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tv   MSNBC News Live  MSNBC  May 1, 2011 11:00am-12:00pm EDT

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next on msnbc sunday, target libya. moammar gadhafi escapes a nato missile strike, does it signal a new approach? journey toward saint hud. the faithful witnessed the beatification of pope john paul ii. a new possible reason the newly weds are staying put for now. a big-time laugh-in, where seth mire played the trump card. >> donnell trumped is saying he's running as, which is surprising. >> just wait until you hear how
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president obama ribs the donald. good morning, i'm alex witt. we are just is past 11:00 a.m. in the east, 8:00 a.m. in the west. a live look now at the vatican. hundreds of thousands of tireless pilgrims streaming past the casket of pope john paul ii. he is now just one formal step away from potentially being declared a saint. msnbc's chris jansing is live in rome. with another good morning to you, chris, let's talk about what you are seeing and hearing right now. >> well, it's remarkable. people don't want to leave. this ceremony has been over for hours now. as you said, thousands, if not tens of thousands of people still getting in line, if you can call it that. they want just a few seconds to go by the coffin of pope john paul ii, who is now officially
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known as blessed after a magnificent mass and service today in which he was remembered as someone who spread the word of christianity to people all around the world, someone who they remembered as a man of hope. let me bring in liz lev. she spends almost every day inside the vatican. i have to say, we saw people here from all around the world, many of them camped out in the cold and rain last night. they cramped in like sardines. what do they get out of it? >> what is amazing is the amount of physical discomfort people stood up with. they stood close to each other literally leaning on each other for hours on ends. >> cold last night and hot day. >> what do they come here for? they came here, because that man whose face was revealed, they
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made each one of them feel loved and understood. now they have come to show their closeness to him. the power of john paul ii goes beyond something of this place. it brings people here to feel like got something out of the standing here. >> this is not a canonization, not his funeral, which brought so many people business hi coffin, which is the last time it was there on the altar, yet they're drawn to keep standing in line. >> think of this event. there's no photo op, you can't get your baby kissed, there's no anything. there's a box people will stop and venerate for a few minutes. i think the contact here is there's that humble box on the ground, but right above it is the dome. for people of the faithful who are coming here to touch those remains, the man they knew, they
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saw, they followed, in some way they have a feeling like they have a direct connection, a personal advocate rooting for them. >> rome police are telling us they think it probably was a million and a half. does it have any lasting effect on them, do you think, or on the millions around the world who watched it on television? >> i think the fact that one man, one person, one life, a life given over in service, his life was to serve others, to travel, to go out and express love to others, that can have this kind of result, whether you're standing it here in the square or watching it at home, there's an amazing example of a human life and human being. >> always great to have you here, liz lev. this is the fastest beatification in history. there are people who questioned whether he should have been beatified at all. they tied hem to the sex scandal in the church.
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that was not the majority view of catholics around the world, certainly not the view of people here, and one last annex dote, i walked by a side street about an hour ago, and outside a church they had a screen set up for people to watch the mass live. they were rerunning it. there were probably a hundred people in the steps in the sunshine watching it again. i think that tells you a lot about the feeling people have for pope john paul ii. >> and you've done a wonderful job with the coverage, so our thanks to you, and please pass my thanks along to liz le investment, who i spend a day with once, and she's wonderful. >> nothing like it, is there? >> no. so for more on the fast track to sainthood, you can logon to a libyan spokesman say gadhafi's youngest son and three
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of his grind children were killed in a strike overnight. this is new video in the covered body. gadhafi and his wife reportedly escaped unharmed. mike taibbi is there for us. mike, have we gotten that confirmation? >> reporter: no, we have not. we have to use the word reportedly a lot. yes, this is all coming from the libyan government spokesman who said last night at about 8:30 at night we heard the explosions, that among the victims were moammar gadhafi's youngest son, saif al arab, and three of his grind children, all said to be under the age of 12. now, in the meantime, a lot has happened as a consequence of this reported incident last
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night, the reported deaths last night that have not been confirmed independently. there have been protest demonstrations all throughout the city. we confirmed that with the libyan government spokesman, that the british embassy was attacked. in exchange for that, the libyan ambassador to london, and also alleged attacks to the italian embassy. they all have been vacant for obvious reasons, but supposedly they've been attacked and even ransacked. in exchange the government has expelled the libyan ambassador our he said i'm looking for a flight out of the great britain. that seems to confirm some of these reports. alex, back to you.
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>> again, still just reportedly, though. mike tai xwismt bi, thank you so much. well, we are also getting word this morning that the british government is expelling the libyan ambassador after the british embassy was attacked there. in a statement today, britain said the libyan ambassador has 24 hours to leave that country. theoverall death toll from the tornado outbreak across the south stands at 342. in alabama alone at least 250 people were killed. officials are racing against time trying to find the hundreds still unaccounted for. john yang is joining me with the latest. what's the scene there this morning? >> reporter: alex, there are work crews all up and down this street restoring power, not only power lines, but restoring utility poles, as the shock of what happened last week seems to be wearing off. this region is trying to pick up and move forward.
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in hardest-hit alabama, volunteers scramble to deliver aid, distributing water, ice and medical aids to people who were left homeless. in cuss ka loosa, with nearly 40 dead, at least 570 missing and more than 1,000 injured, a remarkable relief effort. people cleaned up what was left of their homes. crews from out of state repaired power lines. >> we still remain that shining city on a hill, because the world has seen our faith in god and our faith in each other. >> those who lost all their belongings are amazed they didn't lose their lives. >> i guess that's the place to be, under the stairway. >> was for you and your wife. >> two generations lived side by side. his son nolan and daughter-in-law tessa, newlyweds hid in a bathtub. >> went and sat in the bathtub
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and when i looked outside, those pine trees just snapped. >> reporter: in neighbors like this across the region, it's not just the residents, it's neighbors helps neighbors, friends helping friends, families helping families. even total strangers coming up, doing what they can to help. the search for the missing range from the pages of the tuscaloosa newspaper and its web side to deplying -- >> potentially this is the last viable day. >> reporter: but fearing the worst. a psychologist says the destruction will leave a mark, even on those whose jobs are to help. >> i get very concerned about our first responders. they're well trained, they know what they're doing, but in a situation like this, the impact of what's going on can be overwhelming. >> at the university of alabama where the tornadoes canceled the rest of the school year, parents picked up their children. >> we're thankful he's okay.
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you can replace everything else. >> you can see the ballet of utility cranes, of cherry pickers here working to restory power. these crews are from georgia. there are crews from all across the country. the obama administration is making recovery a top priority. right now there are five agency heads, including four cabinet secretaries on the ground here in alabama and mississippi, to survey the damage an assess the needs. alex? >> john yang, thank you very much. just incredible pictures there. the launch of the space shuttle is being delayed again. nasa officials say the liftoff for "endeavour" may be on hold until the end of the week. now, nbc's jay barberi sell the launch team has been told more repair work is needed and "endeavour" will stay on the ground for now. fresh details about the
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late-night wedding bash. one tabloid reports by the end, prince harry was stage diving from the windo sills, but during his toast, he said william didn't have a romantic bone in his body before he met catherine. the seam tress had no idea that the gown was for the royal bride. atiya, that means that dress was seriously kept under wraps. >> reporter: absolutely. very little details. we were all holding her breath. we were all amazed at the beauty of the dress. the people, as you mentioned, who were actually making the dress had no idea it was for the future queen of england, but right now we're getting information from various sources
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about how much that dress actually cost. others are saying it could have been over $400,000. i guess we could expect no less for the future queen of england and it was a stunner. alex? >> absolutely it was. no doubt about that. atiya abawi, thank you so much. what does it cost to put on a wedding? we'll take a look at that. also ahead, the wid and wisdom at the white house correspondents dinner, an snl funny man needles the president. you're watching msnbc. this is worst it, so stick around. ♪ ♪
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it was all laughs last night at the white house correspondents dinner here in washington, d.c. it gives the president time to joke around with the journalists who cover washington politics. some of the jokes were aimed at donald trump, who is weighs his 2012 presidential bid. >> no one is happier, no one is prouder to put this birth certificate matter to rest than the donald. that's because he can finally get back to focusing on the issues that matter, like, did we fake the moon landing? what really happened? roswell? and where are biggie and tupac? >> so joining me live here in studio, "the washington post" columnist amy argitsinger. what's your view? >> the reviews were positive from the president and seth
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meyers. the energy, after the past week of birth certificate conversation, which i think the media has -- it was almost cathartic, and the sense of tension in the room, because donald trump was there, and so many jokes were aimed at donald trump. the laughter -- >> uproarius. it built like a crescendo. it got so loud at donald trump's expense. >> absolutely. of course, everyone was trying to steal a glimpse at trump -- i actually saw people standing up, and he was stony-faced for the most part. >> a lot of people commenting on that. seth meyers was the host of the dinner, and he focused a lot of his jokes on the president. let's take a little clip and watch it together. >> when you were sworn in, you looked like the guy from the old spice commercials. now you look like louis gossett,
11:20 am
sr. i've never said this to anyone before, but maybe you should start smoking again. >> i know, right? that was great. do you think this was better than, say, last year or recent past dinners? >> i why it was, just in terms of the reaction in the room. there were very few slow moments. in terms of the hired entertainer seth meyers was really on fire. people seemed really happy with this. the past entertainers, there have been mixed reviews. some people seemed too mild, people were very down on jay leno, who seemed to have very poor energy. some people thought that wanda sykes was just a little too blue, too raunchy. seth seemed to hit the right tones in washington-sent rick jokes for that kind of crowd. >> i'd like you to comment on the president's delivery. this guy has great comedic
11:21 am
timing. >> i have to say the presidents typically do a good job at this thing. they have good writers who know what an opportunity this is. this is a chance that a lot of people are tuning in, a chance for the president to shine, make sharp points. it's hard to think of a president who hasn't done this well. obama, more so than previous presidents, he's been aggressively jabbing at his opponents or colleagues in some cases, and he had a lot of material in donald trump that way. >> do you think there was any kind of revenge, call it what it was, with the whole birther thing. >> absolutely. clearly, i don't think the president likes donald trump very much. donald trump has been calling the president and his mother a liar, and it's been an awkward for the president. it was a rare chance for revenge, not only to make the
11:22 am
jokes, but make it at the guy's expense while he's in the room. >> i want your sense of donald trump as a candidate. while we're going to add knit that journalists are not an accurate cross-section reflection of the american population, but looking at the reaction, do you think that donald trump, if he decides to go for it, could get a fair run from the journalists at what he's going to do, if he decides to head for the presidency. my opinion last night, i don't think he can. i think everyone has figured out his number and -- >> i think journalists are taking this one personally. there has been a lot of criticism to journalists, that they gave don't trump too much media on the question, because don't trump is irresistible topic. you get a lot of clicks, reviews, ratings, when you focus
11:23 am
in on a controversial guy like this. people are saying the media is responsible for the fact this guy is running so high, so i think they have an awkward relationship with this guy. they don't know where to take him seriously, they're tied up in knots. you can definitely sense the tension in the room. >> absolutely. amy argetsinger, thank you so much. >> thank you. city ahead, l.a. blue, what are two officers doing in a porn flick? you're watching msnbc sunday. she felt lost...
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11:27 am
buckingham palace, but you can get pretty close. >> beautiful, beautiful property, right next door where of course they share the infamous two first kisses of the first couple. they have an amazing deal, a little expensive, $711 a night, but they throw in the red carpet treatment, anything you can imagine, including a horse-drawn carriage ride, so you with practice your wave. it's pretty amazing. >> that's a good one. kind of pricey for some. what else do you recommend in london? >> london, there's a great hotel, hotel indigo london tower run by intercontinental, so it's gorgeous, right downtown in tower hill, one of the oldest neighborhoods? london. they just put 16 million pounds into this hotel. so it is absolutely beautiful. these philippe stark bathrooms, four-poster beds and it's $243 a
11:28 am
night, which is unheard of a in that part of town. >> how about if you want to go back to where it began, the fairmont st. andrew's. >> it's the first where william realized she might be something special. it's a beautiful property, just gorgeous, gorgeous, and $200 a night. william went there all the time when he was living up there, so it does have the real royal aura about it. how about the engagement in kenya? any way a couple can re-create that kind of magic? >> great if they could. it's a beautiful property. rotunda lodge in kenya, which is very remote, which is why they love it. they're probably not recognized so much there. the only way to get there is by air, horseback riding or seven-mile hike.
11:29 am
it's a really rustic experience. fireplaces, wood walls, and affordable. around $350 a night, but you are staying where they stayed. really magical. >> and romantic. catherine o'shea evans, thank you. a knot had the com survey finds that an average wedding costs $28,000. in a larger city, it's bound -- its multi-action formula works to restore enamel, help prevent cavities, and kill bad breath germs for a whole mouth clean. whooo... [ male announcer ] listerine® total care. the most complete mouthwash.
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crowds of pilgrims are streaming through st. peter's basilica in vatican city. more than four hours after the pope's beatification, the late pope is called blessed, the designation right before potential sainthood. professor of faith and culture in a seminary near chicago. a final good morning to you, sir, in his homily, pope
11:33 am
benedict says his predecessor restored christianity, a true face of hope. how did the image change during his watch? >> it was a very important -- he was singh the eastern bloc countries were offering a vision of hope. in the west you had sort of a myth of progress. we'll make social/political progress and that will give us hope. what he saw was neither grounds was -- the only hope we have is in the grace and mercy of god. so he focused the church in a new way to be the bearer of this hope. think of his book called crossing the threshold of hope. he saw that as the mission of the church. >> this is also a pope -- he visited 129 countries in 27 years, more than any other pope. he was the first non-italian pope in more than 400 years. how did pope john paul ii change
11:34 am
the overall idea of what a pope should be? >> he radically changed it. think of his predecessor paul vi, he visited a handful of -- prior to that they were the prisoners of the vatican. john paul ii revolutionized all of that. he saw the papacy as not only the chief administrative officer of the vatican, but the evangelist to the world. his job was to announce jesus christ to all nations of the world. he absolutely changed the papacy. >> father barron, as we are looking at pictures of the crowd still streaming past his casket, what do you think it is about him that inspired his continuing devotion and adoration. >> >> alex, i think it's mysterious, he was the man of the theater, a man who knew how to stride the world stage, a man
11:35 am
of great charisma, he affected the world, the downfall of communism, but finally it's mysterious. six years after his death, look at the crowd waiting to get in. maybe the best answer we can find is this. he was a man of such rich integrity. his whole like was gathered to clearly around christ, and everyone saw that. young people can see through a fraud in a second. john paul ii was a man of spiritual integrity, and maybe that's a secret, but a lot of it remains as a mystery of god's grace. >> we appreciate the coverage, and we thank you, father robert barron. >> you're quite welcome, thank you. the libyan government says moammar gadhafi and his wife are safe, but the spokesman says gadhafi's youngest son and three of his grind children were killed in the strike.
11:36 am
nate ot said it indeed hit a building, but cannot confirm deaths let's talk about what's happening. nato says they cannot confirm this, but there are the reports that gadhafi's son, three grandchildren were killed. they say he's not been a target specifically, though. is there a difference in the tenor? >> i think -- some chenelle gadhafi been killed last night, it would have been, one, a signal. a lot of people might have been cheering, but on the other hand it would be an awkward narrative for that region, that nato intervened, took out a leader, no matter whether you're at war or not, and the whole succession would be tainted by the fact that the west intervened in a direct way and assassinated a foreign leader.
11:37 am
there's just no doubt that when you kill children and one of the sons of gadhafi and you were targeting -- that's a very broad interpretation of command and control center. >> we have to say until that is confirmed. the operation from here, though, steve, where does nato go from here? do they now make it a point to just go after moammar gadhafi? >> i think tad be a mistake. nato has been careful to say they don't targets individuals, they're targeting military capacity. >> but what they're saying seems to be different from what they're doing. >> there seems to be a gap. you have to ask how can that be a command and control sflr, allegedly they folksed died in that way, but we've seen at various points where we saw the bunker that gadhafi was in targeted previously. when they stepped back a few weeks ago, the targeting of other sites, various -- and in
11:38 am
the capacity that gadhafi was throwing, particularly in misrata, you saw the targeting of military capacity. we just don't know enough yet, whether nato really did target him, but it seems as if leadership is part of the equation that nato is going after. >> here's something that's concerning, the question about what does gadhafi do now? does he have the capacity to put on terrorism acts around the world like pan am 103, could they do that from the position? >> i think he's under appreciate. he's already said to the degree that they came in, he would be creating flames through the gulf and that would begin attacking ships. so there's a lot that gadhafi might be able to do if you have an active imagination in opening up networks, but we don't know. the real answer is we don't know what he could do, but this is a man who's taken pride in being a revolutionary destabilizers of other governments.
11:39 am
that's one of the volcanoes he's so hated in the arab league. so it is a concern when you bakley have targeted a thug running a country, you want to try to make sure that thug still operates in a rational, cost and benefit ratio. of course the best an is for gadhafi to leave and try to create the circumstances for him to go. if he doesn't and begins acting irrational, that could be very dangerous for us. >> leaving libya is something he says he'll never do. steve clemmons, thank you for weighing in. two l.a. traffic officers working in the streets, appearing in a porn video next. the fallout next on msnbc sunday. ♪
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los angeles official have opened an investigation into the behavior of two uniformed on-duty traffic officers who appear in a sexually explicit movie. we have the story from los angeles.
11:43 am
2450er supposed to spend their time issuing parking tickets and directing traffic, but as this video shows, at least two l.a. parking enforcement officers were doing something else one day, apparently on city time. they appeared in this porno movie available on a popular adult website. the producers blurred the men's faces and we've blurred parts of the movie too explicit for tv. >> in the movie this actress approaches men, two of her co-stars of l.a. traffic officers in uniform. in one scene this officer while on duty spanks the actress's behind and fondles her breast. this is you in the video, isn't it? back to that officer in a
11:44 am
moment. but first another traffic officer in the movie, who takes a few spankings and stands nearby as she jumps in his car and performs lewd acts alone. we approach amir sadati, head of the transportation department about the video. you're not aware of this? >> no. >> but he was made aware of the incident over two months ago. i showed him a copy of an internal memo from jimmy price, who admitted he knew about the incident involving a city uniform and car appears on an inappropriate website. >> you didn't get that memo? >> i may have. >> in the memo chief price says city and department policy prohibit this kind of misconduct on and off the job. he warned his officers if they don't immediate the city's standards of conduct they'll receive disciplinary action up
11:45 am
to and including discharge. i asked about the roles in the video. >> is that misconduct? >> in my mind, yes, it is. >> but price never disciplined the officers. >> reporter: you are confirming these men weren't disciplined. >> we weren't able to positively identified the individuals. >> reporter: chief price said he had only seen some still photos, but parking enforcement employees say chief price knows the identities of the officers. >> we can positively identify them for you. i offered to show the video on the spot. i have the video would you like to see it? >> i'm late for a meeting. we can always do that later. >> reporter: they didn't call me, so i called them two times. let me give you the names of the guys. >> the head of the transportation department finally agreed to watch this video. it's absolutely disgusting. this is not acceptable to me.
11:46 am
>> hours after the meeting, the city put officer john dance her on leave. >> reporter: how did you end up in a porno video? >> i don't know what you're talking about. >> reporter: we already had caught up with danceler. he quickly walked away and drove off without giving an explanation. >> hmm. no admission of guilt by the officers accused of appears in the video. at this time no disciplinary actions have been handed out by the city. okay. now to politics. chaos and destruction, it sounds like mayor bloom berg was describing a war zone on "meet the press" this morning. he was talking about the partisan fighting and the impact on the economy. so let's take a listen. >> how much chaos and destruction to our economy we have to do before everybody in washington starts acting like an adult, coming together and nod
11:47 am
pandering to small voting blocs, but say, look this is the interest of the country i'm not going to do a poll. we need leadership from the front. >> robert trainham host of "roll call d.c." and crystal ball is former candidate for u.s. congress. i'm glad to see you both. >> thank you. welcome to d.c. >> i'm enjoying the trip. it's not just the independents who talk about the partisan fighting as being destructive. you have republicans and democrats as well, so the question is what are they going to do about it? >> well, the question really is, can they roll up their sleeves and get something done. >> we know that republicans and democrats often say they're trying to get things done, but they really don't. the republicans have the hard right, the democrats have the hard left, the real question becomes can they legitimately
11:48 am
roll up their sleeps and get something down. we're looking at disaster on the brink here. >> to that end, then, crystal with the gas prices soaring, the pressures keep on rising. do you think the white house is prepared to give any significant ground to the gop to try to cut spending? >> well, the white house has already signaled a desire to cut spending and that was included in the plan the president laid out in the policy speech he gave on the budget, but i think what you're seeing is the republicans, the plan they presented is very hard right. this is an extreme proposal, basically ending medicare, basically fundamentally changing medicaid. the president's proposal is actually much more centrist, which is sometimes frustrating for democrats. >> okay. let's switch gears to talk about libya. reports that the coalition air strike led by nato has killed moammar gadhafi's youngest of
11:49 am
seven sons, tli grandchildren as well. that's not the pr offensive you want. do you think that the president is stuck between two objectives, one of which he articulated, he said moammar gadhafi must go? >> he stated that very clearly, but he also was very clear about saying we are not -- our military goal is not to remove this leader. we're taking other actions to try to get rid of the leader. it's a really tough situation. let's keep in mind nato has said this was a strike on a command and control center, a military center. we still don't know exactly what happened there, so i want to be cautious about jumping to any conclusions. >> there was a body bag shown there. it has not been identified outside of just libyan government officials, so we do need to keep that in mind. if the u.s. were to expand its
11:50 am
mission and target gadhafi individually, for the president politically? >> well, let's keep in mind that this is a moving target, literally and figuratively. the president's position has changed on this. first it was about regime change. then it was perhaps president gadhafi could stay in office. the president is trying to manage a very nuanced situation. then the question becomes, can the american people accept a president going into their living rooms saying you know what, this mission has changed yet once again. i'm not exactly sure they can stomach something like that pap main by because libya is not in our strategic national interest right now. >> do you think the american people can stomach something like that? >> i agree with robert. especially as we're watching what's unfolding in syria, which is a more direct security interest for the country. so le has to jug that will ball as well and make sure we don't come off looking like hypocrites. >> okay, good to see you both
11:51 am
front and center in front of me. thank you. up next, they're setting out on a whole new adventure, but what will these newlyweds be up to next? that was pretty cute right there. and you're watching msnbc sunday.
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11:54 am
>> the royal couple has succe successfully ducked out of the spotlight for now at least. the duke and duchess of cambridge asked for privacy. the hohn snee moon has been postponed. patrick jeffers jefferson serve prince se princess diana's private secondary. how do you believe the legacy of princess diana and the media has affected william? he's asked for privacy. do you think in the wake of his mother's life he's going to get that?
11:55 am
>> the answer is no. and even less is the duchess of cambridge, kate. they're now focus of everybody who has any interest at all in the future of the monarchy. they are now, i would guess, the world's hottest couple. and kate, in particular, is going to be a hot ticket for as far as you can look ahead. >> don't you think people learned lessons of the tragedy of diana's life. don't you think people are going to wsh these two well. there seems to be a very genuine love and admiration for them? >> there's a genuine love for them. i think the press are very much aware of that. if you look at the press conch wedding itself. that's a great example of how the press works as a wonderful vehicle for public afek. it was a very, very positive coverage, tone of coverage they had. but in future, being realistic,
11:56 am
they need to have an honest and even handed and i would say an unrelentingly polite relationship with the media. it would be all too easy to see the media as the enemy. that would be a big mistake. the immediate i can't have are not the enemy. the media are a part of their public function. >> how much of diana do you see in william? >> i see a lot in his openness, his ability to rank well with people. i see the same thing in kate. she has a wonderful, open smile. she shakes hands like she means it. >> chief of staff, private secretary to late princess di a diana, patrick jefferson. thank you so much from london. and that is a wrap, everyone. stay with us.
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