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tv   Andrea Mitchell Reports  MSNBC  July 6, 2011 1:00pm-2:00pm EDT

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single issue, idealogical party who walks away from reasonable compromise for the sake of politics? twitter wars. white house scrap. white house sets the stage for the first ever presidential twitter town hall. john boehner tweets will you take job destroying tax hikes off the table? for all you tweets out there the hash tag is ask obama. and they may not all be characters, there will be 140 people in the east room. new warnings today about a frightening way that terrorists could be planning to sneak explosives on to planes. plus disasters natural and manmade. in phoenix it's called a haboob. in montana the oil spill is worse than exxonmobil first admitted. deja vu anyone? good day i'm andrea mitchell live in washington. we begin with the budget show down and white house hopes for a possible deal even as senate leaders are digging in on the
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big sticking point of taxes ahead of tomorrow's white house summit. chuck todd is nbc's chief white house correspondent and host of "the daily rundown." chuck, we've heard a lot from republicans. today at the bloomberg breakfast it was said that any tax measures had to be revenue positive over the long run that could be ten years out. eventually have to contribute toward deficit reduction. that is not what republican senator john cornyn was saying exactly the opposite what he said on our show yesterday that it has to be revenue neutral. how does the president hope to bridge this devoid? >> reporter: well, you know, they have an interesting tactic here. they believe and frankly behind the scenes so do house republicans believe it will be easier to sell a larger deal that has some things in it that nobody's crazy about on certain sides. whether some trims to entitlements on the democratic side or some of these revenue proposals on the republican side
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that if it's a large deal, $2.5 trillion to $4 trillion and maybe even $6 trillion in the out years meaning the second ten years when you start messing around with the cbo numbers that it's easier to sell. that if you try to do this narrow package, you don't have the votes on either side. you go too narrow one way you lose democrats, the other way you lose some key republicans. that's their -- it's not a roll of the dice, that's their strategy. if you go big enough, you can get some revenue enhancers, you can trim the sails of some of the senate republicans because the greater part of this, the big trillions in spending cuts over a 20-year period let's say is too much for some of these guys to pass up. >> and we now know that john boehner met with the president privately on sunday. we don't know how many other secret meetings there's been. maybe you've heard of others. there seems to be some sense that they can deal with john boehner privately at least they're getting some indications from him i believe that they do
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want a deal, but that he has to come up with something that he can sell, that he can get 218 votes for. that means not only bringing over enough democrats and they don't have nancy pelosi completely on board for some of these measures, but being able to get past the tea party influence on the house caucus. >> reporter: a couple of numbers that i'm going to throw out here. when talking to some folks on the house republican side, boehner does not -- he's not going to cut a deal where he loses the entire tea party caucus, which technically stands at 83 members. if he lost 50 members, you could see that that's a possibility. he doesn't need to have 218 republicans. remember the -- it was about 218 republicans. in this case he needs 170 republicans but they need to be some of those tea party folks. then you fill in the gaps with democrats. now the reason why tomorrow's
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meeting is too deep is because you're right, there's a little bit of a split between pe loi sa and hoyighwa -- ploysy may not on the deal, but hoyer might. that's why you see eight there. the other reason is they want eric cantor in the room. he was in the biden talks. kyl was in the biden talks. that's why you have extra folks tomorrow. on paper looks a little crowded to be frank. >> of course, an hour from now the president's going to begin his twitter town hall. the tweet was from john boehner, will you take job destroying tax hikes off the table. paul ryan, americans deserve a real debate.
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we've had a lot of twitter positioning. >> reporter: i think the winner is political -- there are two winners so far, twitter and political grand standing. every interest group in america is taking advantage of this and taking advantage of this vacuum before the president asks these questions. let's see how it works. i'm curious will we see the president type? apparently not. can he speak in 140 characters? i was just told keep it 140 wrap. back to you. >> i know we've got to go, but what's the health of our favorite elm tree? as you're almost run over by a work hahn a few minutesing ago? >> reporter: it is planted. it's going to be gone tomorrow. the nbc elm and you realize -- here's a little anekt dote, we named it chet. it's the nbc elm. >> got it. we'll let you figure it out. >> thanks a lot chuck, i think.
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with me now wyoming republican senate. senator, please indulge us, we are all in mourning for the elm tree that we've lived with for all these years on the white house lawn. i think it's been there since the founding of the republican. let's talk about the deficit and whether or not the republic is going to survive this deficit summit. republicans have said that it has to be revenue neutral. if they agree to any loophole closers overall it has to be revenue neutral. at the same time your fellow wyoming resident al simpson and of course mr. boles laid out a very aggressive outline for future deficit reduction which did include significant taxes down the road. it doesn't have to be triggered immediately while the recovery is still sort of limping along. what is your position on taxes and where we go at this deficit summit? ? the, andrea. i just came out of the meeting
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of the republican senate leadership. i spent the fourth of july with al simpson in his backyard in codey, wyoming. i think with 14 million americans looking for jobs, can't find someone to hire them, the wrong thing to do is to raise taxes on anyone in nick times like this. our problem is not that we're taxed too little, it's that washington spends too much so we need to cut the spending, cap the spending and the president talks about a balanced approach. we need a balanced budget and the way to do that is with an amendment to the constitution. >> senator, i just came from a bloomberg breakfast and their point is that the deal has to include tax measures. it has to be balanced. he's not saying what the proportion has to be. but that there has to be a serious entitlement cuts, real deficit reduction there and there have to be some kind of tax measures that are in the long run positive on cutting into the deficit not revenue neutral. we're not talking about immediately, but over the course
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of ten years. is that absolutely a nonstarter as far as you and the republican leadership, you've just come from that meeting. >> the way to increase revenues in this country is to get people back to work. with 9.1% unemployment is best thing to do to increase revenue is to get our economy going in a vibrant and robust way. that's the best way to increase revenue and raises taxes to me is the way to not do it. if the patient is sick, you say raising taxes is the right medicine. i don't think it is. >> we're not talking about raising rates. we're talking about going potentially back to the clunt era tax rates and eliminating the bush tax cuts on the high earners. is that a nonstarter down the road? not immediately, but in two or three years? >> even the president at christmas time said that was a nonstarter. bill clinton even came out this past weekend and said our corpate tax rates are too high. they're affecting our competitiveness as a country. we need to become more competitive to become more
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innovative at home, more competitive overseas. i agree with president clinton. if we lower corporate tax rates they can do the things to eliminate significant numbers of various tax deductions but you have to lower the tax rates. that's the way you're going to spur is economy and increase tax revenues. >> i was with bill clinton when he spoke at a conference this weekend, he said that president obama should not blink on the subject of getting taxes somehow into the mix in a larger budget deal. not a short-term deal, but a larger long-term deficit reduction deal. >> i think that chuck todd is right that a larger deal is easier to do than absmaller deal. i think that's the sort of thing that we ought to be doing. i'm hoping that comes out of the white house discussions tomorrow. i'm always optimistic about the future of our great country. and i'm looki ing forward to th results tomorrow. they ought to be working on something big. the president last week six times in his press conference mentioned taxes and corporate
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jets realistically for every $100 of the president's deficit that's worth two cents out of the $100. it would take 5,000 years at the rate that they're going to make those taxes to just deal with one year of the president's deficit. so the president ought to really talk about things in responsible ways not just as this little two cents' worth and nibbling around the edges. these are big problems and we need a big solution. >> thank you very much. and continuing the wyoming theme here. we go to pete williams the tsa has announced that it has put airlines and airports on notice of new intelligence suggesting terrorist groups may be considering surgically implanting explosive devices into passengers flying into the united states. pete well yams you know this area so well, but this is pretty stunning. >> this is no discussion of an actual plot or operation to do this. rather officials say an
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increased and serious discussion of how to do this to implant explosive devices into the abdomens or elsewhere on people. we're not talking about putting them in body cavities, but surgically implanting them? >> how do they detect it? use trace sners. >> that is the problem. they have notified airlines that fly into the u.s. from overseas. they notified airports from what those planes take off to be aware of this. what would happen is these folks would go up and say i recently have surgery i have to carry a syringe. the theory is the kind of construction they're talking about is to activate this thing you would inject some chemical initiator into the body. so that's one thing that they can look for. but secondly there's no one foolproof thing here. not many overseas airports that have flights coming into the u.s. have the full body scanners. not all the full body scanners can probably detect these thicks. what you're going to see the more the usual lay down of security. more people asking you why you're coming to dust.
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checking your luggage, although the luggage isn't the concern here. using the explosive trace detectors where they wipe that cloth over your possessions and put it in the trace detector machine. more checking of luggage, full body scanners, pat downs all those sorts of things. more of what they have now, but probably nothing brand new. >> pete williams. more sort of scary thoughts for travelers and inconvenience for travelers as well. >> right. >> thank you. >> you bet. >> pete williams of course from wyoming. what do the latest fundraising numbers and a new poll tell us about the republican field? plus, which candidate did white house senior advisor just call a world class contortionist? take a look at these pictures from arizona. a mass i have 50-mile wide 10,000 foot high dust storm envol ed phoenix last night, the towering dust cloud known as a hab bs oob downed trees, delayed
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looking at the republican race for president, it could be a tough road ahead for jon huntsman. new polling puts the former ambassador at the back of the pack which could be why the white house seems to be focussing on a different exgovernor. at the bloomberg breakfast david, senior obama advisor took aim at mitt romney calling him a world class distortionist. i was sitting there at that breakfast. you don't expect direct answers to questions, but this was just tloup out there -- thrown out there. clearly they think that he is the guy to beat. >> i think there's no question that romney's stronger today
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than most i think professional class folks would have thought he would have been two months ago. the fundraising isn't as small as it was last cycle for romney it's stronger than the rest of the field. he's in strong position in new hampshire. he's the front runner. test hooth unbeatable. right now i don't think we have a candidate that's putting a strong challenge to romney. i think that's mie perry has a chance. >> if you talk to white house people they say it's an uncertain field. they don't know what rick perry is going to do. they don't know the michele bachmann play in iowa, although they enjoy it that could be knocking down pawlenty. going back to jon huntsman he's got to begin to make a move. right now in new hampshire this poll at least and his rather anemic fundraising shows he didn't get any bounce out of the rollout for sure. >> he's not running in iowa. he's at 2% in new hampshire. he's going to have to show people that there is a path to the nomination.
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that's the case i made last week. he's a fine person, a great public servant. probably deserves a medal of freedom for his service. he's got going go to the nominee. he's not running in iowa, he's not strong in new hampshire. i think they're betting on florida. it's going to be too late. >> too late in the game. >> i think so. >> what do you see out of pawlenty at this stage? is he really the one most hurt by michele bachmann's unexpectedly strong showing though her ability to connect with vote sners. >> he's hurt because he had invested so much in iowa in terms of his is the largest team there. he's going to have to do well in the strong poll in ames on august 13th. he is hurt by bachmann to some extent. i think you want to have a bad month early. in you look back in 2008 mccain had a bad month early and was able to rebound and became the nominee. >> so did obama. >> that's right. i wouldn't write pawlenty's obituary yet.
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he needs to step up and do well in the straw poll. if he does poorly in the straw poll, it's going to be hard for him. >> he does now have sarah huckabee helping him. >> that's right. >> great to see you. >> thank you. and president obama tries out his associate networking skills with the first ever white house twitter town hall. you can join by hash talking ask obama. send me your thoughts on twitter at my account. sam higgins? you have frequent heartburn, right?
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an accident doesn't have to slow you down. with better car replacement available only with liberty mutual auto insurance, if your car's totaled, we give you the money for a car one model year newer. to learn more, visit us today. responsibility. what's your policy? in the hex hour, the president will be taking questions on the economy and jobs as long as they are 140 characters or less. the president is holding this first ever presidential twitter town hall or tweetup in the east room. 2:00 in the east room moderated by twitter co-founder jack
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dorsey. we'll have it live with tamron hall on "news mags" coming up next. kim hart is senior technology reporter for politico. thanks for joining us, kim. how is this going to work? we understand that the questions are going to be limited to 140 characters, but the answers aren't? >> right. exactly. so the way the east room will be set up i'm told is that there will be three screens. one that shows the questions answered by twooit tweeters and twitter followers. another that shows a heat map of where the questions are coming from from around the country. another one that shows the topics and which ones are bubbling up to the top and being the most popular topics. we'll told that it will focus on the economy and jobs and budget and tax issues. so really the key issues that the obama administration is focussing on. >> what do you think politically
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the white house is trying to achieve? is this an obvious play for younger voters or is this just an attempt to -- or an attempt to expand on their social networking which was so successful in their fundraising? >> i think it's both. i think you're right that the obama administration really made its mark using social media specifically facebook and tools like youtube during its campaign to the white house. now that it's there, it's really expanding that. the administration has always seen social media as a way to connect to a broader swath of the american public. yesterday in a preview conference call with reporters, the white house staff said it's no longer sufficient just to go will you the mainstream media channels to reach voters and citizens. so this is a way of expanding that social media outreach. it's not the first time of course that the white house has done this. also this year it has held facebook town haul as well as youtube town hall. this is an extension of that. of course, it is also a way to
1:25 pm
reach viewer -- voters that aren't necessarily reading "the new york times" and "the washington post" and the traditional mainstream media these days. twitter has really become the new news feed for a lot of americans. surprisingly it's not just younger people that are on twitter these days. a good significant portion of twitter users are in the older segments these days. it's really reaching a much broader population. >> thank you so much, kim. good to see you. >> thanks. >> thanks for helping us with that. we'll all be watching. next after that stunning verdict everyone is asking did casey anthony get away with murder? and what happens next? stay with us. s fast.
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new newtons fruit thins. real cranberries and delicious cranberry citrus oat... ♪ or real blueberries... ♪ ...and luscious blueberry brown sugar. the goodness of whole grains... and a thin crispy crunch. new newtons fruit thins, one unique cookie. topping the headlines right now on "andrea mitchell reports," major nadal hasan accuse ds of killing 14 people in fort had in 2009 will be tried in military court.
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if convicted he could face the death penalty under the procedures. the army announced today that he will be charged with 13 counts of premeditated murder. moments ago the international olympics committee announced that south korea has won the competition to host the 2018 winter olympics. germany and france were the two other countries vying for the games. in less than an hour accused mob boss james whitey bulger will be returning to federal court in boston where he will be arraigned for his role in 19 murders. bulger evaded the law for 16 years until he was captured last month in california. and jury selection has begun in the trial of roger clemmons right here in washington. residents will be selected early next week and the trial is expected to last until august. clemmons is accused of lying about steroid use. as casey anthony awaits tomorrow's sentencing on charges that she lied to authorities, the debate over her acquittal on murder charges continues to rage. what was the jury thinking?
1:30 pm
sa ran na guthrie is the chief legal correspondent from new york. thanks for joining us. what's going through my mind is i just got my notice for jury duty. >> uh-oh. >> you have to put yourself in the mind that you've been so effective throughout the day explaining just how difficult it is to be a juror but still from the outside looking in, it just seems inexplicable. >> it does especially because there's so much behavior here with casey anthony that seemed so suspicious. i think that's why people look at the case particularly from the outside sand say how do you explain not reporting your child is missing for 31 days? the repeated lies to police, the galavanting around orlando. everybody looks at those facts and say that's not consistent with innocence. on the other hand, the jurors were sitting in there. theyed a ap ray aof charges before then. - them. they had to find each element beyond a reasonable doubt.
1:31 pm
what's interesting here we've been talking yesterday we made this distinction which exists in the law between saying someone is not guilty, saying the prosecutors didn't prove their case versus someone being innocent. you never know where the jurors came down on that. hearing from one alternate jurors who didn't deliberate but sat through the trial and listened to all the evidence, he seemed to buy the defense theory that this was a swimming pool accident and that george anthony, the father of casey had helped to cover it up. now there wasn't really any proof of that whatsoever offered by the koefs at the trial. the defense has no burden of proof. the defense made those allegations. one would have expected them to try to back them up, they didn't. in any event until we hear from these jurors, so far we haven't, we're in a little bit of suspense about what exactly motivated them. >> there was a fascinating interview with the lead prosecutor who had previously announced his retirement, stayed on for three years to prosecute
1:32 pm
this case with matt lauer on "today." let's watch he he had to say about this. >> if i were to look at you in the face right now and say did caylee anthony die accidentally in the family swimming pool you would say? >> i cannot believe that's what happened. but again, beyond reasonable doubt is a high standard. you know, the jurors may have thought as i do but beyond a reasonable doubt sa high standard. i respect the fact that they applied the law to the case as they saw it. >> jeff ashton of course had the burden of trying to establish that beyond a reasonable doubt as you pointed out yesterday circumstantial cases can be made, convictions can be one. it's that whole issue of reasonable doubt. help our viewers the difference between all doubt and reasonable doubt. >> that's the key. the defense lawyers hammer home this concept of reasonable
1:33 pm
doubt. it's not beyond the shadow of every doubt. for example, jurors aren't supposed to sit back there and say well, i suppose there could have been some crazy occurrence and that might have been accounted for. they're not supposed to come up with explanations and say well if it's possible it happened some other way then we have doubt about whether or not she did it. in this case they didn't have to entire fansful theories really because there were a lot of questions nnd a prosecutors acknowledged there were some serious holes in the evidence because the fact that the baby wasn't found for more than six months after she disappeared. you didn't have toxicology. there was no dna evidence. there was that one hair found many the trunk of the car. for the jurors it wasn't enough. the prosecution had theories about how she may have been killed with the duct tape over the face of caylee anthony, but no prosecution witness came in there and put their hand up and said i know what happened. i can say with the reasonable degree of medical certainty that is how she died. all they could say is this is possible how she died.
1:34 pm
that's what the jurors obviously got hung up on. >> savannah, briefly, do you think that things have changed because we've all seen too many crimes -- too many csi shows and people are used to that perry mason or now more currently the dna and the hard evidence? >> a lot of lawyers trying cases every day in courtrooms in america will talk about what they call the csi effect that there's a superburden placed on prosecutors now that the jurors do want this overwhelming evidence, forensic evidence that they want that smoking gun in terms of dna or fingerprints or forensics. oftentimes it's not there. as you point out, andrea, sometimes there have been convictions in high profile cases with just as many questions. scott peterson is on death row in california in a case that had roebl just as many questions about how exactly his wife lacy peterson died. there have been convictions where the body was never found on first degree murder. every jury is different and you
1:35 pm
can never guess. it's a fool's game to guess what a jury will do inside a courtroom. >> that's what makes your beat so fascinating. thank you so much. great to see you. jeff ashton will be on tomorrow morning at sock with chris jansing. watch that. that will be after the sentencing of down there in court sentencing of casey anthony. and there is a new measure today of mitt romney's presumed status of the republican front runner for president. the former massachusetts governor raked in more than $18 million in the second quarter, less than he hauled in during his first fall quarter of fundraising last time around, but still best in field. jennifer served as deputy press secretary for bill clinton and we have an aid visor to house speaker john boehner. first of all, general for, taking a look at the field from the white house perspective,
1:36 pm
they seemed to be taking easy shots at mitt romney. they don't know what the candidate is going to be, but mitt romney is the presumed front runner. >> as democrats you don't want to get in there and try to pick a candidate and help somebody out and get an unintended consequence. i think they think the way you beat mitt room knee is by infusing the sense of him as a flip-flopper so doing that early on is a strong thing for them to do. they feel so hard to predict, but relatively confident that he'll eventually be the nominee. >> that's throwing up some dust and perhaps creating doubts in republican minds as well. so muddying the field. >> i think they think the candidates get weaker from romney on down. >> although it doesn't necessarily help romney that you have the white house saying maybe he's the person who we have to deal with and beginning to try to select an enemy.
1:37 pm
having said that, romney is in a stronger position than before. he's leading and he raised a lot of money last time and it didn't work. having said that it's interesting his strategy has been so far rather than to engage other republicans he's been engaging the president directly. he's trying to get into your point elevate it to that level as well. >> what's been surprising is the other republicans notably tim pawlenty at that new hampshire debate have not gone after romney. let's talk about gingrich for a second. his fundraising $2 million raised in the second quarter, we believe. $225,000 cash on hand. $1 million in debt is what's been reported. >> his financial situation is clearly not as all where he needs it to be. >> that's mirroring his political situation. >> here's his one -- his one moment. and we'll see if he can do it or not. this is a fellow who's known for his ideas. does he have a moment in a debate where that really comes through and people go that's the
1:38 pm
guy. having said that it's a high bar, but it's something he could potentially do. if he doesn't do it soon and engage people he'll be in real trouble. >> bill clinton in town today was just talking about how he believes the republicans have been going after potential democratic voters by blocking same day registration for instance in nevada. let's take a listen. >> one of the most pervasive political movements going on outside washington today the disciplined, passionate, determined effort of republican governors and legislatures to keep most of you from voting next time. >> this was clinton speaking to young voters today. young people today potential voters. >> at our event. >> at your event. he spoke at the aspen ideas festival this weekend and that was not on camera, but let me just share with you the -- >> the interesting stuff never is.
1:39 pm
>> what he shared with us on romney. romney is a much better candidate than he was last night because he's not apologizing for signing the massachusetts health care bill. he's got another creative way of saying we ought to repeal obama care, that's probably the price of getting the nomination. clinton on huntsman, huntsman hasn't said what he is for yet. i just kind of like him. he looks authentic. he looks like a real guy, a real human being. i like his family. he was a pretty good governor. that could be the kiss of death from clinton. clinton on bachmann. bachmann has been a better candidate than i thought she'd be. i don't agree with her on nearly anything. she's got a great story. she's got a lot of juice and she turns the anti-government crowd, the people on. that's handicapping pro. >> he can appreciate a good natural athlete, he can look at a republican and appreciate someone with talent. as a democrat i was most scared of huntsman. i'm thrilled to see him not doing well and not really taking
1:40 pm
off. >> he could aparalegal in a general election race? crossover voters? >> his speech i thought was terrible. i was glad to see. but he does seem to be somebody with natural talent. bachmann is thing i thought was interesting, we haven't seen her numbers come in yet. if she gets a lot of small donors like she got with her house race where she raised $14 million. that's the obama strategy. that shows a lot of enthusiasm. >> plus winning iowa, that would be a big boost. we've got to go -- >> the only thing i would say here, still the challenge for republicans is it's still in the personality phase. ultimately they've got to start rolling out their policy. still at this point the challenge to republicans is we're not leading the protest. until it gets on to policy. that's a problem. >> republicans have to show how they could do it better. great to see you guys. up next, days after that oil
1:41 pm
spill in montana's yellowstone river, new details are leak out about the size and scope of the disaster. do we have all the facts now? plus mother nature does not appear to be cooperating with nasa this week. forecasters now say there is a 70% chance weather will prevent atlantis from taking off on friday. the outlook for a weekend launch is getting worse, too. the weather forecast is now 60% no go for saturday. this will be the 13th and final mission of nasa's 30-year shuttle program. ahead of the historic launch, brian williams interviewed legendary astronaut former senator john glenn at the air and space museum here in washington. >> what are your feelings as this program prepares to come to an end? >> well, brian, you have feelings of nostalgia, the discovery that will eventually be here and replace this one was one that i was fortunate enough to ride on for a second flight. so sort of a little bit of
1:42 pm
nostalgia. on the bigger picture i'm sorry we're not maximizing the research, return out of the space program. the international space station is the most unique laboratory ever put together by hubs it also means without the shuttle we have no way of getting into space ourselves. we are sending our astronauts over to russia to have them put our people in their shuttle which for the world's greatest space fearing nation as we say, that's just not the answer to me. >> and you can see more of brian williams' interview with john glenn tonight on "nabs nightly news." check your local listings. it's the 135th shuttle launch. tamron hall will lead msnbc's coverage of nasa's final launch live from cape canaveral friday morning. don't miss it.
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obama will hold his first ever twitter town hall 15 minutes from now. these are live pictures from the east room. the president will answer questions from twitter users around the country about jobs and this economy. speaker john boehner has sent in his tweet question, it is will you admit the stimulus was a mistake? we'll find out if the president will answer that at the town hall that's live. plus casey anthony could go free tomorrow, there's still as you well know outrage over the not guilty verdicts. we'll get the latest out of florida on "news nation." how big is the oil spill in montana's yellow stone river? exxonmobil has been ordered to rebury the pipeline that spewed up to 42,000 gallons of oil into the river friday. montana's governor vowed to held exxon accountable last nigon "t rachel maddow show." >> the clean up will decide when
1:47 pm
the people of montana decide the cleanup is done. it won't be decided by exxonmobil or bureaucrats in washington, d.c. when we decide the clean up is done. it's done. i'm the only soil scientist in america that's a governor. i'm going to be on this like smell on a skunk until it's fixed. >> the governor from montana. bob dean is the associate director of communications at the natural resources defense council and joins me now. bob, first of all, he said among other things on the program last night that he had warned of this last summer called in exxonmobil and some of the other companies and said what would happen if a pipeline blew and let's talk about her response and they said, we've got it all there. we know what to do. deja vu all over again. they didn't. >> that's right. it sounds familiar. it's the kind of thing we heard from bp before the blowout that ruined the gulf of mexico. we had a staffer from our montana office was down there
1:48 pm
just yesterday saw oil caked along the banks. this is a disaster 42,000 gallons of toxic oil in the yellowstone river which is the largest undammed river in the lower 48. fish depend on it. birds depend it, our farmers depend on it. the people of montana need to be made whole and we need to strengthen our pipelines across america. >> can they be made whole? >> they can. the governor needs to stay on that. we need to avoid making matters worse. right now the state department is considering permission to build a pipeline 20 times larger than this pipeline that is a big oil boondoggle that would carry the dirtest oil of canada from the farthest of canada to american refineries. >> it's been held up by regulatory requirement for the a long time. >> the state department is assessing the environmental impact of this. it's a terrible idea. it would expose us. imagine if this 20 times larger
1:49 pm
pipe layne had done what we have in montana, we would have a million gallons of oil in the water. this is not conventional oil this is oil that's like tar. >> this is the heavy oil. quickly, bob, do we know, is there any way to estimate how many of these older pipelines might be buried in our streams? >> there's thousands of miles of them. this was a relatively new one. this one is about 20 years old. the average pipeline age is about 40 years old. some are up to 100 years old. there's a lot of trouble waiting to be happening. we've had leaks in chicago, salt lake city, alberta, canada. we need to strengthen our safeguards. we cannot let this pipeline go through. if your viewers are interested they can go to >> we should talk more about this coming up. what political story will be making headlines in the next 24 hours? a revolutionary water enhancer.
1:50 pm
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moments ago, former imf chief dominique strauss-kahn walked out of his apartment, the house that he's staying in new york's tribeca neighborhood. we don't know where he's heading, but we do know his lawyers are meeting with new york prosecutors to argue that the sexual assault case against their client should be dismissed. the prosecution's case quickly unravelled last week as word that the accuser may have been lying about the encounter and other details in her past. and this as christine le guard, t took over the imf today. which stories will be making political headlines in the next 24 hours? chris cillizza joins us now. we're looking to the budget summit. now heard from eric cantor since we began our program at his news conference that he said there could be a mix, that it would include taxes, so we're getting a lot of signals. >> right. >> i think that the signals from
1:54 pm
the republicans overall is everybody is taking a hard line negotiating line coming in. won't be a deal coming out of this meeting, chris, but something is percolating here. >> look, andrea, you're exactly right. we know from president obama's press conference last week to some of the at the same time that came out after that the two sides are doing what you do any time you have a compromise debate discussion. you take out your furthest position and you give ground from there. you know, when you buy a car, you don't offer, here's as much as i can afford. you low ball it as much as possible and try to find common ground. that's in some ways what's happening here, so i think you're going to hear a lot of rhetoric going into the meeting tomorrow, which has got basically all the big players, and you'll probably hear some coming out of it, too, and iia. i still think we're probably a week or two at the earliest away from an agreement. remember that august 2nd deadline obviously rapidly approaching, but i do think you're right. i can't imagine there won't be an agreement is what i should
1:55 pm
say, despite, you know, sort of the rhetoric thatty with eve heard over the last week or so. >> and when we talk about this meeting, i mean, as you point out, this is the first of these meetings. >> right. >> but there is an earlier deadline besides august 2nd. they have to get this through the congress, and the big fear is, as what happened back in the '90s, that the first time it goes up it fails. >> yeah. >> and in this case there could be a huge international market reaction. >> right. always compare congress in these big issues legislatively, andrea, to a college student with a term paper. you know when it's due, but you put it off until the last month and the work that you do in the 24 hours before it's due isn't always your best work. if you leave it up until the end, that july 22nd deadline to get everything written and passed, you run the risk that you're playing with too small a margin of error. everyone would like to get it done sooner, but the nature of how these things work suggests it will get done right before it has to be. >> remember sasha and malia get their homework in early.
1:56 pm
that does it for us. thanks, chris. >> thank you. >> that does it for us. this edition of "andrea mitchell reports." we've got a packed show tomorrow. join us, white house communications director, agriculture secretary tom vilsack and congressman paul ryan joining us. my colleague tamron hall has a look at what's next on "newsnation." hi, tamron. i understand you are the planking champ of the msnbc. >> i don't know if i'm the champ. >> i am so impressed. >> "newsnation" is challenging you to an official plank-off. that's me planking. a craze all over the internet. miss mitchell, we'll see what you bring to us tomorrow. >> i'll bring it. >> thank you, tamron. >> you are on. >> speaking of bringing it and twitter and all these things, we're bringing it together, the east room of the white house as the president is taking questions from the people who are sending them out via twitter, including speaker of the house john boehner among those who have submitted a
1:57 pm
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