a little thing they like to call the constitution of the united states of america. i guess they do have one rewrite
10:51 pm
note for sarah palin, just three little words. needless to say. that's what most of us say before we say something that everyone already knows and agrees with. of course, saying needless to say, would make some of her statements seem a bit less scary to the very, very few people who can be scared by such innocuous language. and if she is trying to scare people that way, these statements don't qualify for the label fear mongering, you can't scare anyone who already knows we have a constitution with talk of sharia law becoming the law of the land. that's not fear mongering, that's moron mongering. [ engine revving ]
10:52 pm
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10:55 pm
22 hours after the first mininger in stepped off the fenix capsule, the 70-day saga of the 33 trapped miners is over. 54-year-old luis urzua, the supervisor. as the last man out, he gets the world record for being underground and surviving. here is the moment of his rescue. [ cheers and applause ]
10:56 pm
♪ >> it is not completely over yet. rescuers in the mine now have to make their way back up to the surface. nbc's kerry sanders is live in copiapo, chile, what is the latest update on how many rescuers are still down there, and what is left of this operation? >> reporter: there is one rescuer left down in the mine. the other one is now in the fenix too, making his way to the surface. this ordeal when that final rescuer gets to the surface ends, a remarkable story. a historic triumph, 33 men who survived 70 days in what were considered impossible conditions. for the first 17 days down there, cut off from the outside world with only two days of food
10:57 pm
rations, somehow making the peaches and tuna last long enough, until they got contact with the outside world. and then for the next remaining days, teams on the surface racing to drill down. teams from south africa, the united states, from canada all working, it was the american team that was able to eventually drill a wide enough hole to get to them first, to set the stage for this incredible and very emotional and dramatic rescue. a country and really the eyes of the world watching every one of those miners coming to the surface starting with 31-year-old flooren see yo av l avalos. and then the captain of the ship, the last one out. collectively, these men,
10:58 pm
including the one from bolivia, 32 chileans, but all 33 miners brothers who have experienced something that nobody else has. and collectively showing a will of survival while those on the surface, more than 1,000 engineers did everything they could to save the lives down below, and god bless them with the help of experts from around the world, they did it. >> kerry, i'll never forget that emotional outburst last night when that first miner made it to the top as we were covering live here. what was it like when the last miner made it to the top. >> reporter: exactly the same. i mean, the president remained chile's president, he remained awake and there and greeted every one of those who came to
10:59 pm
the surface here. and it started with about an hour and 15 minutes. between each one coming up, and before you knew it, they were coming up and less than 45 minutes to the surface. and when the last one came up, it was a huge celebration in this country. hugs, kisses, music. just about everything that you can imagine here. very, very important day for this country. and i think for human spirit. >> and what happens to them after this? they'll be in some medical rehabilitation for how many days? >> it's for two days. they're not going to be really out in society too much, as you saw, they were wearing sunglasses when they came up. they're flown by the helicopters over to the hospital, the hospital has a special film they put on the windows to keep the light from causing any problems. they think that will