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tv   MSNBC News Live  MSNBC  July 2, 2011 11:00am-12:00pm EDT

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next, the attack and survival. incredible video of a man just going about his job. in the casey anthony trial, it is the calm before the storm. what could be the most pivotal day in the case. a little girl talks about her terrifying encounter with a shark. and the gofer state shuts down. good morning, everyone and welcome to "msnbc saturday." it's just past 11:00 a.m. here in the east. 8:00 a.m. out west. casey anthony's face will soon be decided in florida with her murder trial entering its final phase. prosecutors will present their final arguments tomorrow morning. the 25-year-old is charged with murdering her 2-year-old daughter, caylee, but the defense says the toddler accidentally drowned. let's go again to orlando.
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what are we expecting tomorrow? do we have any sense of the time? >> we're expecting the closing arguments will take one day, alex, and in terms o the state, this is when they gather up the evidence and present a timeline of what happened. basically, that casey anthony murdered her daughter with chloroform, duct tape or both, that she did so because she wanted to party or have a more careless lifestyle and dumped her body in the woods. in terms of the defense however, we heard yesterday that judge perry gave a series of restrictions to both parties saying the things they are not allowed to include in their closing arguments. one of which, and i will read, says council shall avoid making any arguments not based on facts and evidence or reasonable inferences that can be drawn there from. now, the big question is will the defense bring up again those claims that casey anthony was molested by her father and
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brother to explain her behavior and her lying regardless of the fact we've heard little evidence to support these claims. this, we will hear tomorrow. >> and with the rebuttle case, who did they call to the stand? >> we know that one of the most important pieces for the state's case is to prove that this was a premeditated murder. the premeditation charge was challenged when we heard cindy anthony on the stand last week saying that she was reasonable for searching chloroform, neck breaking and a series of other rather incriminating items on the household computer and so, the prosecution brought in yesterday a series of witnesses, one of which was an officer at her company who could prove according to her time sheets, that she was at work and not at home when those suspicious searches for being made. there was also a challenge to
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dr. spitz' opinion. he was brought in by the defense, that the autopsy made on caylee's body was shoddy. so that's what happened yesterday. >> indeed it is. thank you so much. the other big legal story, former imf chief is enjoying new freedom. now, khan still faces sex assault charges, but he's not on house arrest anymore after prosecutors revealed his accuser had not told the entire truth. good morning, ron. first of all, any sightings? do we know where he is right now? >> no, we don't. there are several dozen reporters, forecasters out here. there have been people here all night and the conventional wisdom seems to be he's still in there, however, that seems unlikely if you're given freedom after being holed up for many weeks. there were some reports of him out to dinner last night on the
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upper east side. some thought he might have been up to the hamptons, but we don't know. the bottom line as you said is that he still does face very serious charges of sexual assault. problem of course is that we're learning new things about the accus accuser. they're learning inconsistencies in what she had to say about the incident that night and also inconsistencies about other aspects of her life. she's been linked to alleged drug dealers, money launderers. apparently lied when seeking asylum to come to this country from ginny in west africa. six weeks ago, they were certain they had this guy, strauss-kahn, they were very confident about their case. now, they didn't object to the dropping of bail and real grave doubts about whether they will
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push forward? >> what's next? >> the next court date is july 18th. but strauss-kahn's attorneys are really pushing to try and have the charges dismissed well before that. a lot of this is going to be played out in the court of public opinion and the, for her part, the accuser says her attorney says that she is going to come forward now and make her case publicly. plea for justice. she's been in hiding for the past six weeks since this happened, but apparently, her attorney feels that's her best option is to present herself because her credibility is in tatters given these inconsistencies and fabrications she has made over the years. >> thanks so much, ron. michele bachmann's busy in the hawk eye state this weekend. she spoke to voters in iowa city this morning kicking off a three-day bus tour in the state. she kicked off her candidacy in iowa earlier this week.
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bachmann will speak in des moines tonight where a bus tour is wrapping up. also tonight, one more will join the republican field. michigan congressman mccotter is scheduled to launch his bid. early fireworks in washington, d.c. this weekend. this morning in his weekly address, president obama took a shot at the gop and said tax loopholes that benefit the wealthiest americans must go. >> it would be nice if we could keep every tax break, but we can't afford that because if we choose to keep those tax breaks for millionaires an billionaires or hedge fund managers and corporate jet owners or for oil and gas companies pulling in huge profits without our help, then we'll have to make even deeper cuts somewhere else. >> mike viqueira is live at the white house. gop also hitting back today, right? >> absolutely. we're at july 2nd. one month away from what the
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administration and many economists are saying could be an economic catastrophe that would not be confined to this coun country, but would have ripple effects throughout the global economy. of course, the issue of the full faith and credit of the united states, normally, it's a vote in congress. they raise the legal debt ceiling. at $14.3 trillion. problem, republicans came here, took over the house of representatives last year on the promise to reduce government spending, voting to raise the debt ceiling, something they are not interested in doing. the president says a lot of those tax credits people call them loopholes, call them whatever they want, for certain industries, the president characterizes it as tax breaks for the wealthy. republicans say they're not going to raise any kind of taxes any way you look at it. so, between a rock and hard place. it doesn't appear like there's a lot of daylight. republicans today in their response accuse the president of demagoguing the issue, of using
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scare tactics and using class warfare. senator dan coats, a republican of indiana. >> unfortunately, the president's economic plan of spending and borrowing has failed. now is the time for decisive leadership from this president. it's time to cast aside the false safety of political deny l and put the future of our country above all else. >> talks more or less broke down. the president is now personally involved. he's had visits from leaders here at the white house. the senate is going the stay in session next week. they planned to go on another holiday or break, i should say, but no meetings scheduled yet. you can bet behind closed doors, there's going to be furious negotiating in every sense of the word. >> thank you much. minnesota state parks and
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camp groud grounds remain closed this morning after a government shutdown in that state. the state offices, highway rest stops and lottery are also closed down. 22,000 state workers have been laid off. the republican controlled state legislature and democratic governor cannot agree on closing the deficit. >> republicans insist that inequality continue so that millionaires do not have to pay one dollar more in taxes. >> so far, they have, the fact that this fiscal crisis affecting state budgets has gone on for well over three years means that the decisions about what to do get harder each progressive year. >> no new talks before tuesday until after the holiday. the national conference says at least 31 states began the current season with deficits totalling more than $86 billion. the duke and duchess of cambridge are in ottawa.
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they were greeted by cheering crowds after touching down thursday. today, the royal couple's i ten rare includes a tree planting ceremony as well as a trip to the canadian war museum. peter alexander is joining me live from montreal, canada, with more there. aren't they heading your way, too, today? >> yeah, they're coming our way. this is a day fit for a future king and queen. spectacular weather here in montreal, where they will arrive later this afternoon. we have the fourth of july monday. they had canada day yesterday, friday. when the queen came for canada day about a year ago, 70,000 people showed up. here yesterday, more than 300,000 people in ottawa to see william and kate an it's pretty clear at this point that the folks here have a royal crush on catherine. >> i can about imagine. seems like they have a royal crush on everything to do with her. her fashion, what she's doing, the way she supports her
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husband. so overall, new security concerns or anything like that? because you always worry when you have the crowds the size that have been turning out. >> you know, it's a good question. right now, everybody's only just beaming for the opportunity to see them. security hasn't been the real issue here. they have a full day, as you said. they're sleeping in today. the royals are entitled to do that. they start at 12:40 eastern time with a tree planting. they'll go to the canadian war museum as well. then they get here just after 4:00 or so this afternoon. the focus of this is really charitiable in many ways, it's on what they're trying to do and to rebuild that relationship with canada. they will visit young people at a children's hospital. here, they're also going to visit young chefs at a nearby culinary academy and tonight, they will get on board a i guess you could call it a royal warship. one of the canadian's military
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ships where they will float toward their next destination, quebec city. >> i'm glad they're sleeping in. they are busy. no rest for you though my friend. on top of it all. thank you. still ahead, she was easy pickings for a shark, but a 10-year-old girl survived the attack shell never forget. and video captures the terrifying moment of a bomb going off in the face off the man called on to diffuse it. inside all of us is a compass and it always points true north. toward mountains of sand. toward new sights and sensations. toward the true bounty of nature so let's set our compass for traverse city and find ourselves. in the magic, and the moments of pure michigan. your trip begins at perdue is the first
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the royal wedding is now underway. we're getting you live pictures of the ceremony as prince albert ties the not with charlene
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wittstock. among the guests attending, carl lagerfeld, naomi campbell. again, a civil service wedding. they were married yesterday. the marriage ceremony, but this is the religious ceremony. it's pretty beautiful there. michele bachmann had breakfast with iowa voters this morning. she began a three-day bus tour in iowa city. while campaigning in south carolina this week, she spoke about how her antiabortion stance comes from devastating experience in her own life. karen finney is a former dnc communications director. pat buchanan is the former communications director for president reagan and both our esteemed analysts. thanks for joining us. >> morning. >> okay, you know what, guys? we have that sound bite we were looking forso i'm going to role
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that. >> after our second child was born, we became pregnant with a third baby and it was an unexpected baby, but of course, we were delighted to have this child and the child was coming along and we ended up losing that child. when we lost that child, it changed us. you can get money wrong, but you can't get life wrong and i am committed to life. >> okay, so welcome. karen, she shared a very personal experience there. what's this do for her campaign? >> i think what's important about that experience is it's an opportunity for her to talk about her position on this issue from a very personal point of view so it doesn't just seem like campaign rhetoric or ideology, not to trivialize such an issue, but anytime a politician is able to bring a personal story to it, it gives people another sense about that person. it's also another sign that she
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is doing very well and has demonstrated, i think pat will agree, one of the most important characteristics of a candidate and that is the ability to listen to your esteemed advisers and take their advice because clearly she is listening to the advice ed rollins is giving her. >> are you thinking of anybody else who has not done that? pat, i want to talk about mitt romney, who's getting hit for his flip-flopping for his atas on president obama. >> i didn't say the things are worse. what i said was that the economy hasn't turned around. the economy was in recession and he made it worse. he didn't create the rescission, but made it worse. he did not cause this rescission, but he made it worse. >> well, the economy is the center of his message, so how could he stumble on this? is that at odds with his talking points? >> he has made some flip-flops, no question about it.
11:20 am
but you know, mitt romney is running as the front-runner for the republican nomination, but what you just saw in michele bachmann, humanizes her. she's very attractive. she's got her message now, it's crisp. while ed rollins is as good as they come, i would credit her for that. she has really been the star of the spring, alex, and this is getting down to a romney-michele bachmann race and where romney is vulnerable, he has left this open path to the social conservative tea party moral conservative right and michele bachmann, i think, is a real challenger to hear and a real problem for tim pawlenty especially in those iowa caucuses coming up in august. >> see, now, i asked you a question about mitt romney. you bring it around the michele bachmann. she's grabbing the spotlight.
11:21 am
you also bring up pawlenty. the government shutdown in minnesota has put pawlenty in the headlines and here's what he had to say about that. >> both in '05 and now, you had democrats demanding that we raise taxes and raise spending and that's not what the people in this country need. not what our government finances. we have to get government spending under control. >> so, does this shut down help or hurt his campaign? >> i don't think this shutdown actually will impact his campaign. you know, he's currently not the governor and frankly, what's happening there now is familiar unfortunately, to so many americans in their own states and obviously kind of another version of what's playing out here in washington. i do think it gives pawlenty an opportunity, which he needs because pat's right. he's been sort of fading as michele bachmann has been gaining steam and obviously,
11:22 am
mitt romney had quite a bit of steam for some time. so it gives pawlenty an opportunity to talk about the economy. to talk about his record as governor and he need that is. he needs a little something something to kind of try to get himself back to top of mind because at this point, he is getting farther behind. >> the point you made, when you mentioned that i went immediately to talk to michele bachmann, she is very controversial. look at our camera. we went to her in south carolina. we played that clip of her and nobody in recent days has been playing clips of governor pawlenty. we just got one when he associated himself with the controversy in minnesota. he has got to win iowa and she is from minnesota and iowa and if he beats him in that straw poll in august, the likelihood she's going to beat him in january or february in which case, he's out of the race because if he doesn't win iowa, where does he win?
11:23 am
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a 10-year-old pennsylvania girl is recovering today after she was bitten by a shark in north carolina. >> i felt something pulling on my leg. it didn't hurt at first. it pulled me down and it hurt. >> i'll bet. that was a tooth. the girl was air lifted to a local hospital where doctors were able to save her leg. it's been five years since the last shark bite at that north carolina beach. let's go to florida and the
11:27 am
trial of casey anthony. it is a major weekend in orlando with the murder trial entering its final phase and the prosecution and defense will present their closing arguments tomorrow morning, but before that, we saw dramatic testimony friday from the employer of cindy anthony. contradicted cindy's testimony that she searched chloroform on the home computer, saying she was at work at the time. >> it appears to be from on the screen, there's activity throughout the account. throughout this user i.d. through the afternoon. >> and joining me live from orlando, ann bremner. how was this testimony during the -- >> there are so many lies in this case. the alleged lies of george's affairs. the lies of casey anthony, but then the lies of cindy anthony. in a lot of ways, shored up the prosecution's case.
11:28 am
starting with george and ending with rebut l about cindy. they lied to protect their daughter and this is a case where they know, as george said, he believed she was innocent back then, then a pregnant cause about whether he thinks so now. very strong. >> how about give me an overall grade on the defense and the prosecution. where do you put both categories? >> i give the defense a b in opening, but now, a c, maybe minus, because they didn't prove anything in their opening statement that was important. they have to have evidence. they don't have a burden of proof, but if they say there's an excuse and and accident in the pool, they have to have evidence to prove it. now, the prosecution, i give them an a plus. jeff ashton is wonderful. i think they're five star. >> really? but you would even give the defense as high as a c minus?
11:29 am
there are those who say they don't even deserve that. >> well, i know, but it's not over and you know, he did give a very powerful, jose baez opening. i know him. he has done his homework. i met him at a conference in seattle and he may come back a t the end of the day and surprise everyone with the powerful closing argument about reasonable doubt and reasonable doubt only. >> so if he's got to go there, what's the biggest point he's got to make in that closing argument tomorrow? >> without question, there's no cause of death. nobody knows how caylee died. all we know is that we have a body and we have a case of secrets, we have a case of lies. we have a case of intrigue and a case of somebody that is in this circumstance, can you imagine her putting duct tape over her baby's mouth and nose? that's what the prosecution's alleging. can you imagine her taking her out and with dikt tape and
11:30 am
garbage bags, any mother, let alone this mother. and there's one thing i have to say is they've been together a long time, this jury, and casey anthony. it's almost like family. you don't convict your family. make it powerful, emotional and talk about reasonable doubt. >> hang on. you're giving me a prediction? what is your prediction tomorrow or not, but after they've gone to deliberations? what do you think's going to happen? >> well, i think if jose baez gives a powerful closing argument like he gave a powerful opening statement, i think there could be a compromise verdict. a lesser degree. it could also be some kind of a hung jury, but i think it's really tough to get a jury on these fact to murder one. and think about this. the whole world is watching this trial. do you think that everyone would be mez ma rised by this case here in orlando, florida? there's got to be some doubt out there about what in the heck happened, how it happened and
11:31 am
whether she premeditated this crime. >> have you taken -- at the local media coverage? i go places like on a saturday afternoon after work, you can go to a restaurant, a bar and instead of having your typical sports on the screen, they've got casey anthony on the screen. >> i know. i covered the michael jackson case for six months. nothing like this. scott peterson. in my office, i see people listening on their earphones. i've got it on at my office and house. even my mother's watching it all the time. she said to me, is casey going get in that chair? i don't know if she should, but it's just so pervasive and interesting to everybody, which to me means some people have some doubts or they're waiting for the grand finale so it all comes together for all of us. >> many thanks for that and we should let everyone know we're going to have gavel to gavel
11:32 am
coverage for you tomorrow morning. take care. thanks. it is about 31 past the hour. in minnesota, state parks are included in the shut down. all but the most critical functions has been sus sended. in california, people are being warned to look out for bears. the vice president in venezuela is assuring the country that hugo chavez still in command. he revealed he's been treated for cancer in cuba. in havana, bloggers gathered to make a case for greater internet access. and in the czech republican, a street in prague has been named after reagan. an honor to recognize his contribution to the fall of communism. those are your fast five headlines. we have incredible video this morning of a bomb disposal officer in thailand.
11:33 am
talk about a job to do. he barely escaped death friday. the bomb in the vehicle he looked at exploded. he was tossed several feet from the blast, was not seriously hurt, but it happened when he merely touched the door handle of that car. reportedly muslim militants planted that bomb as part of random attacks on government offices. joining me, colonel jack jacobs. can you believe that guy walked away? >> yeah, he was wearing a protective suit. very, very lucky guy indeed. it might be he's going to have some kind of problems later on, but tell you what it feels like, identify been close to explosions in the past. you feel this warm rush of air lifting you up and slamming you to the ground. your initial response is this is just a video, not happening to
11:34 am
you. in fact, of course, it is happening to you. >> well, it is and it's the kind of thing our soldiers face all the time with these i.e.d. explosions. >> it does look like something out of the hurt locker and folks who are disarming improvised explosive devices in southwest asia are a lot tougher people than i am. they're well trained and have protective suits. we lose them all the time. imagine being that close to an exploding bomb without a protective suit. >> i can't even -- i look at that and every time you see it, particularly from this angle, it's unbelievable. the guy touches the door, boom. >> and even though he's been protected, it's possible that he had some kind of closed head injury. 10 or 15 or 20 years from now, he's liable to walk in to a doctor with parkinson's disease and this will be the reason for it. our troops are exposed all the
11:35 am
times. there are injuries to the brain even though the skull is still closed. >> you bring up some good points. many thanks. coming up, why we like fire works on the fourth of july. [ female announcer ] sun damage is on the rise.
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we did, we worked with a compand and we made the decision to use performance capture purity because these days in this day and age and really in the last actually 18 months, i'd say, they are at a point where they can create photo realistic humanoids, apes. it was the first time they had attempted to do it and they've been very successful, i think. >> i guess so, because it's what makes it so riveting. like it's really happening, but i'm curious what attracted you to this project. it's before the events of the original film from 1968. >> yeah, i was attracted to the script first and foremost. i loved the original film and grew up with the original film
11:40 am
and i think, i've always been intrigued by the whole inception of the story, the whole idea of how did the revolution come to pass and what made it feasible for another species in our planet, not an alien invasion, but much more a species among us, how would they be capable of taking over and removing us as the alpha of our planet and actually dominating us. that's really fascinating. >> yeah. your colleague, tim burton, took a shot at putting a new spin on this back in 2001. as you know, that film was met with mixed reviews. did you learn something from that and did it change the way you approached this current project? >> no. it's not for me to judge that film. for me, the whole intrigue of this story is exactly as i said, the idea that this takes place
11:41 am
in our world and that's what makes that ending so extraordinary. the idea that the realize that the whole story happens on planet earth and i think maybe you could say that the 2001 version veered away from that, by setting it on an alien planet. we've done something here which i don't think has been done in any of the other films, which is set it in the here and now. it's very much about the modern world and our society, contemporary society, and how we treat other species on this planet. specifically our cousins and how we go about evolving as a species. and you know, i'm not one for cautionary tales in a moristic way. i think there's somebody to be said for the specificics of the individuals within our race. there are good people and there are bad people and it's the decisions they make that can
11:42 am
open the pandora's box. >> you are so clearly a thinking man's director. i love that. it's an entertaining film. best of luck to you. the 5th of august that it debuts? >> yes, august 5th. >> terrific. rise of the planet of the apes. best of luck. each year, americans spends hundreds of dollars on pyrotechnics, but why are we drawn to things that go boom? >> i just like the loud noises and big explosions. >> i'm with that guy. one psychologist says there's a basic instinlt at work that warnings us we might be in trouble. the loud noises trigger our flight or survival mode, but many fans say we enjoy the bright colors. [ male announcer ] this is america.
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no heartburn in the first place. great. president obama, mitt romney, both campaigned in pennsylvania this week. it may have been a preview of the general election and it certainly looked like it with attack romney lobbed at the president. >> i just came from allen town metal works where i had a chance to visit with workers there. >> the allen town metal work is set to close its doors on friday. >> well, joining me now, former governor of pennsylvania, ed rendell, also an nbc news political analyst. good to see you. as you know, romney certainly hammering the president in this ad. i know you reacted pretty quickly to it, but meanwhile,
11:47 am
the democrats are saying massachusetts ranked 47th when he was governor. would that take the wind out of these attacks in a general election? >> sure. the problem with being an incumbent anything, you've got a record. governor pawlenty, a good guy, but left office with third highest debt in percentage of revenue of any third highest budget deficit of any governor. so, everyone has a little bit of a problem and governor romney does with economic growth although in fairness to him, massachusetts during the '90s, really took off, so it was a high bar for them to continue to grow. but where governor romney screwed up is he took a plant that closed that had nothing to do with that president obama did or didn't do. it closed because it ran out of capital. because of foreign trade. it closed because of a lot of reasons. in fact, the manager of the plant said on thursday that the plant closed had nothing to do with the president's policies.
11:48 am
>> the president obama the same guy people voted for in 2008? >> well, no. of course not because now he has a record. he has a record and it's his record that becomes when an uncouple bent's running for election, 85% of the time, it's a referendum. president obama as you know, no president's been elected since roosevelt where the unemployment rate was higher than 7.2%, but president obama's got a good case to make. the first month he took office, america lost 750,000 jobs in that one month. we now have averaged over the last four or five months, almost 200,000 jobs up. not where we need to be, but he can certainly make the argument that he saved the country from total economic depression and is moving us in the right direction. republicans will say not fast
11:49 am
enough. those in glass houses shouldn't be throwing stones. >> right. but you bring up that 7.2% number. places in which the president won big in 2008. let's look at the unemployment rate in those states now. your state, pennsylvania, 7.4%. just barely above that, but some are all right. north carolina, 9.7%, that's not all right. california, 11.7. florida, 10.6. at least pennsylvania and ohio, key states, below the national average. >> pennsylvania almost two points below, but that's because pennsylvania had a terrific governor who knew how to invest dollars to trigger economic growth. >> was that ed rendell? yeah. i'm going give you props, absolutely. you should take them, but that said, do you think the president can win this election if the economy does not take a drastic
11:50 am
turn? is it enough for people to say we're moving in the sort of cha that might take us off that direction? >> i think your analysis is exactly right. look, i think the economy will be low. unemployment will be low in november. i think it will be down from where it is today. president obama has the make the same argument that president roosevelt made. roosevelt in his first re-election had an unemployment rate that was well over 9%. he said, look, we've moved, we're headed in the right direction. guys, i didn't cause the problem. as billy joel said, i didn't start the fire. look at what we've done to get us moving in the right direction. that's his argument. the ball shifts to the republican's court, they're asked what would you do differently? it's not enough to say cut taxes. the american people aren't dumb. they know that when president bush cut taxes the economy tanked. when president clinton raised taxes on the top 2% wage earners
11:51 am
in america we created 23.5 million jobs. just saying cut taxes isn't going to wash. >> can i ask you quick the sentiment i've always cared in every election on the national national comes to the fringes, the independents. where are they going to go since they did uptick, are they going to be there in 2012? >> i'm showing my age by saying that's the $64,000 question. that's the big question, what are the independents going to do? i think the independents tend to be thoughtful. tend to weigh and balance the issues. i'd throw in a small percentage of moderate democrats and moderate republicans in the mix. it's about 15% of the electorate. it's not going to be good enough for the republicans to say unemployment's high, vote for us. they're going to listen. the republicans have to come up with a good plan. and president obama also has to
11:52 am
say look, if you put me back in office and give us more representation in the congress, here's what i'm going to do. the independents are thoughtful and they listen. it's going to be a very interesting year. >> okay, former pennsylvania governor ed rendell. good to see you. >> thanks, alex. closing arguments in the casey anthony trial will be held tomorrow morning. we're bringing them to you live. a preview of what we might see many the final showdown here on msnbc saturday. with bengay pain relief plus massage you can do this... get the ball, girl. hmmm, you can't do that. but you can do this.
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closing arguments many the casey anthony murder trial scheduled for tomorrow then it's going to the jury. it will be a much amendmented verdict. karen desoto joins me along with keith sullivan, criminal defense attorney. let's get right to it. what do you expect? fireworks tomorrow or methodical words and trying to prove their case is key? >> fireworks and nonsense from the defense, i think that's their only strategy to confuse this. if you're jose baez you have to work through the verdict sheet. you have to hit there's no premeditation, there's no intent
11:56 am
to kill. you have to ask the jury, how did she die? the prosecution is trying to take her life for this murder, they can't even tell you that. >> try to con tuesday fuse the jury, what about the prosecution? >> don't confuse the jury. no matter what you do in this case, no matter how you put the puzzle together, based on her own admission, lice and behavior, all inferences correlated from one conclusion, she's responsible. she's liable and that's it. that's all you can do as a prosecutor. >> it goes then to the jury. give me predictions for a verdict here. where do you see this actually happening? if you've been watching this trial, what are you thinking? >> the prediction is manslaughter 30 years. i think -- >> you're going with that one. >> some of the jurors are going to take offense to the fact she didn't defense. they don't want to go for first degree and take her life. >> florida has always been a state where you're really not going to get the capital murder
11:57 am
unless it's very egregious. ing a vatd manslaughter of the child. plus the judge may bang around consecutively on the other charges. >> thank you very much. that was a wrap. that's a wrap on this show. we'll see you tomorrow morning. . spiriva helps control my copd symptoms... . by keeping my airways open a full 24 hours. plus, it reduces copd flare-ups. spiriva is the only once-daily inhaled copd maintenance treatment that does both. and it's steroid-free. spiriva does not replace fast-acting inhalers for sudden symptoms. tell your doctor if you have kidney problems, glaucoma, trouble urinating, or an enlarged prostate. these may worsen with spiriva. discuss all medicines you take, even eye drops. stop taking spiriva and call your doctor right away if your breathing suddenly worsens, your throat or tongue swells, you get hives, vision changes or eye pain, or problems passing urine. other side effects include dry mouth and constipation.
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