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tv   MSNBC Live  MSNBC  July 6, 2011 11:00am-12:00pm EDT

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reaction online as americans wonder will casey cash in on the verdict? a critical meeting for dominique strauss kanne is happening right now. will prosecutors in new york drop the sexual assault case against dsk? and it's been more than 25 years since the challenger disaster took the life of astronaut ronald mcnair and six other space heroes. now his widow speaks out about the final shuttle flight set for this friday. good morning you to. 11:00 in the east. after a bombshell verdict in one of the most watched and contentious murder trials in modern history, casey anthony now faces sentencing. >> as to the charge of first-degree murder, verdict, as to count one, we the jury find the defendant not guilty so say we all. orlando, orange county, florida, on this fifth day of july, 2011, signed foreperson. as to the charge of aggravated -- >> the florida mom accused of
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killing her 2-year-old daughter caylee acquitted of not just first-degree murder but second-degree murder and involuntary manslaughter and aggravated child abuse. moments after the verdict was read, immediate reaction outside of court as she embraced her lawyers, casey's parents quickly got up and left. and outside in nearby bars, you can see this is a local deli, crowds screamed and cried and others expressed anger. >> that's a little girl's life. that's a little girl's life that she took. >> all this not guilty. this is like o.j. it is ridiculous. >> i'm shocked. that's like nothing. i'm surprised. >> absolutely devastated. just very sad, very sad day in america. >> i prefer to be life in prison and have to live with what she did. >> and amid the outrage, an
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appeal for calm from the authorities. >> we ask our community to respect the decision the jury and court have made today. in doing so, we ask for your continued peaceful acknowledgment of that verdict. >> nbc's kerry sanders has been on the case from the very beginning when all this began years ago and remains in orlando for us. good morning. >> reporter: well good morning, jeff. really a stunning day yesterday. i think some people are still processing it. let me take you back into the courtroom. this was casey anthony. i think if we tried to read her face, she, herself, was trying to process the information. hearing she was not guilty on all of the felony counts. she was acquitted on all of the felony counts. she was found guilty, as you know, on the misdemeanor counts which means she potentially could be sentenced up to four
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years. but she spent about three years almost in jail already. and very often in florida the judges will give you credit for time served. as this process moved forward through the day, we eventually had an opportunity to hear from her defense team after the embraces, after the hugs, after they all sort of celebrated. and this is what jose baez had to say. >> my colleagues from coast to coast and border to border have condemned this whole process of lawyers getting on television and talking about cases they don't know a da many. n thing about and don't have the experience to back up their words or the law to do it. now you've learned a lesson. >> the best feeling that i have today is that i know i can go home and my daughter will ask me what did you do today? and i can say i saved a life. >> reporter: so we heard from cheney mason who has been particularly bothered by all of
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the speculation and sppeople treating this as a sporting event, standing on cameras around the country and blogs and offering opinions that suggested that there would be only one conclusion here and she would be found guilty. and then, of course, hearing from the -- from the jury themselves. now jeff ashton, the lead prosecutor in this case, said he was, of course, disappointed. he postponed his retirement. he put three years of his life into this case. but he says he's had cases where the juries have deliberated more. he spoke to us early today. >> i -- i cannot believe that's what happened. but again, beyond a reasonable doubt is a high standard. and, you know, the jurors may have thought as i do but beyond a reasonable doubt is a high standard. i respect the fact that they, you know, applied the law to the case as they saw it. >> reporter: and so as we move forward, judge perry's courtroom
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will be back in business tomorrow, 9:00 a.m. when casey anthony will be brought in and he will sentence her on those misdemeanor charges. i spoke to the jail and the jail tells me that they do have a security plan in place if the judge allows her to walk free. her attorneys intend on fighting for that. and if she walks free, the jail has made a very clear point that they are not going to reveal how that will take place. whether she'll walk out of the courthouse, whether she'll walk out of the jail or what they will do. bottom line is they saw the crowds here. they saw the anger and emotion. and they want to make sure that when she walks out of here she is protected as she departs. >> that's a very good point about the security. kerry sanders in orlando. kerry, thanks. the jury has spoken. so many questions remain that some of them kerry brought up. the biggest of them all, what were jurors thinking when they let her off for first-degree murder? this morning on "today," an
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alternate juror on the case tried to shed some light. >> that's the $64,000 question. but what you have to also remember with casey is the lies just didn't start with the death of caylee. these lies have been going on for two years previously. and so i think it was just the way this family operated and how i personally think the family was dysfunctional. that was the way she had always acted and had continued, you know, with the lies. >> and we're learning more about the makeup of the jury as well including some actually had run ins with the law themselves. we want to bring in our legal panel to break everything down for you here. in burbank, california, we have carl douglas who worked on the o.j. simpson defense team. and in orlando, meg strickler. carl, let me start with you. marcia clark came out this morning on the prosecution side of the o.j. case and said this verdict is far more shocking.
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as somebody who worked on the o.j. case, where do you stand on the comparisons? >> well, i understand the verdict. but it probably was based on three reasons. the foundation of any murder case is typically finding a cause of death and a manner of death. and here there was no real hard evidence to prove those two points which made it very difficult for the second point and that was the decision of the prosecution to charge this as a first-degree murder case, a death penalty case. so the jurors had to be comfortable about their decision, given this was the most serious sanction that could be imposed. >> were you shocked by this verdict? were you shocked by it? >> oh, i was surprised like much of america. but i wasn't there, like the jury was, to listen to all the questions and all the answers and to examine all the evidence. so it's hard for me to second-guess what the jury decided to do. >> meg, let me bring new here. so there's the real possibility that casey anthony walks out of court tomorrow a free woman after spending three years in
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jail. what are the chances of that? >> they're pretty good chances. generally when you're convicted of a misdemeanor with prior history she has, she's not going to get sentenced to four consecutive years in jail. she already served three. she'll probably get time served just like she did for the bad check charge. let me be clear, she's not going to walk out of the courthouse tomorrow. normally you have to do processing at the jail. she'll go back to the jail and get out late in the afternoon. due to the high media scrutiny here, they probably will find a way to have her exit without anyone knowing about it much it's easy to do when you're in the jail. there are vans and what not. they'll have her exit out one of the transportation vans. but where she goes is a question none of us will know. you know she is not welcomed back at the anthony family. to go back to that juror's impression of the anthony family, it's definitely true. she did not just become a pathological liar at age 19. that family was a definition of dysfunction and it appears the jury saw that and they saw it
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well and saw the lack of evidence. i think it was a proper verdict. >> carl, how much of a factor do you think that was? people saying casey anthony came from this dysfunctional family as meg put it s that where the prosecution failed? could they have overcome something like that? >> well, certainly one of the jurors suggested that there was a credibility problem with the father, george anthony. and that probably had something to do with the thoughts and the concerns of the jurors. the dysfunction of the family was parentally quite evident from those there in the trial. i'm sure all the piece has to fit together well before they could win such a serious charge as first-degree murder. an intentional planned murder. >> casey's ex-fiance, he actually thought to be caylee's dad at one point. he had thoughts on what he thinks casey will do after this spoke out this morning on nbc's "today." >> there's no way casey goes back to that home. there's no way that they have any semblance of a normal family life. right now she has everything she ever wanted.
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she's going to have money. she's going to have people at her doorstep asking for her, wanting her. and she's going to have that partying lifestyle she so craved. >> meg, what's next for casey? kerry sanders brought up the security issue. yes, the jail may help her get out of jail. you know, quietly. she is still casey anthony and pop-up somewhere. >> my guess is jose baez and the defense team will take her in under their arm and help her process out and process into the community. that's what defense lawyers do also. she'll be put on probation, maybe, i'm not sure. but what they probably -- a lot of people is suggesting she simply leave town, go somewhere else. you know, all people are outraged at casey anthony don't need to buy her book or watch the interviews. and then she won't get a lot of money. but we all know that's not going to happen. it's what it is and it is what it is. and to address cheney mason's issue about the media going overboard, does he not know history? just because social media was so
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big in this trial, it's the trial of the century only because of social media. we've done this before. it's our culture. it's what happened. i'm very surprised by his comments. very surprised. >> thank you so much for joining us. appreciate it. >> thank you. switching gears now to politics. president obama says when it comes to the national debt, the time to start making long-term solutions is now. the president appeared in the white house briefing room yesterday and invited leaders from both parties to a meeting tomorrow for the next step toward an agreement. >> i don't think the american people here sent us here to avoid tough problems. it's, in fact, what drives them nuts about washington. when both parties simply take the path of least resistance. and i don't want to do that here. i believe that right now we've got a unique opportunity to do something big. >> nbc's kristen welker on the north lawn this morning.
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good morning. >> reporter: good morning, jeff. jay carney just wrapped up a news conference here and said don't expect a final deal to be done during that meeting on thursday. but it is a step forward according to white house officials. when the president came out and spoke, he said he doesn't want to see a short term deal. he wants to see a big deal done which is basically being defined as something larger than 2 $11aa half -- $2.5 trillion in cuts. he said he would agree to cuts in defense spending, domestic spending and also in entitlements. he said that republicans have to come to the table in terms of rolling back tax breaks for wealthier americans and for larger corporations. right after he had spoken those words, jeff, republicans really came out with some tough talk. speaker boehner came out and said, look, he's happy to discuss the debt ceiling issue. he says an increase in taxes would be bad for jobs and just won't pass the house and just
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earlier today, senator jim demint also had some tough words for the president. take a listen. >> the president put biden in charge of a task force, just to burn up the clock. because they believe it's all about creating a crisis and then we have to do something urgently. and we won't do what needs to be done. >> reporter: now, of course, white house officials would call those claims unfounded. but the deadline really is looming large. treasury secretary timothy geithner said a deal really has to be reached by august 2nd or it could be catastrophic for the global economy. however, a lot of lawmakers are saying they really need to get a deal done a lot sooner by the 22nd of this month so they can be scored by the cbo and also sold to the other members of congress. jeff? >> nbc's kristen welker, thank you. just call him tweeter in chief. perhaps not to his face. president obama will be hosting a twitter town hall at the white house with his 2.2 million
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twitter followers and the debt debate will likely be front and center. we'll get a preview from the man heading up the president's digital strategy. plus today, lawyers could decide to dismiss the new york sex assault charges against dominique strauss kanne, the former imf chief. they're trying to work out a deal behind closed doors right now and we're following closely for you. myth: you get nothing for driving safely. truth: at allstate, you get a check in the mail twice a year, every year you don't have an accident. the safe driving bonus check. dollar for dollar, nobody protects you like allstate.
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welcome back. right now live from south africa, the international olympic committee is deciding who will get the 2018 winter games. the president of the ioc, the candidates by the way are france, munich, and we are about
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to get the decision now. >> olympics in 2018 are awarded to the city of -- south korea. >> so south korea against the 2018 olympic games. you'll see everything here. this has been a very tough battle as it always is for the competing cities that spend years and years on their presentations. the ioc members visit all the different cities and see the plans for the new arenas and the stadiums. and they have clearly decided as the celebration begins in south korea among the delegation there that they will get the 2018 winter games. congratulations to them.
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president obama is ready to take your questions as long as you can keep them to 140 characters. all you have to do is send them to hash tag askobama. twitter officials will select a handful and the president who prefers to answer in long form will respond via web cast not through the popular social network. megan phillips is the director of the digital straty for the obama administration and joins us now from the white house. hi. >> hi, jeff. >> how does this work? the president will sit in a room and he's not actually tweeting himself, right? >> well, he's going to be answering most of the questions in the room. anybody will be able to watch on the live video stream. i want to get two things across about how people can participate. you mentioned them earlier. it's important people know. they can still ask questions right now. he's in the hash tag askobama and there is a website twitter set up to give you an overview. folks who want to get involved should just head over there to get started.
11:20 am
>> again, people will ask questions. how do the questions get selected? how i do know if my question will get to the president? >> reporter: this is the really exciting part about the event. twitter worked out a really interesting process to look at popular topics and trends across the country. i think it's fairly obvious, the president is not going to be able to answer the thousands of questions coming in. but what at which timer is going to be able to provide is a way they can identify the popular topics and make sure they're choosing representative questions for the president to answer. even though your question may not get asked, you'll still have influence over the event itself. and then after the event is done, twitter will do a more indepth analysis and we'll respond even more. we've been doing a number of these things leading up to it. we want to continue using the social media to gauge the american public. >> why not have the president answer the questions on twitter in 140 characters? i mean is the administration worried that he may send a mixed political message in such a limited form? why not have him answer on
11:21 am
twitter? >> i think he may use twitter down the road. but for this event, what makes the most sense is to have people tee up top ukz they want to hear him address and have him go into thorough answers on complex issues in a medium and in a way that he's comfortable and i think people are expecting him to use. >> all right. macon phillips, director of the digital straty for the obama administration, i'll send my question along later. i expect you to slip it in. >> yes, sir. >> thank you very much. appreciate it. by the way, the president's twitter town hall begins at 2:00 p.m. eastern. appreciate it, macon. >> thanks a lot. it could be america's biggest cheating scandal ever involving teachers and principals and shaking an atlanta school system to its core. we have the details straight ahead. and she lost her husband in the challenger explosion. now the widow of astronaut ronald mcnair speaks out about the final shuttle flight on friday.
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hey, look! hi. >> say cheese. >> no groups were perhaps more impacted more by the casey anthony verdict than mothers. many followed along with every aspect of the trial and expressed their frustration that so many questions about caylee remain unanswered. >> it's a little girl's life that she took. my daughter and caylee were the same age. >> she got away with it. i have grandchildren. all that evidence led to that girl doing this. i mean the partying, everything. >> she's guilty. she's absolutely guilty. she's just proven that you can kill your child and get away with it. >> just ahead, more reaction from across the nation, for many a collective gasp of surprise. we're going to show you how the verdict is being received from coast to coast in just a moment. here's what else is happening in the news now. seven tourists are still missing
11:26 am
two days after their boat capsized off mexico's coast. at least one american tourist has been found dead. lauren yee says her father, 63-year-old leslie yee loved fishing and put off his dream fishing trip for years. >> he was very excited. he was just an extreme workaholic. dedicated to his family and never put time aside for himself. >> she went on to say that leslie was a wonderful father. the search continues for the possibility that seven other touristed survived. unbelievable images taken over arizona. look at. this massive 50-mile wide dust storm plowed through the phoenix area on tuesday. strong wind gusts toppled trees, knocked out power for thousands of residence there. montana governor disputed exxonmobil's estimate that an oil spill there has stretched across only 25 miles of the yellowstone river. a surging current on that river
11:27 am
is hampering cleanup efforts and could now spread leaked oil into an even wider damage zone today. a shocking scandal we're following that's unfolding in georgia right now. >> we determined that 178 teachers and principals in the atlanta public school system cheated. of the 178, 82 confessed tot 0
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casey anthony prosecutor jeff ashton commenting on the outcome of the trial on the "today" show this morning. insisting the florida mom was responsible for killing her 2-year-old daughter caylee. the verdict came down on tuesday, not guilty of murder. now the jury has spoken out. and the chatter and the emotional outcry of disapproval
11:32 am
over casey anthony's nolt not guilty verdict is growing louder by the day. millions across the country are in stunned disbelief. wondering how anthony wasn't convicted of killing her 2-year-old daughter. >> got everything. how do you give her a verdict like that? >> we're just devastated. it's just unbelievable that somebody can get away with doing this to a little beautiful baby. >> not since o.j. simpson has reaction to a verdict been so powerful. and this morning it is still pouring in. >> we the jury find the defendant not guilty. >> in orlando, it's personal. >> all that evidence led to that girl doing this. >> none of this is right. who cares for that baby? >> orange county, florida. >> as the jury passed judgment. >> as to the charge of first-degree murder, we the jury find the defendant not guilty.
11:33 am
>> and casey anthony wiped tears of joy, america did some judgment, too, many of them outraged mothers. >> she took that little girl's life. >> she's absolutely guilty. >> as to the charge of aggravated child abuse -- >> millions watched the verdict live all over cable tv. they watched on airplanes with ipads, even at the scene where caylee's body was discovered. across the country, offices came to a stand still. and at home, quick reaction posted on youtube. >> how is that possible? >> she's going to walk. >> what began as that missing toddler case in florida quickly morphed into a national obsession. >> we don't really feel like we got any answers. and so it's unresolved. and what happens with things that are unresolved? we need to continue having a conversation about it. >> and we are within seconds the verdict went viral.
11:34 am
on twitter, celebrities went off. if the courts don't believe she is guilty, then who do they think killed this little baby tweeted kim kardashian. sharon osborne called it a disgrace and ashton kuchner says o.j. finds this outrageous. despite the public outpouring of outrage, not everyone is upset. some say the jury got it right. >> people don't make accidents look like murder. >> the prosecutors just didn't prove their case. >> they just must not have been enough hard factual evidence. >> juries have to have the evidence to make a conviction. >> whether you agree or not, there is one undisputed truth, a beautiful 2-year-old girl is gone and we don't know why. casey anthony will be sentenced tomorrow at 9:00 a.m. eastern on misdemeanor convictions of
11:35 am
providing false statements to police. she could actually be set free because of time already served. we'll, of course, watch that for you. other news now. right now lawyers for dominique strauss kanne are meeting with new york prosecutors to push for a complete dismissal of the sexual assault charges against their client. the spotlight has certainly shifted dramatically from dsk to the credibility of the hotel maid that accused him of attempted rape. but the public perception of the man that could have been france's next president will never be the same. christopher dickie wrote about the latest developments for "the daily beast" and he joins me now live from france. >> how are you? >> how outraged are they? i saw a poll where 49% in france, actually welcome him back to politics. >> well, yeah, they will. they think he should have a political career. and there's a whole sentiment here that somehow he was betrayed by the american justice system. he was pillaried by the american
11:36 am
tabloids. it's a conspiracy in the mind of a lot of french people. but there is another half of the population that thinks this man who was almost president or could almost have been president of france is really not the man they want to have in that position. and if there are 50% that say he should come back, 50% say he should not. >> let me read a quote from your article. once the public recovers from the tabloid whiplash that portrayed straus-kahn as le perv for weeks -- then suddenly decided on scant evidence that his immigrant was a prostitute and it will be one that calls into question not only his morals but perhaps more important for a man who would be or would have been president his judgment. what are they like in france as far as coming back from a reputation like this even if he's not convicted, even if these charges are dropped? >> i think that's exactly right. as things cool off a little bit,
11:37 am
people will say, wait a minute, the best construction you can put on this case is that he decided on the spur of the moment after just stepping out of the shower when a maid walked in to his room that he was going to if not compel her, at least ask her to perform falacio on him, a complete stranger. is this the kind of man who really should be president of france? >> is it surprising to you being that even in a best case sean arrow he basically admits through the defense team he did cheat on his wife and there was a sexual encounter there, are you surprised that his wife who very popular in france as a tv commentator, that she stuck by his side? >> i'm not really surprised. because theirs is not only marriage, it's a political partnership. she has seen him as the horse she's betting on to take the both of them to the pinnacle of power in this country. so, in fact, she wanted to have
11:38 am
a situation where he was cleared, where they would do whatever needed to be done where she would spend as much money as she needed to spend and she's the one with the money in a n. that relationship, to get him cleared of these charges. he'll never be completely cleared. but he's almost certainly not going to be found guilty of multiple felony accounts which is what he was facing only a couple weeks ago. >> christopher dickey, thank you. you have a beautiful ceiling, the shot, looking right up at the tile there's. thank you very much. appreciate it. we are now less than 48 hours from the 135th and final mission of nasa's 30-year space shuttle program. atlantis is scheduled to blast off on friday during this hour for a 12-day mission to the international space station. but the weather could throw a big wrench into the works. there is a 70% chance that the flight could be scrubbed due to thunderstorms in the area. about one million on lookers are expectsed to be on hand to witness history. i'm joined by cheryl mcnair. she lost her husband ronald
11:39 am
mcnair. he was a nasa mission specialist killed during the 1986 challenger shuttle explosion. cheryl, thanks for your time this morning. >> thank you. >> i think one of the big water shed moment that's we all think about when we think of the space shuttle program is the challenger disaster engrained in all of our memories. given the sacrifice that you have made, that your husband made for the space program, what are your thoughts about the end to this, to this program? >> i will, of course, miss the program. it was a program that was -- that progressed with our innovations and with developments. and, yes, my husband was a physicist. my late husband was a laser physicist. however, he believed a great deal in the furthering of education. he was a motivating inspiration
11:40 am
to children, to move them towards excellence, towards creating, towards innovation, towards life and the things they can do with their life. and to make things better, to improve. and, yes, he would believe in the future. he would believe in continuing space exploration, human exploration in the sense of more job opportunities, perhaps in our commercialization that is proposed and continuing with, perhaps, deep space exploration with the government. >> do you think that the end of the space shuttle program means that america will take a backseat in space exploration? you talked about how important it was for your husband for education and for exploration. do you think we'll take a backseat now? >> well, i believe we are still going to go to space station. i believe there's still
11:41 am
discoveries, there's still things to learn in space from space exploration. i believe that the united states will continue with their inventions and with their connections that space will help to make things better on life here on earth. i look forward to the future. i look forward to what the united states will do in deep space and the continuation of more developments and more innovations. >> cheryl mcnair, thank you so much for your time today. >> thank you. >> and the program note along with the million on lookers that could show up, we're going to have the historic launch for you live if it goes off as scheduled with the thunderstorms planned right here on msnbc at 11:26 a.m. eastern on friday. ead of h. morning starts with arthritis pain... that's two pills before the first bell. [ bell rings ] it's time for recess... and more lls. afternoon art starts and so does her knee pain, that's two more pills.
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welcome back. 44 minutes past the hour. a stunning new challenge for airport security officers. developing now, u.s. officials
11:45 am
have new intelligence indicating that the terrorists have discuss the surgically implanting explosive devices or components into passengers flying into the u.s. from overseas. nbc news justice correspondent pete williams is following the latest details from our washington, d.c., bureau. hi, pete. >> reporter: disgust is the keyward here. they stla is no indication of any specific plot, no operational details that they were actually trying to do this. rather, they were talking about it. although, it must be emphasized that this sort of chatter about all the kind of things that terrorists could do is out there all the time. so this is of such a level that it rose above that. and they decided that it was important to get the word out. so they have advised airlines that fly into the united states u.s., this he have advised airports from which those planes take off. and what that means for the traveling public is that passengers coming into the u.s., and this would include american who's were returning home, can expect to see more use of the already existing security procedures at airports overseas.
11:46 am
now that may mean more patdowns, more use of the full body scanners which the experts say some of these full body scanners can detect things that are surgically implanted. there are lots of stories out there about these devices picking up on artificial knees and people that have metal plates and screws and that kind of thing in them. and even breast implants which are nonmetallic. you can also expect to see more questioning by airport officials overseas, more careful scrutiny of baggage even though this is not going to be in the baggage, obviously. inspection of the use of the trace explosive detectors, all those sorts of things because of this new information. >> nbc's pete williams in our washington bureau. pete, thanks. we want to bring in a criminal defense attorney and former cia officer joining us live from minneapolis. thanks for joining us. >> great to be with you. >> let me first ask you about this new warning much as pete
11:47 am
mentioned this is a discussion at this point. no definitive threat. what do you make of it? >> well, i think people have been talking about this for years and it's always a concern. that's one of the difficulties in the intelligence side is you always are trying to think ahead. what may be coming next? but in some ways, this is a bit of a throwback. i can take you back to columbia and other places in the past where you have seen people trying to come into the u.s. with drugs an they'll secrete this in their bodies then. the question is how do you figure this out? so that's what this is about. do i expect this to be some new revelation? frankly, not. maybe what we're talking about and what pete was talking about here was this was coming from particular sources that made people really stand up and take notice. i'm certain that intelligence community and not just the u.s. but around the world has to keep an eye on this because it's sort of the latest greatest. what comes next? >> want to switch gears now. a terrorist with key information about al qaeda's operations was brought to the u.s. to stand trial on monday after a somali
11:48 am
citizen was kept on a ship for two months off coast of africa and questioned by a team of u.s. interrogators. he did give valuable information we understand but stopped cooperated once given the miranda wrigrights. what do you make of that and the tactics of the secret interrogations? >> it's a complicated issue. again, coming to from you minneapolis today, we see a lot of connections potentially to somalia with so many sow mamali here in the midwest and that's been the difficulty that the americans have had. what the white house has really done started to target differently than they used to at the upper levels in that sense. but whether it comes to the interrogation issue, this could be a real problem. as a criminal defense attorney, if you're going to charge him in a federal courtroom, he wasn't mile an hour andized for the first couple weeks, you may lose that information. it may not be useful in terms of the prosecution. you always have to ask yourself the question. again, as a former cia guy, i want the intelligence.
11:49 am
as a former prosecutor and criminal defense attorney, i'm very concerned about constitutional rights and protections if you're going to charge somebody in federal courts. and those do apply. >> would federal prosecutors rather try these in the federal court system? >> i don't think it cuts in terms of what prosecutors versus defense. it's sometimes left versus right, sometimes it's conservative and progressive. it's really hard to say. but from my perspective, i actually want the cases trild in federal courts. you know why? very simply, i think we have the best judicial system in the world. i think it would stand up to the strut any scrutiny of it. if we think these are criminals, then let's treat them as that rather than actually hold them up as something more:the last thing i want to see is them held up as martyrs, even the likes of mohammed. frankly, i want the guy tried in a federal courtroom. i have no idea what we're afraid
11:50 am
of. we have a system that works very, very of. we have a system that works. it works very, very well. ial don't want them to use it as an kus. let's prove it we can turn around and show the rest of the world, we'll treat these guys like the criminals we believe them to be. that's why we should be doing it. >> jack rice thank you for your opinion on a host of topics today. appreciate it. >> thank you, jeff. speaking of america's judicial system, what's ahead for casey anthony? we'll examine how some other famous not guilty suspects made famous not guilty suspects made it ♪ my only sunshine back into public life. me happ♪ famous not guilty suspects made it ♪ when skies are grey ♪ you'll never know, dear ♪ how much i love you ♪ please don't take my sunshine away ♪ [ male announcer ] as long as there are babies,
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on this fifth day of july, 2011, signed foreperson. as to the charge of aggravated
11:54 am
child abuse, verdict is to count two -- >> time for the flip side, our look behind the headlines. yesterday's surprise outcome in the casey anthony murder trial is bringing back memories of some other big high profile acquittals that shocked the world. for example, who can forget o.j. simpson, he was acquitted in 1995 of murdering his wife nicole brown simpson and her friend ronald goldman. he had to face consequences. paying out a combined $62 million to the victims' families as a result of a civil suit. o.j. is serving nine years in prison for a 2007 armed robbery in las vegas. in 1992 four white police officers were found not guilty of assaulting rodney king who wassing black on a los angeles roadside even though the beating was caught on camera, as you can see by a bystander. the rationally charged outcome sparked the massive l.a. riots that left 53 people dead and cost a billion dollars in property damage.
11:55 am
two of the officers were eventually convicted. and michael jackson's behavior before and after his 2005 child molestation trial may have underdetermined him many the eyes of the public, but the jury let him off. the king of pop went into hiding in the mideast for several years after his acquittal. at the time of his death in 2009 he was preparing for a big come back tour. it was the subject of a posthumous movie "this is it." what's next for casey anthony? we'll get our first glimpse tomorrow when we learn her sentence at 9:00 a.m. eastern where she could be released for time served. we'll all be watching. that does it for me. thomas roberts back in the hot seat. i don't have a picture like that. we get it thomas, you're coming back, tomorrow. that was a good picture. you took a good picture yourself. >> good too see you, the rhetoric heating up over debt. will republicans and democrats compromise on taxes to avert a
11:56 am
possible economic disaster. then the debate surrounding the dr. martin luther king junior national memorial in d.c. why the original sculptor says dr. king would have some serious issues with it next on msnbc. f . but it just tastes like fruit. and try our deliciously refreshing v8 v-fusion + tea. is best absorbed in small continuous amounts. only one calcium supplement does that in one daily dose. new citracal slow release... continuously releases calcium plus d for the efficient absorption my body needs. citracal.
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good day. shock and outrage continue nearly 24 hours after the casey anthony verdict came down. the injury is not talking. we're finally getting some insight? what thorpe thinking. >> as to the charge of first-degree murder, verdict as to count one, we the jury find the defendant not guilty. >> inside the courtroom, the florida mother reacts with deep breath, a quick smile and tears. >> we the jury find the defendant not guilty, so say we all. >> outside the courthouse, people literally overcome. >> justice for caylee! >> if you're you


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