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tv   Andrea Mitchell Reports  MSNBC  December 15, 2010 1:00pm-2:00pm EST

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'cause it can happen to anybody. [ male announcer ] be ready if a heart attack strikes. donate $5 to womenheart at, and we'll send you this bayer aspirin pill tote. right now on "andrea mitchell reports" the senate gets ready to vote on the tax cut compromise. the president today. >> there are different aspects of this plan to which members of congress on both sides of the aisle object. that is the nature of compromise. but we worked hard to negotiate an agreement that is a win for middle class families and a win for our economy. we can't afford to let it fall victim to either delay or defeat. i urge members of congress to pass these tax cuts as swiftly as possible. >> so what do americans think about the deal? this hour we will reveal the first results just in from our
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nbc news/"wall street journal" poll. what does the white house call a new low in putting politics ahead of national security. demint isn't delovely today. can't we all just get along. president obama tries to start over with top business leaders. can he get them to start hiring again. a day ahead of the administration's rosey scenario paints a darker picture of the war. the daily show comes to our show. aasif mandvi will face off about who is bringing it. >> what is this wikileaks? >> well, jon, it is the 21st century, what i have coined the information age. a glorious -- thank you. i'm andrea mitchell.
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breaking news. we are watching the senate where at any moment we are expecting a vote on the tax cut compromise. once that passes it moves to the house where approval is less certain. kelly o'donnell is live on the hill. where do we stand. you have gone through the procedural votes. the final vote is coming up. >> three attempts to make changes failed. the final vote is coming up. this would be a victory for republicans who negotiated this deal with the white house. a smatterring of republicans who don't like it because it adds to the deficit. there is a shared feeling it needs to be done to boost the economy and put paychecks in people's pockets next month who are out of work and keep the rates the same for workers at all levels. it is a big moment. the president has been trying to urge this along day by day.
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did so again this morning. the real question mark is in the house. a late night meeting, it does appear they will take it up tomorrow and they may try to put forth some kind of a change. the signals are clear from all sides that would not be a way to make it work. it is more of a chance to make their point not likely to see changes made and we'd see this finally get put together with a lot more they have to try to get done and a real debate of who gets to go home before christmas or not. >> kelly, when it comes to changes on the house side. let's be clear, if they change anything it has to go back for a senate vote. we've seen from the trend so far through the procedural votes and the lineup out of the senate it is going to pass. how much would that slow down everything else that is on the lame duck agenda? >> it would be a nonstarter. mitch mcconnell the top republican said if the house makes any changes that breaks
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the deal. end game for them. a chance to try to make a change is symbolic on the house side. if people want to get it done in some form or another, if they can swallow some things they don't like they have to take it as is. the clock is ticking to deal with other things, funding all the operations of government which run out on saturday, the s.t.a.r.t. treaty with russia. a number of things before they put a period on the end of the congress. there isn't much time. any try to change something throws the clock into disarray. >> they just want to vent, i know. that is part of the politics as well. let's talk about the other issues. first of all, s.t.a.r.t., a nasty statement from the white house showing how angry they are about jim demint suggesting when the s.t.a.r.t. treaty hits the floor he is going to require the
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reading of the entire treaty which could take eight or ten or 12 hours. where does that stand? is senator demint going to try to slow down a vote on the s.t.a.r.t. treaty? >> republicans do want to slow it down. the white house is calling it a new low. they may be on the same team and a breath later they are fighting over this treaty. the republican side says they don't think this is the time to deal with it. they want to focus on the economic issues despite wide approval from former secretaries of state and former presidents who think this is a deal with the russians that needs to get forward. there is a real divide. today we hear more about this heated debate. the poor clerk who has to go page by page, those things usually fall apart once they get
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started but it is something republicans can do to try to slow this down. >> we'll get back to you with the report as they continue to vote with the final action on the senate side on the tax cut deal. our exclusive preview of our nbc news "wall street journal" poll showing that 59% of voters approve of the tax cut compromise. 59% believe it is fair for both parties. chuck todd co-hosts the daily rundown. you will have the rundown tonight. what does this tell you so far? >> look, when you look across the board it is a majority of democrats, 54%, majority of independents and the largest majority supporting it are republicans. a majority among all three political groups. if you divided up the country that way. it has across the board support and it is why you are seeing some of the criticism that is
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taking place among the more progressive members of the congress. it is not taking hold. the longest opposition bloc is among the most self-described liberals. a majority of them support this deal. so it is tough politically to sell holding it up if you look at our poll. >> what else are you seeing in the poll? you can broadly characterize it as you did earlier, before you unveil all of the results later on "nbc nightly news" at 6:30 and msnbc. let's talk about the president's standing and general attitudes of the public with the recession over and bad feelings and unemployment continuing. >> what is fascinating is the more things that have happened this year the less that has changed over the last year.
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where was the president a year ago? where is he now? not a lot has changed there. i will get into detail later. we don't want to scoop ourselves. the attitude of the public, though, you see this economic -- our pollsters call it a failure to launch. it seems every other month we see evidence that it looks like maybe the public is buying into the fact that the economy has hit bottom. things are going to start turning around and something will happen that month. in may it was greece and the oil spill. just recently it was the bad jobs report. everybody was expecting a really good jobs report. it is a sustained pessimism that is sitting out there casting a pall over everybody in politics. it is bringing everybody down because it is that sustained pessimism, the worries that the
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economy just nobody sees signs that it is finally fixing itself. it has been fits and starts. like i said, to borrow our pollsters phrase, failure to launch. everybody time you think, something fizzles it out. >> what is the president trying achieve at blair house meeting with the business leaders. the top business leaders are being more positive about what they are hearing at the white house? the white house is trying to mend fences and wondering why the jobs, why the hiring isn't starting. >> that is what the dialogue is supposed to be about. how do we jump start hiring. the end of the day, the number one political problem for the president is jobs. the number one political problem for the republicans in six months could very well be jobs. it is in everybody's interest folks start wondering where are the new jobs going to come from. the $2 trillion, a number a lot
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of folks talk about, fortune 1,000 companies are sitting on, sitting on r & d money. there is uncertainty in washington or uncertainty in europe or uncertainty in asia. one of the messages the president is trying to bring to the ceos, i'm giving you some certainty on the tax code for a couple of years. i'm giving you some certainty on how this white house and the new republican house is going to get along. you can see when we have to cut a deal, we will cut a deal. that -- i think the white house is hoping just those two advancements frankly from the last time the president convened a meeting like this of ceos will put them in a better need and frankly put them in an investment mood which translates into jobs. >> and finally s.t.a.r.t. we know how angry the white house is. >> very. >> we were just talking about the white house put out a statement calling senator
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demint's threat which apparently is a very real threat to read the entire treaty on the floor. this is a new low says the white house putting political stunts ahead of our national security. the washington game playing the american people are sick of. part of the white house's lashing of senator demint. do they think they can get by this? will it stay on the floor if they continue to read it? >> i think they are hoping demint is overplaying his hands. by forcing the clerk to read the bill, i think they are hoping somehow other members of the republican caucus go to mitch mcconnell and kyl and say this is getting ridiculous. this is going to hurt all of us. this may be good for jim demint's politics but is it good for senate republican politics? that is something the white house is hoping could happen if demint goes through with this. look, let's see what happens.
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as kelly pointed out, you hear these threats and they can get started and suddenly someone backs off and says this does look ridiculous. look at what we saw in chicago yesterday with the bizarre thing that rahm emanuel had to sit through. maybe that is what american politics has turned into, lots of theaters of the absurd. >> judd gregg was on the daily rundown with you and savannah. this is what he had to say on december 7th when he indicated to me on our show he was supporting the s.t.a.r.t. treaty. today he seems to have backed on and is with jon kyl. let's watch. >> i think we should bring it up. s.t.a.r.t. is an important issue. i'm leaning towards supporting it. i think the administration is on the right track, but i think jon kyl has very legitimate concerns and need to be aired in a
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responsible way. to do this before christmas i think might, unfortunately, and inappropriately contract the debate. >> that is a big loss for the white house. judd gregg, there is about a handful of the retiring republican senators they were counting on as part of this group to work with dick lugar, the ranking republican on foreign relations the lone republican champion on this for now. you hear this from a lot of republican senators, i support this treaty, but i respect senator kyl's position. that should indicate how powerful senator kyl is in the republican caucus. he is not just number two in leadership in title. if this is something he wants, he has friends, even a judd gregg says, fine, that's the way kyl wants it, i'm with him.
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>> the back story is the republican leadership, mitch mcconnell is the leader, jon kyl might be the leader in waiting. there is other drama. chuck, enough drama. we will have you and the complete results of the "nbc news/"wall street journal" poll. >> we are following the tax cut compromise. stay with us for breaking developments. up next, who did mark zuckerberg to win man of the year. and dick stengel with the runners up. join me tomorrow with joe biden. all that tomorrow right here only on "andrea mitchell reports."
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we're following breaking developments from capitol hill where a deal struck by president obama and senate republicans to extend expiring tax cuts has received the number of votes needed for final passage. in a much anticipated announcement "time" magazine named mark zuckerberg person of the year for 2010. facebook's 26-year-old founder for connecting more than 500,000 people, creating a new system for exchanging information and changing how we live our lives. rick stengel is "time" magazine managing editor. for better or worse. >> exactly. a lot of people object to what facebook is doing, infringing on your privacy. he is expanding notions of
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privacy, people of a younger generation have a different sense of privacy. zuckerberg is a recipient but an architect of that. that is one of the ways facebook is changing the world. >> what about the runners up. why were they chosen and fall short of the mark? >> the tea party was one of the runners up. i'm biassed in putting a single person. the tea party problem is finding a person. julian assange came on strong. he is the flip side of mark zuckerberg. assange wants to use transparency and openness in pulling down governments. zuckerberg wants to use it to connect people and he is reaching a staggering number of people. 600 million people on face book. the chilean miners would have been a heart warming choice.
1:20 pm
we have a fantastic photo essay. hamid karzai, who wasn't going to win but represents the heart of foreign policy issues. >>age edgy portrayal of zuckerberg in "the social network" the movie. >> it made him more of a figure in popular culture. it made people familiar with him. i spent time with him and, in fact, what i discovered is that he is a far more interesting and complex figure than the person in "the social network." that is part of the reason for the choice. we spent a lot of time with him. if you think about it, he is probably one of the greatest if not the greatest business men of the 21st century. he is not a kid in a hoody at harvard anymore. >> we did reach of our own. the first person of the year, charles lindbergh. >> the youngest person of the year. he was 25.
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>> so zuckerberg is a year older. the other person who was a 26-year-old was -- >> the queen. queen elizabeth in 1953. '52? >> my research said '52. you might know better. '53. >> you are right. she inherited an empire, zuckerberg created one. that is the difference. >> think about the change from lindbergh to zuckerberg, could anything more communicate the change in our society? >> global networking. a young man who used technology to connect continents. zuckerberg is using it to connect millions of people. >> "time" magazine person of the year. 81-19, the senate has passed the tax cut compromise. a resounding victory for the white house and supporters.
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nbc's kelly o'donnell following the latest from the capitol hill. this was the unholy compromise hammered out by joe biden and mitch mcconnell. >> it was an overwhelming vote. that is what the white house wanted to see and senate republicans wanted to see. the bigger the numbers the greater the leverage on the house side. the liberals who believe it is too generous to the wealthy and conservatives who believe the tax cuts should be extended permanently and it adds to the deficit, an objection many have. 19 votes against is a rarity. we tend to see this when we are talking about nominations or things like that. we don't often get this broad stroke of bipartisan. so all the times we talk about them not getting along, here is an instance where they cooperate. it probably won't last long but one to put in the books. >> what are the prospects on the
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house side? we have heard a lot of anger and venting. is that mostly fury signifying nothing? >> it is frustration. members wanting their leadership, nancy pelosi, chris van hollen and team to not bring this to the floor. many others talked about the hardships people in their districts are facing and wanting to assure they would get unemployment checks, have some sense of knowing what the tax rates would be and some of the other things like the child credit and help for students and things like that. there are strong feelings. it does appear perhaps by tomorrow the house would be given the chance to vote on this and the big picture. it seems if you are reading all the tea leaves this will likely pass but not by the kind of margin we saw in the senate. >> a quick question about the appropriations, a big government
1:24 pm
spending bill loaded up with earmarks. what happened to the lessons of the election and the tea party? >> this is a huge spending package that covers all of the agencies. there are 6,400 earmarks. some requested by lawmakers months and months ago. now oppose earmarks, not saying the programs might not be worthwhile but won't spend the people's money this way. republicans say it shouldn't be crammed in before christmas a piece of legislation this enormous. some of it about the fact there are people here who say members of congress still don't get the message there is a concern among the public about using earmarks and pork barrel projects they may not find appropriate given our economy. another big fight on a huge, huge issue because it is part of what keeps the lights on for the government. >> we wouldn't want the lights to go out on the government.
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and fewer pills for a day free of pain. and get the all day pain relief of aleve in liquid gels. the president is trying to repair his relationship with the business community, inviting top ceos to blair house to talk about jobs, jobs and more jobs and address their concerns about his policies. >> for me, the most important question about an economic dwrd is not whether it is good short-term politics or meets somebody's litmus test. it is whether it will help spur businesses, jobs and growth. >> joining us is politico assistant managing editor jeanne cummings. what is the biggest complaint the business community has and is the president really ready to address it? will there be changes? what about the now vacant larry
1:29 pm
summers' job, for instance? >> the number of complaints is long. many of the concerns are overregulation, uncertainty new regulation has created. mostly what you hear from folks in the business community is that they want to know what are the rules going to be going forward and they'll adapt to it. when you have tax and a cap-and-trade system, will it happen? will it not happen? money tends to stay on the sidelines until these issues are resolv resolved they want some clarity. >> the president getting hammered from those on the left saying this tax deal is pro business and abandoned the base. >> he is not going to win if he is arguing with his base. they have had the fight and are not going to agree. there are two elements in this package the business community have been seeking, reduction in
1:30 pm
the payroll tax will help consumers spend, the ability to write off investments will help businesses start building new plants and buying new equipment. those are things many business leaders have said could help to move the economy. we'll see if they do. for the last two years, people have been trying a variety of things. some work and some don't. this is at the top of their list. >> one of the things that has been a big complaint is no one in the white house has ever met a payroll, run a business. many people in the business world feel valerie jarrett is so close to the president she reflects his views. do you see a personnel change that is likely to take place? >> we are going to see some changes. that is creating a fluid environment and the business community, some of them, are trying very hard to see if they can get a ceo type character to be there with the mindset of the
1:31 pm
business community day in and day out. things can move quickly in the white house. sometimes we don't have an opportunity for them to call in or call out. someone inside that will understand your perspective will have a better shot of having it reflect policy. in my interviews with ceos, some say it is symbolic. what if he picks a ceo who the rest of the business community doesn't really represent them. to have one ceo is that the answer? some are skeptical of that. >> you can't please everyone. or anyone. jeanne cummings, thank you very much. there is now way to sugar coat the news out of gaffe gaffe. grim news in a moment. send me your thoughts on twitter. this is "andrea mitchell reports" only on msnbc.
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breaking news, the senate has voted to pass the tax cut package. school officials are trying to come to terms with the violent. a man who was sitting quietly most of the meeting stood up, took out a gun. one school board member hit him with her purse. fortunately, she was not injured. >> it was chaotic and very frightening. we really, really are so fortunate this did not have a different ending. >> eventually clay duke turned the gun on himself. u.s. border patrol police are confirming a border patrol agent was shot and killed last night. four people are in custody. there might be one more suspect on the run.
1:36 pm
homeland security department says janet napolitano will travel to arizona to meet with border patrol agents. violent clashes erupted in greece's capital today. smashing cars, hurling molotov cocktails. vice president biden is chairing a special meeting on the u.n. security meeting on iraq. the white house is expected to claim progress on the war front. that is undercut by grim new intelligence reviews obtained by the "new york times." steve clemens is a senior fellow another the new york fellow foundation. the administration may want to talk about the progress made, kandahar, pakistan gets a grip on those stron holds, the taliban strong holds they will
1:37 pm
not be able to stop the violence in afghanistan. >> elizabeth's report was right on the money. we continue to face the problem where certain elements of the pakistan official intelligence operation look at the taliban in afghanistan as their ally. there has been some progress pushing against the taliban in pack tkista pakistan, there are major pockets. this continues to keep the situation fragile and unstable and undermines the ability of the pentagon to say it is making progress it had hoped to. >> they are puts out that, of course, the progress they have made is since october. >> right. >> the surge last year the troops were not on the ground until september. after october they started making a lot of progress in kandahar. that seems a little bit thin as far as spin is concerned. >> the surge has been going on
1:38 pm
over the last year. they reached maximum level. the number of afghan security forces they have fwraning are increases. overall what the pentagon says is we are going to ignore the intelligence estimates. the student in the class saying we are doing better at the end of the class. we are going to be able to deliver. president obama gave those 30,000 troops in return for committed deliverables by the pentagon. we are going to hear the president thinks the strategy is sound and reaffirm the process in 2011. they are not going to be able to say the pentagon has delivered on what they promised. that is beneath the veneer of the positive story they are going to try to sell tomorrow. >> steve, these intelligence reports are two separate reports which were done by the 16 intelligence agencies. if you don't trust the 16
1:39 pm
intelligence agencies you have to rethink your strategy. >> national intelligence estimates are serious enterprises. they are not trivial. you are absolutely right. for the pentagon to play spoiler and say this is off, undermines the fact that you have hundreds of people and thousands of man hours involved in complex asesmentes of where things are. the grade is probably a d. that is hard to overcome when you are looking at spending $120 billion in fiscal year 2011 budget request in a country with $14 billion gdp. a lot of americans don't get it. >> steve clemens from the new america foundation. join us tomorrow. i will head to the u.n. for an exclusive interview with vice president joe biden on afghanistan, iraq and the tax cut battle and all the other issue where he is the major player.
1:40 pm
1:00 eastern on andrea mitchell reports. daily show correspondent, aasif mandvi. >> if there is total transparency we won't see anything. >> i'm an old 20th century man driving my car to get food. [ male announcer ] this is steven, a busy man.
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i get on a plane, right, i don't have to do this. before i put my luggage in the overhead compartment, but i do. >> you are feeding into this. why not change people's minds. >> jon, if they are not going to make a distinction between muslims and extremists, why should i take the time to distick wish between decent white people and racists?
1:44 pm
>> he is a writer who is writing a movie. >> don't you want to measure that? >> the man who measures life never knows his own measurer. >> did you read that lives in n city that is fun and heart warming and great for the holidays, you know. >> it is a completely different
1:45 pm
tone as i gather from what we now think of as the muslim families, the struggles going on, the profiling. >> right. >> all the other -- the downside, really, of being a muslim family in america post 9/11 with all of the prejudice. >> right. this is -- it is based on my own family so it is based on my own childhood upbringing and my parents. i wanted to portray islam the way i grew up with it. rather than the way it is portrayed on american news programs. >> exactly. and how did your family react to this? >> they love it. my parents see themselves in this film. the parents, the two actors are terrific and they play my parents in my film. they do a great job and my parts watched the film and see
1:46 pm
themselves in their own language portrayed in a movie. it is kind of disconcerting for them, i'm sure. >> we've seen so many movies coming out of the uk over the years, certainly from baliwood. we have seen so many movies about what it is like to be a muslim family in london, in europe. we haven't seen very much culturally here. >> no. there hasn't been a new york story. this really is a new york story. we started writing this before 9/11. the original idea of it. after 9/11 the story became politicized by virtue of the fact that the family was muslim and a lot of people at the time tried to get me to change it, maybe you should make it a hindu family. i wanted to keep it muslim because i felt the message was stronger and now by virtue of the fact it is this heart warming film about food and family and fun and it happens to
1:47 pm
be muslim, that becomes a political statement. >> you can't go wrong with food, family and fun. you at the daily show have fun with us all the time. >> yes, we do. >> including last night. you had some fun with our recent advertising campaign. >> why forward? that is where our eyes are pointing. >> tirelessly, relentlessly, we won't stop. ever. forward! >> what is your problem with leaning forward? >> i tell you something. we were out in the freezing cold making that parody. >> i'm glad. >> so we suffered for that. so if that makes you feel any better, i hope it does. >> it does. just slightly. >> it was very, very cold. >> today's special is a movie
1:48 pm
that i will look forward to seeing. a pleasure to see you wide awake. we were on a flight to the republican national convention and i slept the whole way. >> good for you. i was tired when i got there. >> thank you aasif. straight ahead, the tax cut bill goes to the house. i will talk with congressman anthony wiener on his take. it's calcium citrate, so it can be absorbed with or without food. also available in small, easy-to-swallow petites. citracal.
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and more now on our developing news this hour. the tax cut deal now heads to the house for approval. house democrats had another very raucous meeting last night, voicing their anger. despite the president's claim again today that it's the best deal he could get. >> i'm absolutely convinced that this tax cut plan, while not perfect, will help grow our economy and create jobs in the private sector. >> democratic congressman anthony wiener is predicting that there will be amendments. could that derail the bill? joining us now, congressman
1:52 pm
wiener, fresh from the house vote. congressman, first of all, the president says it's the best deal he could get. are you willing to go along with it? >> we're still going to try to make changes here. we're running out of time. we don't have a lot of leverage. the senate has made it clear that they aren't the -- and so it's not clear they're going to be able to make any changes we want to make. we still are going to do what our job is here. this isn't a matter of derailing or whether it's the best or the worst deal. it is our job as members of congress to try to make this better. that's what we're going to try to do. >> we've got 61% now in the new "wall street journal" poll saying that this deal is fair. 23% saying that the president gave up too much. so the american people basically support it. >> well, i don't know. if you look at the constituent parts, when citizens are asked questions about it, they're not
1:53 pm
thrilled about. when millionaires and billionaires get tax cuts, they're not thrilled about that either. but what is the right thing for the middle class? what is the right -- is it the right thing to do to borrow money from the chinese to give tax cuts to billionaires. that's the question. is that the right thing to do? and that's what we're trying to sort out here. >> i wanted to ask you about a meeting that took place with the vice president. he tried to calm you guys down or at least sell it to you. according to the "new york times" reporting, you got up and said that president obama was acting as, quote, negotiator in chief instead of leader who gets things done. the vice president erupted saying, quote, there's no god damn way i'm going to stand here and talk about the president like that, according to two witnesses in the room. can you tell us your side of what happened there? >> well, look, it was a closed-door meeting within the family, among democrats. there's frustration. i won't deny it about whether or not we used the leverage that we
1:54 pm
have to get as good a deal as we could. but make no mistake, where we are going forward is overwhelming numbers of democrats believe we want to get this resolved quickly. we don't want it to lag. we want to it make sure the middle class gets their tax cuts. look, we can look back if we want, but there was a frank discussion between the vice president, whom i admire greatly myself, and, frankly, many members made a similar point. they were not happy with the deal we got. >> okay. congressman wiener, thanks for joining us. we have breaking news right now. the justice department has officially filed its lawsuit against bp, transocean and others involved in the gulf oil spill. we'll have more on that on msnbc. and which political story will be making headlines in the next 24 hours? chris joins us now. chris, there's so much going on on the house and senate floor. your head is spinning already about the lawsuits with the justice department. pete williams and others will be digging into that.
1:55 pm
what are you looking at first? >> well, i don't know if i can top the congressman's meat locker line. that's a high bar. but the time is starting to get very constrained. it's beginning to look a lot like christmas. harry reid has said saturday, sunday, they may be in next week. remember, last year we had a christmas eve vote on health care. something to keep an eye on, the s.t.a.r.t. treaty. this is something we expected to go through. it's a nuclear arms treaty with russia. we expected it to go through the senate once the tax cut passed. but jim demint, the south carolina senator, republican, tea party favorite, has asked for a full reading of the bill. that's going to take more time. so, you know, you just start to see -- they start to run out of days left in the year. you know, we're headed right to the 112th congress here. it's a question of how do they prioritize and can they figure out a way to get all this done? >> and don't ask, don't tell, a special vote on the house side. they'll make one last stab and
1:56 pm
try to get this done before -- from supporters' standpoint, all hope would be lost once republicans take over the house. >> absolutely. you know what's hard is that there's lots of constituencies for don't ask, don't tell, for s.t.a.r.t., for the tax cuts, for the d.r.e.a.m. act. we haven't even talked about that. everybody thinks it's a number-one priority for lots of people, but there can only be so many number-one priorities when we're talking about 15 days before they have to constitutionally close this thing out. >> speaking of closing things out, my number one priority now is to sign off and hand it over to tamron. thank you, chris. that does it for us for "andrea mitchell reports." tomorrow on the show, my exclusive interview with vice president joe biden. we'll have that. and dylan kicks off his steel on wheels tour with a live show broadcast from seneca falls, new york, the town that inspired the holiday classic "it's a wonderful life." dylan is launching a campaign to create jobs and renew the spirit of america. that's at 4:00 eastern right here on msnbc. and my friend, tamron hall, has
1:57 pm
a look at what's next on "news natio nation". >> great show. good seeing you in new york as well. in our next hour, we'll pick off where andrea left off. the senate just approved the president's tax cut deal. now the white house is calling republican opposition to the s.t.a.r.t. treaty, quote, a new low in political stunts. we are live on capitol hill for the developments. plus, right now the house is now taking up a new repeal of don't ask, don't tell. we'll have the latest from the senate, which we're watching and the house. i'm joined by one of the florida school board members targeted by a gunman who opened fire inside a school board meeting. we're learning more about the gunman. we'll find out what that school board member was thinking when the shots were fired at him. and a high school football player is told he needs to cut off his braids if he wants to play ball. all of that, plus more next on "news nation." [piano keys banging] [scraping] [horns honking]
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