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tv   Andrea Mitchell Reports  MSNBC  October 28, 2011 1:00pm-2:00pm EDT

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lucky break? and miracles really do happen. >> freese hits it in the air in center. we will see you tomorrow night. >> only one strike away from the ranger's first world series title, an 11th inning home run forces a seventh game tonight. will baseball trump friday night lights in texas? good day, i'm andrea mitchell live in washington. rick perry joked he wants the place right above mitt romney's in new hampshire, even though he is trailing badly in the polls. the white house is not taking anything for granted, especially fundraising. cnbc's john harwood has the daily fix. hey, john. "the new york times" had an interesting story about how lobbyists are working as bundlers, which they say is a technical violation of the no lobbying rule from the obama campaign. >> it's hard to raise a lot of money in american politics,
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without raising money from people who want to influence the government. that's why people with a lot of money tend to give to political candidates. what the obama team will say is they have stricter prohibitions on lobbyists than those in past campaigns, but even if you do that, you're going to get people involved who want to influence washington, and that's simply the way our system is working right now. >> let's look at the numbers so far, mitt romney has raised quite a bit of money, rick perry, we have the numbers, newt gingrich coming in next, but none of them pail to what barack obama has raised. >> he's raising money not just for his own campaign, but also for the democratic national committee. those are very large checks that you raise, so the president, realizing that he's got an atrocious political environment, a very weak economy, high unemployment rate, relatively low approval numbers, has to
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gert himself for a difficult campaign and collect money to go after the republican nominee. >> what are you looking at now in terms of new hampshire and in iowa, how the republican candidates can start figuring out, you know, what their play is. is mitt romney really going to get into iowa in a big way or is going to pass it? he could deliver a knock-out punch to rick perry if he really tried. >> the more fluid republican field is the more temptation there will be, andrea, for mitt romney to come in the end and play big in iowa for exactly the reason you mentioned. if he can go through and win iowa and new hampshire back-to-back, he can basically shut down the nomination. for rick perry, you were talking a moment ago about his filing in new hampshire, he'll need a bigger comeback in new hampshire than the cardinals had last
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night. he's got to hope on bracketing new hampshire with iowa and south carolina, and i think that the other question is, in iowa, is a candidate who's going to be in the finals going to win that caucus or is it going to be an unconventional candidate, somebody like mike huckabee in the past or other people who are long shots who broke through, somebody who's going to falter. herman cain, if he's able to win in iowa, nobody's quite sure he's going to have staying power in the race because of the nature of his campaign and the fact he doesn't have much organization, but can rick perry win in iowa, can mitt romney get a knock-out, that's going to be the key dynamic there. >> one of the things rick perry has had to deal with in new hampshire, a former supporter of his has switched, apparently, to mitt romney. apparently, at least reportedly in reaction to the birthers stuff. >> well, again, this is why i say rick perry is not an ideal
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new hampshire candidate, the live free or day state, i think, is not going to be one determined by social issues or some of the passions of people on the far right in the republican party. it's going to be an economically-focussed state. perry may be able to talk to those people with his tax plan, but mitt romney has been strong for a long time there. it's going to be difficult for anybody to beat him in new hampshire. >> thank you so very much. rick perry's opponents have pounced on his decision to opt out of some future debates, but the governor says it was a mistake to enter the debates in the first place. >> we are not called to be perfect. if any of you have watched my debate performances over the last three or four times, you know i am far from perfect. >> ray sullivan is communications director for the perry campaign and joins me now. hey, mr. sullivan, thanks so much for joining us. let's talk about the debates.
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was it a mistakes or does he have to be in the debates? >> well, the governor has been in five debates. there have been eight republican debates. i think there's something like 18 more scheduled before the end of january, but it is an opportunity for the governor to talk about his best in the field jobs record, increasingly our jobs plan, mr. harwood mentioned the flat tax probably the governor put out earlier in the week. we're going to be doing more debates, and it is part of the process. >> but the bottom line is he's got to be able to compete. barack obama and hillary clinton had more than 20 debates, and that really ask what toughened up obama and made him the victor for the nomination. doesn't rick perry, especially because he was not as well-known as hadn't run before, doesn't he have to prove he can compete in this arena. >> we have to prove we can compete and win across the board, that means the five
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debates we've done, the debates we're going to do, as well as working on voters in iowa and new hampshire, rolling out those strong jobs policies the governor put out on tuesday in south carolina, a plan to do a 20% flat tax to cut federal spending to really jolt our economy back to health. that has been his strength as a job creator, fiscal conservative in texas, and he needs to debate that at the debate forum and also like he's doing today in new hampshire, one-on-one with individual reporters, local press corp., we're trying to balance our time and prioritize our time with the voters. they have an important job to do, we respect them and want to take the message directly to the voters. >> just as the governor was rolling out his new fiscal message, 2020, and the new tax reform plan he's proposed, he seemed to be stepping all over
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it with the distraction of the birther issue. this is his most recent comment on that today. >> i don't consider making fun of something being a mistake. donald trump and i were having dinner, the president's the president, and that's a fact, so the issue of whether or not -- i don't think americans see that as anything other than a distraction, just like i see it as a distraction, so we're talking about -- i don't think this is a mistake. i don't think getting people to work is a mistake. >> clearly he's trying to get back on message here, but why did he say what he said to "parade" magazine, why was he doubling down on it again with john harwick? >> i think the governor made it clear the last couple of days that president obama is an american citizen, he is the president, this is a distraction, the governor did not intend for this to be a
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serious discussion, but look, we understand and increasingly understand that this process is aimed to distract the candidates and distract the voters, so our challenge and goal will be to get back, as the governor did earlier, back on that strong jobs record, policy initiatives aimed at revitalizing our economy, and i think you'll see more of that down the road. >> norman major, i just mentioned earlier, the state senator in new hampshire, changed his endorsement of governor perry to mitt romney partly because of that birther comment. >> then he was doing that based on something that was not serious and that has been resolved, but look, this primary race in the field is fluid, voters are moving back and forth. we've seen polls up and down, we've seen support come from governor romney to us, and it's going to move around. the most important thing is to spend time with those voters, talk to the american people about revitalizing this economy,
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and again, that's been part of our strategy the last couple of weeks is to roll out concrete job creation plans, cutting taxes, getting rid of the excess federal spending in washington, passing a balanced budget amendment. david gregory is, of course, the moderator of nbc's "meet the
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press" and joins us now. a lot to chew over here, we have the president taking the steps, which are not documents they can sign, they are not technically executive orders, this does seem small board. >> look, there's a bit of bill clinton here in the school policy, also a job council, which they talked about streamlining, bringing initiatives to market without the bureaucracy of government. i think the president is trying to get through that. he recognizes he's not going to get a jobs bill through, he wants to be seen as doing something. the conversation more or less has stopped in washington, certainly about jobs, it's going to pick up again when we talk about debt. this is a president trying to be active. >> objecting to the fact he's trying to bypass congress, let's watch. >> i thought that we were a nation of laws and that our
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country was governed by our constitution -- >> that was obviously, john boehner the speaker on laura's show, but laura was also talking it was unfair to go around congress. >> look, i'm sure the president would love to have this fight and try to move the economy when he can't get agreement on a jobs bill here and where the conversation is effectively shut down. it's shut down over taxes and what the government dcan do. >> at the same time, the super committee. they've been operating in secret, and we've seen some suggestions from the democrats they wanted to go big, republicans had a completely different notion, no taxes still deadlocked on that, there are also intraparty and intrahouse problems, but they do seem to be serious. there's a sense here, and, you know, you could be wrong, we're reading tea leaves, that they do want to avoid another crash as they did in august with running
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out of time and the government's threatened with a shutdown and having to delay november 23rd. it seems to me the biggest number this week is the "new york times" poll, 9% approval of congress. >> not going to be marginal tax rates, could be lowering the corporate tax rate. i do think there's, you know, going to be a lot of movement towards doing something along those lines, as long as the debate does not move to raising taxes, i don't think there's a way to have that conversation anywhere. >> let's talk about "meet the press" on sunday. >> i want to talk about the republican horse race and the obama playbook here. i've been struck this week by how downcast the president and his team sounds. they are going to have to grind
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this out, bill daley telling politico about how difficult the past three years have been. the president needs the base to get out and be active. we're going to talk to david plouffe, who is running the reelection campaign about where they go from here and what extent they are going to get involved in the republican race by trying to affect who the nominee is. >> when he was at the fundraiser in the east coast and talking about how the poster is frayed around the edges, seems somebody needs to give him a pep talk. >> yeah, i think he's trying to send a message to his supporters, hey, guys, you can't sit this out. being disappointed isn't a luxury we have here. we have to band together, the vision is still there, and there's more work to do, but fighting that disappointment is really hard. the promise of obama was to sort of change the game, play outside of the game. he is the game in washington.
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that unfortunate reality is such he hasn't been able to change it, he hasn't been able to really affect the debate here, and that's got him down, but more importantly the country is down and very pessimistic. >> he's got to change that mood, maybe it's a tonal thing, maybe he's got to energize them at the same time as he acknowledged here's what we have to do and show the leadership. >> talk about the leadership letdown in washington, we're going to spend time on that in our round table, tom brokaw, mike murphy, jennifer graham, so we're going to have that conversation about, in effect, what would steve jobs do and why don't we have leaders like that that have changed the world and could change washington and the country. >> that's a big round table. look forward to it. >> thanks very much. what can you do without the "t" word?
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rick perry seems to be trying to make a virtue out of necessity, bailing on future debates. jean cummings of blomberg news joins us now. today he took a step back a bit saying he didn't know whether he was going to bail on the debates, he might end up being a good debater, but the signal seems they are not going to
1:19 pm
engage on debates unless they have to. >> i think that's right, andrea, they are not saying they are not going to do anymore debates, but they are going to pick and choose. we have to carve out time to meet voters in new hampshire and iowa, and that's a legitimate point for them to make, mitt romney has been meeting voters in new hampshire for the last three years and perry has a lot of catching up to do, but on the other hand they risk being called chicken and arguments he might not be brave enough to go up against obama in debates, so it's a double-edged sword for sure. >> what is it about rick perry in debates? it's raised a lot of questions with republicans and potential supporters, most recently in new hampshire, about whether he can answer the second question, do followups, really understands, you know, all the details he needs to be on top of. >> it is a mystery, definitely andrea, and the governor himself has said he doesn't consider
1:20 pm
himself to be a very good debater, and frankly he has not been. before the bloomberg/washington post debate, they took him off the road for a week to do preparation and he didn't do any better in that debate, so it appears this isn't one of his strengths and he is better on the road and doing the, you know, meet and greet with voters and that they want to move more of his time into that, an area where he has strength. >> thanks a lot. and up next, bill daley unplugged. roger simon has the politico exclusive. and don't adjust your tv sets, that was brian williams co-hosting the "today" show this morning with ann curry. he will also be staying up late this monday night. it's the premier of "rock center with brian williams." don't miss it. just one phillips' colon health probiotic cap a day
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now to today's politico briefing. a no-nonsense guy let his hair down with roger simon, who joins me now. we're not talking about that much hair, but we are talking about a very -- we're talking about a very unusual interview. what got into bill daley, except the fact you have known each other for 40 years and he was obviously, really venting. >> well, he was, and i think he was trying to explain just what was happening, that it has been in his terms, an ungodly three years, a brutal three years. >> use the term brutal, ungodly. >> incredible, difficult, and i think upon reflection, whether you hate president obama or like him, you would have to agree it's been a tough three years. >> there were a couple of f-bombs in there two. >> one, couple of s-bombs, but
1:25 pm
we deleted. i'm not sure people could really figure out what those words were. >> the fact is, there's a lot of frustration. do you get the idea it's obama? >> i asked him, he said people aren't going around with the hang dog look and tails between their legs, he said maybe they should be, but they are not. he has said that the president, however, is acting out of a sense of frustration with congress, and this is what is driving these plans we see every day for the president to exercise executive power and not just go around the republicans in congress, but the democrats in congress. >> at this point, it's clearly a good strategy to go campaign harry truman style against congress, congress has a 9% popularity rating, at the same time, did they have sort of a confidence that they've got the money, they know they'll have as much money that they'll need,
1:26 pm
the republicans seem to be in disarray, and that they've got a path to reelection or is it real gut-check time that they know the eventual republican nominee is going to have a lot of strength and these polling numbers about the president's popularity and the loss of independents is a problem? >> i think it's the latter. i think it's gut-check time. daley says look, the last time obama ran against a rather older candidate who had sarah palin on the ticket, he doesn't think much of sarah palin, a lot of excitement and obama only won with 53% of the vote. look, no matter whom the republicans nominate, it's going to be a very, very close election. now, what he didn't say is that the popular vote as we know doesn't determine the president, and they've got a team in chicago getting states to add up to 270 electoral votes, and they
1:27 pm
are much more concerned with individual state polls than these national polls we see. >> of course, they are, and we have to remember, bill daley was the campaign manager for al gore. >> al gore. >> so he knows something about close elections and frustration and heart break. >> absolutely, won by 500,000 popular votes, but couldn't carry florida, says the supreme court. >> said the supreme court. thank you very much, great interview, thanks for bringing it to us. can the super committee find a bottom line without taxes? plus, which republican had the worst week? you could guess. plus, happy birthday to lady liberty today, celebrating her 125th birthday with a high-tech gift. web cams installed on her torch that will give viewers a 24-hour a day gauge at the waters and tablet in her hands. we should say thank you to france. the employee of the month is...
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topping the headlines right now on "andrea mitchell reports," today a gunman opened fire with an automatic rifle in front of the u.s. embassy. an incident the bosnian president is calling the attack. the man wounded one officer before being shot and killed. in los angeles, a key witness for conrad murray's defense is testifying about the likelihood michael jackson gave himself a fatal dose of propofol. dr. paul white will likely be cross-examined next week after prosecutors asked for extra time to prepare. at least 1,000 anti-wall street protestors held vigils in oakland for the iraq war veteran whose skull was fractured after a clash with police. he was reportedly hit with a tear gas can during a protest earlier this week. olson has been unable to speak since the attack. in ohio, the remaining six
1:32 pm
exotic animals that were freed by their owner before he took his own life this month will be held in a ohio zoo. three leopards, two monkeys, and a bear were quarantined to keep them from being handed over to the owner's wife. a dose of winter weather this weekend. after the national weather service warned of heavy, wet snow from virginia to maine. several inches on the ground in amarillo this morning. seven weeks after texas set the mark for the hottest temperature in october. who took the biggest hit and who has the best chance of now turning it around? tad devine is a democratic strategist. welcome both. ted, first to you. you've got rick perry getting into a birther controversy and stepping on his own message when
1:33 pm
he was trying to unveil his new tax plan. you have herman cain and the weird smoking ad, plus the revelations about his strange e-mails that staff members are supposed to be spoken to before they address the candidate, so who had the worst -- and mitt romney in ohio going back and forth over the ballot issue. as a democrat, who had the worst week? >> well, i think they all had terrible weeks, but i would say romney had the worst week, because romney's the frontrunner. >> do you just want to go after him, come on, ted. take off your hat. >> the truth is, he's the guy everyone expects is the frontrunner, the person to beat. what's happening to romney right now, he's taking old arguments, for example, he's a flip-flopper and moving them into the present. last week in arizona, the fact he's callous and doesn't care about people, then goes to nevada, the housing market 1
1:34 pm
going to hit bottom first. when you take old markets and put them in the presents, it gives them new validity and i think it's hurting him badly. >> was that an unforced error? >> i think that was acrobatic logic on ted's part. >> the acrobatics of mitt romney in ohio, goes in there and won't talk about the ballot issue, then the next day he says i was just trying not to talk about the other ballot issue, the one on health care. >> i think that's a minor issue, mitt romney had a good week, he was in washington and picked up more endorsements from different parts of the country. he's doing quite well, and i can understand why the democrats would want to start piling on him, because he's emerging as the likely republican nominee. >> to that point, mitt romney can talk about the economy, and, in fact, rick perry and herman
1:35 pm
cain have their tax proposals. the president is pretty much trying to be on the offensive but has executive actions that aren't executive orders, and some would say it's small beer. >> i think the president is doing what he should do, he's being disrupted by a republican congress and is taking whatever action he can and making an argument against the republican congress and i think people are going to listen to that congress. they know the congress could act on proposals that could create jobs in the short-term, and the fact the president is talking about this, engaging on it, talking about things like providing relief for home owners in arizona while romney is saying let the market hit bottom, is talking about taking actions, these may be seen as small steps, but i don't think people see them as small steps when the president is focussed on it, acting on it, and taking his case to the country. >> herman cain did have that extraordinary web video where
1:36 pm
his campaign guy was seen lighting up. the late night folks had a field day. let's watch. >> government must get off our backs, out of our pockets, and out of our way. ♪ i am america >> i believe herman cain is the man to restore america's greatness, won't you join me? ♪ i am america ♪ one voice, united we stand ♪ i am america, one voice, united we stand ♪ >> i'm herman cain, and i approve cigarettes, and if that doesn't make me crazy, check out this smile. yeah, 9-9-9. >> i think colbert figured that smile takes eight seconds, which is a long time in television for the full smile to reveal itself.
1:37 pm
tad, this is just mano for the obama white house watching these stranger videos. >> it is. herman cain is leading in both polls this week, ahead of romney. the guy is a sensation, the problem is, he can't be taken seriously for the president of the united states if he's going to operate a campaign like this and if he's not going to run real campaigns in places like iowa and new hampshire. it's amusing, entertaining, ultimately, this is a race between perry and romney, and i think herman cain is providing a side show. >> is romney going to go for broke and try to knock perry out in iowa? >> he's putting together a 50-state campaign and preparing for a long slog, clinton/obama four years ago whether that happens or not. but he's not going to put all chips on any one state. if the opportunity to win
1:38 pm
becomes real there, we'll go for it, but we're not going to bet the farm on iowa. he's ready to go the distance. i know herman cain, he is a good man, i'm surprised at the lack of discipline he's shown, but he has a good guy, people ought to laugh at him a little bit maybe. >> okay, we will. thank you very much. vin weber, thank you, tad, good to see you too. president obama's go it alone strategy may not move the needle much on the economy, but the same approach has served him well on foreign policy, bringing a string of stunning victories overseas and the story is in the current issue of "national journal." editor in chief joins me now. the story about how well the president has done, this is michael's take, on foreign policy, even though we have to say the economy is really what's going to drive the needle on the election. >> yeah, michael did what he does all the time, take a unique take on a story. he points out going back to 2002 when barack obama was among the
1:39 pm
first to warn about dumb wars, specifically the war in iraq, that he has been very steady and confident in his views on foreign policy, and it shows as a leader, as commander in chief, he's made a lot of really solid steps as commander in chief. he seems to have a lot less confidence in the economy, he relies more on his advisors on the economy and some of their ill-advice left him in the strait he is now. >> do you think the foreign policy will end up being the legacy narrative that comes out of this white house? >> well, who can tell what the history books are going to say, but the most pressing question he's got in front of him right now is how is he going to win the election next year, and he's going to be judged, as michael says and most people believe, on the economy. that's really hurting him right now. in the long view, you got to think somebody who took out bin laden, who put together a
1:40 pm
coalition to take out ghadafi, just got three trade pacts through, he's done a good job on foreign policy and what will help him on the margins next year and shows strength in leadership in tough times, but if he doesn't make progress on the economy or show he's more confident and in control and a leader in the economy, he's going to have problems. if he can learn a bit into foreign policy and translate that into a perception on leadership in the economy, he'd be a lot better off. >> ron, thanks for joining us. speaking of foreign policy, it's a very special club, former secretaries of state, top diplomats who came together in washington last night to celebrate the 50th anniversary of rooms at the state department. i was fortunate enough to be the emcee as hillary clinton, of course, played host as her predecessors played their best
1:41 pm
memories. here's colin powell. >> she looked crest fallen, and i went on and i said, it comes in every single day, cable after cable after cable, they are complaining about all the lions in front of the embassies, and when they get to the front, they are all saying the same thing, i want to go to america, everyone go to america. >> to have the possibility of doing some good in the world and believing in the goodness of american power, i think is something that few of us have shared, and i think that it is something that has made us very, very good and close friends. >> we admired the flare and dedication with which she conducts herself. it is a great honor to be here and to testify to our admiration and our affection. thank you very much. [ applause ]
1:42 pm
>> what was so stunning was it was bipartisan and that was henry kisinger with high praise for hillary clinton. [ dog ] i am a rockstar. my coat? solid gold. my insides? pure platinum. [ female announcer ] a healthy outside starts inside. new iams simple & natural has chicken as its number one ingredient and zero fillers. it works inside for health you can see on the outside. [ dog ] i can't be a rockstar on the outside if i'm not one on the inside.
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coming up on news nation, the judge in dr. conrad murray's trial says he's worried about losing jurors and he says the entire case could be in jeopardy. the reason, the prosecution says it needs more time to review evidence. we'll get a live report from there. plus, rick perry said his questions about president obama's birth certificate was just him poking fun at the president. i'll talk with torat who calls the quote racism. we'll see you at 2:00 p.m. eastern time. so who had the worst week in washington? msnbc contributor jonathan capehart joins us now. >> do you have a drum roll? >> yeah, let's hear the drum
1:46 pm
roll, and who is your worst week? >> the person who had the worst week in washington is texas governor rick perry, and for probably the main reason, as we know, this week was supposed to be the week he was to unveil his flat tax proposal. this was supposed to be the effort to jump start his campaign after all these terrible debate performances and, instead, as was written, he finds himself repeatedly driving around the cul-de-sac of birthism, talking about the president not being born in the united states, repeating the charge to john harwood of cnbc, and rick perry finds himself trying to get discussion of his flat tax to get over the hurdle of having to talk about the birther issue. it's a complete and total failure on his part. >> let me just play devil's
1:47 pm
advocate, not saying i disagree, but how do you beat herman cain and the smoking web video? you got to admit, it's in there. >> yeah, but look at it this way, if you look at it substantiatively, rick perry wanted his flat tax proposal to be the discussion driving the week, and he failed because he got bogged down in the birther conversation. everyone is still mystified at how herman cain got to the position he's in, particularly when he has no infrastructure in the two big contests that will determine who gets to go on and get the nomination, iowa and new hampshire, and yet he's at the top of most of public opinion polls of republican primary voters, so to have those two kmesh commercials come out, the smoking ad and flowers, adds to how did herman cain get to this
1:48 pm
point? >> plus, the internal campaign memos. >> do not speak to him unless spoken to. >> jonathan, who had the best week, besides you? >> who had the best week? >> does anyone ever have a good week in washington? >> you know, you know, i don't know. that's a very hard question. we could maybe say the super committee, only in that it showed signs of life with proposals coming from the democrats in the committee and republicans on the committee, and maybe, just maybe, the obama administration given the good news that's come out of the economy, whether it's an uptick in gdp growth or the euro deal, but if they can get that tiny green shoot to spring forward in the quarters leading up to the election, you know, president obama's reelection effort might not be as tough as it looks right now. >> jonathan capehart, have a great weekend. see you next week i hope. ? total access - to everything.
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with the super committee deadline looming, parties released their plans or part of their plans and they're full of deal breakers for the other side. is compromise a dirty word? a former economic adviser to president clinton and president barack obama's council of jobs although she is not here in that capacity. you were at a conference today for former clinton team members talking about the economy. thing that robert has written about is that the great breakthroughs and deficit reduction and economic boom of the 90s was partly an accident. the high taxes from the internet and the post cold war defense reductions. >> i think what i would say and you talked about this at the event, i believe in macro economic policy can be enabling. if you go back to 93 and 94, there were looming fiscal
1:53 pm
deficits. the government had no credibility. the congress had no credibility. sounds familiar, doesn't it? there was great concern in the investors around the world that the government was going to continue to run large deficits and crowd out. what that deficit reduction package did was send a credible signal that the u.s. government would seriously reign in the long run deficit and create room for private investments. it enables a creative room and was the major reason why long-term interest rates came down and that was a major foundation for the economic boom. >> it passed with one vote. former congresswoman marjorie mar go lease. she was voted out. both sides are positioning and the republican saying that the democratic proposal is dead-on arrival because it has taxes in
1:54 pm
it and revenue gain. you can get to where you need to go without trying to take off any political leanings. you can get there without taxes? >> no. the answer is we are talking about long run budget problems. if we think about our desire to invest in our future, our desire to maintain reasonable level of health care services for the population and the desire to maintain a reasonable defense budget. if you look at where we are today and draw the lines out, most economists will say you have got to have balance in the package and got to have some revenue increases. so the answer is we are going to need a balanced package. that's what the 93 package was. of course it was about 50-50 spending and revenue. at that time there was enough democrats to get it through. >> of course what we saw in the earlier debates was republican
1:55 pm
candidates will be saying even if they were a 10-1 split between spending cuts and tax increases, they wouldn't go for it. >> i know. >> the purpose of this conference will be speaking. this is the next 24. he will be speaking this afternoon and laying out his economics. >> i think the purpose of this comment is to celebrate 20 years after he announced his candidacy. he was very clear about his goals and clear from the beginning that revenue increases would be part of what he is about. right now the world is looking to the united states and investors and consumers have lost confidence in the ability of the government to come to a compromise. we need a compromise. >> we will have to leave it there. we are out of time. you have to go back as well. that does it for us for this edition and tamron hall has a look at "news nation." >> before i go to "news nation."
1:56 pm
sunday is your big birthday. happy birthday. >> we are not celebrating them anymore. >> you have the best of sweater on. >> halloween baby. >> we adore you and love you. >> love you back. >> we are following developing news, a glitch in conrad murray's trial could mean it will be delayed and the judge is worry onned about losing jurors before they get the case. people from virginia to maine are worried about what bill karens said. some areas could get up to a foot of snow. we will talk about his new article on why he said rick perry is flirting with birtherism and we have new comments from rick perry a few hours ago on the president's birth certificate. we will play that for you on "news nation." [ male announcer ] humana and walmart have teamed up
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