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tv   MSNBC News Live  MSNBC  July 2, 2011 9:00am-10:00am EDT

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sfleemplgts a report and analysis straight ahead.
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>> the former head of the imf enjoying his sudden freedom. also, the fight on clim with your financial future on the line. where does president obama stand in the battle? america prepares for the patriotic pageantry and pyrotechnics. how are gas prices affecting the biggest party of the summer? and it's not just an american love affair anymore. to russia with love, fast food style. good morning. welcome to msnbc saturday. i'm alex witt, and it is 9:00 a.m. on the east, 6:00 a.m. out west. let's get to what's hangout there. we have the shocking new terms in the case of imf chief dominique strauss-kahn. he is not under house arrest anymore, but he still faces sex assault charges for now. ron allen joins us from outside his apartment. >> good morning, alex. how are you? >> i'm well. thank you. it's been quite a scene at that location for the past few weeks, but a much different tenor today. tell me about that. >> reporter: well, we don't know if he is here or not.
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we do know that he went out to dinner with his wife lfr at an expensive restaurant at the upper east side in main may not. the bill was reportedly $700, and the mood was reportedly celebrate other. it's unclear what he is doing today, though. as you said, he is free to go wherever he wants, except that he cannot leaf the country. you're right, the case does seem to be falling apart. >> reporter: with his wife by his side and a smile on his face, dominique strauss-kahn left court, free of a $6 million bond. he returned to his luxury townhouse, but he is no longer required to stay there under house arrest, which cost him some $200,000 per month. a dramatic contrast to the perp walk that led to his resignation as the imf, but his attorneys claimed vindication. >> it's so important in this country that people, especially the media, reserve their
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judgment on the facts of the case until they're all in. >> there will be no rush to judgment in this case. >> reporter: in court prosecutors had admitted strauss-kahn's accuser, a 32-year-old woman from guinney, south africa, has made numerous conflicting and false statements. starting with the claim she was gang-raped and fleeing a brutal government when she applied for asylum in the u.s. in 2004. in a letter prosecutors wrote, "she stated that she fabricated the statement." in may after the alleged attack at this luxury hotel, the woman had said she ran and reported the crime to a supervisor, but prosecutors say she later admitted she proceeded to clean a nearby room and then returned to suite 2806, strauss kahn's room, and began to clean before she reported the incident to a supervisor. >> after the indictment against the defendant was filed, we continue as an office to investigate the case rigorously as we do and are obligated to
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do. that investigation raised concerns about the complaining witness's credibility. >> reporter: sources close to the investigation say the woman called a suspected drug dealer after the incident to discuss how to profit from it. her attorney pleaded her case before a crush of international media. >> it is a fact that the victim here made some mistakes, but that doesn't mean she's not a rape victim. >> reporter: he claims she was bruised. her stockings torn, and that there's forensic evidence of a sexual attack. >> the interesting thing will be to determine whether a jury will ever be allowed to weigh strauss kahn's word against the hotel maid's word or what weather prosecutors will decide to dismiss this case. >> reporter: her attorney is very concerned that the prosecutors will not go forward with the case and that the case will be dismissed. he says she's going to come forward, speak publicly about this, and plead for justice,
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come out of hiding because we don't know who she is. her identity has been kept to herself. she's been remained anonymous out of the public eye. again, there is a real danger that prosecutors may decide to drop this case. that's her fear, his fear, and the next court date is july 18th. strauss kahn's attorneys are hoping their charges are completely gone by then. alex. >> well, we should see. we also might see him out and about in new york city between now and then. thank you very much. nbc's ron allen. now, in florida casey anthony's fate hangs in the balance. it is a major weekend there in orlando with the murder trial entering its final phase. the prosecution and defense represent their closing arguments tomorrow. before that we saw some dramatic testimony friday from the employer of cindy anthony. that's casey's mom. the employee contradicted cindy's testimony that she searched for the term chloroform on her home computer because he says she couldn't have. she was at work at the time. >> it appears to be from what is on the screen there's activity
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throughout the account -- throughout this user id through the afternoon. >> nbc's lila luciano. another good morning to you. what else do the prosecutors include there during that rebuttal case of that witness? >> hey, alex. we know that the state's case is using these searches for chloroform and for neck breaking, among other items as the basis for premeditation. they went to great lengths to prove it was not cindy anthony searching for those terms. they also say she had claimed to have been searching for on the computer that led her to chloroform, mainly chlorofil and bamboos and hand sanitizer. it states that cindy anthony may well have been lying. they also brought into the stand a couple of experts to support the medical examiner's autopsy. as we remember, dr. spits had
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said in the -- that she had made a shoddy odyssey. now we know that these experts say, no, she did not have to crack open caylee's skull, as dr. spitz said, and that the examination was perfectly well done. >> with regard to tomorrow, as we look ahead, the closing arguments, what can we expect there? >> yesterday we had a window into perhaps where the defense might be walking into. we know that defense attorney cheney mason says -- and he holds is true -- that in this case there is as much evidence to prove that kalely's death was an accident as to prove that she was murdered by her mother, so perhaps they will walk along those lines, and the burden of proof lies on the prosecution, not the defense. we will hear strong arguments from both sides. again, it's the prosecution who has to explain what happened. >> okay. lila luciano, we'll talk you about wu again. thank you.
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>> you won't want to mission a moment of a closing argument. we will bring you live continuous coverage of the proceedings and provide expert analysis right here on msnbc subpoenaed sunday for you. sfwlirchlgts the holiday weekend is no vacations at all. this morning michelle bachmann kicks off a three-day bus tour in iowa where she declared her candidacy officially earlier this week. bach maun will make six stops in the hawkeye state, beginning right around now in iowa city. minnesota congresswoman will speak in des moines tonight for a three-week bus tour by the iowa tea party wrapping up. then tonight the republican deal is expected to expand. michigan congressman thaddeus mccotter expected it launch his presidential bid. he will make the announcement in witmore lake, michigan. this morning in president obama's weekly address, he took a shot at the gop and said tax loophole that is about an fit the wealthiest americans must go. >> it would be nice if we could keep every tax break, but we can't afford to. because if we choose to keep
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those tax breaks for millionaires and billionaires, or for hedge fund managers or corporate jet owners or for oil and gas companies pulling in huge profits without our help, then we'll have to make even deeper cuts somewhere else. sfwoo nbc's mike gutierrez at the white house for us. good morning, mike. we have the president at the front and center of this debate. the negotiation wills look like what going forward? >> it's amazing. you could probably put although soberologists and political scientists in a room together and try to tell us why this one bed rom rock truth of washington in the legislative process proves itself out time and time again, and that is that congress and the president when there's a tough negotiation never reaches an agreement until the absolute last second. well, start your clocks, because today is july 2nd, and august 2nd is the deadline by which the treasury secretary says this country is going to begin to default on its debt and only gags. something that he has called a catastrophe, and outside economists agree as well, alex. the issue, of course, $14.3
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trillion in debt. that is the country's legal debt limit. congress is going to have to vote to raise it or else that default is going to happen. we've seen a lot of back and forth, a lot of shouting back and forth. listen, congress has to let this issue ripen. there are people on both sides that have to be convinced that this is something that they're going to have to go to the matt for and cast a tough vote for it. there's a lot of money to be raised from the hot button, red meat issues between now and august 2nd, and this points to a long, drawn out negotiation. this past week i've seen accusations flying back and forth. republicans say the comments that the president made just this morning, you saw in his weekly address, singling out rich people, corporate jet owners, oil and gas companies. they regard these as sort of democratic boogiemen that really have very little to do with the core of these negotiations. they say it's -- the president is demmagoguing. he had the response this
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morning. >> unfortunately, the environment has failed. now is the time for decisive leadership from his president. it's time to cast aside the false safety of political denial, re-election hopes, and put the future of our country above all else. >> and the president's harsh comments about congress and the press conference he had on wednesday had sort of taken effect. the only evidence you need to prove that out, alex, is see that the senate is due to be on recess next week, the july 4th week. they canceled that. they'll be in town after the president dared them, challenged them to come back to the table. alex. sfoo that's exactly what he did. he made those analogies to his daughters. they can get their homework done on time. how come you guys can't? exactly. thank you very much, mike. minnesota state parks and camp grounds are being closed this morning after a standoff over the budget led to a government shutdown. the 23,000 state workers are
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laid off, and public and controlled state legislature and the democratic governor can't agree on close aing two-year $5 billion deficit. >> well, the republicans insist that in inequality continues so millionaires don't have to pay one dollar more in tacks. so far they have. >> the fact that this fiscal crisis affecting the state budgets has gone on for well over three years it means that the decisions about what to do get harder each progressive year. >> well, no new talks are expected before tuesday after the holiday. the national conference of state legislatures says at least 31 states began the current budget season. deficits totalling more than $86 billion. 25 years after her fairy tale wedding on cape cod, maria shriver has filed for divorce from husband arnold schwarzenegger. the former nbc newscaster and kennedy family heiress is citing irreconcilable difference afz the former california governor admitted to fathering a child with a family housekeeper.
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shriver is refusing to comment public club cli. monte carlo has always been a playground for the rich and famous. today the couple will wed again in a star-studded religious ceremony. nbc's michelle kazinski. a good glamorous morning to you, michelle. my goodness for 9:15 in the morning, are you very glam. it looks great. how about the preparations? >> oh, thanks. yeah, there's a strict dress code here, and, you know what, alex, the only thing better than a spectacular royal wedding is a two-day spectacular royal wedding. in monaco, one in which the bride does show up. >> reporter: they entered the palace throne room in silence, barely a glance at each other. with the world's eyes uncomfortableably watching for tension.
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do they look happy? in love? it was an intense, serious, civil ceremony, very brief, and then she said yes. a relief, no doubt, for all present. and the emotion flowed. princess grace's children, princess stephanie and carolyn, even prince albert seemed to tear up a bit. they signed the register and no turning back now. they were married. on the balcony a careful royal wave, a small kiss, and a sweet sign of spontaneous affection from charlene. now a princess. and all through this tiny magical rivera square mile of billionaires, hedge funders and fashionista, a sigh of happiness. it happened. >> today gives the impression that everything is focus and
9:15 am
cleared. >> so many rumors and reports have clouded the last fwo two weeks. talk of a big argument, in which sources say charlene ran for the airport. another woman is claiming to have a child out of wed lock with albert. he has two, but the palace denies this. charlene, obviously, is staying. >> she said yes. >> yes. maybe it's not sure. >> still one more day. >> yes. >> i like the prince, and i like all of them, and they look happy. >> thank you very much to all our friends from around the world. fwloo it was a day for their royal subjects to remember. the couple invited every citizen. more than 7,000 to an outdoor party, a very euro concert, sinthesizers blaze and a brilliant light and fireworks display.
9:16 am
the couple even looked like they were having a little fun at times. and today will be theirs. with monaco hoping the new sur even line esprincess charlene will remain surine here always. >> viva monaco. >> so today they get to do the big walk down the aisle. the bride will wear armani, 3,500 guests, an american soprano will perform. there will be crowned heads, super stars, super models, and the dinner will be by three michelin starred super chef. of course, what royal wedding is complete without a white tie ball? then, it will be over. they'll be married, and we, alex, will need some other excuse to hang around. >> okay. i'm going to think about it, my friend, and try to keep a reason to have you there tomorrow. a good time. how is charlene's french? >> well, we haven't heard it
9:17 am
ourselves, so we can't say first hand, but the reports are it is not so good. she's apparently been trying to learn it, trying to work on it, but we haven't heard her do ag an actual interview in freshing, so we're guessing it's maybe not quite good enough to do something like that. that is difficult to do. you know, she is trying to learn it. although the french can be -- it may be a littlpicky. she's had a little bit of a tough time adjusting. in fact, she told a magazine last year that she only had two people she could call good friends here in monaco, but her whole family has moved here, so she does have that, and she is now a princess with her new husband. >> indeed. thank you so much. good to see you, michelle. more later. in russia there's a new love affair tham may make people put on pounds, but they don't seem to worry about it just yet. also ahead, cameras in california, we'll sew you whot
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a drama turn in the casey anthony murder trial. during the prosecution friday, a key witness refuted testimony by casey anthony ae mother, cindy. cindy's employer said she was at work during the time cindy said she was searching at home for the term chloroform on the family computer. joining me live from tampa, florida, defense attorney, former prosecutor, joe. >> hi, alex. too we have this witness saying that cindy was not there at home and that she couldn't have possibly been doing these searches on the family computer at the time looking for chloroform. how damaging is this for the
9:22 am
defense? >> it's damaging. i just don't think that anybody really believed her. you know, she also got caught on the neck breaking expert testified that you have to actually type that into the search box. she said it was a pop-up. it's perjury. there's clearly perjury. >> is it the kind of perjury, though, joe, that you think could land her in hot water? i mean, there are a lot of people who say, look, this is a mom doing whatever she can to protect her daughter. >> well, in the death penalty case when you commit perjury, it's a 15-year offense. the state attorney is not going to prosecute that. that's not gobbing happen. i wouldn't even think that they would even think about doing that. >> okay. so what does this do? if this has been refuted and proven that she couldn't possibly have done this, could this put premeditation back on the table by casey anthony? >> let me talk about that a minute. you know, count one is premeditated first degree murder. that's not really what happened
9:23 am
here. she accidentally overdosed her child on chloroform, and that's count two. count two is aggravated child abuse. that's an enumerated felony that if someone dies during the commission of that offense, it's first degree murder. that's probably the way the jury will go. they will convict her of aggravated child abuse and then she will face the death penalty, or life without parole. >> how is it that you are so sure of that? because, i mean, i'm sure that the prosecution would love to have you standing up there because you sound absolutely positive of this. >> it's because if you want to kill your child, she would have drowned her in the swimming pool, held her under water, and killed her and said it was an accident, but that's not what happened. she didn't want to kill the child. she wanted the child to go to sleep. you know what, she doesn't have to worry about anything. she didn't testify, and, therefore, she didn't adopt baez's defense. she's not responsible for what he said in opening statement. this case will be reversed on
9:24 am
appeal because of ineffective assistance of counsel. those two lawyers are the worst lawyers i have ever seen, and this is the worst defense i have ever seen put forward. in a new trial, about two and a half years from now, you can come in with a clean slate and you can put on a better defense. she might even have a chance at acquittal. stoo so you are saying it will be reverse odd appeal because you believe that once the jurors listen to closing arguments and go and deliberate that she will be convicted of murder? >> i think she'll be convicted of felony murder. remember, felony murder, the intent to commit the aggravated child abuse, is transferred to the homicide giving you the premeditation that you need. first degree premeditation or premeditated murder herebying that's a tough jump. now, the compromise verdict is aggravated manslaughter. it is not felony murder, but it carries probation to 30 years. snoo what do you think the chances are of this resulting in a hung jury? >> you know, that's a possibility.
9:25 am
all that means is the second casey trial will happen sooner than two and a half years. it takes about two and a half years to get to the appeal. a hung jury, they might be trying this case again in two months. hopefully with better attorneys. >> how long should we expect closing arguments to go, because it's my understanding the judge, being that this is a potential death penalty case, will not put limits on the attorneys, correct? >> no. he won't. the problem baez is going to have, he is going to try to keep bringing in the things he said in opening. those are facts not in evident, and will probably hear mr. ashton make that objection. facts not in evidence. he is arguing facts not in evidence. he will get reprimanded for that, but, yes, i expect maybe five or six hours of closing arguments. >> so in the way you talk about jose baez and his inept tud, is he actually kind of crazy as a fox, if you will? if he keeps bringing in these things as possibilities, the drowning in the pool and the sexual abuse by the father, george anthony, i mean, that
9:26 am
sticks in jurors' minds enough to create some doubt. even if the prosecution is saying, wait a minute. objection. this is wrong. >> i don't know why everybody is underestimating the jury and thinking that they're stupid. they're sitting there watching this just like us. they can see that the things that he is alleging just aren't true. i mean, look what mr. anthony went through the other day in explaining himself in his suicide. let me tell you, he has no credibility with this jury. he lost it a long time ago. >> okay. joe episcopo, i'm happy for your emphatic opinions. we like hearing them here on msnbc saturday. >> still ahead, america on the fourth of july, but how is the economy affecting travel plans? you're watching msnbc saturday. at bayer, we've been relieving pain for over 100 years.
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a network of possibilities. in here, the planned combination of at&t and t-mobile would deliver our next generation mobile broadband experience to 55 million more americans, many in small towns and rural communities, giving them a new choice. we'll deliver better service, with thousands of new cell sites... for greater access to all the things you want, whenever you want them. it's the at&t network... and what's possible in here is almost impossible to say.
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president obama going high-tech to talk to people. on wednesday the president will disburse his town hall on the economy using only twitter. white house twitter account has participants to send questions to a new account called z town ball with the hash tag ask obama. if are you wondering, the white house has more than two million twitter followers. sfwlimplts welcome back. i'm alex witt. it is half past the hour here, and the holiday weekend is many full swing. americans already scattering across the map or staying close to home to mark independence day 2011. michelle franzen has more. >> reporter: the july 4th holiday getaway is on. this year more than 39 million
9:31 am
americans are expected to travel. that's down 2 1/2 perz last year according to triple-a. >> in temz of fewer people driving, it's all about the sustained period of very expensive gasoline prices, which are right now about 80 cents more than they were this time last year. >> the majority of travellers are still hitting the roads, but this year there is also a shift. despite a jump in ticket prices, air travel is expected to be up 9%. >> it certainly seems like there is a pent-up travel demand. people have definitely put their leisure travel on the back burner over the last few years, and it appears that they're ready to travel again. >> reporter: when it comes to destinations, orlando still tops the list for families along with national parks and the beach. but whether flying or driving, travel experts say there are still deals if travellers are flexible about where you go and where you stay. >> they should be taking advantage of added value deals from hotels. this is free nights, free room
9:32 am
upgrades, kids stay free. take advantage of all of those offerings to offset higher gas prices and higher airfare. >> reporter: but for many americans travel plans are still teaing a back seat to concerns over the economy. >> we're going to stay local this summer. things are tight. >> reporter: staying close to home, but still celebrating this fourth of july. michelle franzen, nbc news, new york. well, on the heels of that, let's head to nbc meteorologist bill care irnz to see what the weather is going to be like out there. good morning. >> good morning to you, alex. so many places have a beautiful forecast. some places don't even want it. they want rain in some areas in the southern half of the country. a lot of fireworks shows were banned in texas because of the drought, and all the hot weather. can you see the big blue h is the ridge of high pressure, and that's just sitting from southern california all the way now pushing back into mississippi and alabama and if you are underneath that in the summertime, are you hot. today dallas, 100. look at our friends in phoenix.
9:33 am
what are you doing? 117 degrees this afternoon. even by desert standards, this is very hot weather out there. it's beautiful, though, in minneapolis. chicago and st. louis, a little more humid than you would like. temperatures there around 90, and that's a great day today from new york city north wards through new england. as far as afternoon thunderstorms go, the ohio valley, watch out, detroit, cleveland, buffalo, pittsburgh, and down to the southeast in florida we've had morning storms off west palm beach. let's go through your holiday forecast. sunday, tomorrow, now those showers and thunderstorms from new york city to d.c. north wards, those will be hit and miss during the late afternoon. s it's not going to be a washout by any mean. most of the day will be dry. the rest of the country looks good. a few isolated storms around kansas city, maybe around areas like st. louis. fourth of july, the only location i'm kind of concerned with the fireworks shows, say atlanta to upstate south carolina, charlotte area, maybe raleigh, back through tennessee. that's where you will be ducking in and out of the thunderstorms, hoping it will be done with by the time the fireworks go off, usually by 9:00 local time. the middle of the country is
9:34 am
just fine. you know, alex, it's already getting old with the heat and the drought, and i just don't see it changing for a long time. i mean, 117 in arizona. that's crazy. >> i have no idea what people are doing there today. just staying inside. what else are you going to do? >> sit on ice cubes outside. >> maybe take ice and go down to the golf courses and put that out there. bill karins, thank you. >> have a good holiday. >> okay. thanks. you can always still get the weather at when bill is not around. the countdown is underway to nathan's ag annual hot dog eating contest in brooklyn. it happens monday, but this year a big change. they'll add a category for women. do we want to see that? every year on july 4th the competitors eat as many hot dogs as they can, and joey chestnut is the defending champion. he holds the world record as well. 68 hot dogs in ten minutes. i guess we're going to see how the ladies can do. hmm. [ male announcer ] this is larry...
9:35 am
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the duke and duchess of cambridge are in ottawa on day three of their nine-day north american tour. they were greeted by cheering crowds in the canadian capital on thursday. the itinerary begins with a tree planting ceremony and a trip to the canadian war museum. peter alexander is following all things royal on the british side there, and he is joining me live from montreal canada. we have a lot going on. whether it's these guys or the ones in monica. we have wills and kate for good morning. >> reporter: yeah. we got royal fever, i guess it's safe to say these days. it feels like it too. in ottawa the temperature really scorching for the folks who are there. you know, alex, we have the fourth of july monday. here they have canada day. when the queen came here last canada day, about 70,000 people showed up to see her. this time around with william and kate, more than 300,000 can
9:39 am
aidians in attendance. it's pretty clear that the canadians have a royal crush on catherine. on canada's national holiday the two glamorous out of town guests dazzled their hosts. tens of thousands of admirers gathered outside a nighttime celebration on friday for a brief glimpse of william and kate. there was never a doubt the royals would get a warm welcome here, but in friday's official canada day event, it was down right hot. the temperature soaring into the 90s. still, the fashion-friendly princess was once again as comfortable as could be in patriotic red and white. that dress, the same one she wore in her official engagement photos. the broach, loaned her by william's grandmother, the queen, who wore it on her first trip to canada in 1951. and topping it off, a cherry red hat shaped like a maple leaf. canada's national symbol. >> i'm excited to be able to share this with catherine.
9:40 am
she's told me she feels exactly the same way. >> reporter: the newlyweds appeared genuinely touched. william explained why this trip meant so much to his new bride. >> she heard about canada not from her parents, but from her grandfather. a wonderful man who passed away last year, but who held this country dear to his heart. >> her grandfather trained young pilots in alberta in world war ii. the beaming couple also paid its respects at a citizenship ceremony, but the focus never strayed far from kate. despite the festivities, it was also a somber day. friday would have been princess diana's 50th birthday. this week's "news week" tried to capture what an imaged meeting between the people's princess and her daughter-in-law might have looked like. princess di celebrated her own 27th birthday in canada back in 1983. now her son and his wife are making their own unique canadian memories in what may be a dress rehearsal for the rest of their
9:41 am
public lives. >> reporter: william and kate not messing around. they've got a full plate again today. you mentioned the fact they're plant aing tree in ottawa, and they're going to visit the canadian war museum visiting with veterans and family members. then they arrive here in montreal just shy of about 4:00 eastern time. they have another big afternoon on tap. they're going to meet some young culinary chefs this evening. some young children at a world renowned children's hospital this afternoon, and then late tonight, about 10:00 they get on board a military warship for what is sort of a sunset crews, if you will, up the st. lawrence to quebec city. it's pretty good to be a future king. >> it sounds pretty good overall. peter alex andzer, thank you so much. meanwhile, back in london a scare for guests staying there. a fire broke out in the hotel's basement kitchen. it went up to the second floor. will i am, the black eyed peace peas, was staying there, and had
9:42 am
to be evacuated ahead of a scheduled conference in hyde park. no one was hurt. closing arguments in the casey anthony murder trial is set for tomorrow in orlando, and prosecutors and defense attorneys are spes spending today preparing. the state wrapped up its rebuttal case on friday. she's charged with killing her 2-year-old daughter, caylee. the defense says the toddler accidentally drowned. the jury has seen several sides of casey without her ever taking the stand. she's broken down in tears and at other times her face has shown no expression whatsoever. what kind of impact would casey's behavior have on the jury? joining me live is dan hill, the facial coding expert. dan, good morning. >> good morning, indeed. >> give me your read on things because we've seen casey cry several times when the jury is present. what do you make of that as opposed to when she is so stone-faced? >> this is typical of what we've seen throughout this trial. she is a paradox.
9:43 am
there are moments when she as moved to a lot more emoting. i wonder whether there's guilt there or a sense of gratitude to her mother to seemingly care and reach out to her. there's a moment where they exchange glances just as the mom is coming in court. i think that legally the case is obviously about caylee. emotionally i think the heart of the case is now about a family reconciling. i say that in part because of casey, you know, seemingly having more empathy with her mom, but also the parents. they have earlier, of course that, very famous 9/11 call where the mom was basically attacking casey and citing her as an indifferent mother. now they're attacking the prosecutor when they're on the witness stand in times. it's an in-out situation. they've now bonded a bit more as a family, and the prosecutor in the outside world is the outside and they're trying to keep them away. >> do you get a sense that bonding, though, steps from casey to her father, george anthony, because let's face it, the allegations that have been made against his being a sexual abuser of casey and then his
9:44 am
having to say on the stand things to refute his by association guilt in the death of caylee as if he, you know, had helped cover up something an accident in the swimming pool. there's a different tenor there from casey towards her father. >> although that's certainly true. i think that he only joins in in terms of attacking the prosecutor, but he is a human pretzel at this point who has turned himself inside out, as has the mother in many ways, trying to establish their credibility or hold on to their credibility, so, no, that's a bond other than outside forces. i do think that the father has tried to show some stoicism. he was a much more defending character in terms of caring about caylee and how he enjoyed interacting with the child. when you go back and typically look at cross-examination, one of the most he effective ways to get at a liar is to make them do reverse chronology. start from the back and go to the front because they can't keep their story together.
9:45 am
everybody basically in this case from the anthony family would have that problem. if you go to the earliest stuff, it tends to be what i believe most about them, which was indifference from casey, that her mom was really mad at her daughter and daughter was not a good mother and that the father really adored the granddaughter. those are the things i believe most from the trial. >> do you ever see fear in casey's eyes? fear on her face? any sort of fearful expression? >> i really don't. i see sadness at certain times and a lot of stony indifference. a little bit of surprise when her father is testifying. i do not see the fear. i see a lot of numbness. i have been looking for guilt because guilt would be a combination of disgust for what she did and sadness, and i vbt seen that combination at any point during this trial. >> interesting. okay, dan hill, thanks for weighing in. appreciate it. >> fast food. it's not just an american obsession anymore.
9:46 am
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free, at thousands of reputable dealers. just say, show me the carfax. the u.s. may soon lose the crown as the fast food nation. the growing middle class in russia is consuming large quantities of america's fast food. so much so wendy's says it will open 190 restaurants in the next ten years. with more from moscow. with another good day to you. is russia now the new fast food nation? >> well, good day, alex. they're certainly trying to be, the way the trepd is going here. you can still find lots of traditional russian food here, but the tastes are changing, and the foods seen here has taken on a decidedly american flavor. >> reporter: over 20 years after mcdonald's first opened its doors in moscow, the golden arches are the undisputed king for fast food in russia, but it's near monopoly onhe fastnes
9:50 am
by familiar rivals. the newest kid on the block is wendy's, who is betting big in opening its first stand-alone restaurant in downtown moscow. >> not only are we the largest in moscow for us, but this should be the largest wendy's in the world. it's a trend russians outside the capital would welcome. >> i like them to open starbucks in my city because there is no dunkin' donuts, no starbucks. just mcdonald's. >> reporter: and an opportunity analysts say is wide open. >> for the fast food, there are regions that you don't really have anything. just the traditional cafes and bars and it's absolutely -- >> reporter: if there is any
9:51 am
resentment at this american fast food invasion, you won't find it here. >> i think that it is not actually junk food, but it is a fantastic thing, cheap, good quality, always, always friendly to people. i think it is one of the best things which we have here. >> a popular sentiment, which bodes well for all american fast food players. and they're not just content to set up in russia cities. the ceo said they're trying to get wendy's on russian train cars, so one day we could see it zipping across all nine time zones. >> i'm very curious. are there russian fast food restaurants out there to compete? >> well, they're trying, but some of the analysts said they just don't have a lot of the expertise. maybe access to the technology, the way some of the american and
9:52 am
other western companies have, so some of the ceos said they're even buying up some of the locations of russian fast food chains. >> thanks so much from moscow. in central california, campers are being warned to look out for bears. a bear attacked a man in his tent this week. he suffered only scratches on his back. we set our goals higher than anyone. perdue is the first and the only chicken company to have usda-process-verified programs for fresh all-natural chicken. [ joe ] we never have used steroids
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you're not going to believe the video you're about to see. this is a terrorist attack that somebody survived. it was like a scene straight out of the film the hurt locker. look at that. narrowly escaping the explosion in thailand. can you believe that guy survived? this officer is thrown backward by the force. the officer found the device inside a suspicious looking sedan, i'll say. the bomb went off as soon as the officer just touched the door
9:56 am
handle. most of the militants staged that bomb as part of random attacks on government offices. he gets up and walks away from that. i wish we could recue that up. i don't know if my director can do that. look. that's incredible. there it is. yikes. just touching that door handle. well, in just a moment, the casey anthony trial, preparations for the final arguments coming up and diane diamond will be among our guests to talk about it. at bayer, we've been relieving pain for over 100 years. and today, we're re-inventing aspirin for pain relief. with new extra-strength bayer advanced aspirin. it has microparticles so it enters the bloodstream faster and rushes relief right to the site of your tough pain. ♪
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fire works in washington this morning. new word from both sides of the tax cut battle. a big weekend in florida. the closing arguments expected in the casey anthony trial, but the big


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