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tv   MSNBC News Live  MSNBC  July 2, 2011 8:00am-9:00am EDT

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the budget battalions in washington. the president calls on congress to make a deal. this morning the gop hits back. closing arguments expected this weekend in the casey anthony case. what the attorneys will say. plus, new questions about cindy anthony's testimony. did she purger herself? why some experts are calling red
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wine exercise in a bottle. good morning. i'm alex witt, and welcome to msnbc saturday. there's gridlock in washington over the debt crisis. while republicans continue to reject tax increases, president obama is standing firmly with democrats on the issue of removing tax breaks for the richest americans. in his weekly address the president says not bringing in more money from taxes would mean threats to education, medical research, and new technology. >> it would be niece if we could keep every tax break, but we can't afford it, because if we choose to keep those tax breaks from millionaires or billionaires or for hedge fund managers and corporate jet owners or for oil and gas companies pulling in huge profits without ouhelp, then we'll have to make it even deeper cuts somewhere else. what's the next step, and then what role might the president play? >> alex, today is an important
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day. it's july 2nd. we are exactly one month away from the president, his top advisors and top economists are saying what is economic catastrophe if that debt ceiling isn't raised. you saw what the president says is at stake. the bottom line is the treasury secretary says that they were going to have to start prioritizing. the government would be in default on the full faith and credit unless that debt ceiling is raised. everybody knows that 14.3 trillion dollars. congress has to vote to raise it. republicans were sent here taking over the house on the promise that they would reign in government and the debt ceiling is the perfect symbol of everything that they feel is wrong with this country and the voters who sent them here feel is wrong with this country. the president has now stepped on stage front and center. remember, vice president joe biden leading with the number two republican in the house and senate and other democrats on the hill. behind closed doors, meegd several times. we cleared away a lot of the underbrush, alex, but the big
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deal now, how to raise taxes, whether taxes should be raised at all, and not just taxes on ordinary americans. subsidies and tax credits for what the president calls tax cats and ceos of hedge fund managers. this is a political symbol to bash republicans. republicans call that class warfare. they call it demogoguery. it's senator dan coats, an indiana republican, and his response today to the president. >> unfortunately, the president's spending plan has failed. now is the time for sdisive leadership from this president. it's time to cast aside the false safety of political denial in re-election hopes and put the future of our country above all else. >> reporter: alex, something unheard of has happened in washington over the past week. the senate was scheduled to go in recess. they canceled the recess. hard to remember the last time
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that happened. they were under political pressure by the president and others to not leave washington, to come to the table as the clock ticks toward august 2nd, but as you can see, it appears we're still in the shouting stage. everybody positioning for public opinion, trying to get it on their side as they head into the last weeks of these crucial talks. alex. sfoo well, actually the president just called them out and said, come on, you guys, i'm working. you should be working too. >> thank you very much. i'll see you next hour. >> all right. the holiday weekend is no vacation for the presidential candidates. michelle bachmann is in iowa. she'll make six stops in the hawkeye state beginning just an hour from now in iowa city. she'll speak in des moines tonight for a three-week bus tour of the iowa tea party is wrapping up. tonight the republican feels it's expected to expand. michigan congressman, that theus mccotter expected to launch his bid. he will make the announcement in whitmore lake, michigan.
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the government shutdown continues with no new talks expected until tuesday. state parks, camp grounds, as well as state offices and highway rest stops remain closed. 20,000 state workers sxk the shutdown happened after the legislature and the democratic governor could not agree on closing a two-year $5 billion deficit. more than 1,600 florida state employees got their pink slips friday. they were laid off in an effort to cast a $4 million hole. they're only a small fraction of the government work force. another $562,000 began paying into their pension plans for the first time in 37 years. sfwlirchlgts judgment day for casey anthony is closing in. the prosecution wrapped up its rebuttal case friday against the 25-year-old mother accused of murdering her 2-year-old daughter, caylee, back in 2008. the closing arguments are scheduled for tomorrow. nbc's lila luciano is live for us. good saturday morning on a
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usually open court day, though not today. what do we expect tomorrow as both sides deliver their closing arguments? >> alex, we expect that each side will take about half a day to present their arguments. the prosecution will likely present a timeline of what they think happened. perhaps emphasizing on those 31 days that caylee was missing and particularly on casey anthony's behavior. we know now that even if you believe the defense or the prosecution that she knew her daughter was dead and we heard from a grief expert who basically said that any behavior is consistent with grief, so perhaps the prosecution will emphasize on her behavior and then, of course, the rest of the evidence that they have presented. the defense, according to what we heard yesterday from cheney mason, a defense attorney and his request for a judgment of acquittal, will likely say that there is as much evidence that caylee's death was accidental as there is that she was murdered. and stay along those lines. of course, that we will hear from tomorrow. we have no idea what each party
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is planning for. at which point the case goes to the jury for deliberations and we will hear a verdict hopefully soon enough. >> okay. lots of tension in the courtroom friday. the lawyers were sparring over a witness for the prosecution who called for its rebuttal. let's listen to this. >> i don't know what new opinions they have, so i will start right away, and then we will take it from there. >> i just -- >> what the new opinions are, and that is it, so the deposition should be fairly brief on those issues. >> i guess the state is admitting there are new opinions. >> no, i am not. but if we can stop this and maybe just get to some actual work, judge, i'm ready to go. >> so what can you tell bus this dispute yesterday? the judge called an indefinite recess at that point. >> yes. judge perry did. what happened is that jose baez was accusing the prosecution of discovery violations, which is, as you might recall, the same thing for which he was
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reprimanded a few weeks ago. he says these rebuttal witnesses testimonies, or their opinions, had not been properly disclosed to the defense, and so he needed more time to -- he was actually asking for their testimony to be striked out altogether, but then judge perry allowed -- an aggravated judge perry allowed for the defense to take their depositions, which, of course, permitted the -- they testified in the afternoon in a timely fashion, and now we have this break until tomorrow when we will hear these closing arguments. >> okay. lilia luciano. you can call me alice once, and i'll answer. sorry about calling you lidia. we'll see you next hour. thanks. the anthony -- that interview just a few minutes from now. and be sure to stay with msnbc for live coverage of the closing arguments. we'll bring them to you live tomorrow morning gavel to gavel. now the big break in the case against dominique strauss-kahn.
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he is still facing sexual assault charnlz, but he is no longer under house arrest. last night strauss-kahn was all smiles outside his apartment here in new york after the judge returned his bail. the case against him is in serious trouble. ron allen is right outside the strauss-kahn apartment. things went in strauss-kahn's favor yesterday, didn't they? >> in a remarkable way, alex. there's really -- there was only word there was going to be a court hearing late the night before, and then suddenly we're in court, and the prosecutors are making all these revelations, damning revelations, about the accuser. not about strauss-kahn. as they continue to investigate, they had found a series of inconsistencies in her story about what happened that night and in her story about her life and her associations and her relationships. these cases often come down to his word against hers, so credibility is crucial, and many legal experts now say it will be
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very difficult for this woman to come forward, take a witness stand because there are so many lies, fabrications that she has admitted to to the prosecution. and any great defense attorney, any mediocre defense attorney, would capitalize on those inconsistencies to try and prove that she is not a credible witness. the charges still stand against strauss-kahn. he is back in court on july 18th, but, again, there are a lot of people now who think that the case is ultimately going to be dismissed. her attorney fears the case will now be dismissed, and it's hard to see how it goes forward given these revelations that the prosecutors made. >> okay. now, the fact that he has been released out on bail and he doesn't have restrictions that way, he can't leave the country, can he? >> no, they still have his passport, and that is the one big restriction, if you will, that is still against him. committee travel anywhere he wants. he was seen at a rest raubt last night having dinner. there are some reports he may have gone out to the hamptons to the beach community where you find a lot of new york's rich
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and famous this time of year, which seems to make a lot of sense. personally the last place i would think is here, but he may still be here. we don't p. it's a far cry from wearing an electronic ankle brayslet and being confined this one location. so he, yes, a huge victory for him back in court. his lawyers really hope the case is dismissed before then. >> interesting. ron allen, more later. more questions about airport security following a disturbing security breach this week. why this ceremony is so different from kate and william's. we've got a live report coming up next on that. plus, the new extend study that says you can drink red wine and spike your metabolism. is this for real? at bayer, we're re-inventing aspirin for pain relief.
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the riveting casey anthony trials. closing arguments are scheduled for tomorrow morning in orlando, and prosecutors got their final term with the jury yesterday. the rebuttal was delayed. more legal battles from the defense team clearly testing the patience of the judge. >> they are real problems, and there are imaginary problems. i hope this is a real problem and not an imaginary problem. >> joining me live once again from orlando is attorney mark, the former attorney for the anthony family, and, mark, listening to the judge, he is
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just so done with any kind of problems. he has had it. he is absolutely done with it. the question is to you, because there's a very serious question here. the jury is going to have to decide whether casey anthony is guilty of first degree murder, which could carry the death penalty and life in prison, or she could be found guilty of aggravated manslaughter of a child, also a first degree charge, but that does not carry the death penalty, which means she would then spend 30 mus years behind bars. so if she's found guilty, mark, which one do you think is the most likely conclusion here? >> well, there's three counts that you just talked about. count one is the premeditated. the typical homicide case, which most are used to. count two is the aggravated child abuse, and that is also a first degree murder case. as the state is going to go to count one, they need to focus on the 31 days. her behavior, her actions
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showing that she was out rent aing movie the night of her daughter going missing, showing she's spending the morning in bed with her boyfriend after that. these are not the acts of somebody who, in fact, lost their child unexpectedly. now, count two, which i think is the one the state needs to focus on the most, is aggravated child abuse leading to death. there is no excuse whatsoever for having chloroform with a child, and if the jury accepts, which i believe they will, that chloroform was an instrument of death, that's where the jury will most likely land, and there there count three is still 30 years, and then you have the other remaining perjury counts or false statement counts, which will just be kind of secondary. minimum she's going to be looking at 30, and he think up to life. >> okay. so, again, if the chloroform is what is decided upon by the jury, the manner of death, if it was accidentally administered, that still is first degree murder. that still carries with it the possibility of the death penalty, or is death penalty then off the table?
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>> well, accidental. you can't have accidental with chloroform. there's no legal, moral justification whatsoever for using chloroform with a child. there's no right to do that. you the automatic using of the chloroform in my estimation is child abuse. you don't knock your children out with an illegal substance, if they die over it, that's aggravated child abuse leading to the death of ae child. >> good. you are taking the action out of the equation altogether. with regard to the closing argument set for tomorrow, mark, bullet points. give me, like, three bullet points the defense needs to get across in their closing argument to the jury. >> the risk of sounding trite, first of all, the point is that defense has committed legal suicide just the way they handle thissed whole thing by self-inflicted wounds. they have completely taken this case, made promises and represent takingtations to a jury which they did not come through with. that is not going to go unnoticed, nor should it, by the
8:20 am
jury. there is no evidence whatsoever concerning a drowning. there is no evidence whatsoever concerning sex abuse. so i'm not even sure the defense is going to be able to go there. it seems like now the best they can be able to do is go ahead and say that the state did not go ahead and make the connection and that they cannot show that there is premeditation or that casey anthony specifically caused the death of caylee. i think it's going to be a tortured, tortured closing argument from the defense, and i think that they're going to have -- they're going to get stuck with these crazy representations they initially made in opening statement. >> again, give me the flip side for the prosecution. what are their three bullet points they have to make? >> they're going to stay focused, tight, and organized, like in the rebuttal, and they'll draw out a timeline like you heard them do in opening statements. they are going to go ahead and take us through this journey and show that by the process of elimination, all roads lead to casey anthony.
8:21 am
the relationship to the duct tape, as it relates to the chloroform, as it relates to her behavior after caylee was deemed and acknowledged to be missing. there are no other options concerning the death of this child, caylee anthony, other than casey anthony. it's imperative that the state keep it tight, simple, and talk in the most clear of terms to the jury because there's been a lot of confusing matters out there. they did a very good job in their rebuttal. short, tight, and focused. that's what they need to do in closing. >> do you want to tell me what you think is going to happen? >> i think floz way this jury is going to allow her to walk on all counts. i think that that is per post russ. the best thing to hope for is a hung jury. the one lady that said she would have a hard time judging anybody. i would think that the stronger people in the jury would hopefully according to those that believe that causy anthony is guilty, move her long. it remains to be seen. i believe that count two is the
8:22 am
greatest leeblghood and that is going to be the aggravated child abuse leading to death. beyond that, i can not imagine that 12 people would unanimously find that casey anthony is not guilty. i don't see that at all. >> okay. mark, thank you for speaking with you. hope we can do it again. thank you so much. some fourth of july celebrations being silenced this year from droughts to a lack of public funds. the reasons are many. [ male ann] this is lisa, who tries to stay ahead of her class. morning starts with arthritis pain... that's two pills before the first bell. [ bell rings ] it's time for recess... and more pills. afternoon art starts and so does her knee pain, that's two more pills. almost done, but hang on... her doctor recommended aleve because it can relieve pain all day with just two pills. this is lisa... who switched to aleve and fewer pills for a day free of pain. and get the all day pain relief of aleve in liquid gels.
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8:26 am
and kates? sfli think charlene has a hard act to follow. it was such a fantastic wedding they had in britain, and also, charlene wittstock and prince albert have been hampered by the crazy rumors coming out of monaco this week that she was possibly a runaway bride that, she may have actually tried to go to the airport and fly back to south africa when had he sh heard some odd stuff, perhaps about prince albert's recent past. none of that, alex, is verified, even though newspapers, as respected as la mone have talked about it. there's no hard evidence to say she was a runaway bride or the wedding today will be anything less than spectacular, and they'll live happily ever after. zoo make a good point about her living in kate's shadow right now, but particularly there in monaco what about the shadow of grace kelly? >> well, if it weren't for kate middleton, the most enormous shadow, you're right, is grace kelly, who also came to monaco. she was younger than charlene when had he married prince
8:27 am
reiner. she was really cultivated and sophisticated, and charlene wittstock spent most of her life in a swimming pool until prince albert found her here. she doesn't have all the background and all the poise that grace kelly brought to the scene, but the good news for charlene wittstock is she has only up to go because she's been so -- you know, the rumors have been going recently, and unlike kate middleton, there are no really high expectations for her. >> well, you make a good point there. a very positive one that she really has only to go but up after this. can you just quickly tell me how she's being embraced by the people? have people warmed up to her there? >> um, i would say they ever. for one reason, alex. they're so happy that prince albert, at age 53, is finally marrying chshgs means he'll hopefully produce an heir, and monaco's future will be aslurd because it's really been kind of odd that albert has remained a bachelor for so long. and she is beautiful.
8:28 am
she seems really sweet. you do really hope for the best. >> yes, let's definitely hope for the best. i'm glad. we'll speak with you later with a few more details. dana, thank you. a stampede messes up traffic at one of the world's busiest airports, and who says lightning doesn't strike twice? a south carolina man is recovering after being hit by lightning monday. now, here's the weird part. it's happened to him five other times. the first lightning strike caused melvin roberts to suffer nerve damage to his leg. roberts had to spend more than a year in a wheelchair. he says people should respect the damage lightning can cause, and he should know. about 150 turtles took over a tarmac at jfk airport. the turtles were trying to get on to the other side of the runway to lay eggs in a wildlife refuge. an air traffic controller had to move all those turtles to another runway, and she started scooping those guys up. flights were delays for about 30 minutes. and octomom took some time out from raising her kids to
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can your moisturizer do that? [ female announcer ] dermatologist recommended aveeno has an oat formula, now proven to build a moisture reserve, so skin can replenish itself. that's healthy skin for life. only from aveeno. what are you my grandmother? i'll rock white jeans whenever i want. and with tide plus bleach, they'll stay white. not whitish, not eggshell, not ecru... whatever that is. white. that's my tide. what's yours? the fourth of july weekend getaway is underway, and while we promise not to use the word stacation, americans aren't traveling great distance this is holiday. dee dee roy has more. >> reporter: for carrie getting away means staying at a hotel with a deal only 30 miles away.
8:33 am
>> we're not -- sfwlirchlgts it's pretty cheap. >> this family in atlanta is traveling by air, but no hotel. >> we're getting picked up from the airport instead of having to rent a car, and we're staying at family's house. >> pairing down for marsella means staying home. >> are you kidding me? to go anywhere -- >> reporter: gas prices have dipped 45 cents recently, but there's still 80 cents higher than they were this time last year. that with rising hotel and car rental rates has road travel down. >> are you going to have some people who will economize by traveling shorter distances, shortening the duration of their trips. >> reporter: people aren't the only ones cutting back. cities, like chicago and austin, have canceled fireworks displays because money is tight. weather conditions, drought, and
8:34 am
wildfires have snuffed out fireworks in arizona, texas, and new mexico. >> high heat and very dry conditions that we find ours in could be an incredibly dangerous thing to do. >> reporter: the mercury is rising. temperatures across much of the country will be five to ten degrees above average. >> it's going to be a very tough weekend to be outside. i'm sure a lot of people will want to be near water. >> reporter: for those looking for sizzle on the grill, the average cost of a cookout this year is over $61. up more than $6 from last year. if you really want to cool off, there's still skiing in mammoth, california today. from snowy mountains to shining seas, america's holiday destinations are bountiful, even in americans' pocketbooks are not. >> can you believe skiing in mammoth? that's my home resort. strauss-kahn was released
8:35 am
from house arrest friday after prosecutors reveal that the woman who accused him of sexual assault had some credibility problems. let's bring in our legal panel to weigh in on this case. karen desoto is a former prosecutor, and keith sullivan is a criminal defense attorney. thank you very much for being here. all right, the credibility problems. first up to you, keith. what do they do to the prosecution's case here, because there's not a question as to whether or not things were exchanged. i mean, there's dna evidence to prove that something happened of a sects wal nature between these two. >>ure right. sex occurred. that's established. that's clear cut. the question is did it occur in the course of a crime. when a complainant comes into a police station or the district attorney's office, they have a very -- and it's a felony charge, they have a very limited window in which to indict that individual. five days. that's not really enough time to do a thorough investigation. what happens is you have an indictment, and then the investigation begins. the defense did their investigation. they notified the prosecution of certain things that they had uncovered, and the prosecution
8:36 am
did their investigation, and those investigations continued and will continue for the next two weeks. >> karen, understandably, all throughout france and here stateside, there are those that were suggesting this was a rush to judgment. what do you think? >> in a rape case, it's always a rush to judgment. coby bryant. those are all situations where there were credibility issues with the victim, but they have only a certain time period. are there red flags? certainly. do the prosecutors in a high-profile case spend a lot of investigating, more so than a regular rape case, that i can tell you, but credibility in a rape case, that's the case. the credibility of the victim is the entire case. >> can i just ask you both, though, on a moral stance here, if something does happen, how difficult is it just because rape is among the most difficult things to prove? how challenging is it if you think something may, indeed, have happened, but just because you can't prove it -- >> rape cases to me are the most
8:37 am
difficult cases. it is clearly -- it always occurs one-on-one. he-said-she-said. unlike a murder where you can prove that the crime actually took place. it's just a matter of who and why. rape is so difficult. when somebody comes into the office or a police station and make those allegations and the potential defendant has an international passport, has access to wealth beyond measure, and is going to the airport to get on a plane and leave the country and go to a country where there is no extradition policy, you have to go ahead with the arrest. i don't believe the bail conditions were appropriate, and that's where i find criticism of the district attorney's office. they should have treated him like bernie madoff. taking the passport would have been sufficient. $5 million bond. ankle bracelet, house arrest -- >> you think that was a bit of a circus there. okay. again, establishing something has happened. does it come down to whether or not it was consensual or forcible or consensual with an agenda?
8:38 am
this may have been premeditated because of the shady characters of whom this hotel maid and the accuser has aligned herself. >> it's all going to come down to whether the prosecutor feels there are too many inconsistent statements, just like the coby bryant case. they'll let the media attention die down and then toss the case. you can't put somebody on the stand that you believe is lying or that there's inkent statements. again, it's all about the credibility of the victim. so, yeah, you may have, you know -- if she allegedly is doing this to get a monetary value, obviously jurors don't like that, but there's a consistent statement. forget it. the prosecutor will toss it. >> did the prosecution bungle this case? what do you think? >> no. not at all. >> because at this time you talked about they had to go. >> everybody would be crying foul saying because he is a celebrity, because he has access to politics and money, he is getting unfair treatment that nobody else would get. >> i mean, lisp. the man has a lot of money. normal feel don't wait for his attorney to go out of town to tape-record behind the attorney's back. who has those types of
8:39 am
resources. the resources and the fact that he does have resources does come into play because normal people do not have access like he does. >> karen, keith, back to you later. back to casey anthony next time. a scare for guests staying at a hotel london. a fire broke out in the hilton's basement. it went up to the second floor. 1,500 people were forced leave that building. no one was hurt. in mexico tropical storm arlene dumped rain over the central hylands. the storm has been blamed on three deaths. neighborhoods, in fact, are flooded, and the rain could continue now through the weekend. big changes in cuba. new rules now allow ordinary cubans to buy or sell cars with no restrictions. this first time since 1959 revolution. citizens are allowed legally sell residents or pass them on to family members as well. in northern germany. a new luxury cruiseliner just barely making its way through a tiny canal. the captain did it with just a yard to spare. look at that. on top of this, that ship had to go through this backwards. the ship is heading to
8:40 am
netherlands for finishing touches before its official launch later on this month. the duke and duchess of cambridge are in ottawa right now on day three of their nine-day royal canadian tour. prince william and his new bride, kate, were greed by cheering crowds in the canadian capital after touching down thursday, and today the royal couple's itinerary includes a tree-planting ceremony and a trip to the canadian war museum. peter alexander is joining me live from montreal, canada, with all things royal. good morning to you, peter. >> good morning to you. this is really a day fit for a future queen, isn't it? just gorgeous up here. >> absolutely beautiful. let's talk about what the events today are schedule and how is the right couple being received? i can about imagine the applause and cheers, right? >> it's safe to say i think this country has a royal crush on kate resign. whenever her name is mentioned during speeches or remarks, whoever is talking is quickly flooded out by people cheering. they're just so excited to see
8:41 am
her. of course, her young husband, prince william. you know, we have the fourth of july on monday. they have what's called canada day. yesterday they celebrated it here. when the queen came a year ago, there were 70,000 people here to greet her. in this country yesterday, 300,000 people gathering to see them. kate, despite the temperatures reaching well into the 90s, was as cool as a could you dumb ber. very comfortable. she was wearing a gorgeous outfit that many people have been remarking about today. the same white dress she wore in her official engagement photos. then this fascinator here, very festive for the day, a red hat. patriotic red with a maple leaf, canada's national symbol built into it, and that's what everybody here has been dazzled by so far. and then they got a big day on tap. they'll arrive here in montreal later today after you noted, visiting with war veterans and planting a tree in ottawa. they get here this afternoon. i mean, no rest for the weary. they'll only be here for a matter of hours. they will visit with some young chirp at a world renowned hospital, alex, and then they're
8:42 am
going to go visit with young chefs and culinary academy before a sunset cruise, as it were. tough to be the future king and queen, isn't it, on board a warship, military warship, as they head towards quebec city. >> absolutely. it's nine days in canada, and then they head off to california, right? >> yeah. nine days in canada. this is going to be a whirlwind trip for these guys. they're going to hit places like quebec city, prince edward island. they will go to yellow knife. we're chasing them almost the entire way. nothing says the fourth of july like the northwest territories. then they'll be in calgary before they head down to los angeles, as you note. they're playing polo in santa barbara, so that should be nice. they're hoping to raise $2 million or more for charitable organizations. this is not just about them. it's about charity, and they're really trying to carry on the legacy of the royal family. certainly of william's mother, princess diana, who is so charitable and directed so much of that towards the youth as
8:43 am
well as some young chefs here as well. dmroo she instilled that in her kids. it's very clear that way. peter alexander, we'll check in again for all things royal. a perfect fit. the new details what men like when it comes to women's feet. s ♪ [ cat meows ] ♪ [ whistle ] ♪ [ cat meows ] ♪ [ ting! ] [ male announcer ] travelers can help you protect the things you care about and save money with multi-policy discounts. are you getting the coverage you need and the discounts you deserve? for an agent or quote, call 800-my-coverage or visit
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so i took my heartburn pill and some antacids. we're having mexican tonight, so another pill then? unless we eat later, then pill later? if i get a snack now, pill now? skip the snack, pill later... late dinner, pill now?
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aghh i've got heartburn in my head. [ male announcer ] stop the madness of treating frequent heartburn. it's simple with prilosec otc. one pill a day. twenty-four hours. zero heartburn. no heartburn in the first place. great. some fly fishermen say they're fashion victims, and it's because a popular hair accessory is making it harder for them to get supplies. this all started when viewers started noticing steven tirl wearing feathers in his hair. lots of women like that look, and they started to turn to tackle shops to find fet errs. within six months the price of feathers has doubled leaving a lot of fly fishermen out in the cold. >> looking for any and all hackle that's available almost overnight all the fly shops in town and all the catalog stores, you know, were depleated of hackle. even now here almost six months later it's still very difficult
8:47 am
to get. hair dressers say that ordering feathers has become like getting concert tickets. the company will announce the colors available for the day, and within three minutes they are gone. imagine that. well, two big medical stories to tell you about this morning. time to put that diet soda down. a study from the university of texas suggests drinking two or more diet sodas a day will increase your waistline. on the other hand, for all the wine lovers out there, a new study says red wine could be "exercise in a bottle." that one sounds too good to be true. we'll go to dietitian samantha heller, who is the author of "get smart." good morning, samantha. sfoo good morning. >> first we'll get to the diet soda. how serious is this story, and do you believe its findings? >> the findings are not concrete. they're very general. we have epidimiological studies that people who drink diet sodas
8:48 am
gain weight. do they have a different lifestyle. do they drink diet sodas because they eat a lot of other junk foods. it alters your sense of sweet, so artificial sweeteners are 600 times sweeter than others. you might compensate by eating more sweet sugars. it's very tough to have artificial sweeteners for kids now because sweet things like sweet strawberries are in season now they won't taste sweet because they're used to the highly intense artificial sugars, and there's some evidence to suggest that it might release inlynn or alter the gut flora. we don't really know that there's a direct link to diet sodas, artificial sweeteners and weight gain. >> anything that -- >> we don't really know that. i will say diet sodas are bad for your teeth, which a lot of people don't realize. >> yeah. absolutely. how about this wine study? really? red wine is exercise in a bottle? come on. really? >> i'm sorry, no.
8:49 am
we want it to be, but it's just not. they were looking at a compound called resveritrol. they were test it on these poor rats who they were hanging upside down to try to mimic weightlessness in space and trying to see if they could change the muscle loss that astronauts experience in space because your body is not used to being in space. it's a compound that's found in red wine, also in grapes and peanuts and helps reduce inflammation in the body. it's an anti-oxidant. while it's good for you, it was very also high doses in these animals, and a glass of red wine periodically is fine, but you don't, you know -- >> don't do that and not go to the gym. >> instead of running, don't have that red wine. >> it is too good to be true. >> it is. >> the book samantha heller's nutrition prescription. thank you. new research shows women with size 5 feet are most attractive to men, as studies skord a formula for a perfect female food foote is a size 5 wearing three inch heels and red
8:50 am
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this morning there are more questions than answers surrounding a major breach in airport security. a federal judge denied bail to a nigerian-american man who allegedly hopped a flight from new york to l.a. using an expired boarding pass with someone else's name. the 24-year-old was arrested several days after that flight, and police found 15 other boarding passes in his bag. all of them expired. tom blank is the p -- he is the former head of the tsa security policy. tom, good morning to you. >> good morning, alex. >> so we have a tsa agent who
8:54 am
checks boarding passes and identification. i mean, that's what's happened to me every time i go through there. how could this man have gotten through security using a boarding pass of someone else's name and this boarding pass was expired? >> very clearly that shouldn't have happened. this incident is a big-time wakeup call. it says we've become too complace ebt. this individual came to the checkpoint, looked -- was examined by the tsa officer, presented an id that really shouldn't have been accepted, because it wasn't a government issued id. and the agent apparently did not connect the fact that the boarding pass name and the id name were, in fact, different. . they have a reasonable belief that this fellow wasn't a
8:55 am
terrorist because he went through screen, but nonetheless, this is a breakdown in the process. >> yeah. well, it seems like it's a one-two breakdown because when you think get on board the plane, just to get past the security and into the terminals where you can put your ids away, you at least have to take your boarding pass. that always gets scanned at the gate, and you think it might have been kaurt there that this was an expired boarding pass. >> are you absolutely right. that's why this merits significant investigation. some of the process that is go on down at the gate are, in fact, security process that is are regulated by tsa, and it's really inexplicable that this fellow with an expired boarding pass could have gotten on the aircraft and, frankly, not only that, but once he is on the aircraft, would you normally expect they would do a count for the passengers that are on there. the flight crew didn't detect
8:56 am
it, and not only that. virgin atlantic should have reported that to the tsa so the gentleman deputy go merrily on his way. >> i just want to make clear, i think it was virgin america. it wasn't international flight. it was domestic from new york to lax. you know, that really is disturbing because if you want to add that one into it because i see when i'm on a plane, they check the manifest, and you know exactly how they do the head counts and half the time the flights i'm on have no seats available even. this is a one-two-three relative to one single incident a mess-up. how much does this kaus cause problems for you? >> well, it causes a great deal of problems for tsa, my former agency, because part of what they need to do is to maintain their credibility. their credibility is linked to
8:57 am
the work force prarlts out there. half of tsa's budgets, billions of dollars a year, goes to pay for that work force, and when the work force looks as if it's poorly trained, not being vigilant, not on top of their job, it's damaging to the entire process, and it's damaging to security. >> yeah. it absolutely is. okay, tom. i'm going to have you come back later on this morning and we'll go through a couple of more details. thank you. >> okay. thank you. could a telephone call prove the undoing for the accuser in the dominique strauss-kahn case? you'll hear what russians say about one of america's biggest exports, and it may surprise you. ;7
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