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tv   Andrea Mitchell Reports  MSNBC  January 6, 2012 1:00pm-2:00pm EST

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unemployment from going above 8%. well it went past 8% and hasn't been back since. three years later. >> i'm very gratified to see that in spite of president obama's policies, the job mark set beginning to pick up a little bit. i think there might just be optimism that maybe republicans are going to take the white house and maybe that spurring people to start taking risks. >> today's unemployment numbers are pretty good indicator we are a very, very long way from being a healthy economy. given this president, it is unleakly he is going to solve it. >> just four days to go before new hampshire votes. mitt romney starts the day in south carolina where a new time cnn poll just released puts romney far ahead. 18 points ahead. rick santorum also up in that south carolina poll. and on the move in new hampshire as well. if only he could stay on message. >> well what about three men?
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>> how you justify your belief based on high morals and about all men being created equal when two men who want it marry -- >> what about three men? >> that's not what i'm talking about. >> let me thank you all very, very much for being here. for your time and attention. thanks. [ booing ] plus, here's fighting words with. newt labels romney a massachusetts moderate. >> he is an conservative. he is not a conservative. it is a joke for him to call himself a conservative. it is a "saturday night live" skit. >> and a personal low, attacking huntsman for adopting a a daughter from china. we will talk to huntsman coming up. in our daily picks today,
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employers added 200,000 jobs in december bringing the unemployment rate down to 8.5%. 8.5 is the lowest level in nearly three years. chris alisa is an msnc contributor. these are good employment numbers p. six straight month of job growth. still they are catching up, dig themselves out after deep hole. as republicans are quick to point out, it would be 8% already year or more ago. and it could push up again. you could see a -- a v effect here where the unemployment rate goes up between now and election day. >> no question, andrea. but i with say that looking today, and that's all we can do, this is quite good news for president obama. if you look back, i think december is probably the best month he's had in quite some time. you could argue in may with the death of osama bin laden. but it was a very good month. you and i have talked about this. i think politically.
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not policy wise, but politically, the trend line with the unemployment rate is what matters. if it is going downward. we saw this with reagan in 1984, it is going downward, people feel like things are getting better. barack obama has an easier case to make. it is an easier case it make on why not to change leadership at the top. >> and chris, when we look at what is happening in new hampshire and looking on towards south carolina, there is the new time cnn poll. that shows romney dominating. all but wrapping up. he is at 37%. newt gingrich is nose-diving. romney is up 17 points since last month. santorum is up 15 points since last month. gingrich down 21. paul up 6 points. that's really the shape of the race going forward. of course, it'll change again depending on what happens here in new hampshire. but looking toward south carolina, mitt romney could real really wrap this whole thing up by the end of the month. >> i was struck by the numbers.
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in that mitt romney ran an aggressive campaign in south carolina and came in fourth. i'm surprised he is as strong as he is. barring a hugeup set, and those things are always possible mitt romney will win new hampshire. what kind of bump does he get in south carolina, if he is up 20 points on his nearest competitor. if he wins iowa, new hampshire then south carolina, heading into florida, i just don't see how anyone else can stop him. >> chris cillizza, thanks so much. see you later in the show. the boston globe endorsed jon huntsman over mitt romney. but he had to rebut an attack, when a racist ad shows his adopted daughter, questioning the american values. huntsman called it stupid while the poll campaign says it is
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distasteful and said it didn't come directly from them. huntsman is still stuck in fifth place. so is it a good idea to gamble everything on next week's primary in new hampshire? he stopped by to talk to me last night. >> let's talk about new hampshire. was it a mistake to skip iowa? >> no. in fact it was part of the plan from the very beginning. you have limited resources to deploy. you get in the race a little bit late and say, where can i get the best return in my effort? in iowa you have a caucus. fair enough. a limited turn out. a specific representation of the voting population. then move to new hampshire, a primary. broad-based turnout which includes republicans, whole lot of independent and some democrats. if you can do well in new hampshire, can you establish the very important idea of electability. once established, it serves you very well going into south carolina. what do you say to rick santorum who comes out of iowa having
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virtually tied mitt romney and says he is more electable, he has blue collar credentials, he mrs.s the working person's problems. and that's contrast with both mitt romney and you, jon huntsman. >> well if you you care about the working person problems, you care about job creation. i don't know about rick, but i was the number one job creator when i was governor of state of utah. if you want to address the area of joblessness, which presents a huge divide in this country, then you want to draw with someone whose experience of fix taxes create an environment for economic development. someone who understands how to fire the engines of growth. that's exactly what i did as governor. that's how you address joblessness longer term and get this economy moving again. >> it ironic that newt gingrich is now your best political friend that he is kbog after mitt romney and trying to pull him down? >> well, there's always the drama that plays out with these things. that's inevitable. you have to compare and contrast. but in the end, the objective is
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to make the sale to the people here in new hampshire. they want to hear more about what is in your latter and soul. they want to know your vision for a better america. and there's only one way it do that. that's on the ground, town hall meeting by town hall meeting. house party by house party. we have done 155 public events under this state. that's how people get to know you. a very personal thing for voters here in new hampshire. they have an awesome responsible with this new hampshire primary. it is a window which the rest of the country can understand the people running for the highest office in the land. >> where is the pay off? where do you see result with you closing the gap? i mean, have you mitt romney by any measure, 40 point ahead of the competition. >> no question about that. but the poles are also very fleeting. there is a poll in iowa, about a week and a half ago, that put me ahead of rick santorum. i was at six and i think he was at five.
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the world changed with within days. so i will tell you, that it is not the polls right now. it is the feeling on the ground. and hour town hall meetings are packed with people. there is energy. we are signing folks up with every event that we do. and we have been at it for six months now. i feel very good about the work we have done here the old-fashioned way. proving that grass roots politics is alive and well. you can't twitter or face back your way to success and prosperity. you still have to grind it out at the grass roots level. >> and if you don't succeed in new hampshire, with your one-state approach, is that it for jon huntsman for president? >> not an option. we don't even think about not exceeding market expectations. all you have to do is to better than what you and others will predict for our likely performance level. whatever the market expectation is, we have to exceed. wake up on the morning of the 11th and find that we did better than what marketplace had predicted we would do. and then we have the right to move on. >> good luck out there on the trail. >> thanks, andrea. >> thank you. and while the rest of the
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republican field is storming through new hampshire, including of course jon huntsman, mitt romney spent yesterday and this morning in south carolina with governor nikki haley and john mccain at his side, right on on route to new hampshire where he will attend a spaghetti dinner tonight. jon huntsman desperately trying to catch up with romney's decision to deyou're to the palm meadow state. >> with days to go before the primary, pretty much suggesting you have it wrapped up, i don't think new hampshire likes to be told for whom to vote. i don't think they are looking forward to any kind of coronation. they want to to be earned. >> romney supporter, former new hampshire governor, john sununu joins us. governor, nice to see you again. >> nice to see new new hampshire. >> it is great to be here. sununu, a famous name in new hampshire. have you been an early and strong supporter of romney. is he overconfident? does he think he can have it
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wrapped up, spending a day and half in new hampshire. >> he didn't spend a day and a half. he did a couple of event before he went down there. met with governor haley down there. now he is back here this afternoon. i think the number of days he spent here has been more than representative of his commit many here. he has been here for two and a half years. >> is there something to worry about with the rick santorum surge? this is rick santorum taking a swipe at governor romney. >> i have never been for a government-run healthcare. never. unlike the other two folks who are running here. >> he is talking of course, about the massachusetts healthcare. he's been nipping at the heels, moving up in the polls. no one thought he would be as competitive as he was to tie, virtually tie, in iowa. >> what do you see as the santorum factor. >> i like rick santorum.
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he is a good friend. but unfortunately he caught the legislative disease? washington. republican and democrats of the senate tend to be pork barrel process, bringing money home, the only way we can show to constituent they are doing something is by expanding government. that's why i'm partial to governors for president. mitt romney cut spending when massachusetts had $3 billion deficit. for the first time in decades, reducing spending in massachusetts, cut taxes, and frankly served as very conservative republican governor. >> conservative governor, yet he has been on both sides of some of the values of questions that are important to large number of voters and he has the ceiling, he had a ceiling in iowa of 25%. he has been virtually living here. it is a home state to him. he is obviously doing much better in new hampshire. but when he goes south to south carolina, the polling shows in
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that new time poll, cnn poll, he is up to 37% in south carolina doing very, very well. but does he have a problem winning the large -- perhaps two thirds of republican voters. >> let's talk about the values issue. when mitt romney was governor in massachusetts, he stood up for life and vetoed the legislation that was being pushed by the research community to change the definition of life. he fought against the supreme court decision on same-sex marriage. the life groups in massachusetts have written a letter, which was published in national review, supporting mitt romney as a strong supporter of family values and social values, issues in massachusetts. so if people take the time to look at reality, they will find out this is a governor from the day he took the oath in 2003 has been a very conservative republican governor. not only on economic issues but on the social issues. >> newt gingrich made it clear,
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he's got a mission to target mitt romney. and the others may gang up on him as well. could you have all against him. >> governor romney has shown in all the debates, he can handle whatever they throw at him. what we have been seeing from speaker "the gary radnich sho speaker newt gingrich is whining, that you have to receive as well as give in the political process. tom hanks had a great slogan had a great slogan in one of his movies, there is no crying in baseball. speaker newt gingrich should know there is no whining in politics. >> well, newt gingrich can be a very effective debater. he saw him losing his cool with romney, grabbing his arm and the $10,000 debate wager. can we assume there won't be a $10,000 wager in meet the press. >> you will see the governor handle the debates as well as he handled the others. he will answer the questions, be factual and if necessary, he
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will point out whether they are deliberate or not deliberate, the misstatements of the other candidates. >> briefly, the ron paul factor in new hampshire. he still has a solid base of support. >> ron paul seems to have a solid base of support everywhere. but when you talk to ceilings, it really applies to ron paul. he hit a ceiling in the polls here. mitt romney will work hard for the next four or five days and earn the votes of the people of new hampshire. >> have you been the white house chief of staff. if you were bill daly sitting in the white house today, have you a good jobs number. doesn't that give you a boost, looking at this divided republican field? >> look at the jobs number in your own report. first time it's been at 8.5% for three years. we have had three years not over 8%. three years over 8.5%. if i were bill daly sitting in white house, i would be worried because he knowes this thing may bounce up again. >> governor john sununu, always great to see you.
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every morning we wake up and europe restrains the stock market, holding out the possibility of a deepening recession there that spreads to both chien yaen a the united states. here at home we seem to be gathering momentum while china and europe seem to lose momentum. my bet is that it holds up relatively better than either and may grow without their help. it is a contrairian bet. i'm not sure everyone would agree with me on that. >> thank you very much. happy friday to you.
1:34 pm
and pro gingrich super pac unveiled the latest ad targeting mitt romney. but it is not their ad. first run by john mccain back in 2008. >> i believe that abortion should be safe and legal in this t country. >> i will preserve a woman's right to choose. i'm dedicated to honoring my word. i'm pro life. >> i was independent during the time of reagan. >> time for republicanes it start acting like republicans. i'm not trying to return to regan-bush bp. rick tyler, senior adviser to the pro gingrich super pac, winning our future. he was a long time spokesman for newt gingrich and for the gingrich campaign. thanks so much for being with us. welcome. >> i'm glad to be here. >> let's talk about what does newt gingrich do now? he lost 21 points in this new time cnn poll in south carolina going forward. so he seems to be losing momentum, not gaining momentum.
1:35 pm
>> well i think the ads out of iowa were very damaging that newt gingrich. i think we are just getting started. >> was it a mistake for him to sort of play nice and get savaged by the by wrath of romney supouuper pac ads? >> no, i think this is the type of poll success newt gingrich rejected so far. we will move forward to defining mitt romney and mitt romney has not been challenged up to this point and he will be challenged in south carolina. >> in super pac terms, defining your opponent means going hard, going negative. >> well depends on negative. that is a very positive thing. if you like to try to raise taxes, that's a positive thing. if you like it appoint pro choice judges, that's a positive thing. well point out the record. >> is it hypocritical for newt gingrich, who's opponent say he was quote, whining about the romney super pac and saying it
1:36 pm
was unfair, to have you come in and run a super pac -- >> well, giving romney's adds for pinocchio, these are false hoods, we will not run false advertising. we will run well documented ads. look, if we knew the record of what barack obama would do when he got into office, my guess is people wouldn't have voted for him. shouldn't people know what mitt romney's record is? i think they should. >> what is the strategy going knot debate. >> i think newt needs to be newt. he has been pavarotti among pop stars in debate. he clearly thought about the issues. he is the most experienced, most intellectual and he knows what to do. he did pay off $400 billion worth of debt, 22 million jobs created and welfare. that is achieved, one that mitt romney cannot match. >> with rick santorum doing better than anyone expected in iowa and ron paul doing so well,
1:37 pm
dividing the anti-romney vote, does there come a time when gingrich has it say, we have to aless and stop -- >> well he has done that. >> but only romney and paul are getting the votes. >> gingrich ran in 1974 in georgia when you couldn't get your trash picked up as a republican if georgia. he got elected. helped with regan's initiative. ticked off the legislative agenda. people have to decide, do they want someone with that kind of experience that can shake up washington, not just republicans, but democrats too. or do they want someone with less experience? i think that they should pick someone with experience. >> and newt will be newt. it is crunch time in new hampshire with two debates scheduled the next 48 hours followed by the actual voting of course on tuesday. so where do we go from here? bill burton is former white house deputy press secretary and founder of the super pac
1:38 pm
prioritiespr. bill burton, good numbers today. can you keep it going? you heard what republicans today say about it. it is better but not good enough. >> joebs numbers are great news for the president politically but also for the country, economically. it means a lot to the american people. but it is interesting to watch what mitt romney has it say about this. he sides with the most extreme sides that are rooting for the american economy to fail. he is a guy who benefitted financially when people got laid off and now he is a person trying to benefit politically by seeing americans lose their jobs. this is very good for the president. and it helps to set up a contrast down the road. >> michael steele, we have the new numbers out of south carolina. and mitt romney doing so well. up to 37%. he is up 17 points.
1:39 pm
rick santorum up. newt gingrich down since the last time around. ron paul up six points to 12. that said, is this all coming together around mitt romney? >> i think it is starting to, absolutely. there's no doubt about that. that's always been a part of the romney strategy to create this momentum coming out of iowa. whether he won or came in second, for example. but having that kind of momentum, giving the organization and later states like new hampshire and south carolina. i think the key thing will be the debates, two debates this weekend. and whether or not romney can with stand the pummeling that may come. now there is no guarantee it will come. up until now we have seen the individuals stand on the stage and day before talk a lot of smack and when they are on the stage looking at each other, they back down. i don't know if that will be the case this time. if he survives there weekend, going into on tuesday with a strong lead that he has, new hampshire could be the beginning of the ringing of the bell.
1:40 pm
as you get closer to south carolina. given the numbers we see today in south carolina. >> just keep in mind that new hampshire is a place where mitt romney has a lake front compound and is basically lived in order to win this primary. i have no doubt he will win by 30, 40 points. but you know, these states down the road. we will see if his mostly opponents will have any adilt to gain traction down the road. >> but he gained that traction given what we have seen in south carolina. >> isn't the best news yet for the wlous that you've got a strong candidate, two strong candidates to challenge mitt romney coming out of iowa and into new hampshire. so you've got a divided conservative republican field and isn't that best news, michael steele, for barack obama? >> well, yeah. you get to share your winter and spring, with a smile on your face. but by the time summer comes, there will be a nominee. and i suspect the fervor on the
1:41 pm
ground, republicans will rally around this nominee. then there will be a different conversation and different battle in the fall. right now looking at republicans kind of sort through who they want, particularly conservatives, probably puts a smile on bill's face. and certainly those in the white house. but the summer could have a very different story. and again, we don't know what the job trends are going to be. there is still a significant underemployment in this country and those who have given up, how that gets factored in down the road and how people generally feel about the economy, all come away sometime around summer into end of summer. >> and bill, clearly you all, and the white house and super pac and other obama supporters, you are playing everything on the fact that you think mitt romney is going to be the opponent? >> well, it looks like mitt romney. i think he benefitted that the field is so incredibly weak.
1:42 pm
that someone like mitt romney, meyered at 25% in the polls, will be able to go ahead and win the nomination without having to do anything that extraordinary. all of the folks who have risen up on his side collapsed in a very short time. even rick santorum, who showed a lot of life out of iowa, already had so many stumbles that you wonder if he can keep it going. >> bill burton, we have to leave it there. michael steele, see you soon up here. >> you got it, andrea. >> thanks to both. does romney have a prayer with evangelical voters. richard lamb joins me next.
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1:45 pm
coming up on news nation, fresh off of an iowa photo finish, mitt romney and rick santorum staking first and second place. we are also following veg oping news about the texas teenager wrongly deported to colombia.
1:46 pm
she is set to return home to texas. we will get a live report on that. plus, how congresswoman gabby giffords plans to honor the victims of the tragedy in tucson a year after the deadly rampage that almost took her life. >> new hampshire primary here is just few days away. evangelicals are off course a significant key it a win down there. how can romney be stopped with such a divided field in religious leaders are gathering in texas to talk about that. dr. richard lamb, president of southern baptist convention know et the play. thank you for joining me. >> how are you. >> well we are all well here in new hampshire. but we are wondering, is there going to be some gathering and some decision to join forces and back one conservative going into south carolina against mitt romney?
1:47 pm
>> well, there's been a lot of discussion, among social conservative leaders sense tuesday night. after they finished pinching themselves wednesday morning, that one of the truest of true social conservatives had risen to the top in rick santorum. pinching themselves to see if they weren't dreaming. then the discussion started. you might want to buy stock in one of the telephone companies because they've had a lot of business with conference calls, discussing this issue. because if you took the vote that santorum got, and you took the vote that gingrich got and you took the vote that perry got, and you took the vote that bachmann got, you would have outvoted romney two to one in iowa. but because of the division among the conservative candidates, there is real concern that romney will win without having to face one concentrated effort of a
1:48 pm
conservative challenger. and what i've heard over and over again, this these discussions, is we don't want to make the same mistake this time that we made with huckabee in 2008. people didn't rally around huckabee as the, you know, social conservative alternative because they didn't think he could win, until it was too late. and mccain had the nomination sewed up. now, it is a little more diverse this time. and we don't need to make the decision as early. what i hear conservatives saying is, we need to keep talking about this and we need to let gingrich and santorum and perry continue to make their case. but at some point, earlier rather than later, we need to try to unite all of the conservative -- social conservative forces, around one candidate and have this great debate that so many people want to see between the romney and the nonromney.
1:49 pm
>> dr. land, to that point, perry surprised some folks by deciding to go on. he's got $4 million. he is going into south carolina, so he is still in it. this is rick santorum certainly making an appeal here no the evangelical vote. hats let's watch. rs. >> the gi asked a question, he said, we don't need a jesus candidate, we need an economic candidate. and my answer to that was, we always need a jesus candidate. someone who believes in this. right? >> now he is the most logical of these -- the three people still standing on the conservative side for you evangelicals, is it not? but how do you sur persuade gingrich to back out? >> you don't persuade them. you con trunt them with facts at a later point.
1:50 pm
santorum has to do the convincing. he did a lot of convincing in iowa. he's gotten an iowa bump out of iowa and new hampshire and in south carolina. he is raising money and surgin. the question is, what's going to happen in new hampshire and what's going to happen in south carolina. if in south carolina santorum outperforms gingrich and perry, i would think that social conservative leaders can make the case. mr. gingrich, you said santorum is a good friend and you have similar views and you have been colleagues for many years. he is running better than you are. how about joining forces with him in florida? then say the same to perry. >> now, newt gingrich is a complicated political figure. most recently this is what he had to say about food stamps and
1:51 pm
african-americans. let's watch. >> every american of every background has been endowed with the right to pursue happiness. every american of every background should have an opportunity to get a job and not be dependent on food stamps. every american should go to a school where they get educated. i am for conservatives to go into the poorest neighborhoods of every ethnic group and helping every american have a chance to pursue happiness. it takes a lot on the part of the elite media to distort that. >> the fact is that the naacp put out a statement pointing out that most people getting food stamps are white and most people taking food stamps have a job and he called it shameful and divicive. newt gingrich would argue a lot of twists and turns that make
1:52 pm
him controversial. >> i think newt was try hard to talk about the opportunities in society versus the entitlement society and he's basically right and the head of the naacp is being too sensitive. i think santorum was a cohost along with jc watts of the faith-based initiative summit which i attended back when the president started faith-based initiatives under george w. bush. 80% of people who came were african-american and hispanic and the faith-based initiatives is an opportunity for us to get off the liberal plantation and out of the liberal barrio and have people live in the zip codes that have problems and make the decisions about what's best for the people in those zip codes instead of having liberals come from across town and tell us what's best for us. >> we will have to leave it there, but are you going to be
1:53 pm
in texas at this summit? >> there is no summit this weekend. if so, i'm not going to be there. >> in a week or so. >> no comment. >> okay. i will take that as a non-denial denial or confirmation. the bottom line is you say after south carolina and before florida, if gingrich doesn't improve, there is going to have to be a coming together. >> there will be a lot of things encouraging that. no one can tell new gingrich what to do. there will be a lot of encouraging. >> thank you very much. good to talk to you again. from the southern baptist convention, we'll be right back with the worst week in washington. the "i'll sleep when it's done" academic. for 80 years, we've been inspired by you. and we've been honored to walk with you to help you get where you want to be. ♪
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