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tv   The Daily Rundown  MSNBC  October 14, 2010 9:00am-10:00am EDT

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>> i can't say what i want to say. >> he said it. >> norah, what about you? >> i learned that condi rice, who said this before, but apparently has no fire in the belly for running for political office. >> jonathan capehart. >> one, i learned that christine o'donnell laughs at her own j e jokes and i should watch more animal planet. >> don't live with a tiger, that's the lesson of today's show. stay tuned for the day lun rundown with chuck and savannah. you're just jealous that you weren't on saturday night live. >> i'm dying to see who is going to play me, christine. >> all right. we had some remarks traded in delaware but a fight that really matters is in vegas tonight, harry reid, trying to defend his senate majority leader title against sharon angle. and it's over. all 33 miners are free. the world joins chile in celebrating a flawless rescue. and don't mess with texas.
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why the lone star state is leading the nation's recovery out of the recession. it's thursday, october 14th, 2010. i'm chuck todd. savannah is off today. also this morning, the chamber of commerce responds to president obama's charges about foreign money fueling campaign advertising. the daily rundown interview ahead on that. let's get right to the rundown on our whip and we'll begin with the tea party favorite put to the test, christine o'donnell got her, perhaps, last chance to prove her political metal, going head to head with chris coons in their first senate debate. >> he is a career politician who has proven he knows how to play the i'll scratch your back, you scratch mine game. >> miss o'donnell has experience at running for office but not really running anything. >> kelly o'donnell's capitol hill correspondent, joining us from newark, delaware. kelly, this may put the nail in the coffin in this race. this didn't seem like a game
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changer for christine o'donnell, did it? >> reporter: this was an opportunity for her to talk about a lot of issues and she did that, after we paid attention to some of the nutty things about this race, the spectacle, interest, old clips. she was able to talk about her positions on taxes, he was able to talk about his. they did all the big issues. this was 90 minutes, longer than most of the debates. it was an endurance test, for sure. there were references to the odder side of this race. she was talking about her portrayal on "saturday night live." here is just a moment of that. >> this election cycle should not be about comments i made on a comedy show over a decade and a half ago. this election cycle should be about what is important to the people of delaware. >> these aren't just random statements on some late-night tv show. these are relevant to her service in the united states senate, what sort of judges she would confirm, what sort of issues she would take up. >> reporter: that was not her rrchs to "snl."
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she teased her opponent about being portrayed on "snl." that was the reference to the much-talked about comment when she appeared on the bill maher show years ago. >> sure. >> reporter: most of the debate was not about those things. it was about issues and the real thrashing back and forth on things that probably most voters were interested in. it did have a lot of substance. >> and there was one other moment, kelly, my understanding, where she got caught -- she had sort of a deer in the headlights moment when she was asked about a supreme court decision. let's play this sound bite. >> what opinions of late that have come from our high court do you most object to? >> oh, gosh. give me a specific one. i'm sorry. >> actually, i can't, because i need you to tell me which ones you object to. >> i'm very sorry. right off the top of my head, i know that there are a lot but i'll put it up on my website. >> and has she since put
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something up on her website, kelly? >> reporter: yes, she did. that was one of the awkward, uncomfortable moments of the debate, clearly not prepared for that. her campaign put out a release and she did choose one, a 2005 case that deals with eminent domain that says local governments can take your personal property to make way for government development. a recent case, the way the question was formed, because she complemented the four conservatives on the court. one other item about this, chris coons, the democrat, was asked to name a case as well and he chose the citizens united campaign finance law, the subject they had just been talking about. it plays into this race. wolf blitzer said name another and he declined. >> how interesting. >> reporter: not the best moment for either candidate. yes. >> absolutely. kelly o'donnell. the big one tonight, we're all waiting for this one, reid/angle. >> sharon angle, yeah. >> that one too close to call.
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kelly o'donnell in newark, delaware, for us this morning. thank you very much. let's go out to a race that's getting more contentious by the day. live in burbank for us, john, let's start with the governor's race. sounds like the national organization of women is now jumping in. what's going on here? is this a way to bail out jerry brown a little bit? >> they've been trying to help brown and put out a statement yesterday saying jerry brown and meg whitman, for that matter shall should fire any campaign aide who used the word "whore" the way an unidentified brown aide did on that tape recording. then they clarified that they weren't calling for brown to smoke out and fire the aide who said it on this tape but they were talking about future uses of the word. so, this is, as you know, chuck, in politics sometimes we get distracted by these fake fight that is don't mean a whole lot. this is one of those things and brown is hoping since he had
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been on a roll against whitman that he can get past this as soon as he can. >> can we find out why, though -- it would be an easy thing to do, campaign might suspend a staffer or fire a staffer. is it because some people don't think it's a staffer? >> i don't know who it was, but i think the underlying reason, chuck, they don't think there was anything especially wrong about it except for the fact that it's an ugly word. as you know, that word has become a term of art to use for people who do quid pro quo deals and that sort of thing. >> right. >> it's not really about gender and i think that's the point that brown is trying to stand on. that's why he rejected the comparison that our colleague, tom brokaw said it's like the "n" word. brown said no, it's not like that. >> some democrats feel better today about the senate race than they did two weeks ago and some
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republicans are running when is carly fiorina going to write a personal check? what do we know? >> there is no sign yet that she is going to pour a huge amount of money -- nothing like what meg whitman has done. >> sure. >> but even in a more limited way, she's just not gone there. i suspect that carly fiorina will feel out how strong she is going to be. running as an unabashed conservative. even when you have a liberal candidate like barbara boxer, who republicans would love to beat so much, it's a tough battle to win in this state. a little over 2 1/2 weeks. we'll see whether she writes that check or can get somehow the dynamic working in her favor. >> we'll know, perhaps, by how
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many tv ads we see next week. >> exactly. >> john harwood covering both california races today. thank you very much. first lady's first campaign of the tour is off to a rousing start. she echoed the president's call for patience. >> i think that many of us came into this expecting to see all the change we talked about happen all at once, right away. the minute barack walked into the oval office door. but the truth is, it is going to take a longer time to dig ourselves out of this hole than any of us would like. >> one quick stop before heading to colorado. mrs. obama is expected to cast an early ballot in illinois first, as early as this hour. she has stops scheduled in at least five more states before election day. let's turn now to chile where the 33rd and last of those
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miners were brought to the surface before 9:00 eastern last night. all are said to be in relatively good health, thanking god and their country for their rescue, natalie morales watched the whole thing from outside the mine near copiapo. >> reporter: there's a real sense of peace here at camp hope, probably the first peace they've felt in the last ten weeks. the families who remain here are starting to pack up, go back home and get back to their lives with their loved ones, all 33 min miners now safe. mission accomplished. just before 10:00 pm local time wednesday, shift manager luis urzua became the last man out. like a good captain, you left last said chile's president. urzua said to the president, i'm proud to be chilean.
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in the end, the remarkable rescue of the 33 miners took less than 24 hours. florencio avalos, the first man out. his son's tears brought the world to tears. 23-year-old richard villarroel got out just in time, his wife was having contractions at home. and not met by his wife, but by his mistress. his wife chose not to come to the rescue. known as a doctor, trained emt, he monitored the men's health every day. mario gomez had health problems while underground. at 63, he has the oldest of the group. he made it out okay. i spoke to his daughter, lily.
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it was so beautiful, like a rebirth, she said. now her family is back together. the world has come to know who they are, especially this man, now known as super mario. mario sepulveda burst out of the capsule telling the world i met god, i met the devil. god won. 33 times. the chant kept coming. the rescue mission many thought impossible, now complete. the rescuers underground proudly held up a sign saying "mission accomplished." now people here say they do believe in miracles. and now over the next 48 hours, the miners will remain at the local hospital for observation. if they don't need any further medical treatment, they will be allowed to go home to get back with their families and make up
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for some lost time. >> natalie morales in copiapo, chile, with just an amazing story and nice to have a happy ending. 20 minutes ago before the opening bell, let's take a quick check at what's driving the markets this morning. for that, i'm joined by cnbc's amanda drurie. what what do we know? >> the dollar hit a 15-year low against the yen, parody against the euro and gold. the problem here is that we got some economic data and not all of it good. rising food and energy prices pushed inflation at the wholesale level up by 0.4%, twice than expected last month. staples rose 0.1%. doesn't sound like much, but was, nonetheless, the fastest annual pace in a year. record impores from china helped to widen the u.s. trade gap more than expected in august despite
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all those pledges to put fwloebl trade on a more sustainable path. 62,000, indicating employers are not hiring many workers. corporate news, do watch shares of yahoo! today and other tech stocks, that yahoo! may be a takeover target once again as it's struggling to keep pace with google. private investment firms have approached aol and newscorp to gain their interest in acquiring yahoo!. become to you, chuck. >> amanda drury, thank you very much. coming up, team obama and the democrats are taking aim at the chamber of commerce. they're trying to aim back. they just fired off a letter, vowing to ramp up their attacks against democrats between now and november. what we'll hear from the number two man in charge of the chamber next. don't mess with texas. why exerts say the lone star state might lead the rest of the country out of the recession. how are they doing it?
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first, a look ahead at the president's schedule today. it's a townhall, that b.e.t., cmt, mtv will all be airing with the president today at 4:00 pm. plus a gibbs' briefing at 1:30. [ female announcer ] when you save an average of over $450 a year
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it's been the hottest topic
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out there the past few days, chamber of commerce are bank rolling republican campaigns and maybe even using foreign money. the chamber calls it a baseless smear campaign. joining me now is bruce johnston, chamber's number two guy over there, vice president of government affairs. walk me through how the chamber raises money for political campaigns. you have a pac and something called a 501-c3 organization. >> the pac, any company or organization. >> only people that work for the chamber. >> or are board members may solicit. >> give money to this federal pac and that's regulated by the federal elections commission? >> right. >> not by the irs. >> all individual money. you can't have corporate money in a pac. >> that's fully disclosed. >> yes. >> every quarter or six months? >> filed, i think, every quarter. and posted where the money goes,
9:19 am
who contributed to it. >> and this money, for instance, you endorsed to members of congress and may cut a $5,000 check to a specific member from this? >> correct. >> now the 501-c3. >> we're c6. >> explain what that is. >> it's a variety of nonprofits, the foundation is a c4. we're a c6 organization, advocacy organization, we represent the business community. to answer your question, when we're raising money for advertising or for doing our work in terms of representing our members before congress, we go to our members. they pay dues to the chamber. we recommend an amount and they decide how much. we untake special fund-raisers where we're raising additional money to make sure the issues of concern to our membership are brought forget in a four-square center into the public's mind and in a debate to have a dialogue. >> how much -- there's been these accusations about foreign money. the fact is money -- you can make this argument against anybody at any time because of
9:20 am
accounting methods. is there an easy way for you to say, okay, this is where we get our money overseas and it's put in this account? >> first off, let's dissect this. this began with a liberal left wing blog called think progress, somebody that doesn't understand american chambers of commerce abroad or bilateral business. it's american progress whose head, transition director for his campaign after he finished, we ought to put that in perspective. >> you guys have been in a political debate for the last week. >> although the senate for american progress and chamber are joined together on education reform, have produced significant reform, something changed in this cycle. i could sit here and allege, if you go to the afl-cio website, for example, you'll notice half of the affiliated unions like the service employees international union, have international members. so, i could sit here and make outlandish claims as well.
9:21 am
since, according to the white house release logs, andy stern appears it to have met with the president and his cabinet more than any other individual in the first 18 months. i could say since the union s py out $420 million according to them in the '08 presidential and congressional campaigns that the president is a recipient to foreign money. >> do you believe that he is? >> well, i don't. i think this is a canard, absolutely absurd. >> you don't have to -- the law says you do not have to disclose individual donations to this part of your organization? >> correct. >> why not disclose them? >> the reason is pretty simple. we don't want to disclose for the same reason that mr. gibbs, the president's ironically spokesperson ran attack ads against howard dean in the '03-'04 cycle. >> that was a 527. they did release their donors. >> no, they refused. >> no, eventually -- >> after the election. >> but they -- >> after the election. >> the law says -- right, because they filed their report.
9:22 am
>> correct. >> so they did eventually disclose. >> eventually. >> are you guys eventually going to disclose? >> no. let me explain why. when we ran issue ads last year over the patient's protection affordable care alcohol, now law, we cited repeatedly testimony before the committee, ceo, congressional budget office and the senator for medicare services that this law would not bend the cost curve down. it would bend the cost curve up. somehow some of the companies that contributed to that effort became public and not by us. they were all greeted with protests at their corporate headquarters. they were, in some cases, threatened. they were repeatedly -- >> so your donors are afraid of a public backlash? >> absolutely, just as george sorros was when he stopped giving to a group promoting jewish/palestinian relations and he said openly for fear it would taint that organization. >> you don't think we should have any campaign finance -- >> i kind of adhere to what i
9:23 am
would consider the ultimate supreme court case, naacp versus the state of alabama back in 1953, where people were trying to force disclosure of who the wealthy, white individuals were giving to that organization to promote integration. the supreme court ruled, in my view correctly, there's only one reason people want that and that's to intimidate and harass. look at prop 8 two years ago in california, on the gay/lesbian marriage initiative. an institute for justice that is studied because the names of the supporters and financial contributors of prop 8 were divulged on the internet. their homes were vandalized. they were threatened, intimidated. this is exactly what the allies outside of this town to some of the president's goals and objectives, like move on and sciu do. >> you really believe that if we're getting to this point that the case for nondisclosure is basically for fear of retribution -- >> look at target in minnesota.
9:24 am
a company gave to a state ballot initiali initiative to promote growth where their shoppers and employees are. they employ people that are independents, democrats and republicans, shareholders of all political stripes, has customers of all political stripes, supporting something to promote economic growth. a gubernatorial candidate connected to that -- >> they supported -- >> target gets a boycott and there's attempts to -- >> free market. >> it's different. corporations, as i said, have employees. vendors, suppliers and shareholders of all political stripes. they're not trying to alienate anybody. they're looking for representative organizations, such as mine and thousands of others, to be an express organization to advocate for them on their behalf. >> it's kind of a depressing outlook, the fact that we think that being public about where you stand on an issue, you don't want to go public because of --
9:25 am
you just fear some sort of potentially negative retribution. >> there is negative retribution. there's a history, track record of retribution here. and that's why we, the chamber -- being the president didn't disclose his contributors in '08. sciu said they could be accused of the same thing. >> we saw all contributors over $200. >> did you? >> that's the law. why not have some form of that? >> again, corporations, i think, sit in a very different space here than individuals. and i'm giving about five examples. >> i understand. it's an interesting argument. it's an interesting argument and i am fascinated by it. one quick question on the president being this -- hit on him being anti-business. the dow jones on january 20th, 2009, it closed at 7,949. yesterday the dow closed at 11,096. we don't have many barometers to say how business is doing,
9:26 am
corporate america is doing. this is one of them. if the president is so anti-business, why did the stock market go up 50%? >> let me be clear of that. neither i nor any other individual from the u.s. chamber of commerce has said the president is anti-business. >> you don't believe he is? >> no. we have said -- recent events of the past several weeks, which is why you have me here, speaks to a president who is modus operandi, the automotive industry, banking industry, energy institute, u.s. chamber of commerce. what we have said repeatedly -- and it's fascinating, because we did, as i'm sure you know, support what the president did with t.a.r.p. following the bush administration. we supported that and helped to organize a coalition, very controversial within our own membership to help pass the stimulus. we supported the president on no child left behind. >> you're more upset over the rhetoric than you are over the
9:27 am
policy, it sounds like. >> where we have been able to be in sync and be supportive of this president's policies to get the economy out of the ditch and get it leaning forward, we have been highly supportive. when we have -- >> new msnbc slogan, leaning forward. >> when we have a different position, they seem to go into attack mode, much like they did in the campaign. we want this economy to lean forward, chuck, because we have got a real serious issue in front of us as a country and it's called employing multiple millions of americans, and that's going to be a tough haul going forward. >> i have to make that the last word. bruce joston, thank you very much for coming in. >> thank you. the wit and wisdom of patrick mornahan. what economists say when it comes to the recession. nobody's messing with texas. first, our washington speak. v.i.p. pool. it's a media speak, actually, favorite around here in washington media land when the five tv networks pool their
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let's take a quick look at what's driving this thursday, with all 33 trapped chilean miners now safely above ground. chile's president says the mind near copiapo will never open again. some of the men could leave the hospital within days, actually go home to their families. at 4:00 this afternoon, president obama will be speaking to 250 young voters as well as twitter questions at a live town hall. the event will be brud cast on mtv, b.e.t. and cmt.
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in lebanon today, iranian president ahmadinejad promises to stand by beirut and visited a place near the iranian/ border. harry whittington's injuries were more dire, suffering a collapsed lung and a mild heart attack and still has 30 lead pellets in his body including in his face and near his heart. love is a drug. feelings of intense love can actually relieve pain. feelings of love affect the brain the way powerful pain relievers and even cocaine do. there you go. love is addictive, apparently. still ahead, why the rest of the nation could learn a lesson about how texas is surviving the great recession. plus, inside the mind of
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>> don't mess with texas, right? apparently neither should you mess with the state's economic recovery. bureau of labor statistics says the lone star state is leading the nation's recovery, adding 100,000, more double than any other state. senior executive editor of texas monthly, he has seen it all. he has been there when texas has been hurt. paul, i want to start with this. what fascinated me about the story of texas in this recession is because they seemed to learn
9:37 am
lessons from the oil bust of the '80s. walk us through that. >> well, that's right. in fact, there used to be bumper stickers in the '80s that said oh, lord, send us another oil boom. we promise not to mess this one up. and that's one of the things that happened. i do believe that texas always has had a methodology that tomorrow would always be better than today and so there's this optimistic feeling. and what the oil bust of the '80s did was it crushed that optimism and people here realized, hey, you know, we can't just be braggards and we can't just be swaggering and we have to be smart. >> let's look how they diversified the economy, energy production, high-tech centers in austin and dallas.
9:38 am
san antonio, fast-growing city. in fact, four of the -- what do we have here? five of the top 15 most resilient major metro areas in this recession. austin, houston, san antonio, el paso, mcallen. a lot of military installations which, in turn -- that's government infused. >> payrolls. >> yeah. >> during world war ii, this was -- weather in texas was pretty good. we began to get the air bases located here. they're all over san antonio and the rest of the state. that brought in a lot of money, too. oil and gas, of course, is not just production. it's also technology and finance. and texas is the world's leader in the oil and gas industry. so, oil and gas really filters down everywhere. >> paul, not all is rosie. texas state revenue is $18
9:39 am
billion short. deepest hole it's ever faced. what is lawmakers -- the governor's race, rick perry and bill white, competitive race, surprisingly. though maybe the reason why rick perry, the longest serving governor, maybe, in the history of texas is holding up is because of this economy. but what is going on? why is there a revenue shortage? >> well, there's a revenue shortage because we had what's called a structural deficit in the budget in which year after year, we take in less revenue than we spent. that's what we've been doing. we just don't have -- we don't raise revenue in texas. whatever comes in is what we spend. and it's usually less than many people would say would be necessary. so, you have this structural deficit in the budget but it doesn't seem to bother anybody
9:40 am
too much. bill white's talked about it. >> right. >> there's what -- the reason that this governor's race is pretty much going governor perry's direction is that when you ask if the state is on the right track or the wrong track, the mantle of people say right track. and that's what's different from most other states. >> is there any lessons here other states can take from texas in getting and preventing, you know, allowing themselves to be resilient in the next recession? >> well, i think we've put a lot of money away that we don't spend. we have a rainy day fund that has -- will have $9 billion in it by the time this budget cycle is over. that takes care of half of the $18 billion if, of course, the lawmakers are willing to spend it. we just don't spend a lot of money. the public schools are funded at
9:41 am
a very much not a lavish level. health care, we don't do very much. we do education. we do health care. we do law enforcement. we do transportation. we don't do a lot of things that other states do. >> all right. paul burka, editor of "texas monthly," one of the great reads you can have to get a great read on texas, thank you so much for joining us. >> thank you. state capitol has a dome larger than the united states capitol andy chandelier of 10,000 pieces of cut glass? thought you bet the answer was going to be texas. no. it's, of course, west virginia, the capitol located in charleston wasb designed by architect cass gilbert. the dome and the chandelier is pigger because everything is bigger in west virginia. patrick mornahan, interesting takes he had that may be relevant to today's
9:42 am
politics. first the white house soup of the day, chili con carne. why not a little red hot chili peppers? [ female announcer ] does your smooth pass the second day test? or does frizz make you start all over? get ready for a revolution.
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9:45 am
daniel patrick moynihan, a very familiar face at nbc news, making 31 appearances on "meet
9:46 am
the press" during his storied career. >> is the energy tax a fight until death or are you willing to compromise? >> fight until death over taxes? oh, no. women, country, god, things like that. taxes? no. >> there you go. former staffer, of course, and nbc news great tim russert there, questioning him. moynihan's comments are being made public. two years searching through 10,000 pages of moynihan's writings. he joins us now with the book. actual political junkies will be reading this for a very long time. i want to start with a bunch of excerpts here. the first one sort of had to do when working for richard nixon. here is what it said. it was 1970. nixon sxaned the war into cambodia and protestifies were erupting across the country,
9:47 am
four students shot dead at kent state university. make clear to the students you are not out to punish them. make clear to the nation you have not been captured by the military. you must try to restore confidence and calm. what was he going for? >> he was going for the center. moynihan always tried to have a foot in both camps. he wanted -- he served two republican and two democratic presidents. that's an amazing record, i think unprecedented. but he also had a foot in the academic world. >> right. >> and in politics. the interesting thing is that he was as disappointed about the performance of the academic community as he was by politics. while he was appealing to nixon to reach out to the students, he was enveying against harvard and the other elite universities who were not listening to the moderates. >> and he seemed to lecture sometimes the left and the right. there was a case of lecturing
9:48 am
nixon. here is a case of lecturing teddy kennedy january 3rd, 1972. on a personal note, i was hurt that you chose to bring up the benign negative thing in your press club speech. it was a bum rap. everybody knew so at the time. i served jack and worked for bob over the years in terms that entitle me to expect more loyalty from you, especially as you know something about bum raps yourself. i say january 23rd, 1972 for a reason. >> an amazing letter. and, you know, moynihan had a very complicated relationship. we need a team of psychiatrists to figure this one out because look at that letter. what he is reminding ted kennedy of is that his association was with bobby kennedy and jack kennedy and it's a bit of a put-down and a bit of a condesc condescending thing as well as appealing to him to straighten
9:49 am
out. i can't imagine that ted kennedy really was irritated about this and his letter back to moynihan, which is quoted in the book, is very chilling. he continued to use the phrase benign negative against the nixon administration. >> the moynihan/kennedy relationship, he retired and hillary clinton ran for the seat in 2000. they served in the senate together for over two decades. and that relationship was always kind of icy, wasn't it? >> it was. there are a lot of alumni in this town who worked for one or the other. there were some cases but not many. each team has reunions. there's a rivalry there and it's a big set of teams. but it has to be said that moynihan did stand with ted kennedy in a lot of cases, especially in the 1990s, when president clinton signed the welfare bill that ended welfare as an entitlement and there are great letters in there where
9:50 am
moynihan and kennedy really appreciatemoynihan. >> like you said, interesting in policy but just as interested in politics. we had a guy who was a professor nbc news political analyst, daniel patrick moynihan. i want to read you a piece of it. i found one riti writing you di dind find. political parties will almost begin to take place, but not in terms of conservatives in one camp and liberals in another but to a condry of small to medium-size parties based on loyalties of class, race and region. he was seen splintering and in this whole memo he thought humfry would get his butt handed to him, essentially. it was a much closer race because of the third party candidacy. but what's interesting, he nailed it on class, race and region. that is really what our politics
9:51 am
is today. >> it really is. you know, that signature understanding of pat moynihan because he had a foot in both camps, as he put it in another memo, that for conservatives, culture is what determines a success of a society says that in one of his letters. but for liberals, the liberals believe that politics can save a society and a culture from itself. >> right. >> he -- >> conservatives want you to embrace the culture as it is. >> at least have solutions that accepted the reality of culture. so, he was both a promoter of government solutions, but also a skeptic about how much government could do. >> and i'm going to close here the way you have a nice little memory. you found a letter that he, daniel patrick moynihan sent to john chancellor, the anchorman at the time when one tim russert came over here. he writes, we're also proud of tim russert down here and know
9:52 am
you will enjoy his company as we hugely miss it. i tell you, there are a lot of us couldn't say it better. his relationship with tim. >> you know, it breaks my heart that this book didn't come out and that tim couldn't enjoy it. he was a great friend of mine, as well. >> all right, steven wiseman with a book that if you're a political junky, a policy junky, daniel patrick meynihan loved both parts of this. we'll be right back. bankers are known to be a little bit in love with themselves. are we going up? we can get the next one. i'd like to get your advice on hedging - risk... exposure. what makes us different? for 300 years we've chosen to focus on our clients.
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and christine o'donnell and chris cooms mixing substance along with a well-practiced jab. >> you're just jealous you were not on "saturday night live." >> i'm dying to see who is going to play me, christine. barack obama meets with young voters. a last-minute hail mary to get the mtv crowd that delivered for the democrats in 2008 fired up, once again. a celebration joined round the world. 33 chilean miners now in their first full day of freedom. the drama, the book and movie offers and the miner whose mistress was there to greet him instead of his wife. joining the disc